Last weekend, I took my usual gym with a friend, Tony, Taoyuan to attend a friend’s 25th birthday party. Dance in the early morning twelve abrupt end, but the end of my stuff and Tony do. So we decided to return Pub Taipei with a prestigious, Dreambuster play all night Ma bubble, so on my convertible Porsche, Ben began to the north. Perhaps too late, there is no car on the highway. I began to accelerate forward balance, looking at the stopwatch has been run from 120 180 kilometers, I smiled and said to Tony:

“German engine, really is not covered.”

Suddenly out of a car from exchanges trail, he followed me and I drive as fast and getting closer.

“This car is no car do, what to do with nearly so,” Tony said, “Come on, outperforming him!”

Just as I was rushing to accelerate, the car behind a red light.

“Shit! Encountered the police.” I cursed. So I started to slow down and open the car to the shoulder.

Tony next call, “What you doing? This is the Porsche Oh! Are you afraid to run, but?” “Run useless, he just told so close, I probably even have a license plate number.”

Police car door opened, and out of the body of a woman they seem to police.

“Damn!” Tony swore said, “just tell you to punch you impartial, Great, was stopped by a woman to see you there’ll be no face.”

He finished, my ears child a red. Really, a Porsche to be stopped by a policewoman, policewoman came to my door, I looked at her, her uniform was half-open, revealing a white and deep cleavage.

“Sir, you know the highway speed limit is?”

“I … I ..” I do not know how to speak, but his eyes still staring at her white cleavage.

“I am what I am, reach your driver’s license to give me out!” Her hand holding a gun, and then shouted to me, “slow motion, do not give me juggle!”

I slowly out of the driver’s license from his wallet and handed it to her.

She glanced said:. “Only 24 years old this year, thinking that his young drive so fast, it seems I have to carry a lesson to you.” She took the baton, with the accent command continued: “I give you two get off, the car came to a stop! “Tony and I do according to her words.

“I want to see how your disposal. The pants and underpants gave me off!”

I looked at Tony, I thought this is that Siemens decree, that there is speeding to take your pants off.

“What hesitate? You call off hastened off to me!”

I totally off and Tony quickly pants. Since I had there 21 centimeters long, on the underwear always feel uncomfortable, so I would have a habit of not wearing underwear.

“Oh, feel that they are male ah? Even do not wear underwear.” Policewoman took her side while talking Flanagan Police root alongside my soft cock rubbing back and forth. Icy stick rubbing my itch, did not take long, my cock just very straight up. At this time, policewoman slowly approached the front of me, he grabbed my testicles with his left hand playing with, and with his right hand rubbing at the root of my cock up and down. She’s hot on the gentle hands together what training skills, so I can not help but whisper groaned:

“Ah … ah … ah … Naruto ……”

“Why? You could not let this matter? This is just the warm-up just yet!” Said the policewoman flattering to me. I thought (my God! Just the warm-up? Oh, something the loss.)

She opened her bright red mouth, stretched out her long tongue, slowly licking my penis. Then, she started sucking my cock. I look down at her sensuality, she put a little bit in my cock including imports, too soon, she seems to have get used to my length, a full 21 centimeters have been her eat. I also feel her deep throat constantly hit my penis. She slowly sucking, squeak sound not when. I head back, exposing a very intoxicated.

“…… ah … ah … ah …… police officers … I want to shoot it … ah!”

Policewoman hear me moan, she is to accelerate the speed of sucking her right hand clutching my testicles, but also with his left hand vigorously name of my hips. Soon, I could not help but shot in her mouth hot white liquor.

“Ah … ah ……” policewoman clung to my hips quietly sucking.

Finally, she looked up and said: “You taste pretty good thing!”

“! Come on over,” she said, pointing to Tony: “Take your shirt off, I was lying on the hood!” Tony according to her words do, she turned to me and said: “You have a good rest, but also forever. “

She began Moqi Tony abs, then suck from his nipples. Then she turned to Tony’s legs, stretched out her long tongue licking Tony’s thighs, inside thighs. Tony’s body twitched, ticklish about it. Policewoman smiled and said to him:

“Your body is very strong, often to the gym?” Tony nodded.

