is a big hero can native ineffective gentle gentle gods Shen Mu Wei

Returning home, I originally an exciting thing for a long time.

For me, it is a dream of two days.

I graduated from the beginning of my morning. The unfortunate father is hard to bite the teeth, let me read this private H Middle School, known as the aristocratic school. This can only blame yourself.

South China Ping fast night roller car on fixed railroad tracks. The wall is pushed. . .

I have a heavy book-filled old suitcase, I have made strength into the carriage. It is the record of my favorite extracurricular reading. The record of Tom Jones. Father gave my life expenses in addition to the accommodation fee of the school, I used to buy out lessons. Every year, I have a cumbersome book, and the cardi box is a bit loose. I want to start the baby’s beloved baby, I can’t help but grip.

On the roof, the old electric fan is weak, but the inner is filled with a disgusting sour taste. It is sweat, and the fox odor is mixed with the roture of the dishes. Moving a seat on the shoulder on the luggage frame. It stands in a steadhouse, then I have time to look around.

In addition to holding a “Accounting”-like college students, I am digging nose with my right hand, in this late shot basket, there is not much animals. The dark lights, the turbulent breath is sleepy.

A middle-aged man who left me three steps, put the back on the back of the seat, and shakes the car with the creep of the train. A “倭 倭” in the left front seat is still falling asleep. A stylish young woman in his neighbor is hob, stealth, obliquely, swaying on his shoulders. The right front seat has a group of girls in the embrace of their mother’s embrace in the embrace of their mother. Right rear seat, a girl strive to stare at a crown magazine in front of her eyes. On the right front seat, a pair of young men and women who are like couples are paid in the knee.

With the South Bank of the train, the passenger is up and down, the car is fresh, and my legs are gradually numb. No one moved his feet, or not, see the right rear seat, the body moved the body. Unexpectedly, then the girl who watched the Crown Magazine was aware of my mind, and lifted the right elbow across the chair to defense.

“Dry!” Dressed up.

Mush your body to the door, leaning on the door shaft, the feet looked easily. The eyes are still staring at my luggage in the eyes.

The cool night wind is siled by the door, making me awake a lot. Every time I go to one stop, there will always be some people in the car, and my sight should always look at the suitcase I placed on the shelf.

Suddenly, I found a girl who was sleeping under my suitcase, and she squatted was a bit weird. Take a look at the jacket that is covered in its lap. I don’t understand that I am pubescent.

With the heart of shake, look at her illusion, depressed expressions, I am a fascination.

At this time, I found that she had a long hair of her black, and the slightly smashed her eyes and long eyelashes, and there was a straight nose with cherry, white shirt V-shaped. The neckline is over the white chest.

My mood rises with her illusion, she is a eyebrows, I am shaking. I fantasically, people who are “making” are me.

I shaken in the heart, my face is red and hot, looking at her ups and downs, I can’t help but swallow a smear and dry throat.

Land, she opened his eyes and found that my eyes stared at her. She is embarrassed to laugh and laugh, push the man’s hand (I guess), talk to him.

I haven’t passed the human being, and I have turned it more, avoid her sight, and put the right hand anti-the door shaft stand up and close. The heart still recalls the encounter that I have just unforgettable. Before the closed eyes, replay her words of my thumbnail makes me palpitations.

Creepy trains continue to crawl forward.

“Hey .. Hey .. Hey.” The train slowly stopped creep.

The head is looking forward to the new bamboo.

Someone gets off. . . Go down five, six people!

“Zhi Liang! Telling something with your sister .. Send it.

Look back. sky! Is that girl!

She leaned her body in the door shaft, and she shouted with a male shouting, and she dressed in black trousers, she couldn’t compromise her triangle. After I scattered on the right hand on the door. .

She was instantly moved, and she smiled and laughed again.

I just slammed my heart. I feel the remaining temperate on the right hand, and I think about the smile of the flower, my body can’t help but shake slightly.

“倥 倥 …” The train moves again to South, which is increasingly night.

Going back, she has got off the car next to her. She is here to sit on an old woman with an about four and fifty years old.

“Is she intentional? Still unintentional?” I got it in my heart.

Quoted a fluctuated mood, deeply sucking a cold night fan, I boring courage into the car.

She seems a little accident, I will enter the car. But I still don’t avoid my eyes.

I can’t intend to move the suitcase on the top of her head, and the name is standing in front of her seat.

I am looking at her. . . .

