The first set of North China, early summer, Wanghai.

Wanghai, this name is good, although I am looking for a sea, but it is bustling.

Every year, visitors from surroundings and foreign provinces will look full of sea, and they can live in the high-priced hotels in Linhai. Ordinary people can also find the inexpensive and comfortable fisherman. In short, no one can enjoy for the gift of nature, no poverty.

Wanghai is not only a tourist resort in the north and is also recognized. It has been rated as an educational model city in the province and even the whole country for several years. The students who go out from Wanghai are now in a big light color, famous high officials, business Home, bankers, IT elites, professors, scientific and technological personnel can always see the shadow of the sea, which is also the most proud place in the sea.


I stood in front of the floor of the five-floor office, opened the window, and smashed the sea breeze with salty taste. The ear can even hear the sound of the waves and the sound of the embankment, and the nearest is the newly built “coast of the sea.” The guanshang intersection is far a little more far, the “Wanghai Park” is more far away, the blue sea, the sun, the fire red sun is suspended in the sea, the water is placed in the sea, only “Wanghai First Light Tower” The milk white The tower stands above the waves.

My location is a hundred acres of Wanghai First Middle School, the school is known, Wang Hai is the first middle school in this city, the annual upgrade rate ranks in the province, our school is located in In the famous “stone beach” scenic area of ​​the sea, there are north neighboring sea parks in the surroundings, but also the overpass is beautiful and the human environment is convenient.

Here is the education center of Wanghai, except for one middle. The first primary school, second primary school, Xinhua Primary School, Jiefang Middle School, Wang Hai Sanzhong, and Practice Middle School are collected here. With high quality education resources, high-quality housing prices, I heard that the newly completed opening of Wanghai garden unit price is up to 30,000 square, and more expensive “Hope Villa” start prices reached 10 million.

Wang Hai, the predecessor is Taiwan Middle School, founded by Taiwan Merchants, Later, due to the economic crisis, Taiwan Lin family companies closed down, Taiwan Middle School became a rotten end, and at this time, Wang Haizheng plans to build the province’s education demonstration city, Therefore, Wanghai Municipal Government has taken over Taiwan Middle School and combines with the old Wanghai Second Middle School.

Wang Hai is also the only joint-stock middle school in Wanghai, the board of directors, the largest shareholder is the Wanghai Education Commission, accounting for a percent of the stock, and the Lin company accounts for 20%, and the private capital accounts for five%. One of the presidents in Wanghai, called the deputy director of the Tourism Commission, and set up two vice presidents. One of them is the representative of Lin, and a deputy principal of Li is an assignment of the Education Bureau. The daily work, teaching plan, personnel arrangements, etc. in the sea, the teaching plan, personnel arrangements, etc. are all managed by Li Vice President.

The President Li is Li Ping, fifty out, I heard that he is a tall, high son, strong body, energetic, the most identity is his black shortage and the practice style.

Li Pingyuan is the Director of the Washing Management Office, and then appointed as a full-time vice president of the middle. Since Li Ping came to a middle school, he strive to build a first-class middle school in Wanghai and even the whole country. Work style and strict teaching concepts, now I hope that the sea is already famous and has a regular exchange with dozens of middle schools at home and abroad.

“Hey …” A burst of knocking back me back to reality.

“Enter.” I said.

After returning, I saw the door of the office, and a head explored: “Teacher Liu is my Ding Jian.”

“Come in.” I saw him and said that the window was closed back to the desk.

Ding Jian came in, and closed his door back. Ding Jian’s head is quite high, there is one meter eight, the body is also very strong, short hair, long face, single skin little eyes, tissue big mouth, wearing a blue school uniform, feet a pair of Nike sneakers . His academic performance is medium oriented in our class. Don’t look at him and strong, but it is especially like piano. I heard that I have been holding the level. He is a single-parent family. Father is a demobilized soldier is now responsible for security in a nightclub. Work, his mother divorced his father a few years and his father, I heard that I have found a big money outside, this thing is quite bigger than Dingjian.

