Weekend, sunny.

Liu Ming stood in front of the window and looked at the pedestrians on the street.

Due to occupational reasons, Liu Ming likes to watch those who walk in the street, observe others’ expressions.

He is not a thief, don’t need to know what is the fat sheep that can be stealing, he is not a policeman, don’t need to know which is a mixed mix.

He is just a psychologist, just wants to see people’s mood through expressions.

The expression contains many information, he can use the help of the patient to guide the patient, to comfort their families, let the people who are suffering no longer help sleep, no longer sleepy.

Of course, he wants to see, it is a heart.

Hey, gently knocking on the door interrupted his thoughts.

“Please enter”

Liu Ming knows that a new opening process is now …

Walking into the door, is a young woman wearing sunglasses.

“Do you ask Dr. Liu Ming?”

“Well, I am, please take it”

“Thank you” the young woman is lightly sat down. “You are Sun Suru, hello, I am your psychological counselor, Liu Ming” Liu Ming’s professional deep smile (Sun Suru, Su Ru … Teacher)

“Hello” young woman with her slightly brought hoarse but not lost, the voice, the voice, the voice, “Can I help me?”

“I …” The young woman hesitated his head and the voice was full.

She took a deep breath and slowly spit out the turbidity in the top.

“Excuse me … Although this is a rude, but our conversation is confidential?”

“Please rest assured, all our conversations, information will be properly kept, will not let anyone know”

“This is …” The young woman bowed “I … I don’t know how to open, I don’t know … I don’t know … The question” The voice of the young woman reveals a helpless “family has a difficult experience. When everyone needs help, you don’t have to feel difficult to teeth for your own problems. You dare to face your own problems, it is a great step. “Liu Ming encouraged the young woman’s experience to be comfortable, she once again Deep, deeply sucking a breath, even inhale, and trembled.

“I … my son, I want to be incest with me!”

*********************************************************************************************************************************************** Sun Suru, is a teacher who teaches people, working in XX.

Many colleagues are envious of me, there is a child who has been filial and filial, I have to be named the city’s excellent teacher. Many colleagues say that I am lucky, thinking that this year’s competition is a new youth talents.

Listening to their voice, I smile and responded on a side but secretly laughed.

Happiness family is similar, unfortunately have different different.

My husband was divorced with me when I was twenty-eight years old. He thought that I didn’t have fun. Our sex life lacked passion. So under the sister’s, I started to touch Japanese av, every time I finished watching my face is red, while talking too often, I can’t help but watch again. From these AVs, I also know what kind of fancy is what men like. What kind of embarrassment can stimulate them, and my husband also said that I have changed much in bed, I have heard my heart. Just as our relationship is eased, I thought I could let my husband satisfied, I was in my own home, I found that my best sister lying down on my husband.

I don’t know what I feel at the time, my husband said, and I compared with me, my sister is more mature and more attractive, although I have changed, but he feels the lack of lack of life, he is lightly proposed: Let’s divorce.

a bolt from the blue! !

I suddenly felt dizzy …

He wants to divorce me!

He squatted with me to divorce with me! !

I am a victim! He actually proposed divorce! !

I have already already awkward …

While he was in my sister, he said calmly: Married for so many years, I never helped him, I didn’t want him to touch my back court, and even the breasts didn’t even, he felt very painful.

Listening to my best sister’s snoring, watching my husband’s pain, I feel like a knife! When a breath is full, I am filled with my body. I don’t care about everything to go to bed in the bedroom, I beg you to: not! husband! Don’t divorce me! I love you … I am willing … I am willing to bother for you, willing to let you do my ass, ask you, don’t leave me!

I am full of hopes to watch my husband, I hope to retain my marriage!

My husband shook his head slowly, my heart was broken, a little, a little …

Looking at me so lost, my sister is somewhat unbearable: “Xiaru, some things … ah … is … it is uncomfortable … Oh … um … don’t, don’t bare yourself, I … oh … I am sorry you, but I also love him, every time I see him disappointing, I … um … um … I have a heartbreak, he … he is so big, but every time. I can’t satisfy, I don’t want him to go on this again … Well! Don’t … too deep … don’t … it’s next … um um, Xiaomi stocks should be weathed by you … ah Ah … so much … I have to climax … High … don’t … don’t … my husband husband !! Ah, ah … “

Looking at the big sister who didn’t wake up in the bed, I suddenly dizzy.

I don’t remember how I woke up. I only knew that night, I was crazy looking at av, crazy masturbation, then I rushed into the son’s room shocked in my son Xiaoming’s shocked crying, I was tight Hold your son, deeply buried in a generous chest, I am afraid, I am afraid that my son suddenly goes away from me.

I just held my son and gradually slept…………………………………………………………………………………..

This is the longest time I slept, and the son is the first time and my son.

When I woke up the next day, it was already noon, I was lazy to lying on my son, my heart is sour.

he’s gone……

I turned a body and suddenly felt strange.

God, I … I actually didn’t wear underwear!

Yes, I immediately went to my son after my self-comfort last night. I am also used to taking off my panties, because it is more comfortable. However, last night …

I feel that my ear is red!

This is really … really … shame is dead …

When I was hurt, I saw my son into the door.

I saw my son, my face was red, my son is a bit embarrassed.

“That, cough … you are hungry, I do lunch, put it on the table outside, then, I … I am gone”

After saying that the son quit the room and closed the door.

I saw my son panic, I can’t help but smirk, because my husband divorced and bad mood slowly.

When the son came back at night, I saw me still unnatural, my face was also red, we didn’t mention this, as if it never happened.

Since the husband’s salary is high, I have been doing a housewife. I have a husband in my family. My college is a teacher. I used to be a teacher. However, I didn’t look at the class. I felt. .

When my husband left, she left me, there is a house and some support.

Although I haven’t teached for a long time, I have to go to make money in order to feed me and my son.

I have reviewed the class at home, and then for my son, I was soaring that I was able to listen to my lecture. During my son, I always shot his head. He kept me, sometimes even hit me butt! Every time I hate tooth itch, my face is also because this stimulus becomes red, gradually, a different feelings rose in my heart …

Seeing him, think of husband, I must take care of my son, let him be a happy son!


After a period of drill, I participated in the interview of XX Middle School with a nervous mood. Because it is better middle school, the competition is also fierce, and finally, I got offer with a weak advantage.

In the evening, I have prepared a sumptuous meal, this is the happiest day after my husband divorced!

“Son, help my mother find a drink, I remember the juice is put it.” I bought it here yesterday, how can I not see it today? ” Is it really old?

“Mom! You see, I found a bottle of red wine!” The son rushed into the restaurant with a wine bottle, and put down the wine bottle and ran back to the living room.

“This … this is ready to drink this bottle of red wine in the wedding anniversary of the day,” I can’t help but feel a little …

Forget it, drink this bottle of red wine today, completely bid farewell to the previous days!

I am coming out from the restaurant ready to call my son to eat, seeing him in the table, half of the table. “I don’t say it, don’t eat things before meals, I have been in the stomach.” I have a kind of reprimanding in front of him, saying these words, but today, the words are more 咛, less majesty, More care, complain, even petite …

I have never heard the son of my speech suddenly stupid, staring at me, I also speaking the difference between the tone, suddenly angry, “Look, then look at your eyes, don’t Going to eat “I don’t borrow myself.

“Mom, you are so good to see” The son said seriously, the throat even “咕咚” swallowed.

“Where, everyone is old, where is the young little sister of your school.” Although I said, I have a sweet silk.

“No, I am serious! Especially when you laugh, the bending eyebrows, there is also the eyes that speak, just like … Just like Lin Xinru, no! They added it without you!” Son Say quickly, even because of excited clenching.

(In my heart, you are the most beautiful goddess! Mom !!)

“Okay, the oil is slippery, and these words are left to your primary school girl, hurry to eat, the dishes are cold.”

I took my son to the restaurant and took the chair and sat down.

“Wow ~~~~~~ Oh, it’s so rich.” The son exaggerated, all can’t wait for the chopsticks, and eat it with hand.

“Small cat, you are you like to eat.” I smiled and filled with warmth, and there was a sweet.

“Don’t use your hand, eat with chopsticks.” After I finished giving my son, I put it into the bowl.

“Mom, why don’t you open the light.”

“Candlelight Dinner, you don’t want to think.” After I finished gotting up.

“Don’t, my mother …” I didn’t expect my son to get up quickly, and I grabbed my little hand.

“噔” My heart can’t help but jump, just like the first time and my husband.

“Okay, eat quickly.” The son sat down, my blush, I don’t know if it is a candlelight …

“” Wine bottle plug is opened, I and my son poured a cup.

“Ah, good mouth.” Looking at the son’s frowns and a bitterness, I gobwater.

“Fool, you think it is a drink.” I smiled and gave my son some dishes, I also drank it.

