Car clock indication 12:58

“Squeak …… Ga ……” The car has no air force of the wipers swinging.

Annoying boss, just before the after get off work I take a bunch of copy to “get.” Pile on the table than I head still high, which led me to get off work until half past twelve # @ *% $ …..

Think of a good weekend reimbursed, always thinking about the family goes on a soft bed …. fast go back and do it a pig!

Vigorously throttle, beloved of 405 freshmen in the downpour South speeding, turn right onto East peace ….. far light shine near the front of the march have a white board hanging triangle fault stopped in the fast lane What, a girl Chengzhaoyusan is not a rush to get to know ….

Looked at the clock 01:14

I thought: a girl can fix it? Some people also do not help you when ….. I have the same situation? Not to mention my mechanical engineering graduate, the Air Force completed the repair unit labor plus the usual vehicle has been studied, ah …… O.K. Help her! (O-type Leo “gods” spots)

Parked in the street, hold up “five million” umbrella. She went to …

“Miss, you need help?”

She thought for a moment, nodded.

“Thank you, my car suddenly no more, really bad ….”

After a burst of view, she found her “high-voltage ignition coil” burned

“Miss, your car,” “Ignition Coil” burned “

She looked puzzled tilted his head

I went on to say, “to go to the garage to solve!”

“That’s how to do! ….”

I think she anxiously asked, thought, they say

“Miss, now middle of the night and the heavy rain, a girl you sit taxi dangerous, I do take my car, I send you!”

She took a long time, nodded. I got on with

Shut the door, I start the car and turn on the heat, took a back seat and turned to face the carton he smoked a few, then handed her to open the front lighting, rain wipe the body, she is also the same wiping body rain ……

I do not know how long, she suddenly stopped all actions …….

And I’m still the action, but I slowly discovered her abnormal, looked up from watching her, even ………

She stared, his face could not believe the face, spit out a few words of her trembling lips in …

“You …. you are …. Xu Zheng?! …”

I looked her up and down very carefully, my mind flashed a name, I blurted out

“… Ping Zhou Yaping Yaping ….?!”

Gazing at each other with each other not know how long, suddenly a big truck passing rumbling engine sound to calm me. Put a hand brake, into the file moving forward.

“You … you still go in the store?”

She looked haggard like raindrops outside the window, he did not answer me. But I still remember the direction toward the store and drove her home

At this point fadio “Li Lin” and “mistakes” …..

“I DO NOT BELIEVE that I gave you, there is no reason just to a decision ….”

This song, it was when we broke up the most popular songs. Song every word, until now still makes me sad

Although she left me …..

Red light, stop the car ….

Corner of the eye to see her, head bowed as if in tears, looking at the side once with their own intimacy girl, now so alienated …

Once the student is pure head, now is a long curly hair.

Once the powder is not applied face, now is the standard office workers.

I vaguely smell “DUNE” perfume ….? She had not hate perfume do? Time really can make people change.

“A pair ……..” impatient behind the car according to speakers.

I looked up at the green light … oh ….


Finally, the door to her house.

She turned head down while in the purse, looked up at me

“I … I think I locked my keys in the car, but I have no one at home, my sister and her classmates went to Taichung to play, came back ……. Monday afternoon, really bad enough … .. “

I looked at her wet appearance, not to mention her once and I was so close, though she left me …..

forget it! So many years! I do not care about the heart made up his mind ……..

“If you do not mind, I went through that night it! Otherwise you are going to rain this morning it?”

She looked at his watch to see if the door locked, and then look at me, nodded yes ……

Take her back to the top floor of the Heping East Road, it is, “That is the” Taipei’s home “finally returned home. Open the iron gate to see the soft bed, rush to go …..

“Ah …….. I am exhausted.”

Oh! … There is also someone else, and quickly returns to normal.

“I took a piece of clothes for you, go to the bath!”

I took a shirt from the wardrobe and turned my head. She was watching the TV on the TV ….

“Is your current girlfriend?” She asked

“Well ….., she is a good wife” woman “

“I don’t seem to be this type of woman?”

I laughed.

She went to take a shower, I lost her clothes to the dryer and cook a pot of cocoa. Open audio

She washed out, changed it to wash …

“Hairdryer is there?” She asked outside the door.

“In the drawer on the right side of the bed,” I will answer in the door. “

Half half, I think that my “set” is also in that drawer …. Whether, we have adult, not afraid of she see. Anyway, she is not my girlfriend that I can’t get me.

I came out, I saw her automatically got a cup of cocoa, and I looked at the album I put on the bed.

“Hey! …. You are too automatic!” I grabbed my album.

Because I used to force, the photo was scattered. I found that the book she saw was the album I stated and her photo of the photo ………

At the same time, we will bend them to pick up photos of the place, and she said one side.

“You still have the same time! It is still the same, no coffee …”

“Yeah! .. I will change it like you …” I didn’t answer the answer.

She lowered his head, and her hand was cold and cold.

“You … do you hate me?”

“The world is not only a woman, only blames, I am not awkward, so many years have long been there.”

She looked up at me, suddenly flowing two tears, rushing to hold me and cry. I can go to her, but she drilled in my arms, crying like a baby ………..

She used my best to hold me, I used to be so familiar with my breasts, pressed against the shirt in my chest ….

I can’t react it, but I remembered all kinds of past days, smelling her fragrance, remembered that I want to go to the classroom in the classroom in the classroom … Wait, let my heartbeat speed ….

Her hand … her hand brought into my sportswear, start touching …

“Apple, you don’t do this, our relationship is different from … don’t …” (Apple is my previous nickname)

But her hand does not seem to listen, she bows the fingers to make the nails, they are grabbed down from my neck, and they are grabbed by the waist.

God! She still remembers my “taboo zone” and the way I have a desire …

She gently licked my ear with my tongue, bit my nose with my teeth (this action is the signal we used to love before, I want to bite the nose of the other side), her hand is separated by sports pants Picking my early erection penis ….

