Too sexy !!! “I couldn’t help but make such sighs. Today, the new English teacher is in class.

Because the weather is very hot, I wore a loose T-shirt today. The lower body is a tight horse-pants. Although it is loose, but it is still being joined by her towering chest, and the nipple is hidden, like one The cherry of the hazy, gives people an infinite delusion.

The most interesting is her hard-moving horse-pants, tight constraints on a plump thigh, just above the top of the lower body, just covering the mysterious part between the lower abdomen, the mysterious part between the legs is coming out. Tight The horse-pants puts out the shape of her paters, even the recess between the two labs is also clear. When she turned, she can clearly see the panties tightly put the fat butthal. .

“I am! I don’t have to seduce me?” I said softly. “What? Is it seduce!” My Table Wang Ming said. I saw him also staring at the English teacher. Yin. This kid is estimated in obscenity. “Hey, is it interested?” I said to him. “Of course, what is good?” He asked. “The opportunity will always have” “I replied. I And Wang Ming is a pair of partners, we often look for a night, but we don’t like to play at the same time. “First, two, three! Stone, cutting, cloth!” We said. “Ha! Ha !! I won, this I am first! “” My English is called Angel, surname Li, I will be your English teacher, you can call me Angel or Li “English teacher self-introduction.” Sure enough, not only the angel, not only good body Good face, even the sound is also as sexy, it is the best beauty! “I said to Wang Ming.” What angel, it is a devil, hook my soul, “Wang Ming replied.

From this time, we have two people who have been desperately studying English, that is, I and Wang Ming. We do this but have more contact with Angell.

Based on my intelligence, after we are smart, we will put the first one or two of the English in the class.

We also have a deeper contact with Angel, we can come to Angel’s home to play, she lives in the new teacher’s dormitory.

Angel and his boyfriend are not locals, there is no acquaintance and friend, so we will be familiar with them, because our age is not big, often commensurate with the brothers, of course, under class. We are often and She also has her boyfriend to go out.

But I and Wang Ming still did not get a chance.

Finally, the opportunity is coming. This day, I and Wang Ming in an Angel family problem, we deliberately black, waiting for us to ask questions, the sky is already black.

We pretend to go, Angel said, “Let’s eat, you will not necessarily have a meal.” Let’s listen, you will agree. “

This day, the weather is very hot. Because it is very familiar with us, it is not restrained. In front of us, I only wear pajamas. The kitchen is too hot. Angel is doing the rice, the whole body has been sweat, pajamas has become Transparent, her towering breasts, wet pajamas posted, even breast colors can be seen, pink nipples, seduce people’s eyes, let people want to be non-non-not. “I have changed clothes” Angel also Know your current situation.

Just in the bedroom, I followed it. Theangel didn’t find me. I entered the bedroom saw Angel just took off your clothes.

She is naked in front of me. I stared at Angel Beautiful Carcass: Snow White Yucia, white thighs, fine slender waist, the jade buttocks of the round, all the never leakage presented in front of my eyes .

Ying Bai Ruyu, Silky Soil, Bodybuilding, Different, Plenty, Slim, Body, No One inch. Ying Ying buds bloom, shine with youth, especially the pair of proudly, traction me. The two soft-shaped mountain peaks, the top of the two crystal clear rubies, four shots shot the glory. Maybe it is a woman, the breasts are slightly towering, the profit, but the beads are jade, and the elasticity is slightly turned slightly. A half-lost hips, there is no seductive hip, the trace of the traces of the fluff in the hills, can also see half. The crack is tight. Lip stunned, I can’t help but This girl’s body is absolutely restricted, enters, invades, occupation, tears, and conflict feelings, I don’t know how intoxicated …

Angel turned, completely naked carcass presented to me, beautiful fairy face, curve exquisite, floating body, Yuxue smooth skin, uncomfortable willow, plump long thigh, waist Above the two soft jade peaks, the thighs have a flourishing hills in the middle of the thighs, and there are two slightly closed meats. The upper half of the hole is hidden with a yellow joy, the clitoris. This is A beautiful original picture. I only control a few seconds, I can’t help the blood, the dust is quite, it is like iron rods, and even the crotch is broken. I quickly took off the clothes, multiply. Turned, a trace does not hide, go back to lock the room door, turn off the switch, and black into a group.

