That year, I was preparing to raise the three summer vacation, depressed success, I was fascinated by a new game. In the virtual world, I met a boy called Acish.

He is a big four student, he is a sweet words, always baby baby is called me, so quickly, I captured my heart.

I met with Azhi two worships, I met with him for the first time.

Today is our second time, she invited me to go to the suite he rented alone.

The first time I came to the room, I was holding two hands, and the messy room came out and sorted out.

“Do you want to drink something?”

“Grace, I can.”

I saw him from the refrigerator, I just gave a high school student, I certainly won’t drink, but I was afraid that Agi was despised me, opened the bottle and drunk.

The bitter liquid flows into the throat, I just feel so hard to drink.

“Let’s watch movies! What do you want to see?”

“It doesn’t matter, I can.” I said the same words.

A Zhi put a film, I haven’t seen it, it seems to be a Japanese pronunciation.

I drank two beer, I didn’t want to touch it again. As I said, I said that my little family should drink more bottles. After a few bottles of belly, I just felt that my head was faint, and swayed.

I looked at the “movie” male protagonist took off his protagonist’s clothes, in her chest, it was a piece of A. I turned to watch Azhi, he is full of face I am looking at me, I want to know what is tight.

He suddenly kissed my mouth, he pulled his tongue into my mouth, absorbing our tongue, mixed with the mouthbody of the two, swalling my throat. For his sudden movement, I was afraid to open him.

“do not want!”

“Tingting, don’t you like me?” He shouted my little name.

I looked at him seems depressed, it is a bit sad.

“I … we met the next time, this will not be too fast.”

……. Azhi black face does not speak, turn it out to take the mobile phone ignore my play.

I am worried that he is really angry, hesitate …. I really like Azhi, he is my first boyfriend, I don’t want to lose him. So I comforted myself, we are men and women, doing this kind of thing is normal, I think it is too kind, and I am not happy with my boyfriend.

I tried to put the little mouth, I was awkwardly of his way, and I saw my compromise, I took me into my arms, and I turned it on the bed. I am very scared in my heart. This is my first Second-rate.

“Tingting, you know that I love you, my baby, how are you so soft!”

He lifted my tongue, mixing the smell of beer, from the oral cavity to the smell, let me feel the fascination. He reached out to explore my clothing in my clothing.

Open the top, pull down the bra, just develop your chest, smart and circle bounce out, one palm will cover me in his hands, I shy closed my eyes daren look at him.

He first lick my nipple, then very tipped, a tremble broke from the chest to the lower abdomen. I have a different feeling in my lower abdomen. I don’t know what it is, and I’m a little bit itchy, so that I am uncomfortable.

Azhi looked at me, scattered in the chest, more lyrical. He pulled my skirt and pulled it out, directly took off my leggings, board my legs, and presented unlimited beauty presented in front of him.

“Ah ~ Don’t.” I shy my palm to cover my most embarrassment.

“Baby, you are so beautiful, let me see you.” Said, pulling her hand, the pink of the pink is homing to the dense incadvenation, and after the hands are dial, they will put the two sides of abalone to the outside, clitoris And the vaginal port was tacted with him clearer to see the nuts in the vagina.

I can’t help but sell my little beans in my tongue, a burst of merits can not help but shook it.

“Aizhi, don’t, don’t lick it over.”

“Tingting, very comfortable.”

“A Zhi … A.] stop … A ….”

He is familiar with my clitoris, from time to time, I will also explore my tongue into my vaginal mouth, and the sensual nectar makes him in his mouth. He will refer to in the body, or a virgin, I feel uncomfortable.

“Acze, I hurt …”

“Baby, wait here to be comfortable.”

He pumped his fingers, seeing I didn’t shout again, then insert the second and fingers, I wrinkled, slowly adapted, and the two fingers were tightly covered in my vagina, Constantly absorb him two fingers.

“Azhi, I am uncomfortable … En …” It seems that there is a fire extends from my abdomen to the whole body, and the thrust is more hot.

