For a while I met with a female colleague of the company to Shanghai. Her name is Asan, I have been around for a long time.

Older two, three years old, with five feet one, two inch. Although it is not a beautiful, it is the so-called: the second eight unusageless women, it is also going to go. Unfortunately, she always wears a black rubber frame of the pair of coarse, the clothes are both old, and they don’t understand makeup, and the soil is like a old aunt. How do you know how it is, because she is very close, and it is always wearing a suit shirt, and wearing a skirt; I want to see that she is almost impossible.

It will take half a year in this case. There is no one is willing to go, saying that it is a military plug and there is no beauty! snort! Dictionary is for it. it is good! I come! (In fact, I only greedno the rich speech, and I just turned over with my girlfriend, just as a calm!) Asa thought that I was not flat for her, thank you.

We arrived in Shanghai’s company dormitory. (There is actually a good service-style home!) The dormitory is a separate unit with two suites. I have a room with Ash. I … of course is willing to live in the same room with her …

If she doesn’t mind. But … this is of course impossible!

In the days of business trips, everyone will go early together, and go to work in the same plant, and have dinner in the factory in the factory. Seriously, it is a bit like two couples. But it is a decline in marriage, and it is also the one that is transparent. Because Asa will go back to the dormitory, it will close the door and lock yourself inside.

In fact, Asa is very cool, although it is slightly. After we are taught, sometimes I will eat her “tofu” and oil. In addition to the red and red avoided, she didn’t turn over. I didn’t dare to play too much, and sometimes I also saw her long-distance calls back to Hong Kong, as if I was “reported” to my boyfriend. But sometimes I stepped by side attack, she said that she had no boyfriend, still “Minghua Not Lord”. But her appearance seems to be with my old girlfriend, still want to count!

We are so flat for two months. One night, I just went to bed, but I turned it over, and I couldn’t sleep. Recalling the situation when you are with your old girlfriend, she is really sophisticated in the bed. I can’t help but wake up the younger brother to “fight the plane”. I want to go back to Hong Kong this time, I must take back her heart.

Who knows that sudden call is ringing, it is Ashi. She said that the computer was not hung for no reason, and her information on the whole day was not archived, so she didn’t dare to turn it off and to save.

I want to sleep anyway, so I immediately climbed the past her room to help.

Open the door, open the door, it is a door without glasses, wearing white T-Shirt (glance, I haven’t wear a bra, because the two points of the chest are bleached), the beauty of the bike trousers, make me board I am bright in front of you. When I didn’t wear glasses, I was so beautiful when I didn’t wear glasses; and the body was still good. (I see her chest circumference at least 34 吋! And only there is not much less!) The morning knows the early pursuit of her, it is really eye-catching!

Asa is a little accident, “How can you be so fast?”

I entered the house, I saw a few under underwear on her bed, and Asa horses were red, and they lid them under the quilt. I am actually swallowing, but of course I can’t let her know! But her underwear style, I hope that I have already been on the chest. Well! She is wearing a CK brand’s sports bra, and the underwear is also a string. Ugh! Wearing this style, how good, it is also necessary to collect denseness. No wonder the company’s colleagues, even the boss got eyes, I am lucky in this time!

Asa said sorry to me, I have to come over to help so late. I quickly said: “Everyone is a colleague, and the beauty is life, what is my life?” She listened to the pretty red, like an apple, I really want to swallow her in the belly.

So I started to check my computer for her! It turns out that just press the wrong button! I installed the model, I played a very serious look, scared her. I took the small opponent to teach her such as her breast. Huh? Straight stretch! Such a look at almost one hour is finally completed! (In fact, you should fix it in two minutes!)

“Too good!” She saw the normal picture, and happy, I jumped. But she immediately woke up, so she was red and red. I saw that she was really red. Just now, everyone is busy repairing the computer. It turns out that she has flowed a sweat; she is even more mixed, and the clothes on my body have become a bit transparent. My little brother is the most frank, and I will have a tribute to the automatic standing. Asan saw my reaction, looking down his clothes, watching “Wow” called, and immediately ran into the bathroom. I went to the bathroom, I secretly picked up her unhoeined milk, underwear and hermeal trousers.

Heart, a female fragrance! I quickly secretly took a panties.

Asa passed, I went out of the bathroom for a while, but I have already put a bathrobe. I have an apology: “Sorry! It’s too beautiful, I can’t control it, but I am not malicious!” She said that he didn’t matter, but I would like to help her. (In fact, I should thank her!)

