There is also four or five years, and it has not been found to have a parent of my two girlfriends and students until now. Because this secret is already in my heart, I really want to share with people, but I am afraid of the east window. So I really want to tell this path, tell this secret, no one knows me anyway! dont you agree? !

The owner of the incident is my first tutorial student. I was a mid-four science student. In order to have more money to play with my girlfriend in school, she is also a beautiful person, unfortunately, I have not over her. Therefore, I took a single tutor. She is a third-grade girl in elementary school. Don’t think that my metamorphosis from the third grade sister is also on, the story will continue.名 雯.

Because her mother is afraid that her mathematics grades can’t keep the sixth grade learning test, I will ask her to make a tutor to make up the mathematics, so I can give her a middle school.

I first heard her mother said so, I really admire her vision, actually started the future of the daughter in the third grade of elementary school!

However, for the people who I just want to make a meal, I don’t have anything, as long as I go on time, I am enough to squander.

In this way, I will be a teacher!

In fact, the homework in the third grade of primary schools, there is no difficulties to me. But she has made me labor, every time I have a new teach, the second bite, I have forgotten the two net but I am talking about her, but I remember one Qing Dich! The homework is not paid, and the school homework is often used as an excuse!

I am too lazy to work with her to give up the attitude. In addition to the exam, what happened? But odd, she takes the unnecessary spirit of “Lin Yu Buddha”, and I also get a good grade every time! In this way, I have to pay attention to the attitude, and I also give her a few famous middle schools. On the night, her mother opened her heart to eat in her home, shark’s wings, and seafood!

After she came to school, she may find her achievements and people, so I started to study, and I will give her homework every time. I have a lot of experience in class. Although, when I taught her to do a number while I chatted with me, or asked my university’s life, I have already admitted to a university, although I don’t want to be subject, but fake and fake land is also a college student. Enjoy college life! And I have already changed my second girlfriend! .

I am also easy to go to class!

It was this year, I found that the previous ugly ducklings were now slim.

She is 13 years old, there should be 145 cm for a Chinese student. It has been high. I have never paying attention to the chest. Now I have begun to show women’s characteristics, slightly protruding, even looking like radish calms, It has also begun to reveal the beauty of the beauty curve. Lining the round ass, the beautiful bee waist, a beautiful skeleton. I watched the face with her mother, forgot to tell you, her mother is also a beautiful, tender skin, sometimes I want to go, I can’t hear it!

Unfortunately, I have a girlfriend, and she is not the type of girl I like. Otherwise I will definitely chase her. But appreciate the beauty is the nature of people, I can’t excera way!

After a few times, she also found my disappearance. Since then, we seem to have a negative membrane. She is no longer like playing with me before, every time it is easy to face, and even talk. I also know that I can’t go anymore, I’m doing my heart, just think about it. It’s hard to have a year. She also raised the second grade in the fourth place in the fourth place.

During this period, our relationship seems to go back to her elementary school. Sometimes, when you have forgotten, your body’s contact is no. I have encountered such a situation before, and we are not a matter. But now it is a bit different. Whenever I encounter this situation, I also feel that she seems to have a electricity, and immediately pop it out, and I immediately return to the book.

At this time, I just broke up with the second girlfriend, and my mood fell to the ice point. Just replaced her tutoring, I can’t afford it! She also knows my pain, so I am very well-behaved when I am in class. I have not to worry. But at the same time, it seems sad for my love, people have become silent.

That is, her father has added a computer for her. And put it in her room. Because she is the first computer, I feel very fresh. People are also active. From time to time, I will teach her after class. And I also didn’t take her.

Many times, I left a few hours, taught her to use this, teach her. Also taught her to install a software. That time, I really gave me so many days later, I only knew that the computer asked her father to buy, the purpose is to stay with me, lest me for a long time. At that time, I left her home to buy a drunk near her home until the bar hit. It turned out that she had seen my wine and didn’t want me to get yourself, so I wanted this method to keep me. My relationship with her is because of this computer.

In a hot dusk, I installed a soft body that saw VCD. And bring her VCD in the home to test her.

When I put a VCD without any tag into the disc and performs playback. I remembered that it was a four-level VCD that I loved to see the frontier girlfriend.

