Teacher wife being taught

Teacher wife who is tuned by the text (01)

Word Count: 3686 Teacher Wife, I am a president of the company, 37 years old this year, wife Liu Wei is 36 years old this year is a Chinese language teacher, and the old woman’s body gradually became full. Her weight of the height 64, the chest has a C cup, with a long wavy, from acquaintance, now the wife is a very elegant woman, it seems to be more conservative, there is no great desire, plus The child has already on the kindergarten. In the work, I have to spend a big time to take care of him. I usually fall asleep in bed. The next day I have to get up early, prepare less, so we have two years we It is probably only one sex every week.

I got home from get off work later, I went home at four o’clock in the afternoon. When I went to the small door, I saw a wife sitting on the roadside, it looked like a school, because she is a primary school teacher. So the wife wears it is not so official, and a piece of roll is tied, wearing a green short sleeve, below is white skirt, meat stockings with a pair of white open toe sandals.

Then, the wife is in a middle-aged man who is driving, this man is shaved with a clean and short hair, the age is 3 years old, wearing a sportswear, the strong muscles put his white Adidas Short-sleeve, only saw this man’s stick to his wife’s top.

I have walked into a little, because the window driving window is shaking, I only hear the wife whisper: “Well, don’t like this, my husband is coming, if he lets him hit, it will be finished.” The man is not known as another One hand is going to take a wife’s top. “If you can’t wait, you can give me something like it before and then play down.” The wife said.

After the man heard it, he nodded and said “Well.”

Then, the man took a box from the car’s glove, the wife pulled the upper clothes and took the white breasts from the breast, and the man took out a wood clip from the box, one one clipped in his wife. On the chest, the breast is put on the breast, and then the wife holds the breast. The man took out a piece similar to the table tennis, “啪” ruthlessly on the breasts of the wife The wife bite the clothes did not make a sound. The seven or eight clips were falling, and then the man was pinned with two nipples and pulled it hard to pull it out, so that a man is still not letting.

“The painful nipple is going to drop” the wife bite the clothes, “can’t stand it?” The man asked.


The man released his hand. I saw the wife’s nipple has been swollen before the size of the size, like a red date, the breast is also the trace of the clip, and the quilt is filled with a large redprint.

“Go, get off, go to your home” man’s words simple and straightforward.

“Wait, wait, let me give me my husband, I will ask him to get off work.”

Said that the wife dialed my phone “Feed your husband, are you at home?”

I quickly walked 2 meters to connect to the phone “Well, I haven’t gone to get off work, are you going to get out of class?” I asked.

“Well, just next get out of class, I will prepare for it to pick Xiaokai (our son) I want to eat at night, I will go to buy a food, I am going to buy it, I still care about me in the evening, really good wife, good mother. .

“Casual, do it, I have to overtime tonight, you and Kaikai eat first, don’t wait for me, give me a little rice, I will be busy with my wife, don’t say, hang, I hang up, I hanged it.” Phone, then continue to find a corner to monitor the trapender woman in the car.

The wife hanging up the phone clearly tone, “My husband is overtime today, and I have to go to the end of the house.”

“That’s good, hurry to your home, my grass you” The man said.

“Ok, but you have to get it, I will have to pick up my son kindergarten, and I can’t take too long.”

Wife discuss.

“Operation, Laozi wants to grass, a few points, you get a few writings before getting off the bus.” The man said.

The wife has not been refuted, but the low from the bag from the bag, this is the usual wife to change the operation, “How many enough?” The wife looked up.

The “Live” man’s answer is simple.

Get the consent wife picked the skirt, then the meat-colored transparent stockings were pulled to the knee position, plugged into the lower body into the lower body, the wife’s lower body is not loose, and the colleague has to accommodate these pen compared Will not be too good, after plugging this five pens, after the man’s request, the wife also put his lace on the small underwear into the vagina, and left a little on the outside, then put the stockings. “Is the tube uncomfortable in your small asshole?” The man asked.

“From noon, it will rise, it’s too thick.” The wife said.

“Don’t you pull it out with you?”

“Nothing will, do you want that I have to be behind, first, I want to adapt to adaptation, afraid of it, I can’t stand it.” Said the wife. Is the wife’s anus be developed? ? I am a blank in my mind, and my wife who is completely conservative will actually make this kind of thing.

