University graduated, I rented a house with the four brothers in the bedroom, a two-bedroom house, our two work is good, can be counted as a small white collar. Since the four brothers have a girlfriend, I will give him a big room, and can you eat it?

The girlfriend of the four brothers is also the same, English department, graduated from the postgraduate, although I can’t get the school flower, but I think that I am very annoyed from the face, I am very annoyed (I want to fire) . How many times, Dream Tang Dynasty, all of the naked figure. To be honest, it is very evil, and there is always an impulse in the depths of the heart. If you don’t know that ghosts don’t have a camera in their room, or there is a chance to make S getting cool. Not afraid that the thief is afraid of the thief, who knows, the opportunity still let me grasp it.

One time is very hot, the four brothers are in business, I am alone, then someone knocks, I thought it was a friend, I wore a pants to open the door, I rely on, who knows, it is S, we are two Just awkwardly for 10 seconds, I joked my own installation, I went back to the house to play games, but I felt pretty excitement. And S is full of red. In fact, S is a key, but every time S is coming with the four brothers, this time is hot, the bedroom is water, so I think I am here to take a shower, just know that I am, so knocking.

Wear clothes, I didn’t have anything, and I greeted S, I got a few words, I went back to the house and closed the door. But even the heartbeat is rapid to more than 100 times, because I know that the four brothers have never come, there is an evil idea in my head, and I peek to take a shower.

The bathroom we rent a bathroom is a pore, because it is night, the bath is bright, and it can’t see the outside of the vent. , I made the ventilation hole hand and feet, deliberately getting a small piece, then put it back, no one knows. In fact, the thief has been having a long time, just have a four brother every time S, I don’t want to live.

After a while, I heard S entered the bath and closed the door. So I almost heard my heartbeat, I secretly climbed to the venting hole, and I was carefully unveiled the small piece that I broke out, and the bright light was shot, I tested it in the inside. Let’s take the head right away, afraid of S, it turned out that I just brush your teeth, just brush it, and be photographed.

I am so breathing, try to keep a posture, and I am afraid that I encountered the sound next to it. You know, at this time, I have the most exciting thing, it is estimated that if there is a high blood pressure, I’m fainting. There is a nervousness, palpitation, itch, and inexplicable feelings. Because S has begun to take off, the detachment sound is stimulating every nerve, there is only S when the world is left.

S Slowly take off T?, Reveal white bra, and the seductive little waist show. Then slammed, it seems that the world stopped, I saw S naked on the top of my face, a pair of snow-white breast swaying, there were two pink cherries (nipple). Although the skin tone of S is white, his breast is more tender, like it is going to drop the water, I really want to rush in and touch it, lick.

※ JKFORUM.NET | JKF Czech Forum At this time, S photo photo, with hand to get his own breast, it seems to be very satisfied. Two talld breasts went, I think it is a bit dizzy, it seems to be an earthquake. This is the stem of the jeans, then open the knob, pull the zipper, slowly take off the jeans, straight snow white thighs, beautiful feet, this is the first time I saw the knee or above the s, White underwear, middle faintly revealing black color, although AV saw a lot, but when the real thing happened in front of your eyes, the feeling did not breathe, this time did not stay, take off his underwear, dense The forest is dark, but it is neat ordered, unlike my Zhang tooth dance claws, the beautiful snow white butt, with a dark forest, pose a fresh picture in front of me.

I don’t know when, I started to take out my little brother (already strong as a gun), start to play the pistol, and it seems that it is hot. Looking at the lover in the dream, I took a shower in front of me, and it was a brother’s girlfriend, three points, breasts, nipples, black forest, if there is a hidden labium, a hot flow is from my body, shot a wall, Hurry and find the sanitary paper and clean, quietly returning to the inner panic.

After that, I couldn’t help but read it. Because I tally met the stool, it was okay, because the water inside is very large, S didn’t hear.

S Washed a shower and greeted me, try to put it calm, but my heart is thinking about the show that I have just been in front of me. Is it so awesome, it’s amazing. In the next several times, my dream is only her, many times are colorful, or just that I raped her. I think I am sick.

However, after nearly a year, it seems that the four brothers and s feelings have a crisis. The number of s came is less and less. I am still looking forward to the voyeur. Suddenly one day s is coming, or I have come, but when I opened the door, I found that she drunk, even the way is unstable, I don’t know how to go here. Usually s little drinking. If you are talking about the logic, you will fall into my body after entering the door, and a woman’s body, the taste is quickly stimulating me, the old two is unrestrained, and the speed of the thunder is very flat. I got up, I was afraid that she saw the room that hit her to enter the four brothers. In fact, my worried is extra, and the s can’t remember anything.

Put S in the bed of the four brothers, s has been drunk, and the call is sleeping. I took out the phone and wanted to give the quad brother, and suddenly evil ideas hit my brain. I pushed her close to S, called two sounds, no response. This time is really bleeding (nosebleed). I pushed her hand slowly sliding into her chest, gently and touched it, did not respond. Heartbeat. Put the whole palm to the chest, S wearing a thin bra today, full of breasts, soft, very flexible, I finally touched.

Hurry out, close the door (don’t misunderstand me is a gentleman), I called the four brothers, I know that he is in the suburbs, it is estimated that two hours later. Happy, truth is happy …

Hurry back to the four brothers, take out the camera, take a few photos of S, then slowly open his skirt, revealing the underwear inside, is white, gently stroking the thigh, slow Slowly fate down her underwear, the woman fell asleep and took her underwear or it is still very difficult to show the mysterious zone inside, and finally I saw it, the dreams of dreaming, the forests in the forest showed the big labia lips. I didn’t expect it to be abalone, the best, the saliva is coming out, and it is a tender little labie. I use my hand to beat, play, and touch it with my mouth, it seems to be a bit of taste, in my play, the clitoris of s.

The Skirt is a side zipper. I gently pull the zipper, and the S is twice, I almost scared me. I found that her bra is also open, really helping me. So my hand is finally satisfied, I touched the s milk, soft, slipped. Gently touched the nipple, it seems a little reaction, there is no longer dare to continue, after all, it is drunk, not a confrontation.

In the next hour, I touched the whole body of s, shot twice, all shot to her thigh, belly (of course, I have to clean it). I took a lot of photos, staying in the future.

Later, I knew that the four brothers made a breakup, and S was very uncomfortable, and a lot of wine was born. After that, the two people had formally broke up, I have never seen s, but these two exciting real experience estimates that they have printed into their minds, and those exciting photos, and they have become a good thing in my masturbation.

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