“Apple, you don’t do this, save your hand, don’t … this …..” At this point, I have been forced to the wall, and there is no way to retreat. And my want fire has exceeded my control limit, quickly lost …

She slowly squatted and gently biting my erect penis with his teeth. Her movement is like a match that throws into a bunch of yellow explosives, let my want to fire out ………

I am crazy to pick up her, press it in bed, like a very hungry beast, hard to break her shirt, pull down her bra, take off her underwear ………

She opened the eyes of Wakay, looking at my movements, reaching out and took off my pants …

Her breast is still white, her skin exudes a faint fragrance, I am like a traveler in the desert, seeing the well-being hunger, taking over her skin, with the tip of around Dial her hard nipple, and her hand grabbed the pillow, tall the lower abdomen to let her woman’s most sensitive place to suffer my pressure …..

I put her ear with my fingers, rubbing her hand with the penis in her lower abdomen, her hand grabbed my arm. I looked up and saw her cheeks of excited and rising red. I suddenly felt that she was not a girl who shouted in the past year!

I divided her legs, and the guys who rose the call were aligned with her red hole. I sent it in a waist. She has secreted enough love, and I didn’t get into it. With me, I suddenly found that she gently twisted her waist …….. Time can really change everything, now she will pursue the pleasure between men and women!

I started to pick up in her warm body, and I slowly accelerate the speed of the pumping. Her snoring is rushing, and the minced meat rod is not in her narrow body. Running, she closed their eyes, she was shocked with her brow, her finger was buckled with my arm, and the frequency I picked up and down her lower abdomen. ………

I remembered that she likes a mat under the waist, I took the little cushion next to the side, lifted her waist, put the mat on her waist. I started slowly, she opened my eyes and watching me ….

“You …. you …. progress … Many 喔!, Still remember my favorite …. pad ..”

“You are also good, it is a mature woman!”

“Look, your Lan is also …. very happy!”

“Yeah! I can also turn you a happy woman!”

After finishing, I took the meat stick and put it on shallow with the glans, then inserted half and then smoke it.

Every time she is inserted, she always lifted the waist and looking forward to more in-depth contact, and I played her once again, her desire increased again, when I saw her bite her lips , Start fast and fierce delivery, once a time in depth …

I looked up her legs, racks in my shoulder, my meat stick hits, meat sticks and body joints in the body of her high and low, meat sticks and body joints, once a child who is not in love with her red powder , Strong current storm hit her whole body, confused her thinking, she opened any sound but no sound ………

Her body seems to be lubricated, too much love mixes the air brought by me, emit a strange voice, her hand grabs me, and my meat stick is still out of control, suddenly her body Changes, a burst of shrinkage clamping my meat stick, her legs like electric shock, the body’s muscles tight, her nails have gripped my back ……..

No matter how it changed, the reaction of the climax is still the same.

She is weak, and I still work hard, suddenly a familiar signal is transmitted to the brain, I will have a good thing to have something, I immediately took out the meat stick, I can’t do anything to prepare, a strong pipeline Shrink, white semen is shot like a fire column, sprayed on her breast. Hair, also sprayed into bed sheets …..

I was drinking her body, she picked up the top of the bed, wipe the semen on the sheets ….

I got up and took a wet paper towel on the table, wipe her poor meat, wipes the semen on her body.

At this time, I found out that she put it on the TV in the TV.

I asked her why she was in the middle of the night, she didn’t answer me, just focus on playing my ears, nose. Pull my finger ….

In this way, we fell asleep.

A player’s voice woke me, the team of the demonstration of the demonstairs, she squatted on me, I slept very sweet, I gently touched her hair, slowly opened the memory box, called it. Those memories that are unclear ……….

That year, I have second, the dead party in the class is a classmate called Bibi, “phase” has a first grade school girl in the chemical department, because I have a self-recognizing “I am very sorry”, so I am not afraid of malfunction. (If there is still a image ?!?), After my wearing needle leads, their class agreed with our class friend ….. and Apple is the good friend of the school, the first friend, our four boys and The three girls are sitting together, I try to make topics, drive the atmosphere, play games.

I first noticed her, she laughed and made people a feeling of forgetting to bother, she had a full hundred and sixty, and her face had a faint blush, it was a beautiful beauty. Especially her lips, ruddy, like a cherry, but she seems to have not accepted the concern.

Later, BIBI finally got the school girl, and the relationship between our classes and their class was more better, and their computer operations were all settled by the “enthusiastic people” in the class. However, the “Cannirator” of the next door has even seems apple, start chasing her, but she always ignored him, and later, “guns” brain into anger, in the school, talking, “faded wings “” Broken Film “, etc. , She blows the tote technology, but the first class! “……..

I am angry, she ran on the top floor, BIBI smashed me told me ……. I went to see her, squat on the light pole, I went forward, patted her to comfort her. She yelled.

“You roll! The boys are not a good thing ……. roll! ….”

I am stupid, because she seems to be weak, I don’t know the courage, go forward, and hold her ….

“Don’t cry, I know that the rose is just to protect oneself, do not understand its hardships, will only get self-injured. People who understand it will appreciate her quietly …”

She no longer refuses me, crying in my arms …….

This is the first time, there is girl like me, and I smelled her faint fragrance ……………..

Since then, there are many shadows of a moving shadow in the campus.

Not long after, I did a single and “gun”, although I was hurt, but he did not take advantage of it. But everyone said that one-on-one, did not expect the “preparation” to bring people to block me …..

That day, the “Factory Internship” in the afternoon, I was completing the first “guy” that is a double-tube tube shot, (of course, it is an assembly that secretly touches, four dead party self-manufacturing zero components) Provide gunpowder by chemical science. In fact, I just want to verify that my theory is correct, I didn’t expect it to use it.

After more than three weeks of calculation and Auto Cad playing, I can’t wait to school. When we ran in the third quarter, we ran to the hills, and opened a shot on the wire on the wire, hitting the murder, and also Interrupt the wire. Then we escape back to the factory like a child.

It’s hard to get to school, and a group is excited to go to the door …

When I arrived at the door, I was a little strange, and then I saw that “guns” pointed at me, “It is him” ….

I saw it, a group of private high school students came to me, one of them

“Hey! Glasses, I heard that you can hit! My brother is very fitted to you! I want to see you …”

“Hey! Cannon, say good private grievances, one-on-one, how do you talk!” BIBI

“So much, do you want to go with us, or to solve it here?” Another big head called

“If I don’t want, what do you want?”

“By you don’t have you!” He said, one side of a side, took a samurai knife from the newspaper ….

