At the time of the big two, the college came to a beautiful teacher. The good face, the snow-white skin, the big double peak, the round hips, and then cooperate with her tall and slightly the bitter body, and people will want to go. In the dormitory, the beauty teacher became the talker after our tea, and she couldn’t sleep in the night, she replaced the object of Wu Tenglang.

Every time I lay in the bed, I fantasically watched her beauty of the clothes, first watched her wonderful naked, and then she lied her double peak, her fat hip, finally put her down her place, Inserting her rich body, I will always hold a smile.

In the dream, sometimes I can’t help but stay in the climax when I enjoy the gave birth to the beautiful teacher. I just remember that when she arrived, she was in winter. Because she was relatively large, she would take out the jacket every time she came to class, and then wore a wedhead. At this time, I will always stare at her full of stunning chest.

Oh, in order to watch the beauty of the beautiful teacher, I am always in the last row, I am absolutely to seize the first row of the first row at the first row every day. In fact, listening to her lecture is really a kind of enjoyment. She not only is beautiful, and when the lecture is always a smile, let me feel like Mu Chunfeng.

Unconsciously, I have always been active in the class, and I also started active, I also attached the teacher’s remarks, and I often answer her questions. Have to say, beauty lectures can mobilize students, especially students like me, and have the enthusiasm of students like me!

Since I showed a lot of color in her classroom, I also fully played my rogue and rogue, always find some excuses to approach her, and shortly, I was mixed with beautiful teachers. The faculty staff of the beauty teacher lived between our dormitory and classrooms. When I was studying, I took like her excuse, and I said to my respective dormitory.

Every time I look at her, I will not help the fantasy: If I can go to her dormitory, I will go to her in her dormitory. How is it in the opportunity? However, I know that this can only be thought about it, she will then lock the door every time, it is difficult to enter her dormitory, don’t want to violently violently in her dormitory.

So, for a long time, I just stayed in the realm of obscenity.

However, it may be that I am too lonely, I really gave me this opportunity. Hey, for the colorful wolf with me, there is only one chance to be enough.

That time I just went to the school network. I read the hair back. At 10 o’clock in the evening, a person walks in some silent campus, the cold wind blows, and it is really a bitter feeling. After the faculty and dormitory area, I couldn’t help but remember the beauty teacher, just skew it again.

I am looking forward to it, I hope to her dormitory. I only looked at it, I got the light of the light, cute God, I didn’t look wrong? This is a familiar figure! How can she go home so late? Is it going to date? Didn’t hear that she has a boyfriend! I smashed the head of the head. I tightly followed the past, and my ghost knew how she came back so late. Let’s take a chance to mix her dormitory. Let her take her.

At this moment, my body was completely controlled by the lower body. Thinking was completely controlled by the insects, just constantly destroyed, kill her! Cry her! I don’t know why, she is not so fast, and it seems to have a bit of falling, so I can’t help but run the impulse.

Perhaps because of the sky, she opened the door to open the door, and made me a little unexpected and very excited. Different from the past, she didn’t enter the dormitory after she opened the door, leaving a half hidden door And excited me shake me. Chance! The opportunity is coming! I finally got me to catch you!

Like a wind, I quickly rushed into the dormitory of the beauty teacher and hurriedly locked it from inside. Strong to bear excitement and excitement, I slowly walked into her room, no one in the living room, maybe it is in the bedroom. I went into her bedroom quietly, I saw a scene that made me happy to cheer.

She actually squatted in bed like a dead pig! Even the coat is not taken off! And her room is full of pungent alcohol, is she drunk? Because she is not sure if she is really asleep, I don’t dare to have too much action. Slowly moved to her bed, close to her face, I found that she really fell asleep, her face was sad, and her eyes were still hanging. Oh, it is also a story! Life is not as good as the convent, let me comfort you well.

I think so, I slowly turned her one and then took her up to let him lean on me. It’s really unprecedented to be close to the beautiful teacher. But let me be more depressed, the pungent alcohol has replaced the perfume of her body. Hey, woman, what do you drink so much wine? But if you think about it, if she doesn’t drink so much wine, I don’t seem to have a chance to be so close to her. I am relieved in my heart, I will start to appreciate her beauty. Slowly, I will shake your hand on her chest. Hey, it seems that she is really drunk, and there is no further reaction. Good form, I no longer hesitate, put it in her chest, start slow and powerful.

When you look at the beautiful teacher’s tall milk, you will feel very enjoyable. Now you can touch it, it’s a different soul feeling. At this moment, I feel that I am really happy. After a while, I suddenly found that there was no such thing as the clothes, it is really not addictive. So started to neat clothes for beauty teachers, first jacket, then the woolen sweater, and then in thermal underwear. After two minutes, the last layer barrier was also removed gently.

