In the years, I have countless starting points, and my truly life starting point in the last year. One day, I didn’t hear the ringtone because I didn’t hear the ringtone when I didn’t hear it. I quickly wear a coat and outer pants, because I just dreamed that Wushan Yunyun, the underwear was throwing in the bed without being worn. I ran down the pants downstairs, the younger brother did not succeed, it was very stunned, and when I ran, I shaken it, and I kept shooting the skin, more inflation.

When I turned at the stairway, I suddenly came to my female class teacher. Since the speed is too fast, I can’t get a feet, the whole body hits. Ah, I flipped with the female class teacher, she was pressed under, and the chest was tightly posted on my little brother, hard. The class teacher did not react, but his eyes were deadly stared at the tall pants.

I fly jumped up, red face: “Sorry! You are fine! Class Director!”

“It doesn’t matter, but you should be careful next time.”

“Yes.” I low-headed, my heart wants the female class teacher, the perfect and full of physical people let people think about it, I didn’t find it.

The class teacher slowly stood up, ah, ah, soft, I hurriedly hugged her, but her chest is too huge, and I have a big brother from my chest, a shower from my hands.

“Do you really have something to do? Do you want to send you to the hospital?”

“No, just the feet, do you help me go to the class teacher dormitory?”

“Okay!” I immediately replied, tell the truth, I want to dream! It is so exciting class teacher.

My high gap with the class teacher is very big. I can only hold the class teacher in one hand, the arm is constantly rubbing with her chest, the class teacher seems to be weak, and the whole body is on me.

After the dormitory, I put the class teacher in bed, the class teacher took off his shoes, bent down and see his injuries. I secretly smashed the chest of the class, and the edge of her breast was squeezed by a white bra, like a yurt.

“Students, have you come to help me?”

“Okay.” I crouched in front of the class teacher, the eyes just gave a short skirt of the class, and the beauty of her account was in the eyes, and the red lace underwear was particularly calm. Deeply falling into the black and secluded ditch, the two petals pieces to the two sides, it seems to be there in the tiger mouth waiting for food, and the hair is thin and the volume is evenly distributed. My eyes are staring over, Ignore everything around.

“What are you watching?” The class teacher smiled and said that there is no blame for my rude move.

I stood up red face, low, and it is really difficult. Although there is passion in your heart, she is the class teacher! Why!

“What is the stupid stand? Come and help me apply some ointment.” The class teacher said that the upper dress is rolled, revealing a white skin. I took the ointment, with my fingers, gently smashed her skin, then slowly blowing gas.

“The class teacher is comfortable?” “” Ah …, you so itchy! “Said that the bad twists his body.

“Oh! Class teacher, you seem to be red, do you want to apply it?”

“Of course, how is it!”

I set off the clothes in front of the class teacher, and she attacked her body immediately before. The tapped double breast under the wrap of the bra, it seems very full, although countless times in the dream, but in the face of reality, it is still aware of it.

I gently stroked around the breasts around the class, and the class teacher closed his eyes, it seems to be asleep. I tried to extend my fingers to the edge of the bra, press it, the class teacher still has no meaning, but the body is shaking. Under the silent encouragement of the class teacher, my courage is getting bigger, the fingers slowly reach into the bra, constantly gently, when the finger encounters the nipple, it has become very hard, I put it hard.

“Ah …” The class teacher is light. “How do you pinch my nipple!”

“I thought it was a stone! Class teacher, do you take this small dress? In the case, I will see it clearly, I won’t make you hurt you.”

“What is it, don’t you even understand the woman’s body structure, the next class teacher teaches you! Then you will help me take off!”

“Intercourage, I started to learn at 3 years old.” I laughed in my heart.

I unlocked the button, and the bra started to do free fall, and slowly. The hill has finally exposed the true face of Lushan. Although I lost the bra’s support, I didn’t fall down. The whole steamed bun was very in front of it. The white skin was like a hillside behind the snow, and a chain-like nipple was inserted, adding a few points, a bit of color. “The class teacher, your grandmother has a little especially redness, my mother said that I will take a little better.”

