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I published the following name

[Volcanic boy]

Zijin 钗: Shen Liyun

Shen Liyun will be listed as [First Golden], not because her age (this year is 23 years old), nor because of her beauty (she is not like Meihong), mainly in spring When I was caught in a bizarre [peach flower robbery], she is the first person I first try Yunyu!

After a total of three days in the spring of last year, I signed up for a mountaineering event. In the early morning, I gathered in front of the new park. I took a tour bus to the stage. I noticed a beautiful young woman in the car. Her fantasy and fine Smile, time to punctive my heart, I really want to borrow my heart, but I can’t afford your courage!

At about 9:00 am, our group changed the multiplier in the east potential, and the seat was just adjacent to her. I can smell a fascinating fragrance from her body, and I will touch her soft and delicate body, so that I am a heart, I will have a thoughts. Since the mountain road is extremely bumpy, she often sways in the violent shaking, put into my arms, support each other, let me touch her full of a solid crisp, even easily through loose neckline I chute her white breast, as well as pink nipples …. Good to be a woman, go out, do not wear a milk cover! Later, I only knew that she didn’t love her innergies, because she liked naked, so it is best, it is convenient for my hand to explore her chest and lower body!

Through the skin on the body car, we have begun to talk, Shen Li Yun, beautiful name, she is famous, and the talk is natural. When the loader drove to the mountaineard, she was pleased to help her jumped off the bus. I was not careful. She had a little more, fortunately, I hugged her in time, I didn’t let her go. At that time, the chest and hips were brought by me. It was soft and stunned, so that I got, although I only counted the contact, it was blurred, but I also made my face red heartbeat, since then with her Unexpectedly.

Keeping a cloud, wearing a light, t-shirt heating pants, showing the wonderful and exquisite curve, I have a good pair of backpacks for her, and take her warm little hand to the hill. We are very happy along the way, the shape is not departed, gradually farther, and then stayed in the clouds, pulling me into a jungle, lying on the grass, Tiannan, north. Unconsciously, we talked about between men and women, teased her red face to eat, and two meat peaks in front of the chest fierce; I looked at her ups and downtown, good clever ditch Deep, I thought that her breast must have a considerable amount, and she is going to reach out, but he is hesitant. Soon, the clouds found that I have been staring at her chest, maybe I have known my heart, she smiled slightly, pulled up my hand on her chest, then said:

‘Listen to you, if you are flirting, but look at your move is like an unpublished, do you want to touch me? I will let you take it now! ‘

Although I have a layer of clothes, my hand has felt like electric shock, and I immediately scared to pick it up, and I didn’t dare to look at her. The retaining clouds saw that I was so shy, even more loudly, she deliberately opened the neck, revealing the big crispy chest, hard to pull my hand to go in, touch her breast, I insisted that she I am more happy!

‘Do not worry! Now I am no one, I am calling that there will be no one will come to save, I am really willing to let you touch me! As long as you gentle, I will be very comfortable! ‘

‘Whee! Get it! The grandmother’s grandmother is very full, ensuring that you can’t let go! ‘

‘Hey! Little foolish, is the beauty now have not reacted? So I am too disadoked! ‘

Finally, I trembled to explore the hand in the clouds, and stroked her breast. This is also my life, the first time I really contact the opposite sex, so true, then new, the original woman’s breast is so soft Warm, smooth and delicate, feel good! She still loves to be touched by me. When I am lying in my pregnancy, I can’t stop, but when I want to pull the T-shirt, she is screaming, she is screaming. I don’t want to leak spring, I don’t want to see it. I have to comply with her, and I will take care of her breasts, and I will pinch her nipples from time to time. At this time, my heart has been jumping, both of which are excited, and she is afraid that she suddenly fled again. Fortunately, keep the clouds and uninorted, really let me pick up her breasts, there is a lot of minutes! I don’t pay attention to the cloud, I secretly put my hand into her trousers, just hit the wet fever, I was pushed away by her, but unfortunately! pity! Failure to explore the peach source, but have also been determined that she did not wear underwear! When I am fascinated by the beautiful milk, the lower body has also quietly changing, I have begun in the pants, I have begun, I’m so uncomfortable. I have encountered this situation before, most of them solved it. Today, there is a beautiful woman in the embrace, and I have already turned around a strange idea. But sincerity, I still have not been personally, I really don’t dare to talk to Tang, I have to hide, I can’t do it. In fact, how can I predict that Shen Sai Yun is the enlightenment woman in Wushan, I’m?

