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How to train, Gree Dog (Lamu) training method

2021-09-30 By kaizi

How does Gree dog training? Do you want to know? I believe everyone also wants to let the Gree dogs obey, then the following small beans share the training method of Gree Dog (Ling “training for everyone. Gree Dog Training Method: Capture training Capture Training At first, you can tie the rabbit’s legs, so you […]

How to train speed, Gree dog training speed and endurance method

2021-09-30 By kaizi

How Gree Dog Training speed? We all know that hound speed and endurance are very important, then how to train? Here STRING to share greyhound speed and endurance training methods. Gree speed and endurance Dog Training Methods: Muscle training: Increased oxygen demand or cause anaerobic catabolism (lactic acid fermentation) to improve the ability to work […]

How to raise the breeding method and precautions for Gree dogs

2021-09-30 By kaizi

How does Gree dogs raise? Do you want to know how to forage? What do you need to pay attention to? The following small beans are shared by everyone’s feeding methods and precautions. Gree dog feeding method and precautions: Pupils generally refer to Gree dogs for 60 days to 3 months. During this stage, the […]