“Baby, I will liberate you.”

He liberated the giant on his trouser tube, swollen roosters made me shocked, watching him to enter, I scared straight back.

“Baby, I just made you feel comfortable, this time I changed it.” He said.

“Aizhi, I … A -.”

Azhi passed my ankle, hand clamping the thigh, inserting his rooster into my firm hole, only listening to Ashi cool low, still not only insert, let me have painless Directly cold sweat.

“Aizhi, pain … Quickly go out, good pain.” I cruelted the bedding, stretched up, and saw huge pain.

The A9 is a child who eats sugar. It is refused to let go, caught hips from the thigh, hard to hit his huge rooster, until the whole flooded in my vagina.

“A-, don’t … pain ….”

I cried straight to say no, but Azhi is like a wild horse who takes off the territory, and crashed forward.

After the pain after pain, the soft feelings come, every time I can’t hit my core point, just like current through the whole body, let me scream soft, a plump double chest with his hit shake.

“Well … Enad ….”

“Baby … ha … cool … comfortable!” A Zhi saw me and was more excited.

Azhi pulled me from the bed, let me take my hands on the table, bending the sideline hips from the post, he sprint every time, let me have soft hands, or the hands of him, I should It is already soft on the ground.

He hosted my soft chest from the bottom, one of the shallow slide, liehed with his strength, until the abdomen felt more expanded, his twice became more crazy, in my scream, I am shooting me. In vivo.

“You … you don’t have a set, shoot it again.” I am slightly dissatisfied, and I am worried that he will be angry.

“You will eat a medicine!” A Zhi got up to the toilet direction.

Azhi is my first boyfriend, I am full of fantasy for the first love, I really can’t drive him, he will agree, I will agree, gradually, his appetite is getting better.

Since that day, every time I dating Again, I didn’t wait to insert. Sometimes I haven’t wet it all. He is hard to insert, and I can’t get pain, but I don’t dare to say what he said.

These I have been to endure, but until that day …

That day, I was approaching the morning twelve in the morning, I lied my parents to the classmates, but I came to the Aza family to stay in the night. We didn’t get it in bed. I am comfortable with him.

Suddenly the doorbell sounded, hehered – “Who is it so late?”

“I went to open the door.” Azhi jumped out of bed. He got a weird smile, and the body moved to the door.

“Wisdom … Do you not wear clothes?”

I want to pick up my clothes, but I didn’t look back at the door without turning back. I heard the voice of the two people, I haven’t already discussed someone, I quickly grabbed the blanket, nervously wrap the body.

I came in two boys, a boys took a thick frame glasses, twist down, and the face did not dare to look at me; another boys didn’t be so gentleman, and the eyes stared at the toes of my micro. My cheek felt hot.

Then two people entered the toilet, only heard the water of the flower.

“Azhi, what do they do?” I asked nervous, and said that I took the clothes next to it.

Azhi took the clothes on my hand, and then opened the blanket wrapped in the body, directly overwhelming my body, raised my feet and continued to completely did not complete.

“Azhi … There is … Someone.” Azhi is inserted, I am shameful with cotton being covered with my own snoring, and I have a kind of uneasiness.

The door lock of the toilet was opened at this time. I looked at the two boys naked, and the chicken under the squat was rough, and the A9 did not see it.

“A Zhi … stop … um … stop.”

I only listened to the He Zhi Head, “Tingting, I want to see your feelings, you can add them, is it good?”

I am incredible to look at Aizhi. I am very afraid, I don’t want to promise him, but I didn’t wait for him last time. He is angry with a worship, but … but … I can promise him, but he actually rape me, what should I do?

“Azhi, I … I ….” The eyes can not help but tears, don’t want to know how to reject him.

“Baby will make you feel comfortable, come, obey.”

Azhi is showing them, gets the consent of Azhi, two men excited.

“The old man, you first! Haha!” Azhi said with a wooden man with a rough frame.

