For a long time, I have been thinking about my political teacher Peng Yu, beautiful and charming smile, a cute doll face, bumps and bumps (although I have been having a child, it is very good).

This is a big temptation for the boy who is just a bloody and just! !

So, she became the best thing in my masturbation and sexual imagination … this often makes me like a throat: If I can touch her little sister, insert her goddess – relying on! There is no thief, no thief.

My good buddy A is like I want to go to her, and we often discuss how to make her cool. I have studied many absurd means, and I can use it for a day.

And the timing, always so quietly …

That day is our last political class. She wore a very tight blue dress, painted a faint face makeup – the generous and mature charm of young women deeply attracted me.

At that moment, my eyes did not help but stare at her, almost jumped out from the clothes, then moved, and the sight is greedily sliding on the contour of the hidden penetration. I feel that my little brother is hard.

Just like this, I am obscenity.

“Classmates, teachers thank you for spend two-year time with me. You are all students, my teaching work is very happy. Thank you. Ok, under get out of class 1, I panic. I think I am very It is difficult to have so many opportunities to see her.

How to do? I have planned a two-year prostitute teacher, I haven’t realized it! I turned to see Amazi, I saw him also look very anxious.

I want him to be like me?

I low below, I am determined to bite my lips – fucking, it is today!

Talk to dry! Seeing that she came out of the classroom, I called A., said to him: “Let’s keep her.”

Amazhi is suspicious, and the place is nodded.

We followed her out of the school. The teacher is very close to the school, as long as the corner is turned to her dormitory area.

I took a touch of the smoke and looked at her and watched the buttocks. We clearly understood the nature of the things you had to do, but we haven’t cared for everything at the time. Just think about how it is speaking, she – our political teacher.

Into the dormitory, Peng Wei suddenly turned around and shocked us. In the half-dark light, her expression I can’t see.

This makes my heartbeat.

“You … Why have you been following me? Looking for teachers …?”

There is a bit of a little embarrassment in tone (this can be absolutely not much).

“No, no! In the case of …” Auntie.

“Yes, teacher, I don’t want to teach us later, we are reluctant to be.” I suppressed nervous emotions and said.

It can be seen in the dark, still in the dark, still slightly slightly slightly white highlights.

“Ah, is it?” She smiled slightly to me: “You … go to me sit down? Let’s talk to the teacher.”

So I said before, this fucking is called a unhappy will will will will will will will will will will! It can be said that it is: unintentional stick stick? ! (laugh)

“Wow, we are looking for you talking to you and I don’t know if you are willing to know.” Intuition tells me that there may be a play – maybe it’s hard?

“That,” she smiled: “Come with me.”


I was in the end, so when I was closed, I took my back to the buckle, and locked to the door. Then we sat on the sofa.

“Is it easy to do it?” She took a few drinks from the refrigerator, came over. “Well … Teacher, the teacher sits in the middle. Let’s talk.”

“Okay, you are sitting.” We quickly sprout the seat.

With the landing of Peng, her body floated a fragrance, which made us have some sexual desires.

I took the drink and drunk, and I made a picture of Ako, said to Peng Wei: “Teacher, you are so fragrant. Really.”

“Is it? Um … I like this taste?” Her eyes are not angry – I believe in my judgment: the good play is to stage.

“Yes ah, the teacher …… You …… good charming yet.” I put on an innocent look. “Ha … that … you looked a little smell of it ……?” She Mianfan Hongxia, eyes glistening. I’m sure she was trying to seduce us, and this can be excited.

A silent in the side armor of anxious – who told him Daner break – well, he also points a piece ︰ “Good Aia armor, really good smell, you smell it?”

“Oh, oh …… 1 he was a bit of a hurry.

Thus, we leaned against Peng Jin who is intoxicated sniffing, sucking.

My hand has not honest take on her waistline – there’s a great feeling, soft and remains charming young young woman makes me thrilled. Then, I slowly began to caress her, and her shortness of breath gradually up.

“Hinder … you probably not only want to talk about it ……?” She looked at me and said.

“Yes, we think we …… ……,” I said.

“I am his mother is to rape you! 1 A armor roared rushed up. I was surprised, I really think this kid should suddenly be playing from the rough.

