Dried foreign women’s colleagues, are the temptation of a few brothers, and it is clear that there is a matter between men and women. Since then, it is addressed to the yellow book, yellow record. When high school, he turned to enlightenment, and the book has its own golden house, and the book has a self-friendly jade, so he works hard to strive, and finally take a key university. When university, it is really hard to stand loneliness, find a girlfriend, although it is not beautiful, it is very good, very kind, is the kind of wife who can live a lifetime. Sometimes I see the opposite sex friends around you, but my girlfriend is very general, can’t help but feel sad. But let’s think about it, such a wife is very safe, I will not give yourself a green hat after getting married. Waiting for yourself, I have money, I am afraid I can’t find a beautiful little girl.

Men not do three b, live is not as good as big cock!

After graduating, I returned to my hometown and was hired by a world’s five hundred companies and started a hard work career. My girlfriend has been studying, and at the place where I am not far away, I can come with me for two days a week.

I am very boring to go to work. I don’t have much to say. After the second quarter of 2010, the company opened the KPI report, found that the performance of this quarter declined in line, down one thousand percent. The head office is angry, and the mail is issued to the provincial branches, and the general manager of the branch must be remembering the reason. The leaders of the branch have no way, no more performance, who doesn’t want to make more performance, but the market is like this, unpredictable!

In response to the head office, there is no way, the provincial company has to organize advanced employees to conduct a training.

I am in the training list.

Training has been carried out from Wednesday morning, in the third-star hotel in the provincial capital.

Received a notification, I am a hundred unwilling to go, but there is no way, working under the house, I don’t listen to the leadership. Although the leadership, sometimes the stinky fart is better!

On 6:30 in the morning, my mobile phone alarms around Heisapirate, E71 commercial mobile phone, the ringtone is big. I got up from the bed, I didn’t open my eyes and started clothes, habits. After wearing it, I went to the toilet and washed my face and brush your teeth. Huh? It feels wrong, I don’t have this outside, I will watch time again, huh, huh, seven points! Forgot to forget, last night colored the color forum to see the beautiful picture, watch the plane while sleeping, sleeping in the morning, afraid that he will not get up too early, turn the time half an hour.

The tie is also called, running down the building, pushing my black and immediately electric motorcycle.

In fact, this hotel named Sunshine Coast is not too far, just at work, often easy to traffic jam late.

All the way red light, finally, eight o’clock in a few minutes, I am here.

From the back door pushed in, everyone has already brought the song song. I am slight, I’m going in, it’s okay, I found my seat, the location is in the last row lasting table.

Singing the song, the training teacher is not polite, and I will start talking directly. It is three hours, it is estimated that she is tired, she said, everyone is tired, I will leave.

I have been low, I am afraid that the teacher asks me, so it’s hard to get a get out of class, this is coming up.

It turned out that my seats were all women, and I met on the left, called Xiaoxue, and I have received training together when I entered the Division. On the right side, the name written on the plate is “Yan Xuejiao, XX City”. One left and right two women are not very good, I am too lazy to talk to them, go out to take my Red River.

It’s so easy to get to 12 o’clock in noon. After class, I sat more than a bit after a meal, I started listening to the old lady. After graduating from high school, I didn’t seem to take a few hours again, helpless!

Summer is easy to sleep, about a minute or so, my sleepy reaches the peak. Nasal tears have been going down, uncomfortable. Suddenly, a white little hand reached over and took away the little 7 (mobile phone) on the table. I look at the right, it is the strict learning. Look, she is still bored. I saw her put my mobile phone on her desk, and I started the Internet. I think, hey, where is a woman! Suddenly, I realized what, I went to my mobile phone, and I suddenly became awkward. It turns out that I often use mobile phone to access the erotic forum. In order to facilitate open, these forums are set up into bookmarks. This woman is now looking at the web page, which is the most common SIS Mito area.

After finishing, I lost my face!

I am thinking about how to explain, but Yan Xue Jiao’s face facial expression is not very different, then click on.

I am going out, how to get love! I don’t want to go back, I have seen her.

The old lady lectured above, I can’t hear it at a point, and I am very powerful. Low head, I am presenting a pair of beautiful legs in front of me. In the morning, she also wore trousers, and I had a dinner at noon to change into a professional skirt? Woman, love beauty fortune is everything, I would rather go without eating at noon.

Since you can’t listen to the class, you can enjoy this white and beautiful thigh. Learn this chick estimates that the age is not large, and a pair is growing again. Although I have seen countless pairs of legs, but still can’t stand in my heart!

The legs of the north body Dacong Song Song sisters are beautiful, but they will not be too long, and they can only appreciate it, and they don’t have sex. It can be different from this pair of legs, moderate, fat, more than a long time, and then thin and too bone. I am not responsible for my heart! She is about 168cm high, and she can grow such a pair of legs is really a gift for God. Thinking, thinking, squirting!

what! God! The saliva is really flowing, and it is dropped on the thigh in the people of people! I am embarrassed!

