In the fifty-years, the half-mountain area of ​​the Eastern East, there is a very wide-footed Gujia Garden, and there is a lot of flowers in the garden. Under the white magnolia tree in the fragrant wind, standing on a year, a young woman, a beautiful woman.

This girl is the big lady in the Hujia Garden, is called Yuxi.

Yan Yido is squatting under the tree, it is the arrival of the waist. Her love is a husband who hired home and gave younger brothers. Mr. Aijing, is called Ai Zi Wei, about 30 years old, and has a lot of money.

Yan Yuzhi and Ai Wei’s finish, it was originally taking her with a small play with her home.

The cause of this thing – one day, Yan Yizhi hit the house after the park, after the mother’s room, see the lights and bright, thought: “At the time of midnight, how did she still haven’t slept? “

“Father will go to work tomorrow, not a holiday, more puzzled things.” “” “And heard the mother’s laughter, the mother is dreaming? Otherwise, what is laughing?”

Curiosity is everyone, let alone Yuxi Sheng, a child’s sex, is a feet, and make a small hole in the room, wear a small hole.

She looked at it, I can’t, my father is fighting! However, I thought in my heart, did you laugh? I saw my father riding on my mother. Hey! No, Dad is sitting on the mother’s pair of breasts?

How can you see it, the fat milk is squeezed to the fat, 唉, you have to explode. But there is no explosion! But listening to my mother and said: “Hey, hate, your age is also a lot, didn’t see you or this kind of cute, what to blow, I don’t blow, hate!”

The original parents, they are decentralized. Dad is sitting in my mother’s breast, is holding the black black mask, I want my mother to blow!

In the end, my mother, he just had to open his mouth, put the father’s mask, like what, just like we eat pig’s feet, the remaining in the bones is averaged. How fun is this! However, the pig’s foot bone will not begenerated, the more the masculine of Dad is, the more likely, and after a while, the mother’s mouth plug is full.

Looking at my mother is drumming, my face is red, and my father is even more proud, but also holding my mother’s cheek, tall the ass, so that the mask is sent to the mother’s mouth, one pick one Summary, this is really fun.

When I gave him a lot, I couldn’t breathe. The two fat legs played, and Dad took the ukang igle, the beard was ignorant, and the mouth and smiled: “It’s fun!”

I saw her mother hated and said, “I still say it! You are almost, I have died me!”

At this time, my mother touched the father’s black red, such as burning red iron hammers, said: “Come on, it is not too early, after you finish you will go to work tomorrow!”

Dad listened to this and smiled and climbed down, holding the pair of fatty milk, and I used it. Oh, Dad wants to eat milk! This big age is still like a child’s milk. But Mom did not yell him, and I took a smile, put the breast, put the waist, and laughed this: “Hey, itch is dead, your beard is wiped, my Mao is it! 嗳唷, haha ​​… old things, you have to eat milk, 唷唷, don’t bite, can’t bite my nipple! “

Dad laughed haha, reach out to touch my mother’s urine, and dug and dig, and put your fingers into it, like a small squat. However, my mother’s small place is not like a small, but it is like a big, and there is a lot of hair, black, but take a closer look, and there is water. The water is a bit weird, and it is indispensable. Dad is unable to dig, the more the water is, the more you, even the buddle is also wet, it seems to be similar.

But the water is white, not like urine, I only see my mother seems to have more than 100,000 points, keeping the father’s hand, twisting the big butt, the dead: “Oh, what? You? Dig, you can kill me! “

Dad was pulled out when I was eating, “Hello! Fun!”

My mother and I have a good time, smiled and said, “I still say that it is fun! People give you it itch!”

Dad is really naughty laugh: “If you don’t give itch, you can’t taste it!”

When I said, I made my mother’s urine, my hands earned, and I looked fine.

Dad said: “Hello! Your sow, you really get a broad, but fortunately, I have this big mask, otherwise, just like the ocean boat!”

The mother said, I also laughed, I saw my mother shrugged, playing Dad, said: “Old and not dead, let’s talk, you are not in, I will kick you.”

She said that she raised her legs. Dad listened to the tongue, and climbed the mother’s belly, tall the rough black mask, and did not stop my mother’s urine. Top mother is really happy, two feet, high rise, 嗳嗳唷唷 嗳嗳唷唷 嗳嗳唷唷 子 着.

