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Fang Weiqiang, Wang Shaoming, Lin Zhixiong three is a student of a private high school third grade. These three have a common interest is a woman, and the three people, pictures, video belts, etc. The three people have all collected a lot, often mutual Take a sway, so those who are familiar with them have taken a three-haired outline for them, and the three don’t think it is in the style.

Recently, Fang Weiqiang’s cousin came back from Japan. Some beautiful pornography were in time. Totherm, the most popular ultra-small image machine, Fang Weiqiang got these good things, and they would not take the school to appreciate it together.

“A strong, these good things are really good.”

“Of course, single is the ultra-small image of this sneak shot, the market price is more than 50,000.”

I heard such a picture of the price so high, and the two can’t help but hop.

I saw Fang Weiqiang to laugh at the smile.

“After you have this camera, we can take the beautiful girl in the school.”

Three people who think of this is more laughter, and the three begins to plan to start with those prey. There are three goals in their minds. The first is to teach music, the second grade school girl. Zhang Huiyi, the third is that the female members Hu Meyue, and the three people started after the prey decision.

After a week after school, the three hiding behind the gymnasium, and smoked the harvest of this week. I saw that Lin Zhixiong took Yang Xueling’s convenient photo in the toilet. “” You look at Yang teacher’s labia Bright red, it seems that her husband is not common. “

Wang Shaoming looked at the school girl Zhang Huiyi in the dressing room, the photo is different. I have to flow. “Look at the schoolmates, her tits, I guess 34B, if I put my old second in her chest, let her The tits are really cool. “

Fang Weiqiang only took the view of the female instructor Hu Meyue’s photo, Fang Weiqiang is different from the two friends, he likes this cool-style woman. Since Hu Meyue is sent to the school as an instructor, Fang Weiqiang’s smuggling of the fantasy has been able to peeled off her military uniform. It is a happy to make a fantasy. But in reality, she is already a husband, and her father is a school. The Director of the Council, he can’t take a risk to lose this face.

The female teacher in the photo is being put down in the locker room. I saw her slender thighs were wearing a black stockings. From the collar, they visited the black bra in the lace. Seeing that Fang Weiliang feels the old pants. The two is uncomfortable, and only the other two are exaggerated, and each of the photos “self-comfort” in the old two.

When Fang Weiqiang also wanted to move, he only heard the sound of the throne behind him, and woke up the two people who were still intoxicated in the fantasy. Fang Weiqiang turned back to see the people in his own photos, the cold face female instructor said Hu Meyue.

I saw that the female tutor asked, “What do you do in here?”

Wang Shaoming and Lin Zhixion have been scared, and I have received it in the past, and the female instructor watched the face on the face: “If you are defeated by these three schools, see your ghosty in these days. I can’t think of you actually dare to shoot the photos of female teachers and students, and hide here to do this unfamiliar thing. You immediately follow me, I want to inform your parents to come to school, see how they want to handle. “

I saw Wang Shaoming and Lin Zhi Xun scared in the ground, mourning the female talls, the female tutor did not precaution: “You can’t drive out the campus, so you don’t have a good student with bad work, this time no People can help you talk about love, hurry to the training office accepted. “

I heard that Fang Weiqiang was still couldn’t, when the female instructor turned around, she hit her back neck, and the female instructor only felt that the brain was fainted.

Wang Shaoming and Lin Zhi Xiong shouted: “What do you do with Aqiang?”

Fang Wei strongly said: “If we are brought to the training department by this mother, we will definitely have been remembered, my father’s directors are not guaranteed, and we also mix.”

Wang Shaiming and Lin Zhi Xiong have a reason, Wang Shaoming asked: “How do you solve this thing?”

I saw Fang Weiqiang to laugh at the female teach to lying on the ground: “I want to do her” Ha “for a long time, today this opportunity is coming, just turn her into my woman, not afraid she doesn’t listen to us. “

In order to keep yourself, Wang Shaiming and Lin Zhion have only agree that the three people will pay attention to the sports supplies in the sporting goods. How long is Hu Meyue, I only felt that there was a slippery thing in front of my breast. After opening your eyes, I found that my hands and feet were tied, and I didn’t hang it on my body. A full-body naked man is tuing her full breast. Hu Meyue shocked: “Who are you?”

I saw the light of the flashlight, Hu Meyue saw the face of the chest man. Hu Meyue angered: “Fang Weiqiang, your beast, what do you plan to do?”

Fang Weiqiang smiled and said: “What? Do you!”

Hu Meyue began to panic. She knows that it is a kind of student, and she is a school council’s directors, she is a little calm. “If you sneak photos, as long as you let me go, I promised not to pursue. “

I saw Fang Weiqiang suddenly laughed: “If you want to let us let us, do we still have to go?”

Fang Weiqiang took her hand with her hand: “This is a chance to think about us, and today, in the hands of Laozi, see how I repair it.”

Fang Weiqiang took out the skipping rope in the sporting room, Hu Meyue was afraid: “You … What do you want to do?” The words just say that the rope is dancing, a whip, her hips, Hu Meiyue hurts.

“Do you not be very embarrassing? How is it now!”

“I am a bad student, my mother is a rotten, I will do a special rotten scorpion.”

“Like! Why don’t you call it? Waiting for a little time, I am not working.”

