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How to judge the dog age

2021-10-16 By kaizi

Judging the age of dogs with teeth In all parts of the dog, the most unable to conceal is teeth. To judge the age of dogs with teeth, 3 conditions are required: the bite of the teeth is normal; feeding dog food or dog bones; no periodontic disease. 28 young dogs’ emption distribution: Up: 6 […]

How is the dog age?

2021-09-29 By kaizi

1 month –1 years old 2-month-old –3 years old 3 months – 5 Years 6 months – 9 years old 9-month-old –13 years old 1 year of age –17 years old 1 year and a half of age – 20 years 2 years of age – 24 years of age (this time the mind has […]