“Ah …” Angel scared scream, I went to hugged her fine waist and put her whole tightly in his arms.

“Ah … Help …” Angel screamed. “Don’t call … Angel!” I am dumb, “how can you!”

You, what do you want to do?! Quickly !! “She desperately wanted to break your hands, but she tried to resist the rebellion, but the double arm behind it was slightly smashed, and there was no place to use.

I slammed her on the wall from behind. She was crazy, but she couldn’t escape. I have hand to hover her two half of the white butt, soft, very slippery, so exciting! “Help … Help … “She crackedly. I buried my head into her butt, my tongue gently lick her labie from behind, and she had been in her vagina …” Ah … no, don’t … …

“Angel mouth made a painful snoring, making the bare round back shoulders, the tears of humiliation, finally went out, she struggled, the hips twisted, this is more addictive! I got it for a while, I stood up, reach out The volulted in her naked and gentle double breasts, gently pinched! I used my hands to gently rubbish her chest, while gently pinching two pink delicate little nipples with your fingers!

“Ah! Ah … Stay …” I was slightly painful by my breasts, and I felt like a shock. Angel couldn’t help but cry. She felt great shame and sorrow, weak Body, struggling in vain.

I made a few breasts of her meat, the palm of the palm declined, and the two rough big hands were put on the bottom of Angel.

“Ah! No, no, don’t !!” A embarrassing desperate and shame, she screamed!

I put it softly on her brightened incapacity! I touched her lips while looking with my lips. I put the lip on her lips, and the tongue is looking for it in her mouth, exploring .angel can only I happen.

“I saw your first eye, I fell in love with you! I think you think so much” I gently said on her ear to give her a bigger sensory stimulation. “

Finally, Angel surrembled on me to make sensory stimuli, she didn’t resist, just gently twisted the delicate body.

I saw that she had already embarrassed a finger into her delicate meat! “Ah …

“A shy and horrible, she twisted the naked charming lower body.

: Wink: I put two fingers into Angel’s close and delicate pockets.

The rough finger frozes the delicate and dry meat wall in the small hole. Yu Rong feels a pain from the lower body. She felt a dizzy, she couldn’t pay attention, began to hung: “Don’t! Don’t, don’t be here, There is still someone outside! Hey … “The angel that was insulted was crying, and her barely sexy body trembled slightly, and desperately wanted to clamp legs.

But her slender legs now, but now it is not strong, and her weak resistance is immediately defeated.

I took the finger from the girl’s bare meat, easily grabbed her full and strong thighs to separate on both sides. Her lower body is already a flood, I put it is already hard, like iron hard bats, her naked meat On the point. Nangel painful and happy, suddenly felt a hot and hard, the top of the pockets that had just been painted by his fingers!

Angel struggled to escape, you can’t get rid of it, you can only squat: “No! No !! Don’t !!!!!” I am going to insert hard sticks into angell’s honeydown I suddenly came to knock on the door. I have to give up, while saying “quick replacement clothes, organize the hair”, I just put a good dress. At the same time, I shouted to “waiting for a while!” I saw Angel. Good clothes, one side, showing Wang Ming to open the door, run to the kitchen, carrying a meal. Wang Ming opened the door, watching an Angel boyfriend. Angel also wear it from the bedroom. Everything is to cover the past It. Nangel did not say this to a boyfriend.

Like my handsome guy, she is just her blessings. Her boyfriend is far more than me.

Angel did not alienate because of the last things, we were still like earlier, we still got home to play, but every time she is with her boyfriend in one. We still didn’t look for opportunities.

At the time of the pleasure of May Day, Angel suddenly announced that I was married in May Day. As a friend, I and Wang Ming, I have been invited to participate in the wedding.

The guests have their own, the cupboard, pay the account, and the “Byebye!”, The husband of Angell and his husband have also drank.

I have helped the groom bride to send the groom to the bride back to the cave. I looked at some drunken groom. I said to Wang Ming “is a chance!” Wang Ming also smiled and ran to buy some medicine.

Back to the cave, Wang Ming also came over, and brought some classmates, so the bride’s bride put a table at home, including new people, even I have a total of 9 people with Wang Ming, and it is not enough to join A table, other people are in the wrong interleeve, anyway, there is no relationship at home.

