The first chapter of the Spring slaves is mistakenly imprisoned, there is poetry cloud: nice rain knows the festival, when the spring is happening, and the wind is silent.

The spring rain is boundless, and it is covered with Jiangnan. Fields, hills, woods, villages are in the rain like silk, if they are hidden, even the high-rise buildings and initials in the metropolis are also blind, such as truth. The train arrived, Xiao Chun packed up simple luggage and embarked on the platform. She is a major student of Normal University, and a private university internship in this. Her body slim but not full, the skin is delicate white, and the melon face can get “eye-catching autumn water, eyebrow pain,”, “the less classical beauty that is filled in her body is unforgettable, What is even less is that her wonderful pedestrian has never seen the mother so far, that is, she has only seen her in underwear with her classmates with her bedroom. However, this natural beauty will soon be rewarded by people.

She is the first time to come here in the Southern Metropolis, saying that there is a school in the station. She is walking with a crowd, suddenly heard someone called her, a handsome middle-aged man appeared in front of her.

“Liu President!” Xiao Chun screamed. This man named Liu Yulong is the chairman and principal of the board of directors of this private university. In the past few days, Xiao Chun’s school recruiting teachers, that is, he looked in Xiao Chun and mobilized her to practice.

“I will pick a friend, I didn’t receive it, just saw you, let’s go.” Liu Yulong said, took Xiao Chun’s luggage, led his car from another exit. He sat on the driver’s seat, handed over one can of Xiao Chun, launching the car, and opened the station.

The night is coming, the colorful neon lights are glitter. Xiao Chun is drinking Coyo, watching the night scene outside the window, gradually feeling the sky, and moved a few times. Liu Yulong glared at her, and the mouth floated with a smile. The car drove on the viaduct, flying into the suburbs …

Spring rain sanders sprinkled on the window, indoor lights soft. Xiao Chun opened his eyes, I won’t know why I would come here, and I lie in a big bed. Two sides and ceiling on the wall in the wall, opposite the window. The room is in the room, and a chair in a dental conventional model, a steel frame, a rope, a whip and a mashed mask. Xiao Chun was ashamed to turn his face and saw Liu Yulong came in.

I didn’t wait for her to talk, Liu Yulong said with a smile: “You must have a lot of doubts in your heart, don’t ask, you will understand later. Now you just know one thing, you will do it: Everything you get here is a plan , The purpose is to take you in the natural beauty of you, you will slowly discover it alone, let’s enjoy it. From now, you will live here, you have two ways to choose, the first is to succinct from me, I will make you a beautiful woman. I don’t want you to walk the second road, but if you don’t obey, let’s see what is waiting for you. “After that, this man opened the TV and turned out.

At this time, Xiao Chuncai found that there was a big screen TV, and the played picture made her stunned: It is obviously in this room, a girl is naked, the hands are bored, and the hang is on the steel frame, sway, one The large candle is inserted into her chairman, and the candle oil drops, the girl is painful. Liu Yulong stood next to it, took two electrodes to rub, and the electric fire sparked. Then, put a clip on the clitoris, and the other slowly close the girl’s chest. The girl is scared, it is twisted, and I will meet: “Don’t, don’t. I am willing, I obey, I do your slave -“

Liu Yulong shook his head, “I told you that I don’t accept this, I have waited for you three days, until you have to hang you, you still don’t want to blow me.”

“I am willing, I am willing …” The girl said hello.

“Late late, you have already embarked on the criminal rack!” “Said, he put the electric electrode on the nipple, the girl was scream, and the body twisted.

The screams echoed in the house. Xiao Chun is more than …

The second chapter ornamental hymen’s living room, Xiao Chunting, and light gauze. Liu Yulong is sitting in the sofa and smoking the smoke, and the beautiful body, if the skin, the skin, and the feelings of the shame, and there is no blood. He slammed a few mouthfuls of ice water, and he made such a wonderful person, and he would slowly enjoy it, but he could not violently. So, for a long time, he just use his eyes to fine taste.

Xiao Chun slightly shakes, waiting for inevitable 躏. She didn’t dare to look at the TV, she dared to imagine that she was abortion. Wanzhi helplessly, she can only listen to the command of Liu Yulong, squatting at a maid, eat, and wear such sexy costumes, and stand here. It was already late at night, but she did not sleep, only fear, shame and helpless.

