Li Xiaoming is bored on the desk. He is not thinking about it. This semester will begin. He is the main force in the class, and it is still ready to be in the heart.

His table Peng Rii seems to have seen his heart, whispered: “Is it? Worried at the groomer?” Xiaoming nodded, “I got my mother last night, I made her a climax twice, and I participated in it later. The project is to at least put the ten female students out of the climax. This is not blocked. If you lose your face, this person is lost. “Lili comforted him:” An Xin, yours Can you resist anyone. Your mother is born? When you climb it out, you have been giving you out. Of course, it is not easy to get a climax. How can I get to our 14th year old girl ratio. Last vaginal Class, the teacher lets you demonstrate a few positions with Xu Lan, only to take a few meters away, even our row is splashing. Dragon teacher can’t help you with you. Half class, it is also a direct, you are the most ignorant talent. “Xiaoming is still a bit worried. After all, he watched online games, and even if he was completed by the Malaysi Tiger, now Dragling a homework is not paid, is a video of your mother or other women and let her reach the climax, the length is not less than 30 minutes, the other party should be at least once, can make out the tide blowing can give excellent . This operational study committee has also reminded him a few times. But he went back to the game every day, I forgot. Before going to bed, I was soaring that my mother was routine, but I was too too. It’s too tired to be too tired so that I didn’t finish it for three days. “I can’t get a spirit in these days. This week’s boxing work has not been done. Zhao Meimei reminds me to take several times. My mom didn’t go home today. It seems that tomorrow will not pay.” Lili said: “Unfortunately, my mother will go back to my family, nor, or I can let her make her with you, she likes the boxing, my dad gives her two fists, do not add addiction, no I am inserted again. Yes, Teacher Song didn’t always like you? You find her help, let her cooperate with you to make this homework, it is not. All homework will be sent. Going to the foreign school, you can’t come. “Teacher Song is Xiaoming’s mathematics teacher and class teacher, called Song Yuhua, this year is 35 years old, it is very full, the skin is very white, the mouth is beautiful Leave a long hair of the big waves, I have been put on the shoulders, dressed up and dedicated, and will not wear the same clothes every day. Her daughter Zhang Xiaomei is four years old and is also in Xiaoming. Teacher Song started to make milk after he gave birth to a child, and two breasts were fat, and there were two basketballs. In the class, the boy said that her milk may have two pounds. Xiao Ming is a representative of the mathematics. Every time I have seen Song Teacher, I have seen Song Teacher in the work, and I can’t see the milk in my tits. I can’t see it in my clothes. However In the milk bottle on the table, it is like tap water. Song’s milk is absolutely small, Xiao Ming has heard her told things, talked for ten minutes, only squeezed a talent, see Song How old is the teacher’s tits? Mr. Song’s milk is eaten, so the mother and daughter are white and tender. Zhang Xiaomei is even more inherited her mother’s big tits. Two people have rid of the road on the road, just like four volleyballs. Xiao I thought about it, I can only do this. Just a break in the class, he went to the podium, and Teacher Song just sat down and saw Xiaoming, smiled and said to Xiaoming: “Xia Ming finds what is going on?”

Teacher Song really likes Xiao Ming. Xiaoming’s results, especially mathematics, very good, and have a very clear and handsome. Every time Song teacher sees Xiao Ming, I feel very comfortable. I can’t wait for him. Teacher Song’s daughter has a few times in the vaginal exchange system and Xiao Ming, the impression is very profound, and she is always rough and hard, and she is hot, and I am hot. In that, he heard her tickle, the flow of white flowers could not stop. Unfortunately, her husband is early, and her life is a daughter. When I want to be, I can only go to the service station as a volunteer. That place is to provide a man who gave the hidden companion, and the two sides of the squad can not see each other, with a wall, the female volunteers put the lower body through the wall of the wall to the next door, check the disease. The male is row the team. In this place, you can’t pick it, don’t know how to do it, just feel that the roots are inserted into two, out of water, and then come back, so recycled. Teacher Song was a childhood, and the vaginal supported it. Therefore, the little man whose man is inserted. It is not much. It is reluctant to be ticking. Unfortunately, a small man is often a bigger. Most, when a volunteer can serve the 20 men, often the second ten son is in the inside of the Song Song, and the fire in the heart is more prosperous. Teacher Song looked at Xiao Ming. The more you like it, the more you like it. At this time, Xiao Ming swallowed and spit: “Teacher Song, I want to ask you to help.” Song teacher is beautiful, I don’t want to answer: “No problem, Xiao Ming has What kind of teacher must do our best to help you. “Xiao Wei, said:” I haven’t paid the homework in this week’s boxing class, but my mother is going today, I want to ask you to do this. Teacher Song was stunned, and he was happy in his heart: “He looks like me, he is looking for me, why don’t he come to me to find me, definitely like me. Since this child wants肏 My, no matter how it is, I have to take it enough. “In fact, Teacher Song was not considered, not Xiao Ming, but she thought and Xiao Ming.” Xiao Ming looked at Song, thought it was not, said: “Teacher is not convenient, then ask.” Teacher Song hurriedly: “How is it inconvenient, the teacher does not have a little problem, this is a young teacher or help Don’t do this, the following is just a class test. The topic is too simple to you. You don’t test it. I will return it to me back to my office. “I am a little answer.” I stood up and arranged, let Zhao Meimei are responsible for monitoring, pulling Xiao Ming back to her office. At this time, there were only two other female teachers at this time, and they were Xiaoming met, one is a small teacher from the new graduation, twenty-five years old, one is the class teacher of the class, 38 years old. Teacher Song was discussed by the teacher, took out the DV, let Wang teacher help to shoot, Wang Teacher is happy, Xiao Zhang, the teacher, running over, said: “We haven’t opened this lesson when we studied. , Just watching the picture. “Song teacher smiled:” It is necessary to make this child once again. “Take off the jacket and skirt, wear a long tube and bow tie, two white flowers in the whole body. A few drops of milk from time to time on the chest, the red brown tits. Teacher Song put his own chair back and lied, leaning his legs, on the bracition of the armchairs on the armchair. Every female teacher’s chair is like this, and it can be adjusted to this convenient. Xiaoming’s attention was completely attracted by the big tits of the Song Teacher’s two components. Three female teachers saw Xiaoming, they couldn’t help but laughed. I said that this child is so big, I still want to eat milk, and I am full of red. Teacher Xiao Wang took Xiao Ming’s hand and was pressed against the tits of Song. A milk was sprayed out. The foot of the fire was more than one meter, and the Song teacher smiled: “You will eat, waste more waste. Ah. “Xiao Ming held a talent, kicking the milk, only felt that a lot of milk can’t live in the mouth, and sweet, a hot flow suddenly got to the lower body, the thus gradually Hard up, get the top of the trousers. Teacher Wang smiled and took Xiaoming’s trousers. Xiao Zhang saw Xiao Ming’s thoughts, scared: “The sister of the sister, Song Sheng, you are blessed this time.” Mr. Wang said: ” You will first be a child. Teacher Song only feels that he has never had a full feelings from the mouth, exudes to the whole body, can’t help but come out, Xiaoming’s 屌 子 进 去, the white flowers are pulling along the gifted slide Out, a mature woman’s smell is in the office. Teacher Xiao Zhang only wondered, or the teacher saw a wide range of knowledge, not flustered, and gave the organs of the organs of several close-up close-up. Xiao Mingcai did ten times. Song teacher couldn’t help but come once. Xiaoming and other teachers were lost. Well, I am so rest assured that the teacher will let you finish the homework. “Xiao Ming didn’t have a way, I had to continue to use the Teacher of the Song and Song, how long did it give her a climax.

