I have just taken more than 1 year, and there is a human tragic thing. The 8-year-old sister and brother-in-law have a car accident that occurs in a driving trip, two people are killed. The remains of the 9-year-old prostitute – Liu Wei, because the sister has no loved ones, and my parents have been old, and the weakness is sick, I can’t bring their children, so my aunt decided to pay myself to my management. Today, I went to get off work to my mother, I went home, I was already 9 o’clock in the evening. Going home, giving a chasing the room, this is a lot of hardships for my boy, it is hard to do, and I have been tired. At this time, I found that I was very silent today.

婧 儿 is often very lively, especially with me, every time I see me, I can’t stick to me. This is also one of the reasons why the aunt decided to give me. I got a bit: she inherited his sister’s beautiful black hair, and gave it to the bunch of horses (this hairdressing is simple and refreshing. It is more suitable for the bang. Leave the sea, face pretty, white princess dress more plenty of jade, plus the snow-white skin, looks like a small white flower in the spring!

Unfortunately, her dull expression, there is still a tears in my eyes, and it is a poor child. I said: “What happened? 儿 舅 舅 你 拾 冷 冷 冷 你 气 舅 舅 气 气 气 气 气 舅 气 气 气 气 气 气 气 气 气 气 气 气 气 气 气 气 气 气 气 气 气 生 气 气 气 生 气 生 气 生 气 气 气 气 气 气

I just finished, the tears in the eyes fell out: “Mom and Dad have went …”

Ugh! I thought: I can’t say that the girl is very good than the boys. My parents said that countless lies lied to her, saying that her parents went abroad, it seems that she understands what she knows! I have a mess in my heart, I also talked to a girlfriend when I was in school, but I had a girl, but I didn’t hurt such a small girl. I have seen it. I have a laugh, never need Orange. How to do? To be honest, the child is still the truth!

I took her to the white: “儿, my parents go to you, there is an uncle, grandfather and grandmother, we love you the same, you will live with you, you must have a good, no Cried!”

She buried her head into my arms and didn’t talk, and the young shoulders were twisted. It seems that this persuasion is failed, but from her, she took the initiative to put her head in this point, she trusted me, how to say that I am also a medical doctor, although my psychology is not proficient, but still has a slight hunting of. Then I didn’t let her smile, but she didn’t cry, after all, the sadness of the lupid is not a few words, I can only get it, I will only make time forget it!

After washing her, put her into her room, put her bear in her arms, and then carefully cover her quilt. Then there is a challenging job – telling her story, this is too difficult to give her rumor, I have repeatedly told her two stories in the intermittent, and I still fall asleep. NS. (It seems that this method gives me my own symptoms. It is still not bad. “It’s almost 12 o’clock. There are still many jobs tomorrow! I said to her: “I’m going to sleep, I have to go to school tomorrow.”

He is well-behaved closed his eyes, tightly, the bear, finally let me get rid of tone.

************ Give her a light, I returned to my own room, I can’t sleep in bed, I think about it, I miss my sister: Sister, I am 8 Years, when I am small, the brightening sister is my sexual fantasy.

I often steal my sister to take a shower, come to the clothes, find my sister in the bathroom and sanitary napkins. When I spoiled to my sister, I can take a tofu, I can don’t do it. I remember that the deepest thing is when I was 12 years old, my aunt’s family went to our family, and the room in the family was not enough. My sister was arranged to sleep with me and I slept in the middle of the night. I was so dark. The little brother has risen, and I can’t sleep, I can’t sleep, stare at my sister’s beautiful face, and I can’t help but take a bite. After returning, I found that my sister didn’t respond, it seems that my sister sleeps very familiar.

The face looked at my face, because of the hot sky, my sister only covered the quilt, looked at the sister’s mountain rolling carcass, the heartbeat could not help but jump, the faster, reach the sister’s breast, put it, Press, Press, Soft and flexible.

Careful to see your sister, still falling asleep, like a blue fragrance spray in my face, the heart is faster, hands slowly into the sister’s pajamas, gently scratched, one side On the side of the sister, she still didn’t move.

I can’t help but push your sister’s breasts, a pair of snow whitening breasts is exposed to my eyes, my sister’s breast is a hanging bell, and the body of the breast is rough than the root, but still standing, not Drop, two more than yellow beans, bright nipples appear in front of my eyes, is very small, tightly squatting. I am getting more and more powerful, the penis is getting more and more swelling, then I gently gently twisted two red beans with trembling hands, and they are also hard to be hard. I am getting more and more hot, and I am getting more and more heavy. I can’t help Zhang Yaowei to take a nipple, suck it, and the sucking is rotated, and the other hand slowly reached into the sister’s quilt, light Lightly smash your sister’s full hip, as the penis is getting more uncomfortable, I use the power is getting bigger and bigger, and the mouth also turns on the two red beans, and when the teeth are biting with teeth from time to time.

I really can’t stand it! The left hand opened his sister’s underwear, and the right hand stretched in and didn’t stop. It’s a soft skin, I can’t satisfy, I touched a piece of grass, I got a while in the grass, I entered my sister’s legs, I felt into a slip-wet meat ditch. I used the forefinger to slide up and down, the ditch is getting wet, my curious hand is covered, the finger is covered with liquid, twiddle, there is no friction between the fingers, I think I found my sister. Small hole.

