I really can’t think of it, I was separated from this department on the first day. Five people are all women in addition to me.

I don’t know, it is bored. After the self-introduction, I have bored a magazine.

“Isn’t there four people? How can I only see three?” I secretly thought.

Snoving this three new colleagues. It is not very old age. Jie Jie Zhang Si seems to have more than 30 years old? It is a big sister. But people have to be beautiful. A fit of the work. The lower body is very ordinary semi-skirt.

Can you still? What about? About thirty-six? good. But the shoes are somewhat, very conservative half with sandals, and it is all enclosed all the feet.

The left side of Li Ji is young, it seems that it is much bigger than me, a light pink dress, the skin is good. Wow stockings are also light pink. It’s very sexy. A pair of jade feet on a pair of very light sandals cool.

The back of Feng, see that the age seems to be smaller than me. I still have to say it, but there are some men’s rhyme, but there are more men. A general shirt hide what body shape. The lower body is the very annoying half-jam. So lucky the skin also said, but there is a little black. The muscles of the calf are very strong. The feet are turned out to be a pair of casual shoes! Really disappointed!

I don’t have anything I have observed a new colleague. Suddenly the door pushed a beautiful young woman and came in.

Zhang Jie said to me, “Liu. This is an indigenous Ru, and the colleague of our department.” Then talk to the young woman: “Shen, this is new Xia Liu you know.”

I stood up “Sister Hello, I am Liu Cheng.”

Shen Sister smiled nodded: Hello.

Hold together together. Wow is slippery. I have called Shen Sister to take the table to sit down. She wore a light blue-necked shirt, the previous thing of the buckle, wrapped her upper body package more form. Plenty of chest is quit and do not show great. The lower body is also a blue skirt. There is no stockings, the skin is not allowed. The feet are a pair of narrow belt skin sandals, about 36 and a half. Ten Cui-jang-like weedes extended from the shoes, and the nails were painted on a touch of pink nail polish. Oh! I have an impunity.

Zhang Jie turned back to “Xiauru. Is your husband not coming back?”

“Well, I have been going for more than two months. Yesterday, I said that I have to come back this year.” Shen Sister said faintly, and heard a little grievance.

“Hey, he can’t do it.

Zhang Jie is comfortable, “There is no way, so so!”

Shen Sister said faintly turned on the computer. “Hey? How to get it, how can I not open it?” Shen Sister suddenly said.

Zhang Jie walked over and saw “It seems to be a problem. Oops, the small Zhang Zhang in the machine room has not come!”

“What can I do? What should I use in the afternoon? What should I do if I don’t make it?” Shen Sister is very anxious.

“We will repair these few computer idiots?” Feng said.

“I am eager to die, I have done almost yesterday, and I am afraid that I am afraid that the time is not enough?” Shen Sister’s face red.

“Let me see it?” I tried to ask.

“Will you? Too good, see what is the problem?” I once again restarted the computer, and the screen didn’t enter the operating system.

Oh! Yes, the system does not detect the hard disk. Entering CMOS is really yes. I use manually to measure the hard disk and turn it on. Everything is OK.

“Yeah! I really can’t see Xiao Liu and this hand?”

Zhang Jie smiled and said “Thank you, I have lost you.” Shen Sister smiled and said, “I invite you to eat at noon, thank you!”

“Oh, I will meet you today, how can I let Shen Sister please guest? So, I invite everyone to eat, I will meet, can everyone enjoy light?” I smiled and said, “Good! Our Cololi Added a can person and is the first man of our first, of course, I have to celebrate! “Zhang Jie said to joke.

After a week. These days have finally cooked some of their colleagues. Zhang Jie is a self-hearted man, it is very cool, I also love to laugh. Li Jie is also very cheerful and is a very avant-garde. Although the marriage is still playing with us. Feng? It’s really a little girl and is still two years older than me. It feels fine, not mature enough.

Shen Sister is the typical woman’s mother-friendly woman, married a husband who ran sales, alone, alone, accompanied by home, and made home. Talking is not a lot. But a port first has an unlimited gentle. Oh, let me feel about her. Of course, I have no arrogant to the point where I dare to rush. It is also a weekend, I have n’thing to do at home.

