About four years ago, I was still a college student. When I was a big four, I couldn’t live in the dormitory and live in the rental house.

That is a new autumn rain, the blue sky, Ming Net is washed in general, a few silent silently accompanied a round of cool moon; I lying on the cold chair, for this lonely nature, I feel the trouble of life Bored fantasy ………… Long, not involved in Liuxiang, Liu Lane, only from the friends of the friends, and some yellow books, about the men and women Some things, but unfortunately, I have never tried; I thought about it, I walked in the garden, I didn’t know that I came to the housing of the landlord.

Hey! If the dog is eating water, there is a voice, I can’t help but stop.


“Is it possible! Itch? …..” A man breathed a voice.

“It’s appropriate! Good brother, you will be heavy …”

It is also a sound of the gerl shock. He is very strange, very surprised, only before the window, I know that the two of the landlord is rumored. I think I have never tasted this fun. I don’t know how it is. This opportunity can easily peek at this business, and dig the paper window broken a small hole. Look at the lights in the room, the landlord is naked in bed, and the landlord Zhang Shengcai does not hang, close In the bed, there is a lady’s two legs, where the cloud is in the rain, he is very interested in pumping more than 100 times, and a few kisses are connected to the wife.

When they were interested, I stood outside, I have already been a tall, even a little wet.

“Heart liver! Mrs.! Are you willing to show me your baby?” Missing, he kissed a blurred to ask his wife to promise.

“Dead! I did you, what else did not see you?” His wife shouted in his shoulders, said it is very willing.

I stood up and smiled. I took the desk lamp. Dedicated to the ladle. His wife is even more separated, standing outside, I saw a black lacquer, a small seam, a small seam, It’s not surprising! Mortai suddenly opened his mouth, stretching the tongue in the middle of the lab, a mess, no need to say that his wife is itchy, it is to stand outside the door, but also the mouth, I don’t know how sweet it is sweet. It is spicy, it is salty, and I can’t wait to go in a cup.

His wife was licking, I saw the seams out of the white lascape. When it itchy couldn’t stand it, I was busy with my money. I didn’t have the whole root, and I was exhausted. His lady did not stop.

“Heart liver! Why are you very happy tonight?” Said that his lady said very satisfied.

“You scream, I will get more happy again.”

“Ah! You kill me!”

Mrs. His really screamed. It is also very selling to save. It has been pumped with hundreds of times. When his wife gradually sounds, the eyes are closed, only the breath of the call.

I can’t stand again, I only have to hold the hard and straight penis. Step by step, it is uncomfortable to go back to the garden, sitting on the chair, full of brains, just now the scene of the Spring Festival, how to make me It is difficult to have an exception in the room.

This night turned, the heart is very strong, the old thinking, the penis is also very strange, it is always taller, I will not rehabilitate, I will not be able to masturbate, I will cancel the penis.

It turned out that Zhang Shengco was a carpenter. I just finished marriage this year. I bought this house with his newlywed wife. Due to the big house, plus it close to school, so I rented a room, lived. Missing is a rude man, full of rustic, his wife, but he has to spend the jade, the eyebrows, the eye is like water, it is “汉 马, 美 娇 头 头”.

Living money out of 8 o’clock every morning, usually get back at around 9 o’clock in the evening. Only his new lady in the daytime, I sometimes meet often calling her Zhang Zhang, she called me Zi Ji.

Since last time I saw their husband and wife played once, I often went back, and the bedroom of the landlord I usually go often, and now I have something to be alone every day. During the day, I will take the opportunity to talk to Zhang Zhen, not to take the opportunity to get close, go to the evening, and go to see them playing.

It is already a September season, but it is still full of heat waves. I was in the room in the evening, so I walked into the garden, the movement of the move, I didn’t know, I went to the bedroom of life.

I only heard a burst of la la launched, in the bedroom, “Harbin” I didn’t intend to sneeze.

“I took a shower here, the outside is that, don’t come in.” The wife of life said.