Then the wife took the bus, went to the home, after a minute, men also get off, followed by the wife behind his wife, I am afraid to be seen by my neighbors, I am so busy back, I am eager to look at it. The next thing happened, I secretly followed them behind them, but how can I get to watch them after thinking about my wife and traitor? ! Just as I thought, the wife and the adults turned into a small family of my family, I took this opportunity to run in the corridor, three steps and two steps, run to the fourth floor, I took the key. Opened the door, I didn’t dare to take off the shoes after entering the house, but I walked into the bedding (my horizontal, my family is a hall, the little one, I lived.) I did find it after entering the house. One position is the big wardrobe in the house. It is very spacious. It is enough to accommodate the little body of this rice, and I am hiding in the inside. I started to be anxious and nervous, not just green. Angry, and there is also a silk to see the excitement of his wife being insulted. Think of this, I can’t help but get the mother’s next time I have to get a few pinhole camera, so that voyeur is too easy to be discovered, due to college I am doing IT, get a few cameras, this kind of small technology is still there. I still have any difficulties, my mind is in my mind, the sound of the door lock sounded, my heart put it, secretly I opened a small seam to aim, the door handle didn’t have a ten second room, and the strong man went in, and the right hand slammed his wife’s hair. The wife was like this step by him. Follow.

“I will take a shower first, my wife is a bit twisted, and I will prepare the clothes.

“No, time is urgent, taking off” men’s strong voice, the wife is low, one piece takes off her clothes, leaving only the meat stockings, white sandals, and bra still on it.

The man’s gaze has been swept away from the wife’s feet. When he swept it to the chest, his wife looked at the man’s sharp eyes. I immediately understood what he meant. After turning the hand, it was back to the buckle, bra. Take off on the ground, I saw the wife’s original white tender breast milk is still full of red printing, and there is no swelling.

“The old rule” man said on a belt from the pocket of sports pants, his wife put a meal, or a beautiful wife, my son’s mother, a solemn teacher, actually Just like this! ! The wife faces him, holding the two hands, burst the belt on the wife’s wrist, then take off the short sleeves and sports trousers, only seeing him on the dragon roots. The ridge of the triangular pants, the abdominal muscle, the chest muscle, the triangle muscle, and the three muscles on the arm, the triceps, each muscle makes me feel the endless inferiority and eager, and I will take me Compared with the wife, the wife apparently suits the man’s perfect figure. She was tied to her hands in front of the man. I tried to think of the men’s underwear, and made a tongue for the man, but the man seems to be a wife. It is very disdainful, and a pedal is on the shoulders of his wife, and the wife has packed his wife. The wife is on the ground, said: “Sorry, Zi, Wei slave knows the wrong!”

“Well, kneel up” man ordered.

The wife struggled to be heavy, because the hands were bundled by the belt, so the action was not too convenient, the head was very low, the face was almost attached to the floor. The man took the left foot forward, the wife opened the lace, bit it, took the man’s left foot of Nike’s shoes, revealing the white socks, this man seems to work all the year. The work of the work, the shoe is in the moment I feel like a sweat, and the wife has not seen the same, it is an intensive, and it is obsessed with the feet where the man is covered with socks. The material of odor plus cotton socks is still can’t help with his wife. And men don’t seem to be in the wife’s reaction, but more deeply put the feet into his wife’s mouth, until the wife can’t stand it, I will pick up my wife, I’m going to go on the ground, and the man is open: “Do you like?” Yes, I like it”

“What do you like?” Man asked.

“The feet of the family” wife is forced to answer.

“It’s all right!” The wife was stunned again.

“People’s feet are really delicious! Then the next time I have to eat!” The wife is almost shouting.

“Well, this is like a” man “man satisfied. “Come on, see how much your little ass,” the man said to his wife, and torn his wife’s stockings. I finally got to see what the thing in my wife is inserted! I won’t wait for my wife, I only saw a hollow rubber pipe, and there was about four centimeters in diameter. I didn’t know how long it was inserted into my wife. 2cm!

“This tube, really wants to break my support, I have risen.” The wife said. Mom, such a thick pipe is inserted in the body will be good! Moreover, it is also fart, I am difficult to imagine how my wife endured the foreign body feelings of the lower body.

“Hey, I will try this for a month before, you can’t stand it, you can’t stand it, or insert it in your rush, you all come out, this time you put your ass. Adhere to a whole day, when your husband is bad, you have been inserting this, when I will check it! If you dare to take it out, you know! “The man said with a smile. Mom, I said that one day, my wife was particularly uncomfortable last month, and I walked a heart, it looked very painful, it turned out to be the effect of this pipe!