Liu Yulong finally stood up and went to Xiao Chun and gently compled her face. This is really a little bit of a melon, and the cherry is not odd. He pinched the cheeks, “put it out of the tongue.” The girl spurped with a pink tongue. He made up the mouth, knew the mouth, succumbing to the smart and soft tongue. Sweet saliva, breath and flavor. Xiao Chun can’t go back home, Liu Yulong is not reluctant, but it is dark and happy. It seems that this beauty has not passed the person. His hand slipped to the girl’s neck, turned to the rounded shoulders and unwind the wall.

The light yarn is slid down, showing a few naked beauty. Xiao Chun was frightened in his hands on his chest. Although there is a small pocket and embroidery underwear, it is all decorated. The belly is a tulle, and the two points have been clear and visible; the underwear actually opened a small mouth in the paters, and the incadvenation was buddy.

In her memory, there has never been exposed in front of others. It is her first love boyfriend, and I have only seen her swimwear model, and it is a head. Liu Yulong separates her hand, and then take the belly, carefully check the flesh of the powder, a small breast, pink nipple, slender waist, slender legs, so beautiful! It is the breast, but it is not tight, as long as it is tuned, it is not a sustainable lustful stimulation. He has this matter. He kneaded his breast and felt slippery and elasticity, sucked with the nipple and tasted the emulsion. Xiao Chun is ashaped to be afraid, the whole body is shaking, standing unstable. He continued to absorb the nipple while holding a girl’s waist while holding the girl, and the other hand stretched into the following, and won the gate.

Xiao Chun is like electricity, and the legs are clamped, and after taking the shrinkage, the tribody said: “No, don’t …”

He got up and looked at the eyes of the girl: “Are you a woman?”

Girl nodded.

“I have never been this?” He asked again.

The girl nodded and shakes his head.

“Is there anything?” He must answer the girl.

“No, no, no.” The girl said two words difficult. She never thought that she would be like this. Is her boyfriend just touch her hand and kiss her mouth.

“Oh, I don’t have me!” Liu Yulong was very happy, he booked a girl, “You have the most wonderful thing I got.” I have to give up the appreciation. “While talking, I took Xiao Chun into the bedroom Place it on that chair.

This is a lounge chair specifically used for SM, with a bit ivory chair. The backrest can be adjusted high, and the armrest of the fixed arm at both ends can slide before it; the seat can also rise at a high low, and the bracket of the fixed leg foot is provided on both sides.

Liu Yulong took off the girl’s underwear, and the hand and foot was fixed, and the waist was also legged. Then open the stent of the fixed leg foot to the limit, and then rises, so that Xiao Chun is lying, and the two legs are separated. The lower body is very tall. Liu Yulong brightens all the lights, under the bright light, thin, and lips.

He squatted and gently dialing the blistering lips, the vaginal circular pink virgin slightly vibrated, the middle hole, a few drops of the female liquid bright crystalline. He couldn’t help but extend his tongue, lick the diaphragm, and sweet, it’s delicious. He put his tongue into it and realized the shaking of the women’s film. At this time, Xiao Chun is already in a half-virtual state. It is soft and struggling. It does not dare to struggle, and the mind is blank, it is a lamb to be slaughtered. Suddenly, she felt that the genitals were smoked hard, the tongue was stirred in the head, bursts of crucibles straight, she couldn’t inhibit her, the hips were twisted.

The girl’s sexual response makes Liu Yulong very excited. His penis has long been hard. At this time, I can’t help it. He stood up and took off the nightgown.

Xiao Chun felt the hot iron bar-like object to stand the lower body, horror, I didn’t know where, slammed, screaming: “No – not, ask you, ask you, don’t like this, Mom … “

She remembers her parents, her boyfriend, relatives, and breaks up, how can people in the future! She struggled, but she could only hit her head and twisted the lower body, which fought the excitement of Liu Yulong. He looked over, appreciating the deared of the girl, the penis did not stop grinding in the yin gate, gradually a bit humid, he used to get into a point, I feel that I have hindered my film, he took a deep breath, ready to use strength!

Xiao Chun’s fear is extremely poor, it is stiff and cold, tears, tightly tightly the belt of hand and feet, makes the last strength: “No-“

The third chapter is a girl who looks at the desperate girl. Liu Yulong suddenly appeared on a sigh of relief, straight, very hard penis left the girl’s junior. He suddenly thought that his flesh is full of beautiful and pure, not enjoying, but a mess. For this rare treasure, you should be carefully taught, you have to enjoy the fun of beauty and vectors into a beautiful slave! He went out to pour a glass of red wine, come back to sit in front of Xiao Chun, who is still crying, help her install, tears, say; “Okay, I don’t race you, but you have to listen to me.” Xiao Chun “I listen, I listen.”

