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How to raise a calf?

2021-10-07 By kaizi

How can the calf cattle can be fat? In addition to feeding the cat food, self-made some fruits and vegetables food, the cat is given to the Cat, choose the cat food containing vitamins and cellulose, and the food should choose the cat love to eat. taste. Additional doll cat feeding cats with nutrition cream. […]

How to raise a calf?

2021-10-02 By kaizi

1. Aligned a daily comb Although there is no need to take care of the calf cat, this does not mean that you can put a cat or not. Cats belong to long-haired cats, so the combing of hair every day is essential. In the process of combing, the owner can not only check if […]

How to raise a cock, a cock cat breeding experience

2021-10-01 By kaizi

How to raise the cock? Catput as a pet cat variety, still more delicate, need everyone to spend more energy to take care of, so how to feed the Cabc cat is the best? Cabc cat feeding method If the food is normally and appropriate but the weight is increased, it is necessary to consider […]