Learning a bitter on weekdays, the teacher is a young female, and young is more rare. Therefore, when the national gold teacher walked into the classroom, everyone was awkward. Teacher Wang is not beautiful. It is about 26 years old, 168 meters high, the leg is very long, the face is a little serious, and when it is the temperament of the university teacher, she is very slim, the waist is thin, so there is a bit of hips. Big, of course, the most awake is to be her double peak, it is indeed bigger, I didn’t expect such a thin man, and there is no feeling of sagging, unlocking is not normal and disgusting. Some people say that she is good, I don’t think so. People are thin, long, chest, is good?

I can’t see it. Do you feel a bit chaos, in fact, the first impression is a chaos.

Teacher Wang has a general level, so I have a look at her breast when she is writing on her back, because it is really big, so I see the milk behind it, of course, she turned when she turned I have to taste fine. But several times, when my gaze moved from her double peak to her eyes, she found that she was looking at me with dissatisfaction, I didn’t care, but when I suddenly remembered that she may make my country. When I decided to converge, I have been long in the future, of course, I am not interested.

I heard that the product teacher is a beautiful person. She entered the classroom, she hooks dozens of hungry eyes. Although I don’t think she is beautiful, there is such a beautiful teacher in the engineering university. It is rare. Teacher He has 165 meters, 25 years old, the skin is white and the skin, the eyes, the eyes are bright, the little mouth of Zhu Hong is very moving, the voice is gentle, and the voice of the National Golden King teacher is a bit of a bit), and Mr. Wang is a bit fat than her. But it is much better, so I think she is full, although she has a round hip without a towering double peak. In short, the first impression is that she is a pity that she is very unfortunately, I really want to occupy her.

I don’t know how the teacher’s class, because I didn’t listen, I was accidentally listening to a few words, I found that she really had a good value for the goods. If anyone married her, she went to shop with her in the future, must be very cool.

When the product exam, He Teacher will cut the long hair, but have a trendy hairstyle, but there is no pinkness and seductive feeling, but the white dress is very sexy. Due to the thickness of the chest, it cannot be seen There is no bra; the national gold test, I have been low, I am afraid that Mr. Wang is recognized.

Summer holidays are coming, my national gold exam has finally gone. Helpless, let’s find the teacher of Guo Jin Wang, see if there is any transfer, but I don’t hold too much hope.

Our teachers’ dormitory conditions are poor, shabby two-story building is dark and humid. Open the door, I saw the eyes of Wang Teacher, obviously she recognized me, but I still have to report my home, then she asked me to go in, and I found that the room was not big, there are two Bed, it seems that two people have hit, it may be that the room is cool, the curtain pulls it, open a lamp. I explained, by the way, the teacher, or the pair of expressions, but wearing the kind of cold clothes and trousers that are very cool like sleeping, this dress is not a long leg, but makes the hips more curved, Double milk is more fruitful, because the clothes and bra are light, so the black nipples can be seen, she is wearing a pair of plastic slippers, the snow white feet are also very thin … If Wang Teacher said that the national money has not been there. If you can’t save, I almost forgot what is going on.

Originally, I didn’t report hope for this, but I found that she was saying that the chest is very uppower. The two jade rabits almost jumped out, the legs were close, the sound also seems to be a bit of swallowing, I am a hot body I am a little bit of my penis to stand up. I quickly got a doctor, I will not be ugly. Wang Teacher also stood at the same time. Unexpectedly, we made us closer, I looked at her eyes, I still seem to have a desire, her breast may not be a centimeter, because I feel that the air is squeezed in the middle, or her undulating breasts are sensitive to me, the original warm atmosphere in the woman’s room has become a strange smell, is it in front of this Women’s taste?

