Zhang Junrui is a rim, Jun Qiansheng, Cui Wei is a thousand gold, the body is full of fire, and the beauty is moving. Although Zhang Junrui is not close to the female color, but the lady, there is a meaning of gentleman. In the foreigner, the year of Hua Sheng, has a sexual desire, Xiao Ni Spring is moving. Such a pair of idiots, the love of the soul, naturally rubbed …

The sea, quiet, leisurely, book music.

Xiu Cai Zhang Junrui is studying at this heart, preparing to go to Beijing exam, and go.

Due to deeper, insects, Zhang Sheng put down the book, straight straight, and yawned.

Outside the lookout, moon shadow, distant, faint, about a woman’s laughter …

“Strange!” Zhang Sheng is dark thinking: “I live in this Puusa, it is a Buddha Temple, the monk is all monk, why women are embarrassing?”

The ears are listening again, and the sound has disappeared.

Zhang Sheng did not think about it, picked up the book’s book to read, but somehow in my heart, a disorder.

The laughter of a woman actually made him can’t get down.

“Hey, I have been reading for a long time, take a break, it should be.” Zhang Sheng comforted himself.

Pushing the door into the court, breeze Xu Lu, the air is fresh, Zhang Sheng can’t breathe a deep breath.

The Pujis Temple is very large, Zhang Sheng is sent to the West, and the poem is studying. The rest has never went to visit.

Tonight, anyway, I can’t read it, just take a walk, he will go back to the back garden.

After the garden, there is no one, Zhang Sheng walks, only thinks that both is a strange stone, ancient wood old vine, the shape is horrible, plus the strange birds, more scream …

He is a weak scribble, the courage is small, then it is not from the cold from the foot …

“The fame is tight, the fame is tight!”

He found an excuse to turn it back.

I didn’t leave two steps, I suddenly heard a woman’s laughter.

Zhang Sheng’s heart beats!

His courage suddenly increased, and he accelerated his footsteps …

After a while, he found himself!

The laughter of the woman disappeared, and I turned right left, I couldn’t find the way.

“Will you encounter a fox?”

Thinking of this, he is nervous, left and right, surrounded by black shadow, as if the ghost …

A housing bird is called! Strike!

Zhang Sheng shakes, the heart is very regret, there is a book to not read, but it runs the back garden.

“If you encounter your fox, it is really dead!” Zhang Sheng blamed himself.

He three steps and two steps, and you must not distinguish the direction.

“Anyway, the road is people walk, there is a way to some people living! Ghosts don’t walk!”

Zhang Sheng took a small diameter that was full of grass, panting, and a small building appeared in front of him.

Red brick yellow tile, red palace light, the building is not big, but it is very delicate, and it is not a monk.

“Maybe, which show is like me, also borrow this Puji Temple to study the poetry?”

Zhang Sheng is also a young man, a man reading, is bored, I am looking for someone with people, I have walked up the stairs.

The screen of the small building, the faint, about a line of light.

Zhang Sheng raised his hand to the door and stopped his hand.

“Night is deep, wake up, more embarrassed.”

He thought about it, stealing the window, thinking, first look at it, if the people in the house are asleep, don’t disturb people.

Snoving close to the screen, look at it, Zhang Sheng suddenly stayed!

In the room, a young woman is covered with long hair, is taking a bath in a bathroom …

She is sitting in a bath, her crisp is semi-exposed, the powder is lifted …

Zhang Sheng stunned!


In the heart, a moral conscience is blaming himself.

However, though conscience is blaming, the feet do not listen to the command, how can they not move.

I don’t listen to the command. I am bigger together, I’m staring straight into the house, I seem to look at the spring of the spring!

The heart does not listen to the command, ‘砰’ is jumping, nervous, curious, greed, and stimulating …

There is also a place that you don’t listen to the command, unconsciously expanded, hard …

Women in the bath are slowly washed, wash the beautiful bib egg, wash the long arm …

She washed it, her hands moved to her small peak …

Zhang Sheng is numb!

