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How to raise the Brittany dog, Brittany dog ​​feeding method

2021-09-30 By kaizi

How does the Brittany dog? I believe everyone wants to raise a cute and healthy Brittany, so how can they grow up healthily? The following small series is to share the Brittany dog ​​feeding method. Brittany dog ​​feeding method: In the daily feeding food, there should be about 500 grams of meat. And equal to […]

How to take a shower, Brittany Bathing Process Steps

2021-09-30 By kaizi

How Brittany dog ​​a bath? I believe we all want to give the dog a bath, then how Brittany wash it? Bath should pay attention to what issues? Here small as we share a bath Brittany process steps. Brittany bathing process steps: First, we must first bath before combing the hair, so that it can […]