I am a student of our school, but also a football team. He is my school sister and a girlfriend of our captain.

The school sister has a standard melon face, and the light forehead has a combination of the sea, the eyebrows that are browning.

Under the same long eyelash like a fan, it is a pair of clear black and white, and the nose is straight. The little mouth that is not very much smaller than the cherry, it is easy to bite, with a delicate and smooth skin, more perfect A face, she exposed a faint smile from time to time, appeared to be quiet and elegant.

From the moment of seeing the sister, I liked her, but because of the relationship between the captain, I could only give up.

But this does not hinder me like her, I am a school sister every time I play a pistol.

Chen Dong is also a team, and I am a dormitory with me. It is also my dead party. He knows that I like the sister of Shu Xi, he always said that there will be a chance to help me Shang Xi Xue, I have never really.

That day is a crazy evening, and it is also an unforgettable night.

That day, our team won the game, so the captain decided to ask everyone to sing one night, but because some are, only, I, Chen Dong, Captain, Shu Xue, and another 2 people went.

After we arrived, the captain took the school sister to be late. When I saw my eyes behind my eyes, my sister was a touchless makeup, and I wore a black little vest on my body. A yellow shirt with a silk, wearing a white pants and black stockings on the leg, which makes the school sister look unusually beautiful sexy.

And it may be because I like stockings, my eyes have been aiming to live in the black silk legs of the school sister.

The captain wants to have a private room, everyone sang and drinks, the lights in the private room are very dark, my eyes are even more unscrupulous, seeing the fascinating face of the school sister, see the school sister. Black silk.

After singing for two hours, the captain’s mobile phone suddenly rang, saying that there was a matter of letting the captain back, the captain helpless, leaving, let us send him to the school sister before leaving.

After another hour, I have been more than 10 o’clock. Everyone decided to go back, and the other two players picked up things because they were more than a far away. When I was preparing to go, Chen Dong suddenly said. I still want to sing a song again, I have a song and my sister think of a song.

After singing, Chen Dong took a bottle of wine, let’s go, let’s talk, let’s talk, wait for a bottle of wine, it is ready to leave, but I don’t want to learn. The sister is drunk, I walked over and helped her.

When I left near, I found that the sister of Shu Xi smashed, and her eyes looked at me, and it was slightly breathed.

At this time, Chen Dong suddenly took me: “I said that I have to help you with my sister. I will help you get it today. I just put the lights in the mug of Shu Xi Xueji. Will you enjoy it! “

I didn’t want to have not promised, but I saw that the Schili Xuejie is now fascinating, the desire is still awesome, I said to Chen Dong: “Thank you, brothers!”

Chen Dong took my shoulder and said that it is polite.

I have locked the door in the past, then put it down with my sister, I grabbed my sister, she didn’t resist it, I surely kissed her, my sister has consciously, and I actually mentioned my strength to me. Kissing, shouldn’t you treat me as a captain!

No matter, anyway, you have already eaten a spring medicine, and you will be so much!

When I kissed the school sister, I also helped the school sister to take clothes. At this time, I only had a white bra, and the hot pants of the lower body have also been faded on the knee, showing the thin school sister. Yarn trip.

My hand holds the sister’s silky black silk, exploring the gale of her, accepted the transparent tulle trip, the prostitute has penetrated, and the tentacles are moist, my middle finger is punctured by the pants. Soft and slippery petals, her petals have been opened.

The school sister has already disagious, and the lower body catering to me in the middle finger in her juling, maybe it is a spring medicine!

The school sister’s love has more abnormalities, and the vaginal intimately a warm prostitute will be deceived from my hand.

My mouth also gave up the soft little tongue of the school sister, and turned to the towering tower of the school sister. I gently bite her milk across the bra, and the hands of my hands are constantly caressing the beautiful body. The slight squatting, shaking and soft, stalls in me, let me want to do whatever you want. I put the sister on the sofa, playing this, every inch of the body, she can’t help me in sucking, frowning, twisting the body and the limbs, the mouth is constantly talking about: “Let me do it She. “At this time, I have put his clothes, only black stockings, watching the quiet and elegant school sister constantly sending the waves, I can’t help my heart, I will send it. Take off your clothes, I have to endure the big hi in one night, then bounce out by underwear.

I turned over to the baretrous strip and strong, the big, the sister is completely naked, and the pink and white belly is piped in the black lacquer, the thigh is posted on her smooth and delicate thigh.

Maybe meat and the pleasure, make it a big sister, two hands, hold my waist, close our naked lower body, tall and hurt the pussy with my hard, the big mask is hard, I The two signs made a sound of Shasha in the thus.

My glans and penis were smoothed by the smoothing labips of the school sister. They couldn’t help but they couldn’t help, so she was separated by her pink thighs. The glans, open her labiary petals.

The lower body is very hard, only heard “Zi!”, I have no hindrance to the slightly hidden vagina that I am inserted into the vagina, but she is not a woman, but she is called at this time. One.

Looking at the fascinating goose face, the eyes of the glamorous people, the magic of the lust, the tender red cheeks, and snoring.

Tell the blue, silky mouth in the mouth.

If you have a dream, she is just a sister of my sacred and inviolable, but now I am pressing under my body, my big hook has already inserted her vagina, the body’s honey, physiologically, physiologically, psychological美, 使 坚 切 切 切 切 切 切 切 切 切 切 切 切 切 切 切 切 切 切 切 切 切 切 切 切 切 切 切 切 切 切 切 切 切 切 切.

I was smashed by me, I was scattered around me.

“Oh … so comfortable … hard … hard me … Oh … ah … comfort!”