She holds her hands, gently wash the nipple …

Zhang Shengyou jumped, almost jumped out of his throat!

She stroked her meat peak, the fiber 10 fingers gently, and the mouth issued a low low 呻 …

“Um … um … oh … oh … ah …”

Her whole face is very red, very charming, a pair of eyes and half open, it seems very intoxicated …

Zhang Sheng has never seen such a stimulating day, and only the whole body blood accelerates …

“Um … ah …” Her silver is gently bite with cherry red lips, slamming from the nostril, even more loud …

Zhang Sheng has never heard of this sound. He didn’t expect that the woman’s embarrassment can be so beautiful …

Women in the house, playing their own double peaks, is inhau, and I will listen to someone knocking.

“Who?” She asked vigilantly.

“Miss, it is me.” A girl outside the door repredited: “I am a red woman.”

“Wait a minute.” Miss in the bath, standing up …

She has sleepless legs, white is like snow, smooth like white jade …

Double faded top, a black black grass …

Zhang Sheng has grasped the walls, and there is a fierce impulse in the body. I can’t control … Miss light, I opened the door. I walked into a girl dressed.

“She is a red woman.” Zhang Sheng was dark.

“Red Niang, what are you doing?” Miss said.

“Miss, the old lady told me to inform you, immediately go to the Buddha Hall!”

“I know, you will help me with dry.”

Miss wet naked naked, standing on the red carpet, red lady took a big red watellite towel, gently wipe it …

Zhang Sheng did not turn his eyes, his mouth is big, hate can’t swallow the meat peak …

Zhang Sheng knew that the play was over, did not dare to stay again, quietly returned to the West Chamber.

“Okay, it’s enough!”

Inner, moral condemnation also accounts for the wind, Zhang Sheng hurriedly washed the washing with cold water, and set the god.

“Hey! Why are I so down?”

He blamed himself: “I am Zhang Junrui is a gentleman, how to make this kind of voyeur is not as good as the beast?”

He couldn’t help but play himself, looking at the Confucius portrait hanging on the wall, worshiping three worships, to repent.

Then, he smashed the shoe hat, went to the desk, sat down, holding a book, continue to read …

However, the white paper on the book is black, unconsciously disappeared, and the lady has a naked …

He hurriedly on the day, close his eyes …

However, it is still the case of a lady in the mind …

Weird, I have read more than ten years, I have received more than ten years of education, I can’t resist this girl’s carcass?

He is self-blamed and painful.

At this time, the Puji Temple was sent to the tea, and Zhang Sheng pulled him …

“Fa Cong, your temple, do things tonight?”

“Yeah, Today, August 15, this temple practice, to hold a sacrificial Buddhist scripture at midnight.”

“Is there a foreign person participated?”

“Yes! The lady and lady of Cui Xiangguo and Miss Cui will come to participate.”

“Weird, how can two women’s generations, how can they come to the sacrifices in the middle of the night?”

“Oh, this Puji Temple once was destroyed by the fire. It is Cui Shengguo to rebuild. After the death of the country, the old lady transported his coffin to return to the hometown, passing the temple, and presided over the country to do seven or forty-nine days. To ultrafast him, so old lady and Miss temporarily live in the back garden in this temple. “

Zhang Sheng listened, it turned out to be a thousand gold, no wonder that she grew up, beautiful!

“Fa Cong, this sacrifice Tian Buddhist scriptures, can you participate in?”

“No, except for the old lady and the lady, the outsiders will be declined!”

“Fa Cong, help, let me take it again?”

“No, hosted to know, you have to punish me.”

“Fa Cong, this is the ten silver son, help!”

The silver flower of the white flowers is posing, and the fong Cong can’t help but move.

“This way, you hide in the big belly of Maitreya …”

It turned out that the Maitrea Buddha in the Buddhist Hall is hollow, and the belly is tolerant.