Wang Ming found the opportunity to bring sleeping pills to the groom’s wine glass, because the drug is very slow, until the banquet ends drugs.

Midway, the new lady Angel stepped into the place, the whole man is left, there will be no one, then five, so that I will have a groom with Wang Ming. I and Wang Ming pretended to be drunk. Awesome, the groom saw us like this, spitting the wine to us, “Today, you sleep.” There is also a room at home. I used to go home when we didn’t go home at night.

Falling a long-selling Angel wearing a set of bright red shorts, tailoring the same chic, slightly revealed, the chest is tied in the back neck, the white landscape shoulder, more excellent, The cleansing makeup, the face is red, and the color is not eliminated, and then the beautiful buttock curve is more praise. I can’t see it. I and Wang Ming also filled a few cups. She is almost her, now I am drunk, and I am the most cool with the teacher! ! !

At the end of the banquet, the groom is of course, and only says that the sound “I’m sorry, you go to the room”, the pace, I want to go back, I have seen him almost falling, the new lady is also drunk, I can’t move, I hurried to help him , “” You go in, I will help you, I will come. “He looked at the wall, entered the room, I didn’t have a voice, I also helped him hang up the suit cover. The quilt leaving.

Going back to the living room, Angel on the side has already slept, haha, this is the purpose I have to achieve, I have a testimony called her two sounds, there is no reaction, pushing her shoulders, no response, then patted her face, still not Move, so I am going to steal her full breast, I want to wake up her, I will go back to sleep.

The chest touch is soft, and it is still a big thoric to the sharpness of the pole. It is a very thin bra. She is still not waking, and my hands hold her tits tightly. Squeezed, the saken go deep into her, unpacking the bra, the movement is too big, the beautiful neighters grabs the face, change your posture, my heart has already left straight jump, loose bra almost fall off, from her underarm Open a red dress, a perfect breast! Poor newlyweds, unknown bra peeking chest.

Into the slightest and soft tits, both of them hang in her halver.

Staring with the drunken Angel, the uniform calf is unable to recline, I will put her feet on the sofa, adjust the position, put a foot and rushing on the back of the chair, forming a lustful appearance of open legs, turning her body I also heard her words: “Don’t! I can’t drink it again …” Suddenly speaking, I causing my nervous, but the beauty is currently, the heart is a horizontal, open the outer dress, see my eyes.

The black black and fine panties are tight into the snow white ditch, forming beautiful sights, narrow cloth can’t hold the whole pussy, the left and lips are showing some, the two sides are covered, declared the sexy and relaxation of the owner. She drunk, the feet is lie on the sofa. The slightly prototypes are upheed with breathing, and the body is like a lamb. She sleeps calm. From the slight waist, open it, it is the same set of straps sexy The bra, has been loose, the tulle mesh lace is woven into a half-transparent layer, covering the nipple dizziness, forming the mysterious sexy jade peaks of black, seeing my blood, is a mature and charming body.

Can’t help but bow down in angel belly, a piece of fragrance of fragrance mixed with the temptation of sexual organs, and unless carefully open her trousers, the cloth is less just symbolic to obscure the new lady. The incapacity is inverted triangular black velvet, close to the splitter, especially long, a mess, due to the relationship of the posture, the crack has been slightly opened, the negative is very beautiful, rich and rosy.

Easy to open two slings and tender and flexible big lips, the flower buds are still pink, even the edges are pink and tender, not like some will be black, and then make bigger, the vaginal wet is wet, Surpassing!

In fact, after wearing a thin silk, she almost doesn’t feel anything, she is embarrassed, but her inner is often a challenge, and the bra is thin like a decoration.

The plump chest is easy to tear up. Don’t wear it.

For the exposed beauty, wet my middle finger, slightly slide into her jade hole, wrap the hot touch quickly, Angel is still asleep, I slowly drop your finger, and press the nap to press her yukin , Lightweight and gentle, although it is drunk, but the feeling of the body is quite awake, and the stimulation of the burst is a beautiful sexy, and the lust picks up with my movements.