It can be seen from the upper neckline on the upper edge of the chest milky white cream. The slightly wrinkled shirt button can see a pink lace flower in front of the milky white bra. The loose shirt can’t cover the lines of her Gaoron chest. The necklace of a white neck is wearing a skewless necklace (is a peace harness? Or ..). Long Xiu hanging on the left shoulder, the right ear hangs a small Zhu Hongzhu chain, reflecting the charming horns shaking.

Next, let’s more feel the beauty of her skin, and there is no smoothness – snow white smooth. Slim ten fingers are painted with phenkax, and elegant. The right hand end is tapped on her right knee. I imagine how she is thinking about how to respond to my eyes silent attack.

It seems to be determined, she stopped the action, reach out the cup next to the top, drink a sip of the water, put down the body and lying on the seat, a pair of bright black scorpion nature looked at me.

“Come!” I hit! “I thought.

I didn’t stand her back.

Her wave actually continued to withstand my attack without retreating.

Time I didn’t know how long I lasted, I felt that her eyes were defensive, curious, and wonderfully blended with me. That is a wonderful and never had a feeling.

For a time, there is a shares that are filled in the wave of interest.

“倭 倭 尚” sitting next door seems to feel the same eyes of our two, weird look at us.

We all ignore the existence of others, and it is staggered in the time and space of Spring Bo.

“Hey .. Hey .. Hey.” The train slowly stopped creep.

“倭 倭 尚” get off at the end of the eye. I am sitting next to her.

The fragrance of a jasmine is coming to me with a creepy train.

“You stand for a long time! Is it a holiday?” She was surprisingly asked.

“Have a holiday! It is also used to it!” I didn’t naturally looked at her snow. I think she guess my identity by my body.

“Where are you?” I asked.

“… Tainan, the mother is a bit .. you?” She thought of him.

“I lived in Jiayi” I answered a side of the woman who thought of she was actually married. Seeing her definitely less than twenty-five.

“You are getting married early!” I taught.

“People do die! There are many sisters in the family, but I don’t have me!” When I talked about marriage, she was a bit of helplessness.

“Your expensation? Mr. didn’t come with you?” I know so. “

She said that she is Li Yuejun, and knows what I asked, I will see: “He get off first! You have to go to the store early, no law”

“This is my first time I have been married. The life that is not worried by the girl’s era is really nostalgia!” She said a bit.

“Why don’t you play a good place to play this time?” I encouraged.

“No! There is no place in the place, and a person is really unfamiliar” she replied.

“Where is the sunset? The scenery is very good.” I suggested.

“I am not familiar with” she cares.

“Get off from the stage, very close!” I explained.

“I can say” I will further pursue.

“…” She reveals the look of the other.

“You give me the ticket, let us get off at Taichung” “I boost my right hand to take the ticket.

“This .. is not good.” I hesitate to pinch her ticket in the hand.

“Don’t …” She tried to grab her ticket from my hands.

“Okay! Don’t hesitate! It’s coming!” I quickly pushed the situation to the cliff.

She is red, and she is stuffy.

“Hey .. …” The train slowly stopped, and the Taichung Station was here.

“The Taichung is here! Go!” I got up and took the suitcase.

I don’t know if the ticket is in my hands or wants to think about the adventures in this life. She picked up her lightly baggage, and the head was in the middle of the car.

The cool night wind in Taiwan makes me spirit.

I got out of the station and looked back to her. That kind of bold, tenderness, and confident eyes of the same kind of bold, tenderness, and self-confidence. I suddenly felt a pride and greatness that was relied. It is my family to rely on my family. I returned her softly, and I said to her: “Let’s find a home hotel first, wait for the fertile!”

The cool night wind made her unintentionally licking me.

After picking up the door key in the younger brother’s hand, I took her on the building.

Open the door and go in. She took a minute in front of the door, she walked in low.

That is a Shuya Suite, a snow-white double bed with a snow white sheet with a single sheet. Tea table with warm water bottle with two white paper wrapped in glass. Two sofa chairs are placed on the wall of tensioning curtains. The big mirror from the dressing table can see her little uneasy.

Place the kit on a coffee table, close the door, open the bathroom light, and said to her: “You take a shower first!”

The atmosphere is a bit embarrassing, she returns: “What about you?”

“It’s hard to do it with me?” I said.

She listened to a bit embarrassed, smiled and flashed into the bathroom.

Turn off the lights, twil open the air, TV and bedside lamp, and there are many indoors.

Listening to the sound of the bathroom, I lying on the bed and dials the tv controller.