I have immediately want to press the stop button, but it is still a step behind. On the screen, a hot spicy sex shot was started. Although, I will stop playing soon, but the entire picture stays in the big close-up of the Master League. It turned out that I was in a hurry. I pressed and paused.

I immediately corrected the error and turned off the entire screen.

※ | JKF Czech Forum I looked at her, she also looked at me, everyone looked at each other. I can’t find a speech for a while, and the atmosphere is deadlocked. I looked at her pretty face raised a red lotus, beautiful as the sunset outside the window. That time, I really thought about kissing her urge. She seems to have seen my thoughts, and the face is red. Like my eyes, I hang down.

Although it is now drawn as a romantic, the situation is actually very embarrassing.

I went to the wrong way, and smiled at the end of the smile: “I have a disabled disc, and I have tried it with another piece. When I just didn’t read anything!” The other movie disc was immediately changed.

She also got ahead, but the redness on his face was still entangled.

We stayed at the movie, suddenly, she asked me with a mosquito sound: “The original brother is also so bad, see this movie.”

I said: “I am also an adult, see if this piece is nothing wrong!”

She asked: “Do you look with you?” She called my girlfriend as an awkward!

Her sentence touched my wound, I was silent.

I don’t know if I see ghosts, she actually sees that I don’t respond, I still continue to ask, and I have to know the personality of knowing.

I will be asked, my negative said: “Yes! I still watch it!”

She beep and said: “You don’t say, I am too arrogant! Why should this fierce!” After the finish, turn the head and see me.

I also regret my own out of control, but I think of her forced by her, and the apology is swallowed back. That night, she has never said a word.

After that, after a few months, we didn’t mention it again, and it didn’t happen anything.

Suddenly, one day she told me, I wanted to see a four-level VCD because she didn’t read it, I smiled to my classmates!

I stayed at a time, like it’s like heard that heard it, watching her!

She does not follow me: “Do you think about people! Even if you want to make fun of others?”

I said: “No! I am just scared by the students’ sexual open ideas!”

She said: “Then you don’t give me it?”

I asked her to say: “If I said no!?”

She said, “Then I only tell my mother, you look at the four-level film in my home!”

I twisted her beautiful facepoint: “Do you threaten me?”

She depel a bright big eye said: “I don’t dare to be a fair trade! I use your secret to replace my movies!”

I can’t revoke her for a while, and finally was convinced by her.

I took this VCD to her tutor. She is anxious to see. I can’t have her again, and finally there is no way to broadcast the piece.

It’s ridiculous, she has to see but be shy! Look two eyes, I have to cover my face with the hand, turn the head, I don’t dare to see; but I have to peek at the middle of the way!

I laughed and said: “I have to look at it again, see what, I don’t want to see it!” I said really want to stop playing! She immediately nervously: “No! I have to continue watching! Maximum I concentrate, isn’t it?”

As a result, she is really no longer feeling, concentrating on.

In fact, I didn’t think about it would look at the four-level film with the students!

I looked at her side, I found that her blush like a tomato, breathing is rushing!

Because I also see blood boiling, men’s natural response naturally revealed. I have to change the sitting position to cover my embarrassment.

She also happened to my uneasiness, lack: “If you feel that you want, you can solve it in front of me. I also know that the boy will look at it aside.”

I immediately said: “What are you me! You are my student, I am not right, if I still do this, ask me how to face you, teach you!”

She also knows her own chambers, vomiting, no longer saying!

At this point, the picture is playing with the male and female protagonist, she is surprised, she is surprised, and she is crying. “Is it possible? Below it is used as dirty!”

I laughed, she was very surprised: “This is a taste, I must first wash it first. If not, the kind of taste called the phase can’t endure, and lose fun!”

At this point, the picture is turned, and the number of men and women in a room. She also called: “So many people do? Do you have a girl?”

I laughed to say: “Fortunately, my mother just went to the street, otherwise, this kind of shouted, don’t let her know what we are watching! This piece is just shooting, true is not!”

She refutes me: “What didn’t, I have seen some webpages that change my wife group online!”

This time, my turn shouted: “What ?!”