“It’s me! Mei Xiang!” I am thinking about him, I am clear that there is no other person here, you can come in. But the reason tells me not to be impulsive, I have to secretly stand in the window, look at it in the inside, with a full-eyed. “Ten! Are you alone?” Mei Xiang asked with a smile.

“Yes, I only have one person.”

She first took the outside, in the chest, then turned to turn, put two big milk, a pussy, facing the window, the eyes smiled, suddenly, suddenly she fell two feet Open the front, make the pussy, the inclusion, suddenly won’t hold the yin, I have seen it for a while, my fingers, I am sighed, so itching is very difficult.

When the blood gas is just Liu Xianhui, see this scene, naturally want to rise, can not curb, and know that the young woman is in the extreme, so that you can go in the best, if you don’t go in, you will be laughing, I don’t have a feeling, so I will throw a degree, identity, and reason, and I will enter it without everything. It turns out that the door is a virtual, and it is not locked.

“What are you doing?” She saw that I came in, it was the meaning of the expectation, and the look was not horrified, but in the intention of strange inquiry.

“Zhang Yu, Mei Xiangjie, I …. I am interested in you, just there is no chance, I’m looking for my heart, I have passed it today, I saw your snow white body, I can’t help it, so I rushed in. Just ask Zhang Yi to forgive me … only … once it is good … “I am very fearful and naive begging her.

“What do you want …..” she deliberately said.

“I want …” The mouth of the week, I really don’t know where I will go there.

“This ….. um …..” beautiful head.

I saw this kind of scene, I immediately took off, jumped into the bath, can’t wait, my fingers have been deducted.

Since the bath is used in double, it is suitable for the couple, I will be slightly lifted with the beautiful thighs, and she holds my mask smoothly.

“Wow! You are so big!” The beauty smiled.

“Big!” I don’t know the courage from there actually say this.

“Beauty! Is it comfortable?” I asked.

“I think that the empty pussy is full of pussy, it is full of dicks, and I’m trying to stand the uterus, Tie Jian, are you moving?”

“Of course, you have to move!”

So I lick her hips in hand, holding the neck, striking, floating the small vortex in the water.

Suddenly! I accidentally smoked the chicken, and I went to hold my dick with your hand, and sent it to her.

Woman! It is a woman, it will be a man to chase her, but after this time, she wants to pray for men’s gift.

The cock is really difficult in the water, although it has been sent to the pussy, but did not in the end, the fragrance is really a problem, so she struggled, twisted, it is hard to touch the bottom, at this moment The beauty is really like a fish, that is excited.

However, due to the reason in the water, after a while, my dick slipped again, she was so embarrassed: “Ah! Use force … Never leave …. Leave me … I …. very …. Need .. 对 … 坚 …… Power … “The waves of the beautiful incense.

I also work hard to work hard, pick it up, the water in the bath, with the vibration of our vibration.

“Tiejian, I am really hurt, take your strength! ………..”

Her heart seems to have been mentioned, a burst of pleasure, from the lower points, this taste is the fun of life.

Since I played a woman for the first time, I support it for a long time, I suddenly felt that the whole body muscles contracted the legs straightened, the glans were tight, and a hot yang was sprayed from my pleasure.

This exquisite taste is really beautiful, especially in the womb, it is more tasteful.

After I was fine, the cock didn’t play it, but it was more majestic, but I want to taste a sweet taste.

Suddenly I stood up from the bath and said:

“Beauty! Let’s play in bed, ok ?? p>

“Well!” She was in the beginning, so I promised.

So, I hugged her on the bed and said:

“Beauty, I have never seen a woman’s jade body, let me see it carefully, ok?”

“Play is played by you, what is good?”

She said that the body is lying, I look at it carefully, her full body, the curve is revealed; the whole body, videos separated by two colors. From the chest to the leg, the skin is extremely tender, showing white 皙, is more white and tender.