The uneasiness brought by the sexual desire is a bit alarmed, the slightly eye-catching, the living room yellow light is beautiful, the beautiful mature woman is not open, and the alcohol makes her feel hysteresis, my fingers have not pulled out, I am afraid of panic. Amazing her, the middle finger is far behind the cock, looks at her wakeful eyes, she is set off to her chest, a few close to the carcass state, panty to one side, relaxing Zhang Da, the United States, I also stuffed my fingers. , Closely combined in a part of her body, she didn’t feel.

Although it is awake, the wine is still not moving, she is politely said: “I haven’t slept yet?” I smiled and said: “Well ~~” Angel has not yet come and discover the nakedness of the body, and Why do I stick to one side? I closed my eyes, and my consciousness is very obvious for the lust response of the lower body. The boom is bursting with fingers, and then takes out transparent prostitute, gradually congestion, the beauty of the United States The original wants to fire, then press insertion, my fingertips touch to a thin layer of film, I am !! Or virgin !!!

I used the unmanned finger to touch her chrysanthemum, and the soul of the erection of the yuki, the flexible trembled wrist, the stimulation of the small hole made her awake, long eyelashes tremble, sexy desire occupied her trend, deep awareness It is impressive, but for sexual intersection, it is an uneasiness of this trace.

I am determined to humiliate angel, with the fingers that tap in her small hole, she wants to be awakened, she is slightly opened, like she can’t pull it out, pick up her beautiful buttocks, let her kneel in the carpet The head is squatting on the sofa with the body, brushing! Pull down her leggings, set off the outer dress, and the bra is spurred in the sofa and the breast.

: 22: Her head is frustrated, the spindle scene is surrounded by the line, I can think that it should be loved in the living room. But the soft body is completely placed, and the high-powered ass lets women have a bare sensuality, and they will hold a whole night. The fire is gradually broke, she specially smashed the bee waist, the labians did not retain the open, forming a red flesh, next to the black hairy, the bra left on the sofa when she moved her body, wasola, Red, red nipples are not small, with the body’s shake milk bullets.

I didn’t expect to seem to have an unique Angel. After the emotion, I did an expectation. How did such a new lady not want to have a dye? The towering ass is quite, the mouth whispering can’t understand, hey. Ah, picking up a skirt that covers the face, full face, the scenery, she is not clear that the insertion is not her husband!

Quickly remove the clothing, both hands grabbed a breast and squeezed, she cooked: “Oh … good … good hanger … I am dead …

So comfortable … Hey … “Angel’s nature needs sharply, the heat of fever in the vagina is uncomfortable, and the yin water is a shares; I got up in my two thighs, hand holding the icon of the iron rod A like penis, separate the lips of the lips with another hand, and rubbed and rubbed with the mouth of the penis.

“Ah! I am dying …” At this time, the glans has been close to the women’s film. I feel that there is a layer of things. I saw angel head to catch cold sweat, the eyes were flashed, and the corner of the eyes showed tears. I can’t move forward. Besides, I can’t bear to make her pain, use the right hand to raise the glans, keep in the pussy mouth, but the left hand throws it on her milk tips, a burst.

I like this, I love my honey, I will pick it up, so that she is so lasses such as spring, and she is not stopping. I only see her legs, sometimes it, sometimes straight, time to open, while you frequently meet your ass, Caring for the pumping of the glans, this is that she is excited that she has reached the extreme and has arrived.

I have already achieved the time, I will be in the banyan head, gently go into the mouth, and I will take the glans in the hole in the cave. After this time, I will move, probably near the top, and I’m hitting my neck. And the lower body is very welcoming, and it is lustful.

Just when she bite the teeth, my ass will not hold the moment, I am so angry, the masher angered, the butt is sinking, straight toward the humid cloud hole, suddenly inserted. “Zi!” The female film, the seven-inch of how long is the mask, has been exhausted, and the turtle is deeply arbitrarily adjusted.

Angel hurts tears, the whole body trembles, almost the mouth called it, but it was blocked by my mouth, I thought it was very painful, and I couldn’t help but swung in the upper body. I saw her pain. It is not moving, and the whole tang is tightly flat, it is very good. We hug a few minutes like this. I feel that she has passed, but it is difficult to get it.