Song Yuhua only felt that today is the happiest day in her life, never have such a climax, and each climax is so high, the light can be seen from the water flowing out, and it is white and sticky. Like the paste, the uterus is like a few jumped eggs. It has not stopped shaking. The whole vagina is constantly contracted, and the smashing of Xiaoming is squeezed. The discharge of a vagina. Teacher Wang is relatively rich, told Xiao Ming to say: “Let’s take it out, let Song teacher slow down, otherwise waiting for the holiday, it is difficult to let her happen.” Xiaoming slowly took out the draft. When the “wave”, it sounded, just like playing a water gun. Xiao Ming wiped some slings in the teacher’s mouth, put his hands all over, then put the right hand five fingers, drilling into the teacher, open the foot, the mouth of the egg size. I haven’t used it to slip all my hands. Xiao Ming only thought that the right hand was like a hot meat glove, it was very comfortable. I have reached some, and I touched a meat group of goose eggs. There was a small eye on the meat. It should be the cervix of the teacher. Xiao Ming clamped the cervix with his finger and gently pulled it. In addition, Teacher Song suddenly opened his eyes, and he sent a long sorrow, and he clen his own big tits, and the milk spray was everywhere. Xiao Ming was shocked, thinking that the teacher, hurriedly took out the thumb, “Don’t pick it up, don’t take it out, use force, dead.” Master Wang once reminded Xiao Ming, let him Put the left hand in, Song teacher is a birth, and the vagina can do double boxing, let Xiao Ming use his left hand to use the left hand to squeeze the uterus of Song. Xiao Tingzhao did, and it was only less than a minute, and Teacher Song was blowing! Teacher Song’s urethra is bruised, and it is severely contracted, and every contraction will shoot a crystal transparent liquid, and it has been shot for more than a dozen shares. Xiao Ming was happy, knowing this time, I will be able to take an excellent, busy pick up, and put it again, because Teacher Song’s mouth is big, each vaginal contraction will succeed in some air, It’s a big thick, a little hot, and the Song Teacher only felt that from the mouth of the mouth, I thought that the child would know more, it is too much, from 肏 肏It is indeed a good child who is thinking about others. After completing the boxing of the boxing, Xia Ming has passed three teachers. Song Teacher said with Xiao Ming back to the class, and Teacher Song went to the reward. Xiao Ming returned to the seat, just sat down, Lili blinked, whispered: “Teacher Song is fun?” Xiao Ming smiled: “Still not bad, it is too sticky, with my mother’s bad, strange What is my mother and her almost loose, all can put it in two fists, my mother can put it in half a hour to get one or two climax, and Teacher Song can insert it once. Right , I just used the fist to smash the Song teacher, spraying more than 20 shares. “Li Li envyed, said:” Mom, I have to die for the day before yesterday, I have used it for more than a hour. My mother. It’s hard to come to a small climax, you can get tired. You are so powerful. “Xiaoming smiled:” In fact, Wang Teacher taught me the method, I use my finger to cut her uterine eye, only a few times Just spray. Lili, I still don’t understand why my mother is hard to negative than Song teacher? It is almost like Song. “Li Li thought about it.” I know, I Ask you, how long have you been with your mother? “” “Basically at least twice a day, usually get up, you will be in front of sleep, usually, when you want to go, you will be played in. Every family seems to be almost. “” “This is right, you think your thump is thick, but it has been a dozen years, you can at least be twice a day, more than 700 times a year, ten years It is more than 7,000 times, I will have no fresh feelings so many times. I am not so easy to climax. Do you have any time with your mom? Yeah, last month, my mother went to the family to do things. After a week, I came back. That night I took her to the tide for a dozen minutes, sprayed more than a dozen shares. Lili is really smart. It is worthy of the physical class representative of our class. “” You don’t have to praise me, I will analyze you again, our husband, the husband, didn’t you have to die? She didn’t marry my son. ” , This is not there anyone? It is like she usually goes to the service station for most of the volunteers to solve the 馋, you can’t be addicted. You think she has been for so many years, today I saw you so thick and hard The burning is a ghost. Right, I think of the post-day sex competition, you know which girls do you want? We can ask them two days So wait until you have a long time, you can’t make it wrong? “Xiao Ming excitedly called:” Lili is too smart. I really admire you. I will let Song teacher in listening to me and what girls pair Anyway, this is not a secret. “Xiao Mingxing rushed to let Song teacher helped to find it, Song teacher is very happy to agree, come back, it is hard to put the cup of freshly squeezed milk to him back to the road. Xiaoming and Lili squatted at the table, the first one is Peng Lili.