She is like laughing, I am ignorant: “Don’t you know? Foreign countries have a lot of such websites!”

I am a lot of laughter: “Now the middle school students are really open! Even I am also so much!”

She is actually proud of quite a chest: “What is used! This is called Qing out of blue!”

I can’t help but shook my head!

The film was overcast in this atmosphere. Just as I want to recover the film, it is blocked by her.

I am surprised to look at her, she explains because she has never seen this film, I want to see them together!

I have helplessly leave the film. But let her care about collecting, don’t be seen by her mother.

※ JKFORUM.NET | JKF Czech Forum After a few days are my birthday, for the boy who has just broken up, in the face of no girlfriend’s festival around, it is lonely. Only sent a job!

I tailored her so often, I can’t remember my birthday, during our tutoring, she suddenly handed a birthday gift, I really moved to describe it!

Suddenly, I remember that I didn’t tell her my birthday, she said: “It’s the last year, when you talk to my girlfriend, I heard. At that time, you also discuss how to celebrate!”

She mentioned my precision girlfriend, that is, I have a mood of the hop! She also knows that she is wrong, hurriedly apologizes!

I dressed out a smile: “I am nothing!”

She cares about my arm: “Don’t do this, no her, you can find the second! What is the day is your birthday, I don’t want to see you!”

I am smirking: “Find the second? What is easy! I will like my child without a girl!”

She sticked her face to my shoulders: “Don’t tell yourself! Or girl like you, you don’t know!”

I hit my head. “No, no one likes me”

She suddenly burst with my waist. “I like you, I like you for a long time!”

I was surprised to say words for a while, I heard this sentence in my throat after a while, “What? Like me? No possibility!”

Her pear is froy, I said to me, I am actually since the last year, I found yourself in love with you. But you have a girlfriend, I only have a silent bless you! But now, I miss you very much. Fall in love with me! “I went to the road.” Silly sister! I am not suitable! Stadium, the current responsibility is to study hard. When you grow up, you will know how stupid now now! “

She is not angry: “I know what I am doing! I like you! Do you know how much I do for you! I don’t want you to make yourself, every night, wine, I call me Dad. Buy a computer to me, the purpose is to stay here! I ask you to look at the four-level VCD, the purpose is … “

She said that suddenly silenced down, her face raised a red lotion!

I looked at her and said that I couldn’t say a word. I didn’t know this kind of thing for me. I don’t know! Just because of my mind, I didn’t pay attention to her abnormality.

She climbed to me, my hands wrapped my neck, said in my ear. “I ask you to borrow the four-level VCD, I just want to learn how to serve you!”

After that, the lips have kissed my mouth.

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Rank: 2rank: 2 post 121 points 377 points diving value 10060 meters skewers plus friends to hit the news 头 香 发 2007-3-805: 03PM | Only when the author, I suddenly woke up, in order to avoid her, I care Gently push her, and say softly to her: “Sorry, don’t do this, I am not suitable! More, not my favorite type! We will only hurt each other!”

She is like a non-listened girl, continues to seal my mouth with my mouth, and the road: “I know you won’t like me, I don’t have any extravagance. I have never thought about making your girlfriend! In fact, I Just want to make you happy, forget the unhappy thing! Just when I am a temporary lover! I just want to see you happy! You call me to do anything! As long as you are happy! Even if you are looking for a real Girlfriend, I will not blame you, as long as you remember that I will support you behind, care about you! “

After listening to her, I touched can’t speak! She is really willing to make everything to make me happy! I have never felt that someone will make a sacrifice for me! Tears can’t help but poured my eyes, Mong Zhong, she once again bulky, with the hot double lips, and I went to dissolve my cold heart with enthusiasm!

I can’t respond to myself, our tongue is intertwined in the mouth of each other, and the fire is burning at each other! I can’t miss you again! There are only our heartbeats and wheezing all over the world!

When my consciousness returned to my mind again, I found that we naked naked hug lying on her bed, her little hand is cautious in my mask, thumping is light on my horse Light up and down. Get me with it!

I am surprised to ask her: “How can I understand this gesture?”

She said red face: “From your VCD from you, feel comfortable?”

I am so comfortable, comfortable: “Very good!” But I am still aunt. “You are sacrificing me like this, worth it?”

