The teacher loves me three years in the high school, and a new English teacher came up. She is Malaysian, twenty-four, hot, beautiful. The bell of the class sounded, the teacher came in from the front door. A full-body snow white dress, a small waist line with a black round head wide belt, under the short skirt, a pair of slender legs are wrapped in white silk pants, set with a pair of white black High heels, step on the pace of law, step on the presentation. “What about the squad leader?” She asked softly. It turned out that the squad leader gaked that it was forgotten to send a password. I heard the teacher asked, just like a dream of waking up: “standing, salute!” After the big family used the most spiritual voice: “Teacher!” Calling the password. The teacher reported a smile and said, “Hello, everyone is very spiritual, yes.” I said that naughty said: “Teacher is talented!” Teacher bowed because of our Patthaglass guide I have talked to the first row, and I am one of them, so she should look down to speak, I am laughing: “You must be the most naughty in the class.” I haven’t spoken yet, other classmates Chicken answer: ” Yes, it is him. “” Teacher is really powerful, guessing the correct. “” Ha! Yes, right, right. “” Yes, yes. “I only put the innocent expression, I thought:” Ah! Destroyed, destroyed. “The teacher did not say anything, still smiling. Then, slowly turned, pick up the chalk, wrote her name on the blackboard: “Li Lihua.” Next, as long as the English class, the students have become very spiritual, and I still adhere to the adherence “Naughty” “This day, it is hard to look forward to the English class. Looking at the teacher Miao’s figure, there is an excitement. She is wearing a pink dress today, next to the low collar mouth of the upper, there is a white carved collar, the waist is a yellow bright leather strap. The same is a short skirt, and the flesh stockings put her legs lined with a flawless, stepping on a pair of white-laid high heels, putting her slender steps, a list of unregrand. I painted her posture in the class, and I didn’t listen to it at all in the class. Because the table of the first row is tightly leaning on the podium, you can clearly see her beautiful legs. “Zheng Qingming!” I was shocked by her suddenly, looked up at her, forgot to stand up. I saw her down to look at my textbook, I panicked with hands. I thought she was very angry, but she said with a gentle and praised tone: “Don’t only take care of the painting, the class is going to be.” I am embarrassed to laugh. At the last thirty minute of the second hall, the teacher sent a test paper, saying: “This chapter ends, test how much you know,” Follow the test paper, move through the chair, sit in my front, two legs Look her book. I think: “Wow! Please, how do I test?” I didn’t concentrate on writing a test paper, my eyes have been staring at the teacher’s legs, I only hope that she can see her skirt at the bottom of her skirt. The emperor is not worn, she turned her legs, the posture is so wonderful, so slow, so that I have sufficient time to see between her legs. The meat stockings wrapped in white underwear, so mystery. Suddenly thought: “Is her movement so slow?” Looking up at the teacher, he found that the teacher was looking at me. I saw her hurry down his head, and his face also took a shame and panic expression. At first glance, the book name, surprised: “Wow! Teacher diary yellow novel! Is it …” The teacher slowly stood up and said: “There are still two minutes left.” Then the yellow novel is pressed under her textbook. I rely on the English power of “the first” in the class, I quickly write the test paper. I just wrote, the teacher just shouted the pen, and the clock was just sounded. The students accelerate the speed of the test paper, because you have to get out of school. We have to shout at 10 o’clock in the evening, and everyone will pick up the classroom. I just thought about the privacy of the teacher, I went to the heart. I only heard the teacher called me: “Zheng Qingming, the teacher took the test paper to the office.” I should have a sound: “Hey.” I took the test paper, I am going to leave, the teacher suddenly said: “You are too late The family will not be? “I hesitatedly said:” No. “The teacher asked me:” That … Let’s talk about it? “I very happy:” Okay. “Of course, good , Chat with such a beauty, of course. The teacher drove me to a bubble black tea shop. We found a corner of the corner. Sit down, the teacher asked me to say: “You are not small?” I said: “I am … 20 years old.” She asked again : “How is it still reading high school, I see you is quite smart.” I laughed and said, “I read five specials before, because I loved the community, I was dead. For the diploma, I will find close to my home. Read. “The teacher said if the teacher” “said:” It turns out this … Hey! You will draw a picture. “I am embarrassed to say:” Interest. “Teacher said hesitated. Then say: “Can you draw a picture of the teacher?” I took out the English lesson to give her a few pages, and asked: “Can you help the teacher?” I like: “Bew is here.” Take a pen from the bag. The teacher gave me the textbook and said, “Don’t paint here, wait until the teacher’s home painting.” After the end, “Well?”, Made a question about me.