I look at it, God! Being a short half of the knife, it is less than half of the life, because it is a flattened iron. All self-ended rust ……..

If you are in the middle, you will be broken and die! !

People nextlap, some scared, some are screaming …

“This is hard to get it …” Bibi said in whisper around me.

And I slowly took out the double tube tube tap gun from the bag …..

“Dry! Take a toy to scare us! We are not scared …..”

I don’t say a word, I opened a shot in the direction of them.

Huge sound, echoating in the valley ……………..

On their face, there is no expression, that a gun is not biased to play a Weiski locomotive they ride.

The car should fall down, the seat cushion scatters into the water ditch, the goggles turn to the full fragment, white body, full of black small holes, the tire is leaking, the sound listening Excerpt …

“当 …..” Samurai fell from the upper hand of the high,

People in the next view, there is no sound …

“The rules of mixing are mixed, and one of you will be single. You have a big group of people to block me. If you pass it, do you want to mix? …. Cannon, the things in the school have been looking for outsiders to solve, you Do you want to mix it in the school? “

I opened the gun, the second hair shell fell to the ground, took out the two diet bomb from the bag, and then like the Kllin Iswitt, and watched the gun and looked at them ….

“I … I want …. maybe it’s misunderstood! If you say good ….. single pick, according to the rule, others can’t intervene, …..” Voice

“Nothing! Nothing! Misunderstanding is clear! Nothing!” Bibi said to the watch

“Is there any hurt you? ….. ah! Tell the car!” I fake my heart to them.

“No tight! I have long wanted to change it … Ha … haha!”

At this time, I found that the instructor was stealing in the control room next to the gate, until they got out … “What to do! What to do! What is you, you, you, you, you, and you? Muslim room! “

The school didn’t want to be alarming the police, so I didn’t have my gun, and we wrote a book, and it was not a gun in the future. In this way, my first design finished product was sent to the mechanical office by professional teacher …….

Later, the teacher told me privately, saying that my gun design is really good! Let me be cool for a few days!

As for the artillery, the fifth grade senior, told him a table to pay for us, and we also have a knowledgeable acceptance. Since then, no one dares to move people in our class.

Later, Apple knew this thing, stinking me.

She turned over her body, sleeping side …. I was brought back to reality, gently got up, went to the toilet to wash your face ………….

I walked from the toilet to the refrigerator, took a bottle of juice, sat quietly on the chair of the table, slowly recalling …..

What is she becomes “my woman” in what? ………

It is my second semester! ? One day before get out of class, Apple ran to find me, please help her directly under the school, or the final exam is coming, that school girl may even have a problem with “low and empty”. …..

I borrowed the key of the computer research agency to Bibi (he is a custody), I and Apple helped her school girl toned to six o’clock. The school girl will go first, let’s pack it …

“Apple, my neck is good! Help me press it?” She smiled and helped me massage …

“Ma Pan or a half set? Mr.!

After a while, I told her to pack things, she walked to the table in front to pack my book and her bag ….

In the evening of the summer, even more than six o’clock, the sunset is slow down, the golden rays sprinkles on her face, and the sun is passed through her white universities shirt, showing her curve exquisite. ……

She wrapped his waist and packed the magnetic sheet on the table, because she bent on the waist so she took the university suit narrow up, I saw her uniform thigh and white skin. With the golden sun, she makes her more disadvantageless charm, watching my heartbeat acceleration, the man’s organs have changed …….

I stood up, hugged her behind her, gently rub her ear’s neck with my nose, and then kissed her smooth neck, and his hands were unable to swim in her chest …..

“Why! Is spring arrived? Well!” She turned and looked at me.

In fact, we have long, there is a skin of the skin, but the level is different, we have always been to help each other to solve the other party, not I don’t want to “more in-depth contact” is just that she is “caught”, I have not Method, can you always use “strong”? But I am also very satisfied, but this time I decided to “turn out” ….

Because of the experience of past experience, the woman’s desire can be added with “accumulation method” … (I think is it ?!?)

I closed the shutters of the computer research agency, and the whole school is quiet …..

I heard the playground on the sound of the play, and the humming of the 嗡 …

There is a large piece of PU’s foam mat in the computer study, BIBI, they ran to this noon every noon, because the school installed the Taiwan coldness in order to be afraid of the computer “hot”, so it’s really stupid) The gymnastics team had a few pieces of mats to be placed here.

We lie on the mat and kissed each other. She and shoulders had a faint fragrance. Her face had her unique ruddy color. Under the emotion of golden sun, we all appeared unusually excited .. …

I bite her mouth with a white college shirt, the left hand unlocked her skirt, slowly pulling the zipper …

Show her girl’s special bra, and her body has a feeling of the young girl. Her breast is not very “wave”, but her body is a perfect match, I am strotable with her thin bra. Breast, tease her nipple with his fingers through the bra …

She squints, the breathing is slow, the body is not self-relocating, her hands are gently holding my head, let me be thin …..

I took off her narrow skirt and slowly took off her stockings. She only had one underwear left. She shyed her hands on the chest, under the sun’s dip, like a perfect artwork Let me forget that I am taking off my clothes, I have looked at her for a while, I will return to God ……..

I am very careful to take off the bra, I am afraid that I have hurt her, and she doesn’t fight …..

In fact, I have been wearing the “skin blind date” before I just love her, and she “masturbating” … No, it should be “her comfort”. I first saw her breasts. Her nipples were small and cute, and the size of the uli is like her nipple is so coordination. It is the masterpiece of God. …..

I gently contained her nipple, be careful, and the hand was gently stroked her breast.

I felt her excitement, but she didn’t dare to send a voice, and both hands grabbed my arm. My other hand explores her most mysterious forbidden to out.

Her face has played a burst of blush, gradually, her mouth has issued a conflict.

The exploration of the hand found that there is a liquid through the trousers to my hand, although I have not tasting. However, the “experience” of a voter in the previously watching A and BIBI, I learned that she is already “reaction” …..

I reached out of her underwear, she opened his eyes, pulled back with her hand, trying to keep her last defense … I gently kissed her, looked at her affection, she let go, Close your eyes, slowly say

“You have to be light, I heard that I will hurt, I am afraid of hurt!”

I finally broke through her last defense, my army is about to occupy her ………..