“From today, you are my female slave.” He said with the girl’s breasts, slowly said, “Your name has spring, it is called spring slaves, you call me the master. Have you heard it?”

Xiao Chun nodded.

“what’s your name??”

“Spring … slaves.”

“Call me -“


“Learning is very fast.” Liu Yulong was satisfied with the small abdomen of the spring slaves, and he was rational. He suddenly remembered that there was a kind of gameplay in Japan called drinking seaweed, and there was such a beautiful virgin, why didn’t you taste a taste? He is very happy that he has not smashed this small hole, otherwise it will be not perfect. He is sitting in front of the new girl in front of the girl, saying; “I have to drink a new slavery with you now, you can drink it in the following port.”

He slowed down the red wine in the scrim, dialing the lips, let the wine flow into the vagina, then the lips are posted on the inclusions, sucking the red wine in the thick hairy, and then licking the wine in the middle of the lips. It’s a sweet and unparalleled, he separates the labiaries, directly put the red wine in, and put it on the sucking! Ah, use a virgin small hole as a wine glass, how can I not open a drink! Spring slaves are soft in the lounge chair, and the hand can’t move, and can only drink alcohol by the owner. Wine is stimulating, the owner’s lips are stimulating, crispy, gradually, a hot flow is surging, and sometimes there is sometimes a heart, she can’t help but “ah,”.

Although the snoring of the spring slave is very low, Liu Yulong is still heard, he is jealous, it seems that this female slave is still quite strong, just need to explore and regulate. He re-opened the red wine, and he was deeply sucking.

The fourth chapter is the spring rain in the room, and it is still not clear for three consecutive days. Although it has been three days, the Spring slaves still think that night is like a nightmare. Just dreaming, you won’t think of yourself to internship, you will become the prime division of the principal!

In addition to Liu Yulong used mobile phones to dialed her home phone told her to say a few reports of peace, she is completely isolated from the outside. Here is the second floor suite of a high-rise top duplex residential, very comfortable, life facilities should be all – except for the phone, there is a small Tiantai Garden outside the living room, and the rain is fascinating. But she can only watch the glass door, wear this look! Almost all transparent tulle bellows and shawls, than naked.

In this room, she is free, she can walk at will, but she can’t make a living room. On a day, three meals were sent to women, and they came in from the small window at the door. Only Liu Yulong – (to be called the master) is coming, the maid comes in and cleans up. They live downstairs, but they can’t hear the movement, the decoration of this suite is soundproof. These days, the owner is very busy, only at night. In addition to the first night, she bundled her lounge chair – the owner said that she was not tortion her, just sitting on the couch and told her to stand in front of him to appreciate, put her on the lap, kiss.

What is most memorable is that the owner fidorates her four points: nipple, gem and anus. That is too strong, especially the next two points, but the owner is too much, and it is used as a wine glass. Let her lay flat, put the wine in the cleansing, saying that it is a breast; let her take the leg holder back to the sofa, pour the dinner, suck the wine in the vagina, said it is a beautiful cup; the most unbearable is to call her The head is facing, holding his knees, two legs in his back shoulders, the anus is on his face, pouring alcohol. He said that the anus is called the chrysanthemum hole, which is called the chrysanthemum. The anal is too uncomfortable, plus the face is down in his crowd, and the two milks are pressing the iron bars, and she can’t stand it. In this way, she began a female slave career in the secret room.

It was quite strange for her. She could have been imprisoned, he was playing, but she did not hate them for that man. This elegant man, Tantubusu, handsome; that is, undressed, not ugly, in addition to a little belly bulge, strong limbs well-proportioned, like a young man, do not see more than forty years old. These days, a lot of things he said to her. He said he was Scholar, read a lot of books, is the school’s investment in Hong Kong consortium hired him to preside over the school. Her school to recruit teachers discovered her biggest achievement is that he had hoped to have such sex slaves like her, and now finally got his wish. He also said that she would like him. No, I do not! If for a change, maybe she will love this man, but now ……. She did not know how he would take her back. She did not dare ask, do not dare to think. These days she looked better SM’s video, a small movie, there’s this man selfie, including her. Owner forced her to read a few bloody, violent, there are lifting whipping, nipple acupuncture treatment, there are cigarette burns genitals, and so on. Her most afraid of is the station Trojans, sharp wooden corner against the vulva, the day, the girl has pain fainted! The owner said that if she does not listen, that’s fate. She shivers. She did not see those bloody, to see her blush red, but there is a sense of excitement. She beat her own two looked back, she really did not know she had such a beautiful lens!