When she looked at me with anger, I found out that my right hand didn’t know when I had already put it in her waist, but she didn’t blame and resist. My heart jumped accelerated, and I didn’t want to consider it. I used her arms quickly. Hold the waist, print the mouth on her lips, her weak hands seem to be 祗 祗 表 表 她 她 不 女 女 女 女 女 女 女 女 女 女 双 双 的 的 我 我 的 我 我 的 的 的 的 的 的 的 的 的 的 的 的 的 的 的 的 的 的 的 的 的 的 的 的 的 的 的 的 的 的 的 的 的 的 的 的 的Both shoulders, it seems to be afraid to lose what, she opened his mouth, let me taste her smooth tongue, then take my saliva and tongue together in your mouth, my left hand strokes her back, it is not like me. I have a bone, but a woman’s soft, and my right hand is in her hips to become a scratch and rubbing, she didn’t speak, because she knew that he would be “um” and “Ah” sound, she breathe, the undulating double breast pressures my chest, I feel refreshed by refreshing, this hot flow directs, so that my penis swells to her lower abdomen, My right hand refers to the seam of her two buttocks. She rubs her anus. She also twisted the hips, and rubbed my penis. When I force her pants into the anus, she “hu” The whole body trembles. I know that I should be hot, I feel the smooth skin while the left hand, remove her top, and touch it in the panties, and the flexible hips make people want to master it all, but my hand may even have half. I can’t catch it, I can’t catch it on the top of them. When I want to get the right hand to the front, I have been rebelled, but I have prepared it, I am gently blowing her ear in her ear, 祗I feel that she is trembled, and people also seem to suffocate. I can’t resist it. I also finally caught her mysterious tender meat, slender lips, soft hammer, moving clitoris, warmth, happiness, happiness from me The five fingers spread throughout the body, I let five refers to touch her cherish, in the middle of the small labia, divide the four sized labips and thighs, slowly press, move, and finally I let the middle finger stay in the vagina The mouth is gently rubbed, and the palm is also smashed with the clitoris. I kissed the chest from her neck, then put the tongue into the clever ditch, taste the unknown area, the sound of breathing is very large, but can’t cover her obscene: ” … um … um … um … ah … um …… “The cavity is boostering, the middle finger began to wet, she caught my top before she stood up, she took my shirt, I will Flat on the bed, squat all her trousers, wet incapacity, laminated on my finger, she closed my eyes, enjoy everything that is going to happen, I pulled down her last bra, two snow white Feng Milk hops in front of you, big and white breasts are hemispherical, and the purple black is sluggish. It is embedded with black jujube, which is impossible to resist the temptation, I take off the outer pants, stay with knee The moist cavity, continue to play with the clitoris, split between the two hands, I will buried my head into the cleans, smell the smell there, lick the bottom of the breast, rub the cheeks, and climb two hands The peak screeing, I kissed the whole breast, and finally took the right nipple, the tongue rolled with the milk, the saliva was wet, the right hand smashed the left side, and then changed to the left. Hard milky, then change back to the right, so that you can suck the nipple, bite the dizziness, and take the two strange things, just because they come here.

“… um … ah … ah … um … um … ah … um … um …” Wang Teacher wants to talk, but she can send these two sounds, but she takes off The hand of my panties has expressed what she wants to say, her soft hands holds my little penis to her lower body, she must know better about my penis, the serious king of the week has become turned into I know the flesh of the desire below. I know that this hungry woman should not wait for it, before leaving the soil breast, I bite her nipple again, pinch the other, as if I want to extrude it from it Milk, maybe I have a big force, “Ah …” she made a painful cheap.

I am the first time, so I want to know that her aroma is trampled by someone else, so I slowly kissed the navel from the cleans, and the small hole on the belly is full of my saliva, and continue to kiss the cloudy Maybe I haven’t conquered her yet, because her legs are all, this is what I can’t tolerate with her. I rubbed the upper end of the clitoris with the left hand, I feel her tremble, the right hand starts from the right side of the right side. Strokes the hole to the inside of the upper leg, then touch the right side, smooth and moist skin makes the five fingers full of desires, with stroke kneading frequencies, intensity, white thighs slowly separate, a woman The taste is awkward, this is a vagina and uterus because the lips and clitoris are coveted, and the slightly incontinence is covered, and the slightly lips are covered with the lips. The vaginal mouth is very delicious, where I saw the mysterious female film, a hot flow made my penis smoother more.

“Um … um … um … um …” Hungry thirst to make her unfortunate, hands and my face, but I want to follow my own steps, so put her hands on the bed, press the body Her double milk, put the tongue into the mouth, let her suck and take her tongue into the mouth, then move to the side kiss her earlobe, the glans rubbed back and forth in the clitoris, and the small labie on both sides from time to time. She can’t say that the hand can’t move, and there is swallowing, so that the breasts and the lower body began to vibrate, which makes me more excited, rub it for a while, I parked the glans in the vaginal mouth, see the following Wang Mr. Wang because of hunger The painful expression, it is a young virgin, the university teacher, the extreme pride and desire makes me hard to go down, the glans support the female film, drill into the narrow lubricated vagina, and blood stains our combination. “Ah …” After the painful voice, Teacher Wang opened his eyes, with tears, although I pressed the 168-meter flesh, but I think she is very delicate, love, so I let go of her Hand, kiss her eyebrows, lips … When I pulled up with the penis, she suddenly pressed my ass, I was afraid that I left, how can I leave? At this time, the woman who left this desire may be more uncomfortable than killing, my penis is pulled up, and it is put in a deeper, and the half-stem is trapped.