“Well .. ah ..” TV came from the phonograph.

Looking at the sterling shot of the mirror, I think about one of the bathroom, I don’t feel the shake, I have gradually pulled it.

Looking at, looking at it, pressing a heart that can’t stand, pick up the laundry to come to the bathroom door.

“Can I come in?” I asked tapped in the bathroom.

“Good wow!” Replied in the door.

When the door opened, I saw she had already wore a white lush and smile and flashing out.

“Naughty head!” My heart was dark, said in the mouth: “You play me!”

Quickly brush over the body, replace clean underwear. When you pay attention to the movement outside the door, you will be afraid that she is temporarily giving.

Lightly open the door. I saw her sitting on the bed, and the knee is covered with a single, and the eyes look at the TV. Look at her fans. Time to hide, sometimes tap the chest of the chest.

I slammed the bathroom door, I saw her ashamed to hide into the bed.

I turned off the TV and twisted the bed of bed, and I went in.

I saw that she turned her body, and the cheecy was buried in the cotton pillow. Is it shy? Is it awkward?

Look at her like a newly married woman, so I remember that the hometown neighbors grew up with my blueme bamboo horse. That is a place that I will never forget. . . .

It is a companion who grew up with me, and she has always been a part of my life.

From primary school, we play together in two common courtyards together, holding hands together. The big people in the village have enclosed us in the closure of the simple countryside, they put us to meet their regrets for marriage that cannot be made. It seems that we are happy with the recognition of the adults.

Her father went to work in the central government, and in the simple countryside, we have a neighbor in Taipei. Every time I heard the dissipated “cough! Cough!”, I know that the father is going home.

There is a change in the sixth grade of the country, and she is a building!

The courtyard is separated by two halves, surrounded by green brick walls, and it is like a golden saliva. In the isolated courtyard, I can only listen to the joyful songs from the second floor of her, and then I can’t see the look of her red apple’s face. And from her parents sent her to the neighbors of Mr. Chen’s family, and we were more chance to catch loach in the mud.

In the country, men and women, the measures to queue in school make us more away. I have never gone like it at that time. I met on the alley, she smiled at me so much, smiled and smiled at me. It is a slim dress. Suspetiously, the confidential men and women have something else, making me unhappy. I am in the world of Zhuge Qing Yun, Wolong, Qiong …. I can meet the dreams I can’t achieve in the real world in the world. This is what I can’t take a “good high school” in a family.

Is a holiday in the second day of the country! I experienced a thing that can’t be forgotten.

Teacher Chen’s Son (Classmates who have different classes in my colony), about me to his house. Duo Zhi is taught by his father, talking about a good piano, he will teach his father on behalf of his father. If you say it next to you, telling her to play the piano, I am a right, I always look at the right! The loss of this right is to lead to the main cause of all musical instruments in high school!

Through the front hall of Yuanzhijiao, I have entered the backham threshold and I have seen Yuanzhi and his brother Hong Zhi brother. .婉 (I just don’t believe it will meet her in this case)

“Hey! What is Shen Mun Fan is busy with you? I don’t know me together.” I went to the door. He knows that I have a good to raise a pool of Wu Guo fish, and he will catch an interest once. “Hongzhi brother!” He said hello to Zhongzhi, who is coming back to the book in Middle, and speaks.

“Hey! Hello!” That is the name I have not yet shouting. I feel that my accent is a bit strange. It is two years away from the last time.

“Hello!” The generous but a little bit of sorrowful smile and responded.

Looking at her, it is like a dazzling smile, making me think about the lamely flower of the bloom of the door wall. When childhood, often in its shadow, but referred to it. It can’t afford it true.

After the upper country, I have never seen her closely like today. I saw her wearing a snowy short-sleeved shirt, showing a like an arms, sparsely browsed her brunette cheeks, and the ear of the ear. Looking at the familiar jade hand, it has been more than the past, and the childish look has been replaced by beautiful appearance. It has been emitted to a lot of joy, so that I have to sigh the magic of the years.

On the way on the way, I can’t afford the courage to look at her. I even spent talking to Yuanzhi, and I scan her a bit. She is also likely to detect this sorrowful embarrassment. When I am a light, when I am aiming to her, I low-headed to fake it.

“Hongzhi! Yuanzhi! Come to help the goods!” Just finished the father-three paid card, he heard Chen Bo Mother shouting in the front hall.

“Come on!” Chen’s brothers explained that we went to the front hall.