I talk to my son today, I said that today’s recruitment, he said his own interesting things. I heard a funny, we are laughing, and the east is talking about the Western sentence.

“Mom, this … this wine is big … not big” “The son said with his tongue.

“Red wine, which is so big.” My little blush, my head is also a bit of dizzy.

“Today, the principal is staring at me, look at it … it is an old hooligan.” I am disdainful to talk about today’s bald principal “He stares where you look” “son is half-drunk “Chest, your man, is a color ghost.”

“That is your body, I want me … also look. Mom, your chest is so big, so quite, it is much better than the little girl there.”

“That is, no … I can feed you so white and fat.” I made a pleasant and charming.

(The wine is almost almost, then … start)

“Mom, you … you are tired for a day, I will help you massage.”

“Okay” I didn’t want to agree.

I walked into the bedroom with my son, waiting until I went to bed, I suddenly fell on the bed, and I was so comfortable.

When the red wine is drinking, I didn’t feel much. We had a whole bottle of red wine. I now feel that it is hot. I stick to my body. In order to facilitate my son Massage to take off the whole clothes, only the overtake underwear, because my son is the most People who are close, feel that they can be honest with him under the role of alcohol. “My son, my mother is stripping, you can come ~~~” I said to my son with the nasal nasal sound.

For a long time, there is no reaction behind. I strangely looked at my son. I only had a trip to my son. I also supported the tent. I looked at my “stinky ghost”. I was full of blush, and my new marriage in my mind. Night scene.

“Do you want to see your mother, or help my mother massage?” I don’t know why, I said “see” when the sound is like “dry”.

God, what I think, I am because of this absurd idea.

I don’t know if this deceased ghost is heard, still didn’t hear it? With him …

This wine, the back, really big ~~ I re-kneel in bed, I feel that the bed surface is sagar, my son’s butt is sitting on my abdomen.

Oh ~~~ This little ghost is really big, it’s really comfortable ~~~ “Mom, it turns out that you are so … so spicy, wear, but Jingsan …” “咕咚” stinky son, you swallow water The sound is too big.

“Mom is happy today ~~ Do you want my mother to wear rustic?” I was soft and weak, buried my face into the pillow, hiding my endless lament, and have red hot Face.

“Today we speak biological courses, tell the genitals, but the teacher is called our own reading, the female teacher can soy sauce, but also don’t know the little girl, no strength!” The son is angry The strength of the massage is also getting bigger.

“Dead, you know what you know, you don’t want to listen to the teacher to talk about it … there.” I ridiculously.

“But these normal sexual knowledge, no one will tell us. Mom, the grandfather has been telling you?”

When I heard “grandfather”, I remembered my father and remembered it before, I remembered it …

“Mom, Mom? What happened to you? Why are you hurting you?” The son’s strength gradually became down.

“No, my mother remembered … The previous thing” I said low and low. “

“You … grandmother did not tell us what kind of knowledge, so your mother did not let your dad before marry me, think that I will be pregnant, I am … too stupid …” I am suffocating. ” Say.

“Your dad is always said that I don’t have fun. I don’t understand the emotion. I don’t even want to listen to the yellow joke. Every time he talks about this, I am annoying. Of course, I have been doing teachers. Of course, I have to be a teacher, and … … and people really don’t understand! “I told my son to tell my son for many years of depression, trouble, so many years, I still feel that I am so helpless, weak …

(The original mother is because of this talented and dad, I … I must let my mother become a happy woman) behind I can’t see it, my son’s face is full of perseverance.

Suddenly, a bold idea flashed my mind, this thought is gradually clear, powerful, and even hot!

I show my son, I still sat up and face my son.

“Son, mother … Mom want … I want to tell you something.” I took a deep breath and worked hard to calm myself.

“Hey?” The son looked at me.

Looking at the son’s show, I will not repeat my mistakes in order to son, I will go out!

“Son, since your teacher does not teach, my mother will teach you!” I took a breath, my face was full of sacred.

I didn’t care about my son’s face, I pulled my son.

I pointed to my own genitals and explained the son’s detailed explanation.

“This … this is just normal sex education, it is to help you understand the body of the woman, not … not incest.” I trembled.

“You see, the outermost layer is the big labie, is the door to protect the female genitals, preventing bacteria to invade the vagina. The big labipings will expand when they are stimulated, and the man’s one will be inserted. And form a buffer, so men like the lips and fathers “I … I am talking about!

“Mom, I … can I have a look?” My son asked at a heart. Seeing the son’s pleasure, my heart couldn’t help but be soft, I can’t say anything, I don’t want to teach the whole set, this stinky son.

I can’t help but my son. “I can only see, can’t … can’t touch.” Heaven, I feel that I am suffering!

I am wearing a dip pants today, so there is only one small piece of small pieces covering the private part. “It’s not the opening, otherwise it is really lost people ~~”

I have opened my big labie with my hands, and the yin is tide.

“I didn’t, this is … is the female’s genital, which is a small labia, the mucosa of the small labia, is a rich neuron distribution, so it is a sensitive belt.” After I finished me, I took the fingers. ” Several crystal filaments …

“Mom, it’s too fast, I haven’t seen it yet!” The son complained.

God! My face is red blood! ! This dead son! ! ! Xiaoyan! ! ! !

“That, then … again, look again. 喏, here, is a woman’s big labia, touch … Just like a man’s scrotto!” I screamed the hands of my son, my face Smelly.

“Theory should be practical, don’t touch how you know.” The son muttered.

“Mom, how can your neoon open, it seems like a small mouth.”

“That is … that is because … Mom is giving birth to you,” I feel that the breath is hot …

(It was not already opened)

“Hey? Mom, your genitals seem to … it seems to be half a grapefruit! This is bent outside, and there is a small seam, mother, your hammer is so beautiful, it is water.”

“This is ya water, is a female secretion, just like your stinky man’s prostatic fluid.” I have an angry, my son.

“Mom, your hammer is so small, the skin looks well! Pink pink, so cute!”

I heard the son such a blemish praise, I am a little drunk …

Hey ~~~ Good thirsty ~~~ “Mom! You will open it again, I have a good look at what is it!” Said the son excited.

“Saucy … will bully your mother …” My ghosts have further opened their own vagina, as ashamed.

“Mom … how is your pussy red?”

(Is it … Do you have a mother …

“That is … that is because … because I drink more wine.” I have a little blur ~~~ “Oh, mother ~~~~ Your water is getting more, and what is it? … “” The son said with a bad year.

“Which … Where is my brain can’t think about” it is here … “The son said, the head is close to my yin, the exhaled hot gas is hitting my body, but my heart superior! I feel that the genitals start a burst of convulsions! !

“No … don’t …” I want it! I am going crazy! !

“Hey, just here!” Finished, the son’s finger poked into my vagina!

I clearly feel that my son drums have buried in my vagina’s pleats, and the vagina begins to fiercely twitch!

My head is blank, all the strength seems to be filled into the vaginal wall! I have a long-awaited crazy sucking, chewing this role! !

“Hey … ah … ah, ah, ah ~~~~~~~”

Dead, dead ~~~~~~~~~~ I use my best to take my son’s head, the genitals are as shameful to move! My eyes start to make it blurred, and the corner of the mouth exposes the crystal clear saliva, and it is going to my own chest! !

“咕唧, 咕唧, 咕唧”

One stock, two shares, three shares …

My lascivious madness flies into the nasal cavity of my son, because suffocating the beginning of instinct, the nose is also hard, and the body is arched! My toes are refreshing! !

High … climax! ! !

(Day, mother … Mom … “blowing!)

For a long time, for a long time, I woke up from this hearty climax, and the Yin Department is full of joy, excitement, and some swelling. “Hey … call … call …” My noseble is blocked, and the body is slippery and greasy, the forefront of Liu Hai can love the tips on the forehead, and the air seems to be full of astioter. fragrant.

I am weak, I look at my lower body.

He … his finger … also inserted in me … there?

“Mom, you … you will bite there!” The son is full of surprises to me “Mom, you have a mouth, shame!”

(There are two small mouths in the above, there are so many water, mom …)

“Stinky … odor son, will … Bullying your mother” I am grummous, red, soft, soft, charming, generous little daughter, even … just nourished newly married Young woman!

“Fast … put your finger … pull out ~~~” I beg you to look at my son.

“” Is dull, as if the sound of the wine bottle, a lot of prostitution is also very happy.

“Hey … oh … oh …” My vagina is sharp, and the eyes start to make a white …

After a while, I recovered.

In the face of your son, it’s true … shame …

“Mom, you … so warm, so comfortable …” The son looked at me, and the fingers who kept moved, it seems to be afraid of the taste.

“Your obscenity, salty …” The son gains the mouth.

“I hate … stinky … 呜 … odor son, will bully me … Your dead ghost father bully me, you also …” I whimped, my eyes were a little tear.