A pair of chest, with her nervous breathing, and the rise is. The milky nipples in the milky nipples are more beautiful, which makes me intoxicated and confused. The fine waist, the smooth lower abdomen, the scar is not, the waist is below, will gradually be wide.

Between the two, vaguely open, a red hairy, more charming. The pinear in the pussy is high, a bright red seam, from the perspective, and it is otherwise fascinated.

I saw this, the whole nerve tightened, and I immediately went back. At this time, I was a long-awaited bison. My hand, mouth, no one minute, I kiss, exhausted.

My hands are not polite, on her double peak, on the lower abdomen, on the thigh, there is the most ecstatic place, start search, and test.

Under the touch of my hands, her slightly red and black big lips, now it is the oil and light, I use my hand to open her two labips, I saw there in the small hole of the hidden, the hole exiting The moving lascivious water, I saw the low body that didn’t consider, kissed the yuki, and put the tongue into the small hole.

I am so fierce, the more powerful of her body, and finally she is pleading:

“Ten! I can’t stand it, put it in, I … it is difficult to die.”

So I am no longer waiting, I deeply spit out a breath, double my knees into her legs, put her legs more, support the body with both hands, tall the hot big cock, to the Taoyuan hole mouth Gently grind, she knew that my hiji touched the pussy, busy reaching out her right hand, holding my cock, guiding me, my ass sinking, the whole glans stuffed into the pussy.

At this time, the sweet smile appeared on the red inner face, and the waters of the water showed a smile.

As soon as I saw this, I am very happy, but the ass steeped hard, and the seven-inch big cocks have been sent to the heart. Since they have been in the water, they are not very happy because of the relationship between water, now I, Tiger, tiger, and stroke.

I feel that the big cock is so comfortable in the pussy, and the glans is so good to be soaked.

I haven’t taken a lot of pump, I put the beautiful legs high on the shoulder, mention the big cock, and the governor “Zi” once again.

“Bu!” And pulled out.

In this way, “Bu Tu! Bu Tour!” Big cock one out.

Sure enough, this posture is sincere, the woman’s pussy is in great opening, the big cock can send it to the bottom of the flower heart, while the man stands, and the two-proof cases are slightly inserted.

When I looked at the big cock, I took the beautiful small hole to the meat, and I was out of the points and inserted it again.

This time, one turn, it is more interesting, I am more interesting, I want to be more fire, the faster the plug speed is, because I just leaked it once, so I was more durable this time.

Inserting a fast, the prostitutes in the point were hit by the big cock, but made a wonderful hit.

“Bu Tour! Bu Tour! Bu Tu! Bu Tour!” At this time, the beautiful incense was also reversed, and the waves screamed:

“Good brother, my brother, I am very hurting.”

“Ten! You are really my best husband, my brother … I am so comfortable, ah! Too beautiful!”

“Oh … I have to go to day …”

“Brother …. Current weight …. ah … … I … have to … out … come …….. Oh……. “

Sure enough, my glans is so uncomfortable, how beautiful is this, so big, the first time I tasted the odor, and I also appreciate the fun of sexual intercourse.

She kneys out, I put her legs down, I got my body, kissed her scent, and put on her double milk on her.

“Well! Soft, so thin, so full!” I stroked her double milk, I feel unlimited, I can’t help but call. “

My big cock will be full of her small hole.

My mouth is tightly sealed.

She spit out the tongue and greet my hot kiss.

She twisted her body and adapted to my hands.

She contracted her vagina and with my big cock.

Because we all have ventilated, this time, heavy warfare, but also fierce, the fire is more dramatic.

I am getting more and more, more and more, she is also called, and it is beautiful and comfortable.

Suddenly she screamed:

“Ah! Beautiful …. is so beautiful ………… The most beautiful realm of life is …….. Happy death …. Xi Jian …. .. You are too great … you give me …….. is too beautiful … plug … .. I am too happy … I really ………… is so beautiful ….. “She is like a mother tiger, the soul is in nine, got a climax .