As a result, Zhang Sheng took the book and threw the hole old Master and moral conscience.

I’ve been busy with Dafang, came to the Buddhist temple, the time is still early, no one on the Buddha, Zhang Sheng hides into the Buddha statue.

I have been waiting until midnight, solemn sacrifices begin.

The navel of Maitreya is a small hole, which can see the people of the Buddha Hall from inside.

Zhang Sheng put his eyes close to the small hole, peeked outward …

On the Buddhist Hall, a white-haired old woman, she is a lady of the country. Next to the old lady, standing with Cui Wei.

She is completely different when she is taking a bath.

A handsome face, carefully smashed the powder, wiped the rouge, got a red eyebrow, stood yellow, wearing earrings, simply more beautiful than just more beautiful than just!

Zhang Sheng suddenly stayed!

“So beautiful lady, even if I want to kneel down, I will be satisfied.”

Next to Miss Cui Wei, standing on a small red woman, she is also meticulous dress, and the enchanting.

Zhang Sheng watched the red lady carefully, and her body was slightly shorter than the lady, but the double peak is higher than the lady …

Zhang Sheng greedily gazed to see the red brother’s double peak: “Such a beautiful woman! If I have two people, I can have Xiangxi …”

He now almost forgot everything, there is only a woman in the brain.

He was originally a weak scribble, but now it is ambitious, and you must conquer these two beautiful women.

The ceremonies have conducted a time, Zhang Sheng is full of eyes, and uses this time, carefully conceives a plan, to put Cui Wei and red eyes, one network!

After the festival, the Taijia was gone.

The farten came to the back of Maitreya, put Zhang Sheng, and Zhang Sheng lifted his two silver, and then quickly returned to the study, and the time was very late. He lie in bed, but he couldn’t sleep.

“Miss Cui regularly want to sleep! She sleeps, must take off her clothes!” Zhang Sheng is now thinking about a rogue!

He turned over the bed, put on the clothes, slipped out the sea, and came to the back garden.

Cui Wei’s boudoir still lit light, Zhang Sheng secretly close to the screen, peeking into the inside.

This peek, scared, the soul does not attach!

In the room, the little red mother is naked, the limbs are open, and being bundled in bed, and the road is scratched …

“Worse! They have encountered robbers!”

Zhang Sheng shakes!

Will the Red Mad will take off safety? I want to know how the matter and listen to the decomposition.


The wind flows, Zhang Junrui, read the Puji Temple, and accidentally found that the Mr. Qianjin was in the western chamber, thinking about her beautiful carcass at the end of the day, so every night to the Xixiang voyeur. The Sixcar is wrapped with red brides, and the scene is staged. It can be seen Zhang Sheng.

Her pink flesh does not hang, on the white skin, a yellow blood!

The red brother’s pair of big eyes, full of tears, white jade teeth, chasing red lips, don’t cry, come out!

Zhang Sheng’s heart is scared to ‘怦怦’ messy!

“Look at this, must have a bandit robber to enter the temple, tied to the red lady, a general insult …

Zhang Sheng did not dare to speak, the two legs were turned to, quietly left the screen, and wanted to slip out to inform the monk.

After two steps, he suddenly heard the laughter of a woman in the!

Huh? Will there be a woman?

Zhang Sheng’s heart is suspicious, and then returned, sticked to the sun on the screen, and voyes again!

I saw Miss Cui Wei, the whole body is also a short, but it took the leather whip!

“Miss? What are she doing?”

Cui Wei fiercely lifted the whip, very smoked!

Red lady is scream! There is a bloody when the snow white skin is up!

Zhang Sheng was shocked: “I thought it was a robber, but it was Miss play!”

He is stunned, this weekday looks in the textual, weak and unbailful, actually so fierce …

“Well, it must be a red lady who makes a family, so Miss uses this way to punish her!”

Another scream, Zhang Shengxin also trembled! Red Niang is so pink skin, how can I ban so destroy?