I extended the trembling hand and took off her underwear, and took off my underwear. Now we are really frank meet. We hugged like a glue, she began to kiss me gently, her hand slowly stroked on me.

I gently turned over and slept, I separate her thigh, holding hard meat stick with hands, crushing her mouth, didn’t enter, and she is very afraid, always shook his head, two hands have been Take me …

I have been trying a lot of time, I still can’t take a smooth “occupation” she …..

Suddenly, Bibi once said that “We have always thought that the woman’s vagina is parallel to the body, in fact, it is behind the front direction to the rear”

I suddenly realized that the original “incident” is incorrect, so it is not allowed to enter, I put the erect’s meat stick into one angle to put the glans in the hole, press the body …

My meat stick is inserted into the end. She is warm enough to compress me, her soft inner wall is pressing me, an unshireful pleasure rushed into my head, in the same time, back on the back Come…..

While I entered her “Thin Film”, she felt the pain of the flesh, and the hands of my hands were fighting, and then the hands were chaos, I noticed that her eyes were vague tears ….. …

“Hao pain! …. good pain! …. I don’t want …. Don’t …”

It is the same as BIBI …. then? …correct! Continue to move, she will slowly have fun, think of BIBI’s “teaching”.

So I started slowly, she gradually disappeared with my painful expression, my face paindiary …. I am strive to save, she is very excited, I don’t dare to make a sound, I slowly It was found that she was originally not slippery, and her breathing became more and more urgent with my actions.

I took a long time, I didn’t have any skill. I didn’t have any skill. I remember that when Bibi said, I immediately put it out immediately, and I compress the grip of the gantlay.

So I also take the book, once the crisis once, I have passed through the crisis, suddenly she has a strange reaction, the hands of the double hand, I am strange “For so long, it should not hurt!” At this time, she A bursary of contractions in the body, came from us, a burst of meat stick …..

Crap! Can’t stop …

My semen shot from the glans, a thrill of shockingly occupies my head, I can’t hear any other sound, the meat stick cannot be controlled, and the semen is like a seawater collapse in her body. …..

When we took a break, I took it out of the paper in her bag, wiped off the semen that was not like in her body.

I found that there is a blood of her “falling” on the PU mat …

The sky is completely dark, we have to go home with the nervous mood of the breeze …….

Later, because I was shot in her body, we worried about a month, it’s okay …

“What are you thinking? So concentrate?” She woke up, seeing me sitting on the chair in the table.

“Ah ?!? … Nothing …. You wake up!”

“My clothes are broken by you!” She said, with her bra with her bra. “

I saw, the hook on her strap was bent by me …

I went to the toolbox to take the sharp pliers to pull the hook, I thought “I am so rude?”

She went back to her clothes to take a look, see me.

“What’s wrong? The old friend meets, don’t you ask me to go?” “Oh! More than 12 o’clock, let’s go eat!”

In this way, we sat at night at the Western restaurant, we said a lot, from the past school, talk about their work, and every time I am happy to talk about my Lan (now my girlfriend) Her face always has a touch of mourning …

“You seem to … I really like her?”

We have focused on a while, I slowly told the blue in my mind ….

“She is a very gentle and happy woman, understanding people, burning a good dish, will do clothes! She is accompanied by me when I am more frustrated …..”

“When are you most frustrated? When is it?”

“Ask you! What time you know!”

She lowered his head, without any movement for a long time ……..

“Let’s go back! I am tired” she lowered her head.

So we returned to my accommodation, just at this night, she sleepers, I slept on the sofa ………..

In the night, she was crying, and I didn’t hear it.

Monday morning, I invited a half-day holiday, take her to repair the car. Then leave each other’s business card and return to the respective world ……..

Back to the office, open the door … God! Another pile of files [email protected] # $% * &! …Ugh! …this is life

“Dudwin …, Xu Chi, Sixth Telephone, is a girl!” Table phone came from the secretary Amy’s voice …

“Know! Come in! War inspire you don’t qur.!” ….

I think in my heart, who is it? Is it a Lan or Apple? Insurance is a little! pick up the phone..

“Hey? I am Xu Zheng”

“Stinky egg! You ran around yesterday, I couldn’t find you, hurting that I made a table yesterday, no one helped me to eat!”

“Sorry! Saturday overtime to 12 o’clock, the car has a little small situation, so sleeping is late ..” In order not to make Lan Shengqi, only Sad lying

“Then I will punish you today to my house for a night, take me to eat, go to Yang Ming Mountain to see the night scene, and …”

“Good! … Good! … all promise you, don’t be angry!”

She happily hangned, I was scared to sweat, because I didn’t lie, I didn’t deceive her, just the “accident” on the night before, let me have a sin, I really shouldn’t be cheated. ….. Everything only blames me too “Chicken” …

“Dud …., Xu Chi, first-line telephone, also a girl!” The table came to Amy’s voice …

“Okay! Okay! Pick up!”

“Hey? I am Xu Zheng, hello!”

“It’s me, Apple …” day! Said Cao Cao, Cao Cao arrived

“Oh! Hello ….. Is there something? …” I am a bit humility to answer her

“Thank you for your stay …. Thank you!, I …. I …., our company has a wine in Hyatt Hotel today, you … Do you have any empty …..”

“I am very sorry, I have promised to go to Lan, there may be no way, next time!”

“Oh! … that …. that is nothing, BYE!”

After get off work, on the way to the Lanhejia, after the Hyatt Hotel, I saw a white march on the gate, a familiar figure is moving. …..

After I saw it, he hesitated, and his heart has a idea ………

Foot off the brake, depress the throttle, toward the blue arms flew ………….

Along the way, the brain constantly emerge in the past before school, and now lives in Portland, and bit by bit, just pull away from the war in exchanging my mind …..

APPLE and how I broke up, and now I still do not know, I just know that we really had a romantic life, it was once the envy of everyone on campus fairy companion …. until I came back from success Ridge one day, she suddenly told me that she always felt like something is missing between us, she wanted to be alone for some time …….

After that it will total loss, although in front of his classmates still a pistachio, but in the dead of night, there is always Lamo indescribable ……

And how do I know Hall? It is also a personality that I worship me “” Chicken “…..

I started playing “radio” from the special three is the average “sausage” I often be “submarine” (just like listening, I don’t like the words “, I still remember that day. A rainy weather ………..