Sisters awareness and blurred, as I had a high life, she hugged me, her eyebrows were tight, sometimes they became eight gangs.

At this time, the school sister suddenly shocked, I felt that she was close to my thigh muscle, and the glamorous glamorous glamorous, and the body was strong.

She is holding a strong contraction of the vaginal meat of my big hi, the uterine, the baby is like a baby’s mouth, and I have went deep into the big talents, a hot flow is sprayed by her, poured in me. The horse’s eyes of the glans appeared in a wave of waves.

“Ah …” I have long sighed. The whole person is like scattered the rack. I am just now, I can’t stand my urine, and I will shoot the semen in the body of the school sister. .

I didn’t expect the school sister as if it was not too tired, constantly there was so that I would like to say.

This time I decided to do her on that desk. I moved the school sister to the table. I looked at the sister’s soft Jiaoqi’s unpacking A shape on a wide table, which is like that is weak and weak. My old two has grown again again.

I put the penis in the vaginal mouth, and then put it forward, and I didn’t enter the vagina at all.

The whole cock is completely inserted into the vagina, my lower abdomen and the sister are closely attached, there is no gap, and the two people are also entangled together.

I even felt that the soft and slender yin hair was hit by his own low, with thorough entry, I experienced a unpresenity, quite like iron, the big meat stick was so wet. The tightly wrapped in the meat.

I hardly draw a penis, and fierce inserted, the penis is all incompetent, and the glans touched the neck of the school sister, and his glans hit the uterus, and the school sister’s vagina pulled it. Obviously she also felt this stimulus.

As my piston movement accelerates, the sound of “,” is started, and the sound becomes frequent with the speed of the insertion frequency.

I have held the two breasts of the school sister and squeeze, and the two white crisp were exudated into a variety of shapes that were exaggerated by my two big hands. When I did a school sister, I kissed her lips while leaving the tongue into Xu Meng’s mouth, I tried to squeeze my sister’s sister, and took her tongue into my mouth.

When the “” sound sent and the “” “sound sent and the” squeak “sound sent when the table was shaking, and the” squeezing “sound of the table formed a beautiful and beautiful music further stimulated Chen Xin’s brain and prompted me more. Crazy is a deeper vestibrey, and his spanned flesh.

The beautiful face of the school sister is like an aphrodispent, let him depress the heart of the heart to the inner, and gradually lose ration.

I set up my body, clanding my two legs, pulling the two legs to the top of the school sister’s shoulders, making the sister’s back, and the hips left the desktop tall and tall, the whole The pussy is completely exposed to almost in parallel with the desktop.

And I stretched my body, inserting the penis vertically into the vagina of the school sister, like a scorpion.

This posture makes Chen Xin’s maximum depth insertion, and brings a strong pleasure, I have a big call.

I didn’t stop the school sister about ten minutes. The school sister has not stopped obscenity. Her soft waist is only gently swayed, catering my plug, the black silk beauty legs are light. I watched my strong waist.

“Oh! Fast a little … I am so itch … I’m moving … Itch … I itchy …” She is passionate.

“I am sour … don’t move … I can’t stand it … don’t move!”

She suddenly held my hips, the snow-white legs wrapped my waist, and the Yinfu, who was high, and my shame, she didn’t let my hook could twitch in her vagina.

I felt deep into her uterine cavity, I was close to her spent, and I was sprayed in the heart of the hot yuan, plus the horses, plus her vaginal wall tender meat, strong spasm, tolerance The fine customs can never be able to.

The hot spring is eagerly ejected, and her tender flower is a soothing soaking, can’t help but shake the whole body.

“Beautiful ~ so comfortable!”

Two legs tangled tightened me to enjoy the long rhyme.

Slim, I watched the school sister in the arms, DD couldn’t help but up, forget it, or let the school sister once!

But I decided to play a beautiful leg who played the Scholar Scholar and then worked, because I prefer stockings.

I stroked the black silk legs of Shu Xi’s sister. One hand grabbed a calf of Shu Xi Xuejie, touched it for a long time, smooth, and it is a beautiful leg.

I picked up the black silk beauty of the Scholar Schili smell the faint sourness on the feet, absorbing this toe that wrapped in black stockings, bold the two black silk, and filled my saliva.

Cleaning my penis on my penis with black silk, this, so play for a while, decided to start doing her.

I let Yan Xi learning sister on the sofa, the hips are high, because the Schili Scholars are more tap, so I can stand directly to her.

I support the beautiful buttocks of Shu Xi Xue Xue, put the penis in the vaginal mouth of Shu Xi Xuejie, rubbed her yin, and listened to “哧”, the penis has been accurately inserted into the Scholar Success. In the vagina.

Each time I inserted a tender butt of Success, I hit my lower belly, so I “” “” “” continues to do her.

“Um … … ah …” And the Schili Scholar started to make this cute snoring. After listening to it, I am even more excited, but more sold more.

In this crazy sport, I only felt that the vaginal of Shu Xi Xue Sheng is constantly contracted, and the thrill given to me is constantly increasing.

Her love drops along my thick penis, and then more than three hundred fierce floods, I also reached the limit of both hands, holding her body, the penis deeply stabbed to the uterus of the Scholar Scholar It is crazy to discharge there, and white turbid semen is not stopped on her uterine wall.

On the same day, I did a total of 3 times, and after the last time, I helped the sister to put on my clothes, and then sent him back to the dormitory.

It may be a spring medicine! The Schili Schister’s last is also fascinating, I don’t know if I have been drunk, I only thought it was drunk.

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