I am like a hungry, hungry, don’t eat, exhausted the whole body.

At this time, she, the whole body trembled, a hot yin is sprayed, it is so beautiful, my glans are swaying, the whole body has trembled, the lower abdomen is tight, and a hot call in Dantian Sperm, like a fountain, full shot to her uterus.

“Ah …. is dead … Xian … I ….”

We are quietly embracing, enjoy this kind of aesthetics after this shooting.

At this time, the beautiful fragrance looks at the watch, it has been taken at 8:30, I have to call me down, otherwise I will wait for her husband back, then everything is finished, I have to wear clothes, I am reluctant …

“Beautiful sister! I really can’t help you … I …” I swallowed.

“Silly brother! My sister is not to leave you, what are you sad …. Tomorrow I have to go to the south to go to ten days, then we can’t …….. um …… “

“Sister! Too good!” I am happy to hold her, send a kiss to her, leaving.

This evening, I can’t sleep all night, I have emerged in front of you, the beautiful face of the beautiful face, the fascinating sea town, especially the situation of her, excited all night, four, five I did something closer, and I slept for a while.

It’s hard to get the next day, I will run into the fragrant room, I only see the beautiful incense, I’m entering the house, I am busy from behind, laughing.

“It’s you, scared me.” Mei Xiangjiao smiled.

“Mei Xiangjie! You can know that I am so hard!” I said.

“Is it hungry, just, I just warmly warm, don’t eat some.”

“Mei Xiangjie, I don’t want to eat now, just want to … eat you …” I said, one side pulled her on the bedside.

“Hey! Eat me, I will not give you to eat, what do you do?”

“Good sister, don’t you do this? I really love you very much, you will be compassionate, sympathize, sympathize with me.”


“Good Wow!” It turned out to be teasing me, I was happy, and I kissed the past.

The beauty is already a woman woman, and it is more unfamiliar with the kiss. She is holding me with her hands, and the incense tongue is light, and I am teased.

At this time, the beauty begins, but not only does not refuse my caress, but it is more embracing to give my heart, it is a powerful woman. If this husband is away, this husband has left more than ten days. Featured her.

In this way, the two kissed a moment, I am already a heart and speed, breathing is also urgent, busy saying:

“Beauty! It is now all the world of our two, still scruple, I …. Ob …”

“What do you want? Xi Jian! Want to eat milk, take it!” She hinted me.

I am not welcome to take off her inside and outside, I only have one underwear.

Beautiful fragrance leaving only a trippe, with a small cream, how tempting this half-naked beauty is.

I will continue to put her, caress, beautiful, her soft jade hand, is also stroking my dick, and send it.

“Hey! So comfortable …….”

“Yeah! It’s so beautiful … Really …”

“Beauty! I am also …….”

“Hey! Haha …”

Beautiful smile:

“Tiejian! Let go in, okay?”

How can I don’t have it in it, I am not pulling out every day, I am busy with the only three-pool, the milk is taken off, and I will take my underwear.

Due to yesterday, the weather, people did not look carefully, herbs were doing things, today they didn’t worry, plus big day, light, only to see the beautiful in bed.

Lying on the bed, face the boom, the red clouds, the mouthfuls.

White and tender skin, fine small waist, and round and big hips.

The red egg face, and more beautiful. That high-spirited bread is like the bread that is being trained on successful ridge.

The little nipple is red and tender, like succulent peaches.

That smooth lower abdomen is like a bean flower that has not been broken.

The slender thigh, let people really want to touch it again.

Especially the roots of the thighs, the mouth is a one, and the waves, the temptation is extremely, enough to make any man to see, I want to go up to the horse.

I dialded her jade leg, ah! The mysterious imperial thing that is unheatherent is so cute, so fascinating, then the heartbeat accelerate … I use my hand to open the two pieces The hills of the mouth, ah! Red, small, round, just like a meat buttamed in the upper end of the hole, I kissed it, with the tongue.