I excitedly reached again, and I added my meat to explore, I finally found a cell, my fingers can be fell in, this is a little hole! I used the middle finger to press down, I have entered an intention, and my fingers touched a film. I just want to pass it hard, then my sister’s legs lightly.

My finger stopped in that dare not move again, carefully looked at my sister, she hadn’t woke up, but her face is covered with red clouds, and there is a lot of breathing. I recovered my fingers, I didn’t dare to move again, and my sister’s breath calm down. I don’t dare to move my sister’s small hole. It seems that my sister’s small hole is very sensitive, and she will wake up again, but the younger brother is uncomfortable.

I thought about it, slowly put my sister with my hands, looked at my sister, and still arrogant, I was still arrogant, I took off my underwear, and my legs sat next to my sister’s waist, let your ass raise high Don’t press your sister. Double-handed her breasts, kneading the safety, while using the tongue to pick up the nipple, the younger brother is more swelling, my brain is hot, the hands are pulling the power of each of them, the movement is getting faster, suddenly the lower body A spasm, a white semen is surging, spraying on his sister’s chest, there are a few drops to my sister’s face, then I found that my sister’s breath is faster than me in front of me, I hurried down The bed, carefully wiped my sister with paper, and looked at my record while wiking.

My sister’s full breast was pinched with a green, and the purple, the heart rose a sense of accomplishment: my sister’s double milk was played by my fun! At the same time, I am afraid that my heart is afraid, I am afraid that my sister wakes up, and I have finished all work, my sister is not awake, my heart is relaxed and disappointed, my sister doesn’t know that I am playing with her, if my sister wakes up Come, see how much excitement in her chest ejaculation, but more afraid that she is really awakening me.

I thought about it for a while, I took a look at my sister’s forehead and slowly slept. Wake again, your brother is scales! I feel that I only pinch my little brother in my underwear, and my back is a soft thing on my back. I have played them until I didn’t know what they were. My sister pinching my brother and going down, when I used to bend them, I was solemnly: my sister pinned my brother …

Too cool … too excite … But I don’t know why, I can’t dare to move, I still sleep.

Finally, I finally shot in my sister’s hand, and the semen shot her hand. She took her hand, sighed, and she was washed. I came back to sleep in her arms. I have been ejected twice, and I have slept in the past for a while.

When the alarm clock woke me, I still had a sister’s arms, a sister contained her nipple, and I grabbed another breast. I looked up and looked up, I saw my sister’s red face and looked at me. I told me: “Good Morning”, I am panicked to go to the bathroom. My heart felt that I didn’t fall asleep when I played my sister, but I didn’t dare to ask her. Later, I and my sister were spridden. After the two years later, my sister met my brother-in-law and became a marriage.

After getting off the university and girlfriend, I only knew: I was so fiercely to play my sister’s double milk, but I almost broke her female film, which is a place where women are very sensitive, and I can’t sleep. And my sister suddenly spit a lot of prostitution, I must be stimulated when I was playing.

She just fell asleep, she later gave me his hand, and she shot the sigh after I shot, she was clearly sent out of sexual desire, and I would like to give me the body, if I was sensible, my sister It is mine.

Every time I recall, I have a chest, I can’t wait to give myself two slaps: my sister’s kind of pilot color, my own chance has been let go. At that time, my sister has been 5 years old, I don’t dare to tease her, and my sister is always concerned, let me sweat! Recalling that my sister is good to me, but now I am always separated, I can’t help but sorrow, a drop of tears slip from the corner. *********** At this time, my door opened, a small figure slowly walked close, unveiled my quilt drilled. It is a bit, I have just wake up the eyes of the eyes, wipe your own tears, ask her: “Why don’t you sleep?”

She looked at me, and she said: “I am very afraid, I don’t dare to sleep!”

I have a sour in my heart, and my hand grabbly, said: “I am sleeping, I am not afraid!” She didn’t talk, turned the body, with the back tightly in my arms, I gently touch Holding her head, I will come to her even breathing, I listen quietly, slowly enter the dream.

The morning was woken up by the alarm clock, I found that my hard brother reached between the legs, although I know this is the phenomenon of “elegance” in men, not my body that I have not yet developed. Generate sexual desire, my face is still invisible, but the ass retreats backwards. Too shot, wake up her, put her trousers, wash your face, and then tied the pattern of the pattern of that model yesterday. First send her to the school, then come back to work. Think about the embarrassment of the horses that have been stupid, I will ask the nurse to ask the nurses, although I am not smiling by a few open nurse, I am happy to learn a few techniques.

In the evening, the study is completed, and when you call you to sleep.婧 儿 said: “Hey, I want to take a shower.”

I asked her: “Is it to wash itself?”

She shook his head and said, “At home, my mother is washed with me.” Said that his eyes began to red.

I have a pain in my heart, and I rushed: “The mother is washed like a mother, I don’t cry.” Entered the bathroom, opened the lamp, took off my clothes, first give her a good head.

When washed into the chest, I found that there were hard blocks under two small nipples. Of course, there is not a tumor, and the girl is like this in the breast. I smiled slightly, I can’t think of my german. She is now a beautiful embryo. After a few years, I will become a big beauty that is comparable to my sister, and I am proud of her. When you are washed, the hand avoids her blink of a wealth, finished the thigh, and the german pointed to her triangle and said: “Hey, there is no wash here.”

