Xiaojie is a high school student. He is not very good because of his homework in the school, so Teacher Chen wants him to go to his home to help him. Because Xiaojie’s parents are busy in the career, but have a teacher who is willing to help so, of course is very happy. Teacher Chen’s thirty has a thirty pliers, and it is not like a general teacher. Mayns, it is completely a physical education, and his wife is one year older than him. However, the appearance looks like a woman who has just running society, and it is very embarrassing, especially her breasts can be comparable to Ye Yuxi. Every time I arrived at Master Chen’s home, I always wanted to see the teacher’s figure. After returning home, I always lying on the bed closed my eyes, with the fantasy’s mother’s body as masturbation. This evening, Xiaojie also went to Master Chen’s home in accordance with time, but it was expected that Mr. Chen was at home. According to the courses to discuss the homework to 9 o’clock, Mr. Chen wants Xiaojie to take a break. The two arrived at the living room to open the TV. Teacher Chen prepared some cold drinks to two. “Sorry, today’s mother returned to the family, so if you don’t drink, you will bear” Chen Teacher said that Xiaojie took the first drink, and the face showed a difficult expression, specifically explained. Xiao Jie also bleged the drink in front of it. After a rest, after almost twenty minutes, Mr. Chen wants Xiaojie to clean up, you can go back, Xiao Jie is ready to get up, suddenly found that the softness of the limbs can’t get up, but God is very awake. “What is the … What do you think is it ?! You have just drunk drinks, I have already made a medicine, it will make you weak, but it is very awake!” “Old. Teacher, you … Why? “” Teacher, I am actually a bisexuality. I like you very much. Every time I see your struggle, my meat stick is not a high-spirited! It can release my desire to you through your teacher’s body, but this evening … I have to enjoy your little ass! 咭 … “, then Mr. Chen took out a strange thing, it is There is a belt next to a golfer. After Chen, Teacher Chen stuffed the golfer into Xiaojie’s mouth, then bypass the strap over his head, then tied it in the part of the back. In this way, Xiaojie shouted to save lives. Then he saw Mr. Chen picked up the phone, dialed a number, and said after a few words, I went back. “I just called your home, talking to your mother today, she is very happy to thank me, you can slowly enjoy my thoughts and pain!” Chen Teacher Chen took the whole body clothes Go, revealing the thick meat sticks under his arms, but when he started to take off Xiaojie’s clothes, he found Xiaojie’s meat stick than him! But at this time, he still picked up Xiaojie, and the two came to the bathroom. He put Xiaojie on the side of the bathtub, then took a big face with an injection syringe, he inserted the syringe into Xiaole’s chrysanthemum bud, then slowly injected into the body, Xiaojie It feels that the abdomen is swelled, he has painlessly twisted his body, but it has no effect, and the water is still slowly injected into the body. “Ah …” When the syringe on the anus, the water in his belly is pouring out, Xiaojie can’t help but lame the sound, but then find that the water is refreshed into his body …

