At the time, I decided to go abroad, and the former girlfriend Qing also decided to go to another place. When she went to the internship, we naturally broke up, and the days in her have great influence on me, let me know from a junior brother Thoroughly fallen, the sexual love in various ways has become a big part of our lives, although regrets and disrespect, but we are still the best friends after they are separated.

In the language class, I met the current girlfriend, I liked her for the first time. This is the feeling that I have never had before, it is a variety of pursuit, but she has not agree.

When I was eating together, she told me that we were impossible, in fact, she also likes me, but her lifestyle is very difficult, and she doesn’t want to change her own, and I don’t want to hurt me, so only Can give up this feelings.

Under my continuous question, she doesn’t say a truth.

Ingenious, I haven’t been there for a few days, I know all.

I can’t get classes that day, and I have started the language since I broke up, and the pressure has been very big. Because I didn’t have a few opportunities to go to the exam before the submission of the language score, I didn’t reach the requirements for the second year. Time for starting a month can only solve physiological problems.

This weekend is a friend to find a business model, ready to relax, and when we meet, I am stupid.

“You see, I said that we are impossible.”

I said.

I am calm down and said, “How do you do this? If you live, I can raise you, I will not mind these.”

She said: “The money is only the way to earn, I like to make love with different people. In fact, I will go to the nightclub, I can choose to see it, I like this, even if I talk about my boyfriend, I don’t want to Change, so I would rather be single. “

I said at the time: “I can accept it, as long as you are willing to be with me, I like you, I can do anything.”

She looked at me and said, “Let’s first make today’s business!”

I stunned, I also care about taking a bath, I directly put her on the bed and kissed it.

The figure is thin, the chest is also a cup, the waist is very thin, but the butt is more full, and before, every time she sees her back, I want to enter non-not.

When I took her off her, I found that everything was so perfect. Although it was not a devil figure, the color of the nipple and the labipings were very pink, the size of the uli is just the advantage, and the yin is not a lot, even if it is not repaired.

I can’t wait to wait, and the connectors didn’t worn, and the two were “ah” and started our first time.

Although it is not very tight, it is very wet, and the climax is very fast, and her climax is also a cool.

A father, when she was the second climax, I shot directly, and she didn’t say anything, it seems that she is also used to it.

After taking a shower, she first said: “You first can’t accept you, see if we really can get together, I know that if I don’t change this, it is difficult to find true love, so I don’t want You lied to me.

It seems that she has also been stimulated before, I said: “You can do it with some people, but I hope you can tell me, I don’t want to be illegally painful.”


She agreed.

“I can’t do it with people you know, I don’t want them to know, unless you tell me in advance, I agree.”

“Okay, you can really zuo!”

I have a black line, “There must be a set, can’t shoot, is not fun.”

“I rarely like this today, but I can’t guarantee that every time I wear, I will tell you, ok?”


I haven’t finished it yet, she said: “You are the same, you can also find someone to make love, we all the same conditions, how?”

“Ok, but I explain it, do it, don’t make love, don’t like the other party!”

“Well, you have to believe me, I also believe in you, because you go smoothly this year, I have to go next year. This year is cross-know, you have to be suspicious, you must not be depressed, haha!

Xin really cheerful person.

“What do you try to tell me ahead of time, we have a good talk, then again, I do not want to sleepwalk.”

“You can be really long-winded, let’s have dinner out!”

From that day onwards, we officially began dating, and she admitted to me short rental house.

She will pick up during the live, I will go to nightclubs Gesanchaiwu Xiahun, but fortunately she told me in advance.

I was in front of his girlfriend experience, these very upset, but my heart says do not mind, that is false, but more will feel very exciting.

Some people are so be it, knowing that something is wrong, but can not stop himself from doing it.

Xin then live once outside, middle of the night sent me a video, when she herself is inserted into the shot, and made me fire, but to themselves.

The next day I suddenly think of it, to remind her that later can shoot video, do not let the other side took the video, many of these online video, she said she was not stupid, unless the other party with videotaping equipment, do not let the other flagrant the shot yesterday just want to tease me, see my recent exam, not tight time every day, but she was not at home last night, I fear loneliness.

I am speechless, concerned that touched me, but my excitement was only rely on themselves to solve ah.

Finally all goes well, I set foot on foreign, to start a new life.

