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How to raise the japonic dog, China Sharpi fed method

2021-10-01 By kaizi

How do you raise the Shami? Do you want to know how to grow a sand dog? How to raise a healthy? Then you will share the Chinese Saburi feeding method. Chinese sand piku feeding method: Young sand dogs can get most of their nutrients from mothers before weaning. Standards for the preparation of food: […]

How to Beauty Care, Chinese Shari Dogs, China

2021-10-01 By kaizi

How to make care of Shami? I believe that everyone wants Shari to be healthy and healthy. So how to care for everyday? The following small series is a Chinese Sauri Beauty Nursing Method. Chinese Sha Pi Beauty Care Method: Shari is the most different from the people. This provides convenience for Tibetan Sanmeau. So […]