“Talk, what’s going on? How come it was bombered by senior teachers yesterday?” I got my eyes stared at Ding Jian.

Ding Jian listens, it doesn’t talk low.

“Is there a lot of learning results in recent recently, I last praised you in the class, you will feel good?” I continued to ask.

Ding Jian is lower, still does not speak. Silent for a while, I said, “You are here to come to silence, is it? Well, I don’t tell you, you call your father, I told him.”

Ding Jian listens to me to ask parents, this said: “Teacher, I know is wrong, don’t call my dad. I will not dare to go next time.”

“Do you still want to have next?” I asked him with his eyes.

Pulk the drawer of my desk, take a Samsung mobile phone from inside, say: “Play you this broken mobile phone! I am really wondering, I will work soon, how do you do not? Live yourself!

Put it, go down, how do you play how to play, no one can do it, but you play mobile phones in class, just! “

Ding Ji looked at the phone on the table and said: “In fact, I didn’t play mobile phones, just took the time to look at it, I didn’t expect to let Zhou Teacher saw it …”

I also listen to Ding Jian, I have to justify, angry: “Yes, then I still want to communicate with Zhou Xiaoxiao teacher, give you peace?”

Ding Jian listened to me, so he bowed no longer talk.

“Last test exam, you have a good test, I have entered the top ten, but you must know that you have better classmates who have learned better than you, I have been able to find a north. Can you play a mobile phone in class? “I asked the Ding Jian twilight.

“Teacher Liu, I am wrong, I will not dare to get next time, I must listen to you, study hard.” Ding Ji is very sincere.

In fact, this is not a big thing. Now the information is developed. The students who can access the Internet are not fresh. It is just that the school has a clear text, and the students are also teachers, as long as they are not watching the phone in the classroom.

I looked at Ding Jian, I knew that he realized that it was wrong, and the gas in his heart was half.

“Ok, this time, then there is another time, don’t explain to me, directly call your father!”

I am loudly of him.

Ding Jian listened to my noddion in my tone, reached out to pick up the phone on the table.

“Back to write a check in Zhou Teacher table, write a little bit!” I told Ding Jian.

Ding Ji nodded, he turned to go, suddenly remembered that the twisted twist said to me: “Teacher, there is something I want to reflect it to you.”

I listened: “What is it?”

Ding Ju hesitated, suddenly whisper: “I found the study of the class” Zhao Li Li and Feng Xiaoping to engage in objects … “

I listened, I looked at him blinking: “Do you know?”

Ding Jian, said: “After the self-study last Friday, I went home. I suddenly remembered that the review materials you have to watch at night didn’t bring it. I will return to school. At that time, the classmates of our class came to school, only Zhao Lili and Feng Xiaoping Didn’t go, I took the material came out, I heard the two of them said, I would like to know that they didn’t worry, hiding outside to steal, and the Kung Fu him will come out, but there is no school gate but ghost The sneak in the stairs to the underground negligent room! I am more wondering, this big night, he go there to do it? I have to look at it, I secretly got to the debris, Hey! The two are there again, and it is simply … “

I listened to Ding Jian, the more it is, the more it is, and I am very busy: “Okay! You can really have idle! I still don’t have it myself, I’m trying to detective! He has long known! Can’t ask me to tell me a small report! Take yourself! I will deal with this thing! “

Ding Ju saw me anxious, I didn’t dare to continue, just hurriedly ran out.

After he left, I took a look at the table, saying that I said: “No one makes me worry!”

Zhao Lili is a member of our class, from the highest one to high, each three-year-old, the first ten grades, all the time. Her parents are architects, the family environment is superior, and the more important thing is to pay attention to her study, it is very tight.

And this Feng Xiaoping is a difficulty of our class, although it can’t be said that the bottom is the bottom, it will not be much less.