I took the glans slowly, and slowly plugged in, this is a kind of unparalleled skill. This is about more than ten minutes of loyalty. After more than ten minutes, Angel has been obscenity, Jiao I have a lot of breath, I’m very happy, I can’t help but shake the snake waist, welcome to send. I saw her hardships, charming, charming, more desire for fire, hitting the body, a big burst of fierce, kept Desperately inserting, from time to time, the glans will be smashed out, and the yuki is rubbed with meat.

Just continue to pump, only Angel Jiao Aunt, Zhizhi, a lot of breath: “Brother … Good brother … good … Shu … … … … … …… beautiful … Mei Di me …

“I saw her spring love, lighter charming, hugging her, tightly pumping, and pulling the mask from time to time, rub the yuki with the glans, and then inserted.

Angel is plugged in, wants to die, double cheeks, cherry, gasping, such as a blooming sea osmium, Yan Li, a lot of words: “Ah … I don’t hurt now. … I am very comfortable … I am dying! Do you feel comfortable … ah … um ……

You really … will … dry … good … so beautiful … “She squatted, one scholars twisted butt, strong, held my waist, helping me to save.” … … 唷 … brother … I am going to day … too comfortable … I …

I … I can’t … “I don’t help but put down the Angel’s hips, with some of the thick penis, and the blood of the virgin, dyed the red labipings. Bai Nanyin, my penis is also covered with blood. Angel is a little easier, I am going down, and I put the thick penis inserted it. She couldn’t help but distinguish it. I appreciate it. The virginity of the virgin, slowly moved with the body, pushed the thick penis under the vagina of her blood splash, although I was not very intense, but I plugged into the end, unti ANGEL The tightly vagina depths, pick it up to the pumping of the circle, straight to the glans on her tender labipings.

Angel’s wonderful vagina is tight, the thick-faced penis is so moving deeply, the feeling is so strong, she twisted the delicate body, I can’t help but shout in the mouth, not only in the sound The painful, and also began to be full of sexual intercourse, only a few times, the rough penis was covered with her vast blood.

Angel is cool, screaming, lingering said: “Ah … ah … good husband … 喔 … 天 啊 … You plug me to fly … um … um … ah … ah … …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… … I itchy … Hey … I can’t help … I have to throw it out … “The” Zi “sound of the hole is full of living room. She is venting once, I am exhausted, I don’t wait for me. Transition, she turned over the left foot and supported her hands on the carpet.

I work with her actions, open the feet and sit down, open your eyes and watch her expression, but she is very enjoyable, she still doesn’t recognize where her? After coming to me, she is sitting On my thigh, hugged my headrel into her two milk, Angel, I forgot me, half-squats and half-footed on my side, and enjoying different pleasure.

In order to pursue fierce stimuli, I hugged her ass, she pioneered the waist and made up and down.

She is so implicit in the wedding, showing her education, watching the beautiful woman in front of him, simply judgeting two people, just listening to her: “Good brother … vomiting … um … you can insert me Crisp … … … … beautiful big cock ……

You told me to be comfortable … ah … ah … ah … “Hand rotated her ass, fresh stimuli once again took her into a climax.

Sensitive Angel quickly leaked twice, plus drunkenness did not retreat, she was unable to rely on my body, the whole body close to my body, warm and soft, the huge penis is still inserted in her In the beauty, the lower body is full of obscene waves and virgin. My kiss moved from the chest to the powder neck, looking to the sweet lips, letting her apricots, put her body whole enemies, I even What is your name?

The lazy bride slowly opened his eyes, and the mouth said that “good husband, plug in people is so cool, so cool !! …”

The face is panicked, and there is no explanation of the prostitutes, eager to break, but just a sensual Angel is weak, I don’t put it, she is hitting my back, but I can’t leave the waist. A arm.

Suddenly lost self-esteem, what should I do? Regret, I have just put it, I think that the investment thinks that I have never been inserted is unprecedented, but how can I insert me? Oops! I will drink more.

Infiltration of contradictory emotions, she can’t think of the lower body, not her husband’s cock, the thrill has not stopped from the tightly inserted dick, so that the result of struggling, but inserted in her waves Dicks with puffet.

“I saw you for the first time, I fell in love with you, your beauty, your sexy, …” I saw Angel is enjoying the remaining pleasure, I am a soul soup.