“Oh, I don’t know how serious the red lady has made a serious mistake, and I like her Miss in the next day.”

Zhang Sheng can’t bear to see it, but I am concerned with the red mother. So again.

This look, he stayed!

In the house, Miss Cui Wei put the whip on the ground, and the whole person squatted on the red lady.

She stretched out his tongue and gently ignored the scars of the red lady …

“Miss, she is not like punishing red lady!”

Zhang Sheng is suspicious, looking carefully, I saw the red lady of the red lady.

The red tongue is pointed, dark red milk tips, double pointers gently rub …

The red lady can’t help but send it from the nostrils …

This is both pain, it is comfortable, both afraid, love …

Zhang Sheng can’t help but be fascinated by this scene!

He forgot the fear of just now, his heart is full of greedy thought, his tongue tip is also self-sufficient lips …

Miss Cui’s tongue is more and more fast …

Raw extension!

The milk tips are harder and more tips!

The red lady is even bigger!

Zhang Sheng’s blood flow is faster!

“Ah! … comfortable! …” Red Niang couldn’t help but screamed.

This is called, almost the soul of 张 生 都!

This is called, and Miss Cui is more gentle, more style, she presses the red lady, buried the head in her legs …

Miss’s tongue, now there is another small meat tip …

“Ah … ah … I … no …”

The red lady is unshiddered in his legs …

Miss Cui seems to be slaves, and the temples are attentive.

She is ignored by Jinjin …

The red brief is full of red, and an avatar row is shaking around. Zhang Sheng only feels that a hot flow is coming out!

“Miss, beg you … I can’t … I lost …”

“I am so comfortable! I use your fingers! Miss, ask for you!” The red mother shouted.

This is a beautiful scene of spring, and you can see Zhang Sheng’s soul floating, and it is enjoyable, and it is impulsive!

I really can’t wait to rush into the room, gravity with the two, give them a happy!

The so-called colorful bag, the next day, I am afraid of Zhang Sheng, and I can’t care if I want to fight.

“I can’t stand it! I am going in!”

He reached out to push the door …


Zhang Sheng was scared to retract back, and he smiled on the window.

At this point, he was scared!

I saw that Miss Cui didn’t know, and he raised his whip! This time, she is not as just as I just, I just smoked a whip, but madly pumored!

Red lady is imagined like killing pigs!

Miss Cui’s eyebrows, anger: “I call you comfortable! This lady is not comfortable, do you dare to comfort?”

Miss Cui is swearing, while slamming!

Zhang Sheng is scared that the soul is not attached!

“Miss Cui, there is neuropathy? How can I be willing to be willing for a red bride, become such a while?”

The sexual desire of his body, suddenly disappeared, no longer left, quietly slipped back.

When I arrived in the West, he was lying in bed, and two pictures appeared in front of him.

An aim of two beautiful people, the red bireflowers play.

A cruel lady is ruthless whipping slaves!

Zhang Sheng can’t bind these two pictures!

“Beautiful and gentle Cui Xiaoyu, the noble and generous Cui Miss, how can I do this?”

In fact, this problem, it is easy to understand to modern people.

Cui Wei is the only child of the country, the big expensive, the bloodline is still expensive, and since Xiaoyu is used to raise, Ronghua is rich, and the sample is, it is envious of others.

However, she also can’t get something.

This is a man!

As a female, still expensive identity, can’t take a private action.

In her, it is always a red woman. Cui Wei has been twenty years old, developing mature, full of thinking of Siching girl.

However, this excitement is suppressed by the feudal ceremony!

The long-term depressed results have made this sister produce a strong metamorphosis!

Therefore, she will have a kind of abuse, in the process of being tortured, venting the sexual desire!

Of course, all this is not understandable for the ancient people, especially for Zhang Sheng, who is full of four books, but also feels absurd, completely unreasonable, he will think that there is no ‘rationality’.

On the next day, Zhang Sheng runs almost every night to the back garden, voyeur.

