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How is the character of Bull Niu Dynasty?

2021-10-02 By kaizi

How is the Bullfighting? Bullfighting Mastiti is a personality characteristic that combines the bulldog and the Ma Shif dog, and its body is very strong, and there is certain attackers for violations of strangers in the field. Bullfighting Martovy is a well-known animal showing great strength, resistance and anesthesia. Very powerful and active. It is […]

How to do the bullfighting tender, the bull head stops chaos

2021-09-30 By kaizi

What should the bullfighting stalks? What do you want to call your child? As a doctor, what is the problem with the parents? Then the following small series is to share the Bull Stalk to stop the problem. Bullfight Stops stop chaos: First, the cause of the crowd tear After all, the beef stalk does […]

Bull Terrier How to take a shower Bull Terrier Bath Steps

2021-09-30 By kaizi

How to take a bath? Although the beef stem is short, the cleaning is relatively simple, but the bath still pays attention, but it doesn’t have to be too secure. It can be washed once in half a month. introduce. Buffali Type Shock Procedure: First of all, before taking a bath, you need to comb […]