I am a part-time photographer. I have always invited me to shoot a wedding. Of course, I will try my best every time. Paying always has a harvest, not only red envelopes, and what I want …

Last month, I was invited to take a wedding. This is a big family, the groom home is a big cadre, the bride is also a local colorful beauty, and this opportunity, of course, will not let go. After the bride’s home, I was busy in front of my busy, and I also took her home in the way.

This is the most popular living room, while the bride’s bedroom is in the end of the mountain, even if there is a door and the mountain. In order to act properly, I first borrowed my hind to the bathroom and prepared to first come first. Wow! God, in the bathroom, I actually discovered 2 cold in the women’s stockings, a pair of fleshy socks on the lace, a pair is my favorite white stockings, I quickly put them carefully.

Going back to the living room, bride, is looking at her sisters. When she laughs, the beautiful big eyes are very charming. A soft foot is in the red high heel, under the illumination of the midday sun, makes a seductive ray.

I can’t stand it. I quickly ran to the bathroom, took out the little brother who had already exploded, put the meat stockings in the top, gently contained the stockings with white, thinking that the bride’s seductive jade, Soon, a strong white excellence came out …

I have got countless stockings, I also tried various ways to get stockings, the favorite or wedding stockings of the bride after the wedding, because it doesn’t just have the fascinating breath, and generally, this pair of stockings is more expensive. The texture is very good.

I have been excited to get a wedding scene. Too many beauty, too many stockings, I only feel that my head is dizzy, my mouth is also dry, I just want to take off each of their pairs, kiss the moving stockings.

Of course, I put a lot of attention on the bride’s stockings, ah! Today, a beautiful bride wears a pair of stockings on a white flower, this is a long-tube stockings who got a chance, I must get her, I have read silently in my mouth.

But I have never been able to do it, regret!

Many people mentioning my work will not be alive, but they will be envious of many people. What do you guess? – Yes, I am an obstetrician doctor, and it is a male doctor!

In the past, although it was also exposed to obstetrics and gynecology, it was a student. Many patients didn’t want to let internship students, and they were not enough, so they just cope with the exam. Nowadays, I have been graduated, I have officially worked, and the badge of famous hospitals, the patient suddenly changed me!

I was allocated to the family plan clinic, and we are the big hospital, and the daily clinic makes me headache. You may know that you must do your interworking before you have a family planning (that is, what we usually say) surgery.

Doctor do gynecological examination? ? ? Yes, is it my job? When I wear a white coat, wear a mask and gloves, when I stand before checking the bed, I didn’t have some other silence, really until one day …

That is a Friday afternoon, I will have to get off work. The patient in the hospital has rarely, I am bored to do my words in the clinic, I will take a parents at the table. I am standing alone.

At this time, the nurse Xiao Jin came in, saying that there is a patient to be a flow of people, but it will go to get off work, ask if I am willing to give her a look. I have seen a watch, there is still a quarter of a clock from get off work, “Let her come in!” I got together a word book.

After a while, a girl who looked very beautiful with a very beautiful figure came in, and wearing a white tight dress similar to the naval service. Snow white socks, casual shoes. She saw me first, and then he was embarrassed to lower his head.

“Sit, why isn’t it good?” I opened the medical record, asked. “I want to do a flow, when can you see?” I wrote a medical record, while I said, “Today is too late, I have to do surgery. I will open the operation, you will do it tomorrow. Bar.”

She is just a member of many patients I have seen, and there is nothing special. “Lie in bed, do it.”

“Do you have to do? Will it hurt?”

“Of course, it may be a little uncomfortable.”

“Oh.” She stood up and took the inspection bed. I continued to write her medical record, inadvertently, my eyes swept away from her, just at this time, I suddenly felt that she was not like an ordinary patient, and her every action seems to be different. Beautiful.

How many urban girls are beautiful and beautiful in her beauty and youth? ……is her? ! —- The beautiful bride. I have to go to the mouth, but there is no courage to say. I looked at her tongue and I didn’t know what it was. She went to the bedside, bent down, unlock the lace. My eyes suddenly lit, she revealed a pair of snow-white white socks. She pulled her shoes, stepped on the bench, sat on the bed. Her eyes don’t know when and I am coming together, I actually have a sorry.