The door opened, Liu Yulong come. Spring slave hurry forward: “The owner came back.”

This is the result of two days of education, Liu Yulong very satisfied with this stunning girl more timid, it is a good tune material. He looked full of lust slave spring, in order to allow her to adapt, have been waiting for three days, even though he was very patient, know Shanghao trained sex slaves, need to be patient, but also could not bear it!

He grabbed spring slaves, said: “? How, stayed for three days, okay here, you get used to it.”

Spring slave I do not know how to answer, how could habits? Liu Yulong with a smile: “getting used to, is not it.”

Spring slave shook his head slightly, then quickly nodded.

“Well, get used to it.” He gets the spring slave hand toward the bedroom, “I do busy, you can concentrate on fine you up. Starting today, I officially take you as sex slaves, officially tune we want to make a ritual! “

Spring slave feet straight weak, I do not know what kind of nightmare waiting for her ……

Chapter semen baptism spring slaves are brought into obedience to the master bedroom bathroom. This is also a facility should taste. This is the third time she and master bath together, but into the jacuzzi and the relative red man, still not let her shame. Eyes closed twice before she is left to the mercy of the owner, but this time it was different. “Spring slaves, as I take a bath!” The owner told Road.

Spring slave timidly main people apply body wash, scrub hands just swimming in a man’s upper body. Owner smiled and caught her hand, on long erect penis, “the focus here is to wash, clean taste it.”

Under his guidance, the spring slave delicate little hands repeatedly rub the penis, the foreskin open, clean scrotum. Then, the owner of the slave spring pull into his arms, her painted breasts bathed in a solution of rubbing his body, he said: “You have to learn to use the main people bathe your breasts, like this ──” his hands in the spring of slavery armpits, her breasts caress his chest, abdomen, lower body, so Frot in the cleavage.

“You learn it?”

Spring slave nodded.

“Try it!”

Spring slave masters had to squirm in his arms the body, try rubbing the owner breast flesh, slippery skin constantly caress, the owner and a hand caressing her, quietly produce pleasure. Gradually, the slave spring Jiao blow, bulging pink nipples stiff. Liu Yulong stroked her breasts, very comfortable. Quite a while before they start rotating water, the two bodies spin clean.

Out of the bathroom, spring slave whole body felt weak, bedroom cool spring, she felt hot. The owner took out a jewelry together, come up with a gold chain, one by one to the neck of the slave spring, hands, foot wear, fine gold chain with a greasy skin, shiny. “Good to see you are slave, this is the chain, put on is my exclusive domain, you know!” Then he turned and sat on the sofa, “Spring slaves, over, kneel down.”

Spring slaves obediently kneeling before his master, I do not know what to do. Owner pulled her near, legs open, revealing the lower body, lifted her cheek and said: “Do you know who has a female slave owner to enjoy a few confessions?” Spring slave shook his head.

“Three, remember! Is a mouth, a vagina is, there is a anus. You’re a virgin, three did not open before, today, I will open your mouth!”

The Spring slaves have not heard that the owner has paid her face to the penis, “Come, suck it, let the owner’s semen give you a baptism of the Jinzi.” The penis is already high. The green rigid, the glans rose, and the horses have seep it out of the water. The spring slaves are frightened, support the owner’s legs, head to back, don’t face it. The owner clips her body with his legs, holds her head with her hands, two, refer to her lips, open the teeth, make the mouth open.

“Don’t be afraid, very clean, serve it for me, this is the basic skill of being a slave!”

The spring slaves are not struggling, watching the thick penis shaking in front of you, and urgently afraid, God, such things should be imported? She closed her eyes and out of tears. The little mouth is supported, a lip one, the owner puts the mask into her mouth, press the head to Ri. The masher in the mouth of the beauty, the spring slaves are closed, the cheeks are red, tears, stimulate the people’s sexual desire, so that the penis is stirred in this cherry, the stunned resistance It turns into a licking, pleading bursts.

For a long time, I finally sprayed. The little girl is full of face semen, completed the baptism.

Chapter VI Spring is a new day. Inside the house, the spring rain is still in the sand of Shasha. In the room, the Spring slaves began in the ground, holding his hands, the owner sat on the sofa, shaking the thin skin whip in his hand, starting training lessons.

