Yang Xin, Anshan University University Telecom College 02-level beauty, I first saw that she was in the campus cafeteria.

She is very beautiful, it looks very pure, and the body is particularly good, very curved, the bumps are strong, and the hips are big, and it is pretty. Although she is more simple, a paren dress, but I feel very good to her. desire.

In particular, she has simple beauty to attract me. Later, she met her a few times in the cafeteria. I found that she was always a person. I was a burst of happiness. I guess still no boyfriend, I really want to know her, really, I When you meet her in the big self-study, I deliberately sit back, appreciate her special beauty, I especially like to watch her hips, I am in place, I feel very sexy, light can’t see, to contact her.

I borrowed a book of telecommunications. I didn’t remember the specific book. I didn’t look at it. I just took a few words and she said a few words. I am very excited, I finally and this is a beautiful little girl. When I came into contact, I saw Yang Xin, a book of Telecom Telecom College, Yang Xin, I finally knew her name, I like her name very much.

And the self-study feeling is very short, soon, I have been self-study. I will go with her, I will talk, I will talk, I didn’t expect many self-employment people under the stairway, and I scored us, she was waiting for me. When I came out, I thought she left, I suddenly lit up, I saw her, she was taking the lace, she was very slow, it seems to be waiting for me, we started chatting, I have been talking about the dormitory, she also Understand me roughly.

Going back to the dormitory, I launched a brother to investigate her, and I have to go out of her phone and bedroom phone, and I also confirm that she has no boyfriend, I am very happy, but I haven’t met her in the self-study room, just on the weekend, I dial Let her call, tell her who I am, talk about her to go to the park, she promised.

The first time I was very excited. We went to the boat. I went close to her for the first time. I can smell her faint fragrance. I am very excited. When is it a good fortune, I am very happy that day. We have a self-study in the next day, a piece of meal, a piece of movie, slowly close, I can hold her hand, slowly can kiss her, even watch the movie to touch her body, I take her breast, touch her Her thigh roots, rub her private parts, but I have to go further, she doesn’t let, I feel that she is still a woman, there is no strong, though I am very excited, every time I finish going back to play the plane, a little girl, let you Touch her private part in the trousers, and still my favorite woman.

I feel that I have been playing for a long time, I played, so I took Yang Xin, my beloved woman went to Dalian, we played all day, play very happy, where we live in the hotel.

I excused my house TV, I ran to her room to watch TV. I took her house in my arms, and I watched her, while watching TV, Yang Xin wear today is the first time I saw her dilenish sports clothes, I A look, increase her strength, knead her breast, her breast is very soft, I feel very good, add her private part, kiss her face, earlobe, and powder neck, she is gone by me The face is red, simple, cute.

I didn’t satisfy her breasts in the past, I wanted to reach into her clothes. She didn’t refuse this time. I successfully stretched it. I used her breast cover. I used to play for a while, slowly exploded her cream. She is white lace, I like that kind, it feels very pure, the first time I first put her big breasts directly in my hand, I feel so cool.

Her skin is very smooth, and the breast is soft and soft. It is comfortable and excited. I slowly smoked, and I used fingers to clamp her nipple. She was smashed by me. I am more excited to her, I am more exciting, I gradually not satisfied her breasts, my hand slowly slipped to her smooth lower abdomen, stroking for a while, sliding ignorant me for a long time.

I am going to reach the hand into her sports pants to play win, her little hand grabs me, say no, I don’t force her, continue to stimulate her, knead her snow white big breast, kiss her, fast Her moist pants rubbed her private parts. She was soft by my body, I successfully put my hand into her sports pants, my hand touched her underwear, I was awkward, her underwear was wet. NS.

I finally attacked her precious virgin, I striered her thin underwear, rubbed her gli, labiarily with her panties, and poked her finger on her vaginal mouth, too deep, I was afraid of breaking her vast film, I should use my big mascara to throw her mask, let her complete her experience, and add her mysterious private place, and her hand rubbed her yin, and the tenderness of the labia is even more powerful. There is no resistance to resistance, let me want it.

I slowly fade with my white lace underwear, her underwear is near the vaginal mouth is a big piece, which is particularly exciting, I slowly play with her, her small hole continues to secrete the liquid sheets Wet, I can’t wait, I want to see her most mysterious precious zone, I slowly fade her already wet white lace underwear, while fading, she will appreciate Yang Xinjiao. For a while, Yang Xin is completely exposed in front of me. She is black and dark, her pink holes are more charming, the labia is open, as if she welcomes her owner to enter, I use my fingers to stimulate her clitoris, her love I have been flowing out, I separate her jade legs, squat, taste the secretion of the agar, she is ashamed, not, dirty. I didn’t care, kiss her lips with my mouth, put the tongue into her honey point, and she got the body of the body, love liquid, the Jiao body has been twisted, I know that she can’t stand, it is a broken time.

