Things start to be in a very ordinary day.

I am attending the track and sirery – Xu Jiaoliang, practicing from the gymnasium is already half past six in the evening. There is no one in the girl’s toilet. This time, students have long been going. Besides I am very tired, I want to change clothes first.

So I started to take off my sports, even if I walked into the toilet, I won’t come in anyway.

Although I can’t say it is a devil figure, it is not bad, the breast is firm, the waist is slim.

When I put on the uniform shirt, when I was wearing a skirt, I found that the community instructor – Wang Liping stood at the door at the door, and the pants were swollen to me.

It seems that the teacher may want to determine whether there is anyone in the toilet and then turn off the lights, but just by him to watch a living naked girl who makes his blood, and the performanceer is still his own student.

I first slammed first, then called: “Teacher! Please go out, do you go out?”

The teacher wakes up for the big dream, and I will go out when I am busy.

When I changed my clothes, when I passed the sporting room, I found that the door of the supplies was not closed, leaving a fine seam that was light, it appeared very abrupt on the dark walkway.

The room also made a strange embarrassment, let me not help but get together.

However, the scene in front of you can make me hop! I saw that the teacher on the door was quickly rubbed with his hands and rubbed him: “Ah … ah … good … ring!”

The teacher actually called my name masturbation! This is not small, and it is shameless, I will run out the gym, and then rush out of the school with the speed of running 100 meters.

But after a period of time, my chest is still so up, it seems that I don’t want to sleep tonight …

This time, the time is maintained for a while. Since then, I often go back early, I must determine that the teacher is not nearby, and I will always go home.

But when I exercise at home, I found that I only left myself today! Others have already left first …

Due to the last experience, this time I walked in the sporting room, but at this time, the teacher suddenly opened the door of the sporting room, and I was shocked!

“Xu classmate, do you want to go home?” Asked the teacher.

“Yes … ah!” I didn’t answer, but my eyes did not dare to see the teacher.

“Come in!” The teacher suddenly called, and pulled me into the use room and locked to the door, then put me onto the cushion on the cushion.

The teacher took off the top and tightly grabbed my little body.

“Teacher, what do you want to do?” When I opened, the teacher had taken his pants and exposed the naked chest and huge penis.

“Teacher, what do you want to do?” I asked once with a trembling voice.

“Jia Bell, Jia Bell!” Teacher quickly took my clothes, and started with his hand to knead my breast.

“Let go!” I used to play to the teacher. The strength is big, even my hand is slightly painful. The teacher should fall to the sofa, and I showed a dead expression.

“Jia Bell! I saw it for the first time, I knew!” It seems that although I am hoped, the teacher is still standing up from the sofa, and the body is going to me.

“You will definitely be a top small market … I saw it when I saw it, I knew it!” The teacher shouted excitedly.

“You are a teacher!” I unbelievably called, and stay away from the teacher to refund the wall: “But this is not love! You don’t make it!”

Next moment, the teacher rushed to me again, pressing me on the wall, and pulling the button of my chest shirt, then pulling the bra, showing my full of crisp.

“Let me go!” I screamed and wanted to reach out again. But the teacher grabbed the right hand I waved, pulled up my bra left, took my hands back behind it.

“Hey is absolutely to go to the bones … Now, what is the sacred girl in it!” The teacher shouted.

Subsequently, the teacher picked up and went to the mat, his chest rubbed my naked breast, making me embarrassment, my pink nipple is already very …

The teacher then started to explore his hands into my skirt … Put your fingers into my underwear, gently rubbing it before the hole, then take out … above has been covered with my milky. I have already started crying: “Hey … teacher … Please … I am your student! … don’t … don’t violent me ….!”

“Jia Bell, Jia Bell! My lovely little gum!” Although my crying seems to have made the teacher to die, but the teacher still didn’t let go, but put me more tight, I can’t breathe.

The teacher went up my skirt and faded underwear.

I was scared, I couldn’t help but fiercely resist, I have been crying, I can’t shake the whole body. The teacher seems to be strong under his heart, pressing my soft body.

Suddenly, the teacher let go of my beauty, a drill into my leg. Obviously, it is a great opportunity to break, but I have made my mind because I am shocked.

Turned, the teacher scored two of my two thighs, and took the endless virgin. His fingertip dials the fine seam I am from disaster – under this situation, the natural reaction of the body is really embarrassed! Then his finger began to explore the cave inside.

Then, the teacher passed the lips in my “outlet”, it took a while, squat. I have already been crying, it is simply lost! Coupled with the teacher, kiss in his own private parts, I also have a little more upset, Jiaojiachang!

At this time, I am sweat, tears rolled down, shame. The plump’s body is in the labeling of the teacher, which seems to have a lot of aroma, steamed sweat, and rendering the temptation of pink. The teacher saw my skin and sweating, white and reddamous appearance, naked carcass, seem to more stimulating his sexual desire, making his hoods have been completely erect, endangered the edge of the outbreak!

“Ah …!” Teacher’s Yang has inserted into my vagina, and the grinding, so stimuli keeps my moist hole constantly contraction.