In the jungle in the jungle, we were indulge in each other’s caress and kiss, until the sun, the night is low, and the mountains of the peers will not know how to go. We have to take out the flashlight, slowly explore the advance, she is a little scared, trembling my body will be tight, two breasts can’t hold my back, at this moment, I am very unhealthy to enjoy this soft jade. Wen Xiang, only to get away from the predicament as soon as possible. Suddenly, a burst of mountain rain came down, and we gave us a pair of scholars’. She was anxious, and she took the backpack to the ground, and the words were screaming. I hurriedly opened the backpack, took out the raincoat for her, reached out with her, loudly gave comfort, so it’s hard to let her emotion, continue to move forward ……… Finally, we found a shabby hiking cabin, barely able to cover the rain, I took her pushed the door and immediately found some wood to live. We cuddle heated in the fire. By the way, we eat some dry food, and then drink a few cups of hot soup. Finally, the chills in the mountains are gradually.

Under the Huiyi of the fire, her face became more beautiful. I looked at her. Black hair is still wet, the watery, the veins, the pretty nose, the hot fire It is exposed to infinite spring. My eyes slipped through her jade neck, stopped in her chest, found that she wet, has become a transparent, the gorgeous meat peak is not rushing, the pink nipple is also clear, good one pair Seductive breasts! The pretty nipples, with her breathing, traction my heart impulse and passion. So I extended the trembling hand, moved to her neck, and gently sliding her beautiful gentle town, and then stroked the long-lasting lottery. Maybe I am too excited and nervous, kneading the power control is not good, making her low call:

‘lighter! You pinch people hurt! ‘

I immediately stopped, I plan to leave the soft chest, but I was pressed by her pair of soft, then I took off the top, naked a pair of trembles, high-spirited breasts. Her breast is really beautiful, I have to teach me, I don’t dare to look at it. The round and smooth milk is like two pure and fresh, the two tempting nipples, in the flame bake, highlighting the delicate flock, triggering I have an original desire since I have, I have a mouth to contain it, suck and mesh, and the tip of the tip of the tip. After a while, her body began to twist, and I also made a series of 呓 呓:

‘Um …, you have a good comfort! ……I can not stand it any longer! …..uh-huh! ‘

‘good! not stop! …. Oh you! Oh! …. use force suck! Oops! … ‘

‘laugh! It’s itchy! … people are quickly … Hey! . Quickly be …. Well! Oh! Bite off! ‘

I still left her breast, get up and took out the sleeping bag, quickly paved on the floor, and hurriedly took off the clothes; she also fadeched her clothes, shameless, bow down. Seeing her swaying twice and a glimpse of a glimpse, let me be impulsively climbed in, in the gradually weak fire, hugged her smooth jade, the spring of the sleeping bag, but Benefit!

After a long and wild kissed, I began kissing her smooth and delicate, soft, boneless skin, from jade neck, aroma, armpit, arm, and finally stayed in her raised milk tip, let it I am tamping in my mouth. I carefully hold her breast, except for the tongue, I use my fingers to pick another nipple, soon you teach her to breathe. My hand slipped into her lower body, smashed the slim waist, brushed the flat belly, and drove into the dense woolen hair, easily touched the wet fever lip. At this time, she no longer dodge, but with my excavation, from time to time, she lifted his hips, so that my finger slipped into her vagina, I only thought that she was hot, order. She is refreshing to call: ‘嗳! ..! .. Hey! ..! .., so beautiful! … so comfortable! I am below …. Itch! ‘