It’s just that Feng Xiaoping’s parents are business people. It is said that they have a lot of money at home, and some relationships with the principal of Li, it is because of this, he can smoothly enter our class with sports special students, but because he and Li The principal’s relationship is that, so the teachers don’t care about him. I really want to do it, how will Zhao Li Li be together with Feng Xiaoping? And dare to stay in the school? I secretly set my mind, I must catch them now. I am thinking, the office door opened, Su Ying came in from outside.

“Learn lesson?” I asked.

“Hey, scorpion hurts, this afternoon, I got three lessons, my scorpion was dumb.” Su Ying said, put down the book picked up the water cup.

Teacher Su Ying and my feelings are very good. They originated in the first batch of the first to enter the school. For more than ten years, Su Ying’s husband is also my university classmate, and teachers.

“Is there a courier?” Su Ying sat in my opposite.

“Nothing, I have not seen it.” I looked at her.

Su Yinghe is quite, forty, the maintenance is very good, one meter standard head, round, round face, big eyes, long shawl, a brown suit, above Women’s suit, straight straight skirt, black heel. This is all the unified clothing of all our female teachers, the school has provisions, as long as they go to the school, they must wear tools, female teachers can make a light makeup, but not allowed to wear any jewelry.

“You buy it from the Internet …” I chatted with Su Ying.

After four o’clock in the afternoon, it is one-time late self-study time. I look at the table, almost until I have learned, get up to the office’s dressing, I have finished the clothes, although it is a unified tooling, but this The clothes wear on me will look extra color. My head is bitter than Su Yinggao, and the melon face is the lower jaw, the two bending willow, the straight nose is well-behaved, and a short of the waterfall. In the shoulder, a big tits, a big tits, are the capital I have proud, because of the maintenance, my butt is still full, it is tightly in normal state. I have been promoted to the class teacher. The only beauty is not enough. I have been divorced.

Squiring clothes, I opened the door, the teacher’s office was unified at the end of the corridor near the stairs, and the corridor was very bright, because only one is the classroom, the other is all bright floor windows.

The high school class is not far from my office, and I came into the classroom. The classroom is quite quiet. The students are not looking down, just squatting on the table, sometimes the heavy academic makes the students breathe, their sleep time is lacking, so I advocate them to sleep. Look at everyone, I said, “Next is the self-study time, everyone reviews the homework.” Then, I called the class leader Han Qi, said to him: “You stare at you, there is something to go to the office to find me Han Qi nodded. After the layout, I returned to the office out of the test, I was sentenced to it ……

In the eyes of the weekend.

The school stipulates that other cultural courses are not allowed to arrange other cultural courses in the afternoon, and they will let students go to the playground for physical exercise. Therefore, every Friday afternoon playground will live in the sea. Basketball, football, badminton, taikong, running, hurdle, horizontal bar, parallel bars all over the field, the scene is very lively. Our teachers also use this rare opportunity to exercise on the playground.

At noon, I was deliberately replaced with a sportswear with a red and white. I was first played with Su Ying’s first badminton, and I practiced the biology master to skip the rope.

After a while, I saw sweat slightly, put down the jump rope alone on the playground slowly. When I looked up, I saw that Ding Jianzheng and classmates playing basketball. I waited for Ding Ju: “Ding Jian! Ding Jian! Come!”

Ding Jian heard my voice, see me greeting him, hurriedly ran over.

“Teacher, what is it?” Ding Jian is astishing.

I pulled Ding Jian to one side, seeing there is no outsider around and then whispered to him: “The self-study in the evening is over, you don’t go, take me to the debris. Take it. You can find me in the office. Ding Jian listened, nodded and ran back to the playground.

In the end of the afternoon, the classmates in the class returned to the classroom, and I still let the squad leader Han Qi hosted late self-study. Special, I have paid to see Zhao Lili and Feng Xiaoping, seeing that they seem to be happy. Back to the office, I changed the clothes, I bought a pair of gray core silk pantyhose, I tried it today. I feel very good.