Arrived in country A, I would like to live in the school dormitory, and later found a rented house three bedrooms, two double couple lived two pairs of Chinese students, I live in a single room, a double room across from my room, a just every where with me.

A country can not think of a house, the sound of garbage, small bursts will be able to hear the next couple lovemaking session, I was a stranger, in addition to chat with Xin resolve under lonely, there is no good friend, is quite depressed every day.

So busy school day, they suppressed their own, sometimes he was lying in bed, really regret coming here.

Two months later, the situation finally began to change, I talked with professional Chinese sister out on, she just called Xin, Xin homonyms with different words.

However, the most critical is that people will increasingly shun shun them, with Xin good few days, almost any connection with next door that made me insane sister out on.

He said his wife as concubine, concubine than to steal, steal another wife, naturally stimulate a lot.

Sister next door body is very thin, the Plains, but pricey, also wearing high-heeled with a miniskirt, cold weather, too.

That day I was in the kitchen cooking, he turned to find her in, only to see her wearing a T-shirt, see below, because at that time we have been familiar for two months, and I jokingly said: “You do not wear pants ? “

“Wear ah, short shorts.”

She replied.

“You dress so sexy, I do good to crash.”

“Haha, crash and went to find a sister ah!”

“Are not you the sister, can you find it?”

I just start molested.

“Well, I come to my room to sleep tonight!”

Thought she replied.

“Why at night, not just your boyfriend now.”

I continued.

“Then you also shocked with the doing, hurry!”

I do not know whether people in a foreign land, it is particularly easy to use, even so agreed.

She had just finished, I was a fire shut up, attend hungry flat stomach, back to the house lovemaking session with her directly, however, is that I went to his room, and afterwards she also despised, I wonder, now sister than men still upset.

They were eating dinner, and building together, this time in her room, because she told me that her boyfriend went to a friend’s house today, online play DOTA, come back tomorrow.

Then we have the opportunity to kiss and touch, while no one would have sex, they are enthusiastic.

I put my things told Xin, and people in contact with her side of it too well, but the most critical, she found a regular partner, she is a teacher of language classes, which I did not expect, always thought she just play every day, and this time really makes me a little worried.

Fortunately, I have been married, my wife is Chinese, but even if I have noisy, I have been a few times. After a few days of cold war, I always like it, I still like it again. And I am very rarely apologized to me this time. She said that she really likes that foreign teacher, but more like him, she didn’t have to do with foreigners before, although not every foreigner, but This is really strong.

I also realized that I haven’t experienced before, I can say a bit of indulgence, almost every day to find a chance to mix with that foreign teacher.

After we are in a good, I can only accept this, and I have sent me a lot of photos and videos, I really have a little small.

My body is still a way that the little brother is more than OK in the size of the Chinese, but it is really a lot to compare with this foreign teacher.

I have a nightmare for me for a few days. If there is a partner girl, I have a professional framing, I sincerely collapse.

People’s adaptation ability is always terrible. I haven’t been released, and I also like it. When I was inserted by foreign teachers, the lips were completely supported. She also reported me almost every day, send a photo to send a photo .

Sometimes she will open a video with me, there is a fierce rhythm with her foreign teachers, a violent rhythm, gave me a lot of excitement, I have heard it, I have never sent it before.

All this makes me gradually completely lost myself, I think this is another fall, I thought that after leaving the first girlfriend, everything will return to normal, and I didn’t expect my life.

In this way, I have finished the first year of the A, ushered in the summer vacation, and I have passed the visa smoothly. I am going to go home in the holiday, waiting in September and come over and start real two people.


Because several roommates with sharing are a school, the time we have the end of our exam is almost the time, and I have booked the same flight to return to China. Everyone lives almost a year, and the feelings are better, especially the girl with the next wall. Since following her, the number of times we have sex does not have to be less with her boyfriend.

The first paragraph of going back is relatively short, no problem, the second class after the transfer is almost 10 hours, I am sitting on the right side of the airplane, sitting in front of the door, the boy next door I don’t want to sit in it, sit down to the position of the road, and I naturally sit down to the window.

After picking up, I have a first meal, and the cabin is turned off. The next-door boys will watch movies with headphones, and they will fall asleep. I smiled at the little apricot. She immediately reached into my blanket directly, put it in my crotch.