“Haha, the first is you, this can be hard for two days.” “I am no problem, I am afraid that other girls do not agree, some girls may not know you, they will be two What? “” This is also, but as long as there are more than ten people promised to be rolled up. You see, Cao Xuemei, 2 classes, I know, the relationship is very good, the 4 class Feng Juan can also, 5 classes Zhu Zhan, Yizhen, 6 classes of Liang Xiaoyu, Hu Hui, Zhang Min, 9 class Xie Wenjuan, Xie Hua, Liu Ping and I have passed, I will go to you, other people I also try I tried. “Xiaoming visited these girls in turn, most of them have a good promise, only a few people who don’t know, but the refusal is not there, Xiao Ming is coming back, I feel that it should be a stable coupon. Lili reminds him: “You can get more in these two days, it is best to 肏 We have a tight of our 14th or five years old, good to meet the environment, otherwise not finished 10 you are shot, soft collapse Come out, this person can be really lost. “Xiao Ming smiled:” I have already thought that I just said with the class teacher, she told the sexual class representative Liu Yue two days to arrange girls to send me special training, I, etc. Waiting, I have to start, no matter what class under get out of class, in addition to pee, I can’t take it out. “Lili smiled:” You are really beautiful. But to be honest, this is really tired, but for class The collective honor is also hard. “At this time, the classic class represents Liu Yue to the side. She is the most beautiful girl in the class, and the one is tall, and it is only a little bit. The appearance looks very cool, in fact, is a kind of sexual woman with a fire, Xiaoming sexual class often and her partner. Liu Yue’s tits are very large, and the two hands can hold, soft, it is a little black, she is a white tiger, there is no hair, it is a little out of the mouth, the labia is slightly black, regardless of a little . Liu Yue smiled and handed a piece of paper to Xiaoming. List, basically all the wavegetends in the class, it seems that Liu Yue is very understanding to his hobby, handing the paper back, and asking: “Where do you pick it, how can I have an opinion? Training method? “Liu Yue said:” I go to the equipment room to borrow two sexual chairs, wait for the last side of the classroom, your desk, etc., I will move in the back door, we should be responsible for each person. At the hour, your thump is in addition to urinating, not allowed to take the vagina, yes, when you want to urinate, the body will take a few boys to help you to help you to go to the toilet, we have to try Shorten the time you left our vagina these days. “At this time, several boys have put two sexual chairs, Liu Yue pulled Xiao Ming directly to take the chair, Liu Yue picked up his skirt, there is no Wear underwear, she took out Xiaoming, she didn’t wait for it, she opened her mouth hard to move, Xiao Ming’s 屌 was hot, the girl was baked, and the horse rose, Liu Yue’s The mouth is gradually tightened into a rough circle of six or seven cm. These two chairs are electric powerless speed, and the two people don’t have to move. If the most comfortable position and angle are thrown, Liu Yue will transfer the gear to 30 pumping per minute, and then began to concentrate on class with Xiao Ming. . Their special training tasks are not comfortable, in fact, let Xiaoming’s 屌 will always be stimulated under the environment of the girl’s tightening hoist, let him habits this stimulus, so it is very difficult after the day. However, in the long-lasting, Liu Yue, the old, the old, the old man, came a fierce climax. At that time, Liu Yue couldn’t help but couldn’t help it. If you consider that she is accompanying Xiaomingte training, she will let her punish it. After an hour, Liu Yue wolf was defeated, and she had a climax four times, but it didn’t have any water. Liu Yue is Xiaoming’s favorite. He likes to dry, stick to wipe. I didn’t feel so much. Instead of Liu Yue, just sitting in the back of Xiaoming. Fang Fang has not yet passed with Xiao Ming, this time she is the first time and Xiao Ming pair, and she did not expect to be in such an environment. Liu Yue has not taken the jade, in order to minimize Xiaoming’s 屌 外 外 时间 时间 身 身 身 身 身 一 身 身 身 身 身 身 身 身 身 身 身 身 身 身 身 身 身 一 身 身 身 身 身 身 身 身 身

Fang Fang has faded his trousers, wearing a top, she is a bit worried that her can not withstand such a thick 屌, keep lying their own clitoris, wanting to make the vagina wet some wait for a better plug, Xiaoming saw that she was a little nervous, she took her finger into the mouth of Fang Fang, gently scratching the G point above the vaginal wall, after the will, Fang Fang feels, Liu Yue stands up, Fang Fang At the same time, Fu Zheng Xiaoming’s 屌, 准 准 口 下 下,,, 屄 屄 屄 屄 屄 屄 屄 屄 屄 屄 屄 屄 屄Fang Fang’s mouth is indeed tight and hot, inserted for half an hour, Xiao Ming has a feeling, he has to hear to listen to the class, and this time Fang Fang is already lost, and the tide blows three times. Fortunately, the teacher is lucky The classmates give her a few cups of water to supplement moisture, or may dehydrate. Fortunately, this class is a chemical class that Xiaoming likes, and finally passed through careful thinking of chemical equations. Top replacing the square is the class of Chen Xiangmei, which is said to be the most tight Chen Xiangmei. Her is said that the contract is amazing. This should be inherited from her mother. Her mother Ouyang Yu is the famous vaginal competitive athlete in the country. The vaginal squeezing force has reached an amazing Fifteen kilograms, Xiao Ming read her mother’s performance on TV, inserted the extremely thick special banana of Hainan specialty into the vagina, and quickly crowd the banana meat out of five meters, then launch the skin, complete the vagina, completed within a minute The shot of 68 bananas, and there is no one of the radiies than five meters, and there is a big man in the boxing of the boxing. Xiaoming’s strong squeezing in Xiangmei, still insisting on half an hour, just in the next day, the evening is not guaranteed, and finally in the vagina in Xiangmei, a large number of semen is shot. The hot semen was poured on the delicate uterine mouth of Xiangmei, let her comfortably, and also reached a climax. For her, Xiao Ming can really be a quite opponent with a flag. What makes Xiaoming is relieved that Chen Xiangmei is arranged in the next day of the game and Xiaoming’s largest competitor-2 class Li Jun sex, and also row in the first one. I think that Li Jun may appear in the next day, Xiao Ming can’t help but laugh. Although it is sighed, Xiaoming’s 屌 is not so soft, and after his ejaculation, as long as you have urine, it can restore erectile, let alone now is now the amazing vaginal tacit, blood is not Go down. One hour passed, Xiao Ming is a two climax, and Xiangmei fills the little semen, but it is not overflowing. Waiting to Xiangmei got up, I just left the glans and immediately tightened, and I didn’t need to use a towel to cover the yin gate. I didn’t have a hint of it. I didn’t have a hint. I went back to the seat to take out my own cup, set On the mouth, I just smash it, I sprayed a concentrated concentrate, and the chestnut flowers were filled with the whole classroom. The girls are watching and watching, and I looked at the baby in the body. Xiangmei has been spraying how to shrink the vagina, can’t squeeze a drop of semen, and have collected a half cup semen. The girls who have scattered, and a little bit of a little bit of painting and continuing his face. Xiangmei generous will give a girl who want to taste the taste. Every girl in the base class is divided into a tomb. Thanks to the fragrance of the two bubbles, it is until you get out of school, Xiao Ming has never ejaculate, but with a few female students who are practicing, they are softened, and basically each has a climax.

