II. Revenge I said: Take off the skirt, so that I will get more cool: Yes, my master, I said: Do you want to take off slow, know?

Xiao Yan: I know that the master Xiaoyu bending the waist, the fat milk that is going down, it looks big and round Xiaofan can’t help but swallow a mouthful of saliva, reach out of her showed her, and looked at him and pulled it again. If you get it, the number of degrees rushed in your mouth is getting bigger and smashed. Big and fat buttocks (……..

Then I looked at me, I would like to have a pain in his hand. It seems that the little buttocks are very strong, and the reaction to the fight makes his hand can’t stand me: Xiaoyu, you usually wear this Scenery little Ding? Show so many hairs Mado, squatting in the front of the little 芸, I have been staring at her abalone. Looking at the little thong and can’t cover her. Xiaoyu: Nothing owner Xiaofan reached out to put Xiao Ding’s force to make Xiao Ding’s line through the feeling of abalone, and the little smell is smelling the nose. But there is nothing to react, then nake the little hand to poke her fat lips, and the little 小 has been twisted by my butt, I said: Have you lie to me, will so fat, will it take it tight?

Xiaoyu: Yes, the owner is a good woman outside, only in front of you will become a bitch, the owner is aiming to aim a small hand of love to aim a lip. ……. Xiaoyu screamed a little one hand holding his belly, holding his mouth and then taking out the mobile phone message to me, saying that he has long taught his teacher, can’t think of his teacher. Today, I have this opportunity. When he feels good, it means that I have to stick out, like a teacher, I said: I stretched out the hand and stretched out: Yes, my master, I said: You are usually Are you doing your hand?

Xiao Yan: Have a hand, there is also a butt, the master, I said: The hand is straight, but it is not playing in his hand, but hit it on her fat milk ……… 小芸The pain is called, and I immediately slammed Xiaofan and hit it on the other side. I said: I have to say that I can kill my milk? Do you have a good job: Yes, I don’t dare to have a next time. Then Xiaofan started a mess on her body, face, tits, hands, legs, stomach, back, labians, butt, no place to let go of the little 小 唉 唉 唉 唉 唉 唉 唉 唉 唉 唉 唉 唉 唉 芸 唉 唉 求And the lip smoked, the screams will be screaming. The whole body of the little 小 is hit, I am talking to the words of the flat low, the dignity: the bitch (ah … this meat (um. ” ….. Please the owner (ah ………………………………………………….. …….

When she finished, the body kept shaking, I think he was hitting a climax, I saw a large sophistication between her two legs, the floor was wet, I said: the drunt dog is hitting It can be clutch, see if you wet the floor, I found that the floor is a pool. Xiao Yan: Sorry the owner, is a slave, please punish the snorkeling, Xiaofan pick up the mobile phone message I hope her teachers will crawl with dogs in the ground. The water is cleaned. This little is quite a day. It may usually have something to watch SM. I want to follow me. Tell: take underwear, learn dog I gave me the water to put the water, and the two big fat milk broke out when I took the underwear. I went down to her milk (Ah ………..

Xiaoyan is hitting the fat butt (ah ……..

She squatted on the ground, the buttocks were high, search for the water on the floor, the tongue stretched out and prepared, Xiao Fan took her tongue, and she still slammed her tongue. I can only have a sultry to me, say that she is very fierce, saying that she is very fierce, and then letting her become a big tongue, see how she swear, I have been smiling, I have been smiling, I said: Yes: At first, Xiaofan squatted in her butt with hand digging her abalone Xiaoyan, while licking the floor, (ah ………..

Suddenly, Xiao Wei screamed, I saw that Xiaofan took a roll of hair, this child pulled his teacher’s hamoine, so he pulled more than ten roots, he pulled a little, Xiao Yu Called, then he collected more than a dozen inclusted her fart, the ass, it has been zooming butt, I also twisted me, I saw that Xiaoyu has been flowing with the water. I looked at the floor. I’m not finished. The haired hair on the hand was thrown on the floor she was licking, letting his teacher lick his own hairy, he was smirking him after he went to Xiaoyi to play with her abalone, I saw him with the baby’s fat lips Open seem to be looking for something, constantly changing, Xiaoyu’s juice is getting more, how to make a wet and bright Xiaofan suddenly waive me, referring to her pussy, I want to see what I saw. Xiao Yan’s yukotic is very incomparable, Xiaofan is going to touch the little peas, Xiaoyu’s ass shook it (ah ……… I said, how is your little bean? Ah ?? Is it always playing? Xiaoyu is a little big tongue: the speed of the main wheel, I often play the little beans (the owner) (I often play my little beans)

Xiaofan heard her teacher really turned his tongue, he kept laughing with Xiaofan to compare it. It’s almost the size. It looks like a very cute very beautiful. The bean peas looks his waist and buttocks, and the buttocks have been constantly twisted. They have been breathed with the floor, and I will use my hand than painting to Xiaofan. Beans didn’t expect Xiaofan to start their own efforts, aim, very hard to use the bomb idea to give her a lot ……………….. 小 芸 this time If the face, the body, the sound of the swallowing, the body is still shaking, but the abalone has been spit out, the floor is wet, it seems that Xiaoyu is a long-awaited action. I have been smirking me: Is it hurt?

