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How to brush your cat

2021-10-14 By kaizi

What do cats brush teeth? Cats should not use toothpaste for the first time, with gauze to rub the cat incoming; after the cat is used to brushing the movement of the teeth, with gauze with the pet toothpaste to the cat, the cat is not disgusted to give the cat brush; cat brush teeth […]

How to brush your cat

2021-10-07 By kaizi

How to brush your cat? Hold the cat back to us, touch the cat like it, let it relax; first with your hand to counter the lips and chin, let the cat habit this action; when brushing, if the cat is in the middle It is impossible to continue, it is recommended to do more […]

How to brush your cat

2021-10-02 By kaizi

How to brush your cat? Touch the gums of the cat with your fingers or cotton sticks, and come back and forth to make your cat’s movement; after the cat habit, replace it into a gauze to continue to adapt, then apply some pet toothpaste on the gauze, give the cat familiar Toothpaste taste; the […]