Over time, he found a law, every day, 15, Miss Cui, will whip.

The rest of the time, she is normal, like a young lady who is studying.

In fact, voyeur is also a sexual allergy.

This kind of voyeur happens in Zhang Sheng and is also reasonable.

Zhang Sheng is self-study, and the education is not a gift.

However, he is also a young man who has been twenty-year-old. It also has male hormones secretion, and it is also sexual desire!

On weekdays, because of her painting poetry, my heart can also hold, but since he saw Cui Miss Cui Miss and the naked naked naked, the thoughts were like a wild horse, and they did not control it!

Men’s true color is a good color!

The nature of the show is a ritual!

The nature of the man is in the body of the show, so it has produced a sexual allergy, which is a voyeur.

Of course, Zhang Sheng is not Freud, nor Dr. Golden Sai, which is these psychological analysis?

“As long as you look, I will peek!”

He has a tenet, each of the first and fifteen places to see sexual abuse.

“Really wonderful!” Now, Zhang Sheng is also fascinated!

On a night, Zhang Sheng was in a peek, and only the red brother was tied to the bed. It was shouted to be brought by the body, and Miss Cui Wei was more fierce!

“Don’t be called, call again, I will face it!”

Girls are beautiful, if they leave scars on their faces, it is a regret for a lifetime.

Hong Niang does not dare to call again, bite the lips, two tears …

Zhang Sheng saw the red lady so pitiful outside the window, couldn’t help but sore, very sympathetic.

Just at this time, a rush of footsteps came!

Zhang Sheng looks back, I saw a ring, hurriedly ran!

Zhang Sheng was shocked! Fortunately, it is night, it is the first day, there is no moon, the ring is not paying attention, Zhang Sheng hurried behind the column.

丫 丫 knocked knocking: “Miss, the old lady talked about you right away to go to the Buddhist Hall, ready to do things to do!”

Cui Wei listened in the room, the orders of the old lady did not dare to delay, hurried to wear clothes …

“Miss, you go to Buddhist Hall, let me understand me?” Hong Niang pleaded.

“Hey! Not so cheap! Waiting for me to come back and pack you!” Miss Cui finished, pushed out, and walked with the ring.

Zhang Sheng flashed from the pillar, the window, seeing the red lady’s limbs expanded, being tied to the bed.

Zhang Sheng knew that the Faxation is a time, Miss Cui will not come back this time!

“Thousands of chances of chance!”

Zhang Sheng’s heart is big, quietly pushed the door.

The red brother saw that Zhang Sheng was originally Zhang Sheng. At this time, it is not easy to be shy, hurriedly called: “Zhang Gongzi, let me pick it up!”

“Thank you, I finally came to save the throne!” Red Niang made a breath.

Zhang Sheng walked to the bed, reaching out, I was going to disconnect the rope that was binding to the red brother, suddenly stopped.

At this time, the red lady, the whole body does not hang, lying on the bed, the limbs are opened into the ‘big’ shape.

Her chest is very close …

The mysterious part is completely open …

Zhang Sheng’s eyes widened …

His breathing is also sleepy, many …

The red brother pays attention to it. I saw Zhang Sheng’s eyes that was spraying greedy, and the obscene look glanced.

“Bono, don’t look!” The red woman is shame full of red.

After all, she is only a 18-year-old girl, and her girl in the Give Guard, so nakedly, it is a man who is watching, it is too shame!

“The son, unlock me, beg you!”

Hong Niang pleaded. However, her pleadings have given Zhang Sheng a revelation: if it is tied, the red lady must get up, put on clothes, there is no chance! If it is not loose, the red lady is like a piece of meat on the chopping board, let him slaughter, and there is no room for resistance.

So Zhang Sheng smiled: “Red Niang, let me touch your double peak, I will loose!”

“What? No!” Hong Niang is even more shameful!

“Don’t you promise? Then I will go back!” Zhang Sheng smiled: “Miss Cui came back and continue to beat you!”