Xiao Yan bite his teeth and said: Will not be the master, as long as the owner is happy, the little slaves don’t matter, please rest assured the punishment of the little 小, I said: Really? Then I continue 啰 芸: Yes, Please continue to play a pistol next to it, and then I will run to her teacher, shooting on her face Xiaofan Communication to me, saying that he is too cool, can’t stand the little 正 正 手 去When I got on my face, I took the house on the table and took it to her butt ………..

I said: Can I have a hand to touch it?

Xiao:: Nothing owner, I said: Let that stay on your face, I said that I can rub the 小芸: Yes, the owner, Xiaofan came back, the message, the rattan, the rattan, with my teacher What is used to play me is the same S: Do you want to change this? Yes, but the force should be taken. Look at Xiaofan Waving the vine waving in the air, the sound of the sound of the little squat is a bit narrowed on the ground, I didn’t expect that he was holding a rattan. He didn’t use the rattan and inserted her. In the hole …….. Xiaoyu told my message to Xiaofan this can’t plug in, or you will have a little bit of life, I have nodded him. He still rotated in the insertion process. Hmartum .. um … um .. Well .. Um … Um Xiaoyu has been a sultry voice, like a very cool look, it is easy to go in, so it is good to handle it. The surface is very smooth. It feels like inserted. When I started, I started to sway the work on the left and left hand. The left hand turned the steering wheel, and the right hand held the rattles in the rod, and the s-shaped little 小 sometimes (um. … Sometimes (Ah … the gas, sometimes the gas will pour a look at it, I have been sorry and I said: So you will cool, it is really enough bitch and then Xiaofan Pick up the loved on the hand to take force into her ass (Ah ……… A lot of times, then continuously taking a few feet then using the little hand of love, and the rattles in the hole, sometimes patted the tail of the rattan, as if you have to nailed the rattan to his teacher. Xiaoyu is a little bit of asthma: ah …. Master, bitch ….. so cool, the uterus is going to …. ….. ah ~~~~~~~~ Xiaoyu finished, her yin spurted some water, the body began to tremble with the same amount of money, and heard the rattan, then took out The rattan is playing on his teacher’s ass (ah …………

I said: This can be climax, really enough bitch, I am really encountered in Xiaoyu: Yes, the master, the bitch is really embarrassing, please the owner’s punishment of the mother dog, Xiaofan Bars and small hands, take out a bunch of rubber bands from the pocket and then tell me that he accidentally shot on the face of a female classmate last week, crying the female classmate, after being known, The teacher took the rubber band on his face, and now he wants to use the eraser to shoot in his teacher’s most sensitive part. I returned to him, this you also want to go, take it. He took two on the table. The clothespins, sandwiched on the two velins of her fat, then fix the tape to the thigh, show the tender meat inside, he uses his fingers to slide it in the tender meat, put into the hole in the hole Come around, his teacher has been astishing but also twisting, and uses four fingers in two hands into the points. It takes strength to open the tender meat in the opinion. After reading him, I played her little beans. (Ah ……… then Xiaofan won the bracelet in his hand, (that is a kind of toy, like a feet, playing in the wrist, will be circled in the hand )

He touched his hand to the mouth of Xiaoyu, (A ……..

Xiaoyu called, the bracelet made the hole opened, he pinched the tender meat inside the point (ah ……. Xiaoyu screamed and took a rubber band, with a bad face The bad smile retired three steps, with a half squirt, a rubber band with a shot in the most sensitive part of his teacher, every shot, his teacher will breathe, because the hole is open to the tender Meat or shooting into the beans, his teacher will scream, I see him to play, my heart is sighed, and I didn’t think about it, I didn’t think about it, I didn’t think about it. The bamboo chopsticks served were guns. I said: Do you know what to punish now?

Xiao Yan: I don’t know, the master, I said: Now use the rubber band in punishment your hole, so easy to climax is really cavity: Thank you (ah ….. ” ……………………………………………………………………………………

Xiaofan heard this, more shot, close up, and finally sticked to the hole, the small peas, the size of the lace, sometimes it will be shot on the asshole, the red pass of the red passenger is slow. Finally become a screaming tip, said: No, master, ah ………………………………….. ……….

Xiaoyu has begun to shake his body, and it is very clear that the inner point is clear. It has been moving like a faucet. It has always been shackled in the hole. It is still in the climax. A rubber band, powerful bows is aiming about her little beans (ah ……………

Xiao Yan screamed, the whole body also jumped like a frog and then squatted on the ground, sending out the sound like a pig, the bracelet of the hole was also squeezed out next to the madness. He also learned that his teacher jumped like a frog and lie on the ground and laughed. But didn’t laugh, I was laughing, I said: The mother is nothing to do. Has a hole with his hand: Thank you, the owner cares, just the cavity of the little daughter, I can’t help but jump, the owner can continue to worry about the puppy, I think this woman’s hole is really enough So, I want to continue.

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