“This will not be seen in one or two months.” I will think about it! “Little apricot Chu Chu pitiful small channel.

“It’s nothing to come to Japan.”

“No conscience, let the zipper unsailed, I am not convenient.” This woman is really urgent.

I unlocked her trousers. The underwear was unbalested. I just took it out from inside. I was grabbed by Xiaoyi, and I was busy: “It’s too big!”

“Hey!”, But the movement is obviously gentle, I also reached into her blanket left hand, I said that Xiaoyao likes to wear a short skirt, today is no exception, after all, still in summer, it is unexpected, Xiao Xi today is not Wearing underwear, and I have repeatedly confirmed that the little apricots were shaved, I just wanted to ask, she said: “Shaving last night, I like it?” The little brother is in an instant, and hard can’t be hard.

I am rushing: “Let’s go to the bathroom, I want to see!”

Be careful to cross the next door boy, we rushed to the recent bathroom, but fortunately, the passengers are basically sleeping or watching movies. I will go to the back door. I will open the little skirt directly. “I rely, it’s so beautiful!” The color of the pythmia is the kind of psycho black, although there is no pink, but the whole lips are tight, and I don’t know if it is too thin. Every time I feel particularly tight. Now there is a bare, deeply stimulated me, although there are many shaved hairs, but in reality, especially Chinese or a few. Especially her is still black yesterday. Today, it is bigger, and the freshness is most exciting.

I was on the ground, and I went up, and the vaginal of Xiao Xing had already secreted a lot of spring water. I just got up, I had already flowed out. I really can’t help it, stand up and take off your pants, you have to work hard, Xiao Lixi is relatively high, love to wear high heels, and I also like to stand behind her, this action is just now in the current environment. The best posture. “Ah! So cool!” When I went in, my little apricots began to scream.

“Small Saigue, called husband!”

“Husband, hurry, I haven’t done on the plane, too exciting! Ah!” Little apricot is specially with people.

Because the environment is reasonable, the little apricots will soon be climax, and I am also very felt, I am out, my little prize is especially tacit, and I will shoot it into her mouth. She also eaten.

We will go out, very fortunate, no one outside, once again carefully cross the little boyfriend, we are tired, soon fell asleep.

After the plane arrived in Beijing, with the roommate, I turned to B again, there was a dream for me to wait for me. Every time I see you, I can make me feel. Many of her styles can be very good. When I came out of her, she was happy, I think everything is worth it. I don’t understand why I will be so obsessed with her, I can endure so much, maybe I will get more, in short, I love me, I know that she loves me, this is enough.

After returning to her home, we can’t wait to take together, holding tightly, always kicking each other, I have never thought about it for so long, we are so tacit understanding, even if you can call the video every day, always The yarn, can’t touch it, can’t touch, and this time, we have not rushing to take off the clothes, and everything tells each other.

After I washed, I told me that she cousins ​​came to B. I played a friend. I just got together at night. I naturally agreed, claiming to have a little bit of my little scorpion.

歆 表 妹 叫 乐, is a kind of person, it is really a cheerful person, this point is very similar, although it is good, but it is very good. Different is that Lele’s body is fat, face round But it looks well, although I can imagine a small belly, but the cup is comparable to a, I don’t know where it is.

I don’t know when to develop the first thing, I have to look at the girl’s body, I think many men are like this.

One meal, everyone is happy, Lele is about to go to KTV with friends, I will have a meal, I am full of challenge, go back, I must do what I should do, but this time is my first time. I don’t feel happy.歆 阴 阴 本 道 是 类 是 是 不 宽 宽 宽 宽 宽 宽 宽 宽 宽 道 将 没有 碰 碰 教 子 子 子 子 教 教 教 教 教 教 功 功 功 功 功 功 功 功 功 功 功 功, I have a name of such a beautiful gun, but people are strong. Fortunately, the vagina will always be very wet, I still feel too bad, I also discovered the problem, I feel that she began to force the vagina. Under her efforts, I finally shot, afterwards It’s cool, I don’t know, I am really tired.

I haven’t spoken it, “I’m sorry!” I apologically, she is very smart, know what I think.

“It doesn’t matter, this can’t be blame, and then say this is nothing!” I comforted her.

“I didn’t expect it to be like this, I will give you a compensation. I want anything, I agree!”

“I want you a sister!” I don’t know how to say this. This sentence is like swearing, maybe even don’t mind, it is still angry.