Soon, she reached out, caught me, it was already touched up early, and the penis hosted by it was honest, and then adjusted his posture, slowly introduced her lower body, and also muttered in his mouth:

‘Come, let it put it in, I have already itchy! …………. ‘

‘Use force! ……..! Dark a little! ……………….! ‘

‘what! ….! Your baby is so thick! I’m good! .. Come in some! ……! ‘

Her vagina is wet and hot, I have worked hard to poke insertion, the sound of the generner engaged with her, intertwined into a moving dual play. I repeatedly retired about 100, the penis was a bursts, and she finally couldn’t stand the descent, and she spherped into her vagina. I quietly squatted on her, and enjoyed the comfort when the climax. In this cold night, we have been full of sweat, you can know that this is full of clouds! After the passion, I waited until the penis was completely weak, and she reluctantly withdrawed her vagina. She seems to be indulge in the joy of the priest, and the eyes are closed, and the mouth is still speaking …….

I sat up and took a towel from the backpack and wiped her sweat carefully. When wiped into her lower body, he immediately was fascinated by the beautiful and seductive structure. In the fire, it is more crystal clear. So I leaned back, and I used the tongue to serve her, and I smoked the dripping love. Who knows how only a few times in the yukotin, just smash her jade, the little mouth is crazy, I understand at this moment, the woman’s jerki is actually sensitive. Thus, I am surprised and happy, and I am more careful to kiss it, bite it, suck it, suck it, eat her waist and twisted, but the ass, the mouth, the moment is a long I love liquid in the vagina, I can’t clean up, and the shares are mixed from the shares, with a strong salty, I was in imported by me …. In this way, I continued to pose her, until she is cool to the extreme peak, dizzy, I am tired of her light body, sinking into dreams in exhaus, dreaming is a sultry spring. ………

In the morning, I was awakened by the wet heat of the lower body, and I found that the clouds have been in my husband in my mouth. I contained my erect penis, and I suddenly carefully set up and lick. That is a beautiful taste I have never enjoyed. I know that this is called [blow horn], but the first time I feel the special pleasure of pulling the tongue and the glans, let me deeply understand the wonderful portrait. My penis has been very old high due to diaper, and she has a few stimulus. It is a teasing that I will not support me soon. One heat is all incident in her mouth, she is also biting me. The glans have all swallowed this end. She has always included my penis, waiting until my convulsions stopped, the climax is returned to raise her head. I saw that I was looking at her smile, she was ashamed, and I said:

‘What are you laughing! People are still very comfortable to be eaten last night! Just now, you have to return you! ‘

‘How do you also [blow the horn]? Who is teaching you? ‘I smiled and asked her.

‘Oops! If you like it, people can help you with you every day, is it good? ‘

‘OK! I really like you blow, especially your tongue, I am so cool! ‘

‘Who teaches you that baby is so cute, and it is rough and long, and I am killed! I can’t put it in my mouth! ‘

‘I ask you! How do you feel when I am following you? ‘

‘Oh! do you know? I never let the man lick me, but I was attacked by you! But your tongue work

It’s really a lot! Especially when you lick my small core, I really want to die, it is really a beautiful taste I have never enjoyed, and the sexual intercourse is still stimulating than the real bomb! ‘

‘Take each other, it is not early! We pack it! I have to catch the road later! ‘

‘good! I will always remember this night. Don’t forget to come to me when I am bored. I will teach! ‘

I turned over to pressed her, handed over, with passionate caress and kiss, and knotted this dialogue. After a few degrees of lingering and intimate, we both didn’t play clothes, a breakfast, and the equipment was packed. Soon the teammates, they are looking for four traces of our two! We sincerely thank them for their concerns and compiled the past. Go back to the civilized world, it is another new beginning!

Bai Yuzhen: Tian Mengyun

In the rain in the rain, Tian Mengyun flew into my life, but after a few degrees of spring, she went away from me. It’s still a cloud smoke, where is it? The empty passion and embarrassment, and there is a long-awaited guitar. I often see her light and delicate jade body, very small and exquisite breasts, half hide the lower body, I am smiling at me, but I am always shocked when I struggled forward. Just thinking about the day, the night has a dream of the shadow, lingering, the soul dreams … Therefore, I will listed her as my [second gold “!