With the insults of Fang Weiqiang, his rope in his hands was ruthlessly in Hu Meyue. Wang Shaoming and Lin Zhi Xiong saw Fang Weiqiang’s crazy act, and the heart of the heart is not tolerated: “A strong enough! Playing her! “

Hu Meyue can’t help but cry, and only see Fang Weiqiang smiled: “I will blow the horn for the old man. As long as I have fun, I will go back.”

Hu Meyue listened to the blush: “I … I have never done this.”

Fang Weiqiang smiled: “The opportunity to learn to learn, learn to wait for the husband, you can wait until you.”

Hu Meyue helplessly squatted in front of the party, and his hands won the already erectian mask. Hu Meyue’s heart couldn’t help but have a shock. The meat stick in front of him is much more, and Fang Weiqiang is like a teacher to teach Hu Xiyue how to “blow, suck,舔, inclusive, but more than ten minutes of Hu Meyue can master the hustle, Fang Weiqiang is not allowed.

“Ha! It seems that you have a lot of people, you should go to be a soldier.”

“Oh … Yes … .. 妳 妳 头 头 力 力 力 对

“Hey … suck …………………………………………………..

Wang Shaoming and Lin Zhi Xiong saw this beautiful woman’s picture, the old two of the crotch was hard, and the two couldn’t help but took it. I saw that Fang Wei strongly pressed Hu Meyue’s head tightly, a warm heat The smell of smell is shot in her mouth. She automatically swallowed the semen in the mouth and wore her clothes quietly.

Fang Weiqiang said to her: “As long as you don’t look for us, today I assure that I don’t tell other people, if you fall, … I will not let you pass.”

Hu Meyue did not swear out, Wang Shaoming said with Lin Zhixiong: “Aqiang, we should not have something!”

Fang Weiqiang did not answer, looking at Hu Meyue’s gradually disappearing figure, Fang Weiqiang’s mouth revealed a strange smile.

————————— (2)

After the second day after the next day, Wang Shaiming pulled Fang Weiqiang to the top of the building, Wang Shaoming worriedly: “Aqiang, this morning did not see Hu Jiao to school, you see that she will not …”

Fang Weiqiang spit a smoke: “What are you afraid of! That Saima, you didn’t see the old days when I stayed with me, maybe I was too fierce yesterday, so she didn’t come to school today.”

Wang Shao clearly: “Hope is like this, just patted Wang Shaoming’s shoulder:” Reassure! Unless she wants to defeat the cracked, otherwise, I will never be Zhang Yang, but in order to rest assured, I will be good this afternoon. “Visiting” her. “

Hu Mei months after getting up this morning feel body aches very, before her husband work she hit the phone to school colleagues a day off sick, after noon she lay in bed is preparing to take a nap about it, all of a sudden the phone rings, Wu Mei-month pick up the phone Road : “!. Hey would you turn to,” only to hear the sound of the other bursts of sneer, Hu Mizuki hearts a feeling of fear, the other finally spoke and said: “Hu instructors how it did not recognize my voice.”

Hu Mei month scared and said: “You are Fang Weiqiang!”

Fang Weiqiang laughed: “u finally knew it was me, and now there are envelopes inside u home mailbox, there’s a gift I gave u, u get it!”

Hu Mei month hurried to find the envelope in the mailbox, opened the envelope there are a dozen himself yesterday when the bundled photographed nude, Wu Mei-month pick up the phone angry authentic: “You despicable villain, even while I was unconscious photographed these photos you want in the end how? “

Fang Weiqiang said: “It seems that we need to communicate face to face about, turn on your home’s back door open, I do not want others to see.”

Hu month forced the United States had no choice but to agree.

Hu Fang Weiqiang by the back door into the US monthly home, Da Cici I saw him sit down, Wu Mei month angry authentic: “? I have promised you will not get things out, you go nuts.”

Fang Weiqiang laughed: “Now rest assured there from the time we graduated three months, within this period of time as long as obediently listen to us, and so after we graduated, these photos along with all the negatives I will give u!.”

Hu Mizuki sat slumped in a chair Road: “Do you want me to do in the end?”

Fang Weiqiang laughed: “how about u scars clothes off and let me know?.”

Hu Mei was shocked month took a step back and said: “You never expect to run into my body.”

I saw Fang Weiqiang stand up to her slowly approached, Wu Mei month there are as frightened as you want running for the door, Fang Weiqiang came up and grabbed her hair, Fang Weiqiang sneered: “It seems I just said u did not seem to understand in these three months I was the owner of u, u understand? “

Hu Mizuki hair was caught had to agree not stand the pain, Fang Weiqiang let go of her and said: “Get out clothes off yet.”

I saw the body of Wu Mei months will take off a piece of clothing, Wu Mei month is worn inside the bra and pink panties, Fang Weiqiang said: “Now u climb over!”

Wu Mei-month climb like a dog like him before Fangwei Jiang Yin Xiao said: “Look at this tart u wear so sexy, I looked after a hard dick all up, like yesterday and now u make good lick it.”

Hu Fang Weiqiang the meat stick out in the United States months before, Hu Mei months will be placed in the mouth and gently suck cock kissed.

“Well … .. … .. and then forced a good tart … ..”

“Sniffing ah …… … .. forced to lick there ……”

“And then forced ah … .. u did not eat ah … .. I will be on to feed u.”

