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Cat oral cavity how care, cat 口 护护 step

2021-10-07 By kaizi

How to care for the cat? Cats have a mouthful of oral problems, accompanied by relevant symptoms, such as bad breath, tartar, gum bleeding, so I am very important to make oral care, then go see what should be paid to the care! 1. Wash your teeth, it is best to choose to go to […]

Cat, how to do, holiday travel cat moxic solution

2021-09-30 By kaizi

Cats motion sickness how do? Every time the holidays, a lot of shovel feces officer will choose to travel to play along with the cat, after all, no one at home, do not want to pet in the pet hospital! Many animals are motion sickness, dogs and cats as well. And they motion sickness is […]

How to give cat care oral, cat brush video tutorial

2021-09-30 By kaizi

How to treat the cat care oral? The oral care of the cat is a big problem. If you only know if you only know to drink, you don’t know that the basic cat care is not. Pet cats have a mouthful of oral problems, along with related symptoms, such as bad breath, coffee yellow […]