This is really more interesting, the more interesting, I read her own heart, the B & B jumped, and the pussy was also wet. She thinks, this is called Wushan Yunyu, there should be something between the couple! Yan Yuzhi stands to have an acid, and the waist hurts. This will return to the room, but that night is not sleeping, I think that the taste must be good.

Otherwise, they will be so happy, this is happy! At this time, I really want to find a beautiful man to learn my parents like this. In her brain, the Mr. Aijing Wei, the appearance is good, but at that midnight, walking goes close to people, too bad! . . . The next day, Xiaoyou Yuxi came to the Yuxi, and she told the Qiuyue last night, and then she was looking for myself to make it. In the autumn month, I knew that Miss Spring is already, I have to hurry to run for a young lady. Meet the garden tonight. In order to take care of his face, Yan Yindan is called Qiu Yue to the study, but she is waiting in the tree.

And said that Yu Yido is under the tree, I don’t know how long it is, I finally saw Aijing Wei. Sir, Siyue, secretly said: “Miss, Mr. Ai is coming!”

Ai Zi Wei saw Yan Yizhi, I am very polite: “Miss, let you wait, please forgive me!”

Yan Yuzhi contacted the shame, Zi Sheng: “Mr. Ai, say that, I am very fortunate!”

In the autumn month, I saw them in the garden. I was afraid of being seen by others, and quickly urged them to enter the study.

After that, Qiuyue hurriedly closed the study to let Miss completed the spring of your heart! In the study of only the world of the world, Ai Zi Wei held her little hand and said: “I am a happy, Miss Meng is gratifying, grateful!”

The daughter’s family is always shy, shameful smile.

Yan Yizhi said: “Ai brother, I will meet you, you are understanding, as long as you consistently, it is good!”

After some sweet words, both sides have already tickle! Ai Zi Wei said that she said tightly: “Miss, my Chi Mi, now it is not too early, don’t miss the beautiful time!”

When he said, he put her on the bed and unlocked her pants with hand, and felt that her pussy was like a black forest with her pussy.

Yan Yusi’s face pancake, shame closed his eyes, the body is generally shake, only to install the look, let it play.

Ai Zi Wei saw that she did not resist, unlocking her clothes, playing her a pair of live jumping, tender milky. Ai Ziyu is getting off her underwear and underwear. Under the light, looked at her, and the jade balls were rising. At the end, the black abalone with some aroma. The slit! Wow! Yanbi Rose, with pure feelings, so beautiful!

Ai Zi Wei can’t help with her hands and taking her labi, thinking wet. His hand is warm and slippery, and the soft and white virgin abalone. Immediately opened her two freshly red and wet labians, and they were more induced by fire, under the mask, but they couldn’t help but tall.

Yan Yuzhi sneaked with an eye, could not help but Bib, thought: “Hey! He is coming, this tastes! I don’t know how. You see that he is inserted. Going into the covered hole, I don’t know if it is? “

But she remembered his father and mother, they were so cool, probably a very cool thing! She thought, the more I jumped, and I feel that I have never been played by a man, but I feel that Ai Zi’s fingers touch the tender abalone, it is a kind of acid and itchy. It can’t say a kind of refreshing, a pocket, just feel that the heart is itchy, the whole body is weak. . . .

Yan Yizhi couldn’t stand it at this time, and the eyes were slightly opened, “said brother, what are you doing?”

Ai Zi Wei is not allowed to have such a question, busy with her body, holding her doll face, hot kiss, smiling haha ​​saying: “My heart liver sister, come to shoot!”

Although Yu Yido knows him, it is installed, “said what is the brother, what?”

Ai Zi Wei slammed her waist, laughed: “This is the most extreme event in life. Don’t you understand?”

After finishing, I kiss her powder face, and the following hands also played her smuggled jelk. Yan Yishe was red, and the unlimited tenderness of the arrogant, grabbed his neck, and said: “Brother, are you not cool now?”

Ai Zi Wei saw her answer, I couldn’t help but be angry and funny, said: “Your brother is refreshing, but it is not very cool!” After finishing, I used it to make her chest. Live jump and have a mulled ball that bounces Q force.

Yan Yido was tickling by him, but only a smile, said: “What do you want.??”

Ai Zi Wei got her tightly, laughed: “Although my heart is better, but there is …, you touch …”

Yan Yido shy, touched Ai Zi Wei’s mask, and said: “Well .. hate it! It’s so hard ..!” At this time, Yu Yizhi has slowed into sexual desire from shy girls. Hungry whistle. Of course, Ai Zi Wei also felt the heritage of Yan Yuzhi.