“The female slaves are wearing, try to be sexy, but they can’t naked, those tulle sings skirts, their apron, grass skirts, the walls are wearing it. Do not wear trousers, take off, it is inconvenient. Your breast is very, no breasts, The words and deeds of female slaves are mainly, the master is in front of the owner, saying that the owner is back. Then take off her clothes. The owner is tired, I will massage, how to teach you. Take a bath for the master, use breasts, I have taught it. The owner wants to drink, the breast cup, the small hole cup and the chrysanthemum cup, the turnt is to serve. These remembers? “He used the whip to hold the chin of the spring slaves.

Spring slaves nodded.

“No, I want to say that the spring can remember, the master.”

“Spring slaves remember, master.”

“Learning is very fast.” Now start sex training. “He took out the massage breasts to put on the spring, this brass has a small hole, the nipple is very exposed; he picked up a pink butterfly zone, said:” Look, this is Two massage points, one has a protruding head, is stimulating the anus, and the other is massaging the clitoris. “Also put on the spring.

First painted some oil in the anus, put it out of the ear, and then bleed the clitoris. The upper belt is buckled, and the two are fixed. The battery is placed on the belt. Then, the massage shell is connected to the wire. Everything is ready, he picked up the remote control to open. Massage the cream begins to cruel breasts, the pink nipples will sway. The projection of the butterfly strap below rotates in the inner side of the anus, and the clitoris is oscillated. Four parts simultaneously stimulate, the hands of the spring slaves could not help.

“Don’t move. It’s okay to wear it, it can be timed. It will be opened for 10 hours a day. I will meet in a few days.” The owner smiled and said.

Not a big while, the spring slaves can’t stand, full of blush, body twisting, Xiang Khan Jinjin, “Well, um,”.

“Now, I will massage for me.” He lies in bed, pointing to spring slaves, “Come, like a dog, massage with my mouth, massage with your tongue, just kissing, all the body, all over, this is called around the world Start with your mouth first. “

Spring slaves endured the body of the body, slightly shaking the bed, elongated the neck, stuck the owner’s lips, kissed, and add it with the tongue. “Very good, use it, continue on the face.” The owner praised, pinched the nipple. Spring slaves, lick, from the master’s face, neck to the arm, underarm, chest … The owner’s big character is boosted, enjoy, comfortable. The spring slaves gradually kissed the lower body and hesitated to the high-tech penis. “I will go, don’t stop!” The owner urged it.

Spring slaves are shameful and afraid, really can’t go, talk with crying: “The master, spring slaves are afraid, spare Spring slaves.”

“Dear! Quickly!” The owner sat up and looked at the spring slaves, “and we have to kiss the semen.” Just like yesterday. “He wanted to enjoy the mouth today.

The spring slaves have a smaller shrinking lips, touched the glans, and then stopped, tears flowed out, “the owner, beg you, the spring slaves can’t, the Spring slaves give the master.” I wanted to turn around. The owner smiled and pulled up the spring slaves. Yes, sex slaves need to be adjusted, especially so pure girl, how can they do this kind of thing.

He pulled the spring slaves to the steel frame. The steel frame has a good rope. The master pulls the next, and the set is in the back of the spring slaves. After tightening the spring slaves, then use a rope with a rope, then shake the runner, straight three rope, put The spring slave is facing the face. The spring slaves are pulled, and the hands are soft and soft, and they are even surprised to be in a semi-state. The owner picked up her long hair. “Do I know how to punish you?” Spring slaves shook their heads, “No, don’t …”

Yes, how to punish? Such a delicate flesh, soft if there is a bone, Feng Ruo, 怀 软 温 温 玉Mac. However, it is not small to punish, this gimmick may not be twisted, it is too disappointing. He sinking and started. First use the nose clip with her nostrils, pull it back to the ultimate, squat on the belt. The spring slave is backwards, it is very uncomfortable. The owner re-clipped the nipple that highlights the maptic head on the massage shell, and there is no too heavy, so exclusted the nipples. Women’s nipples are looked at, the spring slave is head, endure a bit of drill pain, and the big mouth is breathed. The owner took a red candle and ignited it in front of her: “Seeing no, very hot.” He picked up a small hand of the spring slave, dripping a few drops of candle oil on his back. Spring slaves fierce and pumped back, and the bells were lined.

“From there,?” Spring slaves will be asked for a good time: “No, no, don’t, I am willing, I …” I didn’t wait until she finished, the owner had started a drop wax from the foot. Red candle oil drops a drop from the foot to the thigh to the butt to the back, hot a string of small safflower!

Spring slaves, “ah, ah” screams, squatting, the body twists, trembling, the bell is smirk, the owner is laughing, makes a wonderful music.