It’s another rainy holiday, lazy to go out, T machine! , I picked up “Tommy”, press PTT …

“You Tai, 234” Nautilus “, please ask, nothing, online continuance, I” diving “go”

PS: 1. “234” is Yonghe’s postal area, is “sausage” to express its own position, and I live in Yonghe.

2. “Nautilus” is my desk number, is the name of a submarine in the United States, because it is not convenient to use their own name in an open environment, province “related units” please go to “Bubble Tea”.

On the one side, I listened to the topic of Friends, from “Tommy”, and until it was about two pm, suddenly came back and renewed signals ….

“Emergency .. Sea, emergency interval, online .. Friendship is .. No heard …”

I immediately picked up “Tommy” immediately.

“234 Parrot screw answers you, which one is you?”

“I am 107 swimming platform … Elephant, I am on the Golden Mountain South Road Viaduct … See together … car accident, three in one, some people hang … please friend,” “

I immediately try to confirm 144.86 Taipei Taiwan. Sure enough, there are other “swimming platforms” to return this situation. I will report the case to 110, return to the room, at this time, I came out of Yonghe Yongtai, which was “Tommy” …

“234 friends, please pay attention, 234 friends should pay attention, 144.86 now requires several people, there is willing, please go out …”

So I and they were on a crossroads, and they were stored by Friends of the car after the meeting.

As soon as the scene, the three cars picked …. It turns out that “three in one” is this meaning, a taxi between a truck and a bus, there is driving and two female passengers on the car, there is a color , But consciousness …..

From the experienced old friend, I only have the most “dishes” only to command traffic, and watching the friendship and saving people, my girlfriend is trying to stabilize the injured. …

After half an hour, the police arrived, people were saved, and we followed the last ambulance to Taiwan, and the friendships of Friends, and the “heroic” behavior, let me have an inexplicable achievement. Feeling and joy …

The team has joined several red lights, as well as police cars, finally went to the emergency room of the Taiwan University Hospital, lifting the two injured by the stretcher, I noticed that there was a girl, she hangs on her pale face. I don’t know what the gods, she seems to have only traumatic, and the other seems to be more serious ………

Note: 1. “Tommy” is the common name of “Talk MIC.” Is the microphone of radio spokes.

2. “144.86” is a channel of 144.860 MHz, a channel of a “sausage”, which is recognized in the “sausage”, usually the situation in which the situation of Zhongshan Expressway is mainly.

Looking at the medical staff put the two injured people, a bunch of people were busy, looking at a tiredness, even fell asleep on the chair (maybe it is too tired …. ..). . Z. . Z. . Z

Suddenly, someone woke me up, I opened my eyes and was a nurse ….

“Sir, are you the family of injured?”

“No .. No, I am a person who saves the team.”

She is going to another person asking the same question ………

I got up, walked to a bunch of doctors and nurses, vague heard that they were discussing, if one of them needed to open the knife, but Taiwan University is carrying out a big surgery, and I can’t adjust enough B-type blood, I will Insert the words …..

“Do you need a B-type blood? How much?”

One of the women who have a very short hair have taken me, just say

“Yeah! Even if you can donate blood, it is not enough!”

“It doesn’t matter, I will find a way!”

I returned to the place where the rescue team gathered, one of them wakes them, asked by one, the only B type in the player is a girlfriend table, the weight is insufficient, can’t donate blood, then I am inherestable to touch the waist. Mobile phone, suddenly light, run to Taiwan’s top floor, pull out the telescopic antenna, go to the channel I often t, to the big Taipei …..

“Emergency interval, emergency interval, friends, I am 234” Nautilus “, now there is an urgent need for B-type blood, urgently needing B-type blood, please go online, friends, friends, you Ru, please, please, please, the phone is ….. “I am in the fifth of me. After the six channels, I returned to the emergency room, I thought about my heart along the way. I don’t know if my help is effective. If the blood is not enough, the injured doesn’t know if it can support it …

When I arrived in the emergency room, I was shocked. There were many people from the friendship from all over Taipei, and some people in the emergency room kept to verify that I was touched. Stand standing ……….

“Nautilus”! What to stay, come to help! “A rescue team called

The hair of the hair is very short (I called her a cool doctor), watching me, giving me a rim, I also got a gift, I went to help.

We will write down all the table numbers, orientations, common channels and phone numbers to donate blood. Later, there were more than one hundred and twenties, including Friends who refused to leave information …. ….

This incident has alarmed the high-level executive of Taiwan University, and later I also got a TV news!

Later, the injured person had a safe movement, and he was also recovered. Her father also had a few tables in “Haiwang” to thank these friends, because they insisted that they refused to collect a coy. …….. .

And Lan is the girl with the injured car, from now on, there is a sunny girl in my life ……..

The name of the blue Rulan is Yilan, to Taipei, live in a distant family, the relative has a daughter name with her, called Liu Xiaoyei (we call her Xiaoyei), and she just read the same school. On that day, they went to the taxi to go to Shilin, and there was an accident of “three in one” on the way …

Xiao Pei is the wounded by my “Zhaopian Tianxia”, so her dad is very good for me, so that her daughter has spent a flower, otherwise I will become his son-in-law …. .

Later, this whole thing I was still good to boast the apple ………

One turned into the place of stay, Xiao Peng and the Lan, “Baby” “baby”, “baby”, shocked me in the door …. Xiaofe’s father saw me more gave me a The embracing of “Yi Dili”, and the neighbors are often used to practice, and they are not blamed.

It also got a lot of vegetables again. After dinner, I sat in the chair and took a dozen minutes. Because it was too full … Hey … I took the Lan and Xiaoyei to go to the mother of Tianma. Tea chat, unconscious people think I enjoy the blessings of the people!

In the eleventh point, I sent Xiao Pei to go back, and the Lan is back to the residence of the peace East Road ….

After a while, after a rainy rain, she sat down, I was asleep, I looked at her quietly, and her face was more likely to be a good wife, the standard Little woman, it will be a family thing, don’t spend money, not to follow the popularity, her dress always has self-discussed style. This is my ideal wife ….