Hu will suddenly Mizuki cock spit, loudly crying: “! I beg you not to make me do the kinds of things.”

Fang Weiqiang being Hing head, suddenly poured cold water on the minds of much unhappy, I saw him exposed fierce eyes and said: “!. U bitch I dare go against the command, it appears to be repaired yesterday u is not enough.”

Fang Weiqiang out of the waist belt, I saw him waving tiger style belt, Hu rushed hastily fled to the United States months bedroom, as she wanted to lock the door, Fang Weiqiang already broke into the house, Fang Weiqiang waving belt hit her back, sneer authentic: “! bitch, then u ah I see you whom you want to escape fled there.”

Hu Mei May whipped a dozen shrinking against the wall crying, Fang Weiqiang the belt caught her neck, pulled her former full-length mirror in the room, Fangwei Jiang Yin Xiao said: “slut u look a lot like your own article bitch. “

Hu Mizuki looked like mind embarrassing myself in the mirror can not help but feel sad, think he was a high school student will be in control, let him abuse abuse.

Fang Weiqiang pulled her on the bed and said: “u husband is in this bed is dry u are not?”

Hu Mei month fear authentic: “Yes … .. yes.”

Fangwei Jiang Yin Xiao said: “Hey … .. today for my husband to speak when u u.”

Fang Weiqiang ordered her hips in a high, Hu Mizuki had to follow suit, Fang Weiqiang her panties off in front of his nose and sniffed and said: “Do the authors have shares Grievance just can not help u at home” self-comforting “not . “

After that, he stretched out the middle finger and the index finger into her meat. He saw Hu Meyue’s strangeness. Tasting, Fang Weiqiang smiled: “Is there a sweetness of sour? Laozi to taste it!” So he dial the two lips on Hu Meyue meat, I saw that the prostitute continued from inside, Fang Weiqiang was in the mouth Using force to kiss, Hu Meyue feels that he is the most sensitive place to be pulled out by a sucking force. Fang Weiqiang’s tongue slides back and forth in the meat, and then put Hu Xiyue’s clitoris with his mouth, warm tongue on the clitoris. The above winding, let Hu Xiyue feel that the whole person can’t say anything, Fang Weiqiang saw her expression and smile: “This is the wave, Laozi is now cleaning up,” there is also removing her bra, two palms Grab the two fertilized tits, one of the mulberry sticks, dried the meat that has already been obscene.

Fang Weiqiang’s woman’s experience is also rich, but the woman who is more than his seven years old is loved, this is the first time, and therefore especially excited to dry.

“Hey … .. Laozi is cool.

“Um ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

“Mom … cool, no words … .. Don’t say that Lao Zi is not dry.”

“Ah … I … I said … you are more than him … ah. ……”

“What is better than him? I can’t hear it.”

“Um ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

At this time, the phone around the bed sounded, and Fang Wei strongly said: “Apply the phone but don’t play the pattern.”

Fang Weiqiang still did not stop the action, Hu Meyue helplessly pick up the microphone, the phone came to the husband’s voice “US Moon! Is it a bit better?”

At this time, Fang Weiqiang is intentionally, and it is only to hear Hu Meyue, and the husband’s husband asked in tense: “What?”

Hu Meyue replied: “No … .. Nothing … .. … only … have a mouse.”

Husband: “It’s okay! I try to go back early after get off work, let’s take a break.” After that, the phone will hang it.

Fang Weiqiang smiled and said: “Hey ………………………………

At this time, Fang Weiqiang turned Hu Meyue, turned into a positive and metastatis posture. In the hands of the hands, she buckled her back to the back of Hu Meyue, and then sprint again. I saw Hu Meyue’s point meat was turned into the turbine out.

“Said goods are not to see me.”

“Ah …………………………………………………………………………………..

“Ah … good … .. So cool … The owner’s dick … I am so cool ……………………………………………..

Under the adultery of Fang Weiqiang, the aquarel life of the weekly life has become a bitch of spring, holding hands with Fang Weiqiang’s neck, legs with Fang Weiqiang’s tiger back, two calms behind it, Fang Weiqiang Holding Hu Meiyue’s hips, hugging her in front of the train to move her to the landing mirror, Fang Weiqiang smiled: “This is the hustle bitch, this is the nature, you are this slutty woman, It is cool to use the homework to use the homework. When Laozi hits, is it very cool! “

Hu Meyue saw that his own lascivious appearance couldn’t help but believe in Fang Weiqiang. Serve, ha …. “

“Ah … I am a lascivious bitch … You are my good husband.”

The battlefield of the two returned to the bed at this time, Fang Weiqiang let his arms under the body of Hu Meyue, two magic hands buckled her back of her back and sight from Hu Meyue, watching Hu Mei Yue’s lascivious face, shame Hu Meyue instantly full face, she had to close their eyes “… .. This is right, only I can satisfy.”