The owner then pulled a rope from the steel frame, poured the candle in the spring slave ass, the living room took a chair, sitting in front of the spring slaves, with the pain of spring slaves, the grievance, helplessness Sitting, put the remote control to the biggest, pull the bell, say, “How, is it comfortable? Is this comfortable, or to suck the sucking liquid?”

Candle oil continues to drop, massage is full of grinding, nipple being clamped, painful and pleasant like a raging wave in the spring slave, turning around, she is obsessed with arms, smashing, calling, the owner asked a few times, only to answer the answer “Yes … eat … eat fine, spring slaves eat fine, eat.”

“This is a slave slave.” The owner satisfied with the wheel to put the spring slaves slow down the height, remove the nose clip, “Come on, you have to eat.”

The spring slaves are still hung, but the face is close to the owner’s lower body, the thick penis is towering in front of the eyes, this is her savior, as long as it is to take it, suck it, swallow it, you can exempt pain, get pleasure! She has a hands with her hands, and the mouth swallowed half of the penis and the lips are tightly wrapped. The owner gently held her head to shake, she quickly understood it, the mouth took the initiative to slide, the tongue is also rolled, the penis is getting more and more bulging, and her little mouth is full, she is fascinating Suck, lick, lick, hand pinched, and forgot to hang in the air and back the candle. The owner smokes, drinks, comfortable and sits, and enjoy the lover service of the abused female slaves. I only shot yesterday, I have not impulsive today. For more than an hour, the penis friction is translucent, the spring slaves are weak, the little mouth is full of white, the movement is slow. He still doesn’t want to shoot, hold the head of the spring slaves, stand up with the penis, start to take the initiative to send, and it feels a climax. He plugged the penis to the deepest, the glans were aligned with the throat, and he took a while, and he was in direct shooting. He pressed the beginning of the spring slave, “Ah, all, all, ah, ah.”

Spring slaves are wrapped in the penis, the mouth is full of hot, and the sweet semen, she is difficult to swallow, sucking, the semen is still moving, she suffocated. The whole person crashed …

Chapter 7: The people of the human-shaped female female mother dog have been in the air for more than 20 days. Today, they will be sunny, the sun is bright, the temperature in the afternoon is steep, and the warmth is like summer. Liu Yulong is very happy, and another training slave plan can be implemented. This owner took the object and took the spring slaves to the Tiantai Garden.

I haven’t seen the day for many days. At first glance, this little female slave is very exciting, and the face has a smile on the face, especially beautiful. Since then, after eating, the Spring slaves is really servile, serving the host, careful, and attentive, and no longer violates the will of the owner. As for sexual training, it is also very effective. In this regard, the owner is quite strong. Drinking with a double breast, a small hole, a chrysanthemum cup, is very excited, each time makes the soul itchy; wearing a massage breast and pink butterfly belt on her body, is except for bathing and being attacked by the owner Removed, wear a few hours a day, starting every 20 minutes to start 1 hour. The breasts, the oscillating of the clitoris, and the drilling of the anus, it is really unbearable. Starting is looking forward to it, it is not allowed to start, never end. Every time she stops, her genitals are wet. The most unbearable is still a few times, she shook and just stopped. When she was rising, she went out of the breast and her butterfly belt. She hugged her, smothering, sipping, sucking the dome of obscenity, gotting her, bloating, God reversed But it is not satisfied! It is often in the suffering of sexual desire, and the sprigoes of the spring slaves have changed rapidly. The cheeks are fainted, the skin is translucent, the breast is obviously full, and the nipple is touched. The body curve is even more exquisite. In this afternoon, it exudes the seductive charm of youth.

The owner is detained with this little slave who is watching the scenery, and the heart is very satisfied with himself. Fortunately, I didn’t break her, taught the woman, so that the woman wants to be strong, really pleasant. He appreciates enough, recruits the trick, “Spring slaves, come over.”

“Yes, the master.” Spring slaves quickly came over before him.

“Take the clothes.” Spring slaves dialed the strap, the thin yarn silk skirt disappeared, only massage the cream and pink butterfly belt.

The owner takes out the dog collar to wear the female slave, and then carefully on her nipples. Two puppies. Pick up the tutoring, say, “Now you are a little mother, the owner takes you.” After finishing, began to walk the garden. The spring slaves crawled on the ground. “Hand and feet, don’t use knees.” Spring slaves stretched straight legs, limbs, head, butt, the butt is high, and the owner is in the garden. In this belt, this day garden is the highest, and only the high-rise building is expected to see here. If someone is watching with a telescope, I will see this rare strange scene. A tall man is covered with a dowager, holding a charming humanistic dog, walking in the sun. The man stopped, the female dog arched, licking his scrotts, thighs, and back. Of course, only SM enthusiasts can understand that this is the upper level of tune the female slave.