She said, I said, “I just want you to make you happy, just see you happy, I think it is worth it! I know that I am not your favorite type, I also know that you will not like me. But I Still want to give me the first time! I want to give me the first time I like! I will not be unhappy because you have a new girlfriend, and will not stop you from getting the second woman. , If you find a girl you really like, don’t miss! I will support you! As long as you remember that I will support you behind you! You can think of me when you are not happy, I am happy! “

I was very touched at the time, holding her, putting her, starting with my forehead, along the nose, straight her lips, she warmly responded to my hot kiss.

I don’t feel any guarantee for her, so I still remind her again. “Really will not regret it!”

She shook his head and resolutely said. “Do not regret!”

I secretly made myself a decision, I will not live up to her affection, although I can’t hold it, I really think this! .

We bought it again, my hands are welcome to stroke on her rigging breasts, thumbs up with the index finger, with her pink nipple, and will have a slight breath.

While holding her breasts, I said softly in her ear: “How big is this?” She asked. “Is I small?”

I comforted her: “No! I like it! You can master it, not too big, not too small!”

She answered my shy: “32B!”

When she replied, I have already contained her little milk tip. Taste your virgin. A drunk milky fragrance drifted into my nostril. I have forgotten what is the body, and I will take the thoughts.

Under my fierce kiss, she strongly hurts the impact, holding my hair, the throat is wonderful and strong!

I sneehed her pink bud, and another hand has slipped through her floral waist and reached her virgin. It was found that it was rained to write a small hair with a soft hair, and it was smooth, and a piece of silk was touched. I couldn’t help with the delicate temptation, and the head kept kissed her aroma.

At this time, she has gave me the love of my life. This is her first sex experience. I encountered my girlfriend. The girls in the two girlfriends are also my broken, and I will play it from time to time. Playing a night, there have been a girl who has had a hand, so soon, so soon, I have already gave me a lot of breath, although I still didn’t reach the climax, but I believe it is not far away.

Finally, I arrived at her virgin. I use my nose to stick the flow of water, I feel hard to smell, and Into the nose is only a deep fragrance that can be distributed. I rushed to her legs, making her village cave more clearly before my eyes.

※ JKFORUM.NET | JKF Czech Forum Silver and sparse scrutiny, it is a full and warm pussy. The full level like she has a breast growing in the lower body. The two legs is a compact and sewing that makes people dream for a long time. In the pink labia, faintly water.

When she got her legs, she gasped the airway: “Oh! Don’t see people there, very ugly!”

I said: “No! Wen Wen! I must see, there is beautiful! No, I don’t just look, I have to kiss her!”

She said nervous: “No! Very dirty! I haven’t take a shower!”

I laughed and said. “Don’t tighten! I like it! Everything is also beautiful!”

Said that I have gently open her two labips with hands, and it is a small path that has been wet. I low below, the lips have been posted on the cute tender meat, the tongue has been extended, and this is a Taoyuan hole that has never been opened. A secretion came out, I opened their full number to swallow.

And she also reached the first climax in her life! The whole person bowed up, and “according to the mouth”, the mouth is called a charming bed. Then the whole person is next to the bed, and the chest is breathed. The face is full of expressions.

She is panting in my body, my slightly, my eyes are upset! The next body is more wet in a large piece!

She bite his finger This is her little action. When you are happy, you will bite your fingers. , Breathing: “The original climax will be the comfort!”

I smiled and looked at her: “Really wao! I’ve been wet, I’ve been wet!”

She held the body and looked at it, buried the head in my chest, a sound “not!”

I paid up her head and kissed her to blow the breakdown delicate cheeks, smiled and said to her: “It’s already a lot, it is like a child.”

She does not reply: “I still do a girl! Why can’t I pass?”

I said: “But there will be no longer!”

After she heard, she was ashamed to embed it in my chest! I took the opportunity to kiss it again. After her powder, the nose, I kissed her red lips again!

I cried her side, a opponent infringed her crisp again, and then divided a hand along her slightly, touch her virgin!

My thumb came up with her yuki, gently played the circle, and got it. She warmly responded to my money. The lower body is not stopped with my hand, like I have to stay in-depth!