Pan hurry to go down the table, go to people, but just put the hand on the legs, immediately realize that this is not suitable, and wants to turn back. Just lifted his hand, I feel that there is a slim little hand in my hand, one looks up, Yan Xue a pair of eyes is profitable to look at me.

I swear to the spring brother, I am there.

I took the hand pressure on my back and put it on her legs. I immediately like an overmote, and the little JJ is still stimulating.

I don’t dare to say, she doesn’t talk. In this way, her thigh is my right hand, my right hand is her left hand, we have been staying at two or a half, the posture remains unchanged.

Under get out of class, there are ten minutes from the class. She said to me: “Let’s go out and take it.” I certainly can’t refuse.

After going out, sit on the sofa in the corridor, I sat in danger, but she worked with her hand to look at me.

Sitting for a few minutes, I can’t feel this, she seems to be a bit interesting to me, I am a man’s winner.

So, I was very stupid: “Sister, how do you for more than eight years?” She really smiled this time, laughing and said: “I am eight seven years, my brother!” “It turns out that you are more than you I am small, I am not affordable, I can do this now, it is rare! “The ringtone magic flute is ringing, we only said a few words and go back. We should walk side by side, she is shorter than me, I have already exactly her height after the career high heel is 167cm.

I don’t know what this woman does what I mean, but she has the meaning of me.

In class, we will take the hand in the table for a while, and I will touch the leg. Time has been too much, and the turn of the time I have a time for dinner at six o’clock.

I have handed out a hand, and I have a love in love.

Xiao Xue said to me, you can really, learn the famous beauty girl, 嘿 … … Hey … I can’t guess what I mean.

At night, the training content is an interactive link, which is a man who is smoked in front of him to go forward, and select any lady to perform together. I am unfortunately being drawn! Didn’t say, I chose Gillian, and we did a pair of college students, the woman’s life is angry. The male thinking everything is happy, and finally invited her to watch movies. I and Gillo cooperated with quite tacit understanding, the last performance ended, she also added an actions, that is, I only hit me and gently kissed my cheek. This, you can envy the men under the stage! I thought, low-key low-key, hurry up.

Hey, don’t see the buddy is now low-key, you have to know that the low-key is the show of the most cattle B.

At 9:30, the day of training was over.

I said to Gillian: “Go, my brother please go to eat the night!” Gillian said: “Ok, but you wait for me.” I waited for about ten minutes in the hotel, this only saw her down .

At this time, she wore a pink short shirt, with a pure white shorts below, the foot is a pair of white flat shoes, the whole sports girl image. I understand this, why do someone say she is a beautiful girl!

She took a woman’s shell-shoulder bag in her hand, I went to me, I’m going, I still see what to watch!

Looking at her beautiful face, I smirked, said, really beautiful! Why didn’t you see it before!

She was a little, took me, and then gave me together.

I took some things in the roadside, I drank two bottles of beer, I want to give her point, but she drops bad: “What to do!? Want to drunk me, I will take me cheap!?” I shook my head ,never mind. Originally, trainers in this city cannot live in the sun coast, but I really don’t want to go back. So I said: “Jia Jiao, my family is too far away, I just got a room in this hotel!” Gillian made me a punch: “You are stupid, change a hotel!” I immediately understood her. The meaning, so he smiled two: “Okay, you will find some hotels with me.” The two of our two people looking at a hotel in a place not far from the sun, the environment is not bad, but not stars.

I am very strange to let the waiter have opened the room, and then it is very strange to enter the room.

A Mili laughs me: “You first?” I said that I am frowning: “I am still the first time, you teach me more.” Gillian took her to me, said: “Too hot , I will take a shower first! “I took a bag, lying on the bed, my heart is angry:” Developed, developed! God is really great to me! “After half an hour, Gillian came out The hair is short hair. After washing, the wet is wet, but there is an endless land.

I saw the beauty of the bath, excited, and fierce, hugged her, was a mad kiss.

She pushed me hard and said, “I am in a hurry, I am yours this evening!” I held her unwilling to release, she took me into the bathroom.

I washed and washed, said to my younger brother: “I haven’t comforted you for a long time. Today, I have a good performance!” When I came out of the bathroom, Gillian was lying in bed, holding my head, one hand I am struggling, it seems to be said: “Come! Come!” I am a magical puff, and I am holding her bed.

Her hair is still not dry, it is a fresh scent. I kissed her hair, touched the slippery hair with hand, said: “Jiao Jiao, how do you make me soothing?” Gillian went to my chest, pretending to say badly: “See you, don’t you!” I felt: “I like me, come on me!” And then lay on the bed, open your hands!

She turned to me, pulling the bathrobe on my body: “Ok, I will come to you, go to you!” I was angry and laugh, come, a little girl!

She suddenly stopped the action, putting my face hard: “Chu, you gave you a laugh!” I completely speechless: “You are itchy, want me to smash you?” She is a hilarious: “哟Quite hard! Uncle, I just like you like a woman! “I am really speechless, my heart wants you how to come!