“My sister is not, I want her to get it, I don’t want my relative to know my things, I will introduce you, I will give you love, I will help you, just like two children, how ? “For example, for me to make up for me, I said such a condition, I am also a heart.

“Is it sure? I have a way to solve our problems, I can don’t repent!” I laughed.

“What method?” She didn’t expect that I would say this.

“It is a posture, stupid!”

“But I have tried it once before, I didn’t go in, it was still very uncomfortable.” I can’t think of it, but I haven’t opened it yet. I have tried anal sex before, but I have to let the other party clean up every time, tell the truth, I don’t know. I like it very much, and the woman is not very like that feels very much. “This way, after going backward, I will exercise tried to restore the vagina, and we will not see Tommy after going abroad, will be fine in the future. “

I said that I thought, Tommy was not there, and the A Congress had countless Tommy waiting for you, but there is a more critical thing. I hurriedly said: “Is that whispered to help me introduce my sister, still count? ? “歆 白 眼 一 翻,” Look at the mood! Sleep! “

When I woke up next morning, I was ready to have breakfast. When I dinner, I told me: “How do you think Hui Hui?” I just got up, the brain was slow, confused, confused, “I said, give you Hui Hui?” I remembered that she said last night, I was awake, I said: “Is she not a boyfriend? And I have to marry.” Although I will Do things to have a green hat to the next room, but you will pay attention to your friends. “She is my best friend, I will tell her, and I have already slept with her man, she knows.” My milk fell out of my mouth, “rub, then she is Not angry, or she is the same as you? “I am not happy:” Hui Hui people can be good, because she will just work too busy, very small with strong brother, she mentioned that I loved me with strong brother. “I launched this woman as simple, I have seen Hui Hui several times, and the scene of a strong woman has actually made such a thing.

“Just Hui Hui started the next year, let her stay with you?”

“That strong brother?” I asked.

“Strong brother is busy working overtime, their company only gives a break in a week, don’t say the year holiday, I don’t have to accompany her on the weekend.”

“Then I don’t still make it, at least I have served a few times together with Hui Hui.”

“Ok, but don’t exhaust the death, but I have to see Tommy every day. After all, let’s go abroad, ok?”

I am a little unhappy in my heart, but I still agree, I like it, I am so much.

I remember to see the young bin, the wife, the wife must be kilolay, this is what I have a good retribution with my little apricot. But yes, I have rarely activate or go to the nightclub with Tommy.

After eating breakfast, Hui Hui came over, I am sighing that it is a speed. I don’t know when it is good to share with Huihui. How do I feel that she arranged in advance. After Hui Hui came, I went out and told me that I would be three people tomorrow. I am familiar with Hui and Hui.

I didn’t have to eat meat. Since everything is good, I want to see Tommy, how much is a little fire, just take Hui Hui to go to the house, Hui Hui didn’t think I would be so Directly, there is no more resistance.

Hui Hui can only be considered, although the body is very good, I still feel that this is not good, I also promised to hold a fresh sense. But when I take Hui Hui, I’m tall and full of chest, slender legs, although the skin is black, but Hui’s permanent part is one of the best things I met, beautiful inconsistency, shape just right butterfly, and this Everything is a woman who looks at a very strong woman. When I firmly entered, I almost said thank you, I don’t know if it is very small, Hui Hui is the most tight one I have encountered, especially the difference between the previous night, let me Incurrently, it is almost shot. Hui Hui also let go of the initial tension, but she has not yet excited.

Even so, I am also very cool, I have no feelings of Hui Hui, I haven’t taken it out. Good in me, soon recover, start the second cannon, this time, there is no first time, and finally Hui Hui gave the climax, and finally issued a sound.

Hui Hui tells me, she rarely with strong brother, because she is too tight, strong brother is very fast every time, plus Hui Hui is very strong, slow hard brother is getting inferior, and Everyone is busy, and the number of times to make love is less and less. I have a pity that such a peerless family is not developed.

On the afternoon, I took Hui Hui to go out, I played a circle, and I didn’t feel tired. I may not be a freshness, let alone is still a wife. On the evening, I didn’t come back, I didn’t care too much. I played with Hui Hui to sleep very late. At this time, I suddenly thought that strong brother did it?