The red lady couldn’t help but play a cold, and it was better to lose, or I was better to touch Zhang Sheng.

“Okay, you touch!” Hongyami arrived.

Zhang Sheng excitedly extended his hands and pinned the red mother’s double peak!

Slimed skin, as if white jade is smooth …

Zhang Sheng is inserted, the hands seems to be found, and then touched and squatted again …

The red brief is shamed to close his eyes, but the feeling of the chest is too wonderful. She has never tasted this taste, can’t help but gently …

Zhang Sheng is hot, now, he is not a show, but a beast!

What way Zhang Sheng uses to conquer the red bride, and then conquer the change of metamorphosis cold blood.

Information on how funeral, Let us see next time decomposition.


Zhang Since the discovery of the West Wing of the spring, every night, spying. He saw a matchmaker to be tied naked on the bed, and Cui Yingying that is due to leave after the incident, he boldly entered, threatened matchmaker, to touch tits, but also … Zhang finally got what they wanted, the feet are soft …

Zhang as saying Matchmaker bound hand and foot to take advantage of the occasion, put forward the conditions for the matchmaker to touch the tits to him.

Matchmaker By this time, involuntarily, but to be able to get out a little faster, but to shy agreed.

Zhang’s hands holding a bimodal, ten fingers like ten hate insects, crawling around on the white skin …

Matchmaker’s chest with breathing, with a V …

Zhang posted on the palm of her left breast, you can feel the heartbeat of matchmaker: “Bang, bang …”

“Son, you’ve touched Well, now let me, right?”

Matchmaker shame Red Cloud sounded.

Zhang mischievous smile: “touch touch is good, but I feel the body heat, good mouth thirsty …”

Matchmaker an opportunity comes, quickly he said: “? Son, you are thirsty I’ll give you tea, you first solution of my rope, and I went to the kitchen and immediately boil water to make tea …”

“Now only boil water to make tea? In a hot hot, well not be forthcoming, I want to eat fruit …”

“Yes, there are fruits, grapes, pears, in the kitchen, you relaxed for me, I’ll get …”

Zhang and playfully said: “ah, I do not eat these kinds of fruit, I still drink milk, right?”

“There, milk, goat’s milk, has a” matchmaker prayed:. “I’ll get it for you, I beg you untie the rope.”

“No, I drink human milk.”

“Human milk?” Matchmaker sometimes confused: “We do not ah!”

“! Have” Zhang firmly hold the breast matchmaker: “Is not that human milk?”

Matchmaker, suddenly hot with shame, repeatedly called hastily: “! Son, I did not milk ah …”

“No milk impossible?!” Zhang Nai Fang play if her: “You two Nai Fang grow so big, so full, bigger than you, Miss, there must be full of milk.”

Matchmaker red with shame sounded up: “son, only became a pro, have a baby, will have the milk.”

“Really?” Zhang deliberately shook his head: “I do not believe so, and I try it, if it has no milk, I’ll let you go, okay.?”

Matchmaker really do anything at the moment, I had to close your eyes and grunted softly: “You … taste it.”

Zhang a word overjoyed and immediately leaned down, mouth wide open, suddenly latch onto her nipples …

Zhang delicacies wildly as if to whistle, reluctant to swallow, but relish the taste of grain …

He moist tongue gently licking …

Suddenly, forced sucking …

Suddenly, gently polishing nipples ….

Matchmaker only thing making waves sour feeling spread throughout the breast from the nipples …

“Oh … ah …” She could not help but groan.

This gentle groan, suddenly stimulated Zhang!

His mouth latch onto one, and on the other hand the activities …

He felt, matchmaker nipples hard, become a thick!

Stimulating, comfortable feeling, spread throughout the body from the chest, moaning matchmaker thicker louder!

Zhang greedily sucking …

Matchmaker hands firmly grasp the sheets, restrained inner turmoil “son,” she said shyly: “You’ve tasted, and I know of Nai Fang and no milk, right?”