The mouth said, my body can not stop a little bit. The natural reaction of the body makes the beautiful neighborhood, there is a trace of hope, ashamed: “Really? …………………………… … ah … you are bad … ah … “” You see me, do you doubt me? Say you love me “I said, while vigorously playing.

She is not so embarrassed to face me, I deliberately pull the dick to a few nests, she under the lower pressure of the body does not want me to pull out, this action brings out a big pile, she lows, I want She looked at the obscene sight of the big cock into their own waves.

The new lady in ethanically in sex is finally softened, and it is ashamed and refreshing: “Um … ah … ah … you …

Don’t be ashamed again … You really plug me … inserted me … ah … plugged very cool … Ah … I all … ah ……

According to you … I love you, the little handsome guy “I proudly kissed her crisp, because the relationship of the seat, the cock can only make small slings, and it will not cause great excitement for me, but by Chicken Angel, who took the jerkale nucleus, although she did not want to admit it, the truth was that her prostitution is reluctant.

I don’t want to let this opportunity, slightly separated, let the tamed new lady sees the male roots inserted into their private parts, slowly entering one out, the tender meat on my petals goes out with turning.

“When you sleep, the big scorpion separate your lascivious points is indifferent. Do you want to do this action?” I said to pick up, even if she didn’t want to admit the sensuality, but the beautiful hole was secreted more. More sexual secretion.

After anger gave up resistance, I was inserted, I used the last effort to lying down, and my legs were lying down, and my legs were unable to ignite. She leaned twice, but there were not many water. , Wet a large piece on the carpet.

I have worked hard to make a good time, but I don’t know how it is? Tonight is not shooting! She exhausted her strength and drunkenness, although she was plugged, still sleeping, the model is really sensuality to the extreme.

I am also a little tired, sleeping on her crisp, letting the cock stay in her body …

At this time, Wang Ming came in, waken me, “I am coming to me, why don’t you finish the dick?” I said to Wang Ming, “She is too fascinated, I didn’t shoot several times. , Or a woman. “” Cheap you, have you opened it later? “Wang Ming asked.” No to you! “

“I said, I left. I saw the clock, I have been 3 o’clock. I did her nearly 3 hours.

After a while, I heard the loan of Angel. I wanted Wang Ming’s dry. She was very comfortable. I didn’t know how long the side room was fascinated. Wang Ming came over and shouted me. I haven’t lit it outside, I saw the clock. It’s only 5 o’clock. “What is it, you?” I said to Wang Ming. “Angel is really wave!

“Wang Ming said.” That is of course, how? Are you accepted? I still go “I am coming.” What? I will be easy to do, I will give her husband “I come.” Going to the living room. The back court of the aangel is loose, and Wang Ming has just got angel to conquer.

Her lower yin has been flooded into the river. The flow is full.

Angel is watching me with Wang Ming at the same time. She is smile and looked at me: “You both have a pretext.” “Not because of your small waves, you are not cool.” “I went to the buds of Angel on the side.

I saw Angel brought still laughed, I knew that this beauty has already served me and Wang Ming.

“Now, you should take your groom. Today is your cave. The beautiful bride!” “We put angel to the cave, I broke the fingers, got a tattooed mesen groom The cock on the cock, I dripped a few drops on the bed. The effect of sleeping pills is very good, and the sound of Angel is reacted.

His cock is tall and said, maybe I am doing a spring dream, I don’t know that today his cave is replaced by me.

I looked at his cock, than me far away. Everyone saw all I would laugh, “Good night, beautiful bride, you are really beautiful today.” After that, we don’t forget it in beautiful The bride’s high chest touched it and exited the room.

Wake up in the morning, we met the groom and didn’t have happened. I also laughed and asked him that I was cool last night, and he saw the blood on his chicken, I thought I had a night with the bride last night. Of course. Of course The bride is also very satisfied with yesterday’s cave.

Afterwards, Angel said to me from last time, I like you, but I have already engaged.

I was not drunk that day. I can’t cooperate with her that day.

In the future, Angel became the lover of my and Wang Ming. We have a chance to find angel, Angel dedicated to me, it is even more sensual.

It is said that many students in our class have a relationship. According to Angel, I am the best in our classmates, of course, refers to sex.

After one year, Angel was pregnant. Her husband still liked it, I still don’t know who is!

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