In love for five years, it should be given a manner …

In the morning, I went to work and then returned to my own office. When I took a break at noon, Amy was accompanying me to the jewelry store choice rings on Dunhua South Road, because I want to design the machine to be in the line, but I call me to choose a ring, I am a big outer line. . Amy’s boyfriend is a small opening of the jewelry store, so go to him, I hope to play a discount ….

I chose to marry her in the 25th birthday of Lan, and she nodded in the eyes of everyone. She took a few days, we went to pick up the cookie, watch the wedding dress, ready to be engaged. thing…

I opened the universal manual and saw the records above, (3/22 Lan Hui Yilan)

“Oh! .. Lan is going back to Yilan this morning, come back at night, I will go back to make up my things quickly …”

“Dud … beep …..” The phone on the table rang, and the heart is strange amy to go. I don’t answer the phone, look up and look at the clock.

It turned out that she got off work earned eight o’clock. I picked up the phone.

“Hey! What?”

“Excuse me … Is Xu Zheng?” I listen … is Apple

“Yes …. I am …… Are you something?”

“I am downstairs, can you come up?” …………

She is looking for the address on my business card, the elevator door opened, she walked in, the office of Noba has only our two, I noticed that her eyes were red, it seems to cry … .

I took her to the reception room, poured a cup of juice to her … “Do you have anything?”

“How, the old friend is not good to find you to spit hard, don’t you welcome?”

“No .. No, just suddenly …..”

She slowly told me that she worked on the problem, her feelings, she said she missed the days of us, she regretted that she left me because she loved to play, she left me …

Then hold me, I will push her hard, she can’t believe that I will push her, and I don’t think about her …. I pulled my clothes, watching her ….

“I want to be married to the blue, please follow you”

“Engagement ….. you have to engage …..”

She seems to have suddenly fallen into the dead-like crazy, the continuous beat is from …. Suddenly, she is like what means to catch me. …

“It doesn’t matter, I don’t think of the name, I will not go to your home, I don’t need you to support me, I just ask me to let me be with you, so I am afraid that one day is only one day, I don’t think about it … I Really regretted … “

She hugged me again, but this time is very powerful, I don’t dare to blink her, afraid to hurt her ….

“Apple, don’t be stupid, we are impossible, what is this, why bother? …. and you don’t have a very good boyfriend? Do you have a good relationship is right .. “

But she didn’t seem to listen to me, began to touch me, the tip of the tongue, the tip of the tongue, unlocked her shirt, she didn’t wear underwear, and at the same time, she took off her skirt. She didn’t wear underwear ……..

She is clearly planned …….

She pulled up my hand, caress her self, I constantly said “No! We are impossible!” She did not move, continue to move …..

She pushed me on the ground, sat on me, opened the zipper on my trousers, pulled out my meat stick, with your mouth to use her tightening red lips to make my meat stick, hand With the up and down movement …

A burst of pleasure came from the meat stick, my will start shaking …..

She is very technically stimulating my meat stick. My desire is gradually rising, and her other hand is constantly moving in my “taboo zone” …

Finally, the original response of human beings is not easy to control. I turned over to put her down, sucking her nipple with my mouth, my hands constantly stroked her breast, and her mouth has been rescuing …..

“Take me, enjoy me, don’t matter …”

I separate her legs, seeing her red hole out of the sparkling liquid, the labians waiting for the Zhang Heng ………

I hand hold the meat stick, and I am right to have a small hole ………

Suddenly I saw a red paper dropped on the ground …….

That is …. That is my order with the Lanxiian …

That paper is like spring thunder, awakens a confused person, a strong sin, I am hitting my heart. I am like an escape soldier who betrayed the country, constantly being condemned ……. ….

I hurriedly climbed up, wearing clothes, picking up the paper, caught carefully, received the leather bag …

She can’t believe in the change in my attitude, and I looked at me …

I picked up her clothes and lost her, faintly said.

“Put on your clothes! Here you have a strong air, you remember to take the door after you go.”

I walked out of the reception room, while I closed the door, I heard her crying in the door ………

Going back to the residence of the Heping East Road, Lanteen is sleeping, I will take a shower and climb the bed, think about the scene just now, my heart is thinking, I can’t help it. I will not be wrong again. “………….

Lan sleeping very well, I gently kissed her forehead, cover, sleep!

Back to the office in the morning, see the note left on the table

Xu Chi:

At 8:30, a Miss Miss Call came, please call! She said her actions on the phone.


I took the phone, considering it …, I hung it back, I lost the paper … Later, I told Amy. In addition to Lan to find me, the girl Call came to leave her. Word, I will return to Call again.

Apple hit several calls to find me, I haven’t returned ……..

I have been almost 7 o’clock in the afternoon, I will drive back to the residence. I saw a white march stopped at the door of the convenience store. I slowd down the license plate …. It is the apple car! ! …. She is waiting for me? Do I want to see her? …. I have considered it for a long time, I decided not to go back now, save the apple again …., then drive to the wooden grid cat to look at the stars, until 12 o’clock.

Going home, the elevator door opened, just saw a note on my door …

I took the paper and opened the door, opened the door, opened the light, and took the note on the bed and took a shower ……….

I took a shower, take a hair dryer, blow, and look at the paper.


Today, I will wait for you downstairs, see your car back, I will leave, I know that you are hiding me, I don’t mind! Later, I saw your Lamy’s big bag, I think is it probably to help you organize your home? She is beautiful than the photo, you have a very eye. You are engaged, very busy!

I have been waiting for you, I can’t wait for you, go back, bless you!


I thought, she finally died, but although I saw she still feeled, I just felt that we have passed the days!

“Beep ….. …..” The phone on the bed rang.

“Hey! Which one is looking for …. Which one is?”

It’s strange, the phone doesn’t talk, I am impatient to tell the microphone ..

“Hey! Which one is looking, I have to hang it again!”

The other party still doesn’t talk, I hang up the phone “neuropathy!” I didn’t have a good curse, blow the head, sleep in bed …

I don’t know if it is a few, I suddenly feel that someone walks in the house …..

I am looking at it in my heart, I will not be Lan! What do you do if you don’t sleep in more than half a night? But I want to be in addition to the landlord, only Lan has a key, so I said to the dark room ….

“Lan! Is it you?”

I want to get up and go, but I can’t move your hands and feet, a thought flashing my heart …..

“God! Is it a good brother coming in … Pressure?”