“You … this … … let me think … I am so sensuality …”

“Mom … I am sorry, just … just too comfortable, so …” The explanation of his son is clear.

“啵” My delicate red lips kiss his son’s mouth.

“Silly son, mother’s sex education is over, you will protect your mother ~~” ​​I love to look at my son, I don’t want him to misunderstand me.

Looking at the son’s face, I got a smile and got up to the bathroom.

“Okay, let’s change the sheets, you have to take a shower and take a break early.”

“Mom ~~~ Do you want us to wash together?” The son hippie smiles, smiled in half a holiday.

“Wash you a dead! Let’s say that I don’t hit you!” My little face is red, big hair.

(I don’t mind playing you with my big stick, mother ~~~)

After the son washed, I rushed into the bathroom, lying into the bathtub, and started to take a shower.

Recalling a just scene, my body is shy.

How can I … how can I have such a sensuality …

I have always accepted the education, my environment makes me feel that the woman is too desired, that is, a woman, a thousand figures, and must not die!

So I have been suppressing my desire, I am ashamed for me just out the eruption and the impact on my son.

“I just … just teach him sex knowledge, prevent it … Prevent …” My thoughts are a bit messy, trying to convince yourself with powerful words.

“No matter what, he now understands the body of women, there should be no strange ideas, my mission is also completed.”

I comforted myself, suddenly I felt a break, and faintly lost …

This wine is too big …

Um! It must be like this! !

“Xiaoming, Xiao Ming”, I was dressed in bathrobes, wiped my hair, and called my son, see if he fell asleep.

Surprisingly, how is it empty in the house, is it just …

God, just just in my bed!

I am with my husband! !

My neck root is red, like a cooked shrimp …

I gently moved to my bedroom, and my head was also clear because of the flushing of water flow.

Although the window has been opened, it is still full of 臊 臊. This is … I have a taste …

I looked at the son on the bed, I can’t smile.

I saw a thin blanket covered on my son, I looked at his chest, a small belly, but it was a high-licensed big tent!

God … so big …

I can’t help but compare it with my husband, and suddenly the face is awkward.

If this is inserted, I will not …

I just washed the pine, I couldn’t help but nest, and a silkwater exits the lips.

At this time, my son has a dream, and then open the blanket in one hand!

I quickly grabbed my mouth with my hand, and I was afraid to wake up my son.

What big is this … Yeah …

I saw that the majestic standing in the son, a shake of the faucet of the dragonfly, the scrotum below was so big. Two testicles are even powerful!

“Oh … oh …” My half is melted!

I don’t know that I am the first time, I am afraid that my son is catching up after taking a shower. I am going to help him cover the blanket.

Ok … it’s great … I burned the son’s stick suddenly, I remembered the scene when my husband was divorced.

“Married for so many years, you have a painful expression,” I have a painful expression, I still remember “Xiaru, some things … Ah … it is … is learning” good sister’s face satisfaction Spring love is also in the eye.

Oh, isn’t it the blowjob, I have never seen it in AV, I …

I hateful thinking, hate the stick in front of you.

Finally, I brought the courage, shaking it, just like a moth of the fire.

“Anyway … he also fell asleep … I … I just …” I closed my eyes, very heart, grabbed this giant!

“Oh! ~~~~” My soul is shaking ~~ I originally tall the great thoracked giant, hard, hard, like the wild!

I am eager to hold a giant stick with a small hand, I find that I can’t master it! Can only be surrounded by two hands! !

If it is stuffed into my mouth, the mouth is not a split … I think it is weak.

I scratched the stick eye with the tip of the tongue, and then nervously looked at my son.

He is still sleeping …

No … I can’t help but …

I don’t satisfy this kind of drag.

I hungry and grabbed the stick, slowly using the tongue from the stick to the glans …

It’s like … like a delicious popsicle …

I climbed to the big bed that once made love with my husband, climbed to the sleeping son, and then got my ass.

The hot gas I exhaled was sprayed in the dragon’s lead, greedy smelled the smell of the glans …

I feel that I am like a bitch who is eating, lustful, eager to mate!

I have already talked that I decided to eat!

“Oh!” The hard glans hit my tongue, shocked my delicate mouth, and rushed to my throat in the unprocessed!

It’s really … too big …

I have worked hard to swallow this giant, but I still have one-third of my mouth.

Is this the blowjob, although the mouth is very sour, but it is … so cool …

I slowly raised my head and prepared to let the mouth to evacuate this attractive and dangerous dragon.

Suddenly, the son is together, a huge force shrouded my head, my head was tough to bed by my son!

He actually … actually woke up!

I can’t wait to jump down down! It’s over, my kind of mother is full! !

I fiercely twisted my head, my waist, my ass, I hope to escape from my son’s 桎梏!

No matter how much I move, my head is still squatting in bed, my mouth swallowed with my son’s penis, never throat! “Hey … … …” I was sorrow, and I was looking at my son.

Due to the angle relationship, I can only see the son’s chin, he overlook me, just like the king overlooking his subject.

I am a mother!

I don’t care, just like a horse, struggling to jump out of the trap.

But my efforts are all in a white fee, the giant force on the head is not adding, my bathrobe has a loose, the crisp is half-revealing, my hem actually put it on my hips, showing me full Big ass, it is a burst of coolness!

I stubbornly stared at my son, and I had a roughness. The scorpion was full, the corner is also red, and there is no tear.

He also overlooks me, and he is full of majestic and cold.

Just as I tried to interpret the meaning of my son, the giant hand on my head took my head and slowly took his hood from my throat.

It seems that the son still knows that it is a serious, I am his mother, after all …

Just when I thought that the mask was completely extracted from my mouth. When I relax, the dragon couldn’t be hit again.

“Hey … … … …” My throat is thicker, the skin is red, because this kind of suffocation is gradually blushing, the hands and feet are also unconscious, it seems to be separated from the end Pond’s white fish!

He actually inserted his meat stick into my mouth!

With the continuous deepening of the mask, the glans prize keeps rubbing my oral cavity. The rod is not fast, my saliva is constrained, and the whole meat stick is my saliva, the meat stick is slow. And firmly dig into my throat.

“Hey … oh …” I am screaming, trying to trigger my son’s sympathy.

When is this, it is a head …

It seems to have been a century, I feel that the glans gets to my throat, and it is difficult to enter, I keep shaking the head, whims, and I will not swallow.

There is also one-third of the son’s roots in front of me, “If all swallowed”, I don’t suppress this problem.

At this time, my son controlled my sandalwood left his meat stick, slow, and firm, just like it just rushed in.

My saliva is constantly secreted, smeared on the stick, because the advancement is very slow, my saliva has formed a water rope slowly hanging on the meat stick!

I can’t let it rush into my mouth again this time, I swear!

When the glans fetched to my tongue, I started fierce resistance, and my eyes were full, but I was afraid of it hurting my son and didn’t dare to struggle.

“Mom, start now, enjoy it …”

Bunny, you said …

Suddenly, the faucet slammed and nicked to my throat!

no, sorry! !

My jade back is nervous, the sweat is erected!

At this time, I feel that my hips are different …

No, where is the other hand of your son?

I feel a stick in a stick!

“Hey … … … ha … 嗉” “My back is due to sexual stimulation, I have to melt, my hungry small hole is melting …

Suddenly, my son took his big meat stick to my Tankou into a piece, and the vagina also came to the fingers to slide “咕, 咕唧”

The strength of my legs slowly drove with the fingers of the poke, because I had a hands on my son, I didn’t have the legal support of my son’s meat stick!

I … don’t I am actively swallowing his meat stick?

My saliva gave the meat stick, the previous water rope continued to face down due to the supplement of fresh saliva.

I have come to this one-third of the place, I know that there is no matter what you can’t enter.

The son walked around my head, so I remembered the colors that rubbed on the club.

The thrust in the vagina is getting more and more intense, and my vagina has recovered the firming of the year because of the friction of the meat stick. Just when I enjoys my son’s rape, my fingers in the vagina suddenly bend, and then the top of the top! It is mine …

Endless penis is usually flocked to my limbs. When my son, when I relax my throat, I suddenly pressed my head into his big meat stick!

Do not do this! !

In an instant, I feel like a spear in my mouth, and my throat is hot, and a cracking illusion is given.

My tears were suffocated because of suffocation and pain, the glans directly in my throat, my stomach began to spasm because of the strong vomiting, I kept using my hands with my son’s thigh, my son is grinned. Is willing to let go.

Due to hypoxia, my brain feels a bit stunned, and the strength of struggle is not so big.

At this moment, my sore sorely swollen vagina ushered in a climax!

The moisture in my body seems to be sprayed from the vagina!

I spent a lot of physical strength, I am powerless on my son, my mouth has been stuck in the son’s hairy, and a hairy will play from my mouth.