“Yes ah! Strange, original, girls Nai Fang is so big, in-plane really no milk?”

“Son, you’re still thirsty, right?”

“Thirsty! I got worse than just thirsty! I want to drink!”

Matchmaker one, missed, and immediately gallant: “Son, let me go, I went to the kitchen to get water …”

Zhang cunning smile: “Do not go to the kitchen, I just think there is a place, there must be water.”

“which place?”

“Your mouth.”

Matchmaker a more shy for words: “! No, no.”

“Why not, you must have a mouth saliva …”

“No, I did not make this life a man … kissed mouth …”

Zhang smiled: “You have not been touched this generation of men milk, milk are touched, kissed him what did it matter?”

“No, are you touch milk, is compelling, but the kiss, is a kind of emotional exchange …”

Zhang clinging matchmaker head, said softly: “Matchmaker, do you really do not want to have emotional communication with me?”

Matchmaker blush got worse: “do not want to …”

Zhang without any explanation, it is very lips pressed to put down!

Matchmaker her first contact with the man’s lips, only to feel burning, while dumb …

She grit your teeth, do not intend to open.

Before long, Zhang felt gifted, matchmaker closed lips loosened, she no longer resist the …

Zhang tongue into the stretch, swimming in her mouth …

Matchmaker tongue too lightly in contact with his tongue …

Two tongue out together, as if two dragons playing in the water …

They ejected from the nostrils breathing intertwined …

Zhang is very patient, gently with his tongue licking her lips …

His fingers still full of ups and downs that creep on the Feng Jian, now, not eating saliva matchmaker Zhang, but Zhang’s mouth saliva pouring into matchmaker …

Matchmaker finally wake up, head flash, aside Zhang kiss: “Son, your water eat enough of it!”

Zhang Sheng smiled: “It’s not enough, you can’t put how much water in this cherry, I am now more thirsty!” “Gongzi, let me go, I guarantee water …”

“No, I have found a spring eye to ensure a fullness.”

“Spring eyes? Where?”

“Here!” Zhang Sheng’s hand slipped with her flat little belly, stopped in the top of the two thighs …

The red lady immediately yelled: “The son, no, can’t kiss this!”

“Why? You are too much water here, two thighs are wet, the sheets are also wet a big piece!”

The red echids should be closed and gently said: “The son, you spare me! This spring, can’t be lick!”

Zhang Sheng smiled: “Do you have yours?”

Red lady is shy: “Our Miss has passed!”

“Oh, your lady, how are you?”

“I … I … I turn into … another person!” Red Niang Shi: “The son, really can’t be!”

“I don’t believe it! You are tied to bed, can’t run, how can you become another person?”

The red lady was ashamed and said very small: “I am also a decent woman, but our lady licks my spring eye, I will become a slut. If I was lick, then I can’t!”

Zhang Sheng Wen Yan is in the heart: “I just want you to become a slogan!”

When you say, Zhang Sheng put the head in the middle of the two thighs of the red brother, reached out the wet and hot tongue …

His hands open the muscles on both sides, revealing the crystal, the soul of the tongue, and the red lady is trembled …

Zhang Sheng’s tongue tongue quickly a spring eye …

“Well …” The embarrassment of the red woman is immediately added!

Zhang Shengo’s sex is opened, including the spring eyes, kisses it …

“Ah! … Shu … Shu … service … son … can not be! 舔 … I … I can’t help!”

The more and the red brother, the more naughty, and the tongue is biting with the tongue. I will kiss my lips. After a while, I will bite my teeth …

“Ah! Ammy! …” Red Niang is yell: “I … I am dead! … son … you … you put me … turn into … small prostitute … good … hemp … I … I … I lost! … son … mine Dear brother! “

The red lady screamed, Zhang Sheng also breathed the cattle: “Small … obscenity … Your water …, more flow … you are looking for it … you … you … I am so bones …”

“Good brother … I … full body … all spread … I … Cheng Xian … son … parents … beg you … can’t be licked!”