Suddenly the phone rang. Attended it is a Shen Sister: “Xiao Liu? I am Shen Ju Ru!”

“Shen Sister, I am Xiao Liu. Is there something?” I am excited in my heart. “

“Hey, have you time in the afternoon? My computer has a problem, I want to see a look.

“Hey? No problem, can I go in the afternoon?” I promised a bite.

“Well, ok, my family is at 4 units, 301 rooms in Maple Leaf Garden. I am waiting for you at home in the afternoon, thank you!”

It’s easy to find a satellite home. Pressed the doorbell and the door opened. Wow! Shen Sister is in front of me. A casual low tie, below is a powder skirt. Red foot. Wear slippers. Hair is still wet! It seems that just washed.

“Is it coming?” Shen Sister smiled and let me enter the house. Just sitting down, handed a cup of cold drinks.

“Today is really hot!”

“Hey! It is very hot, Shen Sister, where is the computer? Let’s take a look.”

“In the study! I suddenly didn’t have a sound last night. After the next line, I still don’t. I don’t know what is going on, you explain the thirst first!”

I drank a big mouth cold drink. “Ok, let’s take a look!”

Shen Sister took me to the study, the room was very large, and it was quite atmosphere. The warmth of the home is an attraction to me this single Han. turn on computer. It is found that there is no sign of the sound.

“May be a sound card problem?” Open the chassis. Ah! A lot of ash.

Shen Sister is embarrassed to smile, “I won’t make anything, I don’t dare to boot the box, dirty!”

“Nothing, let them clean them, otherwise affecting heat dissipation! Is there a small brush?” I cut the components all over again. Then pull the sound card. Go back to the brush and accidentally touched a disc. I am busy low waisping, I don’t want Shen Sister to go, wow, Shen Sister’s toe is in front of my eyes, what is the ten jade fingers! The rocky white-slip foot finger seems to be bonelessly stretched, and the scorpion of nail polish on the nails, and the pink feet exudes seductive and fragrance. I really want to reach out. But reasoning is still suppressed. I can’t get it, I can’t get it, just sit together, Shen Sister said: “I am 捡 捡, you don’t have to take the waist to go.

Wow. More terrible things happen. Her low tie The low round neck couldn’t cover everything in the clothes, and the breasts did not wear a bra clearly in my eyes. Can’t do it. I feel that my body changes.

“Shen Sister, can I use the toilet?” I have to find a place to hide.

“Oh, ok. Come with me” Shen Sister picked up the CD to lead me to the bathroom “Sorry, I just took a shower, I want to wash clothes, you don’t laugh!”

Speaking of this is red and red. Finally rushed into the bathroom, reverse the door, I opened the faucet and released cold water to wash your face. I wiped it, I am free to look at the four, there is really a pot of water in the bidet, a test water temperature is still a temperature “Hey, she just took a shower, it is no wonder there is a fascinating” Sudden my eyes are set to the bathtub. ” In the basket. I saw that the top is a pink compassion, but on the side but faintly reveals a corner.

“It’s underwear!” One of the T-shirts, what happened to underwear, and a white cotton panty hidden below.

I feel that the blood of the whole body is surging “It is Shen Sister’s underwear, and Shen Sister has just changed underwear!” I took the undergar and carefully appreciated. That is a very conservative style. Cotton, turn over, day! I can’t believe my eyes, and there is still some touchless liquid “is the secretion of Shen Sister” in the triangular zone on the inside. “

I only feel good. I put the underwear to the nose, there was a little slight, a little fartame. I can’t help it again. Buy the whole face into the underwear, greedily lick. A little bit of a little base, there is a little salty, beautiful, this people’s best! My meat stick is hard. I took out his hand and used it. (I won’t use Shen Sister’s underwear to pack him, because the underwear is my food.) I use the tongue to clean all things on the underwear, and absorb all the tastes. Oh! Can’t do it. A unpleaste pleasure to my nerves. I am shooting! It is a lot. In addition to the hands, there are some falls to the ground. I am busy picking up a piece of paper. Care. Wipe them. Throw it to the toilet boiling water. Then I sat again, stand up and then use cold water to wash my face and went out. “Liu, are you very hot? Do you want me to open the air conditioner?” Shen Sister asked me about it.