I am nervous, struggle with force, slowly discovering that it is tied up, I don’t want to have a gangster? I think that there is a cool, miserable! Crap! If the ghost is still good, it is bad! ! …..

why? Because if it is a ghost, I will just scare me, I will not hurt me, if it is a person, it can be different, even his benefactor, “people” may also be unfavorable to you ….. .

Suddenly, the slash, the lamp was opened, my eyes were unsatisfied by the dark environment could not open …

All the environment is unfavorable to me …

Slowly, my eyes are sunny to get it, and it is even …. is her, apple!

“How did you come in? Do you have a key?”

“I found a lockman, lie to him, said that I forgot to bring the key. He helped me open the door.” Her tone is very gentle, slowly come to me …

At this time, I noticed that she deliberately dressed up, wearing a white shirt, wearing a piece of red small blossoms in the face, there is a row of buckles in front, wearing a black Cowboy jacket, the face has a touching makeup.

I struggled again, or I can’t break free, I watched her.

“Is this you tied? Why?” I remembered it at this time, the phone in the evening must be played, she wants to determine if I am at home …

She is sitting on my body, then kneeling on me.

“I love you, the government! I want to preserve your Baby, but you have been refused to reject me, so I have …”

I heard it, God! What is this world! There is also this kind of thing!

“Apple! You want to be clear, I will definitely marry Lan, do you want children to be born? Don’t be stupid! This is unfair to you and your child!”

“It doesn’t matter! I will marry my present boyfriend after you have a baby. I will hurt our children. He will have Dad, as long as you don’t say, I don’t say, he will also put Baby loves him as a self! “

“How do you make sure I won’t say?”

She smiled “” You want your child to be abused, you said! “

God! Good trick …

She got up and took off the jacket on her body, and then immediately, I was tied to bed in her face, like a lamb-like helpless ………

She began to raise her hand, like masturbation, it is like to tease me, I will kneel on my own double milk! Then use your fingers through your own lips, she closed their eyes, like this is all ………

She reached out his tongue and gently rolled up her lips. Her hand loves her breasts, and the other hand takes her hairpin, and her long curly hair will add more.

She squatted and picked my ear with my tongue, then kissed my neck, shouted with her neck, and kissed me with her warm lips, and I didn’t welcome her, just stayed with her hand. ……

She sat up again, slowly a piece of unlocked her dress, then loved her own breasts again …..

She then took off his own shirt, revealing her white with lace, then took off her stockings …….

I tried my best to make my things don’t have the reaction, but I am not a saint, nor will Liu Xianhui, let alone her long is also a beautiful woman, the meat stick does not listen to the command.

She seems to know my physiological reaction, take off her bra, use her fingers to get rid of her nipple, she seems to have can’t stand this excitement, she pulled my pants, pulled out I am rushing to grind the ditch formed by her double milk …

A burst of pleasure passed into the mind, she looked at me, then accelerated the speed of friction …..

“Apple does this way, I am very uncomfortable …..” I said this, actually too stimulated ….

She grabbed my meat stick, contained in the mouth, tightened her lips, switched on my glans, then with the tongue, then with the hand up and down, she was very hard to absorb my meat stick, cheek concave Go, I can’t resist this pleasure, I can’t resist this pleasure …….

She released my meat stick, said softly in my ear.

“Policy, I love you! I really love you! Give me a Baby, give me!”

Then she took off her underwear, her red chopping hole rose excited, she adjusted the position, holding my meat stick, giving her own hole, be careful, but Didn’t go in. I am thinking, she must have not tried this way so I can’t enter …

At this time, a meat stick was immediately put into a warm and slippery place immediately. She also sent a groove.

“Ah! …., give me Baby, … give … I …”

She started slowly up and down, her hands on my arm, her cheeks rose, I suddenly thought that when she saw her, her face was also rusted, but it is a mother of the girl. Red…..

She began to speed up the speed, I slowly rushed away reason, and also with her movement, waisking ……..

Her whole people squatted on me, grabbed my shoulders in my hands, I used to move quickly, my actions were like the challenge of the enemy in the machine gun, and her 呻吟 came to the point, she Use all your strength to diaspire your waist …..

She began to have a unclear.

“Government! … I … Baby ….. I …..”

She is handled by her hand, the legs of the legs are straight, and a burst of shrinkage in the meat caught my meat stick again and again, I tried her, because the signal came from the meat stick told me! critical! ………..

But I didn’t expect that she immediately returned to God from the pleasure of the climax, clamping me with my legs, I won’t let me get her meat stick, in her body …….

Because from the previous Apple, they always calm down after the climax, I originally wanted to let Apple to the climax, saying that she still took the meat stick out when she was “afraid” …

what! Crap…..

My meat stick has strong injection in her meat, and I seem to have all the semen in general ….

Gradually, I was quilted from ejaculation, I found that she still squatted on me …….

“Apple, you have to give you, let me go!”

“I want to kneel again, increase the pregnancy, you will bear it for a while!”

God! Even the “increased pregnancy” is good, she is really …….

Slowly sleeping, I can’t sleep, I can’t sleep, I can’t sleep, I am asleep. ………

“Bell ……..” The ringtone of the alarm clock woke me up.

喔 ~ … full of pain, what happened last night, is it true, still dream? …….

Um …. Probably a dream! Good strange dream ……..

I got into the bathroom to brush your teeth, see yourself from the mirror, it seems to be the same as “returning”, suddenly I saw red scars on the wrist … I swayed, it turned out last night. ,it is true!

I went to work with messy thoughts. I am not in this whole day. Amy is coming in. I have a sign of the wrong place. I can’t call a few old customers, but Amy saw my disorder, I will take a long time to go back to rest for a long time.

I am lying on the bed, but I can’t sleep, I have been thinking about …. Apple really has, what should I do? How to tell Lan? Although the APPE voice says “he” will hurt Baby, but if the secret leaks Baby will be abuse?

However, after another, the note on the office table did not appear Apple’s name. As I was approached by my marriage, the gradually busy trivial matters made me almost forgot the matter …..

Until the first three days before the marriage …….

That day I just returned from the toilet to the office through Amy’s table, the phone was ringing, I saw Amy’s photographing room in the company’s photocopying room, so I lounged the phone ….

“Hey! Chief office, please find that?”

The microphone is silent for a long time …

“Government! Is me …..”