I feel that she is already in the state, so I use my hi to replace my fingers, squatting on her vagina, with glans on her labie on her lips. Her vented lips.

She finally can’t stand, the throat sent a beautiful and moving snoring: “Ah ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Become a real woman ~~~ Very gentle, painful words. “One side said, a glans who had a painful pain have been sent to this narrow diarity that has never been enrolled in this paragraph.

I feel that my glans have opened her two tight labipings, warm and humid muscles, and tight my glans. I heard her as a saying: “Ah ~~~ My brother is finally inserted, I am a woman! Ah ~~~ Insert, I am not afraid of pain, I am not afraid! Let me be your Woman! Ah ~~~ I feel your hiji ~~~ Ah ~~~ Selling ~~~ I am a big blow ~~~ “.

I got her encouragement and then continued to advance the mask inward. The narrow pussy put my mask tightly, although her secrets are already enough, but I still feel difficult!

I have continued to be less inward, I don’t feel too much, I am afraid that she can’t stand it!

When I was inserted into her vagina, I stopped, let the glans stay in her vagina so that she can adapt to the swelling sensation when they are supported by external objects. I kissed her nice eyebrows and love it. “Is it very hard?”

She shook his head: “No! I am very satisfied! Because I feel you in me! Everything I feel very good! Don’t pay attention to me, let me be your woman! I am looking forward to it!”

She said that she still puts the lower body, I want to go to my higer into the Run!

I adjusted the angle and continued to put the mask into her vagina, she was marked: “Ah ~~~ I am scaled below ~~~”

I am deeply in-depth, I finally embed the first four-piece mask into her vagina! I know that I can’t rude, let me stop in her vagina, and then slowly take out.

I saw the expression on her face, and then I didn’t wait until she said, I took the mask that had already left only the glans, plugged back! This time I feel relatively relaxed, and it is not just like just happening. Although, four one is inserted.

I maintained this length, and I took a narrow pink and tender inclusion. She also slowly adapted. The mouth is no longer a bitter and painful, in exchange for sexual initiative Hold, I said in her ear. “Don’t worry, if you are comfortable, you will call it.”

She ashamed: “No! Very shame! I am afraid that you will laugh at me!”

I said: “How can I laugh? I like it too late!”

On the side of the side, it is more pumped with a force, and the finger is smashed in her juling. When I was taking, she finally can’t stand it, and she issued out the waves in the first climax in life. Call.

I only heard her dreams: “Ah ~~~ So cool! Brother ~~~ I ~~~ I am so comfortable!”

I said in her ear. “Not yet!”

Just a moment of her most enjoyed, the masher suddenly entered her vaginal, I felt that she had broken through her vast film.

Although she is in the climax, the pain of the broken is still can’t help but call the pain, and the hands closely grabs my back ridge, and the whole person is hugging me! In the mouth, I smoke my hood, I took it again, and I comforted in her ear. “Don’t be tight! I will not hurt, I will bear it, I will be very comfortable!”

She also whimped, but said in the mouth: “No! I don’t hurt! I am too comfortable! Ah ~~~”

Just during her speech, I took the scouring mask again inserted, and she made her eyes, and the whole person hugged me tight! I love pity to kiss her brow, the gentle throttling of the lower body!

After a while, I finally felt that she relaxed, and the secrets of the lower body were more and more! I think it is time to let her taste the true fun, so I played up my upper body, two hands on her weak shoulders, the lower body accelerated in her narrow vagina, every time it is not reserved. The whole root mask is not left in the yinhouo!

Although I know, such a tender pussy should not be exhausted so far, but I know that she will have to bear it, so I choose to attack her, so that she will taste the fun of sex. !

※ | JKF Czech Forum really as I expected, although she is still none to her brow, with my impact, like a painful look, but the time has been in the body’s pleasure. Relaxing with the brow tight, it is no longer tightly supported, let me play, but relax and know how to wrap my waist! Under my encouragement, even the bed, I caught my name! Finally, I couldn’t help, in her petite tender points, I shooted out the first sperm of her life!