Ah! Hot, salty.

I kissed! The rise of her kiss, put her small hole again, and greeted it, a mouth contained this meat.

“Ah … itch is dead …….. Sour ……..”

Just started, the beautiful incense was still very living, until, kissed her little hole, she was a bit a bit anxious.

She didn’t expect that I opened her legs and opened her mouth and kissed it with a tongue.

Suddenly, I kissed her most sensitive jerki, she shook, mixed.

She didn’t expect that I will bite her yukuclear, a while like an electric shock, and itchy, it is, and immediately leads to the whole body.

She can’t hit the trend:

“Ah … can’t …. Can’t bite anymore … …. 酸 …………. itch dead …..”

At this time, the beautiful incense has been biting, the slut is arrived, the romance is big, and I can’t hold the laugh:

“Hey …. Ha … itch is dead …”

“Hey! Si Jian! How can you, great ……..”

“Call! That … it’s not … I saw it from the yellow book, is it comfortable?”

“It turns out that your college students also look at that thing, really, Zi Jian, you use your tongue to lick, it is too beautiful, great.”

“College students are also people, if not, how can you make you feel comfortable?”

She twisted his hips, while holding my cock, gently set, especially from time to time, nailing my glans, making my cock, more congestive, more inflated.

At this time, the beautiful, beautiful eyes, delicate: “Zi Jian! Your big chicken is already big and big … You should kiss enough, let your big dicks have been addicted. ! “

I really kissed enough, and the sexual impulsive, I’m going forward, I am in her body, the cock has arrived at the Taoyuan hole through the guidance of her little hand, my ass sinking, I didn’t have a powerful “nourish!” , One plugged in.

Because the beauty is the older, she is a high leg, hook my waist, the yin is like something like, the end of the uterus is allowed to put, the vagina is shrunk, and my cock is so comfortable.

This is in her body, according to the soldiers, enjoy this sucking taste, also said: “Beauty! Your uterus is so strange, actually take a sucking, make me feel so comfortable! Why didn’t you yesterday?”

“Stupid brother, I have been married for a year, almost every day, yesterday is because of the relationship between time, so I didn’t ……….”

“Hey! It turned out to be like this”

My dicks have been sucking with her, and the excitement is a bit of a shortcoming trend. It immediately smoked a sigh of breath, pulling the chicken out, and inhibited the yang.

“Silly brother! How do you pull it out, this will want your sister’s life, fast ….

“Good one!” I started to be slow …. and fast …. Fast … It’s like a storm … because the beauty is the old will, how can she make me alone? I am crazy, she doesn’t want to show weakness, her legs, supporting my butt, lifting the hips, and shakes, together with my thrust.

At the same time, the waves are called, so that I am mad.

“Ah …. Good … your brother …. Beautiful …. 喔 .. 对 ……………………….. …. This plug … inserted me …. So comfortable …. Brother … I shake it?……………………………………………………………………………. …. inserted to me to go to …. Even inserting me, I am going to do it … ah …. 唔 ……………………………………… .

After a while, she has been fine, put a hot and hot, poured, poured, and I was very comfortable.

Although she has been fine, but more romance, the yellow novel is good, women can do more than a few times.

I saw her more waves, I am also more crazy.

“Bu Tu! Bu Tour!” This is the war of our wars. “Well …. ………… 喔 …” Not long after, my Yangguan is impulsive, I can’t support it.

“I …. I am refined … I …”

“No! You can’t shoot … You don’t …” She is afraid.

“No! I can’t help but …. I ….”

Just feel that the waist is tight, one hemp, a hot ride, all shot in her uterus, flowers.

She is holding, afraid of losing me.

But I just tasted my anisotropy, but the golden gun is not falling. Although it is especially the fine, the big cock is still like a iron pillar, and it is hard to make a tight and warm end of the uterus, enjoy the pleasure after ejaculation.