“Oh, I know” The wife heard that the man asked her to insert this, showed a painful look, but I boddened and promised the man’s ignorance requirements. “I have to pull it out.” The man said hand holding the end of the tube bare tap.

At this moment, my eyes have grown up, ready to watch this excitement, the teacher’s wife (02-03)

Author: gonglinshishabi Word Count: 3365 Teacher Wife 2, the wife in the eyes is smoked out by the man, I saw the wife’s ass. After all, I saw the whole length of this tube with a total of 3 cm long, and the stuffy “bit” is more crude in the wife’s ass! The top is covered with yellow objects, I can’t imagine my wife is Taking the perseverance of what kind of perseverance to endure so long torture.

Puting this thing wife, I am afraid it is normal.

The excretion can’t be done, why is the wife to bear such a torture? The wife took the place to sit on the ground, took out a box of unknown ointments from the bag, opened the cover with your fingers, apply it on the red swollen breast you were played, and went down for the breast in the breast. It seems that the wife is afraid of being discovered by the traces of the body. “This stuff is really easy to use, not only to increase your sensitivity, can also be swollen, I will give you a few boxes, you have to wipe it every day, otherwise waiting for your silly husband to go to the next month, I will give me. You add three times the amount, but you have to wear a special cream. I have you listened to youth? “” Well … I know, I will stick to every day … “The wife replied. Get satisfactory answer The man bent over and reached out and went out of his wife’s underwear.

After an hour, the man finally shot in his wife’s mouth. During this period, his wife had already passed a climax, and the middle man tried to give his wife anal, but unfortunately did not succeed in inserted, and the wife kicked his wife, wife, wife In order to let him get angry, I have to swallow the semen, the man puts the pants and packed up, throwing the rubber pipe into the bag, then went out, I went out, I was thrown away before I left. The wife took up and thought about it, put the egg into his anus, and opened the power, the sound of the squeaky sounded in his wife.

The wife clamped his legs, waiting for her slowly to get the clothes and wipe the clothes and put the five steel pen into the drawers on the desk, then put the underwear covered underwear into the washing machine, put The torn underwear throwded away, tidy the hair, opened the door out to pick up Xiaokai, and I went to the wardrobe, I was quietly followed by my wife, because my son’s school is on the side, So the wife took the small Kay in a walk, I have been at the wife, I have been tailing with my wife, I am afraid that my wife finds that I deliberately made some camouflage, and I took a certain duck hat from my home, and I didn’t find me. After about ten minutes, my wife went to the school gate. After a while, the voice of “Su Lai Bell” sounded. The son came out, and his son saw his mother from the school gate, and smiled and rushed up, and he went to his wife’s arms. The wife took the son’s little hand to go home, I still followed my wife with my son with my son.

During this period, the wife didn’t have a different. If there is a way to walk, it is not natural, and the legs are twisted. When you turn your legs, I think it should be the stimulus of the lower body, wife After the son, I found a place to sit down, point a smoke, and I didn’t have too much sadness that was betrayed by my wife, and the heart was deeply affected by a pleasant hacle … … I also don’t understand myself …

In the evening, I planned to show up my wife, “my husband is coming, I am not tired today.” Wife asked. I didn’t answer my face. I turned to my son: “Kaikai, the housing is written”, although the son is small but very obedient, the 乖 屋, I turned the head to say: “Come, in the bedroom.”

The wife followed me into the bedroom, I sat in bed, my wife stood opposite, my hands were holding together, it is very awkward: “What happened? My husband” “A few pens is clean, and I will take it out. Is it hidden? “The wife heard my words, and there was a two lines of tears:” It turns out … you … know … “

Said to slow down, I am squatting: “Husband … I am wrong … it is me … I don’t have a shame, ask you for forgive me … child is still small …” Side, I said my ear. “How long have you been aware of you?”

“He is … The sports teacher of our school …” his wife replied.

“He … can you cool?” I can’t help but ask, I actually called the man as a person! The wife looked up at me, it seems to be surprised, I don’t know what to say. “Can I take me to see him on the weekend?” I asked. “Ask you … husband … don’t like this … I am wrong, don’t you go to him?” The wife took my legs.

She thought it was I want to conquer the husband. “Don’t worry, I won’t play him, I want to talk to him, ok?”