The late self-study is just over, Ding Ji has packed the school bag to my office. I saw that everyone was still waiting for the school, I said to Dingjian: “Let’s wait later, wait until the school will say.” Ding Jian nodded, pull The chair is sitting in my work desk and continue reading.

About half an hour’s effort, the sound outside gradually became quiet, I stood up and took a look at the door of the office, I found out that our class was still on, I just walked to the door of the classroom and listened to someone. , Crossing the side, I sneaked in the door, but I only saw Zhao Lili and Feng Xiaoping in the classroom. They were sitting together seeming to read books, but the two expressions were relaxed and lowered. I think: Where is this book, clearly talk about the book! I will put all the two of you, wait for it, I will find yours!

Thinking here, I turned back to the office, said to Ding Jian, “Ding Jian, you take me to see, Zhao Lili and Feng Xiaoping have not yet left, I can’t stand it for a while, we just caught it. They are now! “

Ding Jian listened, hurriedly packed up the little whispered to me: “Teacher Liu, come with me.”

I went from the side stairs from Ding Jian, and went to the first floor hall to turn into the stairs leading to a negative floor.

Lowering, I am a long-lasting area, there are rooms in both sides, the size of each room and the classroom upstairs are generally large, but the door is sticked to “debris b01” “debris 2 B02 The words and other words.

These debris have been divided into different grades.

I didn’t let Ding Jian open the lights of the corridor, and only the electric flashlight of the mobile phone walked forward. I have been going to the end, Ding Jian is stopped in a door labeled with the B30 classroom. “Teacher, I found him here.”

I walked over, the original door lock between other globes is good, only the door lock of this debris room is broken, and I opened the door with my hand, and I suddenly felt. , I used my mobile phone to illuminate the switch, and I suddenly looked in the room.

The rooms have been piled up with a high white iron levery cabinet. Some debris cabinets are buddy. These iron cabinets are full of waste books and courseware information. The central room is a bunch of damaged tables and chairs, one floor The code has been piled up to the roof, but in these table and chair stacks, some people have a few tables to form a platform, I visually tested two people lying over. This is strange, if someone is not intended to be like this, why?

I am going out, I suddenly listened to Ding Jian: “Teacher! There seems to be someone outside!”

I listened, hurriedly listened carefully, and I cached can hear someone talking.

I and Ding Jian look at it, I thought: If I now go out, even if Zhao Lili and Feng Xiaoping, they have nothing to do, just come to death, I don’t have anything, I have to catch it. Grab the current.

Thinking here, I watched around and hurriedly went to a iron cabinet next to the table. I opened the door to open the door. I just piled up some old books. I took a low head drilled in and found that I was right outside. I was right. I saw a person in the back, I hurriedly said to Ding Jian: “Ding Jian! Come over! Put the light! ! “

Ding Ji listened, immediately understood what I meant, he stuffed his bag in a desk, and then quickly turned off the lights and bowed, after all, it was a handbroof cabinet, a person is still better, squeezing two people must Tight, Ding Jian low stuck behind me, I used to turn the cabinet door to find that the lock of the original cabinet is bad, how to pay attention to it, you can see it. go outside.

I put low sound to Ding Jian: “Don’t speak! As long as you are, you will go out to catch a current!”

Ding Jian snorted.

At this time, I can’t hear the footsteps of the outside, getting closer and closer, although I can’t listen to it, but I can judge a man and a woman from the voice. I want to catch the current, I have a slight nervous.

Sure enough, the sound and footsteps are abundant in the door of the room. I was quiet for a while, and this only pushed the door of the room to the “”, the lights lit up in a flash.

“Oops! Do you do it !?”