I woke up the next morning, Hui Hui has looked at me, I saw me waking up, hurriedly got up, I can let her, I will take her on her waist. Although Hui Hui is very general, the body is the most important thing I have encountered. Generally, there are very few chests that Chinese women are thin. The breast augmentation is not necessary, and Hui Hui is good, If you look good, it is the perfect goddess.

Hui Hui struggled to get up, my hand, pressing her head, she understands what I mean, twist me, I will have a fierce, who knew who used to fight, put himself, Cough, I am embarrassed to laugh at this time, pull her over and lie around me. Hui Hui smiled and smiled and said, “I am too big!” I self-ridicule: “The one is far more than getting up.” Hui Hui smiled again, said: “I know, I will do with him.” After a few times, the size is not a problem, mainly that he is too fierce, I can’t stand it every time, I can’t stand it, but my wife can cope, I still like you! “

When I told my hand to the penis I have erected. “Don’t feel inferior, do you have a perfect, you are already very good, it is a special, you will be good.” Then Hui Hui people I, I am a little touched in my heart, I can’t think that Hui Hui is very clear, and then kissed her tongue.

After a while, Hui Hui got up with the small panties, holding my penis, plugged in, I looked with her breasts, the following, the tight hole, listened to her, I Forget, say: “Good wife, so cool!” Hui Hui immediately accelerated the speed of the ups and downs, “Husband, I love my husband! Ah!”

I strive to take her side, then put it up, I started to add, Hui Hui also shouted: “Ah! It’s too fast! It’s going to die!” I have not stopped, my mouth said : “Wife, wife!

Dry death! “Hui Hui in front of me seems to have become others, and many impressive girls are in this time, and I also become crazy to draw.

When Hui Hui crashed, I broke out in her point, and the illusion of my eyes disappeared. The brain also blank, I also seem to understand, every woman has her advantages and disadvantages, and I can’t be alone I get all the body, even if Hui Hui is getting more cool, I like it is a person, can’t be with someone, let alone, there are so many women, how to choose.

Going back, I saw that I and Hui Hui were sweaty, and my penis was still inserted inside, not too soft.

“How do you feel like that foreigner, I can’t stand it!” Hui Hui complained: “Go out, I have some pain.”

I am busy out, the semen is also flowing out, even if I am surprised, how much is it, what is the situation today?

“Sorry, Hui Hui, just too emotional.” I apologize, Hui Hui smiled and said: “It doesn’t matter, I am alive, I am very excited, if you really do it.” I said: “Hui Hui, we are … I have to get married, hehe … “I don’t know what to say, Hui Hui said:” I know we can’t, but I really like you, I have said, in fact The time is what I asked for her. I also booked myself, let the hardmons gave her a few days, but she still didn’t agree, thinking that I just want to find a man, I will arrange my foreigner. Supreme, I suddenly agreed yesterday morning. “

At this time, I understood the cause of the matter, I said: “What should I do?” Hui Hui said: “Not what to do, the marriage is not necessarily to be with his favorite people, I also shouted my wife. I remember to come to me. “I stunned, Hui Hui said:” Husband hug me! “

At this time, I was lying in bed. I remembered that I haven’t come back yet, I took the mobile phone and found that she has already called, and I was still sleeping, didn’t receive it. I have returned to her, waiting for a long time to pick up, she said, I knew she was doing. “Well! Husband, you get up, ah!”

My penis heard this voice, hard up, Hui Hui was held by me, and heard the sound there, and I found out that I was hard, my bad, smiled, I got it. On me, head towards the penis, contains it, and puts the lips to me, but unfortunately there is my semen.

I asked: “When is it come back?” She said: “Go back in the afternoon, ah, today Tommy has no lesson, I …” At this time, the microphone came to Tommy’s feet: “Kneeling, kneel down! “Then it was a slap in the bureau, and I heard the prostitute, I heard the penis is harder, said:” You have a shopping, let’s talk about it again! “

Hanging up the phone, see the butterflies of the juice in front of the juice, can’t have your own semen, and the mouth is gone, and the Hui Hui is climax. Okawa has a shares. Hui Hui is tired to me, I think the girlfriend will come back to 3p, I want to save physical strength, I have not continued, holding Hui Hui and sleeping back.