“Hinder … 1 she crashed down on my arms – I am a bit overwhelmed, because the Arab-Israeli armor also his mother pressed up exercise, I had to give up the seat, stood up, he is going on his first – and regarded as just reward for his conduct of it.

A grateful armor and looked at me, he seems to understand my good intentions. I voted to drum Li’s eyes, motioned him to work hard.

I saw him rudely torn shirt Peng Jin, hysteric chaos gnawing on her Fenjing; left hand ripped bra, playing with her breasts hypertrophy, a pair of buns like the United States was summarized grabbed it is extremely painful; and the right hand along the exquisite curves of the body slide down to rest on the thigh, and went inside to dress …… I began to explore some unkind, I found Jin Peng seemed not the slightest pleasure – a armor too impatient to do so will only make women disgust.

“A little slower armor you, do not hurt the teacher.”

She looked at me, that’s grateful eyes. A armor also calm down, he began slowly stroking the nipple Peng Jin, head down too low, dragged down by a teacher teeth white briefs.

“For …… obstacle … is it …… Well …… oh …” She was moaning to stimulate up, pale pink.

I take this opportunity to greedily enjoy the front of this white nude – which were previously inconceivable how much ah!

Pink nipples; fair complexion and rounded breast upright; plump smooth waist; fingertips and can break ass meat rolling;

And I think most most Japanese Night’s Dream in the underwear looming small peach ……

“Teacher, let us work together to meet your right …… 1 I also watched the impulse up, up anger, sexuality crest.

I opened her thighs, across from panties to fondle her pussy, on the other hand playing with her nipple;

A armor behind me licking sucking her toes and foot root – apparently it made her horny, she this time is trembling, Yinjiao ︰ again and again, “Oh my …… …… oh my …! … tickling hinder … where there …… …… …… do not want to …… “

This makes us more and more blood sprayed, it is carefully licked her every sensitive areas.

I peeled off her panties and found there is already a Yinye Kuangpen, glowing fluorescent Twinkle, silhouetted against the shiny black pubic hair, just so beautiful.

I Coushang smell, the air-suction stimulation Peng Jin in the ass almost up. I held out my tongue, I want to savor the taste of honey.

“Obstruction …? Do you want to lick …… …… you there?” She said with shortness of breath.

“For ah, ah …… I would like to try the taste of it must be very good. You will be very comfortable, I promise to Chairman Mao.”

I gave her a lewd grin, then they slowly stretch the tongue piece temptation Yin Xue.

Good soft – this is my first impression, and I kept flipping tongue, labia makes me feel very intoxicated, slippery, salty, I really liked it shares a special taste. I gently separated her labia, saw negative association that the size of soybeans – and I understand this is the most sensitive areas of a woman who, next thing I do is good to play with it, which will allow its owner cool extreme.

“Yeah … I … how is it … it’s so comfortable … don’t … don’t …” – My tongue is like a little snake, and the little bean is brought, the little bean is tipped and the lips. Stopping and inserting and blowing again, it will be the water rolling. “Oh ha … Hey … You are a small ghost … I am so dead, my sister is obsessed …

Where is it … I am so powerful … I am dying … I am killed by you … don’t … don’t stop … no … don’t stop …

Let’s let go … Don’t stop … continue to suck ……

Peng Wei was quenched by us to the middle and lower three roads, and they did a lot of waves. They kept rolling on the sofa – this obviously – too excited?

However, this also makes us more excited, and it is more exciting to engage in her, every time, it is enough to let her want to die.

Suddenly, I was a hot, a cloud was sprayed from the small hole – she reached the climax – I didn’t leak the liquid in the mouth, and then swallowed into the throat. The fragrance is awkward, I think this is actually the beautiful teacher of my thoughts, I feel excited.

The climax attacked the pituitary of Peng Yu, which was still unrestrained, and she was more rosy.

And we also played with a distantly richestly, stimulated her extra-sensitive sexual device after her climax. At this time, she will crash quickly.

“Hey … … stop … beg you … Good brother … Good boy …” Her face is almost twisted, it can be seen that our stimulation has made her cool to describe.

So we also stopped.