“Well …” After the sound of happiness, she relieved my back with my back, so that I was tightly pressed with her firm breast, I stroked her cheek kissed her, she also worked I can’t stop, slowly insert it, then insert, the vagina is wet, tightly wrapped in the penis, drunk in the inner wall of the vagina and the friction of the penis, so that my penis is hidden, when I take it up, my body Send, so that the stem can be used outside, and the squeezing of her breast is also more powerful, withdrawing, inserting, then extracted, then inserting, the penis is deeper, more vigorous.

“Um … um … ah … um … um … um … um … ah … ah … um … um … ah …” Her groa encouraged me to be more vigorous to vaginal Insert, she bending the legs to more open, so that I can insert a deeper, I force it, the glans hit another pipe, with my 18 cm long penis, I know that is the cervix So I struggled, insert the entire penis into the cavity, the cervix wrapped the glans, a buzzing spread throughout the penis.

“Ah …” In the jokes, she strictly defeated the first visitors for the forbidden place and was completely occupied by me. In order to itch, I began to creeze on the cavity. Her double milk made me feel that there is still a distance between us, so I use hard to squeeze her double milk, feel the excitement there, her obscene is getting bigger and bigger. I pinch with her soft rib.

“Ah …” is also a cheer, she can’t help but turn around, this makes me feel that the penis is also turned, and it is full of enthusiasm, and it has passed to her body because she began to twist her ass, this Let us be very excited, I started squeezing her cavity, the penis rushed into her body, but her lascivious sound seems to hear, she lifted his legs, then tightly wrapped my waist, the arm was dead from behind Holding my back, the original narrow vagina has also begun to tightened, she seems to have suffocated, the body has a tightening and trending. I know that she began to enter the climax, and the feeling of tightens my penis is extremely hot. I feel yourself. It’s time to shoot, but if I am ejaculation now, her climax will also retreat soon. This is too unfair to let me refresh, so I continue to have rhythm squeezed her cavity, although the penis In her body, it is a difficult movement, but she continuously pushes her to the climax, so that the glue is like a paint for about ten minutes. Before she wants to retreat, I will make the whole belly, and the penis picks up, shot it.

“Ah …” The scream of the sharp call for my climax, the penis pushed her vagina and uterus once, and the semen continued to brush my colony.

“Ah … ah … ah … ah … ah … ah … ah … ah … ah … ah … ah … ah …………” When I shot the last end of the semen, we They have entered the extreme music. I lay in bed, let Mr. Wang squatted on me, the penis stayed in her body, we all sweat, no, maybe it is wet, wet, I pulled her head, let her long hair On the shoulder, long-haired woman feels good, I have a long-haired strokes, squatting her butt, she is slightly closed, breathing weak, hung smile, quietly enjoy the last caress The body trembled, especially the beautiful tender meat of my penis, and pulling it in my lower abdomen.

This is my first woman, Teacher Wang, I will make your double millet get the biggest use, let your tender meat feel the stimulus, let your climax rises, rise. Teacher Wang’s breath is flat, open his eyes, stay in the body’s penis, let her think of this soft thing, just thoroughly thorns her virgin, rub her vagina, take her uterus, water her uterine cavity, possession Her whole genitals, picking her 26 years to cultivate ripe flesh.

Think of your hungry, excited screaming, Wang Teacher hides the shame into my arms.

“You have passed.” Her voice is still sharp, but it is very gentle, when I use it, I will know me when I use it. I put her flat, pulled out the penis, so that her vagina resumed the original situation, so her vagina won’t be too late, I stroked her breast, because I just fight, the breast is very soft, the nipple is also exceptional Young, this is so cool, really love does not release.

“Teacher Wang, just feel comfortable?” I asked her softly.

“Well, comfortable.” She is soft.

“I want to know what the body feels when the woman is doing?” I continued to touch, helping her recover, she looked at me, full of blush.