These two days, Xiaoming is so constant in exercise. Everyone is very admiring his mental spirit. Song teacher deliberately give him a cup of fresh milk to supplement the body every two classes. The sports meeting finally arrived in everyone, Xiaoming participated in the project a male multi-female limit, the first second grade group, the first day, a total of 20 boys participated in the first day, first is the athlete admission, small mandarin is in the last one Every one is only wearing a sweatshire one by one, and the penis is marked. Everyone’s penis has been erecting. After sitting to the designated position and lie down, a female sports teacher is squatting to the athlete Under the cousin, set with a vagina to hold a root and long and long, everyone’s task is set to one after seventy-eight, which is required to check the status of the athlete to prevent cheating. The female teacher responsible for this examination is also a wide view, it is said that he also participated in the multi-TV station, the vaginal ejaculation competition, took the name, but when she stuffed Xiaoming’s thoughts into her own, a share After being full, the feeling of buttons spread throughout the body. At that time, the legs were almost fell soft. It was still good to hold the little Ming. She didn’t dare to set it. I barely squatted two times and hurriedly put the ass. Get up, when the head is out of the mouth, it is hard to make a sound wave, just like playing a water gun. After checking the male player, it is a female student who is paired with these players. The girl is randomly pumping, and the same grade girl who is not in the menstrual period may smoke. One of them is a small half of the school support, Xiao Ming already knows himself All the opponents are all I know, some are still overherent, and my heart is basically available. A total of four hundred girls were placed in five teams, respectively, from five male teachers, these men’s teachers were more than forty years old, very sexual intercourse experience, the thus is particularly rough, this diameter of four or five people You can drive the vaginal patch of the 14th or five girls to the extent that the meat pleats is basically smooth. These teachers can judge whether the female vagina is abnormal, such as wiped the ointment. Class, this is also to prevent cheating. The entire inspection process has been very smooth, in addition to checking Chen Xiangmei’s teacher accidentally shot, and is temporarily replaced by another teacher. Since it is ejaculated after the glans take out the vagina, Chen Xiangmei is clean, so she doesn’t have to replace it. It seems that Li Jun, 2 classes is destined to be unlucky. When the competition must use the specified sect sexual intersections, these postures have been targeted in these two days, so they are not nervous, so the first is the 4th version of Feng Juan, this girl and him Two times, I was familiar with each other, the cooperation is very good, Xiao Ming took a dozen times, Feng Juan’s vagina started twitching, Xiaoming plus topped two times, Feng Juan suddenly screamed: “To blow it!” Xiaoming immediately Put Feng Juan’s labipings as possible, Feng Juan makes the body, put the urethral mouth forward, and there is a high-spirited liquid that is highly sprayed and draws out a perfect arc. A few judges were in the judges, after all, after all, she started less than half a minute, only pumped more than ten times, the general players did not put the opponent’s vaginal insertion, this boys have already made the opponent to flick. The degree, it seems that a good seedllar is to be discovered. A whistle, Feng Juan was supported, let her sit on the appointment of the judges, and the judges took her mouth with his finger and carefully observed the level of vaginal convulsions, and then scored Xiaoming. In addition to a nine points, other judges have given a high score of 9 o’clock. Xiaoming’s open door is red to other players. The second is a 6-class Liang Yu, Xiao Ming changed a posture, lying down to let the rain ride on his waist, he knows that the girl’s vagina is relatively deep, usually nine cm, is fully open After you have eaten all the twenty-four centuries of long. Little rain is very mad, swallow the Xiaoming’s thumb, let the glans take a few times in his own homework, just get the ass, the most coarse part of the glans is fiercely Next, the sound of 哧 哧 sound is very sound, covering the sound of the two groups of players, causing the teachers and students of the game to call, so they are sitting a few times, and the rain will showcase that the referee will have a climax. . Xiao Ming quickly smoked a few times, suddenly felt that the vagina in light rain began to shrink sharply, the referee was a climax of this girl, so Xiao Yu was also helped to check the vaginal convulsions on the judges, this time there is no tide, so there is no cause too much Surprised, but Xiao Ming made girls quickly reached a climax, which had made the judges feel very shocked. The four girls behind are very strange, and Xiaoming basically controls them in one hundred pins to let them reach the climax, and they regret that there is no one to blow. When Xiaoming made the fourth schoolgirl climax, there was finally a player to give his opponent a climax, and it was not a second class Li Jun. Li Jun was unfortunately inserted with Chen Xiangmei. Before he went to the climax, he will shoot directly out. The sixth girl is Xiaoming’s same table Peng Ri Li, Xiao Ming has just entered the school and she has a few times, and then the girls have more girls. It is relatively less than her pair. Now it is almost two or three months without her. Ert over.

