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How to take a bath

2021-10-14 By kaizi

How to take a shower? Tiger spot cat wet is washed to control the water temperature around 40 degrees, wet and shake the shampoo, completely blow it after the cleaning, then rinse it, then blow it; Tiger spheres Dry cleaning should use a special dry cleaning agent, sprinkle in tabby The cat is on, then […]

How to take a shower, long-haired cat bath

2021-10-07 By kaizi

How to take a bath? Many shovel is the first time to raise cats, so don’t know how to take a shower to the cat, today Xiaobian brings some long-haired cat bath steps. 1. Clean your ears before taking a shower, cut intoenails, and combously comb. At this time, if the owner of the cat, […]

How to take a shower, Bang Buy cat battles

2021-10-01 By kaizi

How to take a shower? Many cats are born to take a shower, although they will take themselves to make themselves clean, but some shovel is still to wash again, then what should I pay attention to when I bought a cat? Pay attention to it when taking a shower: First, put the Mumbai cat […]