“Xiao Xiao, I want to die, hurry up …”

I heard this voice, I only felt a head “”, rushed to the door, looking away, I don’t want it, I am really scared, there is a jump, what is the male and a woman in this man Zhao Lili and Feng Xiaoping, actually It is Zhou Xiaoxiao teacher and the principal of Li! Ding Jian seems to be stunned, there is no sound in the cabinet, and we are nervous, and there seems to be stopped. Zhou Xiaoxiao in front of me has just been 29 years old, but also a new marriage, and all the teachers who have got married our grades at the beginning of the year congratulations. President Li is still married! Zhou Xiaoxiao is also a beautiful person in the school. He is not tall, the body is not fat, the round face, the beautiful nose, does not laugh, a smile, and where to go is a male teacher. focus. But I didn’t think she was actually and Li Ping …

The realistic dialogue took me back from the god. I only listened about Zhou Xiaoxiao said: “You are old, you don’t have to give you once?”

Li Ping said and said: “My old brother is not knowing? I have itchy at night! I think that your husband may be at home, I will come!”

Zhou Xiaoxiao smiled and glanced at Li Ping.

Li Ping said something to say: “When you are good, you still don’t know your husband! Go to the generation, I still roll one?”

Zhou Xiaoxiao smiled and told Li Ping: “Go to you! You an old high color!”

Zhou Xiaoxiao did the laughter of the belt of Li President, only to see her skirts and pants, and Li Pan was full of black hair, and a black hard Bangbang’s big chickens when the big chicken is “angry” Take a high 12 o’clock.

“Hey!” Ding Jian can’t help but send a sound from your throat. I rushed back to say that he would not speak.

In the moment, I thought rapidly: If I and Ding Jian, I went out, Zhou Xiaoxiao and Li President’s prostitute were completely revealed. These two people still don’t hate me?

If things are full, I can’t stay Li Ping and Zhou Xiaoxiao, this is a big scandal!

Zhou Xiaoxiao did not resign, and the principal of Li is a person who is in the education bureau. He has worked for a lifetime in the Wanghai Education System. It will definitely, and I will not let me. I can’t. The education system in Wanghai is based, unless I don’t do this.

But I turned around again: I don’t do a teacher, can I still do it? Moreover, I think of now my situation, I am forty years old, I have been working hard for many years, now I am already a class teacher of a key class, and the salary of each month is very rich. Although I am still single, but only With one person’s power, I purchased a set of high-rise sea views in the famous high-end community “rich garden” in Wanghai.

There is also a car just bought last year … My favorite cosmetics … clothes … high heels … I didn’t want to go, because I have already decided. For everything I have now, I have to keep this secret.

But … I suddenly thought of Ding Jian. What should Ding Jian? I can keep secret, but Ding Jian …?

The sound outside interrupted my idea, I hurriedly carefully, this is not tight, I really can’t see my red ear.

I don’t know when, Zhou Xiaoxiao is on the table, her butt is high, brown straight skirt, meat colored trousers stockings, diamond blue, but Junju is all being poured to the foot neck, Li President Station In the back of Zhou Xiaoxiao, shortly shorted, and the big cock is “nourishing” with the prostitution that is separated from the.

I will drill in it! Suddenly, Zhou Xiaoxiao called “Ah!” The call, Li President no longer talks two big hands firmly buckled Zhou Xiaoxiao’s shoulder buttocks and rhythmically and rhythmically.

“Hey …” The crisp sound of the meat collision echoed in the room, including the sophisticated breath of men and Zhou Xiaoxiao: “Yeah … Ah …… “

Looking at them, I am in my heart, I have just participated in the wedding ceremony of Zhou Xiaoxiao, her husband is a table talent, it seems to be a senior in a state company, that is really “Handsome money”, I can’t think of it, why Teacher Zhou can actually Do you engage in Li President? To know, the age of age is at least in 200 years!

I am going to God, I only see the outside, and the president Li took out the big chicken and pulled Zhou Xiaoxiao. Zhou Xiaoxiao’s scorpion of the two legs in front of her hands, she supported the two big thick legs of Li President. A small mouth is just a big cock who has just pulled out from his own sorrow! This scene is too lascivious, I can’t help but look at God. I actually returned to the plots of the ex-husband, and I didn’t kneel in front of the forever in front of him with a small mouth in front of him?