The season of rain, I like to sit on the stairs of the Door Memorial Memorial, look at the rain, and organize the thoughts of my heart. A quiet afternoon, Tian Mengyun, she hit an umbrella, walking into my vision from a fan, a slim beautiful beauty! Her jade legs have long sleeves, the steps are light, wearing a light blue and lined up, holding a few books in hand. Beautiful face, covers an infinite aura because of a fine side glasses; long hair in shawl, because a water blue hair band is full of tenderness. My eyes were attracted by her Fengcai, and I had a way with her to create intersections. Fortunately, when she is willing to pass by her, she is slippery, she fell, and she fell. When I said late, I was so fast, I won’t think, I immediately rushed to help, I didn’t expect myself, I didn’t stand firm, and I hit her into a bunch of hard and her, so soft and jade. Female unique fragrances, it is delicious, delicate and smooth skin touch, so that I can’t help but rush up an inexplicable imagination. She is ashamed, and she picks up the book with the head and picks up the book and the foreign umbrella. When I handed her glasses, she smiled and loudly loudly. Fortunately, we have never been injured. She has accepted my invitation in generous, and I found a good western restaurant in the nearby atmosphere.

That meal, we chatted very happy, talk room, I learned that she was still studying a book, and the fourth grade of Chinese literature. The national education is quite high, and the literary is deep. We talk about Chinese literature, poetry songs, songs novels and prose scatters. All of the truth of the truth of the other party is convinced, and it is a confidant to confirm. Until the restaurant was hung, I sent her home, and the rain still did not stop, just at her doorstep, she gave her first kiss. The wet and hot lips, rich in the liquid, dexterous jade tongue, and the late peaks that I have been sneak, I really teach me!

In the days, we almost shadow, I accompanied her class, accompany her, accompany her, accompanying her to write the paper, accompany her in the rain, accompany her to drink coffee talk ….. Finally, I am accompanying her to bed! This matter occurs quite natural, it seems to be a symposium, there is a poem, and always add a piece of lingering at the end. I am extremely understanding, enjoy this passion and excitement, I don’t know how many Yunyun, it actually became a separate prelude. Just like the gentle verse: ‘This feelings can be remembered, but it is already awkward! ‘

I will always remember that in a misty rainy night, she suddenly proposed to my residence, and I have to talk to me. At that time, I have never noticed the different looks in my eyes, and I’m safely carrying her home. In the route, she took the head on my shoulder and reached out a warm little hand and holding my palm, as if communicating some kind of message. I still don’t understand the style, concentrate on driving … Guide her into my living room, respecting her will, I extinguished all the lights, playing a roll of lyric piano play for her. She found the candlestick to get angry, and took a bottle of ‘XO’ in the wine cabinet, poured two glasses, plus the ice, and slowly gave me a cup. In the beautiful music, we are lying on the soft sofa chair, and the brief clearance is clear, even with the sound of the sound. The rain outside the window is weak, and our drunkenness is more strong! Half bottle of wine, she is full of red, and I can’t miss the wine and spring love. Suddenly, her beautiful flames, shot two burning flames, then slammed the land, slowly unlocking clothes, when I took the dress, naked her curve exquisite , Crystal clear carcass. I don’t see this beautiful woman, I’m going to pull a hot flow from my heart, plus alcohol, so that I am difficult to resist her temptation. So, when she put into my arms, I also extended a strong and powerful arm to welcome her soft and soft. A weekly appearance, a non-fake campus talented woman, tonight, it has become enthusiastic, the survity is fascinating, let me surprise and happiness …….