I have a few laps and come to a stone bench. The owner sat down and the Spring slaves were supported. Master’s reasoning her hair, “Do you tired?”

“Not tired, the owner.”

“Do you like when my little mother?”

“Like it. Master.”

“It’s true. Come, blow it for me.”

Spring slaves are immediately skilled, suck, and the penis is very fast.

While the owner took the spring slaves, he said, “Spring slaves, do you have a few mouths?”

“Three.” Spring slaves will answer the side.

“Which three?”

“Mouth, anal, vagina.” She whispered.

“The owner opened your mouth?”


“Today, I will open an anus today, ok?”

“Okay.” The sound of the sound is hard to hear.

“That’s good, now, of course, use a dog.” He stood up, called Spring slaves on the stone bench, hips. He dials his ass, in the sun, the anal wrinkles are dark red, a one, slightly shocked, very attractive. He wanted to get out, deeply, took out BB oil from the nightgown pocket, apply it around the anus, was applied to the glans, and then filled the penis. Since more than ten days of butterfly belt hosted, the female anus has been opened, the glans is easy to plug in. But only this is, it is very compact. He helped the Spring slaves, slowly and firmly toward the top.

The spring slaves grabbed the bodder, frowning. Pain, but stimulation; fear is expected. I can’t say anything else. The strange thing is that the pussy actually itch, and the empty wants to be filled. The owner’s experienced hand touched it, pressing the clitoris. Spring slaves can’t hung quickly. The owner took the opportunity to make it strong, the penis is straight, all inserted, and the scrotum is tight. Spring slaves – a guard pain, the owner ignores, and continues to be deeply thrush. Spring slaves tremble, catering, ah, awkward, calling in the air, transferring far. Until the owner of the owner’s penis injected into her intestinal belly, the anal sex of this deceased slave is still not stopped for a long time! Chapter VII Pleasant Slave, Diwu Day, the day of the day, the spring slaves are very habits. Wake up every morning, just massage with your lips and tongues, around the world until the owner got up. The owner doesn’t go out, then take a bath for the master with the breast, then listen to the owner’s arrangement, play all kinds of sex. The owner went out, she enjoyed the sexual stimulus of massage breasts and butterflies, and also looked at SEX to help. It often makes her sexual desire to impress, the body is twisted in the bed, and the hand is aggravated by the butterfly band, and the prostitute can even penetrate the butterfly to the sheet. When the owner came back, she urgently hoped to pay for the owner, gave the owner anal, enjoy the fun of sex. This can be temporarily calm, but how can you get true satisfaction? She knows that this is the lack of real complete sexual intercourse. She is secretly hard and penis deeply inserted into the vagina! But the owner seems to be ignored at all. Although she is taking a shower, I am more intellectually to touch the owner of the owner when I travel, but I want to come. It is not that the blowjob is anal, that is, I don’t put her little sister, I am dying. She is a girl, but also a female slave, can’t always ask for a man to insert a man.

The change of spring slaves, and the master of sexual experience is unclear. He didn’t want to completely start with a small slave. But he is hard to endure, appreciate the appearance of the little female slave hunger and is very wonderful. Of course, this is just late. Days of sex slavery training will arrive at a climax.

On this day, the Spring slaves have just been clean after the first menstruation, and they can’t wait to massage the mask and butterflies, and enjoy the sexual stimulation for a few days. In the afternoon, the owner wore a dog collar for Spring slaves and took the little bitch to the garden. This year’s last spring rain is floating, in the rain, the little mother’s body is light, and it is extraordinary. He is open, and you will accept the moisturizing of spring rain. The rain fog is covered with the world, and the female slaves are squatting. Life is really wonderful. The rain is big, Shasha is ringing, and it is cool. Don’t freeze the dried dog. The owner takes the dog, with a little female back to the house.