Xiao Ming think about some embarrassment, secretly determined to let Lili come to an unforgettable climax. Lili has not sexually over two days. It is also stunned. I haven’t started to look at Xiaoming and other female students. I started to swear, and the white paste is wiped and flowing. I can feel it. Your own uterus is shaking in the belly, but it is limited to the regulations, the girl who has not played can not masturbate, it is difficult. In fact, it is not yet in Lili, and the other girls in Xiaoming will be almost the same. I have seen Xiaoming so brave, I look forward to it. In the contrary, the girls in other groups are very depressed, and their own male players are half-day to finish a girl. I want to turn myself, I don’t know when it is. Lili ran and lying well, the fork opened the legs and opened the mouth, Xiao Ming could see the delicate homework inside, so that Xiaoming was very surprised by Lili’s uterine mouth very big, more than a birthday Song teacher. It’s still big, it seems that you can put the glans in. Xiao Ming knew that Lili’s vagina is very short, only six or seven cents, despite the stretchableness, Xiao Ming still can’t put the whole penis insert, will leave five or six cents outside. Lili smiled: “I have seen my homework? I have been trained for three months, just want to give you a surprise, this time it makes your little little tastes the taste of the girl’s uterus. Xiao Ming was surprised and happy, and the uterus had done it. His mother sometimes let him play the glans into the hometown, but his mother is experiencing the vaginal birth, the uterine mouth is pulled, Li Li Cai’s fourteen-year-old girl, in order to let him put the son of the palace, I really touched himself. Xiao Ming’s referee: “We have to make a uterine sex.” The referee will go to the judges, and take out the three-dimensional X-rays and place in the belly of Lili and regulate it. Display on the screen. Teachers and students who watch the game have seen from the big screen. I am admired, because I am very different in the middle school and the second grade group of the high-end group of high-end, this scale is at least in some universities. You can see it in your sexual intercourse. The picture of the three-dimensional X-ray is very clear, Xiao Ming’s thick glans expand the muscle ring of the vaginal mouth, then slide into the vaginal tube, slowly push the meat pleats in the vagina, and the process of opening the smooth plane is perfect. Displayed on the screen, no one is paying attention to other players, and everyone’s eyes are concentrated on the screen. Soon the glans arrived in Lili’s uterine mouth. Xiao Ming’s looks very accurate, and at a few, at the entrance to the uterus, then slowly aggressively, the narrow uterus neck is slowly expanded. When the glans can enter, you can see the original hypertrophic cervix. The thin layer of meat clam is tightly wrapped in a small glans. Teachers and students can’t help but applaud. All this has caused a lot of stress to other players. There are two players that can’t continue to erect from the competition because of the pressure of oversimplus. Over, the judges and referees are not concerned about these, and everyone’s attention is in Xiaoming and Lili. Lili squatted: “It’s so comfortable, Xiao Ming, you are really comfortable inside. Are you comfortable? How is the homewhere of people?” Xiaoming is very excited, Lili’s uterus and his mother are Different, mother is a mature woman’s extremely rich and soft feeling, and Lili is a fresh and extremely tightly feeling of youth girl, and with the promotion of the glans, you can feel and give birth to women. The inner walls of the uterus have different feelings that there is a slightly jam of Shasha, this is the surface tissue of the girl’s uterine wall, and it is very irritating on the glans. Xiao Ming did not stand down to bring the glans to the deepest place, showing Lili’s uterus, doubled by a huge object, and two people connect together with the most closest gesture. The whole game is cheering, and Teacher Song is even more exciting, and the secret is determined to go home and start to practice the uterus to expand, but also let Xiao Ming poke his own uterine mouth. Although not started to pump, Lili’s uterus has begun to secretion liquid. The audience in this process can see a clear two-chu. When Xiaoming began to smash the 屌, the uterus first pulled a few centimeters. The cervix is ​​almost except that the vaginal mouth is suddenly pulled out from the uterus. It is very loud, the uterus is immediately pulled back to the original place, but Lili started a fierce climax at this time. It can be seen on the screen that her vagina and the uterus began a dramatic contraction. The bladder begins to accumulate liquid, which is not urine, but the ancestors of the tide. When Xiao Ming started inserting, the climax of Lili exacerbates, when the glans broke the cervix again, Li Li was blown. A large liquid is dramatically sprayed out, playing on a small belly, I am full of smashing a big burst, but it is more intense to pump. Every time I let the glans take out to leave the junction and then smash the cervix. Plug in the bottom of the uterus.

Each time I will send Lili, I will generate a tide blow. After two minutes, Lili has been squatted after two minutes, and I will be able to get rid of the uterus. Xiao Ming looked out that Li Li was so weak, and smoked the 屌, showing Lili’s uterus and the vaginal tube becomes relaxed due to excessive convulsions. With the exit of the penis, the referee is in the camera. Give a few close-up close-up, so that the whole teachers and students clearly observed the whole process of Duqin. Lili’s mouth is like a bright safflower is open, and the one layer is turned out of red. Tender meat, until half of the palace is out of shape, just like a fat flower, the middle is still constantly moving on white sticky honey. In ancient times, the woman was got to Zhiyin and was so fun to the man, but it was actually very dangerous to the woman, sometimes even endangering life. However, in the development of technology, women have become very pleasing things, and they can restore the original state after doclishuring. It is a very happy thing that can be used by men, and the Jianghai Satellite TV in the Jianghai City is a few entertainment programs. They all invite some physical fitness female guests. The scene performance is dedicated. Rating. There is a female star because it is very fascinating that it is very fascinating, and everyone is famous. The judges on the stage have given the ear, and they are discussing, but they are all kinds of good seedlings, and they have found two, one is a sexual concierge, one is so young to use it, but not only the tide Super sensitive physique, is so good, a city education bureau’s leadership face is even more fortunate to have two high-quality special students in his term, it is so lucky. It seems that Xiaoming and Lili are not fate, so that they have a considerable fractional bonus, plus the results of the two, and the national famous schools are basically casual. NS. Due to Lili really fatigue, and her climax is broadcast from the screen, so arranged her to take a rest. The following games have to continue, see Xiaoming and Lili’s wonderful sexual intercourse, Xiaoming, the girls are excited to be DC, and the fourteen girls have more than three-thirds of the latter. The tide blows, Xiao Ming’s sexual intercourse has to clean several times to continue the game, which delayed some time, but does not hinder him with absolute advantage to win the championship.