“Well … I am fuck! Cool!” Li President said he said.

His voice interrupted my thinking, I saw that Li President leaned out a big hand on Zhou Xiaoxiao’s head. Before and after the butt, I was deeply in the mouth of Zhou Xiaoxiao, carefully watching Zhou Xiaoxiao’s expression, that kind of imagatory Drunken lascivious sample, I only feel that the belly is hot, hurriedly holds the legs of the legs, I don’t want to clamp the prostitution from my own waves! “Hey! I am this hammer …?” I thought that my face was hot, and the tits were slightly rumored, and there was a problem in itchy!

Although forty years old is no longer the age of Spring heart, the saying goes: 30 is like a wolf, forty, a tiger, fifty can also dance. I have been alive in the age of the tiger, how can I see this scene today?

“Xiaoxiao, or hello! This chicken is really comfortable!” Zhou Zhou said very tall.

“Hey, you are like!” Zhou Xiaoxiao smiled and spit out the dick in his mouth.

Li Ping didn’t talk, I saw him and his arms and bowed arms. The black plexus of the black plexus, lapse like a mouthful papay, showing a large and small lips, as a breathing, one seems to call the big cock! President Li hurriedly pose, and two hands tightly brought the two of Zhou Xiaoxiao, and the chicken is very straight, and then the time!

“Hey … ah, ah, ah, ah … …” Zhou Xiaoxiao sent a lot of daring with the ambition of the fat.

This is too susceptible, deeply attracted me. The black and long dicks of Li, as the clock of the string, inserted with a fixed frequency, each time you puminated the dying, and the water was sprayed! The hole is open! Zhou Xiaoxiao shook with the movement of Li President, the two tits were like the flying in the air. The high heels have long been there.

“Well … cool! … um … um …” Li’s president waved.

“You … you are more than that … Su Yingqiang more … Fuck! … that is stupid! … is still pure!

… I fuck! President Li said.

I heard him, I ha well fell out from the cabinet!

“What! Su Ying actually …!” I only feel unreal!

Su Ying is not only my old colleague, and Su Ying’s husband is the same class classmate in our college. With this close relationship, we have been a two-person group that is not moving in many years. Who doesn’t know us in school? I have to follow one person, I didn’t expect that she actually had one leg with Li President!

At this time, I only listened about Zhou Xiaoxiao and said: “Su Ying … is it?”

Li Ping slowly slowed the rhythm and said: “Operation! I can see her! I have played a few times with her, the girls, twist down, let her look, she does not cooperate, I don’t work of!”

Zhou Xiaoxiao listened and said: “Who will let you find her? I am not enough for you in the weekdays?”

Li Ping said: “I don’t know if I have a problem? When you change the taste.”

Zhou Xiaoxiao smiled and said: “This taste is better, let you don’t twist down, live!”

President Li listened only to smile and did not do it.

Zhou Xiaoxiao saw him did not speak, slightly with jealous, “said our school’s female teacher almost let you play? These stinky men are this virtue! Eat in the pot, remember the bowl! No one good stuff!”

President Li listened and said: “There is no fucking is idiot, send the waves from the door, do not fill it.”

Zhou Xiaoxiao’s “cut” said: “You still don’t worry about it? People White let you exercise?

Still not seeking you? “

One side of Li President said: “Isn’t it necessary to rise more than one level of salary, anyway, not spend my own money …”

Hearing this, I realized, and Ying Su Zhou Xiaoxiao will afford both aim at this thing!

Our school unshakeable will adjust once every two years salary, although up of small, but steady and may accumulate incredible, if catch up with good performance was rated as an advanced or something, can jump a year before when the wage increase , normally behave very few actually have a normal female teacher was identified as advanced, have jumped level, Zhou Xiaoxiao is what jumped two! I also wonder children do, she was an ordinary teacher, teacher salaries almost caught me up.