The bathroom in the bathroom is hot, and the cold body brewed into hot water is very comfortable. The small and exquisite spring slaves are like a whisper to turn around, and the master’s chest is cleared with a flexible breast. Then helped the master to sit on the wall, kneeling in front of the face, gently licking the penis. The owner is lazy and half-lying half-sitting, watching the skilled movement of the spring slaves and tongue. I feel this in my heart, I finally trained this daughter slave, but I have a lot of effort, but I have money, this is a good quality slave, that is, I get the International Slave Club is not inferior. The Oriental Chiller there is teach, a Taiwanese girl, a call, a small cow, a full set of services. Which is more privately private, and it is still a woman. Today, it is a good day! I thought of this, he immediately excited. He took the legs, revealing the asshole, and the spring slaves took his hips, traquteered his tongue to drill into the tongue. The Taiwanese girl told him that this is called “poison dragon diamond”, which is indeed particularly stimulating. At that time, the girl tongue his tongue to his anus, almost sprayed his semen. Still the spring slave, but it is more exciting than that gentleness and stimulating. His penis is hard as iron, green rishers. He put his leg and told him: “Spring slaves, get moisturizer.”

Spring slaves will immediately understand, get up, apply it on the penis, apply it to your anus, then turn it, let the owner dial the butt, let the anus toward straight towering glans, set. The owner supports the penis is slightly adjusted, and it is slowly inserted. Multiple anal diploma is already a familiar road. He pulled through the spring slaves, let her sit down on his thigh, the anus is pressing the scrotum, the penis is pluroped. The strong stimulation of the anus makes the Spring slaves are soft, and they are not allowed to rely on the owner. The owner left the chest from her armpits, and the left-handed left breasts; the left hand stretched into the following, the middle finger and the neutrality, the index finger was smashed on the clitoris. “Ah, hey, ah -” Spring slaves are squatting, the anus shrinks, the body is drifting, and the hand is straight to the bottom of the owner.

“What?” The master asked in her ear.

“Ah, ah, uncomfortable.”

“Where is it uncomfortable, here?” He touched his film in the vagina.


“How is it uncomfortable?”

“Ah, empty, uncomfortable.” “Is it not thinking that the owner is inserted in a full full?” The finger kept swaying in the genitals.

“Oh, ah -” It was repeated in such a posture, she could not stand it, and they were even.

“How does the little slave ask the owner?” The owner smiled, both hands were touched in the pussy.

“Ah, no, you can’t stand it, ask the owner, ask the owner’s big penis.”

“Where to insert, here?” The owner deliberately reversed the ass.

“No.” There is no trace of no trace, there is only one requirement, a wish, stuffed with the gates, rub the vagina!

It is fun. The owner pulls out the penis, washed, and fell to the soft spring slaves, walked to the big bed. He opened all the beds, and the three-sided magnifier took the delicate spring slaves. When he put the pillow in the spring slave, he took her hand to the belt on the bed. The half of the spring slaves is like Jesus hanging on the cross. Then he uses the hip of the pillow to the hip of the spring, separate two legs, let the small hole protrude. Everything is ready, he caught the body and started to suck this female point! He sucked, licking, the vagina and the virgin hybrid flow, the obscene flow, he just swim, the yin is full of full. Spring slaves are close to the bed frame, the legs are big, the body is back and forth, and there is constant. Suddenly, the owner found that the wonderful hole began to automatically contraction, a one, just like a small mouth. Haha, the little slave has come to a climax. The owner satisfies, sitting, put the sanctuary of the spring slaves on the outside of his own, press the glans, gently on the vaginal mouth, repeatedly grinding in the clitoris and size ladle, slowly entering. The glans just inserted into half, and he had touched the female film, but stopped. The spring slaves are very rushing to meet, but they are pressed and watching her, saying: “Spring slaves, you didn’t make me breakthrough, now?”

“Enter, master, ask for in, the Spring slave does not understand things, no okay, can’t stand … ah,” Spring is no longer. “

The owner has long sucking a breath, and the body is in front of the body, I feel that the glans is supporting the small hole of the female film, suddenly, “” low and clear, the female film is broken, the blood flows out, the glans passes, slowly sliding In the end, the top is heart!

Spring slaves “ah -” The land is called, the body suddenly sets into a bow, and the hands are screaming. The pain and the unprecedented sexual feelings are tumbling in her body, she is completely inspired, or she is tied, and she has already died.

This will see the benefits of spring slaves bundled on the bed frame. The owner fixes the body of sexual slaves on the bed frame. It is such an effect. It can make the female slave to show the madness of the body, but they stay calm in order to fully appreciate. He sat down and gently rubbed the clitoris, and watched the crimson face and swinging swing. It’s really beautiful, and there isn’t this paradise! For a while, he once again tilt again, pinching a breast, his lips close the spring slave lips, sucking in the tongue, and starting the body. The thick and hard penis is gentle, resolute, lasting, rotational, rotating, rubbing, going to the climax at a point at a point, moving towards the moment, moving towards the moment, moments Yongli!

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