“Oh … well! But don’t bite it!”

I have a breast in my hands, deeply sucking, really beautiful! The body of the class teacher has a bit trembled, and there is red dizziness on his face, and the eyes are slightly closed, and the sweat is oozing from the skin of the perfume. I slowly increase the attack, my mouth is used, and the tongue of the class is kept in the mouth. It seems to be looking for anything, holding the quilt tightly, and the two legs are constantly rubbing each other.

I saw this beauty couldn’t let go of the hand, and I stayed at the class teacher, and I was in the heart of Jiangchuan. The class teacher saw me stopped, pinching his nipple with his hand, staring at me dead, revealing a “killing”, she hesitated, stand up, pulled me to bed, I will hot The tongue reached into my mouth, and the hand brought my trousers, holding the younger brother.

The wilderness of the class was finally reached. The original concern was eliminated. I grabbed my tits. I took the tongue, and my tongue took the initiative to return to her. The hands of the class teacher is not idle, open my pants, the little brother jumps out, shakes, the eyes of the class are great, staying for a few seconds. Men’s pride!

“So big …” After finishing the two small hands, holding the meat stick, Zhang opened the first mouth, and swallowed the meat stick, repeatedly. When the class teacher swallowed again, my hips were tied, the glans were topped in the throat, and a rapid flow was like her esophagus. The class teacher slammed his head, and he couldn’t hold it, and his face rose red servant.

“Really …” said that I started to licked the little brother, my heartbeat was 200 times at least every minute.

“Well … En …” The breathing of the class teacher gradually started, and it was constantly deepened.

My hand inserted into her skirt, the underwear is already wet, and the hand is covered with and hot prostitution. Drease the skirt, through the wet thin cotton underwear, the ethereal scenery is slightly clear, or the first time I face this real outward. I gently licked a bite, it was as fresh, although some smell.

I can’t wait to pick up the underwear, my mouth is deeply absorbed by the canyon, and I still use the tongue to pick the clitoris, and a shares of the shares are ejected. In my mouth, I have a drunk.

“Small classmates … you … you are fast … plug … Go in … Class Director … I can’t stand it …!” The class teacher twisted the bitter body, grabbed the little brother to her sin. I didn’t cooperate, just dial her foreign house with your fingers.

“I … I don’t … …!” The class teacher is rolling, putting me under the body, holding the big meat stick to sit down.

“Oh …” The class teacher has snorted. The glans is topped on the uterus, and the little brother is almost fractured, and the prostitution of the class is really unsightly.

She is doing up and down on me. I can only cooperate inadvertently. After all, I don’t know the door, and then I think that I will lose my men’s body to the Wolf teacher, and I don’t have some sadness in my heart.

The class teacher is high, the hips are so angry, and the vagina’s vagina is not returned, and the frictional strength of the little brother is getting bigger and bigger. It is probably the crude vagina’s vagina is extremely Contract, as the temperature increases, the little brother has increased, and the flow rate of blood climbed. At this time, the class teacher seems to be a bit tired. The big mouth gasped is inert, and it is full of sweat, and the speed is significantly reduced, and my sexual desire has just begun.

“Ah … ah ………. Classmates … Shu … service …?”

“Well!” I should have a slap in the body, and a fierce slutty, the class teacher’s prostitute has evaporated, but there is new constantly added, really No dry spring!

“Ah … ah … small … classmates … you ………… is … I am … I can’t …!”

I am full of my brothers in my heart. After a while, suddenly, suddenly the little brother was sour, and the body was slammed in the magic gave of the class, and the whole body was soft, the whole body was scattered in bed. After all, it is the first actual combat, no experience, and it’s fierce.

“Don’t! Don’t be ah! … I will be pregnant.” The class teacher is screaming.

“Class teacher! Why?” After that, the class teacher ran into the bathroom and then came from you.

I poured into my dreams on the bed.

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