I reached out to take the glasses for her, look at the two autumn water, I have already been thrown into the spring, the spring is boundless! After a crazy hot kiss, I put her in the sofa, carefully caressing her jade and delicate body. My hands, my tongue, and I am also impeved in her breasts and pussy. Her double milk, small and solid, smashing, touching in his hand, feeling generous and beautiful; ruddy nipple, proud stand, biting in his mouth, elasticity. And her lower abdomen, because the shame is not prosperous, so the size of the lips is clear, in my touch and podification, it is more open; the powder is round-coated, also accompanied by tremor, seeing me stunned, soul Upside down, a good place to live in a good place! I turned over to nibble the table lamp next to the sofa chair, and a soft yellow light immediately looked on the dream cloud, let me see a clear carcass. Spring love, smooth and beautiful shoulders, swaying double peaks, soft and boneless waist, white tender and beautiful hips, long-awaited jade legs, of course, the most attracted me is still the brightly dried lips At first, she only talented in my arms, let my finger swim in her sensitive zone, and quietly enjoy my flexible lip tongue, excitedly, biting her; and because of the end The pleasure, makes her time and low, sometimes the arm kicks the legs, the cheeks, the beauty is closed, and it seems to be indulging in extremely comfortable and joy. Said, I cite that she quietly reached out a soft, unlocking my trousers and zipper, and later he hekemed, finally trembled into my underwear. There, the penis has been very somewhat blocked, and once she touched, it became more rough. For her to make her easy to touch and appreciate, the sorry also faded his trousers, and raised the glans and greeted her caress. In the first time, she faced this male symbol, she was ashamed, under my teachings, slowly pulling, grabbing, chasing, pinching, when the moment, suddenly, suddenly, make a jade strap The sham is in a few inch, and the crucible is numb to the brain. She saw that I was too loud, and she was more powerful, and she made me shoot out of the semen. So, I quickly turned over and pressed her below, using a series of hot kiss as a pre-playback of the song ………

I supported the old jade stems of the old high, and gave her beautiful Yumen. He was first in the ruddy yuki, and then I asked softly in her ear:

‘Cloud, I want to be! Can you let me go? ‘

She said slightly, said: ‘Well, I don’t think! But you have to be a little, I am afraid I will have a bit of pain! ‘

After I adjusted a good posture, I was a long stem, and I drilled into her vagina. Perhaps because she is still the body, ‘The flower diameter has not been sweeping, and the beefmen will open it! Therefore, the narrow hole is shallow, so that my Juyang has never been able to enter; the causes I have been excessive, squeezed her tooth grievous, and her ass will retreat from time to time, and the mouth will not yell in the mouth. . Seeing that she really can’t get it, I have to pull out the penis and comfort her for this. Good one Tian Dream cloud! She actually reached out my penis, leading to her lower abdomen, including tears, indicating that I will try again. She is still in mind, she will take a seat pad, put it under the waist, then said:

‘I know that the woman will be like this for the first time, for you, I am willing to endure; now I have high myft mat,

It should be easier to let you insert it! Try to see! ‘

She and turned the two labips with her finger, I want to put the penis inserted. I understand her intention, so I don’t have to go in, first stimulate her yukuclear with my tongue, so that she flutes out a lot of love, then carefully enter. This time, I don’t dare to take it again, change it with ‘Nine Shallow First’, ‘slowing in “,’ first and back”, etc., plus her properly creepy body, finalize her lower body pain To the lowest level. When I broke through her ‘Virgin’, I clearly felt a wet-thickening hot flow, wrap my glans, it was a virgin ‘drop. She spoke, and she slipped a few drops of tears. I immediately stopped playing actions, championship with her twitching, with a kissed her teardrop. For a long time, I continued to pumet in her narrowed vagina, gradually stressed, with the increase of the number of people, her petularity began to improve the rhythm. In her vagina, wet and hot and firm, sexual intercourse and rubbing, bringing me the endless fun. Although replacing several types of positions to alleviate each other’s exhaustion, we still make us sweat all over the body, but the two feelings are happy, but they have a high level of joy and comfort, but it has been high than the top. ……