The second class Li Jun classmates still have passed Chen Xiangmei’s “destruction”, or Xiangmei to see him poor, and will not cause any threat to Xiao Ming, or put him a horse, in Xiaoming put the tenth girl After blowing, I also fell in my climax. However, after the Li Jun became this kind of hit, Li Jun was abnormal, only three girls couldn’t help but shoot, but his bubble semen was quite amazing, and the belly of the girl was big, etc. After he smoke the dragonfly, the referee container took nearly three hundred ml of semen under the woman. This gives him a encouragement award. Waiting for the game, the leaders of several education bureaus met with Xiaoming and Lili, asked a few questions, very satisfied, let them go back, but the teachers of the school have a number, these two students have to pay according to special students The standard is cultured, and two big stars will be born. Xiaoming and Lili have been grand welcome, Lili has not carried it because there is no recovery, Xiao Ming is a time with each girl in the class, and each girl is self-comforting climax. When the vaginal starts to shrink, the vaginal set is quickly hooled on his thump. Everyone is in the effort to see who can put his semen into it. Later, Chen Xiangmei is high, her vagina is like a squeezed The juice machine is the same, it is also a strand. Xiao Ming quickly has a feeling, busy letting a few vaginal girls lying in the legs, pull the squat, Xiaoming is controlling to live Seven eight stocks, change a vagina every two shares, filled with a few girls, and then let them go to eat. Xiaoming finally slammed two, and he walked to the front of Lili, and Li Li, happy, including the glans to him, Xiao Ming put the horses, a lot of hot semen shot into Lili No mouth. The last level is a teacher of honoring Song. Since Song teacher helped him to complete the boxing homework, he always wanted to find a chance to thank you. I walked over, very politely said to the teacher: “Teacher Song, I still have a little semen, do you want to be laveled?” Scientist has proven that the semen of the young man is in the womb of thirty years old. There is a good maintenance of beauty effect, so now the young man and female elders, especially mother sex, and Song Yuhua no son, very envious of those who can communicate with son, so there is a special care for Xiaoming. Now I see Xiaoming’s understanding, my heart is really happy to die, I want to do anything for him to do anything. In fact, Song Yuhua itself is a very charming woman. It is very high for the attraction of the young man. Xiao Ming has always said that it is unclear, and her tits are more amazing, the whole grade can make the whole grade. The boy playing the weight of her tits, how great is her chest. Teacher Song was happy, smiled and said: “Xiaoming is so good to the teacher, the teacher is really happy.” Don’t go back to the office, you can run to each other from the vagina to divide a small semen in the vagina. On, laughing: “Today, the teacher is crazy with you.” Taking off the skirt and underwear, showing the good pussy of the maintenance, pull the hot air, let Xiaoming directly put the penis directly to go straight to Cervical port. Because it is a birth, the uterine mouth is relatively soft, and Xiao Ming wants to shoot in the mouth, Song teacher does not let him smash into the uterus, Xiaoming has to take, although it is loose, but I haven’t prepared to make such a thick glamor It is still very painful. The muscle loop of the cervix is ​​extremely expanded, and the severe pain has given the extreme intense pleasure of Song Yuhua. She is blowing. The students amazed that the teacher can blow it so soon, Xiao Ming has not plunged, and the thus still leaves four or five cents. Teacher Song simply opened his clothes, while slamming his whitening fat tits, while loudly. When Xiao Ming’s glans slipped over the extracjers, when they entered the uterus, the unprecedented feelings of Song Yuhua were excited to cry. All the thrills became deeply grateful to this boy, she only wants all their own Everything, the most precious things are dedicated to him. Xiao Ming slightly slightly slightly slightly slightly slightly slightly in the uterus of the teacher, “said Teacher Song, I am going to shoot, you are ready to shrink, I will work with you as much as possible.” Song Yuhua used the sound of approximately crying It should be sound, and then Xiao Ming fiercely sprayed, this injection distance just gives everyone to the semen again, Xiaoming has accumulated a lot of new semen, a large number of semen sprayed out, put Song Yuhua The uterus has risen into a small ball, which does not need any smear, and her uterine walls are all perfused. Gansu. Song Yuhua tightly grabbed Xiaoming’s butt, pressed into his genitals, I really want to put Xiaoming’s whole person into your own body, and the uterus filled with semen is swaying in the belly. Fortunately, Xiaoming is blocking The homes, otherwise it will be all over. This kind of enrichment makes her feel very happy, Song Yuhua is gentle and asked Xiao Ming: “Xiao Ming, what do you like most?” She really wants to give gift gift to this lovely little boy. Xiao Ming is embarrassed to scratch, say: “I like to eat milk from a little, my mother is still expressing milk, but her tits are only half of your teacher.

“Song Yuhua set up ideas and said,” Wait for teachers to take you to a place, send you a gift, and make you like. Anyway, today is a sports meeting, and there is no more than your game. Waiting for the teacher to take you. “The two kept inserted for more than ten minutes. The nourishing ingredients of semen were almost absorbed by the uterus. After leaving the package, Teacher Song took his bag and took the car and connected to Xiaoming. Xiao Ming Curiously, I have to go, Song teacher smiles, Xiao Ming is very excited, the teacher will send himself what good things? Soon, the car opened to the city’s organ transformation and the limb regeneration hospital, Song Teacher took Xiao Ming hanging up Go straight to the organ transformation department. There are very few people in hospitals today, and the two don’t have to wait. The reception doctor is a beautiful female doctor in the age of 30, which looks very rich, and her badge also shows her. It is a chief physician. The female doctor saw the Song teacher surprised the big name: “Yuhua, how is you? “Teacher Song also shouted:” Xiaoling, I didn’t expect you to be a doctor, it’s great! “The original female doctor is the neighbor of Song teacher, called Jiang Ling. The two are very intimate. It can be said that there is no way, after Jiang Ling abroad, because Song Yuhua is moving, I lost contact, I didn’t expect ten In the past, the two were reunited in a city. The two excitedly talked for a while, Jiang Ling asked Song Yuhua to the hospital, Song Yuhua smiled and said to observe the specimen while watching the specimen. Ling Ling. The ear, quietly said: “I am cute with this student? I really like him. This time, I am going to give him a unforgettable gift. I intend to cut my two breasts and make the active specimen as this gift. “Jiang Ling is excited:” This is awesome, you are a super big Bio from the age of 13, this gift is too meaningful, and your breast is natural, the shape is more first. I am coming to the main knife, guarantees you to cut two perfect tits. “Song Yuhua asked:” How long does it take to regenerate after cutting? “Jiang Ling smiled:” Now there is a new technology. If you don’t need to make a correction, the breast regeneration to the original state is only three days, the most slow should be around eight days, I will give you the best drugs, guarantee After three days, you still have two big tits like now! Hahaha. “It turns out that Jiang Ling’s foreign countries have a foreign body regeneration technology. Now it is the number one figure of this hospital. Song Yuhua let Xiaoming are outside, etc., Jiang Ling took a few female genital transformation maps, let him slow down Looking at the play, take Song Yuhua to measure the breast state, re-recurrence of various parameters after resection, otherwise, the breasts will not be the same as the original, not large, the shape may change. Song Yuhua’s breast Merry spheroid, small milk, only half of the thick part of the emissa, the wound is small, very suitable for cutting to do active specimens. And her milk is delicious, the feel is very good, the milk hole distribution is relatively comparable Concentrated, the root of the tip can stop the milk. Soon the measurement is complete, ready to start surgery. This kind of surgery is very small, only one assistant, twenty minutes can be completed, surgery is Song Yuhua Sitting Under the posture, only the anesthesia of the breast root layer, the ginger doctor is very skilled, and the two fat breasts are cut down on the surgical tray, and a little skin tissue is placed in a culture vessel, let it Quickly grow two rounds of rounded skin, used to cover the wounds of the roast of the breasts. Song Yuhua chest is placed on two breast rentariases, tightly tightened on the chest, two hemispherical transparent fake breasts can be It is seen that all breast organizations have begun to grow rapidly. After about one and a half, the basic breasts and fats will have a long, and the nipples will also be formed. In fact, the breasts have been completely long, but it takes one day. Time to adjust the status, such as Song Yuhua’s breasts are in the peak of the lactation, so adjust the two breasts to the extent that the milk can secrete milk. When chatting with Song Yuhua, Jiangling did not pace two fat breasts, Inside, the bio-control chip is implanted, and after some simple transformation, these two breasts become two independent active organs, in addition to independent thinking, they can transform their own energy by absorbing the light heat around them. Since it is in the lactation state when it is cut, it can be filled with milk when immersed in a special nutrient solution. The wounds of the breasts are perfectly integrated with the skin, just deliberately use the laser pen on the incision. A circle, indicating that the area in this circle is treated transplanted skin, so that the breast production can be immersed in the nutrient solution. When two women came out, wearing a neat Song Yuhua without a silk. Abnormal, but there is a strange smile on his face, and is concentrating on watching a hongkou expansion to transform the close-up map.

