I have been missing her – a teacher who teaches me very much, she is as good.

That is a hot era, I am still in a small mountain village in the south, it seems that I was in the beginning of 1971, I was only fifteen years old. I was a period of youth, I was in the middle school in the village.

The spring of that year, I came from the city to a few degraded five types of molecules. Among them, as a teacher, her father is an official of the Kuomintang, and the uprising of the Liberation War, she married a group of heads, now this The head was sent into the prison because of a few words of a head of bad words, plus her father’s father, she inevitably put it in our remote hill village.

At the time, she had been forty years old. Her body looks very weak, the village chief is a good person, does not let her go to dry farm activities, she did our teacher, all the courses, she is graduating from Peking University, enough It is the reason why the children of this group of mountain villages should be deemed, which is why I have to test the cause of Peking University after the Cultural Revolution.

She is very beautiful, all people think that when they are young, they are definitely fascinating, although she has 40 years old, but also two children’s mother, but still so moving, white skin, Typical northern women, especially in a hill village in our, she is a angel.

She likes us, our group of children also like her, hill village, because of her existence, this is a big city than the big cities that are in troubled.

I know that I am very concerned about me, because I am a special child, I don’t like to talk, but my mother is very good, my mother is too late, my father is sick in bed, I have learned to work, and my grades are always all First, I saw that she had a very kind feeling, I don’t know why.

She also looks at my eyes, it seems that I have seen me.

She saw my name, and I hope that our hillivar can have a college student. We must know that our village has not had a show for nearly 50 years, so she often opens a small stove for me. At the time, I participated in the first three exams, I have already taken the top three.

“Good Xiaoming, the hope of Nanshan Village is pinned on you.

You have to fight for the folks. “

She often tells me this.

I looked up and looked at her beautiful and gentle face. I was full of hope for the future.

That night, I changed my whole life.

That is a hot midsummer night, my family ran to the ground, I was busy with a half-day, and I was so late.

When I came back, I just passed by the courtyard of the teacher. Suddenly quiet, suddenly a little voice caused my curios, I can’t help but climb the mud wall, I saw it in the yard, I saw a corner of the yard. A person is squatting on the ground.

Under the moonlight, the snow-white ass vaguely visible, and then equipped with the subtle urination, I just felt that my mind was big, my heart couldn’t help but the self-jump, although there were two two female teachers in the yard, but I always think that It is like a teacher.

God, the snow is her butt! I suddenly had a unpleasant impulse, my crotch was vertical, my breathing was rushing, and I was a mature, and the children in the countryside often saw the horses. Mating, so the child is more mature than the city, I stare at the snow white thing, I am afraid to miss a little until she disappears in the door.

I don’t know if the teacher is not a teacher, but I always force myself to think that it is a teacher, so that I have an inexplicable satisfaction. I turned back home. On night, I got some gavess, I was. a lot of.

When I was in class next day, I saw that the teacher had a heartbeat, I didn’t consciously heard the snow-white ass, that person was her, the distinguished and beautiful teacher, she wrapped under her skirt Holding that charming butt, I don’t want to think again, but I can’t help but I want to see her every day. I even eager to be with her … I can’t clean up, I can’t get sleep. I have to run to her hospital for almost every night, so I am afraid that it is a wind, if I see, I will pass a wonderful night, and if I didn’t see it, I will don’t sleep all night, the hospital Peeking on the wall became a part of my life.

Of course, it is necessary to pay for the price. My achievement is a thousand feet. When I was in class, I always knew my spirit. I didn’t touch the teacher’s full ass, my mind was always like, and I couldn’t enter the teacher’s lecture. The teacher is also sensational, she is looking for me, but I always support myself, so she decided to take action.

This evening, I quietly came to the familiar hospital wall. In fact, she began to follow me when she left the house, but unfortunately, I was too excited, I didn’t pay attention, when I climbed the mud wall, she I got out in the dark, I looked at her horror.

She just looked at me, I didn’t say it. I know that she must be very angry. Her eyes are very complicated. I don’t understand it at all. I may be a minute, and then a twist, fly like an escape.

The next day I didn’t dare to go to class, I ran to the field, let anyone can’t find me until I go home at night.

She sat in my house, I may wait for a long time, I am at the door, she got out, just patted my head, said softly: “Xiao Ming, you have to study, don’t think about it, you want For your parents, I will fight for the Nanshan Village. Do you know? You are a smart child, you will have something.

Be sure tomorrow, don’t be late. “

After that, she smiled and left.

My nose is sour.

I returned to the classroom, but I still have a heart, I force myself to listen to the class, but the inexplicable desire always accounts for the dominant position. My grades have rebounded, but there is no good, desire and philosophy in intertwined, This is too difficult to say for a child who is in adolescence.

After nine days, I finally couldn’t help but returned to the wall at night, but no one in the yard will come out in the evening, and the teacher is already guarding me! One kind of broken tank crashed by the thus, and under the urgency, I became a small hole on the mud wall of the east of the yard, so that I got three times after the night came. The female teacher taking a shower, although it is impossible to see too much content under the night, but I still use the water and the vague skin to play my imagination. I seem to see the snow white ass.