The son’s meat stick is separated from the small mouth of me, I want to say something.

“Child … Mom … Hey? … 哼 …!”

My son’s meat stick is unstruthful to fill my mouth, my lips are again attached to his inclusion.

When I am amazing inexplicable, my son put my mouth as a vaginal struggle!

“… … … … …” A lot of saliva issued a slutty voice in the friction of the meat stick, my mouth is kept splashing into the bed, pillows.

The previous climax took my strength and gods, and I flipped with tears while turning over the eyes.

I don’t know how much it is inserted, my son suddenly strongly fixes my head, and a face of my teeth look at me, the thighs began to spurt.

Feeling that the meat rod has become sharp in the mouth, my experience tells me, my son wants … It is shot!

I use my hands to push my son, I don’t want my son’s semen into my throat, I am his mother! !

Finally, a wave of juice is strongly irritated, very hot, turbid, and it is also very …

The semen takes up my throat with my breath, and the semen of the machine will rush into my esophagus and fill in my stomach! I keep swallowing, but my throat is too small, plus this unreliable impact, and a sequet of push is sprayed from my nose, and the semen rushed out of my nose like shells.噗 sound.

I was full of red, a burst of coughing in my throat, and those who had a sticky semen as if they also stick to the esophagus and scorpion, and the mouth was also sticky, the sticky semen was slow in the esophagus. Slowly slide, in my throat, in the stomach, the nasal cavity is filled with a strong smell.

I looked up, the corner of the mouth flowed out of a milky white liquid, thin semen mixed my saliva out of the mouth, hanging on my bare chest.

My face is a mess, I look at my son, I got a different pleasure from this shameful sexual stimulus!

The meat stick in the mouth gradually became a small, but it is a small, it is still very big!

I have regretted it to my son too much nutrition …

“Women have to suck it after the blow,”

I looked at my son, I was unwilling to my heart, but my mouth was blew to raise the meat stick.

“Well …” The son is not idle. When I help him take out the semen of the residual, I force my little mouth, the meat stick slid in my mouth, make my face, drum, convex Let’s finally, he put the meat stick in my pre-row tooth, and the top of my gods, then brush me up!

I … what I have created …

Rained, my lower abdomen is colic. Due to the drinking of many red wine, there is no excretion when taking a shower, and the bladder is full of swearing.

I clamped my thigh and shook my head to son, I want to talk.

“啵” The son pulled out his big meat stick, my mouth is painful.

“Mom wanted …… think ……” I’m ashamed to say “urine” word, I rubbed my thighs, I wish to convey the intent of the user extremity. “Mom, you want to do it? ~ ~ Wanted to do, then you say it.” Son teasing me, “dry” word tonguing heavy.

Because holding back the stimulus, I do not intend entangled with his son, because his face a crimson urinate, the body is a rose.

“I think …… cattle ……”

Erection of big cock again broke in brutal, life interrupted me.

“Well …… Well ……” I can not help but shed tears of humiliation.

Is this son play again and again ……

“Mom, you need to pee ~ ~ ~ it,” the second word in urine exceptionally long, son sarcastic look at me.

I was desperate nod, the body also exacerbated the friction, I hold back the almost crazy!

“That’s where the urine it!”

I was dizzy inserted a bit ignorant, and sometimes do not understand the meaning of his son.

“Well uh …… woo !!!!” son of the top big cock in my palate, brutal twitch.

“Goo goo Quack Quack …… …… …… cushions, quack” and saliva cock in my palate intense friction, issued in AV sound!

I Tankou large sheet, saliva constantly converge to the lower jaw, the outflow from the sharp corners of the mouth, like a curtain, like hanging on the chin!

So we put a few hundred under my mouth water dry, almost to suffocation time.

“Urinary it.”

Clitoris came a sharp pain! Could not bear the long-term holding back urine bladder, urethra like floodgates of the dam could not stop the surging river!

A few drops of urine flow out ……

I can not in front of his son …… ……

I Jiaoqu shivering because of the pain ~ ~ ~ ~ feel familiar to and from vaginal delivery over his son’s fingers and inserted into it, while a finger gently kneading my clitoris.

I could not help …… not ……

As I struggle with hard to urinate, son cock stabbed in my throat.

In front of the big stick impact on my throat, behind a small stir stick my vagina, I gradually lost in this one after the attack in ……

Throat cock once again inflated, vagina twitch has become more intense.

I sobbed aloud, giving vent to his own happy holding back urine, body joy!

Mouth cock vigorously beating, a Unit of hot semen shot into my throat.

Share, two shares ……

I reckon son shot down because it no longer shot ……

The semen is not aware of the last time more than you ~ ~ ~ ~ Juli head slowly weakened, I quickly looked good spit out his cock.

Long cock spun off from the mouth, I would like to quickly end this hellish experience.

I can just looked up I regret it!

When the glans is about to quit my Tankou, tongue taste soft and greasy in touch with toughness, a strong break out on my tongue!

It began …… shot!

Third share of semen blossoming on my taste buds, cheerful explosions everywhere semen in the mouth!

Son of the glans not prolapse my throat in my mouth and shot a number of shares of semen ……

Good fishy! Good fishy! Good fishy! Good fishy!

It filled the entire mouth full of the taste of semen, due before the shot in the throat, the taste of semen is not thick, but this time hit directly on my tongue, foul liquid filled my whole mouth, tongue They are bitter!

Roubang have not had time to respond to his son’s coming out of my mouth, I just feel a character asks a few marks across the front.

Fourth stocks, shares fifth ……

Semen hit my nose, nasal cavity, cheeks, lips, eyebrows, made me all over his face. Semen peculiar stench nostrils, and mouth feel that adhesions, more important is the kind of strong sense of humiliation and shame!

I was a Bukkake my son! Son actually shot me a look of semen! !

I’m his mother! ! !

The tears in the eyes can’t control it again, and I am crying. Can you, the body feels so comfortable, so happy!

Just when I thought everything was over, my fingers in the vagina were very cruel to my G point!

Do not! ! ! !

The urinary tract is also constrained, I can’t stand my urine, and the endurance of one night is finally going to completely broke out at this moment!

“Hey!” The aging water flow shocked to the cabinet of the bed, too fierce injection, so that some urine is atomizing!

I am like a urine, I am shameful in front of my son.

My thighs are shaking in this loose vent, the sensuality of the big butt is also draped, but hip meat is surmised, the ripples are ripple ~~~ The dragon in front of you raised the borders, is it …

The sixth semen burst into my face, the seminal paste is full of my eyes, forehead, some semen even directly through my nose into my throat, the throat is also full of stink!

“咕唧, 咕唧” urethral mouth finally closed behind the fierce hair, my kinky water drums another bubble from the vagina …

I … I have completely no image …

“Hoh … … … …” The fierce vent allows me to make my body into the red, with sweat, obscene, urine, all kinds of juice, mine The skin exudes translucent luster. My body is so many years of such satisfaction, wild, and unprecedented sexual stimuli let me intermittent convulsions, spasm, I am a satellite, while can’t control it.

I don’t know how slutty, my son has never seen me like this, and suddenly passes from the throat from the throat.

The son putting my soft body in bed, the bed linen on a piece of wolf, is my saliva, obscene, urine, and his son’s semers, so that I have the illusion of swimming pool.

My son moved to me, grabbed my ankle, separated my thigh, and took it to the top!

He wants … Dry … What …

My body was fell, my cervical vertebra supports this meat, the thigh is very buckled on my big chest, the calf is weak, and the caller is in my shoulder.

The muddyena is present in front of my face, and the previous piece of flipping does not satisfy the hungry for many years, the big lips are like breathing, and the hot air is crowded out of the vaginal mouth, just like a small mouth to be fed ~ ~ The son’s meat stick is pressed on my vulva, so I remembered hot dog eaten.

Sprayed bread with a red madamin …

The son’s meat stick moved slowly …

“Oh … no … I want …” I weak, hypocrisy, unable, unable little hand likes to promote the little abdomen of his son, my instinctive maintenance work is the last dignity of the mother …

The meat stick slid on my greasy labony, my uterus starts to reveal the brilliant prostitute, and keep lubricating the drums.

My last strength is also taken away by a little bit of this time …

And my … dignity …

Gradually, my genitals have been sexually and more, more and more obscenities have pouring out, and their son also felt my hurts, and spoiled to slide a little bit.

Oh … ok … hot …

It’s coming … I’m coming …

Sour … acid … acid! ! ! ! I hardly bite the teeth, the muscles of the cheeks are difficult to endure! ! ! ! !

A whitening liquid hits my face, different from the smell of the semen, it is a hook of smell …

This liquid breaks my last line!

Forget it … all like this … it doesn’t matter …

“Ah ah ah ah ah!!!”

I didn’t hide the excitement loudly, I wanted to vent the buried depression, depressed.