The table is only left with me, the more you make me feel free. I just want to grab the table’s poker shuffle to soothe the strangeness, I still have to reach the left hand. A pair of two hands that have not been exposed to several years, and then again in this bizarre. It seems that tens of thousands of yin and yang bodies, I caught a lightning in front of our eyes. That lightning numb my fingertips, while referring to my chest. We both retract the arm quickly. The whole body blood floods to the brain, and the heartbeat is also very urgent, and the heartbeat is clear. Snoving her, I saw her, and she didn’t speak.

That is a hot early summer, but it is my soul.

“Hey! What are you thinking?” As a slim jade hand wakes me the meditation, the junjun’s delicate question.

“Sorry! Nothing!” I responded. I can’t tell her at this moment, I am recalling another girl.

I stretched out the right arm to her, and she immediately turned back. I hold her breast isolated over her white lush. But I found that there is no bra under her lush, and the hand hold is a flexible and warmth.

To be honest, this is the breast of my first time to hold a strange woman. My understanding of the physiological structure of women is from the book of A book and a small number of critical medicine. The school is always smiled in the school is “theoretical party” – light says not refining. This time, it is so bold to be a shame for a snow “theoretical party”.

My body smoked her slightly, and said in the mouth: “Call! It’s cold!”

When I trembled with the left hand, she took her ear to her ear, she thought her carefully. The underlying body is close to her rich buttocks, and I am more implied!

I smelled the fragrance of the end of the nasal, I kissed her earlobe. I only look at her closed eyes, the breath is gradually urgent.

I moved the right hand to her right shoulder and faded her right shoulder strap. Under the quiet light, I saw a towering latex with a pink uli, the pink nipple was embedded in it. The right hand is stupid to master it again, and the feelings just have now clearly visible.

She turned over, she faded his left shoulder strap, revealing a pair of high latexes. I am fascinated, I can’t think of a woman’s double milk is so fascinating! The clever ditch has made me a desire to bury the face.

I faded on the upper body and rushed. The upper body is pressed against her double breast, and the hands are striking by her, and she is in her. The hazy hazy kisses her Cong, the powder, the nasal breathing, and the body of the frenzy.

“Tap!” She said, one side explored my hands into my underwear.

“Call!” When she looked at my roots, I couldn’t help but cry.

At the same time as the knee arched, she is convenient for her. I planted a deep valley in her chest and sucked her flexible twilight. It was accidentally inadvertently, and she was unexpected when she was so dark, but she opened her little lips. This findings make me boldly and complicated with her nipples.

I can’t stand the way, she faded my underwear, and I lived in her thigh. A bursts, but also can’t help it under her blister, turn around to embed the head in her legs.

The woman’s thigh is really comfortable than the feather pillow, I want to sleep with a woman’s thigh must be the biggest enjoyment of life. On the occasion of sucking her long thighs, I smelled a different body fragrance. It is a different incense from her cotton white trousers. I saw a slightly wet in the trousers in her double-sharing, and a slice of the tugged in the tunnel. Extending the index finger is gently gently under the seam, feel the warmth and moist of the roster.

“Ah! Ah .. ..” The eyebrows left and right twisted, and the hands were holding my lower limbs.

Listening to her happiness, I can’t help but fade with her white trousers.

The black silk is sparsely across the embrace, the doubles of the Taoyuan hole, with her trembles in slight wet. Dialing a pink hole with his hand, you can see a deep and long distance. The finger is left and right, and she can’t stand it, she pulled me to her.

She rose the right leg to put me in her double-share, the left leg opened, with the left hand to hold my baby in her private place.

Baby never enrolled in caves and sensitive babies have been lifted with this Silk Temperature, a burst of melades rose. I have a feeling of humiliation. I quickly pressed the blink of the pulsation with the right hand, and I took a breath and climbed it on her.

Two hands rubbing her solid double milk, turning around her nipple. With a knees, she opened her legs, and the roigenic roots were lightly told in her private parts, and she had to ask me.

“Van brother .. Fast forward .. Come .. Express.” She could sorrow.

I deliberately, I’m so light, until the glans feel moist. I know that she is suffering enough, and private parts have been disaster.

“Come in .. ..” In her disclaimed voice again, I accidentally pierced it into her private parts, so that she smoldered.

I intuitively feel the power of her private parts. But a while, in her slightly fuse, I am busy forward, a hot sprinkle.

“Ah. Light. Little .. ah .. No.” It’s too deep, she wants to push me.