At that time, I was crazy, violently hit her vagina that had already been flooded in the crude penis (sofa and chair mats have been reddish by her flow!) Capital and waves are also close to the sound. Finally, spurting a squat, hot, straight, straight to my glans. Itch is coming to the highest point, I can’t suppress it, I can’t help but split the crane ……. We are integrated with each other, like the integration, caressing each other’s skin, and the supreme satisfaction is achieved. Slowly wait for the climax to retreat, only to the sky has been big and the rain is also stopped, and the bird language in the morning is with floral, into the room. The two of us have a smile, pick up the ‘flesh’ of the living room, and join hands with her to enter my bedroom, sleep well and then say it! Sincerity, Shi Yun: ‘Spring sleep is not affected, there is a bird in the wind; the night is wind and rain, how much is it! ‘I am awake, we have two rounds of joy, after passing the passion and experience in the morning, she has tasted the wonderful taste of sex, so that the action that I insert is becoming separately coordinated. Her vagina also became more relaxed, and it becomes more and more, with the vibration and rebound of the water, so that my penis is quite smooth and deeply penetrated into the end of the vaginal. Not only she is cool, I also felt extreme Shu Tai, so the first round, let me lose the armor soon, and I’ve been touched! Shortly after the refinement, I pulled out the gradually weak penis. The heart is really uncomfortable, and I smoke it on her. Intelligent she is really understanding, seeing me suddenly, guess my heart and intention. Sure enough, she turned over to me, rubbing my face with her double breast, and I want to bite the nipple. Then, her two hands touched my penis, slowly rubbing the pull, and she wrapped it with her fat butfather’s ‘meat diamond’ that had begun, grind it! Wipe it! Clean it! The last sure is full of mouth! This is outside Shen Liyun, the second woman deals me so, immediately put a positive positive positive, tall and stroke. So Dream Yun took the giant to the gun, Shijoo to sit down and launched the offensive of the other round. This time I have already made psychological preparation, turning around, fierce, fighting, entanglement, fighting against nearly a thousand, replacing ten poses, rushing to bed in bed, plus her fragrant sweat, climax, rushing, waves The water flows into the river until she is nearly fainting to open the fine off, injecting her uterus …………….!

Afterwards, the dream cloud is lying in my mouth, listening to me, I have a guitar, play a few of her favorite folk songs. When singing to ‘autumn, she began to sing with the strings, dream cloud crisp and sweet voice, explained this song very well, I couldn’t help into her moving song. When she sang, she has been a tears. I laughed her feelings too unfine, and it would be so loud that it would be so loud when you love. She lowered, her cheeks flew, revealing a different feelings, to say, seemed to say it. After I was inquired, she was still looking down, she only held my penis, and she was united, I didn’t ask again.

With a few nights, Mengyun stayed in my house. She told me that these days didn’t have lessons, so I want to play with me. In order to accompany her, I specially invited three days, take her around. In the evening, natural is also ‘a tree pear flower pressure harness’,’ Yunyu Wushan is broken in the intestines’, ‘Jade Birds are attentive to see’, ‘Spring is a gentle town. We have a naked body, chasing a play in the garden in the rain, tangling in the cold pool, kissing love on the wet lawn, and finally in the warm bed, I once again put her soft in her soft. In the sliding vagina, bursts of pumping, bursts of crumbs, introducing us into a climax, climbing the peaks of incomparable, fast ……… Every time, we are all in love, that kind of spirit and flesh completely deeds the same step, ‘Heart has a bit of a little one, and it is not possible to experience the bureau, it is no wonder that I am in the heart of the dream,’ love to deep No complaints’!