“Well … do it … Please do your mother to die, you will die … ah …”

“Ah … Xiaolang points have been broken … .. Well …… … ………

“Hey … .. Good husband … .. Big chicken husband … .. I have to make you every day. …

“Ah … good … small proconsive women can’t stand it …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

At this time, Hu Meyue arrived at the limit, climax. !!! The tender hole suddenly scatched a lot of warm meat core deep, sprinkled on the glazing of Fang Weiqiang, Fang Weiqiang couldn’t stand it again. I will shoot a lot of hot concentrate into the depths of Hu Meyue !! The sticky hot stroke is playing on the uterine wall, and the hot Hu Meyue once again climax, and the whole uterus is full, and she forgot is today. Best of your own danger ………

Ren Zi Weiqiang’s quite a lot of sperm soaked with her mature eggs, Fang Weiqiang, smiled: “I am very much, these are the” life essence “I gave to you, Ha …

Hu Meyue, who is shaking in the climax, hugs Fang Weiqiang, take the initiative to send a lip tongue and Fang Weiqiang’s tongue, Fang Weiqiang carested her show: “This is awkward! Waiting for my old second.”

Afterwards, Fang Weiqiang wore clothes to Hu Meyue Road: “I will remember to go to school tomorrow, I don’t want to play, I don’t want to play, I will not take care of the medicine, otherwise, I will let my husband appreciate you. Soak, ha ………. “

After Fang Weiqiang left, Hu Meyue looked at the turbid white essence from red and swollen meat, holding his legs and crying, he was caught by this student, fell into this devil’s trap, and I don’t know what to do. How many abnormalities, but when he raped himself, the thrill did not never, not only did not rebell, but he didn’t resist his husband. Hu Meyue only hopes that this is a nightmare, one The nightmare that can end quickly.

————————— (3)

In the morning, Hu Meilu came to the school. After opening the drawer, I found a small note. I wrote “small obscenity, after lunch and lunch], Hu Meyue knows that this is Fang Weiqiang, and I can’t help but worry about playing.

In the afternoon, Hu Meyue came to the back of the gym. I saw that Fang Weiqiang had been waiting for her. Hu Meyue’s face is blue. “” “” “”

Fang Weiqiang laughed: “Can you call you nothing?” Said Hu Meiyue to his chest.

Hu Meyue hurriedly struggled: “Now there are still many people in the school, you … don’t mess.”

Fang Weiqiang hugged her, and the right hand had unseaved the knocks before the sergeant’s chest. The child is awkward, if you really can’t be hurt, !! “

Hu Meyue hurriedly said: “Can’t do it here! In case it is seen, we will finish it.”

Fang Weiqiang pulled her into the supplies in the next, and the right hand stretched into her clothes and smiled and smiled.

At this time, Fang Weiqiang’s right hand is gently kneading on her breast. Hu Meyue only felt that his hands were full of current, and it came to a burst and itching. Hu Meyue was trembled: “You … you want me What to do. “

Fang Weiqiang kisses her neck: “” Zhang Huiyi, the second grade of the girl, know? “

Hu Meiyu Road: “Recognize … I know … their military training is me.”

Fang Weiqiang laughed: “Very good! She will stay in the school to practice after school today, I want to take her here.”

Hu Meyue is shocked: “You … what do you want to do with her?”

Fang Weiqiang smiled and said: “If you don’t have to take it, you just take her to here.”

Hu Meyue pleaded: “I beg you, she is just a little girl, don’t hit her idea!”

Fang Weiqiang suddenly held his right hand to hold her breasts, Hu Meiyue’s shed tears, Fang Weiqiang couldn’t laugh: “When is it round to the owner, don’t forget that it is just my slave, I want to do it?”

Hu Meyue flows at the tears: “Let’s let her! You have to play, play me,”

Fang Weiqiang said: “If you can’t think of this bitch, there is so much love!” The left hand stretched into her skirt, and the socks were smashed with the sensitive place. Hu Meyue felt a feeling of itching from the chest and abdomen. The whole body is accepted.

Fang Weiqiang put his fingers and then rejuvenated into the meat hole and buckled. Hu Meyu’s whole body is as well as being burned, “No … don’t, I ask you. …”

Fang Weiqiang smiled: “The little proconsive women can’t help it, or just agree to me, otherwise I have to be good.”

Hu Meyue finally nodded at the flesh, and Fang Weiqiang stretched out his tongue and gently licked her cheeks: “My little baby is just right, I will not be able to get tortured.” Fang Weiqiang looks at the watch: “After the afternoon break, I will return it. I remember that I will give it a matter of time.” Said that the Futire is leaving, Hu Meyue puts the clothes, and hurriedly left to the toilet, watching his own cheeks in the mirror. .

Just now, Fang Weiqiang provoked the fire in her body has not been extinguished. Hu Meyue rinsed her face with cold water. I hope that I will be awake, and I will have to stick to my pockets to my students. I don’t stop it, but I have to become a blessing, Hu Meyue’s heart I feel very sad.

The bells of school at four o’clock in the afternoon, the students in the school are like fleeing, and a healthy figure on the playground is running. At the playground, there are many boys’ eyes, and the long hair, bright, bright The eyes, beautiful and moving faces, plus the long and exquisite figure, is known as school flowers.

A group of sports students said to her: “Huiyi, let’s go first.”

Zhang Huiyi smiled and he attached his head.

“Zhang classmates.”

Suddenly, someone called her, Zhang Huiyi looked at Hu Meyue, who was responsible for the military training instructor responsible for their own class, Zhang Huiyi smiled and said: “Is there anything in the Hu Tuan?”