“Oh, don’t need it, I am just a bit thirsty.” I hide.

“Then I will give you a cold drink!” Shen Sister got up and said “No, I don’t like to drink soda, and then I will wash your face.”

“The soda is not very good, this way. You take the meeting first, I will go downstairs to buy some freezing points to eat!”

“Don’t trouble, Shen Sister,”

“I am not bother, just in my refrigerator, I always have to buy. You are at home, I will come back soon.”

No matter what I blocked, she got up the floor. I calm my emotions and continue my work. I installed it again. I found that it was a bit problem with the contact of the sound card. After getting it, re-drove the sound card. Open the sound player.

All right! I smiled gently. Try it online. Is there any conflict with the NIC? I am sure to connect to the internet. Open the QQ to see if there is any netizen online. Shen Sister QQ is actually a password?

I will play it directly.

Oh, I can’t afford it. Shen Sister’s netizens are men, just like my netizens are women. Suddenly I have a thought, I want to know what Shen Sister is chatting with netizens? So I opened a chat history that “lonely pillow sleepless”. Wow? ? ! ! It turned out to be … The original Trumpet Wen Jing quiet Shen Sister chatted online and a man … “Network” I played most often.

Surprised! That paragraph can be used to speak words to fire. It’s hard to imagine that it is from the hands of Shen Sister.

“Liu, what are you doing?” A voice almost scared me. Shen Sister is already standing behind me.

“Sorry, I … I am not intentional, Shen Sister …” I was sow. I guess my face was so bright enough.

“Liu, can you promise me?” Shen Sister’s voice is so small and weak.


“Don’t tell anyone, do you have this?” Shen Sister’s face is more cute than I.

I suddenly had a feeling of reliance. “Shen Sister, you can rest assured, I won’t say a word.” I frankly said!

“Sit down, will we talk well?” Shen Sister is just asking me.

“I have been married to my husband for four years, that is, I am still small, I don’t know much about men and women. He went to the foreign embarrassment in the second year. It can only come back three or five times a year. It is also ten days. We didn’t have children, but as aged, my loneliness was more than one day, and I feel so lonely. But I don’t dare to come, I am afraid that I am laughing. So I had to go online until one day I met a few netizens in adults. They didn’t ask me to meet just on the Internet. I feel that there is nothing out, I have been playing online … “silent! Shen Sister’s eyes flashed some crystal erotic things.

“Shen Sister, you don’t do this. Nothing! I really don’t have anything! I am often playing this online, this is too normal. But I think Shen Sister, are you too harsh? You are a normal woman, It is inevitable that there is normal physiological needs. Do you have to die? Do you have to keep what chautumes? In fact, the betrayal or other thing of the flesh is not a big thing, people are so embarrassing. People who love each other can’t let The other party is so happy that the other party is painful? Is this love? I feel that the spiritual departure, the un morality is far more than the deviation of the body. The most important thing between husband and wife is the mismarian and loyalty. “

Shen Sister looked up at me: “Liu, I can’t think that you can say so meaningful, although I don’t dare to agree with you, but I can’t think that you are right!”

Shen Sister, the shy eyes make me a feeling of thinking! I gently pulled the sister’s hand “Shen Sister, I just said the facts, you are so young to be lonely every day!” Thank you, Liu, I don’t think you can’t think of you so good! ” The brother is looking down.

“I don’t ask you, I just want to solve loneliness for you, I don’t want your feelings. I just want to make your friend, can you? Shen Sister?” I tightly holds the hands of Shen Sister.

“Well, this …” I saw that she did not oppose, and she took her to her arms and her lips were pressed on her lips.

“Well …” Shen Sister pushed it, but she didn’t com.

A long kiss. I kissed my mouth and kissed her long eyelashes and kissed her tears. Then kiss her ear, Shen Sister’s breathing is anxious. My hands slowly extended to her chest. Ignore her breast isolated. It’s so soft.