I certainly didn’t hesitate to agree, I think it must have a good thing, and it can be determined that tomorrow will be killed by “gun”, because we have to go to the “18th Wang Public” to the teacher at night. I saw a Fang Zhengcheng layout elegant living room. The teacher said: “You take a shower first, I will take a shower, the refrigerator is eaten, don’t be polite.” I laughed and said, “Will you, the teacher, you are busy.” See her Into the room, there is not much, I have come to a pleasant English song “YesterDayOnSmore” I want to be her put. After the teacher walked into the bathroom, I kept the impulse of my own voyeur, but I heard the sound of the water, my curiosity was pulled down to the door to the bathroom. I slowly low, my eyes look into the ventilation on the door, I saw a passionate naked naked, the skin has a seductive light brown, because the water is scored, the back is softeous lines, exudes Deadly attractive, the round naughty hips, with her movement and happiness. I have to come out, and the difference between the shares is also very good because of the scene in front of you. The heart shouted: “Let me die!” At this time, the teacher bent down and squeezed Bath milk, butt, the mysterious zone clearly shows in front of my eyes, my mind suddenly felt a dilute, my heart thought: “This is not true, Pelun, my girlfriend is not so attractive!” Know that this is doped with the stimulation of the peep, so there will be such a feeling. A sudden sound: “You … how can you …” I came back, but I saw the teacher looked at me. I was shocked, down in the bathroom door, hurried back to the living room sofa, heart Shapened thinking: “It’s over, it’s finished … How to do it, how to face her in the class in the same class …” I thought: “I still go home.” I didn’t say it, I watched the school bag. “Zheng Qingming, you … Where to go?” The voice behind the teacher took my footsteps. I don’t dare to look back, just keep the original posture. The teacher came over and said, “You haven’t given me a picture yet?” I hesitated, from her tone, I didn’t listen to the emblem. I slowly turned back, and low my head said: “I can’t afford it, I …” The teacher came over, my hands were on my shoulders, smiled and said: “I am not angry, you like the teacher … The teacher is very happy. “I can’t believe my ears, but I still don’t dare to look at her, just staring at the legs exposed under her bathrobe. I saw her and took it to the sofa. I sighed and said: “Hey! In fact, the teacher is in my heart … very lonely.” I suddenly took a voice in my heart: “I will comfort you.” But I can’t say it. ” . The teacher slowly said: “Is it … I want to say that … Ming?” I looked up and saw her, and she was cast to ask me to ask about the vision. I bold the teacher, and the teacher issued a teacher: “Hey!” Then throwing away the concerns, using my simple kissing skills, kissing her two moist lips, tongue and tongue are entangled together Suck the tongue in each other. The teacher pushed me on the sofa and quickly took my pants. When I pulled down my panties, my meat rod is still like a bounce, the teacher praised: “It’s a big big …” I can’t wait In the entrance of my meat, the edge of the glans is constantly stimulated with the tongue, and use the oral chamber as a vaginal up and down, the teacher’s cheeks are also sucked so much, while the seas is seas. After a long time, the teacher spit out the meat stick to me: “OK? Look at the A piece of learning, don’t know if it is right?” I laughed: “Comfortable, very good!” The teacher pulled me into it. She said: “I … I haven’t done it, you … I have to teach me.” I said: “No problem, you can rest assured.” The teacher thought, said: “Do you have a girlfriend? “I said:” I have long broken up. “I thought:” Pelun is in Keelung, you should not know! “The teacher smiled charming me and said:” That’s good, I … “said The bed is sitting down. I think: “Why do you talk about these destroyed places?” I followed it, fell to the teacher, said: “Teacher, you are so beautiful.” Teacher looked up and smiled at me, said: “I also I don’t know if it should …%, I have a good spear … “I don’t wait for her, I will use my mouth to hold her mouth, and my hands slowly support her, and fades her last line. The right hand hooks her neck, and the left hand began to touch her breasts and stimulated her ear with the tip of the tongue. The teacher’s breath because my teasing, and slowly slowly, my left hand began to move down, touch the shame of the curly, and it is hard to touch her crack. Because the teacher is too nervous, it is the first time to contact the man, so the legs are tight. I used the left knee to open the teacher’s legs, and I successfully touched the flooded meat. I can’t stand it, take it off your clothes, close your breasts, and put the meat stick right away, slowly insert it slowly, but because of her meat, unmanned, so Hard to go in. I slowed in, I only entered a glans, the teacher had a few times, and the body has been shrinking to avoid it. I put my heart and struggled into the end, the teacher shook it, and she called: “Ah! You … light … light … I have a pain in it!” I ignored her, continue to twitch, That closely stimulating, I almost shot.

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