In the afternoon, my girlfriend is coming back, watching her face is tired, knowing that she is sure last night, I haven’t slept, I also have a heartache, I haven’t desired, let her go to sleep first, I will go to the supermarket to buy some eating. Preparing at home at home, I don’t want to go. When I got home with Hui Hui, I heard a bursting sound in the bedroom. I was curious, I have been busy, I have not closed the bedroom, and I will see a man in bed directly to make love. The woman is naturally a girlfriend, the man is actually Hui Hui fiance, strong brother. The strong brother is not high, but it is still a strong, it is not a lot of penis. At this time, he just gave a strong movement, and the speed moved a few times and push it on his girlfriend. And I can’t take a short time.

At this time, my girlfriend saw me, I bought my mind: “Husband, I will come back!” Because this is my first time I saw my girlfriend and other men, my girlfriend also felt a bit embarrassed. Strong brother heard me back, hurry up, and shrunk the penis, there is still a condom, which is naturally filled with his descendants.

Hui Hui also came over, seeing strong brother, said: “Strong, 妳?” Strong brother said: “I came out to do things, I saw you and a man into the supermarket, I didn’t see Nie Ge, Yesterday Said to find it, I thought I lured me, I contacted it, she let me come over. “Although strong brother took a strong word, people were also a man, but the Hui Hui is always very soft. Ren, say: “I know that I can’t help you, I like to do love, I can understand, but I hope that I can tell me in advance, I am afraid that I will suddenly lose you!”

Hui Hui also cried, in the past, hugged together, said: “I am an idiot! I will lead the man in the next day, I am not angry!” Qiang Ge said: “As long as you don’t leave me, how OK! “Hui Hui white, I glance,” Okay, let Nie Zi go to the home, are you getting? “Strong brother said:” It’s got, it’s got! “

Hui Hui smiled: “You can get it, I can’t stand it!” Said that I still show me next to me.

I am also embarrassed, saying: “Strong brother, I am sorry!” Qiang Ge immediately replied: “There is no thing, I am not right in the first, I am sorry, I will have anything else.” Say: “Haha, strong brother is polite.”

After saying, strong brother and girlfriend took a shower, I and Hui Hui didn’t work, my clothes didn’t care about it. I took off the shorts, sitting on the sofa, Hui Hui wearing a skirt, only took off his underwear, just cross Sitting on me, up and down. Hui Hui this special excitement, the voice is bigger than the previous few times.

After a while, my girlfriend and strong brother came out, the two were light, nature is also naked. Strong brother came out, his eyes were straight, but the penis was not erected, the girlfriend was natural, said: “I’m really urgent, my clothes didn’t take off.” I said: “I’m coming to help us.”

When my girlfriend came, I helped us take clothes. When Strong Brother saw Hui Hui and my combination, the penis shook it, but she didn’t have hard, but she could see that the front of his glans came out of many liquids, and even a drop of drops down, legs In shivering.

Hui Hui also discovered this situation, it is more likely to move, say: “Strong is coming, I will give you a mouth!”

Strong brother flustered, Hui Hui caught half of his soft penis, put it in his mouth, but I just closed my mouth, and the strong brother screamed: “Ah! Shoot!” Although the penis is half Soft, but it is shot, it should be a lot of semen, Hui Hui is not paying attention to it from her mouth, she is “”, she still didn’t catch it, dripping on the chest.

Hui Hui pulled the semen in his mouth, put the chest with hand, reach out of the tongue, licking the semen above. My girlfriend sighs next to me, and the chest is good. Strong Brother is sitting in a coffee table, and the eyes are still under the hook.

Hui Hui said: “Come to me below!” Qiang Ge directly went to the ground, starting the clitoris of Hui Hui, but sometimes I will encounter my penis, let me not adapt. I will let Hui Hui to face me to sit down, strong brother, Hui Hui’s chrysanthemum, I can’t think of Hui Hui’s anus, I started to cool: “Ah! So comfortable! Husband I want anal sex!

I want anal! “

Strong brother said: “I am still soft …” Hui Hui said to me: “Husband, you come, ask for!” I also calm down the pity, put her on the sofa, squatting After opening, I put it in, so I am very tight in Hui Hui, but the anus is surprising, and the lubrication is good, I will push it, I have a long time, I am also shot.

In the evening, everyone is eating and drinking at home. It is very tired. Hui Hui will go home with strong brother, but unfortunately, there is no three people with you today.

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