Our soft double is together, enjoy the long rhyme of the climax. She hugged me tightly, and in my ear, she appeared to her cheer. “I finally became a real woman! I am so happy! Especially my brother sent me to complete my wish, do you know, just you When I was ejaculation, I really felt that I can have everything you have. If I can, I really hope to be a child for my brother! “

I have heard a little frightened, but I don’t have a voice on the face. “Why do you say this?” I want: “” Not an adult, if you are pregnant, you can! “

She sighed and said: “I have not yet there yes, how can I live? Happy you can get happiness! “

I am so beautiful: “I really don’t know how to thank!”

She laughed: “As long as you have a happy or unhappy, you can think of me is very enough! Hey, add the money, you will pay it!”

I smiled and said about her face. “This person is big! Come, the mother did not work, the younger brother did not return, let’s come to a drama!”

She just wants to put their feet in the bedside bed, suddenly the eyebrows are compact, but the feet is half a day but not let go! I will get to her love to make love because of the fierce love. Now I still have a hurt, so I can’t stand up. I will pick her up, and I am gentle in her ear. “If I can’t come, don’t be reluctant, Let me take it in. “

She was brought to her shame by me, and she drilled my head into my chest. She hugged me. I said, “I don’t smile here!”

I laughed, holding her, kicking her bathroom door, put her in the bathtub, then carefully adjust the water temperature, washed every inch of the skin for her, and of course she would not help it, caress Take her! She shouted in the bathtub, she made me, I made it beautiful, I went to her. Because I don’t want her to make a fire, I can’t get it, so I want to have more love with her! Because she is no longer impacted today, if she will come again, I guarantee that she is standing with the strength of the bed, I don’t know what we don’t know!

After washing her body, I joined to the bathtub and hind her to catch her. I was attached to her ear. “” Is it satisfied today? “

She nodded, and the two regiments were burn to the ear! The girl is so surprised, even if the body will give you, but it is shy you to ask her to satisfy or not!

I kissed her ear beads, and the dream said: “It is still painful now.”

She shook her head, I nodded again, with a mosquito-like soundproken channel: “There is still less like you suddenly insert the whole root, I think I can stand now!”

I touched her hot labiely said: “Don’t be barely!”

She stood up and crossed the cylinder to show that she had been able to act! But the lock on her brows sold her, I picked her, tap her shoulder and pressed her on the bath: “I don’t want to die! Treat me to wash the sweat on the body, let me Hold back! “

She sat in the bathtub and looked at me rushing, surprised: “The original brother is so small when the brother does not pull the flag, but it is so terrible! The original man’s telescopic can be so big! Brother can not say I know, how big are you! “

I am surprised to look at her: “I don’t know how big?”

She said: “Can you let me know?

I laughed: “Even my previous girlfriend has not spent me!” I am horing, but my face is nothing to do!

After I washed some, I hugged her back to the room and saw her tall sheets, said. “See what is the sheets that we have ?!”

She turned around and looked at the sheets. She just got the position of her body, was hung by her virgin, loved liquid, and my semen slurry lake, and then buried my head in my threat! I took the opportunity to tease her. “It seems that the secret is more than my semen!” She touched my chest, “You will only make fun of others, so I think about how to handle it. This sheet is as bad as I have seen my mother! “

I said: “This package is on me, I can buy a single new sheet of new sheets, replace this one tomorrow. Let us first take this! I want to bring this bed back to the commemoration!”

She is shameless, she cuts the sheets of the slurry part to: “As long as I like it!”

After we finished a round, we finally changed the sheets. I licked that she worn her clothes. Of course, she would be less than the hair of her hair until she made her delicate, I wore a whole body clothes to do my whole body, I said a word, I said the heart.: “This It is the most precious birthday gift I have received for many years! I will definitely cherish! “

Her sweet face has given me the biggest satisfaction!

After we love, we love it, and his family has not returned. I brought the sheet, throw it into the garbage room! I will go home after a deep kiss!

Since then, we have the opportunity to make love after taking the tutoring, even during the tutoring! Until now, the seven graduation now! It is not difficult to upgrade the university with her results! Because she has already completed, we have no excuse to make love in many months, because she is never to go to the hotel in the hotel, only to hope that she has a hostel after entering the university, we can do it without cordless crazy!

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