The most impressive once, is to send her a day before she go home, I drive on her to go to the reef. The scenery is beautiful, the folk customs are simple, and the sea is going to the sea. We have been very happy. In the evening, she proposed to wash the famous hot spring bath, I was pleased to agree, so I found a small hotel, complete Japanese architecture. Mom Sang is kindly leads us, walking through a long row, passing through a quiet small garden, before entering a very clean tatami room. She told us some things that should be paid attention to, but they will not only refuse to accept the tip of my giving, but also said:

‘I wish you a happy couple! I will call you at dinner! ‘

After moving the mother’s mulberry, we have a smile; I immediately hold a dream cloud, and the greedy mouth also launches her offensive. She is talented to let me kiss caress, and I have a smile in my eyes. It seems that I feel joy and satisfied for the ‘husband and wife. When I pulled her top, when she biting her delicate nipple, she suddenly discolored, and pushed me away; I was inexplicably wonderful, she smiled and went into the bathroom. After a while, she told me to take off her clothes and said that I would like to wait for me to bathe, like ancient times, the emperor is general. The hostel’s bathroom is very simple, a large wooden basin, a long bench, a bamboo tube on the wall, has a cork, as a water flow regulating valve. Dream cloud has been filled with a hot spring, naked body, squatting on the ground, welcoming my arrival. I am a little bit, I am sitting in the bidet in accordance with her instructions; she calmly uses the water scoop to pick up the hot spring for me, and after the body is wetting, she is playing soap for me. Subsequently, she ordered me to lay on the bench (she has already paved a towel), starting with her breast, rubbing me, from the neck, shoulder, chest, navel, abdomen, all the way to my lower body. The soft nipple pushed my sex. I was erected. She was happy to laugh, and they used her hands to serve me; while gently smearing soap, between the glans and the foreskin, be carefully dially. I slowly clogged my eyes, enjoy this specific pleasure, I didn’t know it, I didn’t know ………眬 眬, I feel that the penis is tightly wrapped in a warm and humid object, and it is still up and down from time to time. I blinked, I turned out that Dream cloud is looking forward to me, sitting on my belly, serving me with her vagina. This is a very unique sex posture, I can get a rest and excitement, she can also control the force of the organizer, adjust the best rubbing touch, let me enjoy a good cool Refreshing pleasure. Dream cloud she was very trying to land, smooth back, sweat. Looking at her temporary shoulder, fluttering hair, I reached out to help her waist and intend to help her. She found that I have awake, smile, go back and ask me:

‘Husband .. 嗳! … you wake up …. Hey!? ………………. Comfortable…..? …….. ‘

‘Very good! ……. I like it! ……… But …. You are …. Don’t .. too tired! ….. ‘

‘I am a little! I don’t feel tired ..! And this way .. Do it, I am fine! Um! Um! … ‘

‘Just! Only you …. Call me .. Husband! You …. promised to be um! Um! Marry me ..? … ‘

‘We are …. … Not all …. couple …. 闺房 …… Of course ….

Should be called you …. A rook …. Husband .. What is more …

Oh! Uh! Um! Force! it is good! …. I thought .. 嗳! .. We are …. Hey! .. couple! ..

Why! Yo! ….Uh-huh! ..Oh! Oh! Insert a look! ….Ai! .. use … force! ‘

In the extreme excitement, our speech has become too air, especially her, when the vaginal zoom is scaled, and the appearance of a shocking, and the image of the ‘campus lady’; A long-awaited ‘Simo Woman’, enjoy the majestic jade stems that is the majestic grew, sprint and incite in her sensitive moist Yumen! I grabbed the double breast of Dream cloud, gently pinch her nipple, the two red beans raised in passion, pinching between fingers, more feeling hard and cute. With the peristalsis of Dream Cloud, her pair of delicate pink milk, keeps slipping in my palm, let me enjoy a soft and delicate touch. I am not careful, it seems that I caught too heavy, I’m nervously stretched out my hand, and I will pull down; so I touched her lower body, then I was entangled with my penis. Wet fiery labians. I extended the joystick, scratching her joy, blotting and smoothness, plenty of water, only hearing ‘嗤, 嗤 声 不 ear. The lower body is fiercely rubbed, and I will take my unlimited excitement, I will sit up, holding her slight waist, let her back against me, so rotating my penis.