I tears, I’m trying to cry, I’m going to ask, but in the gymnasium that is empty, it is useless. So I tried to twisted the waist to one side and didn’t let the teacher entered. However, the teacher arrived on his waist, let me have no way to avoid it, and I twisted, it seems to cause anti-effect, but more people’s pleasure!

“Jia Bell … I … I can’t stand it …! Hey this is the goods!”

This posture is not even behind the legs, just closing the teacher’s waist, making him more inserting into their tender points.

It’s really shameful, the teacher seems to feel that my tenderness has been wet, so I will take the glans to the front of the flower, in fact, he may already have an outward.

I can’t help but fall, I will stick to the teacher, but the teacher doesn’t plan to stop. I bite my teeth and don’t call my voice. And I still hang the underwear that was fade with the teacher on the right calf.

“Jia Bell, there is this point, what else is there?”

Slowly, I am also a bit can’t stand it, and the face is emerging, and the breathing begins to urgently.

The teacher can obviously feel that my private parts have gradually begun to flour over … a wave of prostitution is pouring out of my lower body.

I looked at the breath, I am flushing, the teacher also suppressed the violent riots that could not hit the mask. Suddenly, they came up to my narrow vagina!

“Ah, ah!” I can’t help but send a scream!

Where is the teacher who is in the beginning? The hot-hot mask stuffed my petite body, and the prostitute was even more coming, dripping on the mat under our body. The pain and stuffed my lower body, so I have a feeling that I have a kind of death.

Without this painful teacher, it was stunned: “Good Bell, it is great!”

I have a blank in my mind, I can only sneaky: “Old … teacher …”

The teacher still didn’t pay attention to me, I can’t bear the pain of the opening of the opening, and I’m sang! I am inserting, I can only make a burst of mourning, and the tears full of face!

My body swayed in such an impact, the plump breasts also shake, the teacher looked at my breasts, cold and low, one, a sove of the nipples with my left. Stroke, get my skin itching, shaking whole body!

I gave up the struggle and let the teacher wanton ravaged, filled affronted and resentment; teachers are very excited, any ride in my damp Nenxue in! Then he forced one, apex straight to my bother, I suddenly speechless Yinjiao: “! Oh … ah ah ah”

This sound Jiao Wan Yinsheng hear the teacher body melted, lust more cases, but a burst of intense thrusts until I cry out loud! Which takes my private parts labia pumping too valgus, sexual secretion direct vent!

Oddly enough, under the huge penis Choucha teacher, Kaibao pain gradually reduced, followed by pleasure, slowly penetrated into my bones go.

I suffered at the beginning of adultery experience such violence, in occasion saw it, I actually began to slowly softly Yinjiao up: “Well … ah … ah … ah …!”

Under the guidance of the instinct of the body, although I could not stop the tears of shame down, but can not resist the lust of the body, my petite body, the weight gradually yield down …

Finally, the teacher growled, a surge of scalding hot finish homeopathy coming down my body! Then the teacher pulled my petite body, but also my freedom.

But I can not therefore happy … After all, I just lost a woman cry the most valuable first thought of this, I could not help but cry … Chouchouyeye

“What cry! U will wait cried and begged me! Cried a bit too early, right now!” The teacher’s face hung a disgusting smile, he said to me.

I immediately broke down in tears had stopped crying. “You What does it mean?” I stared at the teacher he said bitterly.

“U say?” The teacher laughed wickedly. “In fact, I also invite other people come together to participate in this flesh feast which …!” Leisurely school teacher says, simply ignore my white-washed face.

“Well, please come here! My mystery guest!” Then, the teacher’s eyes drifting towards the appliance box horse and obstacles placed corner room wood, there do not know when the extra two people.

“The quality of what you Wang!!” One figure to speak, and the man turned out to be track and field club president – Wang Zhixiang seniors!

“We could not help but harm to solve it by hand just almost necessary to help you out!!” Another person to speak, that person is track and field club seniors graduated last year, also the president’s brother – Wang Fang seniors!

“You’re the not very surprised ah? Jia Ling little kinky goods?” The teacher laughed wickedly. “These two guys actually my cousin it! Happy? In fact, they miss you like to do for a long time!

And if it had not my cousin to tell you that today these two exercises early end, but just forgot to inform you, you here alone it! After the “teacher finished, could not help laughing.

It turned out that everything is premeditated … I’m numb to think, I dare not think I will wait what the destiny encountered …

Sure enough, as I think, the next teacher on the side taking out a cigarette, and became the audience; and Zhixiang seniors and seniors Zhifang two naked clothes after his body came around me, and then seniors will Zhixiang his thick cock into my mouth and began smoking, grinding; and Zhifang seniors are mouth close to my private parts, I greedily sucking the blood of virgins mixed with semen and teacher of sexual secretion.

I began to struggle together, in just less than an hour, I have been two of the men raped again, this time what I say will not compromise!

But I seem to struggle to make Zhixiang get more pleasure! I saw him twisting speed and more speed up some! I mingled with the sound of pain and nausea, resounded through the narrow inner room.