The old man rubbed on both sides of the thigh, and it doesn’t know where to start?

“Mom, do you even lick milk?”

A Zhi is not understanding, just put the old man, and I am screaming, I still don’t dare to look at Aizhi.

“阿 … … 呜 … am Zhi ….” I sobbing, I hope he can pity my fear.

The old man looked at the nippled nipples in front of him, a s mouth, did not know how to tease him, just succumbed.

I am so fragile, hurting me with a face twisted, the nipples he sucking pose slightly hot, excessive absorption allows it to red.

“Well … 呜 …….” The pain made me bite the lower lips.

“Baby, you are so beautiful, you go to help Ali, just have to help me with it.”

Azhi pointed at the higher man next to me, his pointed chin, showing a smile from time to time.

“Aizhi …” I helped look at Aizhi, but he didn’t want to help me at all.

“Hey, obeying!”

My Nonol’s giant chicken is slowly in the mouth, although it is bathed, but the strong smell is still ignorant. I want to spit it out.

Ali buckled my head, don’t let me leave, I can only close my eyes, and move around with his hand. The old man delayed my chest to the navel, until the beautiful flower, you can feel the absorption of his hardship, and the numbness of me, let me shrink the body until he vigorously sucks my clitoris. I hit a lot of pain, push all people, and after the foot.

Adzhi He Wei saw straight laughing, and the old man was a little red.

“Baby, I am coming.”

Aizhi said to me close to me, slowly opened my call, bowed his head.

Again is very technically, slowly, gently, sometimes it, sometimes sucking, let me slowly relax.

The pushed Ali re-lifted my chin, put the dick into my mouth, the old man also patted the power slowly stroking me to the chest.

Ali hand’s force is getting awesome, the top of the dick is heavy in my mouth, I can’t make a sound, I am shouting, then I feel that a hot fluid is injected into my throat, I am uncomfortable cough come out.

Azhi wants to help him clean, I frowned with a gradual soft dick.

The old man can’t wait to insert the dick into my small hole and start to pump. When I changed my eyes, he sent his dick to my mouth, I was asked, my two points were pushed, and I can’t think about it, followed by them.

“Well … ….”

The increasing increasing incident of the vaginal, only listening to the old man, I can’t stand it, all the semen is full of shooting my uterus deep, then Azhi took out his cock and insert my small hole.

“Baby, clear the old man clean.”

The old man is holding the top of the semen, I can only hold it again.

“Baby, quick lick, take his dick, lick his glans, including his egg …”

Azhi side and then twisted my waist and licking my old head. I took the heart of the cock, and I used the soft dick that the old man was hard, and he was crazy at my lower body. Every time I arrived. That point, I couldn’t help but scream, get more and more hard … I’ll get better … He also rolled him into my body. Alway took me on him, inserted from bottom to, I took the other two cocks, I think I am a prostitute who is vented, and the heavens are rushing away. Ideal, just want to constantly reach the high point of stimulation, fast … hurry up, come back, hurry to come in my body.

“Well … Enad … A ….”

Sensual idea let my lower body juice flow out, I will contain the cock on the left, let the cock on the right, add the piping of the palm, the hot liquid is full of full shot on my face, and inserting the following The speed will not be able to stand, and finally shoot it inside, the juice is mixed with the semen from my thigh.

The eyes cannot be opened because of the viscous semen, I only know that my butt is lifted from the back. I don’t know who the dicks are inserted. It is also a burst of the core, and the small mouth is pulled by people. I don’t know how many times I have done, how many times have been done, how many times, each time they shoot, the body is still trembling, their sings, there are liquids when they are inserted The sound of nourishing, let me forget the shame, endless lascitation.

They didn’t know how many hours. I only knew that the two boys were in a hurry, and the Azhi took me to clean my home.

Since then, I will never contact Azhi, but I heard that he met a girl on the Internet, but only a national middle school, I don’t know if the girl is now no longer a woman.

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