“Hey …” I happily sobs …

My son walked down the bed, my thigh lost, but I didn’t respond to this, still maintained this posture.

Good humiliation posture …

So comfortable posture …

I feel that my son approached my head. He pulled my head to the bed along the side, and the whole head was pulled on the bed.

He embarked on the bed again and stayed with my leg.

A hot mask broke into my vagina …

I finally, I have to plug in … I am unable to think about it …

In addition to humiliation, there is still a desire, and some expectations …

The huge glans buried into my vagina, and the glans pole hit my narrow little hole!

“Oh ~~~~ Good … cool …” I sent a delicate nasal sound, whispered, did not cover up the desire of my heart paused.

“All … all inserted it?” I asked in confused, suddenly, the meat stick has returned! “

“Don’t! Don’t pull it out !!” I quickly grabbed it to the ankle, panic, cry, I hope to stop the son’s big meat stick!

“Oh … oh, ah …” The beach’s umbrella rubbed my little hole, my huge trembling ~~~~ The huge glans collided again, and started in the first half of my vagina!

“Small … Xiaoyan … Don’t get tortured your mother … plug …” I am hungry shouting …

The annoying son did not respond to my call, the big glans kept this my vagina, just shallow plug, not to rotate his big tapping, and the left right grinding.

“no, do not want……”

Son’s sexual skill is so high, squeezing my small hole secret, rising, Ma Ma, let me smoke, the gas of the glans is the side of the umbrella, I am awkward, it is a crisp And sour! I have to be broken, I have to be broken! I got my gum tremble, almost cried!

“Stinky … stinky son, hurry … plug in!”

I do not care! I haven’t been nourished for a long time, my vagina, my uterus, my ovar, I haven’t got the semen to irrigate! My sexual organ tells me, I want! I need to! ! I need to! ! !

But the son is in the words of me, and it is still shallow, it is not willing to get my heart, the son seems to be immersed in the pleasure of gratifying my maturity.

I am mad, beg my son, into my deep place in my vagina, the gentleness of the gentleness, hopes to be deep, deep, and then deep! My heel has crossed behind the son’s butt, hit, trying to make his meat sticks all come in!

I feel that my son’s meat stick is expanding! I have never been so thirsty! I hurt my son’s ass!

“Shoot … come in … come in …” Long time unsatisfactory and folding for my voice, but I can still listen to the desire of the contained, firm!

“Ah, ah!” The son pulled out his big meat stick and jumped out of bed and plugged in my little mouth!

“Well, um !!” I cried protests, violent shocking, talking about my dissatisfaction!

My uterus wants to be fed! Not my throat! !

A semen spread in my throat …

“唔 ~~~” I intermittently renewed the nasal tone and spurting me deeply disappointed, dissatisfied, the throat was still swallowing the semen, my little mouth was smashed with the meat stick, the tongue rotated with the glans.

My son took my head to the bed, and I bleed the strength, I quickly entered my dream. The sperm of the throat was not swallowed, and my saliva mixed with the semen from my mouth. Naughty flow …

I am fainting with my eyes.

It seems that only a few seconds, the fierce alarm stimulates my eardrum, I am fascinated, I gradually wake up.

My body is sticky, and my face is also sticky.

Suddenly, a bitter taste is filled with my throat, oral, and it also exudes this astringency.

Is the taste of the semen!

I swallowed a spit, but I took a second, my face was distorted …

I seem to swallow a blenetic glue, stick it on my esophagus, slowly slipping in the stomach, I even think that it is sticking to my stomach!

“Vomitation ~~~~” I quickly rushed in toilet, I want to spit all these things!

He … he actually shot me a face! Also … also arrived in my throat! ! I hate the mouth! ! !

I am crazy, wash my tongue with teeth brush, gums.

“This is why …” I am holding my teeth, I think about it, I think about it …

Slowly, last night’s scenarius appeared in front of me, I was shocked by myself.

How can I … how can this …

I walked out of the bathroom, I hope to find some clothes to change.

At this time, I saw my son!

An anger suddenly pushed my brain, I walked over in my son, I used my best to fight him!


“Agriculture … beast” I am so angry that my question has become a complaint.

“This is incest! It is rape !!”

“But … but I didn’t rape you, I didn’t shoot it again, you still ask me … I insert you, shoot it,” The son said with her face.

“You!” I couldn’t help but be weak, and the air flame was weak.

“Moreover, it is … is you taking me, my blood gas is just just drinking wine, of course, I can’t control myself, I don’t really insert you!” The son relieves.

I was angry for a dizziness, although I know that it is such a thing, but I can’t accept it.

I started my hand, I want to play him again!

When the son suddenly lifted his head, he said “Mom! It’s wrong! You want to play, as long as you can get angry, you can send me to the police station!”

Looking at my son’s firm face, my heart is not a result.

“Hey … The son of the son is bullied by your mother !!” I used my own mood with my hands with my hands.

After a while, I remembered the wolf on the face, and quickly said that “my son, my mother wants to be quiet, we will talk later.”

I took a few pieces of clothes and rushed into the bathroom.

Rolling out the filth of your body, I bubble in the bathtub, recalling a scene last night, thinking about my wild, lustful, and son’s big meat stick.

“Hey, how do I think of this.” My face is not shameful.

Today, I have no speech and my son, and the atmosphere between us is a bit cold.

Until a week, our relationship has improved.

One day, when I went out in my son, I was prepared to help my son to organize the room.

“Hey, how is it here?” The drink did not find the drink in his son.

“Little Tmall” I thought about it.

I walked near my son, I wanted to sort it, I saw the son’s drawer and opened.

“How big is the person, it is still so careless.”

Just when I was ready, my son’s diary was inbounded in my eyes.

I don’t want to see it is a lie, although I know this will infringe the privacy of my son, but I still want to have more understanding of my son.

“I … I am his mother, for … In order to avoid his mistakes, I will see it.” I opened my own reason, I saw my son’s privacy.

God … God …

I feel angry with my son’s diary, tremble, how can he have this idea? !

The son writes with a big font: I want to do my mother.

孽子! !

I am angry with diary, I want to find a spider silk in it.

It turned out that since I broke into the son of the son, I didn’t wear underwear and my son for one night. After the son’s heart became the idea of ​​incest! This time, he also gave me a child in the wine!

No wonder I will be so … so … so …

This animal … I bite my teeth, and I suddenly gave birth to an angry that was deceived!

I continued to looked at the diary and found a lot of fantasy that was filled with my son. His name is masturbating, and even peeking to take a shower!

My face began to red again ……

He said that since her husband left, I am not happy, he must let me be a happy woman!

I put away the diary of his son, Chen flavors ye out of his son’s room.

I do not know how to face son ……

Since his son’s diary read, me up all night after night, I do not know how to say with his son, he does not know how to dispel the ridiculous idea of ​​his son.

Due to lack of adequate sleep, my face is very bad, hair becomes brown, son to see me very worried and asked me what concerned sick.

Heart disease ah ……

There are some time away from school, I am going to use this time to solve this problem.

Consulting a city well-known psychological consulting firm, I recommend them to the receptionist here the best counselors: Liu Ming.

I made an appointment weekend, ready to completely cure this heart disease.

Weekend, sunny day.

I pick up a bit hastily set off, before leaving I put on sunglasses.

What woman does not want to be seen her look ugly.

After some inquiry, I found Liu’s office, so he helped me solve my problem.

“I … my son, I want to be incest with me!”

Encouraged by Liu, I finally tell their own problems, after the remark export, the people I feel relaxed a little.

“Generally speaking, men will have different degrees of the Oedipus complex, but as to what extent is your son, I need more information to help you analyze.” Liu Ming her glasses.

“Next, I might ask some of the more sensitive issues, please try to tell me without reservation, because the more I know about your situation, to tell you the most realistic answer.”

“Excuse me, did you know your son like the way a relationship with you?”

“Yes …… I accidentally found in his diary.”

“That is to say, it’s just an idea, it does not put into action, you now relations strategy did not happen?”

Hearing this, I face some hot …… my hand gently rounded up about their hair.

“Ah, yes, we …… we do not have a relationship.”

“According to your statistics, you’re divorced?”

“um, yes.”

“Your son is there some unusual behavior? Such as beyond the general feelings of the mother and child, lovers general move?”

“Ah …… not ……”

Liu paused and then her glasses.

“Excuse me, you are not particularly concerned about incest word?”

Liu heard the question, my heart beating jump.

“When …… Of course, parents do not want to happen every taboo thing, of course, normal society would not tolerate this kind of thing, this immoral, disgusting things!” I eagerly look about her, small hands catch of white, but also because of the excitement of the chest a drum of a drum beating!

Liu listened to my words, bow in silence.

As I so impatient when Liu suddenly asked me a question I can imagine.

“You are in a child sexual assault had been your father!”