Hu Meyue saw her pure smile, couldn’t bear it in his heart: “Nothing? Just want to find a chat, if you are not empty, then even if it is.”

Hu Meyue is going to turn away, Zhang Huiyi chased it: “Hu Jiao official, I don’t have other things, I am chatting with you.”

Hu Meyue’s eyes revealed the eyes, and the two walked to go to the back to the back of the gym. She saw Hu Meyue panicked around. Zhang Huiyi asked in the heart: “What is the instructor?”

Hu Meyue hurriedly: “There is nothing! Let’s leave here.”

Hu Meyue is preparing to leave Zhang Huiyi, from behind, I came back and said: “Hey … Do you want to leave.”

When the two came, I was originally Fang Weiqiang, Wang Shaoming and Lin Zhi Xiong, Zhang Huiyi shocked: “What do you want to do?”

Hu Meyue hurriedly went to Zhang Huiyi: “Don’t manage them soon.”

When Zhang Huiyi wanted to escape the scene, Wang Shaoming and Lin Zhi Xiong have been surrounded by her, Fang Weiqiang smiled: “Amin, Otre should not hurt our little princess.”

I saw the two men left Zhang Huiyi, Zhang Huiyi struggled to be shocked: “Let me go, you are rogue.”

Wang Shaiming took out a towel from the pocket and grabbed her nose. Zhang Huiyi smells a medicine and smell, and Fang Weiqiang called two people in the sporting goods room. She saw Hu Meyue smashed Fang Weiqiang crying: “I beg you to let go! You can’t ruin her innocent.”

Fang Weiqiang pulled up her hair and angry: “This is this monk, I actually want to destroy my good things, it seems that it is not completely repaired, and I will not take it absolutely to me.” Hu Meyue is also dragged into the supplies indoors by Fang Weiqiang.

After Zhang Huiyi was confused, I didn’t know how long. I only felt that I had a dazzling flash. After Zhang Huiyi opened his eyes, I found only braid and underwear, and a thin figure was holding a photo machine. Zhang Huiyi panic said: “You … Who are you? What do you want?”

I saw Fang Weiqiang walked from the light: “It turns out that our little princess woke up.”

Zhang Huiyi hurriedly said: “What should you do? Let me let me.”

Fang Weiqiang smiled: “Let’s put it? What is easy, today is your adult ceremony, I am the host, ha …”

Zhang Huiyi was afraid to say loudly after listening to his heart: “Help! Have people!”

Fang Weiqiang has a smile: “Although it is called! Watching no one will hear.”

Zhang Huiyi called: “” The instructor, Hu Jiao officials come to save me! “

Fang Weiqiang smiled: “Hey …, do you want to see her?”

Fang Weiqiang pulled her next door, a picture of Zhang Huiyi appeared in front of her eyes, I saw her beloved Hu Xiyue’s naked on the ground, including Wang Shaoming’s meat, and Lin Zhixiong raised his meat stick attack female Teacher’s head.

In the two people, I insulted her, Lin Zhi Xiong smiled: “The fucking is really cool, the female tutor’s waves really have more prostitutes who sell, is it often taught to teach gentle, Forging, I will have the cock of the officials in the future. “Wang Shao Ming happyly:” Oh …………………………………………………… In the future, I have to let her blow in the evening. “

Hu Meyue’s insuluat of these two, the meat and mouth can only be greedily kiss the hard meat stick, and I have forgotten the things of Zhang Huiyi.

Zhang Huiyi sneaked into tears after this scene, Fang Weiqiang kept smiled: “What happened? I saw that the hutter in my mind turned into a lascivious bitch.”

Zhang Huiyi finally couldn’t help but hurt: “You … .. You are not human nature, and dogs must not die.”

Fang Weiqiang kept smiled: “Hey ………………………………………….

Zhang Huiyi heard his words full of evil and obscene, and picking up a ball and went to Fang Weiqiang. Fang Wei strongly eaten a surprise, then a boxing hit her abdomen Zhang Huiyi immediately fell.

Fang Weiqiang grabbed her angered: “The smells! Originally, I want to be gentle, since I don’t know how to learn, I use the rape.”

After the end, I took it into the bra on her body. Zhang Huiyi rushed to protect her chest. Fang Weiqiang did not say to tear her underwear. I saw Zhang Huiyi naked to stand in front of him.

Zhang Huiyi felt real fear at this time, his hands constantly hit Fang Weiqiang, Fang Weiqiang is more ignored to push her to the wall, so that her face is facing the wall, holding her wrist on the wall, Zhang Huiyi strongly struggling but unable to get from Fang Weiqiang Hands, Fang Weiqiang’s feet is supported by Zhang Huiyi’s thigh, a hard meat stick has been hosted.

I saw Zhang Huiyi shouting: “Don’t! Just ask you!”

Fang Weiqiang smiled and said: “Hey! I have no time to ask now.”

Fang Weiqiang waist hard force a hard meat stick has reached the door, I saw Zhang Huiyi screamed, the body violently trembled.

Fang Weiqiang ignored the continued advancement, Zhang Huiyi once again made a miserable call, his face exposed a painful expression, the body moved like an escape, the thigh muscles tighten the legs.

“Don’t! Pain … .. Hao pain …”

“Hey … who is not awkward.”

“Hey … good pain …… is really good.”

“This is still just beginning, there will be a good time.”