Said, Ai Zi Wei gently blows it in the ear of Yuxi, and then said: “Zhizhi! I will hurt you, now I am a sister, you comfort my baby!”

Ai Zi Wei has also been couldn’t help but step slowly into the jade leg of Yu Yido. At this time, although Yu Yizhi has enthusiastic, because it is still a place, it is excited and shy. Closed up, slowly chaffing the body, like it, “hurry up .. I am. I want to be!”

Ai Zi Wei grabbed the mashed mouth in the covered mouth of Yan Yuzhi, slightly touched her phenoli, Yan Yuxi’s covered hole has not stopped, like a black forest like heavy rain. Ai Zi Wei is moving hard, the big mask is slowly inserted into the prostitution. However, when the mashipment is only half, Yu Yizhi has been loud, whispered: “Hey! Brother, you … you .. Don’t get too deep, half just … 喔 ..!”

Ai Zi Wei shook the mashed mask and reached out and caress her in the mouth of her, and stroked the sensitive jellyfather and labipings. I saw her frowning, seeing her face in the light, bloating, and his teeth were tight. Yan Yizhi is fragile, and the gracefulness, can’t stand the legs, the low call, the direct education Ai Zi Wei is like a paradise, the soul is floating, the spirit is also awkward!

He felt that her female covered hole, tightly licking the glans, but also strongly feel tight, there is a kind of spicy and sour taste, full of heart, there is a refreshing touch!

When the mask scrapes the joy of Yuxi, the Yuxi is warm and hot in the first time, and later and itchy, and the juice has slowly penetrates into the bed. At this time, Yu Yizhi, see that the covered hole not only didn’t feel sting, but I feel very itching, so delicate and soft say: “Good brother, don’t be tight, you … you insert you, no .. Well. .. Don’t worry about me! “

Ai Zi Wei is only very cool, and it will go in the top of the big mask. When he heard it, he saw a lot of prostitution four splashed. Yan Yizhi quickly called: “~~ 喔 ~~ Yea ~~~ dead! Help ..”

As a result, I saw the red juice slowly flowed out, and Yu Yido cried. However, Ai Zi Wei’s natural and not nervous kisses the cheeks of Yu Yido: “Don’t be afraid, it is natural phenomenon, wait until you will not hurt!” Ai Zi Wei slowly navited his giant, continued to stimulate The phenanthus in the prostitute. . . .

It is also strange, after all, the masher is a mysterious thing, and I laugh for a while, Yu Yuxi laughs. Ai Zi Wei saw that she started spring, immediately accelerated speed, started to push it hard, so that the glazed eyes, some light eyes and sputum.

唷唷! Her heart is also bloated, it is itchy, it is really scratching her itch, I saw that Yu Yizhi smiled, and abalone also loudly. Yan Yuzhi shakes the beautiful buttocks, and the jade legs are called: “Oh! Ok .. Good comfort ~~ um ~~ Brother, this is. Is it called hardship .. 嗳 ~~? Self-weaning, the more you smoke, picking up her jade leg, hand touched, playing her mulled ball for enough Q power, and continuing to insert her.

Ai Zi Wei said: “Good Zhizhi, do you have a move?” Yan Yizhi quickly called: “There is .., 唷唷 ..! It’s good! 嗳! 嗳! Hurry up! ! I .. I want .. 嗳 ~~ Oh ~~ ah ~~! “Yan Yizhi ranted his butt, swaying the waist, black abalone sent a snoring. She was about to be extremely refreshing, she didn’t rest, sucking his black stick like squid!

Ai Zi’s hood turned her vagina, I feel hot, tick, so stimulated! And her flowers are deep, there is a warm flow, wrapped around the winter, hot, the whole soul, the bones, the whole body is like immersed in the heat waves. At the same time, the hot-calling yang is like it is going to spray.

Ai Zi Wei immediately hugged her. At this time, I just thought of several tremors, I saw that Yu Yido was called: “Oh! Ok ~~ Cool! Hey ~~~ Your finish It’s coming to my heart! “Looking at her spring hearty cheeks, it is already red, then the red and lovely. And Ni Ai’s Wei, but also very cool, the body is like a light, the whole body is cool!

After this passion, Ai Zi Wei decided not to be a flower bonus, because of the first time, Yu Yido, because of her extremely wax, Ai Zi Wei finally married the wife, two people passionately It is extremely good, so that the two people have envied good couples in the half-mountains of the East Beads in the fifties.

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