I said: “Can I have to wash there?” He was shaking his head. Ugh! Men have dark psychology, I don’t want to wash, I am afraid that it is the feet where it is, it will become a girl. But now I don’t want to wash, I hugged it on the legs, separated her legs. When she was rubbed with my thigh, I felt a young skating, I don’t know if all the little girl’s skin is so Ok, or the skin is relatively unique.

Memory and university girlfriends getting on the bed, her skin is not so smooth!

Looking forward to the genitals of the singer, although she is still small, the Yin Department has not started to develop, not as rich as the sister, but the little girl does not have a hair, and I have a very clean feeling. I have a big angle separate her legs, and her big lips are closely closed, wrap the small labipings and holes, and two large labips along the front of the thigh roots. Almost ignorant little protrusions, that is, the clitoris is the most sensitive place for sexual desire. It is in medicine. This is the most dense place of the genital nerve, and the purpose is a pink. There is a small hole in the middle of the middle, which is the urethra. Rearward is a layer of laminated cells. I know that is her little hole. If you use your fingers to separate the meat, you can see the widget. My heartbeat began to speed up, I think my dark psychology began to be active, I have to stop it! I let go of the violation of the big labia, it immediately closes.

I started to clean the rules of the rules, and my face was turned down with the fingers. She said: “He said,” Hey, you are so comfortable, better than your mother. ” I think I am not rubbing, but I am so small, should there be a matter? The curiosity drove, I threw away the towel and gently doubled her clitoride with my fingers. The body of the body couldn’t help but twist, and the mouth also shouted: “Well … um …” 婧 儿 really Restaurant! Thinking of this, my younger brother slowly swells, topped in the ass., From the genitals of, can see it from the back of the seam, next to her anus.

I moved to the anus of the, it was pink, the color was slightly smaller than the color of the flesh, but the shape of the whirlpool was more delicate. My fingers scratched the flesh of the gerbera, when I was separated from time to time, my face was lighter, and the face was getting more and more red, the breathing was also heavy, I gently separated the chip wall of the hole, but they closed too It’s tightening, I still can’t see the hymen. I am in a hurry, my hands are slightly heavy, I’m shocked: “,, hurt!” I am shocked, from the lust, I woke up, my heart is in my heart婧 儿 儿 is so small, closed is very tight, up to one finger, I use it again, it is likely to destroy her female film. After waking, wash the phenoli, put her in hot water, and washed it. Then give her a dry body and quickly hug it to the room cover. After I went to bed, I put into my arms in yesterday. I haven’t had a soft, my brother, I have reached into the legs of the legs, retreat backwards, and the penis exits the legs, I didn’t expect it. The child took the initiative to rely on the butt, said: “I will take a shower for me, I will wash it with me later.” I should have a psychology, think about something else, let the penis in her legs Down.

Then I caught her head like yesterday, let her enter a dream. I was thrungered in the middle of the night, I found that the hard penis was doing an exercise between the legs of the legs. I wet in the underwear, I hurriedly returned it out, hurried to the bathroom clean, change my underwear, just returned On the bed, I looked at the body.

I couldn’t help but smile, this little goblin, I know she is because of his parents, there is no sense, but also relying on my body in my dreams.

But men will erect, plus her sleeping position, and my penis will naturally extend to her legs. With her legs, it is easier for me to make a feeling in my dreams. . It seems that tomorrow will let her have slept, now she hasn’t come to menstruation, but there is nothing, if I still have this, I am angry when I am inserted into her, will make her pregnant.

On the night, after I washed her, I took her to her own room. She asked me in confusion: “Hey, this is not our room.” I hared, in her impression, this is not her The room was.

I said: “This is a room, and after you fall, do you sleep?”

She said: “But I want to sleep!”

I said: “The children will become adults, the girl can’t sleep with the boy.” Her face wrinkled, the eyes flooded in the water, then lowered, nor to talk.

I saw her tears, I know that she can’t leave me, but I went to sleep, I was afraid that I couldn’t control my dark psychology. In case there is something, how to get my sister, how to treat my parents? I hardly worked hard, I thought I thought I left her room. I suddenly rushed to my back. The little face relied on my back and cried: “Don’t be 婧 儿 儿 儿 儿 … 儿 no one loves …… “I saw her so sad, my heart wants to let her sleep alone now.

Now she has never been lively, let her have no psychological relying on it. If there is any autism, it is my sin, think of it, my heart is cold. Turning her body to her arms said: “Who said that I don’t love it?” 婧 儿 is the baby! “

She said: “Don’t I want me …”

I said: “I am very loved, ok, let’s sleep.”

She immediately broke and laughed, and she still hangs crystal clear tears. I am afraid that I will repent, hug in my neck, say: “Then, I have to sleep with me, give me a shower every day. I have to buy me more delicious. “

Looking at the delicate face of her pear, my head, I took her face, and I got a bite, said, “I promised you.” Holding her back to my room, the head is awake , This little goblin, so you can confuse me, how to grow up!

I don’t know if I have passed in 2 years. Now I still take a shower, sleep with her, and often dreams in her legs. Of course, her room still retains, it is to give her aunt and outsiders. She didn’t sleep in their own room for 2 years. I have to sleep with her in the afternoon. I know that she is fear, afraid of losing me, I have to love her, I can feel at ease.