Fang Weiqiang is inserted forward, and only the meat in the hole is getting narrower and narrow, straight to the thick meat stick, Zhang Huiyi cry does not stop: “Good pain … Don’t insert it again, I am fast really hurts.”

Fang Weiqiang knows that he will break through her virgin, so I laughed: “Waiting for it, it is a real woman.”

Zhang Huiyi wanted to break away, but Fang Weiqiang has taken a deep breath, and Zhang Huiyi feels like a pain that should tear the whole body. The whole person squatted, Zhang Huiyi knew that his most precious virgin was taken away. The tears are like spring water.

Fang Weiqiang still pushed with force, laughing and laughed: “Mom! It turns out to be so cool, it seems to find a few virgin to try again.”

After more than ten minutes, Wei Qiang pulled the meat stick, a semen straight spray, Fang Weiqiang is comfortable to laugh: “………………………………………………………………………….

Zhang Huiyi looked at him with the eyes of the grievances. Fang Weiqiang did not escape the face of her and smiled: “I have become my woman now, I have to learn to serve me with Hu Jiao official.”

On the other hand, Hu Meyue and Wang Shaoming, the war of Lin Zhixiong has also been concluded, Fang Weiqiang told two people to clean up the scene he is to Hu Meyu Road: “The young prostitute is very cool, it is cool!”

Hu Meyue reveals the grief of the eyes, and Fang Weiqiang is brids: “I am gone! Lead the girl, otherwise, you should know, ha …”

It is said that the three people have left first.

Hu Meyue squatted in front of Zhang Huiyi, tears: “Sorry! It is hurt.”

Zhang Huiyi watched her, and then slap in Hu Meyue’s face, Hu Meyue glammed her back: “Cry it! Cry loudly! Who tears with me Unfortunately by the evil look at the sacrifice. “At this time, the windows began to rain, perhaps God is doing these two unfortunate women tears ….

————————— (4)

After a week, Zhang Huiyi left the school. Hu Meyue looked at her away from his heart. If it was not because of his original, he won’t let the true girl lost the most precious chastity. Zhang Huiyi’s back, Hu Meiyue can only secretly She can be safe after blessing.

Three days later, Hu Meyue walked on the way home. Suddenly, someone took her back. Hu Meyue turned back to see it was Fang Weiqiang. Hu Meizhen’s face suddenly changed, Fang Weiqiang smiled: “What happened? It’s hard to blame me for so many days Is it good to comfort? “

Fang Weiqiang reached out and wanted to hug her, but Hu Meyue used him to open him an angry: “You are too much!”

Fang Weiqiang smiled: “Don’t be so angry? Today I am special.”

Hu Meyue is frightened: “You … you want to marry me?”

Fang Weiqiang smiled with her face: “I am really smart, guess it.”

Hu Meyue resists, Fang Weiqiang saw anger by his heart and a punch, Hu Meyue only thoughtful abdomen, a pain, fainting, Fang Wei gangwei, did not see it, hurriedly hugging Hu Meyue into the car Go off.

A dazzling light will be awakened by Hu Meyue, and Hu Meyue opened his eyes and found that the clothes were already stripped, and he was tied to a “big” shaped wooden frame, and Fang Weiqiang sat in the opposite color. Look at yourself.

Hu Meyue angered: “What do you want this madman?”

Fang Weiqiang came over and reached out to touch the full breasts: “Yes! I just can let the madman who become a bitch.”

Fang Wei strongly licked her face with his tongue.

After Hu Meyue listened, he suddenly felt a chill, she knew that Fang Weiqiang would not pity, the tricks he thought was absolutely unbearable.

Fang Weiqiang put her down from the wooden rack and put her neck with a dog, Fang Weiqiang couldn’t laugh: “This monk now lets you taste the taste of the bitch now.”

I saw a small column in the house, and Fang Weiqiang pulled her to let her go from the railings. At this time, Hu Meyue’s white buttocks are tall and high, and a sense of compression is brought by the waist. Spread to the whole body, Hu Meyue The bargain is exposed to the air in the air.

Fang Weiqiang reached out into the meat hole and excavated. Hu Meyue lost the whole body couldn’t say it. It wanted to move the hips but not to turn the body, and the feeling of itching is full of body. Resist this feeling could not help but, Fang Weiqiang pulled out the fingers and saw that the bottle is too late.

Fang Weiqiang smiled: “Look at this little song, the waves are so wet, today Laozi let this bitch play a different game.”

I saw that Fang Weiqiang took a big wolf dog from the next room. Hu Xiyue saw that the fire burning in the heart was immediately fear, she panicked: “You … .. What do you want to do?”

Fang Weiqiang kept smiled: “Of course, I have to try the taste of the dog’s dry, this big wolf dog is very listening to me. Today, I will let it enjoy your beautiful body.”

Hu Meyue heard the words: “No … No!”

Fang Weiqiang kept a smile: “This monk has repeatedly violated me. Today, I will not teach yourself, I am afraid that I will have to rebel.”

Fang Weiqiang painted the butter in her meat, I saw the big wolf dog smell the taste of the butter, Hu Meyue walked, and Hu Meyue struggled to break free, but Fang Weiqiang grabbed her hands to make her unplayed, she could only glance Looking at the wolf dog, the big wolf dog stretched out his tongue and wipe it on the meat.