Slowly, I helped her take off her clothes, “Hold me to bed”, Shen Sister whispered.

I put her in bed at this time, the sister is all naked in front of me. The pair of riped breams were tender, and the two compact pink nipples were ashamed in the tip.

“Shen Sister, you are so beautiful!” Is another long kiss. My hands gently stroked her double peak, and that feeling made me a little mother’s memories. I looked down with Shen Sister’s face and left my silk spit on the white neck. My lips kissed on Shen Sister’s breast enhancement, Shen Sister closed his eyes, let me kiss. Her face is red, breathing is very accessed. My hands are placed on the tip of the milk and wrap the nipple.

“Itchy, don’t …” Shen Sister gradually grabs the sister’s nipple hard, so wonderful! I rubbed one with your lips.

“Ah …” Shen Sister’s response strong. I gently rub the fresh nipple with your lips, it is getting harder and harder in my mouth. I surely suck it into my mouth, lick with my tongue, sucking.

“Ah … itch … itchy … don’t …” Shen Sister squatted. The hands are gently caressing my head, so warm. One of my hands held the other breasts of Shen Sister. One hand is smooth with Shen Sister’s chest down. There is only one cute underwear. I lighten the smocks of Shen Sister in my underwear.

This sister is more excited. “Hey … Ok … good … Shu … service” I spit out the nipple in the mouth, and the other inhaled in the mouth. And the hand gently puts the sister’s underwear fade. Soft stroking her holes and the soft hair.

“Ah … ah … really … it is good …” Shen Sister couldn’t stand. I gently left her body, she opened her eyes curiously. I kneel on the bed, gently raise her legs, two dreams of jade feet are in front of me! I kissed them low, Shen Sister is very strange, but itchy feels let her laugh, I stroked her jade, like two active small fish, they are messy, I put one Feats are on my face, there is a slight fragrance. I am in a jade toe into my mouth, so beautiful taste! I sell it forces. Then it is another, the foot finger is of course not let go, carefully lick.

Shen Sister’s voice has become a sound of laughter, “Ah … curiosity … strange feeling … good …

So comfortable … it is itch … how can this? ……

“Shen Sister, is it a masturbation? I can’t help but think of the underwear in the water.

Ten steps refer to me all, my mouth kissed the sister’s jade foot. Finally, my mouth came to her small hole. so beautiful! A narrow pink flesh. It has been faintly water, and the soft incapacity is brought to both sides. A small grain is quietly erected. The lips of the lips seem to look forward to it. A unique taste of a woman makes my meat rods a lot. I stretched out the tongue gently licking the sip of the sip, and a salt base is so familiar!

“Ah …” Shen Sister quickly smoked, I worked more effort.

“Good … beautiful, inwards … 向 … you’re deep … point … ah …” She also squatted, a shares spilling from the small hole.

I certainly won’t waste, all received the mouth. Her clitoris has increased greatly like a small cherry, stubbornly standing on the labipings.

I stretched out the tongue and touched it. “Ah … ah … no … no … line … don’t … Shen Sister’s snoring is a lot of fierce, the body is not moving. I will take the whole tongue into her. The inside, stirred, lick.

“Ah … good … no … ah … Bar … …” I slammed the entire joy of the yukin, rough lips, fruked the delicate grains, let Shen Sister have a greater excitement. “Ah … no … ah … line … fast … …” I lick her joy, as if the baby sucking nipples.

“Ah … no … 噢 … No … Come … ah …” Shen Sister fiercely shakes the body, suddenly a strong body fluid is rushing from the vagina “… came … I … leaking … “

I put it tightly with your mouth, swallow the Yinjing all swallowed into your mouth. Shen Sister gasped.

“Is it ok?” I looked at her ear.

“Um … use you … come in?” She lowered his face.

I told her ear to deliberate her: “What? What?” The hand is slightly grinded on her labip.