She kissed a while in my chest, suddenly used a sweet voice that made people feel a fever: “Uncle, you come to hurt the slave home ?!” I heard this, the big old two, again, then also Can’t help it, turn over to put her on the body.

I held her head and grabbed her hair and made her face, from the forehead to the eyebrow to the nose to the cheek, kiss all the way. Finally, my kiss stayed in her charming and beautiful lips. I just contacted her scent lips and immediately sucked in the tornado. She wrapped my tongue, and Xiangzhou continued to swallow. Her frankly kept wrapped my tongue, leaving a fragrance on my tongue over and over again. I hurry up her hair and keep it straight into her mouth with my tongue. At this time, Gillian’s eyes were already a little blurred, issued a burst of discontinuation.

I kissed her incense tongue and put her hands on her chest. Her skinny body is not fat, but she has a pair of proudly standing. Such a thin beauty, there is such a Czeage talent, it is already very difficult! I took the moment when I hit the millet, suddenly there was a sacredness, artistic, I think I am going to play the most wonderful utensils in the world. I finish my hands ten fingers on her soft breasts, there is a rhythm, as if playing a fairy chapter on the piano. Beautiful double peaks, getting more and more, the peaks are slowly standing.

Gillian has a lot of breath, her mi is whispering: “Brother, you can come, give it to me.” I have already jumped out from the side of the underwear, but I haven’t appreciated her yet. Body, I can’t end this soon, I will look forward to the long-standing love.

I put on her right lottery, my left hand quietly slipped to her flat belly, and then slammed her beautiful left milk. A Jiao is gains, and I took a breath.

My tongue is coming back in her wonderful milk tip, constantly teasing her sensitive bud. Gillian’s body is constantly twisted, it seems that it is stunned.

I also contracted her right milk with my mouth, and I laminated her pink nipple with the tip of the tongue. Such a wonderful breast, white tender light, don’t play how to play! Gillian happy snoring is getting bigger and bigger, I can’t hold it.

The hands pinch her white smooth and smooth, and kissed her navel. What a fascinating belly! The beauty of the ancient dragon’s novel is a flat and smooth lower abdomen. It can be seen that if you have a long belly, it is not a beauty. My girlfriend’s belly is quite a lot. Every time I love it, I always don’t want to see her belly, always let her put something to block.

I love with the beautiful girl, I feel that it is different.

I used the tongue to spend all the belly of Gillian. At this time, she couldn’t help but call: “Brother, come, let me!” I used her hands to hold her butt, put the head deep in her. Between the legs, he sucked against the mysterious triangle. Sure enough, Gillian’s love efforts out from the folk hole. I have learned a lot of sexual skills in the forum, and I have suck it into the belly. I have skyrocketing the sun rose three points, and the silk transparent juice has been hung on the purple glans. I use my hand to open Gillian’s tender labi, find a powder, tease the tip of the tongue and the small grain buds above the top, really fragrant! The young girl’s fresh body and private parts have a unique taste that I want to stop. I suddenly pulled my underwear. My big dick jumped out of my legs. Suddenly, Gillian yelled: “Ah !!” Beautiful legs unable to spasche, a stock of love is from Taoyuan Cave. She is climaxing!

“My little Jiaojiao, I lost it so soon?” I smiled.

I don’t want to endure anymore, I took the fine waist of Gillian, and looked up her butt and put the big meat stick.

“Ah ~~” We both called it, she was comfortable, and maybe it was a point. I am cool, I didn’t expect her narrow road so tight, if there is a woman’s general!

“Brother, I am yours!” She suddenly took me with my hands, and my legs also clamned me.

My dick is tight in the meat, it is really so cool, I can’t help but move, this beautiful girl is really falling in love with me.

I lighter her face gently, although she was not particularly beautiful, but her face was still quite cheerful. The eyes are somewhat wet, adding her beautiful and lovely.

My butt puts out of her body, the penis is entering and exits in her vagina, the meat is meat meat in the meat.

After pushing a few hundred, my hand supported a bit tired, who knows Aege Shanxiu said: “Brother is squatting on me.” I was moved, facing her a deep kiss.

Gillian’s small B should belong to the name of the name, the man’s chicken is more and more cool, it is getting more and more wet in it, it is soft, and it is like a small mouth, it can suck a few mouthfuls It hits it hard.

I am in the air-conditioned cold house, full of sweat, about twenty minutes, I also finished.

I want to pull out and shot. Gillian guess what I mean, I want to shoot, I will come, it is very safe.

I am surprised in my heart, and I will move it again. Since MM makes the injective, what is it?

I sat on the bed and looked up her waist and hugged her, making her hit her. The scene is like riding, no wonder some people like to call the woman!

I feel that I am in the waist, I will shoot her, put her on my dick, and spray a deep sperm of the accumulation of the accumulation of the accumulation.

“Ah, it’s so cool!” A Jiaojiao! Squirting is sprayed into her uterus and directly stimulating her a wave of climax.

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