Hu Meyue only felt a wet and sticky thing in his laborary, the rough tongue of the big wolf dog played with the yukuclear in the meat, and only Huimeian’s whole body was also itchy. At this time, Fang Weiqiang broke a whistle. More than a better than the meat of Hu Meyue, the big wolf dog seems to know what he meant, people stand up to take two front legs on the hips of Hu Meyue, the big wolf dog reveals the four-inch long mask is preparing to insert Hu Meiyue’s meat . Hu Meyue seeing himself to be adulteable by his wolf dog. You can’t help but come to Fang Weiqiang. “Don’t! I beg you to let me!”

Fang Weiqiang grabbed her hair and smiled; “I know this is what it is afraid? Is it not very kind? Now I still dare to violate me.”

Hu Meyue cryed: “I … I don’t dare to violate the owner!”

Fang Wei strongly exposed a smile: “Very good! This is awkward.”

Fang Weiqiang took the big wolf dog back to the next door. When he came out, Fang Weiqiang took a electric mask and laughed.

I saw Fang Weiqiang to rub the electric mask in her meat, and Hu Meyue felt the unparalleled stimulus.

Fang Weiqiang took the electric mask slowly moved into the fat hips. I saw Fang Weiqiang to insert the electric mask into her asshole. Hu Meyue’s shed tears, Fang Weiqiang smiled: “It seems that there is no one in this place yet. I will let me open it today. “

Fang Weiqiang took off the whole body, the fierce meat stick had already been standing, I saw him with the meat stick to go back to the fart. After the lubricant is evenly grazing, the whole meat stick has entered the asshole, only to hear Hu Meyue screamed loudly.

“Pain … .. Good pain … don’t ….

“Hey … ..

“I can’t stand it ……………………………………………………………………….

“It’s painful than you have a hurt! Ha …”

Fang Weiqiang took a deep breath to insert the meat stick, let Hu Xiyue’s sphincardia and rectum are expanded to the limit, and only Hu Meyue’s pain is unbearable to cry.

Fang Weiqiang saw the movement of her back: “Little baby is not crying, I am a little bit.”

At this time, Fang Weiqiang inserted the electric mask in his head into her meat. Hu Meyue only felt that the feeling of meats, I couldn’t help but squatted, Fang Wei saw her no longer hurts in her ass. Element.

Now that the original narrow ass and rectal meat can be able to accommodate the meat stick is no longer painful. As Fang Weiqiang meat sticks, the inexplicable pleasure is spread all over the body, Hu Meyue can’t help but stick to the meat stick.

“Hey … .. Xiaoshuoyang and the farthed eyes are full of taste!”

“Hey … .. ah … .. asshole and small cavity itchy ………………………………..

“Ah … comfort … .. Insert a heart ……………………………………….

“Hey … .. 妳 副 骚,,, 死 妳 死 死 死 死 死 死 死 死 死 死 死 死 死

Fang Weiqiang saw Hu Xiyue’s sensuality, and more made strongly stacked Hu Xiyue’s cockroach.

After two more than two hours, Hu Meyue finally came to seek: “Rao, continue, I will die by you.”

Fang Weiqiang stopped the movement and smiled: “Rao? Yes, but you have to promise me one thing.”

Hu Meyu Road: “What do you want me?”

“Speaking of love me, and call me husband”

Fang Weiqiang has already got the body of Hu Meyue, and he even Hu Meyue’s heart must completely occupy Hu Xiyue, knowing that he is not promised. Otherwise, I don’t know how much bitterness I have to eat. Moreover, under the tuning of Fang Weiqiang … she has been the opponent Weiqiang dead …

“And one more thing”

“what’s up?”

Fang Weiqiang laughed: “Leave the husband, do my woman forever”

Hu Meyue is shocked: “Do you say that our relationship is only three months?”

Fang Weiqiang smiled: “嘿 … I change my mind … I want to have you forever, how can you answer?” Fang Weiqiang’s meat stick began to push “” … really no way … ah, ah ….. I beg you to end! I am dead … Ah, ah, ah …

Fang Weiqiang’s meat stick still maintains the same speed to draw Hu Meyue’s ass, squatting in the rectum, plus the thrill of electric mask in the strong vibration of the meat, let Hu Xiyue have a fast fear of “Is it hard? I can’t have me soon, I just want to be happy, why doesn’t you agree? Do you have any way to forget my taste? “

Fang Weiqiang pulled Hu Meyue out the railing and unlocked the dog refining, moved it to a mattress that has been pre-placed, and continued to use the back of the treacherous Hu Xiyue to take Fang Weiqiang to bend forward, put his upper body in Hu Meyue On the back, your hands care strokes Hu Xiyue’s breasts, flexible fingers play with Hu Xiyue’s nip with Hu Xianyue, kissing with Hu Xiyue’s back neck with earlobe, flexible male dog waist is still constantly moving the meat stick to put the Hu Meiyue The court then started with sweet words to Hu Meyue, the soul soup. “In fact, I first saw that I was in love with you. At that time, I decided to get it, no matter what method used.”

“Ah … you … you are lie …. ah …”

“When Wang Shaoming and Lin Zhi Xiong raped, I also told them only that time, and I was not allowed to shoot inside the body, because 妳 是 我」

“No … don’t lie to me …. ah ….”