“Hey … please … I am more than … Your meat … Bar … fast, again … you want” This will never endure. Holding me hard to hurt her little pain. Since she has already had a climax, the small hole is slippery, but her small hole is still very tight. I will put the meat stick in a little bit, just half of her, I can’t do it. “… 点 … too big … rising … … “

I led it to my body, and I took some hands with some of her body fluid. It’s more exciting. “… … … … itchy … weird … Don’t draw again … “

My meat stick is still not moving, but the feeling of the tightener is really great. I have doubled it again to try a finger into her ass. “Don’t … don’t …” She is excited. I touched my fingers and forth, her ass, but because of the lubrication, I finally reached it.

“Ah … day … no … ah … … 噢 …” She forgets. Waiting for me, I will get into her small hole. Skull Soft butt will be wrapped in my meat stick. It is really not ink to describe it.

My finger began to gently twitch “Ah … Taimei … ah … … moving …” I picked the fingers to start moving waist “Ah … ah … light … some light …” Shen Sister squatting. With a full lubrication, of course, it will not force too much.

I am freely twitching.

Holding her two breasts, “Oh … ok … Ok … Good …” Her snoring has obviously accommodated. Since I have just been shot once in the bathroom, my endurance is quite good. I feel that Shen Sister is already in the climax. “Hey … so beautiful … … no … I have to come … I don’t want to end, slow down, then smoke the meat stick, Shen Sister is very strange I have me. I asked gently: How is we trying to come from behind? “

Shen Sister’s blush is not good “I didn’t try it, ok?”

I gently turned the sister to turn the sister to let her kneel on the bed. Her wonderful lips are already facing my meat stick. I use my fingers to separate the two labiars, and then slowly send the meat stick again. ” … too much … ah … rising … “Shen Sister’s snoring increased one degree.

I insert the meat stick into her small hole, so beautiful, it’s really cool! I poured her meat stick and clenched her two milk from below.

Shen Sister’s reaction is even greater, “Dear … ah … you are so good … good … hard … Beautiful mission sister … Sister … ah … I can’t …” so beautiful … … … “

“Sister … Is it good? The younger brother is not good? Ah …” I deliberately ask her.

“Good … you are my mother … I am very good … my brother’s meat stick … … Sister flew … Ah … 噢 … Sister Fly … hard … ah

Maybe it’s usually talking about it online. Her bed is really great!

“Ah … no …” The sister is coming … ah … no … “

I can’t stand this stimulus, have a few times, a semen shot out “I also shot …”

“I am coming, ah … can’t … coming … …” Shen Sister is never eagerly wet by my semen, and I will never have a wet warm, and I will poured to my glans. NS! !

Let’s take a bed together and hug. I said gently: “Shen Sister, are you okay?”

Shen Sister low and low voice said: “Thank you, I am very good, I haven’t been there, I am so thank you!”

I once again want to provoke Shen Sister: “Sister, have you tasted the semen?”

“No, I never let my husband shoot in my mouth. Do you want me to eat you?” Shen Sister asked. “Oh, in fact, the semen is very supplemented, but you can also give you, but you don’t want to force!”

“Nothing, I can try it for the first time!” I can’t think of Shen Sister so good to me.

I got up and sit up and sent the soft meat stick to Shen Sister. Shen Sister hesitated it or contain it in his mouth, in fact, where there is also a semen, but it is sticking some of our two. Shen Sister uses her gentle mouth to help me clean up, wow this feeling is really beautiful, I also leaned down the mouth to make her mouth to her small hole for her, although there are some of my semen but I don’t care. Everything that will overflow all. At this time, I feel that the meat stick is hard.

Shen Sister spit out my meat stick: “Ok, don’t come, don’t you want, you are too young to be too tired, we have a time in the future.” The tone is a delicate wife.

So I went back again to give her a long kiss. “Go to take a shower! Today, come here?” She said softly.

I am also really tired, get up and go to the toilet. From this, there will be a partner in my single career. Of course, I really respect Shen Sister, never bare her, every time she is about me. We keep our commitment “only partners, do not involve their feelings” she and her husband still lived with the life of the Cowherd’s weaver, but listening to her feelings, it is still not bad, and she is waiting for the second year, her husband can not have to be embodied. .

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