In the swimming pool in Sha Tin, there is a very famous female swimmer. Everyone calls her “Iron Chicken” Chen Huiying. She has been twenty-five this year, but because of the character of the person, the maleization is high, so even if there is Beautiful body and beauty have never tried to shoot, there is no experience in wild wild.

The female coach is very strange, she only teaches boys, and their age is in the age of 16 to 20, and the one-day teaching, one hour, respectively, ten to 11 pm; afternoon two From four to 5 pm.

Among the students at 4 am to 5 pm, there are 20th, one of which is called Andy’s boy. At the age of nine this year, only “I only understand” “” “” I don’t understand the “Iron British”, because in addition to Andy, other students can understand swimming within one month. If you don’t understand his words as soon as possible, your life sign is not Will it be demolished? “I decided to help him upon five and 6 more”

In the first month, Andy is only a “watch” woman, so they don’t understand, so “Iron Iron” wants to do, finally think of a good way.

“Iron British” knows Andy’s color, and intentionally replaces a sexy than Ni Ni after four to five passers, to attract Andy, so that he can learn more about swimming. Andy saw “Iron Chicken” When I came to this trick, I credited it. Sure enough, I didn’t have a month. He learned to swim, but the “iron chicken” did not wear B & Ni, but we worked more sexy!

Finally, one day, sexy than Ni Ni nine “Iron Chicken” and Andy.

That day, when “Iron British” went to the locker room, Andy did a life-oriented thing, that is, when I entered my locker room …

When Andy entered a locker room, it was 6 o’clock in the afternoon. , Then I saw “Iron Chicken” is rushing, the perfect and innocent figure is exposed to him, the meat stick is filled with blood, slowly erect, and pick up the camera, take it. Soon, ” I found it. So I asked: “What are you doing?” Andy said: “Misschan, I am also a man, I know that I am a good color, but I am biased so sexy, it is a fascinating! Don’t Blame I, I want to blame yourself. “” Iron Iron “heard, thinking that he taught for many years, it should be two hits, so naked, with Andy’s battle.

Andy said: “Stop!” The photo is already in my hand, I have sent it to a few friends. If you don’t want the people to see the body, you listen to my command! “” Iron Chicken “is afraid of your own祼 祼 传 出”Iron Iron” off, one side of masturbation, Andy saw it, I finally can’t control it! It’s called: “Stop!” “Iron Iron British” immediately stopped, then Andy took off “Iron Chicken” Underwear. (Although Andy has ordered “iron chicken” undressing, the British has always been put more, so the speed of strip is slower until Andy is shouting, only take off the coat.) Andy off “Iron British” cried, Andy heard the crying, it was more energetic, and his hands were out, take off the bust of “Iron British” and stroked her breast.

Andy touched the touched, and the nosebleeds were touched. Finally, he couldn’t help but break through the last line of “iron chicken”. Insert your fingers into her abalone, thinking that your dick can quickly follow this “exchange”, so even the water is not banned. So he first took off the “iron chicken” underwear, then suddenly called: ” Don’t move! “” Iron Chicken “heard, naturally didn’t dare to move, because if she didn’t listen to Andy, she would be disclosed. At that time, she didn’t even have the last dignity. Then Andy pick up Camera, while taking photos, while thinking how to communicate with “Iron”.

When Andy took a few tens of “Iron Chicken”, I finally thought of the way! He first called “Iron British” lie down, then take off your clothes, left hand slag, “Iron Chicken” The beauty of the milk, the right hand holds the cock, “Iron Chicken” is scared by his long dick!

Andy saw the “Iron British” crying, it is more excited, so she lives like a dog, then puts the dick to her chrysanthemum door, and the defensive power of Chrysanthemum is not low, but Andy has strong Waist, soon breakthrough. “Ah! I am very painful!” “Stop! I can’t stand it!” “Iron Chicken” made this. Although she is constantly screaming, they can only make Andy more Plug, the strong semen also went to the “iron chicken”. Soon, sperm and blood are full of “Iron Chicken”, Andy smell, no matter how the gates are filth Also, I still put the tongue out, taste the taste of the sperm and blood. When his tongue “LAM” to “Iron Chicken”, I know that the synthesis of sperm, blood and feces is human. The best! He wanted “Iron British” to taste, so I played, while I thought.

After a while, Andy always couldn’t think of a way, just taking a big close-up for “Iron British”, and then play other moves.

Andy thinks that the double peaks of “Iron Chicken” are very flexible, and I decided to exchange exchanges. Andy slowly shot sperm on her snow-white breast, then put it up. “Iron Chicken” The peak clamping the cannon of Andy, it is really “breasts”. It was so embarrassed by Andy, poor “iron chicken” has been exhausted, Andy saw it, first help her with semen’s double milk Take a photo, and then live her slowly lying on the ground, then “Iron British” has no extra force, and it can’t move.

Andy personally pressed her on the ground, then inserted the cock into the beautiful abalone. Insert a plug, “Iron Heroes” finally couldn’t stand, yelling “Help!”, It has passed.

Andy saw “Iron British” has been dizzy, and there is no significance of stirring again, so I have to take her home after shooting all the portions, and I will take her back to her: every three days, process “Iron Chicken” can’t resist, otherwise it will be disclosed, since then, Andy has a very positive slave.

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