I looked at my wife sincerity. The wife nodded with my tears. “Okay, sleep …” I rushed to my wife. Wife nodded, this night we have covered a bed quilt …

Teachers who were tangted, I have to say that I really have some green hats, I always like to look at some green slaves when I go to college. After I know that my wife was derailed, I looked at my wife’s temptation. I didn’t consciously got a different excitement in my heart. I thought that the next day we had to see my wife’s traitor, I was insomnia … …

At noon the next day, we didn’t drive in the middle of the city. I didn’t drive, but I took a taxi with my wife, my wife was very solemn today, and I took the second floor. I saw my wife. Hui Fu (also her person) is already sitting on the place, and the table has been full of dishes, and the right hand is smoke. He didn’t wear sports clothes today, but wear a white shirt, a strong muscle putting shirt The drum, I am very normal, but I see the man’s robust figure, I have no feelings in my heart, my wife came back, and I didn’t talk, I have already thought about it before, I have already thought about it. If the words, threatens, there is evidence that I am raped with my wife, but I looked up and saw the man’s cold face, the sharp eyes, these words seem to be in the throat, no courage to say: “I am … Liu Wei’s husband …… “

“Well, I know, hello, sitting” man said calmly, there is not much tone fluctuation between words, but there is a magic that makes it difficult, I am sitting on the seat opposite him, and The wife still stands down, “You also sit.” I said to my wife.

My wife looked up at me, slowly sat next to me, put it on the leg, it seems to be restrained and nervous.

“Talk, what is going on today?” Men moved, as if he held this conversation. I didn’t wait for me to talk, my wife first said: “Today … Today …” I didn’t say that men’s sharp eyes were knocked to my wife. Although my face was laughed, but my wife didn’t dare to say 3. ?? NS.

“Today, I am talking about this brother, you first take a while,” I heard the man’s “sitting” word wife, “Yes …”

Then when I got up from the chair in my face, then slowly squatted, wrapped in the stockings on the ground of the hotel, my hands on the ground, put my head gently on the ground, and smashed a head against the man The man does not care about it, watching my surprised expression, but I didn’t stop my wife from doing such a thing, “I am relieved, she is used to this” man rushed me smiling.

In this way, I can’t obign it. I have to start to ask him and my wife. “You … you are …” I don’t know how to ask.

“I know what you want to ask, brother, in the past, what do you want to say. Really evil!

I am a traitor, but it is so reluctant to say that it is not going! “I believe that you are not wanting to ask this today?” The man continued to rush me.

It seems that he has already seen my heart. I went down, I didn’t dare to touch his eyes. When I went out, I just saw my wife and smashing her men at the table, I have already smashed a dozen, no man stopped or she has not stopped. Very “Delicious”! It can be seen that the wife is really very obedient.

Looking at my own wife is insulted, and I can’t stop it, I am congested in the chicks in my casual pants … “How, brother, either you take you with your wife,” man seems to do everything My heart, but I like the legs, as if the legs are not controlled, I will listen to his “suggestions”, slowly rushing him on the ground, this is the first time I am in the first time, humiliation is deeply Fill me, my head is also like the wife, I can’t help but be on the ground, and my wife is not the same, the man’s shoes are precisely stepped on my head, as if my head is just his steps. I didn’t dare to resist, I only stepped on the ground like this. At this time, my wife can’t stand it. The courage to rush on the head and said: “… people … Please don’t … for my husband. He … … “

I haven’t waited for my wife to say that the man opened: “You ask brothers don’t like it?” The wife said to me, I was stepped on, I was only used by Yu Guang to sweep the wife’s face: “I … I am I like it, thank you ………. People … “After listening to this sentence, my wife is dead, and my wife is dead.

The man smiled and took the right foot on his head. Take it, ok? “And then put a small bag and throw it on the ground. At this time, people raised their feet, and the heads of our husbands can lift it.

The wife took out the familiar rubber pipe from the plastic bag, put the thick head of the thickness? 3 in the mouth, the thick, the wife’s mouth is full, maybe it is afraid to go The other side of his wife took out the bottle from the plastic bag and applied some surroundings around his ass, then put the thick plastic pipe to the narrow fart, inserted, due to lubrication, the big head is going smoothly Going in, at the same time, the wrinkles of the wife’s ass, the wife’s hurt, obviously the assointment of the fart in the insertion of foreign objects …

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