I took off my clothes. Holding it has already been erected. I have branched her vaginal mouth. I use my hot and hard, the mascharh is another rubbing. She is covered with her vagina. Her lips are bigger, urgently needed My yin, the excitement is coming, I put together her snow white butt, put my nosephazed eyelashes into her small hole, the hole is very warm and moist, but my yinge enters very smooth, Yang Xin also does not have any pain. Signs, it feels very comfortable.

I only know that she is not a woman, the original pure, the simple image is gone, I have become very angry, my sex is a desire and retaliation, and I will become crazy by the original pity, I started to crazy, torn her upper clothes, Crazy knead her tits, bite her pink nipple, below my yin madness, one time the room is to make a swearing and my bustling sound and my blender hit the sound, and she loudly, appearance is extraordinary madness .

I am no longer pity, I will call her in various postures. I will use the post-enterprise. I hit her snow white butt feeling. She was discovered several times by me. This sexual intention has been experienced for more than an hour. I finally Can’t, I am sprayed with me, I am drowned, and I sent it to the uterus of this non-woman.

Afterwards, she cried, telling me everything, she already has a boyfriend outside, everyone doesn’t know, than her is six years old, the man broke her, when the man was broken, when a man glans She hurts her in her body. Later, she saw the blood of her, she was very afraid, she felt that she was no longer a girl, and later, every summer vacation, the man let Yang Xin go to him, let him play to develop Since the man does not want her to be pregnant, the first is inner shot, and later she has a set, so her vagina is still more clean, not too many semen pollution.

Although I care about her is not a woman, my heart is sour, but I love her very much. After all, it is the first love. We are still together, and now I have made love, and it is more and more confusing.

I am doing love, summer vacation and the foreign man doing, I used to fight, but I didn’t use it, she said that she liked me, and the man also had feelings, and she was still holding me. She didn’t care.

When I came to school, she left, she came to me, she came to me, I was very angry, I found a small hostel, lighted her coat and pants, I found that she was not yesterday I bought it Yesterday I bought it. Instead, it is a demon lace lace underwear.

I asked her that she was bought by the man. I gave her on it last night. I almost mad, torn away her approximately transparent lace lace underwear, separated her jade leg, I was violent in her vagina. Inserted inserted, she is very excited, secreting white pulp sticks on my glans, I am so fierce, actually feel very excited, tear open her breasts, knead her snow white breasts, seeing the above actually The scratches are estimated to be the masterpiece of the man. I am actually anger and excited. I put the Yang Xinxue white tits.

Maybe she also feels very excited, I will send her to the top of the climax, I will continue to flush, let her have been venting several times, and I am stimulated under her climax, my semen is also sprayed, shot into her uterus, I said to her, she nodded, holding me tightly.

We will confuse, soon, in the past three semes, there is still three months, graduation, Yang Xin, married the man, I decided to rent a house outside, call Yang Xin and I live together, say this is our life last life. Three months, she agreed.

We were crazy in the rental room. This should be a woman who belongs to my woman. We all cherish the current time. We have forgotten everything. Now we only belong to us, we use the flesh to express your love. Sex, I especially like her snow white butt, especially she wears a simple divergent sportswear, I like to unplug her pants, let her kneel on the wall or on the table, I am inserting her, while hitting her snow Soft butt, while kneading her soft tits, I woat my yin and her vaginal, and her vaginal closer, enjoy the pleasure, sometimes we came to a bath and then told each other, I like Yang Xin called bed sound, very Crisp, very nice. Every time I have sex, I will slowly retreat her clothing. I will fade with her beautiful carcass, then slowly stroke her, stimulate her sensitive zone, make her holes very wet, I slowly insert, enjoy honey The meat is pleasing, but also fully pity my beloved woman, with the thrill increase, I picked up, gradually sending her to the peak, when we also chatted with the man, enhanced our sex, we chat While doing.

How do the man gave her break, how to tease her, I like to do her, do it a few more nights, I am very excited, then a war.

I often let Yang Xin reach a few times, we have a sharp temperature rise, we are all like a glue, we don’t have a set, we all want to leave something, every night, our flesh directly intimate contact with friction , Enjoy the direct contact pleasure, enjoy the most original mating impulse, in the happiness peak, I will put me with my niczoposa with my nier eyelashes into Yang Xin’s uterus, and broadcast my seed in my beloved woman.

Cheerful is short, we have done three times in the last night, every time we are finely enjoying each part of Yang Xin, then crazy, her snow buttocks are closely plugged, each time we reach the top of the happiness, then deep inverse In her body, I left my last brand. When I broke up next day, she cried, I cried very powerful, I was very reluctant, and later because of family and work, Yang Xin is still married with the man, after a month after separation In the future, Yang Xin gave me a message that she didn’t come, she loved me very much, I hope that I am happy, I am very pleased.

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