I have forgotten what to say: “Give it to me, put it in it, don’t lose it.” This is my first time to care about patients! What happened to me! “Thank you.” She gave me the package, I turned to put the bag, “啪” twice, turned back, I appeared a pair of beautiful white socks in front. That beautiful outline is almost in love, I actually walked over and put her shoes on the ground. God, what I did, is this a doctor should do? Fortunately, there is no other person to see.

She stretched two beautiful legs. The bare white calf made me dull, she put two feet on the bed, white socks like angel floating skirt as pure, my heart Touch straight.

She seems to be surprised by me, so she is sitting on the bed. I quickly calmed down, ready to check the instrument, said to her: “Let the skirt take off, lying well.” “Oh” she reacted, I am embarrassed to unlock the dress, slowly fading, I have to admit that her legs are beautiful, it is very white, but it is more attractive to me. It is the exquisite white sock, there is no decoration of the skirt, and her feet is more beautiful. I really want to touch it, but I am a doctor, I have to control myself.

Pink pants don’t know when is she hide? Is this little bride still have a heartbeat! I suddenly found a problem, she didn’t know how to check the bed of gynecology. “Let’s lie down, please put your feet.” I came to. She moved down, but the foot does not seem to know the top of the pedal.

※ JKForum.net | JKF Czech Forum I have a heart, I can’t help but go forward, reach out of her white socks, “put it here”, I put her foot on the pedal. That moment is very beautiful, my hand is like grabbing a hot hint, soft, although only a few seconds, but I have never feel. Just like stepping on the heart, it is very difficult to get it.

Her feet are sweating and tide. I turned around to wear gloves. By the way, I smelled my hands and seemed to smell her an aroma. ……….

I wore a glove, I went to check the bed, I don’t know why, I have never been seen before this time. I carefully do a routine examination for her, my technology is no problem, especially now, I am like a precious cultural relics, extraordinary care, and I am afraid to take her.

She lying quietly in bed, I know that she will not see my expression, plus I wear a mask, so my face is even if the red pictures don’t matter. I quietly put the face to her foot, my nose met her white socks, deeply inhaled.

Unfortunately, wearing a mask, that is, I still smell a faint aroma. Oh, a faint girl’s meat, this is a taste of the attractive opposite sex, if you can take a mask, it will not be done.

She wears white stockings thin, five toes are neat, naturally arranged in white socks. The arch is arched upwards, the smooth footholds, the white socks are still flat, the texture has not been deformed, and they know that it is a woman who loves clean and pay attention to maintenance.

My finger is carefully explored in her vagina. Her little mouth is slightly smoking – she is beautiful, delicate skin smooth and white, in the mysterious garden of her thigh, slowly flowing out sweet honey juice.

The examination was smooth, she didn’t seem to be uncomfortable, and after scraping the secretion of retention, I told her that I can get it. I took the glove back to the table to write inspection records. She didn’t know when she was sitting next to me.

“Is there any feeling of uncomfortable?” I asked while I wrote.

“No, very comfortable.”

I think about it now, what is the problem I asked? Let people answer! She may be because they have just been too nervous, and they will make people laugh, I also see that she is finished behind her face. However, the atmosphere in the clinic is too much.

“The inspection is over, the operation is also open, and it can be used tomorrow.” I smiled and said to her. She didn’t pick me up the past, but the red face said: “Listening to people saying that this surgery is very painful, I am very afraid, do you have any painless surgery? Can I do that? “Oh, you are talking about painless flow, of course, but it is much more expensive.”

“It’s okay, don’t I feel hurt?”

“Of course, we must first give you veins, and then implement surgery in your case, waiting for you to wake up, it is over, just like falling asleep, it will not feel any pain.”

“Really, that is great, I am afraid of hurting.”

“Not very comfortable below, some pain, there is nothing.”

“That is normal, go home, take a few days, rest assured!”

“Hey, my socks? I seem to worn!” She suddenly asked.

I picked up a pair of new white long stockings from the drawer, and she said: “When you have a surgery, your sock is staining, come to wear this pair, this is what I just bought for you, give it to you. You, but it may be big! “She embarrassed to take the sock, her face is like an apple.

“Thank you”, she whispered, “You, you are …” She has no words.

I don’t want the scene too embarrassing, I am busy saying “Don’t be so polite, hurry to wear clothes, go home, rest, eat anti-inflammatory drugs on time!”

Leave us to interrupted the phone, I will never forget her. Beautiful bride – autumn

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