Nowadays, the chest is already growing up, the profit, the nipple, the nipple and the bream are like my sister, the red and bright, the same small, but she is only 11 years old, after her breasts must be like a sister. Long-standing hanging bells, and the skin is as young as the past.

When I took a shower, I can’t help but knead her double breast. Every time I took it for half an hour, she was excited to comfort. Now she is still looking into me like the past, close to my arms, different from the past is: she doesn’t wear a bust to sleep, I have to catch her twilies every night. I didn’t agree, she was crying, noisy me dizzy, and later I grabbed her double breast, I became habit, hey, Feng soft and flexible amazing double milk was very enjoyable. 11 years old but have a boy in a child, which may be very close to my long-term intimate. There is article mentioned: Husband often kisses his wife, can make her skin more tender, because long-term men’s contact can promote the secretion of female estrogen. And 婧 儿 儿 生活 生活 生活 生活 差 大 大 大 期 期 期 期 期 期 期 期 期 期 期 期 期 期 期 期 期 期 期 期 期 期 期 期 期 期In the future, I pay more attention to adjust her diet, add a lot of breast food. Of course, these I won’t say to her, let her breasts have become more developed, just to satisfy the enjoyment of my hands, meet my dark psychology.

It is more early today, and I will come back early to do a good job. I knocked on the door and looked at the mobile phone. Now I only 16:22, how did I come back so early?

I greeted my doubts, and I saw me when I saw me, I reached out and hugged her.

Her face is fear, is it more wronged? I asked: “What happened? What happened? Cry soon?”

婧 儿 轻 轻 说:: 下 下 下 下 心 心 心 心 心 心 心 到 到 到 到 到 到 到 到 到 到 到 到 到 到 到 到 到 到 到 到 到 到 到 到 到 到 到 到 到 到 到Turning her and saw her pants red a small piece.

I asked: “Is there any injury?”

She said: “No, it is bleeding for no reason, so fear!” Said that I crowded me.

I heard that I haven’t been hurt, I think: I should be a menstrual tide! He is 11 years old, it is not too early.

Bring her to the bathroom and gave her to her: 婧 儿 This two years is well developed, the size of the labia is very thick, and the big labia is still stubborn, and the hips have become rich and sexy. Female beautiful curve. Surrounded by dark red blood around the lone lips, it is separated from the big labia, and there is no wound in it, and the small hole is still osmed. I am a loose in my heart. In order to further identify the reason, wipe the blood, her holes can already put it into two fingers, I have put two fingers.

Her vagina is very tight, I fare to separate the vaginal wall, I finally saw two films, I put my heart, I was afraid that I was bleeding the hymen. Looking up at the end, she also grasped my clothes, nice lips, I asked: “Has hurt? 婧 儿.”

She said: “Don’t hurt, some comfort!”

I laughed, just blowing her clitoris, let her legs tighten. Said: “My bit is mature, this is not injured, it is coming to menstruation.” Said that she explained in detail the origin of the menstruation and taught her menstrual period.

Then told her to wait, I bought her “to protect Shu Bao”. After coming back, I feel uncomfortable, let me take a shower. It took half an hour to wash the chest, wash the body an hour. When I came out, I was so weak, and my face was red. This little girl came in the first time in the bath.

Maybe some vague shy, I have been buried in my arms after coming out, huh, huh. She fed her to eat, she shy and asked me what happened to me.

I didn’t answer, but asked: “What is the feeling of just now.”

She said: “It’s so comfortable! I have never been so comfortable. I just thought I would die!” Said that I buried my head into my arms.

I said: “Just now, it’s a climax, because I gave you a bath to touch your sexual organs.” Then I explained what is explained. I am a doctor, saying that these have nothing, but the little girl is remembered.

*********** After more than 7 months, today is the 12-year-old birthday, but I have been working hard because there is an emergency surgery, I have been working hard to go home. Open the door, a seed of wine came straight, this little girl, it seems that I am late, she may be angry. No one in the living room, I entered the room, I saw that I was drunk, and I was not hung in bed.

I hurriedly hugged her in his arms, cried her name, and I opened my eyes, I looked at me, my head was soft, and I slept again. Seeing that she still has a sense, I put my heart, I am afraid that she is drinking too much, alcoholism.

Give her a clean body, returning to the living room, seeing more than half of the bottle left, I have eaten it, I have done half a bottle of wine to go back to her sleep. Wake up in the middle of the night, I feel that my penis slides in a slippery cavity. I am shocked in my heart. I am afraid that I have dried into the vagina that I have already asleep, get up and uncovering the quilt, I have a embarrassment. A obscene painting is premiered in front of my eyes, and the face is full of red, a small mouth cost contains my thick penis to hurt the mouth, and the corner is still flowing. I took the penis from the mouth of the mouth, and she squaressed: “What are you doing?” She said: “I want to give you a sex, I want you to love me!”

It is probably the reason for drinking wine, she is not very low and me. I am a hot: “Who teaches you? Do you know what you are doing?”

She said stubborn: “No one taught me, I know that our sex is incest! But I like you, I want you!”

I shake her shoulder yell: “Where are you?”

She flashed a slider: “The first porn site in China – Xiaoyao Wonderland.”