My face “shabu” and look white, shortness of breath gradually, shoulders began to shake.

“You …… you …… how can you ask such a question!?” I am angry but terrified screams.

That nightmarish night, the kind of sickening feeling ……

I thought I had forgotten everything happened that day, I thought I could get rid of the nightmare of life again ……

“Tell me! Is not it?” Liu asked me severely, even the head of Unit burst veins.

“Ooo, ooo …… is ……” I rely on the whole person into the chair, hands violently over his own mouth, to cry out of fear, weakness replied.

After a long, suck my mouth together, efforts to heal his own trembling body.

“He is a beast. He is not as good as the animal!” I am excited to say that Liu Ming poured a glass of water, I want to make my emotions. “Thank you” I took a small mouth and soothe my mood.

“I was a long body. One day he drank wine, and the mother also quarreled with my mother. I saw him very sad, ready to comfort her, he tight Tightly hug me, treat me as my mother, said a lot, I was panicked at the time, I want to give him a glass of water, who knows … Who knows that he holds my head, let me use The mouth is covered with him … he … I fately flowed in tears to vent it, he … he not only forced me to eat, but also … I still shot on my face! I thought helped him. Just, but they haven’t done it for a long time. He took a few months. I said that I have to … I was inserted, and I was inserted by him … I was inserted four times! 呜呜 …… I didn’t dare to tell my mother at all, and I didn’t dare to tell anyone … From then on, I used it very excluded … Use mouth … “

Liu Mingcai listened, and he helped a few glasses.

I have been in this year, I don’t have a psychological consultation this time, maybe I will tell others in my life …

“You didn’t talk to your husband?” Asked Liu Ming.

“I … I don’t dare, I have never told him this thing, I said that my father is divorced with my mom, he has never seen his face, I am afraid that my husband … look down on me.” I low my low sob.

“So you have not told you husband, is it?”

“Yes, it is……”

“You … is there much more way to communicate with your husband?”

“This … this problem seems to be unrelated to today’s topic.”

“Oh, actually … it is related. If the parents think, if the fungus will have a deep impact on the child, the teacher quarrel the husband and wife children will quarrel with others, if they are more intense, parents only see each other, The child will also have a violent tendency. So know if the relationship between your husband and wife is very necessary. “

“This is …” I suddenly rest assured “I and my ex-husband relationship … Mentally, I am actually the kind of weak, exciting girl. At that time, he first pursued me, I saw him very good people. Ok, plus no one at the time, so I agree. “When I remember the past, I slowly relaxed, and there were more and more words.

“He is very powerful when school, not just learning achievements, he is a school scattered team, the physical skill is very good, I have an accident with him. That day I will go to the classroom in the classroom, I will only return the bedroom, in the bedroom I have a robber on the road. I didn’t have money on my body. I thought … I, my ex-husband is just training, I will help me clean up the lagoon. We will start to contact. His singing is very good, Will play the piano, humor, I know movies! Once we chatted a movie for a long time, I only know that someone likes so many strange things like me. “I think of these past sweets, I can’t help but Laughing.

“At the time … really happiness ~~~~” I murmured “I am actually a special person who has no sense of security, when I am a child, I am a teacher, because … The teacher stands on the podium. The style of the wind, I think: Is it that the teacher didn’t dare to bully me? Oh, the idea at the time is really naive, I am … because I feel that he can give me the sense of security. … “” “” That … later? “

“Later … After graduation, we still got together, I think I found a person worthy of a lifelong, so I gave him. He didn’t have money, the wedding banquet at the time of marriage was very simple, I remember that he said at the time. I have to make a lot of money in the future, we have a wedding banquet again, let me be the most beautiful bride around the world. He is very smart, and it is very eye, so I have always been listening to him, he keeps making money, we The time is getting less and less. I have been a teacher before, I will do a housewife at home. I don’t know when I start, he is more refreshing, I began to make him happy, How to make him comfortable. “My voice gradually sinks.” Is your husband and wife harmonious? “

“Well … I can’t make special harmony.”

“Who is that?”

“Generally, I am catering him, he … he always feels not enough, he is a person who is not easy to meet, whether it is still … or it …”

“Well …” Liu Ming lowered his head and recorded it with a pen.

“I suggest you chat with your son in the future, talk about the female classmates on the class, scattered his attention to the same age. He is now pubescent, and it is very normal, and the diary is always Record some very private things, I don’t dare to say that I don’t want to say that these taboos don’t mean that they are practical, and this is also a normal venting channel. If you have accumulated in your heart, you have not got well. The release will bring unpredictable consequences. You can talk to him about women’s physiology, let him not be too curious, learn about the wrong knowledge from the wrong channel. “Hearing here, my face suddenly blush I remembered the ridiculous sex education that night.

“You have to have your normal communication circle, you rely too much about your ex-husband, you have to come out from his attachment, so your mood can be more pleasant, actively influence your son.”

After listening to Liu Ming, the worry in my heart was not so heavy, and the face was eager to come.

“A few more time, I will help you open this heart.”

“Thank you, I … I am so thankful!” I didn’t expect to happen. I have been solved so smoothly, I am very happy.

“During this time, you have to take a break, insomnia is a female natural enemy, you are so beautiful, it is really a loss of society.” Liu Ming smiled “Ha ha ~~~~ Thank you, I Should be … won’t insomnia. “This Liu Ming is really comforting.

“So, next time, Ms. Sun.”

I took out the building of the building and went out of the building and prepared to start a new teacher life.

This Liu Ming, why is it called me? Do I have this old? Maybe, I am afraid that I misunderstood … I have a new life, I ~~~~ come ~~~~ ~~~~~ Month today is the first day of school, the first day I am going to work ~~ ~~ In order to leave a good impression on colleagues and classmates, I put on the gray ladies’ professional suit, embroidered on white shirt, and highlighting this, my bust, short skirt is very good to outline my hips. The curve, silky pantyhose not only makes my long legs more beautiful, but also adds a glaze color.

This way … is it too shocked …

After all, it is on the first day, or forget it …

I took off my pantyhose and put it on a suit trousers.

Well ~~~~ It looks better, the thigh is more rich, the calf is more remoned.

Due to solving the problem of troubled her own, sleep has been guaranteed, and I recovered the style of the past.

Simple, put the treasted makeup, look at the pantyhose, I am also ready to bring it to the office, anyway, there is a wardrobe, a woman, how can you prepare a few beautiful clothes?

I am walking with high heels to go to school.

“This is your new teacher, which is responsible for teaching you from today.” The principal introduced “Hello, my name is Sun Suru, is your language teacher.”

“She is a college student who has just graduated.”

“So beautiful, isn’t it to say a old woman?”

“Hey, I heard that the more beautiful female teachers are strict.”

“No! So we are not unlucky?”

Listening to the discussion of the students under the stage, I seem to have returned to a few years ago.

Long-lost podium, I, come back …

“In order to better understand and become familiar with everyone, the following starts!” I picked up the principal to give me the roster, quickly glanced.

This name … is so strange …

“Wood stick, do you have a homework? Wood stick?”

“Don’t come? Please leave the first day of the school, is it not going back from the holiday ~~~~”

A little boy under the “old … teacher” raised his hand.

“My name is Lin Kun, not a wooden stick.” He wronned “Hahahahaha …” The students have a fierce laughter “huh, Lin Kun classmates, you should practice well, Otherwise, others will also call your name. Ok, the next, Senfin! “

After the name is called, I started class.

“Please open the book, today we got the first lesson, the first lesson is mainly not afraid of sacrifice revolutionary female hero in the enemy’s cruelty, still defending the organization you love, singing the female hero Fear of violent spirit … “I still feel so tired …

It’s hard to get it at noon, I got my back. I have no standing for a long time, and the calves feel picking up, swell.

“Today, Mr. Liu has not come. Please leave the school on the first day!”

“Teacher Liu, she should come in the afternoon.”

“Sorry, there are some things in my family.” A young female teacher appeared at the door, and one of Yidi came in.

I am worthy of her for a woman’s nature. Goose’s face, high nose, big waves, the skin as white as me, except for age, we are still very like.

Young is good …

My sight notice that when her thigh, I found some faint white imprints above, although I cleaned it, but I still see it carefully. This findings have attracted my attention, I am silently observing her, I find that she is a bit opened when she walks …

“Xiao Liu, your feet are fine?” Asked an older female teacher.

“Ah! Nothing” she barely smiled, there was a red mark on her face.

After that, she walked from me, I specially sucked the nose and smelled a fragrance.

Take a closer, I found it … a smell!

That is … The taste of the semen …

I didn’t come by the red, but I flicked over a man, and she as a people’s teacher, the sacred mission of the people, and should be in the same way. How can there be such a promising behavior? Now the little girl, why so …

She picked up the cup on the table, and she took out a cold coffee.