Policewoman head buried in his thigh, sucking his testicles. “Ah … ah … really good taste.”

She slowly moved to the root of the tongue cock, like licking popsicles like licking cock. I see hot in the next, so I walked slowly beside policewoman put her uniform off. Under another strong moonlight, her white skin reflecting fascinating light.

Her huge breasts in front of me shaking, it seems to me said, “Come on! Come and suck us!”

The policewoman is still concentrating on the Tony’s meat stick. I secretly drill to the policewoman, grabbing her nipple gently sucked. Suddenly, she grabbed my flesh, and slammed into her vagina. Because the action is too sudden, I quickly grab her hips to avoid slipping the hood. The policewoman commanded me: “Fast! Dry me!”

After finishing, she went back to continue Tony’s body to suck in her mouth. I support her hips, twisted my waist, let my meat stick in one of her wet and hot vagina.

“Um … um …” The mouth of the policewoman contained Tony’s meat stick, which is not convenient to make a big aromation.

At this time, I feel that it is a bit breather with the milk of the police. So, I drilled out to her hips, and I held my meat and sent it to her mouth. I grabbed her tits with my hand and made me more easily.

“Ah … ah … police … police officer … I … I want to shoot … ejaculation! … Ah … ah …” Tony finally called it.

He was sucked more than half a woman by a policewoman. Tony has always been controlled, once, his girlfriend said to me, Tony didn’t take a while in bed, completely did not ejaculate, and did not see it. And her climax has been five times, and it is a bit deviant.

The policewoman is tightly covered with Tony’s meat stick, and it is still not moving to accept Tony and the hot semen. I looked at her illusory, I can’t help but speed up her speed. She pulled my meat with her hand, probably I want to stop.

After she swallowed Tony’s semen, she looked up and said to us: “Now, I want you to do it together.” “Are you sure?” I asked. “You can do it, you can do anything else.”

She ordered me to lying on the grass, she pulled Tony, and quickly rubbed the soft meat stick with the mouth of the water, didn’t take it again. Then, she held my meat stick and slow down. I closed my eyes and enjoy her wet and hot vagina. She creephed her hips, first dried me two or three minutes. Then she raised her hips, so that Tony came in from the anus. He riding on a policewoman twisted his waist and touched her anus.

“Ah … ah … you are good … so strong … strong … ah … ah …” The two fiery hopped in the body of the policewoman, making her loud wave. From the flavor of our three hips, she made her creeping. She crashes my teap and does not stop playing. I found that my meat stick became harder and collided with her vaginal inner wall. After about five minutes, I felt that a warm obscene shot, so I shot a strong semen.

“Ah … ah … hey …” I wandered with the policewoman.

Tony is still riding on a policewoman. I said to Tony:

“You come below, I have to dry her anus.”

After we exchanged the position, Tony continued to work hard to dry the wet cave. My anus of the policeman and slowly put my giant a little bit.

“Hey … 呜 … ah …” The female police issued a satisfaction.

I put my hand on the shoulder of the policewoman, making it easier for me. I am on the back of the female police, enjoying her delicate skin. The female police played my hip with her left hand, using the right hand to play with Tony’s teap.

The policewoman constantly emits obscenes: “Ah … ah … hurry …”

After half a hour, I am ready to be ejaculation. But Tony is not moving. Tony seems to be aware of my situation, telling me:

“Let’s take it again, I want to shoot with you!” “Okay, Tony, I tried to see.”

The policewoman heard this, probably hoped that we can shoot as soon as possible, and the two hands tightly grabbed Tony’s teap. And I just think that my eyes are already on white. After a few minutes, Tony finally became ready. So we simultaneously shoot more and thick semen in the female police.

“Ah …………….” The policewoman is squatting.

She was tried to be more than four hours by our two, and she had to be done. She is squatting on Tony, full of sweat, two caves also include our soft flesh. She said to us:

“Okay! Look at your true words, I will give you a warning, let you go.”

“Thank you a police officer!” We were happy.


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