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————————————————— —————————— 2. When Xiao Jie is hugged into bed, he has not allowed to be enema. Times, but he clearly knows that his own meat stick has been erecting for a long time, and it is also a bit of pain because of such a congestive state. When he lie down, he felt that the meat stick was wrapped by a wet fever, and the whole group hotly covered his own glans. He worked hard to look forward to the direction of the lower abdomen. The glans, and it is still looking at him with a polenty eyes! “Um … um … …” I have never had any practical experience, and I can’t stand it quickly. He twisted his lower body hard, but a drug problem, two Teacher Chen’s strong body and a powerful arm, let his efforts are almost not used. A strong pleasure passes through Chen Teacher’s tongue to his glans and meat stick, and then transmits this extremely strong signal through the spinal cord through the spinal cord through the spinal cord through the spinal cord through the spinal cord through the spinal cord. Feel the continuous accumulation, producing a dizzy feeling! Slowly, under such a pleasure, Xiaojie finds that he can adapt to such a feeling, even slowly, he finds that he likes this feeling, so stop struggling, turn his eyes, enjoy it. This feeling … However, he suddenly felt that he seems to have the impulse to make the accumulation in the body energy, so he began to twist the body, then shot a thick semen! “Your semen is really good” After swallowing Xiaojie shooting semen, the first sentence said is that his semen is very delicious, then he takes a standing camera, will Xiaoyan Naked looks to shoot and let Xiaojie put a lot of quite awkward postures. After that, he took out the ball in Xiaojie. “You can listen to the teacher in the future! Otherwise, the teacher will give your photos open! Do you know?” I feel that Teacher Chen used his finger on his chrysanthemum bud. I didn’t know what to apply. At this time, he is very clear about what will happen, so he is closed, and it is obsessed with … “Ah …” huge meat stick through the anus The sensation of the onset of the medley, so that Xiaojie can’t help but mourn, but at this time his limbs are still numb, in addition to trembling, there is no way to stop the actions of the barbar. It’s hard to slap in the body of the whole meat stick. His whole person must be faint, as if the whole person has just experienced the torture in hell. Then he felt that the meat stick began to slowly took out, when the meat stick completely took out the moment, Xiao Jie felt a very comfortable feeling, it would like to have a thick feces, it excreted outside, feel Pleasure. However, the meat rod is ruthlessly again and withdrawn, let him repeated in a very short time in which it is stirred in his body. Such actions are constantly carried out in his body, slowly change to paralysis, and then slowly think this is another pleasure, and gradually can be like just that experience, and then enjoy! Under such a pleasant attack, let him furnish the fellow meat stick and restore the erection. The congestive glans is getting tall with the stimulus from the chrysanthemum bud, and the thick meat stick passes through the muscle and the intestinal wall, which makes him feel a huge pleasure. His mouth gradually issued “Hey … 」声 声, Xiao Jie felt that he finally learned about the heroism of the A film, why did the heroism of the A piece would call the spring …” Hey! You also called the bed to listen! This kind will be more cool! ” Under the encouragement of Teacher Chen, Xiaojie first imitated the film that had already seen in the past, but the fantasy star is called, but with the conquered humiliation and the pleasure of chrysanthemum bud, he gradually called itself. ” ……… This is a taste … I am fine ……… I am so comfortable ………… “” Someth, I haven’t had such a beautiful little ass, you have a beautiful fart before your teacher. , 喔 … so cool, but … recently there is no such cool … “” “Ah … ah … um … ah … ah … ah … you … so thick … 喔 … 喔 … um … ah … don’t smoke Come out … Ah … ah … a … fast … fast … hard … ah … ah … 喔 … 喔 … um … ah … ah … ah … ah … ah … 喔 … 喔 … um … ah … ah … ah ah … 喔 … ass coolness … Ah … ah … ah ah … ah … 喔 … 喔 … um … ah … ah … ah … ah … ah … “Xiaojie shot from the glans because it is getting Teacher Chen also shot almost simultaneously, then two people sleep in bed.