I haven’t got the head and I don’t want to see her again.

After picking up the cup, she walked toward the bucket of the office and wanted to pour the coffee inside.

“Ah!” He suddenly worked with a high heel, and her whole person fell to me, and the cupped coffee immediately poured on my pants.

“Ah … I am sorry to sorry!” She apologized to me, while wiped my pants with his hand, and his eyes were anxious.

“It doesn’t matter” I am crying, I have to comfort her call … I am fortunate to bring my pantyhose, otherwise it is miserable …

I came to the bathroom to replace my suit trousers, put on pantyhose, silky touch to my skin.

Hey … so comfortable …

I am half-eyed, enjoying the cool and smooth stimulus.

In the afternoon, I walked into the classroom and prepared to start class.

“Wow ~~~~ Teacher changed stockings!”

“Into, that is pantyhose! I look at my mother.”

“Your mother is definitely no teacher, you watch the teacher’s leg, good smooth is delicate!”

I heard the low-low discussion of students, I am happy to quite my chest.

“Wow … chest is also big, why didn’t you see it in the morning !!!”

Hey, stinky men, all like this!

“In the morning, we got the first lesson, and now I start to die!”

“Ah, ah !! Will it !!!!!” When the classroom is in the classroom! Who told you to talk about me, live it! !

When half of the class, the teaching director explored the classroom.

“Teacher Sun, the principal told you to go to his office.”

That colorful old man? He called me, he won’t want to …

“Oh … I … I will go” I hesitate to walk out of the classroom “噔 噔” Liu Wei Teacher passed through the classroom, I quickly walked over.

“Teacher Liu, the principal called me, you will help me send me the students’ exercises, thank you!”

“Ok, Teacher Sun.”

I hurried to the principal’s office, and she also took the classroom.

“Your teacher has some things, I will send your exercises. Lin Day, Lin Bi is coming?”

“Teacher, I … my name is Lin Kun!” A boy crying loudly said “Hahahahaha !!!!!!!” The classroom broke out, I quickly stepped to the principal’s office, sorting it My clothes, pushed the door.

“President, what is it?”

The principal looked at my legs, and the eyes were retracted, the mouth became a small O-type.

This old stick!

The principal is unscrupulous to look at my legs, say “Teacher Sun, I will have three students to go to your class tomorrow, I will notify you. In addition … Please wear it later, after all, here is sacred School! “He said that he” 咕咚 “swallows the mouth.

The dead ghost, I have a cheap, I still sell it, I secretly bite the silver teeth, I hate.

“Okay, principal.”

I got out of the office and walked to the classroom.

The stinky man in the world is one, hehe!

The last class of the afternoon is a class meeting. I organize students to move on the table and chairs, leaving a large bridge in the middle of the classroom.

After the class will end, I dragged the tired body to the office, ready to go home to rest.

At this time, a figure came over.

Is Lin Kun, “Teacher, I … can you chat with me? My parents are not there, they are all busy with me.” Lin Kun said.

I saw him, I remembered my son, so I would have a consent.

On the way, we talked a lot, Lin Kun was a very interesting child, and there were more words. It seems that there is nothing to talk, it all put it.

When I walked, I got with him to his door.

“Teacher … If you don’t drink some water?”

Looking at Lin Kun’s poor look, my heart, I walked into the house.

Lin Kun saw that I came in, and I was happy to ran into the kitchen.

It’s a child ~~~~ I can’t help but think of my little Ming.

After a while, Lin Kun wiped a cup of coffee to give me, warm.

Oh, it is still very careful.

I drank a few mouthful of coffee, I feel good, I have a few mouthfuls.

Lin Kun looked at me nervous, I smiled toward him “Your coffee is still very delicious, the teacher like ~~~~”

Suddenly, I feel a little bit of stunning, I quickly put down the cup and slammed my head.

I am trying to stand up, but I can’t get rid of the sofa, but I can’t control it.

After a while, I woke up.

How can I faint?

I came cold on my face, I touched it with my hand, and my palm was turbid.

This is……

I will fall into the ice, and I am shaking in my heart.

It was only used for the first day of work.

I have made my mouth, I am afraid that I can’t help but cry.

Lin Kun came over, a laughing of a face.

“Teacher … You don’t cry, these things are easy to wipe, and you will fall with water.”

Mix … Break …

“I … I want to tell your parents!”

“I advise you still don’t do this, I will shoot you, you are now pinching in my hand now.”

what! He actually took photos!

“Hey … you … you” I am shaking, tears caught down the flow.

“Teacher, this thing is good for the skin on your face, you can make your skin more smooth ~”

I fell into the bathroom and flush my face.

“Teacher, my usual grades can give me excellence, otherwise I will pass these photos to the Internet!” Lin Kun shouted to me.

My heart has puffed a feeling, what can I do for such a child?

I don’t know how I go home, I told my son to be a bit uncomfortable, pajamas did not change and sleep … “铃 铃 ~~~~ 铃 铃 ~~~~” I was sharp The ringtones are wake up.

Who is … I still call it so late …

“Hey, hello, is it Mr. Sun?” The voice of a strange man came from the phone, full of magnetic.

“I am, I will ask you …”

“Teacher Sun, you on the photo, this is a face, I don’t know if the real person is the same!”

“You … how do you know … Who are you?” What do you want? “I tired of tiredness, I suddenly slept, the little hand took a cold sweat on the back.

“If you want to go back to the photo, you will go to XX in the XX. I don’t see you in half an hour … I will take your jade ~~~~.”

I immediately got up and took the phone out of the bedroom.

Because I didn’t take off the clothes, I still worn in the afternoon suit and pantyhose.

“Call … …” I got to school, just arrived at the school, the phone rang.

“You are very prominent, now please move to the XX classroom of the XX building in the XX Building, we don’t see it …”

The voice just fell, I saw the iron gate next to the school gate, and I walked forward to the place where he said.

“笃” residents echoed to the knocking sound of my high heels … my heart is a little fur …

Huh? This is not … Is there a classroom in class today?

The classrooms are also open, the moonlight is transforming the window, and the ground is on the ground.

I am cautious to walk in the classroom, and there is no difference between the layout of the classroom and I am leaving.

Just when I turned to another place, a white cloth grabbed my nose!

I strongly started to struggle, and the breath of the tip of the nose allowed me to lose strength.

This cloth has …

I have a head, and I have dizzy …

In the groggy, I feel that someone is taking off my pantyhose, hot palms touch my thigh …

Husband, is it you …

“Well … don’t, husband … husband …” I called the original, you still stay in my heart …

“How do you look a pure teacher on the surface?

“What is pure teacher, he has a son!”

“I can’t see it! This skin, maintenance is really good, slid, greasy, more than that!”

My eyes opened in a smile, I was three young people, a very handsome, a bit like a wooden village Tuo, like Jay Chou, I often see him in AV, another long Ordinary, there is no impression after reading it.


“Teacher, you woke up …” The people who have long been like a wooden village smiling at me.

“Self-introduction, my name is Lu Renji, next to the arrest, the middle of this is called Jia Bao. We are tomorrow … Today, you have to go to Guard’s students, first meet, please … “

Passerby, passerby B, fake chicken bar?

“We are not brothers, although the name sounds very like, we are not the same parent ~” The side of the next is confused.

I got the surrounding environment, I found my own big bed, my thigh curved, pressed my big breasts, I was still fixed by a stick on the thigh, was pulled to both sides, the yin tide , Panty is gone, the moist lack is stuck on the pantyhose, just like the female in AV!

“You … you …”

God, I was taken in the afternoon … Now I have to be used …

I hardly twisted the waist, and I took out their magic.

“Nothing, teacher, you will enjoy it quietly.”

“When you come here, is it these?” Said, he took out a few photos, I saw that I asleep, my face is a light white gum.

My pretrequiries suddenly, I struggled to wanted to grab photos, but he raised his hands tall. “This, teacher, you let us all have vent, these photos will be given to you, how?”

In addition to agreed to their request, what can I do with a weak woman? What should I do if they send my Yanzhao to the Internet? What should I do with my son? How will people around me?

“Ok … I … I promise you!” I said that I said, like a drowning person, I found a life-saving straw and agreed.

“Teacher you help us, so the easiest to let men vent, we are intimate ~~~~”

Also … Is it a blowjob?

I hate the mouth!

I used to be my father … later is my son … I also fill a throat with my mouth, now I am a student … I have to take the initiative!

“No! Don’t … except for the mouth … Use the mouth, the other can!” I pleaded “that I have to pay, you give us every one, although there is no enema, but if you play, I am playing with spraying. Guaranteed that you will fall in love with the previous one, ask us to insert her asshole! “Jay Chou proposed, said that he was very hard.

Anal sex? Do not! I don’t want to do such a disgusting thing! !