I heard the voices of Apple, just like being stamped, staying there ………..

I have been standing for a while, she first breaks the deadlock …

“I … I … wait for a while to do it, see if there is, you …. you …. Waiting for my good news!”

Then she hangs the phone, I walked back to the office to sit on the chair …

“Good … good news ?!? …., my child …”

I am fascinated by God, I have been arrogant until Amy, she saw me “show”, vigorously shake me …

“Hey! … Hey! ….. Back! …..

“Ah? …. Who is coming back!” I went back to God.

“You! .. You are back!” She went out and went out.

I opened the manual, today is April 28, from that night, now I am almost a month, I really have …. ??

I hurriedly figured out her business card and went to Apple’s company. Her colleague said she asked for a long time!

I played her actions and didn’t boot. I have been worried about her, but I have no echo!

Then I slipped out, ran to her door, waiting for her, sitting in the car, until I am tired, I am tired ……..

The next morning, because it is in the car, I slept my whole body pain, so I will climb up early, continue, wait ….

Eyes aiming at the clock on the car 06:05

Suddenly, her door opened, I watched my eyes, this …. this …, it seems to be her sister, I haven’t seen it for a long time, she grows up, it is too beautiful, I have The car went to her ….

Her sister wears a sportswear, it seems to be to do sports.

“Miss! You are early, may you be Yajuan! I am your sister friend …”

“You .. Who are you looking for? What are you doing?” She asked me very nervous.

This little Nizi! I used to pit me so many movies. I ate so much “McDonald’s”. I have been a few years, I don’t remember me, it is ….

“I am a classmate of her prior to her, from the southern part of the trip, to see her …” Since she doesn’t remember me, I will deceive her, save trouble …

“She didn’t go home yesterday! I don’t know …..”

I drive back to the company, watching the people in Taipei to come and go from the window, the sky …

More than ten o’clock, things are busy …….

“…” The special fax machine on the table issues the signal to be completed, and I don’t know who it is, what happens …

The paper came down and torn off, and I went out of my heart …..

“Well? .. 字 眼 眼 眼 眼 放 放 放 放 一 一 一 一 一 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 还 还 还 还 还 还 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了…

Look carefully, I was shocked ……………


In fact, I really loved you, when I was young and wanted to have fun and leave you, I do not expect you’ll forgive, but I have to tell you … welcomes last term of four special start, I can not go to work at night NS? So I know I have a big year-old boy, he did not drop out school, that he is the owner of the department store chain’s only son, he would play every day after get off work the car to take me out to play, I was young and ignorant, I think that is life. Though you are my first, I gave you everything, but maybe it is stupid! I’ll leave you groggy, I think this is the biggest mistake of my life now! Now, I have not qualified to ask you to accept me, I have no right to destroy your life ….. and blue now, as if God were not even punish me, I want you pregnant BABY can not, I yesterday went to check, the doctor said I can not get pregnant, I think I may get injured before when “his” children, I really deserve, I am now and my heart Hao Fan, mess, sister says you have to look for me in the morning, useless of!

Do not look for me, cherish your blue bar! Perhaps the swan song ….


I immediately called to her company ………

“Hey! I’m looking for weeks Yaping, does she do?”

“She is not, she is my colleague, I ask you ….”

“I’m her friend, I surnamed Xu, said she had to go there?”

“She took leave of absence, saying it was going to get some fresh air …… what a bad mood seemed to say .. tokens of love stone ..”

Tokens of love stone! ? That is where we had agreed to a lifetime, and it is the first time I kissed her place, I immediately called AMY for me to leave ……

Tokens of love stone, that is a big rock in the vicinity of the source dumb, when we go there to play a pedestrian ride, right on the stone, she promised me a kiss, officially became my girlfriend …. …

I rush off 405 on the Taipei-Ilan highway, fast cornering squeak tire issue, along with the curses of drivers of other vehicles on the cross, I Ilan branch ……

I do not know why, my heart has always disturbed thoughts

The car just had a habitat sprouts, suddenly, there are few cars, a red light flashing over me, I see close to the “Yilan County emergency relief association,” the word on their rear windshield

My heart began scared and took their car radio to channel …….

Radio came the news: a car rushed down the valley, near the site dumb ……..

God! APPLE will not fudge it!

At this point, there are emergency relief association several car over me, and I just followed behind them, all the way to overtaking ……….

The front is a dumb ……..

The dumb side of the road to stop a lot of emergency relief associations car, there may be a large crane near the engineering, is the elongation of the boom is hanging things, has long cable to sag into the valley ….. .

I parked the car, to the cranes that, see the roadside fence knocked a big gap, but the gap is next to our tokens of love stone ……

My number of heart there, and look at the ground and no brake marks ……….

Toss over one hour, cranes sudden movement, and began to put away the rope up, my heart is with the retractable cable tension gradually, with self-deception has been thinking about “just a coincidence …. coincidence, would not be APPLE’s … “

Car hanging up, and a distortion of the white MARCH, I saw hanging on the rear view mirror of the car, when I sent her a doll ……..

“Ah! … Poor pathetic beautiful woman Nanzi ….. Oh! …..”

I was killed by lightning-like shock, have been looking at the gap ………….

Today is APPLE’s funeral, I went to a garden Jinshan cemetery to see her, to see her far …..

Her tomb stood many people, her relatives now! There is also a young man cried a lot, is her current boyfriend now!

I have been to see her much until they’re gone, I walked past the light, presented her favorite sunflower, as I said before her like a sunflower, always toward the sun, she is always as bright as the sun!

I took out a harmonica, blowing when we first met I blow her songs to listen to: “Pingju”

Gradually, tears blurred my eyes, think back to the past, all sorts of ……

Finally, I said to her

“APPLE, you rest in peace! I forgive you, really! ….. forgive you ..”

I got into the car, looking in the rearview mirror of their own …..

Let’s go back! Yesterday is over ….. married tomorrow and blue

Started the car, I go home and go through the blue, came the radio, “Na Ying” song …

does not extend the relationship between us, no mutual possession claim ………

Day and night alternately not only exchange, we can not imagine each other’s space,

We still insist on standing in place, dividing each other into two worlds, you never understand

I am sad, like the black, like the night in the day, like the sun, I don’t understand the landscape of the moon …….

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