I went back to the room, I couldn’t help but take her underwear to “fight the plane” …

After that night, we were familiar with it and more speaking. She sometimes wear a very casual to my room, sometimes by me to her room. It turns out that she really has a very stable boyfriend, and it is from Xiao Qingmei. But I heard, she is not very like the boy, the relationship between the two is more responsibility than feelings. I also complained to her, saying how my girlfriend was so brutal, she also had a deep sympathy.

We have been quite a consolidation, and we have a sense of hate.

I thought, in fact, do we do two not more? But I don’t know how to open. I want to “on” her, in fact, she may not necessarily. However, if you try to start the road, I believe it will be difficult. She will not betray her boyfriend. unless….

I have to go back to Hong Kong a week, I don’t do it anymore, there is no chance. So I went to find a familiar manufacturer in the afternoon, and I have discussed him. (She said that these drugs are very easy to buy in the mainland!). That night, I lied to her and said that I have a birthday, about her for dinner in a five-star hotel, she is very happy, she is still selling a skirt for me. I was booked in the hotel in the morning, and I also opened a branch. She opened her eyes, and she didn’t tried such romantic when she said and her boyfriend.

I didn’t pay attention, I got a little medicine in her cup. After she drunk, she started to have some red and asthma. I will help her back to the dormitory. She is hot as a fire, and her eyes are like a silk, and the whole body is weak.

Of course, take the opportunity to have oil.

Go back to the room, I put her on the bed. The first thing is to take off her nasty glasses and reply to the beautiful face. Then, she will neat her dress and take off her skirt. At this time, she began to reply to a little perception, and he was saying not! do not do that! I can’t hear her, and I used her hand, and my hand was hung by her waist, changed her breast, and she couldn’t get on the time. I immediately set off her vest, directly grabbed on her breast (inside, it is vacuum). Her chest is big and strong, and the elasticity is full. Her resistance began to weaken, and finally I was fainting in me.

I slowly pose her, put on the center of the bed. And the situation will take off the vest that has already set off, put her “big” shape on the bed. Then put her legs, I plan to take her white small underwear.

However, her leg is really beautiful … it is not released. I hugged her leg and I kissed a big wheel, and slowly took her off. A beautiful body finally showed his eyes. (It turns out that she cuts the Mao Mao. It is neat!). And on the right side of her, near the waist, that is, below the pussy, there is a red scorpion.

I quickly took myself to clear myself, and then climbed her body and kissed again, and her skin was white and a smooth, and the taste was first.

Her ass and chest is the same, really do not have to be Bo Zhong, good fortune! I first turned her, playing a round behind her, after the hand of your hand, I flipped her, changed to the front attack. Her breast is really strong, the nipple is still pink, definitely not to be played by many people; the waist is breptical, I just got it. Although the body is not high, the proportion of the legs is quite well, it is really “super positive point”!

I started again, and the double-worked attacked her below. Start by the thigh, have been going to her little sister. I first tested with my fingers. Her little sister really powder is narrow, will not still “virgin pig”?

I have three or two, she already seems like a fountain, and the flow of nectar is crazy. Waste is not a good habit, I bowed down on her petals, put her nectar. At this time, she has awakened, but it is already unknown, but it is constantly tall with little butt, like worried that I have enough efforts to eat. I can’t help but go to horses! I took my pillow in her waist, and my hands were great, and the position of her thigh was touched. First grind in her mouth, put her, I’m going to make her breath. The leaked nectar wets the entire pillow, and the little sister is still unheatched. I saw the opportunity to mature, and I took a breath, and I wanted to go in. But … can’t! Because it is too narrow! Although she has painted tears, I only know how to catch my head and shake my head; but I can only force the glarets. I think: “Not so luck, let me cut a lot for her?” So again, step forward; but inserted, I can’t feel how to open the mountain! I finally didn’t know unconsciously. At this time, she knows that the big mouth is getting breathing.

Her vagina is very shallow, although I am not very long, but it is easy to have it, and there is still a little less. I am very urgent to take the meat stick and see it, I didn’t see it! My experience tells me that her woman has been broken by others, but the number of times being played should be not much. Although I feel a bit of a pity, I am fortunate to come to a big beauty, what can I still ask? Is she not a matter of a woman.

I know that she is not a woman, my sin is almost alleviated, and she can enjoy her. So I kissed her tears. Then put the meat stick slowly to the hole, and vigorously insert it. Every time you plieve it. Almost fainting her body trembling. I used my best to do my best, I finally opened her uterine mouth. The whole glans rushed in and was hoaked tightly, it’s really cool! I stopped and slowly enjoyed a while.

(In fact, take a break, otherwise I can’t help but launch!)