Think Ying Su also, the year before she and Zhou Xiaoxiao as easily jumped two, my teacher a year down hard to worry about, just up the level. At first I thought it was Ying Su secretly sent to the leadership gifts, and asked her, but she did not give me a hint of the message revealed to adjust level of the things I also had appeal to the school board, but Mrs Lee are pressed down, it turned out that the problems are out here ah!

I was thinking this, Suddenly Mrs Lee said: “That two sophomore Liu Yingying do not know Zeyang ……”

I heard he even mentioned my name, suddenly surprised a moment.

Just listen to Zhou Xiaoxiao Lang said with a smile: “?? You’re thinking about how old the goods on that.”

“Old goods!?” I really did not expect that, in the past, and I pretty much better Zhou Xiaoxiao, even secretly called me into “old stock”!

Li said with a smile: “? Has been thinking about, I heard that she has been single, do not know that sex is a quick solution Oh ……”

Talking, Li Ping slowed down and went on to say: “I see envious ……”

Zhou Xiaoxiao Li Ping, a white angrily said: “The good old cunt so what she looks like a body bar though fairly decent, but certainly below baggy ……?!”

I heard Zhou Xiaoxiao actually commented! Really angry smoke, and my heart bitterly curse: Zhou Xiaoxiao! But for today, I really do not know Zhou Xiaoxiao dare you say that behind me!

I really want this to go out hard pumping her two ears, but eventually bear down, because I’m the big picture!

Just listen to Li Ping said: “You do not look a what Liu understand this age, saying wolves thirty or forty tiger, this young and single, I normally observe her, her tits ass yet Gao Qiao, eye brow? with a bit of springtime, the saying goes that “rejection Ding must walk less exercise,” such a woman you engage she sorry for her, out of her, she was not the United States is dead? in the same year she and Ying Su, Ying Su there her husband also have enough to eat, not to mention her? “

I listen to Li Ping words, can not help but secretly praised the heart: the material is indeed the principal, he has seen things so very accurate, look at your single all these years, really big dick fantasy every night, but because of self-esteem can not be revealed out, there will inevitably be without a daily point out the way, it is now being seen through a Mrs Lee.

I was going to come here, children of God, suddenly had a feeling something hard gave me on the ass!

Subconsciously, I had a hand back so touched, boy! Leng Leng’s a rough thing which I hold a positive, although separated sweatpants, but that hardness, degree of fiery deeply shocked me.

“broken! “I was surprised good suspension did not cry out hastily children to bite the teeth.

I also know without looking, hands clasped, that is thick and long fiery hot Ding big dick!

How early I did not expect it! I was secretly blame themselves, for now this scene, do not say it is the flower of Ding Jian, and even my school prides itself in terms of decent teachers are almost impossible to control, let alone him?

For a time, I was not let go, do not let go is not being hesitant when I just listen to the back of the mouth Xixisuosuo, Ding seems the pants off this case even more so I was shocked! I thought to myself: Ding, you want to doing? Do …… I grew more and more afraid, more involuntary clenched his big dick, which allows Ding mistaken as I intend to prompt him, he simply turned down my hands together with excitement inside the pants pants slowly I took it off.

“Flap edge” no bondage pants, big dick free at last, so stiff skirt across the top on my ass. I was at a loss, all of a sudden, Ding Jian hands natural posted on homeopathy and touched my ass, my ass soft Gao Qiao how he can stand such a tease, and suddenly I was shaking a little, legs a clip is a son of water waves cunt children squeezed out.

I quickly looked to one side looked at him with the eyes, eyebrow embroidery Wei Zhou Ding so far seems to be prompt, but by coming through the door in a little light, I saw at this time Ding, red in the face and breathing heavily, It looks already ready to fly!