My brain is hysteresis, I am a sense of sexual desire, usually, I often visit the online color website, the most often the domestic first color website – Xiaoyao Wonderland, must be I didn’t clean up net trace When I was found. But I learned this, I said, I said: “You are still small, how can you learn these?”

She is very chest: “Where is my little?” After more than 7 months, I have eaten a breast enhancement for her. After the breast development is very fast, I will have one hand in the future, now she is more than my sister. How much.

She said that my heart is imaginary. I didn’t talk, she saw the language I didn’t refurbish, I was very proud: “The online girls are sexually intended to pay for it.”

I speaking: “But we are a loved ones, there is bloody, this is incest.”

She may wait for me this: “Who says that loved ones can not be sexually intended? Isn’t it online? And most articles in your computer are incest articles, most of them are still incest, it seems that you want to think I want me. “Said that the little hen stolen to the egg, giggling … laughter. The secret of my heart was revealed by her ruthlessly, and some didn’t know how to face her.

婧 儿 看 I didn’t talk, bowed a soft penis included again, while holding my hand to her chest, I used my hands to knead, and I was selling my penis. The teeth gently touched my penis, and at the same time wrapped the glans with the tongue when I spit out, my penis became bigger under her stimulation, she finally couldn’t swallow. After spitting the penis, take it leading to her small hole.

And I have been stimulating and psychological struggle, and the lust is finally overcoming ingredients, and the dark psychology is completely expressed. I gently let the penis slide out of her jade hand, put her in bed, just like the sister when playing my sister, sitting on her tender waist. The hands are smashed with her rich breasts and looked at all shapes in my hand.

It’s a small hard nipple, sometimes with your fingers to draw a circle. Then, the head is kicking, and the yin is not a weed, even the signs of the long hair, it seems to be a white tiger, which seems to be a white tiger, which is the best of my dream. I kissed again, I took the initiative to open my legs, but I still feel insufficient, and my hands open them to maximum.

I looked at the little clitoris, and I took a hard suction. At the same time, I took a deep breath and started to whisper: “Um … um …” I put the tongue as much as possible, from the clitoris to the anus Sweeping again and again, the end of the big labi kept rising the water, just covered by the big lips, could not see where it came.

I am almost ruthlessly separated from the lips, and the eye is lying out of the eye, and I am so ripe. I put the tongue into it until I explored the female film, then I used it, and I took her prostitute in a while, and I used the tongue to the small hole. I kept squeezing. A high-ranking sound, hands holding the bed, the legs, the footsteps are also grabbed, and the small hole is like peeing out of the shares. I didn’t waste it at all, I thought: “Little girl, this will come to a climax, and it is still behind. I have already cared for the consequences, today I must be a woman. Lying quietly, it is possible to enjoy the long rhyme of the climax.

Hey, I will continue to play with her small hole with my tongue, one hand is not stopped with clitoris, and I will rang again, and the hole has become more and more wet. I adjusted my position, and I looked at her little hole with the penis. I took her breast, my hips gently power, the penis squeezed the four walls of the hole. After entering the entire glans, it feels low in the female film, I let go of the hand holding the penis, and go to my clitoris. After a while, I will feel that the holes adapt to my penis. I slowly pushed the penis, and the blurred snoring in this time was big. I took the heart and pushed the vaginal wall to my squeeze. Pressing, squatting straight, a clear empty space proves that I got the body of the woman. I am afraid that I can’t stand it, I can’t stop it after entering it. Observing the expression of 婧, she did not obviously discomfort, because she had a lot of wine, some anesthesia role, and I did it in front of it, and she was too long, so she was easy to spend. The discomfort is broken.

I didn’t worry about it, slowly twitching, every time I have to go straight down her homes. Her vagina is very tight, the resistance to the penis is very large, and she is only 12 years old, I am afraid that the graviz will cause the vaginal to tear the injury, then I still have regretted death, the hospital is in many hospitals The rape, usually the vaginal tear, bleeding, need to do vaginal wall repair surgery.

Slowly tertiary more than 100 times, 婧 儿 suddenly with my waist, loudly call, the vagina is also strongly contracted, tightly squeezing my penis, and the glans at the low-and-pendant palace are also ten Multiple hot flow is strong.

A strong sense of conflict, I know that the climax is coming, the low-spirited palace does not move, and it is exhausted to calm the self, the climax finally suffered from me.

I have been quietly over a minute, then start slowly, and my hands started to act in the chest of the.婧 儿 is now weak, even the snoring should be screened to the next time, the lips are flowing a lot of saliva, the face is flush, the scalp is scattered. I looked at the appearance of the rain, I knew that her physical strength was finished, and she no longer pressed her own sexual desire. The speed plugged slowly, at the same time, sucking her nipple, this time I want to come. It is not coming. Then I took more than 300 times, I finally had a strong pleasure than in front. I will not suppress it. I can’t help but speed up. I have pumped more than 20 times. I yelled, and the semen was strong and excited into the uterus. Inside. Continuous shooting for more than ten seconds, my waist is soft.

I fell to the body, and I watched the eyebrows. I went with my hands and swayed. The three climax of the little girl came. After calming down, I made the penis, and the “啵 啵” in the vagina, the red virgin, mixed with the white semen, and the small hole of the big mouth, I thought, I thought, Stretching in and dug, finally found a female film that smashed into a small group, if not carefully, I can’t find it.