“Ten! Continue to pump? I can be unpredictable, please!” The beauty of Xiangxiang is angry, the sound said: “This is good, let my big chicken Bay will …. I use my hand Exquisite for you! “

When I finished, I was sitting in the beautiful side of the fragrance, I hugged her left hand, pressing the right hand on her yin, the palm of the palm, the middle finger, sliding into the small hole, buckled above the small hole, the middle finger is also Yucai strokes.

Yuling is the most sensitive place for women’s sex. Now, I have finger a finger, she can’t help but lying on my thigh, let me enjoy, dig.

She lie down, my left hand was empty, so I put it in her breast. I will touch it for a while.

She is not willing to show weakness. Two hands hold my big cock, gently pull it, even if I use my tongue to pick up my pores, but a crispy.

“Si Jian! You are so big, so thick, so long!”

“Really? Is there a big husband than your husband?” I laughed and said.

“Silly brother! How can he compare with you, small and short, no thick and long, and he is a thick person does not know flirt, just go to bed, how can you wait for you and And understand the psychology of women

She kissed my hiite said: “Zi Jian! You are too happy, great, I hate you to eat you, always put it in me ….”

She finished, actually put my big cock all over, slowly sucked, kissed, biting, my big cock was full, sometimes I almost jumped out, fortunately, she held her hands. Tighten, I didn’t slip out, she used my big cock with my mouth, I can’t suppress me. “

So, my hands were faster and more fierce, put the right hand in the yuki, the index finger and slipped into the hole, and the two fingers turned in the small hole.

As soon as I came, Into the beautiful lascivious DC, buttocks.

In this way, she makes her more smoked my big cock.

The two of us picking each other, each has its own fun, but in the end, it is still a beautiful, and she is born by me.

“Tie! Don’t dig again, change the big cock to kiss the small hole!”

At this point, I lie on the bed.

“Come! Beauty! You ride on my body, let’s come to an inserting willow, so you can take the initiative to attack.”

Beauty is already a fever, can’t take everything, ride on me immediately, like a horse like a horse, holding my big cock, giving her small hole, sinking, sitting down ” Zi! “The land, my big cock is all swallowed by her holes.

“Ah! Beautiful”.

The beauty smiled, smiled and smart, the big chicken is on her flowers, the top of her body is soft, the burning is very beautiful.

She is legged with my legs, I will sneak out of my butt, and she is busy, but the butt is sinking.

“Ah! Beautiful …. It’s so beautiful …”.

The little hole now gave the big dick.

“Ah! Si Jian! Is it me in inserting you, comfortable?”

She took a big dick with a big cock, she was proud of the ocean.

I saw that she paved the spring, and I felt interesting, busy with her hands, playing her with her full breast, and looked at the small hole set with big cock.

I saw her two labians, turned over, red meat tumbling, beautiful.

Both of us, one person prepares for, one person is mainly attacking.

“Well …. Haha … I insert you … your brother …. Insert you happily …. Haha … great …. ….. “

After ten minutes, the beautiful incense took a few minutes, felt a big hit, a shake, spit his breath: “Ah … beautiful dead.” A hot rolling, spray out Pouring on my glans, along the big cock, stream in my lower belly, is really wonderful.

Because of this posture, the body is easy to tired, so she vents, people follow volts in my body. “Si Jian! Silly brother, comfortable …. I …. I have been so hurt … I have never been so hurt … I really have your …. or college students …. Know so many postures …. Know … Beautiful … “

“You are full, I have not eaten.” I finished, busy, separating the beautiful legs with the way, the thick big cock, together, one into a snoring Plug.

My meat of the big glans, closely grinding the wall, making the climax of the fragrance rise again.

After three or four hundred times, the fragrance is delicate and villain: “Ah … ah … the younger brother … I …. comfortable …. … can …. can … Obtain a little …. Fast …. I …. Rising … day … “.

I feel that she is shrinking in her pussy. I know that she has to go out, busy with the mask, and volts on her.