“Change …” I will change it … “I asked”, “I will make milk, playing the milk spirit, you are not breastfeeding, we are not a medicated medicine, to make you spray Milky, you can buy it here, you can buy it here! You are so big, you will definitely clamp our cock, plus the lubrication of milk, you must be very enjoyable! “Zhou Jielun laugue I said, I finished pinched my nipple.

How to … how is it?

I think that my sacred breasts clamped their ugly masks, and I trembled angrily.

But I used to breastfeeding milk, now I have to be linger now!

“Can you … again … then change one, I … use your hand to help you come out.” I asked carefully, I am afraid to anger them.

“This is not, don’t you do, are you in the pastime?” I have been smiling Lu Ren Jia face, and I have a sinking “, I have to get you so much, I want to mix with your hand? Let us not let us immediately let you play Human meat sandwich, you like you like! I am doing your little mouth, he is your ass, come to a three-hole blossom, when you get your fine skin tender meat … I can do it, grandson Teacher ~~~~ “Lu Ren Jia evil spirits said.

“You … you … you put my foot so open, let me put such a humiliation posture, I am a female teacher, you are here, you are still talking here, too … too bullied people!” My beauty is shaking because of anger, makes a burst of ripples, I also cried because of your humiliation, the eyes of the eyes are red, Jiazhi’s meat stick is beating.

“It’s also, we can force you, you can’t worry, you can’t worry, um …” Lu Renji bowed meditation “boss, just do it? That is not too cheap.!” Long.

“So! We have a loss, as long as you can use any way in half an hour, let me shoot here, even if you win, what do you see?” Lu Renjia big hands played “, I won you But you have to give it to me! “

“What should you do if you lose?” Lu Renja honey bee asked “I …” I didn’t think about this problem at all, I don’t think he can not shoot half an hour!

“If you lose, you will promise us two conditions! Any condition ~~~~”

Lu Renji’s Daoyang Yao Wei Yao Wei’s shake, the above blue gluten, I stared at him that red and purple, big scared things, biting his teeth, down, said: “Good!”

I heard me agreed, Jiazhibao and Lu Ren have suddenly laughed, and Lu Ren Jia also deeply saw me deeply.

“But you tied my legs, I … I can’t be better … I can’t serve you, you … help me let go.” I am a weak beggar.

“Yes!” Lu Renja solved my 桎梏, let’s get to my ear. “I will let you open the thighs to ask me to come to you, Xiao Flow teacher.” Said it My hip “um … Hand feels soft, flexible and strong, it is the best! It’s a certain cool …” When you finish your greed, he smelled his fingertips.

I am very white …

I will make him shot!

“Come, we, don’t play here … My little kiss ~~~~” After he finished me, I took me on the foreground!

Heaven, actually on the sacred podium and the student fornication!

“咕唧” my flower has flowed out a prostitution …

Sticky … greasy …

“Teacher … you are hurt ~~~~” Lu Ren Jia teased me “Don’t … Don’t humiliate the teacher ~~~~” My eyes flow out of humiliation tears …

He sat on the chair in front of me: “Come, sitting in my legs, then look at you.” He looked at the table in his hand, “Now, it is time!”

I hurriedly stood up and sat on his legs.

Lu Renji’s hairy, I made me itchy, I was strong, I was preparing to reach out, holding his penis, I didn’t expect him to carry his legs, I “ah” lost the center of gravity, the upper body nature One, my hands were in his neck.

The labellips under my bottom is just in the roots of his penis, hot, smooth pantyhosemagon, and a pleasure of pleasure, this may be because I have just been someworing, and the labi is also congested. Be more sensitive.

I glanced at him, and a ripe woman was written on my face. The lower body was a bit reluctant to leave him. Forget it, this may make him get a little more? I have an idea that I have.

I released my hands, and my left hand was gently tied to Lu Renji’s shoulder, and his penis was held down.

I started to make Lu Renjia’s penis.

My hand is too small, I can only hold most of his penis, it is pulled in my hand. My lower body can’t help but have a more compact with his big penis, and the place where the labians and penis are brought wet due to my reason.

I am embarrassed to sneak him, he will be comfortable to squint, but did not look at me at all, probably very comfortable.

I am relieved, seeing such a half an hour can be shot.

In a short while, my right hand began to get numb, the speed slowed down.

I know that once the speed is slow, the man’s pleasure will decrease, what can I do?

Yes, I gently moved the waist, stuck his penis with your own lips, started to move up and down, and my hand gently stroked on his glans.

This trick is really good, Lu Ren Jia is so closed the eyes just opened again.

It’s just that the amplitude of my movement is also gradually bigger, but this is the thrill of my lower body, but there is not a few times, the water flowing out of the vagina has made Lu Renjia’s big penis. The whole is wet. I simply sipped the love liquid on the penis in the penis, and the lubrication of love, my hands and the lower body are more labor-saving.

At this time, my nose and the horns were tired of sweating, and my face was blush. But Lu Renji’s penis did not see some signs of ejaculation, but more and more rough.

This … what can I do?

At this time, Lu Ren Jia opened his eyes, and his mouth revealed the laughter. One of his hands left my slight waist, but held my breast, another hand slightly, put my upper body near his body, his mouth kissed on my ear.

My labi is in front of his penis.

“Well … What do you want to do …” I feel that the water of the lower body is like a flood of the mouth.

“咕唧, 咕” “glans buried my labipings, rubbed my tender meat across pantyham, named a short! Just let my gas dare not show, the remaining is only strongly suppressed, the rhinos and the trembling of the whole body.

I can’t help but think of the scene of my son to force the pussy.

As a people’s teacher, I am actually playing my own genitals by my son. Now I also use my Yin Department to take the initiative to rub the students’ mask, but also let him shoot!

I am a sad woman …

Lu Renji twisted my nipple with his fingers, while licking my earlobe, another hand stretched into my back and kept in the circle, gently said: “I am helping you, Teacher ~~~~ You, is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, and the most woman I have ever done, do you know? “Although I hated him, he said this kind of love makes me feel awkward. The jumping, the woman is the most sensible animal. He is a fattest thing in this happening.

And the most sensitive roles in my body is simultaneously attacked, I can’t say it.

“Ah … you … let go … I … I … still want … Let you … shoot … …”

His mouth was printed on my lips. I was passive and he picked up. He was overbearing my tongue. He took my tongue from time to time, and gently licked my tonta, still in mine. The tongue is slightly rotated.

It’s so comfortable … I am so lost in the hot kiss ~~~~ “I have passed ‘0 minutes, Xiao Sao Teacher …”

what! It’s so fast …

“This way, my things especially like women’s breasts, so if you help me, I should be shot soon.”

“Really … Really?” I really asked “I don’t know!” After I finished Jiazhi, Jia Bage, who was standing behind, made a eye, Jia Bao broke my leg. Lifted below the podium, Lu Ren Jia also took place across the countertop, I lost my support because of the loss of support, the front half is on the penis of Lu Renji. Well ~~~~ Jia Bang Dynasty hot home stamps on my yin, the glans slipped to slip on the lace, I am uneasy to twist my full big ass, who knows Jia’s intensive hit hard My ass is slap!

“Hey!” My butt was trembled, and I added a pink.

“Don’t mess, you won’t fall, my strength is very big! Don’t say that I steal you.” After showing your own muscles, I also huddled his hips.

Oh ~~~~~ a bit of sweet and greasy 啼 啼 啼 啼 我 我 出! Obviously, you want to 肏 me!

I immediately turned back, and my lament was white.

Lu Renji put my big breasts with his powerful big hand, and the stars took a few tears because of the pain.

“Teacher … You have not much time ~~~~”

I hated him, pinching my breast, holding his hot meat stick.

My heart is dramatically jumped, which is the first breasts in my life, and the breast reveals the shame of the rose.

My heart is a horizontal, closes my eyes, and starts the big hook!

“,,” I have a shy man’s voice and his sophisticated meat stick …

My eyes are half-filled, and the toes are also comfortable.

Just when I gradually became intoxicated in a Shu-alternative piston movement, Lu Renja’s big hand pressed my head, my nose was pressed on his glans!

Just like that day, my son did what I did …

“Oh … oh …” I humiliated protests, and the hot nose was sprayed on his big tapping.

“I … I don’t want to bother …” I whispered “You soon with my cock, I am not shooting ~~~~ You should get my dick, at the same time Add my glans, this is not a blowjob. “

“Really … Really?” I saw halfway suspect as long as it was not blowing … just ……

I used my lovely tongue to lick his glans, and his face turned a burst of comfort, then looked down with my head, indicating that I continued.

I was encouraged to take my mouth with my mouth “Let’s take a soft feeling, just like … cartilage … a powerful male breath makes me dizziness …… still quite good …

no! Blowjob, so disgusting thing, I … I don’t want to do it again! !

I am amazed at my thoughts, when it is not completely born, I will kill in the cradle.

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