I am chartered, this is the semen I am in the prostitute. It is indeed attractive, relatively, and sexual intercourse in college and girlfriend. I thought about it for a while, and the vagina’s vagina has a miraculous close together, and it is covered by the big lips. It seems that the vaginal elasticity of the german is really strong. When I am climax, the speed is unable to control, 婧There is no matter what the child is even, it is not to explain that I can open it up with peace of mind. I thought here, my just soft penis began to erect, see if the climax of 儿 那 那 叫 叫 子 了 都 都 都 都 了 了 都 都 下 下 下 下 受 受 受 下 下 受 下 下 下 受 下 下 受 下 下 下 下 下 下 下 下 受 受 受 受 下 受 受 受 受 下 下 受 下 下When she wiped her body, she just barely saw me. Come out to make the nightingale, go back to bed, and help the water to her mouth, she quickly drinks half a bottle.

Just now she flows so much water, but she can make up, then in my arms, feed her to eat in the night. I had some strength after eating and half an hour, and the fine voice said that she thought of urinating. I took her to the bathroom, I just wanted to put her in the potty, suddenly spiritual: I have to look at the urine sprayed from her little urine mouth, that is much thrustful scene.

I took off my clothes and took her across my belly. The thumb of my thumb was separated, and I saw the urethra, and I said to her: “Yes.” Her face is red, there is no opposition, one Gold’s urine sprayed out, playing in my belly, let me feel hot, until half a minute, the urine is beginning to get thinner, and finally dripping, holding her to my head, using mouth It is finally clean.

She also sent a voice, and then rubbed me, I was tapping me, huh, huh, I can’t help it, so I know that it is true, it is God gave me. Then I took a shower, washed so many times, this time is the wonderful, because she is not physically moving, I don’t dare to tease her, I will give the director to the director, please leave tomorrow, please, please, I have to remember to buy an emergency contraceptive to give the child, I have to take care of the young woman, haha, 12-year-old young woman! It has been more than two months from a sexual relationship between and. After this day, I went to my arms and gave me a long kiss. I said: “Hao Gong is good! What to eat today?”

I patted her butt and said, “Call you, who teaches you to call my husband?”

She laughed Xiao: “Hey? We all go to bed, it is also called. Do you have a woman to bed every day?”

I am a red, this girl is getting more and more tough!

She then said: “I will only call you when I am in the bed.” Said that the hip was moved to move the thigh shape, and the sound said: “Don’t do my little hole, my small people only give it. My penis suddenly broke up, this dead girl must be in pornography.

Don’t look at her usually, I really have a bed, just whispering: “Um … um …” The call, how can I call me a blushing, this is also my heart! After eating, let her finish the homework, starting every night. Let her take her in bed, I have been touched from behind, this posture can stroke her full of pretty hips, seeing her prostitute dripping down, for this juicy superior, this position is My favorite, my hands grabbed her double milk, the lower body is moving forward, but she is very sensitive, and this position cannot be supported twice.

My name is: “My relatives, my little cavity is cool, and you are not cool.”

Her buttocks temporarily cooperated with my motion, one side: “Um … um … cool!” For the response, I called: “I saw your prostitute on a drop, how do you? There are so many water. “She:” Um … is a …. “Inserting more than 100, her climax, called, soft in bed.

I helplessly hose her, and the penis did not leave her little hole, turned over, face up, and put her thighs on the waist and continued to do it. I have been doing more than 100 times. She has two climax, and even the voice of the bed is not, I am helpless, and I will take more than one hundred times, then take the penis, separate her thigh. Watching the semen from a soil, she is currently working, she is now weak. Then give her clean, he feeds her to drink bottle.

She slowly recovered some physical strength, then sleep in my arms, explored my half-soft penis in her small point, and then satisfied it. She usually gives me a position, it is to sleep when she is sleeping, she has to put her in his arms, but also put my penis in her little hole. I have said countless times, the penis is so sleepy, it is easy to suffer from vaginal inflammation, she doesn’t care, I don’t let her, I will work hard, I will try my eyes, I don’t sleep, I don’t sleep, until I Yield, hey! This child.

The mother of the aunt has not been good, plus the reasons for my sister, and I have died successfully at the age of 13 and 15.

Now I have lived with my life, and I am more embarrassed to me. The 15-year-old, is even more beautiful, and the body is developing, almost my hardcore.

Tonight, I just talked about her breast enhancement to me tonight: “They are big enough? Don’t you have a mother?”

I reached out and put it on the breast that she still still did not hang: “There is a big sister, the flexibility is better than her.” Just finished, this is a blind me.

She smiled, said: “I still remember that my mother often looked at your photo. I have long guessed that you have one leg, haha, is I not a father, is you? You are born? You are not I am me, my father. Dad, you are all on your own daughter! “Said serious looking at me.

I am anxious, I played her ass. I told me in detail the matter of my sister.

She listened to me and said, “Mom is really stupid! So handsome brother is in love with what is embarrassed, is my words, I am homing to bed, so my mother is not married, I also became your daughter, then I have a good time with my mother! “Said it. I was so angry and laugh, I thought of my sister, my heart regretted. She also said: “Husband, here we have no loved ones, wait until I do college, do you call your work?”