At this time, the beauty is being in the climax. When I want to die, I smoke it, she fell from the air and felt an unusual emptiness.

Presided with the big eyes of Water, confused: “Brother … What is you … Fast …. Continue …..

“Good …. Come ….”.

“Zi!”, My hot mask inserted into her wet yin, fierce, rooted, and suddenly.

In this way, I pumped twenty minutes, and finally we were exhausted, and I slept.

As a saying: “Good flowers are not often open, and the good scene is not often”. When I am intoxicating in the swirls, the two people have to come once, they can meet each other, no wonder people say: ” Fairy “but the beautiful days are always short.

This day, the beautiful husband came back from the stage. By the way, it took a bad news. That is, it is to make money due to the company’s work, and the family should move to the stage, old days! Isn’t this to be my life? I am afraid, anxious .

On this night, she secretly ran to my bedroom, said: “Si Yide! We have to separate, do you know?”

“Beauty! I know, what do you do with this, what should I do?”

“Si Jian! I don’t want to separate you, I want to run away, although the famous celestial is unfortunate, but you are still in the stage, I don’t endure your future, and you can’t live, production, how do we Survive, maintain life? I can divorce him, then marry you, although you love me, but your parents? “

“So, we can’t think about it, this is not repaired, then repaired the world, I hope we will be a husband and wife next life.”

“But I …. 香香 ​​…” I am swallowed.

“Silly brother! Tonight is our last night, just he did one, tired, big sleep like older, we quickly grasp this night” she finished launching clothes.

I also took off my clothes, I want to grasp this battle, so I put her on the bed, reached out her high jade milk, with skilled skills, playful in her person, playing teasing.

The beauty is in my teasing, breathing is urgent, the hips are frequently twisted, the eyes release the color of the charming, the lips are hot, the hole is automatically opened, the spring is flooding, and there is no words.

In order to enjoy this, I got the last battle before I was separated, and immediately kissed her sly lips.

She is also tightly holding my head, and the clove is sent.

When the masher arrived in the yin house, her small hole suddenly opened like two door, my hot big cock, and the situation “Zi!”, Straight to the heart, the whole plug, she is very comfortable.

“Ah …” She didn’t feel long, whispered.

At this time, the fragrance, the legs hook my waist, the fat jade hip, the swing, her movement, making my mask more deeply.

I will also attack again, take out the unique skills, fierce,, fast, continuous insertion of the prostitute four shots, the sound is endless.

“Oh …. 家 … good brother …. you are really …. I will do …. I … I am really hurting … Brother … The younger brother who will be caught … is so good … “.

In order to grasp this every minute, take out the whole body’s effort, so that she is a smooth, so it is a slight plug, it is deeply shallow, and all kinds of hard work.

Soon, the fragrance of the beautiful and happy said: “Oh … oh … younger brother …. You are too good …. I am a heart …. Well .. Beautiful … is so beautiful …….. “.

At the same time, twisted the waist, especially the fertilizer round jade hip, swing left and right, throwing up and down, gentle.

I also go all my best with unlimited energy, skill. She is charming, lascivious, tall with ass, I can’t wait for my hiking to the pussy, and her Sao is not stopped, and it is said to be a non-stop.

“Oh …. younger brother … My cute brother …. Human Weilfriend …. Dry me …. So comfortable …. comfortable … Oops …. I am killing me … “.

“Brother … My Si Jian … um …. 喔 …. 唔 … I love you …. I want you for a lifetime … Let you insert …. Never separated from you … “.

“Oh ………………………………………………………………………………….. …. Too beautiful …. I … I am very happy … “.

As a saying: “Liangyi is short.” It is also a little good. The last battle before we were separated, and I didn’t know my best, and the two didn’t know how many times, only listening the time clock. Five, no longer, two people were separated, she kissed me, I also kissed her, the two people were reluctant to leave, I don’t know when to meet again, I can again …

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