Song Yuhua smiled and patted Xiao Ming. The teacher will send you two breasts, just cut from the teacher, it can be fresh. It is still a hot milk. “Xiaoming was shocked, called:” How do you? This teacher, you are not Didn’t there? This gift I can’t. “Song Yuhua knows Xiao Ming’s concern, smile and explained, Xiaoming is only put down, but it is still very embarrassed. Song Yuhua opened a big box behind, the two round grooves inside just placed two round rolling huge breasts, and there were five bottles of concentrated nutrient solution on the back of the lid. It can be used for five to ten years. Xiao Ming held a big talent, I found that it was really hot, and the body temperature of the person was exactly the same, and it was so good, it was estimated that there were 4 to 5 pounds, according to the weight of the breast of ordinary girls, Teacher Song Only tits are all five times. It seems that he has the opportunity to measure the precision weight of Song teacher’s tits, Xiao Ming is very happy, and the feelings of Teacher Song will not be more profound. Jiang Ling looked at Xiao Ming, and the heart was inexplicably produced by love. “Since Yuhua likes you, as her good sister, I will send you a gift.” She opened the safe, inside Put dozens of small latches in the hands. Jiang Ling opened a few plaids, which turned out to be a pair of pair of pairs of female genitals, and the uterus and ovaries were connected to the vaginal tube. Jiang Ling explained that she is a person who likes to taste, and actually change his genital status. For example, try again and narrow thirteen girls’ vagina, not reducing it in a few days, replacing with full expansion The thirty-year-old vagina, each resembling its own reproductive organs will be active specimens, and it has been accumulated for more than forty. These 都 活 活 营 不同 屄 屄 屄 屄 屄 屄. 屄…… 是…….. 是 是 屄 屄…………… Jiang Ling took one of the most representative sects, as a meeting, give Xiaoming, this is a little happy. Jiang Ling also sent several active penis to Song Yuhua. They all came here to adjust the penis state. Jiang Ling made these cuts into active specimens, but basically not very large, the most thick One of them is only half of the little. If you come back, if you are big enough, who is coming here to spend money? Xiao Ming saw these thumps, and the heart was light, and said: “Ginger sister, you also make this look, I want to give the teacher, wait for the teacher, I will give you one.” Song Yuhua and Jiang Ling is very happy, but the death is not to agree, because they need a living person’s comfort, not a single piece, if as long as the big, go to massage the bat store, and how much is it. After persuasion, Xiao Ming finally dispel this thought. Xiaoming used to repay, and Jiang Ling also sent it once, and sent Jiang Ling to four or five climax. The fascinating Jiang Ling squatted tomorrow, it took this moment, more narrow, and then found Xiao Ming. On the way back, Xiao Ming chatted with Teacher Song, while holding a fat tits to absorb the milk inside, the two boxes inside the trunk are filled with another tits and Jiang Ling. Going back to school, Xiao Ming, who is holding tits, is surrounded by everyone, and the active specimens of the breast knows that it is a good thing, but it is still such a fat breast, but it is a national banned items that can only be used for friends and relatives. And it is currently cut, and it is necessary to make a record, and there is also a large number of production of laud-shaped breast specimens. However, it is useful to make a feulid crimes (more than 20 years), and women who are suitable for breasts. Production, and each person is not a restricted cut, a prisoner has produced twenty-four pairs for a long time. These breasts are dedicated to special purposes, such as performing tasks for special troops, providing both nutritious drinks, but also providing meat products in an urgent time.