While Flanagan was stuffed red and distended cock in my mouth, it has reached a critical point of the outbreak! And poor me both sides are out of the mouth gagging saliva!

I closed his eyes, no longer innocent female students on weekdays temperament; instead, is a humiliation by creating a lust …

Zhifang seniors lying on my lower body, his hands are busy separating my legs, watching the surging springs that Mixue can not help but praise: “What a Mixue, although Kaibao … I do not just tell your polite , first on the ah. “

He held himself has distended hot penis, facing my Nenxue said: “! Baby, I’ll be doing a u bask enjoy it ha ha!”

Although I was immobilized by, but to hear these words, I tried to twist shame and anxious that fragrant perspiration dripping carcass, you want to break free of the control of these animals, but still to no avail.

Then Zhifang seniors put my legs up high to let Zhixiang grabbed, and then I heard a roar kinky, straight and put his cock into that mysterious cave, the mouth is also straight shouted: “goblins, really fans dead, people love it! worn okay! okay! “he flew up into the clouds, my body twisting violently, and tears burst out.

I continued depressed voice heard. Then, like a burst of sound water bag impact, little by little loud again.

“Pop … pop … hiss … woo!”

Then Zhixiang seniors also shouted: “Come up coming!!” I could not help but struggled up, of course, is still in vain.

Then a surge of muddy semen jet out, choking me sick to vomiting, but was Zhixiang house covered his mouth and forced me to swallow it whole!

I made a mad wildly like a mad struggle, battered body could not help trembling, inarticulate cry and said: “!!! Go away … go out ah ah, ah Well … uh … evil.”

Where are busy doing things in Zhifang seniors care? He just stuck my Mixue struggling, let my body sexual secretion continue to pour out like a river embankment collapse in general! I’m afraid they will flow due to sexual secretion dry, dehydrated and died!

Gradually, I lost the will to resist, moaning slowly into the little Yinsheng. Under their brothers one last look offensive, lewd feeling gradually dyed through my body, so I can not suppress.

I saw Zhifang seniors thrusting more and more quickly, the body suddenly shiver, I can not help but cried: “Do not shoot me inside out ah … ah …!!!”

But he just shouted: “Go up!” The next moment, but also a fine stream of hot spray in my body.

I breathed a big mouth and breathe out, his face a flush, the small body was full of fragrant perspiration.

Then change Zhixiang seniors pressure on my body, she smiled and said: “I change!” Followed by a penis, then smooth insertion.

I shouted: “I beg you … you give me a break … woo woo ah ah ah ah … ah …!”

Zhixiang seniors also turned a deaf ear, twisted waist, was another puff puff Zi Zi Choucha!

“Oh, ah … ah … ah ah ah … ah …” Zhixiang seniors excited voice, with my silent cry became a strong contrast.

“Woo … ah ah ah … hum … ah … ah … ah … ah!” Sounds vague, I unconsciously issued when listening in the audience of teachers and seniors ears Chi square in the side, like crying, more like obscene language!

And when standing at the side of peace Zhifang audience, they also slowly penis hard up …

“Pop pop … pop … pop … AIDS …” filled with the sound of water flesh impulsive sound barely pausing, next to watch the teacher and the Chi square seniors who should have to wait for the next while fighting over a.

“I see … altogether with us, you attack the front, I attack back!” After a while a dispute, the teacher made such a suggestion, Zhifang seniors also readily agreed. At this point in me struggling thrusts of Zhixiang seniors he stammered: “! Well ah … ah go up!!”

And then it was an incident with hot cloud fine in my battered vagina.

When done, seniors pulled my body Zhixiang, a surge also mixed with a little bloodshot white liquid bubbling out immediately from my Mixue, in which case my ass to the thigh, is a clammy sexual secretion plus semen …

These demons which could so easily let go of me? The next moment the teacher and the Chi square seniors and again came to raise me, I have no strength to resist, the only thing any of these animals as any broken play with my body …

In vague, I just feel that they both lay down on my side. Then the teacher put me on his body lay; and Zhifang seniors are lying in front of me.

“Please … let me ask you … what happened today … I promise not to tell anyone …” I use their remaining strength to spit out the words slowly, but after listening to the teacher just burst of laughter: “My Jia Ling baby ah … u will soon be transferred Norinari our best dolls … I had the vision really is the right way! “

Then he pointed at the teacher’s penis my ass; and Zhifang seniors penis is aimed at the many times I was thrusting, still dripping Mixue sexual secretion and semen. I did not find out what they want to do when a burst of tears of pain has been swept, they … were actually being doing my ass and vagina!

“Good pain … pain! Go out! Ah!” I really can’t figure out where I am calling these words, they are good metamorphosis! I didn’t even let my ass! I want to struggle, but I found that my hands were clampped by Zhixiang’s second, and it could not move! “Hey … 咕 咕 …” I sent a while in my throat, I can’t hear what the voice was saying, I was very painful in the body of these two strenuous sports, not to mention is double-sided. What is the “attack”?

My ass will not be a painful feeling … I thought that my feelings have been paralyzed …

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