“Only if I will use it in the way in the way, I didn’t see when I was raped, Huiyi was shot outside? I am special for me.”

“Really … ah …. Really? … Ah, ah, ah …”

“As long as you promise, I will not go to the woman in the future, I will only be awkward, so that I have saved other women.”

“You …. 喔 ….. ah ah … speak …. ah … you have to count ….. ah …..

As long as it is a woman, he heard the sweet words, it will feel sweet in the heart, let alone a young strong man who can bring himself constantly orgasm, long-awaited is also a single sensitive point, and the body is also caressing and under the body. In a strong pleasure, Hu Meyue is gradually lost Hu Meyue, I have forgotten this person is raping yourself, trying to bring Hu Meiyue to the desire to trap. In addition, there is still a big name to save other women. After how long Hu Meyue actually succumbed ” I … I promise you … ah, ah … my husband … I will always …. Yes … Your woman ….. ah ah

“Like a little !! I like to listen”

“Husband … I … I promise you … I love you ….. ah ah ah, ah … I will always be your woman !!”

“Too good, baby, I love you, then I am coming, accept irrigation. !!”

Fang Weiqiang saw Hu Meyue yield, quickly accelerated the final sprint …. A large shared hot concentrate in the rectum of Hu Meyue after a while, and put Hu Meyue’s head to the hot tongue into the tongue The little mouth and Hu Meyue’s fragrant tongue, and inhale Hu Meyue’s fragrant tongue to intertwined with his tongue, swallowing each other’s saliva, two fingers, the two fingertips, just waiting for the meat stick After completely soften the chrysanthemum of Hu Meyue, I let go of Hu Meyue, turn her, grabby her waist and kissed her cherry: “As long as I obey, I will guarantee that it is very gentle.”

Hu Meyue made him kiss his hands and couldn’t help but hold him. The expression on his face was like a first love voice. Promise me. “

Then Hu Meilu wore the clothes Fang Weiqiang to send her home. Hu Meyue in the car did not send, and she arrived at the door of Hu Meiyue, she just returned home.

Hu Meyue’s husband asked: “Is this?”

Waiting for Hu Meyue, Fang Weiqiang smiled: “This is going to be a teacher! Hello, I am a native of Hu Jiao, because I met the instructor on the road, so I sent her back.”

Hu Meyue’s husband smiled: “It turns out, then thank you very much! Do you want to drink cup tea in your house?”

It’s very difficult to see Hu Meyue’s face, Fang Weiqiang laughed and laughed: “No! There is a chance to bother again, goodbye!” Hu Meyue’s husband said: “In this case, US Moon we entered the house!”

Fang Weiqiang touched the two people and touched the hips of Hu Meyue. She only scared the flowers of Hu Meyue. Her husband was observed that her face was so busy: “What happened? Face is so ugly.”

Hu Meyue replied: “No … .. Nothing!”

I heard the car’s voice of Fang Weiqiang, and Hu Meiyue’s heart is put down.

That night, Hu Meyue was desperately rinsing the skin per inch of skin during bath. She tried to rinse with the feeling of the lifetime and his vulnerability, and his blur of his body, but this feeling is like a root. Generally, the more I want to forget, the deeper, hot water is closed from her head down Hu Meyue.

She felt that Fang Weiqiang’s hands were as comforted by hot water, and the destroyed tender points started to take it out at this moment. She couldn’t help but dial the petals and gently squatted the pearl. But how can a short finger make her satisfaction?

Hu Meyue’s lotus head wants to stuff, but how can Iz cold appliances compared to hot and hard meat sticks?

At this time, Hu Meyue is so eager to be beside her, so that his fierce meat stick will rape yourself. Suddenly Hu Meyue saw that his own appearance in the dressing mirror couldn’t help but cry. She knows that she not only betrayed her husband and also harm it. Others, she only hates why they don’t have the courage to tell Fang Weiqiang, why don’t my flesh can’t stand the temptation of his devil? Is it eager to these metamorphosis?

Hu Meyue doesn’t know what to do? Maybe she is just a doll, a doll in Fang Weiqiang’s hand …

In addition, Yang Xueling was taken by Wang Shaoming and Lin Zhi Xiong used to sing in the name of singing. The two of them took themselves. Under the charm of the spring medicine and the two young, the small-colored wolf, the long tmary of Yang Xueling is constantly, and Yang Xueling, who is ignorant, is out of rail. Wang Shaoming and Lin Zhixiong’s sharing girlfriend … Since this often stole oneself … I forgot my wife’s teacher’s identity …… This is another story ..

After Hu Meyue, I also divorced her husband. Fang Weiqiang took her home as home. Every day, Shen Weiqiang brought her happy training and plug-in irrigation. Two people were like a newly married little couple as a madness. Fang Weiqiang love does not release the hand, Fang Weiqiang does not seem to have a greasy day, maybe he really fell in love with Hu Meiyue ….

Originally, she should be a slave of Fang Wei. I didn’t expect that Fang Weiqiang became her prisoner and Hu Meyue was also lingering with Fang Weiqiang. After the father of Fang Weiqiang, Huimeyu, will always become Fang Weiqiang used to speak And the lady of the people, and the heart is willing to be his exclusive slave, which is deeply arrested, and it will not go back.

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