It is the first time to interact with a climax, so that my panel is holding her back to the next direction.

So beautiful! After the time, the comfort has made me relax. I am weakly squat on her flexible carcass.

She talently picked up and wiped sweat for me on my back, putting the side lie position, and the private parts still included my life.

I looked at her smiling, she also looked at me, a little delicate, said: “I will never be love with you, you tease me …”

I went to the head and said, “Who told you that the wave is so wave, this is my first time!”

She is shameless and said: “Really!”

I haven’t come back, and her lips have been covered with my lips and explore each other with each other.

Have you eaten a sweet rice cake! The woman’s lips suck it, it is like that feeling.

After a mistake, I suddenly hurt myself in the lower part of her private parts, and she also had a feeling.

“Ah .. you .. you again ..” She loves my love again to me. “

This time, she sat up and softly swung hips, cherishing the land like the end of the first grass.

In twisting, you still don’t forget to bent down and give me a love kiss. Her twist is tips. In-depth slight twisting makes me feel small, and it is refreshing to her, which is known from her facial convulsions.

She is like a hypoxic squid wheezing, the chest is upset, and the breasts continue to swite with her.

I admire her expression with a double pillow mat and appreciate her expression. She smoothed the lower abdomen twisted with her and squeezed a deep wrinkle. The long hair of the dark is flying with her. I saw that my life was all in the private place, and when I was buried, the time was half-spit out. At this time, I noticed that I was put on a pink pearl on her private place. I took my fingers with her twisted rhythm.

“Ah .. Well ..” The frequency of her swing is getting faster and faster, and the power of the lower is getting more and more serious. Of course, the weight of the finger attached to her pearl is also oppressed.

Not a few hours, she called me: “Ah! … I came out … I am a little … I am so fast … Hold … Hold me …” In the call, she touched the upper body in order to pressurize.

I didn’t respond to her, and I accidentally put the hips, after ten, she took my upper body and arbitrarily call: “I .. I will die .. dead.”

She finally looked at the truth, and I was awkward. After a big call, she was soft and said: “I am so old, I want to lie down.”

After hugging her, looked at her pale sweating, she was exhausted! But what should I do in her double?

“Do you want it?” I thought she was about to rest.

“Change you up!” The astiking cherry is saying that I am unexpected.

I hugged her on the bed, my hands on her legs on my arms, standing on the bed along the end of the side, with the most in-depth, the most popular posture, the first wave of attacks.

Half-station halfway work, making my physical cost savings a lot. The impact of advancement, hit the waves of her chest, and hit her sorrow. Yinzi slammed her abundant meat, and the sport of the piston. It is a masterpiece of three ring. “Morning … Sorrow …” Sound into ear, left, right. I took her burst of cold. She came about two climax. This is a force that she cuts my arms, and there is a frequency of the vaginal scales.

In the violent, a springs flooded from the hostel, I was busy dialing her legs, and the body preceded her chest before the body.

“Ah! .. ah! .. ah! ..” She called a few times with the frequency of my spray.

The volcano of the sprinkle is not calm.

When she greedily told me that she had to meet me again, she wants me to be my brother, I am.

The lust of the young woman is flying and flooding. I think about her greed last night. I am afraid that suffocating in the torrent of me.

“No! There is no banquet of life, you have a family, I have a school to do, let us silently own this memories.”

After listening to me, she cried!

When she took her on the train, she still grinded my tears on the platform. When I looked at it, I was treated as a prey, and I almost became a woman in her prey.

Postscript: This article is made up of the participating friends. One is sighed into the alienation of civilized life. The second thing to describe the conflict of traditional rituals and modern civilization and the depressed fascinating, maybe strength.

The vision of “business trip ” is colorful, the description of the situation, the description of the clothes is colorful, flooding modern Ihouse is everywhere, no “color” visual. This article describes the world of “love” with black and white techniques. There is a colorful, with the purpose of “erotic literature”. I hope that these two different bricks can like it.

The first two creations are called the pen, and the first person is the real sense of the body. However, many objective writings are unable to diversify, and they can only recall, transcribe, to supplement the monotonous and subjective of the first person.

The next creation intends to write in a female point of view, and the British Wenhao D.H.lawance “Charila’s Lady Lovers” is a neutral. I didn’t dare to make a breakthrough than the US Wenzhe. Of course, the work of the female writer will help me to understand the mood of women.

Shen Mu Fan Zhi is the first version of the special release of the “Night Train Train” 83/5/8

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