Zhang Sheng stopped the action, deliberately said: “Well, I am full of water now, not thirsty, I don’t lick! I am gone!”

The red lady has already risen red, a pair of eyes full of desires.

When I heard Zhang Sheng, she hurriedly called: “The son, can’t go!”

“I am not thirsty, why can’t I go? Oh, yes, I haven’t loosen it for you.”

Red Niang is called: “I don’t want to loosen, I am happy!”

Zhang Sheng deliberately toys her: “How can you be happy?”

The red lady is shy: “People … I am sorry to say …”

“You don’t say … How do I know?”

“Gong, you are so bad!”

“You don’t say, I really have to go!” Zhang Sheng is arguing to leave.

“I said! I said!” Hong Niang arrived at this time, and he can’t take care of it, he only said: “People … itchy.”

“Itch? I will scratemate it for you!”

“Well! Can’t use it … you want to use …

At this time, Hong Niang is in the middle of the flow, and the study is to lure Zhang Sheng to the bed and do one.

After Zhang Sheng, he had just played, it has already been full of blood, wants to burn …

He is a bed, riding on the red brother, aiming at the spring, and plugging …

“Ah! … Pupire … plug! … hard … I … too cool … I … I am … Mah … Slowly smoke … Oh … comfortable … brother … you are too … thick!”

The red brother’s obscene is more exciting Zhang Sheng’s sexual desire, he is crazy and then twitching, shaking the wooden bed is like a landslide …

Since the Miss Cui Wei, since the old lady told her to go to the Buddhist Tang to participate in the Fay, I suddenly remembered that I forgot to carry a sacrifice, so I rushed back and I was prepared to take the sacrifice.

Unexpectedly, he suddenly heard the swangted wavy of the red woman, she immediately woven the window.

I saw the red brother’s limbs were still tied, becoming the big ‘shape spread, but the whole body naked Zhang Sheng ride on her!

One, ahead, sway, shock …

This lonely, proud, is suffering from the sister of the people, although there is some game with the red lady on weekdays, but it is the first time to see the naked naked!

When Zhang Sheng, it has become a crazy beast, crazy gallop, not in love!

Cui Wei seems to feel that Zhang Sheng is inserted into her body!

Every time, it has caused her full body …

Her underwear is not wet!

The red brother’s obscenity is more down, even again!

Cui Wei’s eyes saw the spring of the scene, she suppressed many years of desire, and they got vented!

She doesn’t care, push the door into my room!

Zhang Sheng looks back, eat it, I want to go to bed.

However, the red brother is completely at the climax! She yelled: “Brother! Don’t care about her first! Don’t leave me!”

Cui Wei walked close to Zhang Sheng, greedily stroked his muscles, and said: “Mons, you … continue!”

Zhang Sheng also riding a tiger, he got the lady to approval, more arrogant, he breathed a breath, and smashed more than 300 times …

The red brother is inserted to die, and the suspension shouted broken throat! On the side, Miss Cui is looking at the red ear, and the heart is big … “Ah! … Good brother! You … I am burn me!”

The red lady yelled, suddenly fainted!

Zhang Sheng took the bed, suddenly saw, Cui Wei wanted when, has been depleted with full body!

“Gong!” Cui Wei Answer: “I …

Zhang Sheng heard the big joy, did not expect himself and the red lady, even inadvertently touched the lady of the country, it is a double carving of the country, you have to come all the way!

He hugged Cui, poured in bed …

“Gong! I am still … or … … 女, you want … Light …” Miss is also afraid.

“Don’t be afraid, the red brother is not tight!” Zhang Sheng has pressed to the 鸶.

“Red Niang is different, she is used with my finger … dig … 哟 … pain … pain …”

Zhang Sheng thought that the red lady, no matter what the lady was hurt, slammed …

“Ah! No life” 莺 不

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