When the teacher is washed, I will take my hard and home from the trousers, repeatedly, until I get the pleasure, spray the semen into the yellow mud wall.

The woman is intuitive. One day when I arrived at the mud wall, I found that the small hole was blocked with a new mud. I watched four weeks in a horror. I was afraid that someone will come out from the dark. No, I quickly fled.

The next day, I went to class. The teacher is like a teacher, there is no different, I am a little dressed, will it be that she doesn’t happen in order not to let other students laugh? I don’t care about the teacher’s kindness, I am looking for a chance to chisel, but the small hole is blocked in two days.

I know that it is like a teacher, because if it is another teacher, I have been sent.

As long as there is a person hiding there, I will definitely be arrested at all, and the ending is imaginative, but no.

So I know that she must be her, she must want me to retreat silently, go back to the classroom, become a good child.

I also want, but I can’t do it, I am like drug addiction, I am not a good medicine.

Only the day that is really free.

That day finally came.

A dull early autumn afternoon, the heavy rain is coming, the male and female women in the village are organized to the ground to grab, if they are not completed before the rainstorm, the hard work is white.

There is no shadow in the village. I secretly slipped back. I want to chisel a hole in the bathroom. This time I am more bold, I have to look at the bathroom and find a more effective way.

So I finally entered the bathroom of the bathroom – Bi, such as the teacher, I was so nervously on the wall, searching for a place that is not easy to pay.

Finally, I found a place I think it is a district, I started to take out the tool to cut the hole.

Just when I was doing the heat of the sky, the teacher came back, maybe I didn’t forget, I actually didn’t find it. When I turned, she had already standing behind me.

I looked at her, she wrapped her finger, and she wrapped around the left hand. She must hurt when they were taken, so she came back, she also looked at me, her eyes were full of complexity Feelings, or sad, or mercy, or anger. I have no idea.

But she didn’t talk, I suddenly didn’t know where a courage, I said loudly: “Teacher, I am coming to this toilet!” Said that I will go back to her, unlock the pants chain. , Take out my things, start to pee.

I really worry that I will not sprinkle, I will be weak in front of the teacher, but I’ve turned it out, or it is sprinkled, and I have been urging it.

I pulled a pants chain, turned it, I didn’t look at her, and I went to the head. In fact, my heartbeat is very powerful. I really don’t know what to do in the future.

But I just got a few steps, I heard that the teacher sighed behind, a faint voice came to my ear, “Xiao Ming, you are my student, I have a responsibility to take care of you, for you Everything to do is responsible.

I still stand, I went back, I saw that the teacher was put on the chest. I was taking the twisting of her shirt, the snow white neck revealed, my mind flashed out of the moonlight. Ass, I only felt the “” in my mind, the blood is coming up, I quickly stepped over, a teacher, such as the teacher, on the soft sand in the bathroom.

“Don’t, don’t, Xiao Ming, don’t be here, don’t …”.

She hurriedly shouted, but the voice was very low, I heard it as if it was in the mouth, I have already calved so much, I have a very urgent feeling, I have a hard foot to pull her top.

Her ability wants to stop me, but I don’t dare to force too much. We pushed it, get a big bigger, she may realize that this will delay more time, so her resistance is weak, I Finally, she can drive her shirt.

The white belly and a white embroidered bra are presented before, my hi is hard, and I don’t know the strength of the trousers. I will take her bra.

She is shocked by her “Ah …”, her hands can protect her chest, I roughly open her hands, a pair of full and white breasts jumped out, this is a beautiful pair Breast! Although it has been a bit collapsed, it seems to be so full, especially the two dark red little nipples, which makes people swallow up, this is the first time to see a woman’s breast, I am tough Diwood, I went down, I took a nipple, and sucked more than sucking.

“Xiao Ming, don’t, this, this will be seen, don’t, the teacher gives you, we go to the inside, don’t be here, I …” But I can’t control these, the taboos, I have forgotten Everything, I am in the body of the teacher, sucking her breasts, hands are still indiscriminately in her body, she struggled a few times, finally did not return, she slowly saved .

My right hand took the opportunity to explore her trousers, I took a force, my trousers were faded under my waist. I sat up and seized the teacher’s trousers. I took it hard. The teacher took consciously lifted the ass. The whole trousers were pulled down, showing two slender thighs, her legs are very white, the skin is glossy, and the legs are tightly clipped.

I looked at her long legs in my eyes. I swallowed the water, and immediately bent down, grabbed the red leggings that she only in her.

At this time, she suddenly grabbed my hands tightly, didn’t let me move again, I tried to pull it with force, didn’t pull it, I don’t know where she is so big, I am rushing to the eye. , Gasping, looking at the teacher lying on the ground.

She also gasped, and I was paired with me, my eyes were full of fear and uneasiness, but after a while, the kind of fear and uneasiness disappeared, she closed his eyes, helplessly released hands.

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