Looking at the outside, President Li and Zhou Xiaoxiao played the right. They changed a posture. This time two people got on the table, Zhou Xiaoxiao hit the table, the big butt of white and tender, and the principal of Li Half squatting on her, riding on her ass, the thick dicks fell out of the prostitute, and then Zhou Xiaoxiao’s waves of the waves of a high, really moving, seeing my heart.砰 」. Ding Ji finally had actions. He explored the hem of my skirt, first touched my gray pantyhose wrapped in the stockings thigh, and then touched my skirt, and suddenly pulled out my skirt. Suddenly, a fat stockings big butt exposed to him.

Today, I also lived in this trick, because the morning is good, I also wear a black thong today. This black bit pants are called “Leaves” by the people. There is only poor small piece of cloth in front. The troh, the back is completely a ribbon tight buckle in the asshole, if you look like there is no pants, Ding Jian picks up my skirt and then use his hand. I didn’t touch anything. He thought that I didn’t parenly.

Ding Jian said with this, I have already been prostitutes, and I have a shortage of breathing. Where is this? I hardally clamped the legs and bite the lips didn’t make a sound. I put it in the back of the hand to push and weak, plus my heart, suddenly sweaty.

“Hey …” Suddenly, Ding Jian sent a gentle, he scared me, hurriedly stealing the door to see, so I was very busy outside, Li Ping and Zhou Xiaoxiao did not find it at them. Two big activities were hidden in the broken iron cabinet in front of them.

I haven’t seen it, I am a little calm in my heart. I suddenly feel that I was stuffed in my hand, and I was hard and hot. I touched my head, good guy! I actually got my sticky thing, I don’t know if I also know that Ding Jian gave me my big chicken.

Now, I only have a sense of sensibility, because I have already lost reason, it is very narrow in the original cabinet, and we are close to each other, and they will breathe, and I will soon I am slightly lack of oxygen. It became a little fascinating, not from the autonomous tacit big cock.

Ding Ji saw my own cocks, he also took two hands and rubbed my ass, three times, put my black silk trousers, two hands, one, one more I touched my embarked on my finger. At this time, he found that I was wearing a pants. Ding Jian didn’t hesitate to put the butphia, this time, it is completely smooth, he is a hand pinch Holding my butt, the other hand is groped from the back, and the middle fingertips will come in with the prostitutes in the middle.

“Um …” I biting his teeth or couldn’t help but fell out of the low sink, and I felt that it was soft and couldn’t help but fell to Ding Jian’s arms.

“滋, 滋 滋 滋 … … … 屄 屄 屄 屄 屄 屄 屄 屄 屄 屄 屄 屄 屄 屄 屄 屄 屄 屄 屄 屄 屄 屄 屄 屄 屄 屄 屄 屄 屄 屄 屄 屄 屄 屄 屄 屄 屄 屄 屄 屄 屄 屄 屄The obscenity fluid is almost sprayed, and it is everywhere. It is also a moment of hard work, and the door has been waiting to welcome the big cock!

Ding Jian pushed my back, my heart, my heart, I am in my heart, I think: I really didn’t think that in such a flat weekend, I have a forty teacher, actually hiding with the male student Doing so down in the cabinet! Do I really want to …?

I didn’t dare to continue thinking, because Ding Jian’s hand kept urging me, there is no way, I carefully put it from his arms, then slightly, I have pour it in front of it, two hands hold my knee, buttock Gao Gaojun has a “high-spirited” posture, Ding Jian also passed with my movement slightly sideways, it is easy to top.

I remembered the newly married night before, I just ended the banquet, and the guest has not yet went. I was pulled by my exalvan, and the lights in the light of the fire, I have a big red cheongsam, meat color The pants stockings have been taking the foot neck, a pair of small feet on black high heels, greeted the big cock of the forefront, and this posture, I am in the bed, I’m once again. Today, in such a narrow space, I still use this posture to welcome my life in the second spring!

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