I asked: “Why?”

She said: “We have no loved ones, I have examined a northern school, no one knows us after you have tongged.

Nowadays, we can get married, we will get married after it, then strive to have a beautiful daughter in the big, you can work in the hospital, we can use the hospital’s B-ultrasound to see, as long as a daughter. “

I asked her: “Why do you have a daughter?”

She said: “My body is too sensitive, every time you don’t have time. I am 19 years old, you are 33 years old, waiting for the daughter to grow up with me to meet you in bed.”

I played her ass, “Don’t think about it, how can I get my own daughter, then let you be too early in the 19-year-old child, no!”

She didn’t say it again, silently gave me a condom, and then kneel on the bed with a hand to open the buttock: “Hey, the prostitute does itchy, come to me.” I am a wolf, fierce Pulling up.

*********** After two months, Yan Er did be pregnant, it is ok, I have a set and her love in her 13 years old, and she asked her to know: She took the needle with the needle after she proposed it from the last time. I am depressed, I told her to fight, how can she not be willing, I am rushing. No way! I had to listen to her in the northern China city, toned the work, okay, I have taken the qualification of the attending physician, and the technology is too hard, so it is smooth.

He also took a year, we wanted to wait for her to have children, then go to school. At 6 months during pregnancy, she is quarreling to do B-ultrasound, I am afraid that incest students have deformed. Fortunately, the child has normal development, depressed is really a daughter, let the have a smile. After the child is born, everything is normal, my heart is also fixed. It is uncomfortable that the child is not a parlor within 3 months after birth. In March before the child is born, we stopped the house, and now I have to ban it for 3 months.

This is a person who wants to be strong in this: I have to take a pistol in the next three months! The child has been born for 12 days. After we fell asleep, I was looking back to the bathroom to pistol.婧 儿 住 我,

婧 儿 told me to sit on her belly, and I bored my penis in my hands. I was so east by her two, and the face was pink: “I have banned more than 3 months, today is in the niece today. On the big Mi Mi played. “Said that the completion is shy, put my penis in her big breasts, she is now far a lot of super-sister’s full day, she is holding a double breast, My penis did not see the trace.

The skin’s skin is like her 9 years old, the young skins is abnormal, and the double breast is extruded on the penis, and it feels very tight. I hurt myself under the stimulus, and I also brought the double milk to the ground, sometimes pushing the red milk tip to the penis, and the milk is ejected, so that the penis slid easier. Sometimes she pairs the milk packed her mouth and squeezed some milk to the mouth. When the glans move forward, with the mouth, spit the milk to the glans, let the glans hot. At the same time, it is called: “Hey, the breasts of the relatives are tender, is it squeezed with you?”

I replied: “儿, my thoughts, your breast is too tender, too tight, let you take the sake of your mouth.” It’s rare to be called like this. Bed, I can’t help but be more excited, she is called: “Is it better than my mother’s breasts?” She said, I couldn’t help but be more excited, as my sister and her both mother and daughter went to bed with me.

“My sister’s breasts and prostitutes are as beautiful, I have to do the breasts of your two mother and daughters, I want to give you a drink …” The side of the side is smashing, smoking more than 200, lower body Tighten, I am busy with a penis and send it to the mouth of the mouth.

She brought the glans in combination, and a semen shot into the mouth, she quickly swallowed, but my semen is so many, the small part is flowing from her mouth, mixing milk, flowing to her Breast. Really difficult: 婧 儿 really drinks my semen, too stimulating! I took the head, my hands, hit her double milk, and the mouth also slammed the nipple on the right. There are a lot of emilles, with a touch of sweetness. The milk is squeezed with my squeezed, when the finish is finished, even when I can shoot it down, watch it shot milk. I am gratitude in my heart, I sent this one of the people who made my niece, let me have the opportunity to go to bed with her, and become a husband and wife! *********** From that, I can’t make love for 2 months. I have a baby every day, and I don’t know how to call the bed, and each time It is a small call, which makes me very enjoyable. Her milk is very much, every time the child has finished eating, I have done: Waste is a shameful creed to drink, while drinking. Later, after 1 year old, I didn’t wean it, because I was drinking every day, stimulating the breast lactation until the child is 3 years old. I gave up, and I broke the milk.

My sister is called Wang Ying, in order to commemorate her, our children will make a call.

Ying’s gradually grew up and went to her 10 years old. Every time I take a shower, I love, I have to take Yinger on the side, and I will give it to Yinger. When I take a shower, I will teach me, I will hold Yinger and I. Make love, but the hand is smashed on the breast of Yingri just developed, sometimes reached out in her tender genitals.婧 儿 often makes Yinger touch me on the side, I am inserting the penis, and even putting my semen in her small hole. It may be a long-term sexual stimulus, and Yinger has come to menstruation, and the breasts and genitals have developed more than the year.

At the evening of Ying children, I put two bottles of wine on the table. I understood her mean. She wanted me to break the woman’s virgin, I also like the body of Yingren, Or usually, I have been playing over, and Yinger has reached a few times in my hand.