At this time, the dream cloud worked hard, and turned around and turned into my riding. In order to adjust the best angle, she keeps about twenty-five degrees with me, supporting my shoulders, so I can open her double peaks; even if you are slight, you can easily see our ‘passion intersection. point’. Like a seamless meat ball, it is tightly enclosed a thick madamus, making it difficult for me to restrain, and finally in the long-awaiting, I entered the most crash ……….. I have hugged a dream cloud and started with her movements, and fiercely sent, put a hot feet, full incident into Dream Cloud’s uterus depths. She is almost at the same time to reach the cloud, my teeth, in my chest ……………

I picked up the dream cloud and weak, sweating, and slowly put it into the tub. When she was half asleep half-awake, wash away her ruins and tired, and she would appreciate her jade. At this moment, she is like a goddess like a picture, and she is lazy. I like to pour the spring water, from her breast, look at the crystal water droplets, slipping from the nipple, rushing to the beautiful navel, flowing through the flat belly, and finally moisturizing the spring grass, charming The lip is in the basin. I have been very happy, I still reach out to touch this path, and a girl’s innocent and delicate. Also worth mentioning, she has a pair of jade legs, enough to be proud of the female legs, full of light, and the radians. Especially the two leg bifurcation, the mysterious triangle zone, the most fascinating, the soul reversed. White red skin, combines a Taoyuan win in a perfect curve. A small cluster is sparse, as if swaying in the spring breeze; and the bright ‘petals’, but also beautiful, slightly straight, ashamed, let me love! The soft and humidity in the cave, spring is boundless, my penis shuttles, the taste of comfort, cool, joy, joy, only personal experience, can lead God ……..! A burst of crisp The ringtone rang, I ran out the bathroom, it turned out to be a calling call in, and greeted us to use dinner. After the phone is on the phone, the dream cloud has slowly came out, while walking, and wiped the water droplets on the body with a large towel. In the bathroom, the steam is continuously poured, and the faint light bulbs are just like the ‘出 水 芙’, the dream cloud float is like a feather, and the sexy and teasing of me suffocating. I stood at the phone next to the phone, and I looked at her jade. In the smog, her breasts are particularly fascinating, and the red and bright nipples are in a slight jumper, and there is another kind of hazy. The sparse aroma, the spring is now, it is her tempting peach blossom hole, which is faintly revealing endless spring. …….. I will stand in front of me, I urged her again, and we are very intensely carefully caressive and excite each other. Therefore, after a while, we doublely down in tatami, using the ’69’ posture, eat each other’s sex. Only listening to sucking and wheezing, the body and the soul resonance, we also enjoy the joy and joy of sex, if you are unsupported, I am like ejaculation!

After dinner, I took her to walk to the mountain, went to the night market in the reef, and I had a few mountains in the mountains. I said to the dream cloud, these things are very supplemented, eat more and want to make love! She listened to the cheeks red clouds, and I screwed with me and screwed me. I took the opportunity to hold her on the wall, kissed her career her, regardless of the attention of the street pedestrians, until she pushed me away … That night, we both turned into the clouds, and the transit is several times, I don’t feel tired. I’m tight at the high-level climax, I’ve been tight and not easy to release. Dream clouds are also more wild, and we work with the sky seamless. Finally, she lost four times, thoroughly in my arms, I looked away from the bite of her labiary ……… I remember that night, we have once again, weave a beautiful dream of a total group of little love nest, as if everything is like my imagination and expectations, I finally find my ‘favorite’!

On the way she went home, she became silent, and the two eyes appeared in front of God. I asked three times, but she did not smell. Just when she was near her home, she suddenly leaned down and opened my pants chain with force, and then I had a penis that got my stem, and I got crazy. I quickly stopped the bleak, and I watched the head when she fell in the time, she still ignored my question, and swallow. I will soon only breathe, I have to wait for the ejaculation …. When she took me in the driver’s seat, she hurriedly jumped off the bus and wiped tears and flew into the house. From that day, I didn’t have seen her again. I heard that she has immigrated her country ….. Dream cloud, where are you? Dream cloud, where are you? I just collapsed! Why do she torture me like this? Since then, my whole life is changed, and my peach robbery will be ahead!

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