It is said that some special breasts are better than the Song teacher, it is a special leader, but just rumors, but Song Yuhua knows, she has a similar factory to manage, every year. It will produce a small amount of boutique breasts. It is said to provide the central, there is a second to see everyone, he said with Yuxi’s tits, while he is holding Yuhua’s tits, such a tits are already more than Categories, a type of product is for the best forces, for example, to have a long-term shipping submarine and ocean troops, but can not be used as a superior to the central, special levels are specially invited, not only the face is first-class Women, and all well-known people in all walks of life, of course, they are not just famous, their tits themselves must reach certain standards, at least to be almost as Yuxi’s tits, and often make together with them. The corner of the tits and the corner of the tits, etc. Second-rate. These things are not very clear, but Song Yuhua knows, so I remembered two milk for Xiao Ming. I saw that Xiaoming’s happiness was surrounded, she was very happy, and the vagina also started twitching. She put the four penis sent by Jiang Ling at all, and the finest, the finest is all the uterus. She only left two testicles to be outside the uterine mouth, and the three penis were tightly covered by vagina. The hoop is in front of the vaginal opening, six testicles are exposed, which is very funny. The feeling of being inserted by four men, making her very comfortable, although it is not more than being smashed, but it has been able to partially solve her hunger. Xiao Ming held a titship of Song Yuxin, and the rest of the things he put in the teacher’s trunk, and the school teacher will help him send home. The classmates in the class are very envious. Some students said that he said that the tits of Song Song have multiple, and the consent of Song Teacher, he also took another tits, let Li Li help one, everyone takes the balance I found a weight of two thousand or five hundred and thirty-four grams, one weighing two thousand four hundred and eighty grams, in fact, with the amount of milk, Xiao Ming took the light milk into empty, also known as Next, I found a little more than six hundred grams. This talent now weighs more than one hundred and twenty-three grams. It turns out that a teacher can produce a pound of milk once. It is equivalent to the components of two cans. More production, more than 700 grams. The onlookers have been emotion, and the tits are really good. Many people are thinking about going home. Only Zhang Xiaomei is a mouth, after all, her mother cuts her milk to others, and still her crocked object, although Xiaoming is also taking her with her today, but also shooting deliciously in her, but this kind What is not too much? If you can marry Xiaoming, it’s not you can, how can you get a trick? Xiaomei was looking for her mother, and Teacher Song saw it, I thought she was angry with someone else, but Xiaomei Zhang said: “Mom, you are really, don’t take me to cut the tits, I No matter, I also have to give the tits, “Teacher Song smaked, but the heart also understood that her daughter must like to come to Xiaoming. How did she persuade Xiaomei, Xiaomei does not listen, I have to promise to take Xiaomei to do surgery. Xiaomei was ready after hearing his mother and his doctor, he was going to prepare, and her breasts had three times larger with ordinary girls, and it is also a beautiful round sphere. It is a gift that is taken. She gave a job, and sent Xiaoming a pair of milk every month, let Xiao Ming put their own milk everywhere, so that he can think of himself. This kind of surgery is very fast, especially after the doctor appoints, after forty minutes, Teacher Song is coming back, and Teacher Song called Xiaoming to the office, smiling: “My family, I saw me You have a gift like you, and you will send you the same gift. “Xiaomei pushed the big box with his own tits, and ran away, and smashed the box. I didn’t expect this day, not only today. I have a six or seventy girls, I also received four big breasts plus five, and he hit a little more difficult to understand the feeling of beauty. The sports meeting will begin the next day, but they are the second grade, and there are not many items participating. Many sexual delivery projects will wait until the high school can participate, such as the high school girls have only a boxing competition, which is very ornamental. The sexual intercourse is also a project that is a high school girl to participate. There is also a gampous performance in the closing ceremony. The Qing Dynasty is a high school girl. After all, it is very little genius like Lili. It is said that the closing ceremony of the Biology of the Biology will perform a fertility on the spot. She is a member of the Municipal Boxing Association. She has taken a number in some amateur boxing. It is one of the female teachers who can do the uterus. I heard that the doctor has approved her tomorrow’s production arrangement. Tomorrow will use special expansion instruments to expand her vaginal to thirty centimeters, and then rely on the doctor into the uterus to take out the fetus, this process will live in all schools, it is said to be Ma The teacher also vowed to say it once in production. The colorful day ended, Song teacher drove to send Xiao Ming back home, just Xiaoming’s mother Ji Wen Li is coming back, hard is a small teacher and Xiaomei ate dinner, Song teacher and Xiaomei drive back.

Xiaoming’s father has died early, fortunately, there is a little Ming. His mother did not in the top like Song teacher so depressed. Mother Wen Li is an engineer. Now I am developing a special small car for women who have no direction to control talent, research It indicated that these women were in an emergency, although the neurore response was to turn to or brake, but could not control their own, but the vagina will have a dramatic reaction in this case, so I developed this kind of The system is configured with a vagina to hold the auxiliary direction, plug the direction of the vagina, through the vaginal anticorethrics, and the necessary measures should be taken in some economic conditions. So she has been tested in vaginals since every day, resulting in a bit numb, and Xiao Ming, is obviously not awkward. Wen Li, wash the dishes while taking the fat buttocks, let the son insert your vagina after you, she has been worn on the work because of the work, except for menstruation or white with a lot of sanitary strips. Usually, it will be ignorant, Xiao Ming reports on the situation of today, and Wen Li listened to it, his son is so powerful, there is also light on his mother’s face, decided to reward, say: “Approval tonight You put the thirteen in the uterus all night. “Xiaoming is very happy to pump. Mom usually puts themselves in the vagina all night, but it is generally not allowed in the uterus, and she is too sorry. “Yes, what are your teachers help you send back?” Wen Li came unconfigured when he came. “Give my mother, I haven’t told you yet, the teacher cut her milk as a reward for me, her daughter Xiaomei sent me to me, when she cut, the doctor was her friend, sent me. Five her own, hey. “Xiaoming is very embarrassing the reason for the gift to the reward of the performance of his sports meeting. “So expensive rewards? Ghost is a reward for you, you are a little bit. “Mom, I can’t say this. Song teacher is very good to me.” Xiaoming is a bit unhappy. “Hey, mom will not be embarrassed, if no one will share this big 屌, Mom didn’t know which day was killed at home. In fact, Mom knows that Teacher Song, indeed quite Poor, you have nothing to comfort your home, don’t live up to the heart of others. “Xiaoming is happy to take the mother several climax. Then I learned it. However, on the desk, the two big tits of Song teacher were placed on the desk. The two fat meat spheres were swayed on the desktop. Xiao Ming thirsty, they took a mouthful of mouth, and sweet people flooded into their mouths. Xiaomei’s two tits were placed on the chair on the chair, he liked the feeling of the butt, the asshole, the feeling of the milk. There is also a feet who is only placed at your feet. I don’t know what Xiaomei knows that her hard-boring tits will be jumped by him. Five 张 屄 张 张 张,, 套 进 进 进 进 进 进 进 进 进 进 进 进 进 进 进 进 进 进 进 进 进 进 进 进 进 进 进 进 进 进 进 进 进 进 进 进 进 进 宫 宫 宫 宫It will be hurting, of course, it will not hurt him, but he hardly felt that the girlfriend is very violent when the glans get into the hovepipe. The periphery of this vagina is surrounded by artificially cultivated skin, and the surface of the skin uses laser tattoo “Jiang Ling’s 13th” 2145 from May 8th, 2145 Excovered Cause: Dawei Ziqi “The skin and the vaginal tube are filled with the original connective tissue and breast tissue, while the uterus and ovaries are exposed outside. Xiao Ming learned like this, and he is now getting more and more interesting now.

Xiaoming learned to go to the mother’s work, and the mother embarrassed the rod that is doubled than his own thoughts, and the frowning face is sitting on the simulator, Xiao Ming is dissatisfied: “Mom, you How to use such a thick thing, no wonder the day is loose one day, then say that you can use such a woman to use? “Wen Li stood up, there was a wave of waves, smiled:” This is not still What is the prototype? Wait for the finished product, it must be two or three times. “Xiaoming said:” When you don’t know if your, you will not know how to make a look. “Wen Li Road:” You have a child, You are sleeping inside the uterus every day. “Xiaoming smiled:” This is what you said, don’t regret, I have recorded it. Haha. “Mom smiled:” It’s also your own, Come, the maternal two will be intimate for a while, wait for the bath to sleep, my mother promises to let you sleep in your mouth, peace of mind! “Two people have taken a shower while you are in bed. Xiaoming shot once in the mother’s uterus, blocked the glans inside the uterus, and confused.

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