For the first time, I found that there is a sister in the class. There is still about 160 heights. The weight looks about 42 or so, the chest probably has a D cup! Leave a horsetail, say he is a horse tail. Bending the waist, the necklut of the neck is vaguely exposed, with a bra, every time I look at my column (meat rod is mad), the boy is very mad), the boy is also like to play with him, I think it can eat ice cream (there is Milk is a mother)! Although I like her, but I am not the kind of person who take the initiative to act, see if I have always adhered to the principle (good color is free> <), of course, if you send the door If it is good, it will never let go (free is more delicious), a bit like Jiang Taogong fishing mentality, haha.

Really … pull .. I am very far away, go back to the topic, say one day, pick up for lunch at noon, just like the afternoon, please have a sports class, good luxury, eat small M, point A spicy chicken leg, super lucky just left the last four-person seat, while eating my hamburger while looking at the beautiful legs of the black silk socks in the distance, “Excuse me, we can sit with you ?! Do we have a physical education? Humorous answers let them laugh. Talking, I only know that the professor of the horse tail, but his friend has a class. The straight hair of his friend is about 155, the body is very good, the waist is thin, the leg is thin, though (the chest is small ), But the face is still in the middle, called him as a straight hair! Eating a straight hair must go first, the horse tail is happy to find people, just say that I will carry her back to school. I didn’t want to go back to school first. Waiting time is always very long, although there is a good person next to it, it is still very difficult, now a little five points, from the straight sister to now, I have been in the nearby, I propose to visit nearby, so I carry her Wrapped around the school, because of the relationship between the body, I still take a motorcycle, I have been holding my waist, “You can hug me, I don’t have the relationship, I have a little loss”, I have boldly pull her. The hand ring around my waist, horsetail: “Is it me!” He pinched me. In this way, we returned to the school’s physical education lesson.

My physical education is good, but the badminton said that it can only say ordinary, only the power of electricity, no choice but I can only sit next to the masters, suddenly the stomach hurts, go to the toilet, “dry, how is the toilet is so dirty “

There is a cockroach (mother, there is no rush> >> (black breast), I love to die, sports costumes are really convenient ( Convenient and easy to get off), unlike the destiny of jeans, I let her take back to my toilet, then use my right hand to play with his small hole, I don’t have long after entering and out, let her obscene water flow ^^ I didn’t expect her outdoor that her appearance was so lassed (^ ^^), her lascivious water wet my palm, I put my finger in front of her, her greedy eaten her own prostitution ( The posture is really like av males ^^), and I am super excited. The battle index has increased by 15,000 points. Although I really want to put it directly, I still want to try to watch the little girl mouth technology. Blowjob, blowjob), I put her lascivious water on my younger brother, turned over, indicating that he helped me to hand, she hesitated, or put my brother into the mouth, skill, hard, but spirit Coco, the teeth are friction to my glans, and it is another inexplicable enjoyment. I want to think … I don’t want to get her again. I look at her hand, I am very close, I know that he is very I want, I hugged her, more than forty kilograms, I really didn’t eat much, I let him hold me, I put the meat stick to the deepest place, although the humidity is already enough, but suddenly Inserted by huge things, still let him not help it out (cool?! … really wet again and x), I quickly passed her lips and started telling him, so as not to call it again.

I put her everything in the deepest place, so I won’t be four or fifty pieces (really wet and tight ^^), the hand is a little acid, let her put her down, let her back to my hand Wall, I entered from behind (嘿, the back is more cool)

I always say what I have a darkness on the Internet. I tried it, but I didn’t have a way in my head. I didn’t have the eighth year. I haven’t used the eighth (there is no skill @@), so I have been It’s all slowly pumping, then slowly accelerating, I have become a hard work, but because I have been so hard, I don’t make early shooting because of the pleasure of friction. (Technology, technology pull ^^)

Then I used her to do her, and my hands also stretched her C milk. Suddenly I thought I didn’t get to her teap! <, I squat on her back, elongated my neck with my tongue I didn't think that there was a sensitive belt that she suddenly was suddenly unusually excited. I kept moving the waist. I resumed the original standing, helping her waist (I read the news said that the part is called " Putting), I am crazy, she also smashed, "I want, I want, vigorously" he started saying that he is not looked back (child, lascivious!), She is eager for every effort to hit her heart. After the less than two hundred, I found that I quickly shot, I asked him "Can I shoot inside ?!" Introduction is the first volunteer of everyone! "No, today is a dangerous period" I didn't If you ask, I took my meat stick and shot her and then shot on her face. I sat on the toilet. She used to help me clean up with her own medicine. Wait until we all wear clothes. She was determined that no talented telled to go out, she said: "You are miserable, I want to tell you rape!" She suddenly said to me, I responded to her: "Then you have to say, at night, I am raped at night. Ok, I know that she is joking, saying boldly.

He rushed to say: “Go, come to the get out of class!” The teacher’s point name came, she pulled my hand while running.

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