————————————————— —————————— 3. “Teacher, let me admire the teacher!” This is Xiaojie in the teacher After two relationships, Xiaojie’s demands made by the teacher! “I am also ready to make you adultery my wife, and I still hope that we can rape her together!” The teacher quickly agreed, and also proposed a proposal for rape my wife. Xiaojie thought of exciting it here. This day, I was on Saturday. In the afternoon, Xiaojie came to the teacher’s home. The teacher saw Xiaojie, and he was very enthusiastic. He didn’t know that she was about to become two men! Xiaojie is in accordance with the teacher’s instructions, first tuned the homework in the living room, and then seeing the teacher in the bedroom with the teacher. He also heard the past, and his hand gave him the key beforehand. He quietly opened the door, seeing the teacher and his mother is lying on the bed, enthusiastically kissing, he saw the teacher kissed the teacher, and he worked to solve her clothes, and the two people have become naked. Naked People. The teacher then took out some belts, and after tidy, the teacher quickly tied to the bed, then presented Y-shaped, that kind of scene, making Xiaojie’s meat sticks so hard and touched it. At this time, the teacher suddenly stood up, and opened the door. The teacher saw Xiaojie who was at the door. She wanted to cover her body, helpless, her hands have been premedited to have a premeditated husband, which is not powerful. “Oh … wife, today I will let you have more human love, first, let Xiajie women taste, and help him become a real man!” At this time, Xiaojie has taken off his clothes and squats. I got a bed, the teacher took out a knife, let the teacher open his legs helplessly, and let Xiaojie come to her two legs … “No … don’t like this … I …” Master is so weak The ground, but Xiaojie can’t wait to bring the mouth to the hole, and let the tongue reach inside and slide gently. Teacher’s mother sent a snoring, not only because Xiao Jie licked, but also her husband also reached out her chest, and the skill stimulated her! “Wife … Is this comfortable? Hehehe … I like it? Feeding Xiaojie, you can let your dick get better!” Xiao Jie heard this sentence, can’t wait to take the meat stick into the pocket of the master, Although the teacher has long been developed because of the development of the teacher, the vagina has been a bit loose, but because Xiao Jie’s meat stick is more huge than the teacher, so this is only beneficial to Xiaojie! “Ah … you … … how to be big … ah … ah …” Xiaojie did not pay attention to the teacher’s mother, and the fullness of the body into the small hole! At this time, the teacher has already let go of the mother’s double breast, then take a V8, it seems that he is ready to take a wife who is adulted! “Ah … ah … 喔 … so cool … 喔 … ah … really cool … 喔 喔 … ah … 喔 … um … ah … so comfortable … ah … really cool … ah …… Oh … oh … ah … ah … … so cool … 喔 … ah … really cool … ah … 喔 … ah ~~~ …… “Master is Xiajie Under the prostitution, it quickly reached the first climax. At this time, the teacher had to stop, then he unlocked the belt on the master’s hand, and hugged the teacher, three people came to the living room together. in. The teacher found a tenth chair, then lying down, indicating that the teacher’s mother has passed, and the teacher thinks, it is already adulterated, but it is better to enjoy the taste of these two men, so it will pass, then sit in the teacher. On the body, then swallow the teacher’s meat stick inside your meat and actively set. At this time, Xiaojie also made it up, and licked the prostitutes on the hole, then put the meat stick to the farthered eyes of the teacher, and slowly went in! “Ah … ah … ah …” Although the master has had many anal experiences, the guy is bigger, there is also a baby in the two vaginal, and it is like a baby. I was put into two large sausages, and I also took the initiative to send her to the waves, and the climax is constantly! “Ah … ah … you are good … so strong … strong … ah … a ……” Two hot meat sticks frivized in the body of the teacher, making her loud wave. Our three-person hips have made her creep. She crashes with the teacher’s tap and does not stop playing. My meat stick collided with her rectal inner wall. “Ah … ah … 噢 …” I walked with the teacher, I put my hand on the shoulder of the teacher, so that I easier for me. I am on the back of her and enjoying her delicate skin. Her left hand slammed my hip and play with the teacher’s tear with his right hand. “Ah … ah … I’m going to … Ah … ah … ah …” After half a hour, I am going to be ejaculation. But the teacher did not move. He seems to be aware of my situation, saying to me: “Let’s take it again, I want to shoot with you!” “Well, I tried to see.” “Ah …………….” The teacher is squatting.

She was tried to be more than four hours by our two, and she had to be done. She was in the teacher’s body, full of sweat, two caves also included our soft meat stick. She said to the teacher: “My husband, I like this feeling!” “※ www.jkforum.net | JKF Czech Forum”

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