I didn’t know, I drank almost a bottle of wine, and I didn’t drink a bottle and I didn’t have anything. Packing everything, with Ying’s bed, I just smashed the breasts of the gerbera, but she took off the clothing of Ying, put my hand on the breast of Ying, and the skin of Yinger is still It is white and tender, and he is jealous: it is because Ying children drink more than her morning, it is more than her! The breasts of Ying children are mostly broken, I can’t finish it in one hand, and I will be slid in my hand. It seems that I will slip out.

I used her way to deal with her, suck it, and she called: “Dad … Good Dad …”

I am shocked in my heart: I have a child who will call the bed, and Ying is not sent back. The heart is more excited, calling: “Ying children are called” Dad touch my tits “”

Ying didn’t say: “Dad touches my tits …” I will touch me … “

I can’t think of my daughter, I really is a big, my heart is very excited: “Cell” Dad sucking my milk, knead my milk, smash it, Ying children want to pinch her lascivious tits “” daughter Sure enough, I turned back Look at the 婧, she also tongue!

I gave her a look, I immediately knew what I mean, and the daughter cooked, Ying was called with her mother: “Dad quickly smoked her daughter’s hole, her daughter’s point itching.”

I certainly won’t refuse, I left her chest, shifted by hand, I sent her clitoris, Jin said, the tongue smashed with big labipings, sometimes put her daughter’s generous plenty of meat into the mouth, use The tongue is light, and the daughter is so stimulating so soon, as soon as her mother is, it is a woman.

I am calling: “Dad sucks the little hole of Ying children, Ying children have a lot of water, Ying children don’t do your father’s meat stick?”

Yinger learned her mother and said: “Dad is fast, my daughter … I have to give my father to Dad … Dad dry … My little hole, dry … I am wet … itchy, Dad … Ah … “Calling it later, it was a sensitive woman like it. It seems that he is a sensitive woman.

I am relatively regardless of my life. It seems that I have added it with my daughter. I took the long after the climax to her mother’s arms, separated her legs, and the flesh was even wet. I lighted the penis in the small hole of Ying children. Go backwards. Oh, I can’t think of my daughter is the woman who touched it, I still saw it on the book.

I used my hand to close my daughter’s butt, let her have a post, gently use it, and the glans will fall into a warm and humid hole. They like countless suction cups to absorb the glans, let me a burst, daughter has not yet, Her mother taught her: “Dad’s meat stick is big, the daughter can’t stand … …” On the side of the bun, the glans will be in one stop, and the throduction is similar, in order to prevent the glans I played out, I was a heart, I drove in, my daughter was more joy, called: “Dad’s meat … great too … I can’t stand … My little hole … I broke … “

I used my hand to stimulate the clitoris, and I also hug her twilled her double milk. When I was calm, I started to add, called: “Daughter … Your small hole is really It’s so cool … I absorbed me like a suction cup. “I smoked, the more and more the daughter’s water is more and more, and I also put it properly. I put it in the end, I have a daughter’s obscenity. The sound of “blank …” The sound is different from her mother, and when the sound is in the end, the sound of “… …”, this may be a shallow mouth, Her mothers have much more reason.

Daughter now no longer use her mother to guide her, self-calling: “Dad is too … is too … It is inserted … Inserted into the daughter’s flowers … Heart …” under the excitement of the bed, I Accelerated the speed, plunged in the next time, and the daughter kept called bed and slammed.

Slap more than 100, the daughter is called: “Daughter … I have to die … I am inserted by Dad … … dead”

At the same time, the body is soft, stopping the jade, the hot flow of the flowers, taking my glans, but can’t stop, keep entering and exit, the penis has a lot of liquid every time, and the daughter is moving, see She can’t stand it.

I dialed the penis, looking at the daughter’s little hole by a bright light, the smashing the small hole is really shallow, because just dialed the penis, her hole forms a cave that cannot be closed, there is still a virgin blood. In a glance, I saw the uterine mouth, and the surrounding meat is densely covered, much more than her mother, the texture is also rough, no wonder there is a feeling of sucking my penis, what is the doctor? But I don’t understand this!

Put the daughter to the bed, I took the initiative to open my legs to welcome my penis, because she has been watching on the side, she has long been wet, I just entered, she called: “舅You just did your mother to do her mother. Her mother is also a niece, and the little hole of her daughter … is it?

Compared with the daughter, although the points will not suck, but they are very depth, I can all, I will be all my penis, and it is tight than the daughter. I call: “” Daughter’s hole, mother’s hole is deep enough Ah, my mother is more than … my daughter’s hole is still tight … I want to dry the niece, the little hole … “I called the side, and I also felt a burst of sputum in the depths of the penis. I wanted to shoot in the 婧 儿, suddenly I thought that my daughter had so much water, I should make her dad to make a supplement.

Quickly insert dozens of tens of times, when a strong pleasure came, I used my finger to press the root of the penis. I have dialed it out, I came to my daughter, separated her mouth, my daughter’s mouth is very small, I am hard to put the penis. Try to let go of your fingers, the semen just flowed into her mouth, Ying children actively swallowed, and then actively reached out to help my penis sucking.

I am afraid that I will pick up, slowly loose my fingers and control the flow rate of the semen. After the daughter was clean, I also used the tongue to lick the penis, put the prostitute with her and her prostitutes, and grabbed the bedside and prepared a water bottle, helping her daughter, let her add moisture to let her sleep. After cleaning their two female women, I have two big beauty, I’m very satisfied with my heart, and my life is really like a flower.

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