After a break, I finally returned to the breath. Let me see Asa, which is that she is even more unhappy, and it is excited to faint. (May it be dilled?) I kissed her again, she slowly waking up. I saw her okay, so I once again launched a violent offensive, not only inserted into the end, but also forced her squid mouth (uterine mouth), put the whole meat stick. Asan has no power, only the loud sound of the sky, giving me a fainting a few times.

The vagina’s vagina is very narrow, it is really very good! Of course, I have not ignored it, and my hands are constantly taking her breasts, and I kissed her cherry and the powder neck, really want to die.

Inserted for about half a hour, almost the whole piece of bed is wet, and Asa has doubled his eyes, and it is more fainted. And I finally couldn’t help but break out. Only inserting a few times, then hard to open her squid mouth, shot the children into her uterus. She shook me when she was boarded, and she was desperately tightened. I climbed her body, two people constantly gasped. I even didn’t pull out. After the meat stick softened, it was automatically forced by her little sister.

After a while, I was going to “Ming Jinzhu”, but saw her white snow, sliding of jade and buttocks. I want to have passed tonight, I will not have a chance to come again! If it is no longer a time now, isn’t it too stupid?

it is good! Come to a plum! This time I have to insert her ass. The front in front has been paid first, how can it be riddled by my meat stick? When it was late, at that time, my little brother has been dragon and tigers. So I looked at her and kept kiss, and Asan had already mixed and weak me. I flipped her, kissed her little butt and swollen lip. She is also a fresh pink, like a chrysanthemum, and is very clean, and there is no smell. However, it is always too dry, so I first took some of her little sister, dig some essence I am previously shot, apply it in her chrysanthemum bud!哗! It’s really tight, almost even the finger is also inciting.

She certainly knows what I think, but also ask me to stop. I ignore her, find a pillow to put her butt mat, then use the finger to insert a round, after the palm is loose, I started to use the meat stick. I hurry her ass, I don’t let her twist, then plug it. “Bu”, really “Bu”, the glans will be forced. Heart, really tight! Almost be clamped! I have never tried so cool! Asan is so fainting. I will continue to insert in, and the result is that it is mixed to be sweaty, in order to insert the whole meat stick. I am enjoying (rest)

After a while, I started again to attack. I grabbed her butt and desperately, inserted her incense and torn, but also bleeding. I am afraid that she will “incontinence” in the future, and I am almost the same; so I will plug it again, take the meat stick out, “back in the back of her white snow.” After she woke up, like a kitten like a small cryasty whispering in my chest. I certainly install it very regret. Say because she is too beautiful, I can’t control myself. It’s gentle to kiss her, and after a while, she is tireless.

The next morning, I just wake up and felt her twisting in my chest. It turned out that she was sleeping at her last night. She couldn’t move my arm, but I didn’t dare to wake me up. So it plauded around my chest. Because I just woke up, my little brother is of course tall. I saw her hanging down his head; be sure to don’t pass this big stick, can you put into your little sister? Or is it more than the guy who compares me and who takes her woman?

I will continue to sleep. She is bored, and she reached out to touch my meat stick.哗! Her little hand is soft and tender, and my little brother is almost exploded. I only desperately endure, how to know her, still in the up and down.哗! I can’t bear it, I will hold her, I will come over the bow hard. She was shocked by me, but I immediately smoked the little sister with my hand. It turned out because I was too hard last night, and she got her now! I checked her little sister, hey! It’s really red and swollen.

I finished the little brother who had a vow didn’t bow, asked her what to do? Asa heed for a while, he was red and red, and asked me if I used my mouth? I am! Of course, it is in favor! So she climbed down and slowly covered my meat stick. Her mouth skills really have a lot of rookie, certainly have never contracted others. But under my follow-up, she quickly mastered the secret of boast. I used her little mouth as a little sister’s throduction, and I couldn’t help but explode in her mouth. She didn’t know what happened, and I stayed to spray it to the whole surface.

I immediately took the paper for her or smeared: If I left her bad impression, it is difficult to ask her anymore.

That day is Sunday, we don’t have to go to work, let her take a good day. Otherwise, I am really worried that she will become a problem.

She told me that her virgin was taken one night before a business trip, and his boyfriend said to be separated for half a year. I am afraid that she has changed the heart in the middle, so I have to order some Jinyun Yun. Asan said that although there is a little right for him, he is not \ r, but since even the first night has already paid him, it is also compensated for him. And she finds that I still like me, so she didn’t regret her half a bit half of it.

I really like her very much. I used to know that she was so beautiful; now she knows that she is a big beauty, but also fresh and tender. it is good! Decided to change the painting, no longer flowers to recover the old girlfriend.

Then, I kept open her fresh and tender body.

After returning to Hong Kong, we will be dragged, and Asa will reply to the beautiful image, which makes the company’s class color.

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