“Well … You are really amazing … Even my husband is better than your technology. Now the child is hindering …” She said with us.

“Actually … we also learned from A, haha.” Amazing said.

“How is the lesson is so bad? Forget it, I also like you … I have already sent you to see my eyes are not my eyes … Ok, now I am so comfortable …” said she holds her hand. Amazi’s thick rig is sustain, and the other is pulled down my trousers, and I took out the big chicken eight.

“Are you so big …?” She is a little surprised, but immediately got up, and also holding my chicken.

It’s simply made me killed – the big old second time was taken back by a woman’s soft hand. Strong stimuli makes my brain blank.

At this time, the Amazi has long been holding, I saw him on the white eyes, the lips were twitching, almost unpaid personnel.

The woman’s hand’s hand can hit the pistol is definitely a height! * – I understand exactly.

A few minutes, I have a desire of shooting, but I have been inherited that I have not shot – I want to stay, wait for her big, I will use it again! !

I went to her back, dragging her soft as a pudding, intended to play the puppy.

Just before I was inserted, she suddenly grabbed my old two not let me go. This can be embarrassing me. “No ?! I am also …”

“No, you will not help but shoot inside … Today is a dangerous period, do you know what is dangerous?

So … we still pay it? Ok? “

“But … I have never been plugged in … I want to try, how to let go of myxia …” I disappointed this.

“That …” She red face stroked my glans: “There is still a chance next time … Wen?”

Listening to her, I said that I am happy, but I can watch the old second of A. I will enter and go out in the Sakurakou, my heart is reluctant to let her bounce – I am dirty, because A is a man.

My eyes turned to her butt, I was taken by the chrysanthemum (this metaphor can be very image, nor, who is invented)

The same ass is attracted, can’t help but put it on it with your fingers.

Peng Wei, a machine, turned his face and said: “Hey … how do you spend this child …?” Then continue to help A Shi Liu.

I ignore her, and continue to play her ass. After a while, the holes were wet. I put some thick juice, so that the finger is lubricated, insert the half-section.

“Hey …” She also snorted with the old two.

I am a sports finger that makes it stirring in her ass. And her holes are also flooding. I bowed down, reach out again, the difference is that this time, it is Peng Wei’s ass. In fact, her ass is very smooth and delicate, and the touch of the touch is definitely more than the vagina. Lake it, my chicken is straight. “喔 ~~~~~~ … ah ~~~ there … how can it … how can you lick ~~~~~~ 唔 … ah ~~~ 1 Her ass is shaking, shake.

I finally couldn’t help it, raised the red rising red big chicken eight to apply some prostitution, and put it into her ass. – “Ah ~~~! 1 She spoke, and I tried to marry me a few words, but I was firmly pressed by the Army in itch.

I gratefully looked at Amae.

Then I played my life in her ass – fastening, warmth, and thus, I judged that she never had a farth – so I was more excited, and each plug is almost arrived at the direct intestine.

Gradually, Peng Wei’s shout is no longer miserable, but: the spring.

“Oh … ah ~~~! I want to eat the big chicken eight … grace ~~~ … ass …

瑾 小 小 花 花 … 我 我 死 了 碍 碍 碍 碍 碍 碍 了 碍 了 了 碍 碍

Let’s listen to this, the sexual desire has arrived in the peak, and an eye-catching love to suck the lips, a dying.

“Teacher ~~~~~~~ My mother !!!! My mother is shot … Oh, oh, oh …” A, shot the spermatin.

“Well … ~~~~~~~~~ !! Wipe is also excellent (I lost) ~~~~~~~~~~~ !!! 1 At this time, I feel that the meat stick is twisted The butt is great, and suddenly a heat-feet is spurt from the horses, and the yin eyelashes, a blank mind …

Our three people also reached a climax.

Apine is sitting on the carpet, and I asked for a sigh of relief; Peng Wei squaled on the sofa; I closed the eyes and reminding the thrill of the echo, I grabbed her breast, one hand Her ass above.

And the blue skirt, only the skirt is still in Peng Wei – it has also been turned to the waist, naked with fat and big ass in slightly shaking.

You can even see that the first-line pure white mucus is slowly flowing out from the asshole …

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