In the mouth of the mouth, I am deadly staring at the place where I will dream. Two groups, two sits on a peak, huge and well-known, usually know that the beautiful teacher’s chest is big and beautiful, I didn’t expect that when they naked barely in my eyes, I found that the original ignorant is illusory but not Real, and how much it is displayed! I sent a beast snoring in my throat. One of my hand was printed on her big breasts, and at the same time, I took the other nipple with my mouth.

The hands and soft and warm touch, let me don’t help but increase the efforts; in the mouth, the tongue is smashed with her nipple, taste the sweet filming, so that my breathing begins He is more urgent, sucking is more powerful. Under my hand, her two nipples began to change hard, which added the pleasure in my hand and my tongue.

“Oh … ah …” Maybe my double offensive made her feel comfortable, and the beautiful teacher in the sleeping, but still did not open his eyes. This undoubtedly gave me a great encouragement, I began to make boldly to open. When her breathing is very strong, I slowly moved my lower body to her lower body, and I got a big for a while, I won’t put her pants.

Through her underwear, I put her hand into her, find the stream in the forest, I feel the flow of water! Gently lick in the edge of the stream, I closed my eyes and smeared this from the never touch. Suddenly, my finger touched a protrusion in the edge of the stream, making the beautiful teacher emitted a screams with a debauchery.

I know, this is the favorite of the male protagonist in the mask – the buds of the west side. Oh, it seems that the beautiful teacher is really sophisticated, only for a while, the flood is flooded and blusted, and this thing is still surprising. Oh, it’s a matter of esteem.

Find her bud, my index finger and thumb began to pinch it, so that the beauty teacher continued to make it, ah called shouting, accompanied, there is a warm flow of a spree. At this time, I also reached the limits of endurance, and I took off all the clothes on my body. I breathe myself on the body of the beautiful teacher.

Very guns to the sputum of the water, I slammed forward. My old second brother seems to have suddenly break into the warm shower room from the snow in the snow, and the kind of wet fever and a firm feeling make my little brother really want to spit out. “Um …”, maybe I feel my entry, the teacher also sent a snoring snoring.

Seeing her so use, my self-confidence expands to the extreme. Square a posture, I started to start the piston movement before and after, in the process of continuous insertion, I first realized the ultimate pleasure of giving my little brother’s last love, really Great, accompanied by constant friction, this pleasure is getting more and more obvious. It’s really unbearable, my action began to have a violent, then rude.

Under this high frequency operation, my body began to sweat, my breathing began to be heavy as cattle.

“Ah …, um …, use the power point, do it hard, do it, do it … Tao, continue to love me, don’t leave me, do my strength.”

The beauty teacher shouted in my offensive, but why is her screaming with a little sad? Tao? She shouted is the name of her previous boyfriend! At the same time asserted, I have slightly these questions and estimates. However, now these are not important, the important thing is that my little brother feels, I really reached the limit, I feel that I really want to shoot. The fierce pump two times, I decided the little brother, and then I sprayed in the wall like the end of the Yangtze River. Koke, this is rape, I don’t dare to shoot into her body! That’s more cool, but I only tell me, it will be dead! Take a break, I am inserted into the beautiful teacher from behind, this action is relatively gentle. Just is too excited, this time you have to experience it carefully. Let’s take a look, every time you don’t get into it, your lower abdomen is on her huge round butt, it feels really cool.

“Um … Oh … ah!”, The beautiful teacher has always yelling with the rhythm of me. After I gentle for more than half an hour, the name of the beautiful teacher began to get more and more urgent, the body also began to spurt, and her vagina contracted more tightly, and my little brother with suction. Trend of spray.

At this time, a full of heat is in the forehead that I have just explored her body, let me a spirit, I finally can’t help it, I have been in a few seconds, I have been jetful. I want to die.

When I woke up from this fatal pleasure, I found that I made a fatal mistake. But it is too late! At this time, my brain is very chaotic. I will want to kill people, and I will think about the previous temperature.

Oh, it’s really troubled! Finally, I think about it, but I will escape when I haven’t woke up.

After the next thing, I would like to kill her, and I don’t say the laws of the law, and the light is my own feelings. This is not going! Such a good look and still have such a relationship with yourself, how can I give her a fragrant jade in my hand!

Within more than half a month after that, I am in my heart, and my spots suddenly be arrested by the police.

However, after a period of observation, I found that the teacher didn’t seem to have anything else without anything, which would undoubtedly let me be happy. This is the same, I didn’t know if I did it. Maybe she thought that day is a spring dream!

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