“I feel itchy, I want to pull it, when you touch my lower body, it seems that there is electricity, it is a full body, so comfortable, it doesn’t itch, I hope that you will always touch it, but later you speed up And touch, I feel so itchy in the vagina, the original kind of is itchy, but it is itchy in the vagina, I want to find something to put in, friction itch, but you just don’t plug in, I want to talk, but I can’t say it. When I itchy, when you are soaked, you can insert it, although it starts hurt, but it is really comfortable. When you pull, you pull it again, then it is more itchy. I feel more comfortable. It is probably cool? Later, I can’t distinguish it is itchy, I want to hug you, let me be more tight, when you eat, your strength is good, I I feel that I am going to be divided into two halves. I am going to die. “Her voice changed.

“When I insert it, are you crying?” “Well, I am not very casual, I thought it would wait until new marriage, I cherish it, a little mentally prepared, you Inserted, but I didn’t regret it. I have heard that I love is very cool. I don’t think about it. Today, I know the fun, when a woman is so happy, I will know you soon. “She is more delicate, I really want to immediately Plug in.

“Is it very sensuality?” “No, you are very beautiful.”

Not coming? How can I be willing to be so cool?

“Will n’t, I will always come to love you, then, I haven’t said that I have to go, wait for you to recover, we will make you more cool.” “Then you will wait.” I love me. “She kinks,” What is the saying words? “” Call “dry”. “” Dry … Ah … this word is so prostitution! “Her voice is indeed , “I heard that people are quick to plunger, so scary, why don’t you? But I am so comfortable.” Among them, the pleasure has achieved the highest realm of sex. But it is always slow, it’s hard to be happy, the time will be bored, so the way to do love should change, wait for us, we will come to make you Feel, ok? “” I have already been your next thing. How do you love to follow you, 祗 祗 祗 祗 我 我 我 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 祗 行 行 行 祗 行 祗I let her lying flat, pick up her hand, sucking the thin finger, touch the jade arm, when the eyes see the fresh double milk, I can’t help but kiss, knew, suck, bite, she It’s also proud to smile, as if I have lost under her jade milk, this is not allowed, I left her double milk, turn her over, my heart is thinking, I will let you insert your yin. Point, see you laugh!

My lips moved on her smooth back to the hips, my legs, I turned back, grabbing her right leg hugged in his arms, with a knee to fight her cavity, I started to taste her jade Legs, rub the slender smooth and smooth legs, from the thigh to the calf, then touch the thighs from the calf, I will mention her legs up, hug it, let my front chest and lower abdomen feel her jade leg. , Delicate, swollen peniles touch her thighs, I kissed her white foot, hard foot bone and the delicate skin on the top of the skin made my desire constantly rising, when I kissed her foot, her legs To the back, smooth jade legs on me, I am going to my penis, I hold her jade leg to prevent it slipping again, then lick her feet, her jade leg struggles, Smooth skin with my upper body and penis, the clitoris also twisted with the body on my knees.

“Ah … ah … ah … um … ah … um … um … ah … ah …” The double breasts are powerful, and there is also liquid flow in the cavitation.

“Itch … itch … don’t … don’t … um … don’t get it … um … um … ah … fast … Quick plug … Come in … um … ah … … itchy … “I don’t know what she is itching, it is itchy, in short, she has been defeated under my. I separate her legs and insert it.

“Ah …” From the heart of her inner, it is also encouraged, I will encourage me to go deep, I am now a buse, I grabbed her two legs to bending in her chest, two sides, more than one the deeper the more violent stuck her Yin Xue, there gush of liquid wetting our thighs, breasts under my white swirls down the action. “Ah ah …… …… …… ah ah ah …… …… …… ah ah ah …… ah …… ah ……” vagina getting smaller and smaller space, she began to climax, but I want to take her into a higher realm, I will turn to the side of her, making her lying sideways, put one leg into her chest, penis kept rubbing the inner wall of the vagina, penis stuck in the red womb, I was excited flesh at the top of the bed back and forth vibration.

“Ah ah …… …… …… er ah ah ah ah …… …… …… ah,” she once again reached a climax, I went to her turn, flip penis in the vagina.

“Ah …… ah …… ah …… ah …… ah ……” I gave her back to me kneel in front of me, grabbed her arm and pulled back, her upper body floating, so that I can plug more focus, I used her legs to cool legs further apart, her smooth belly on my ass aroused tremendous fighting spirit, I am struggling forward collision her Yin Xue.

“Ah ah …… …… …… er ah ah ……” Yin Yinsheng in the ears around, she could not help writhing ass in front of me, with the long hair around me again and again into full swing with the top, hot crunch Yin Xue us all into the climax, I put her on the bed, her hips pushed higher, I bent over her, his hands clutching out into the front of her breasts.

“Ah …… ah …… ah …… ah …… ah …… ah …… ah …… ah ……” screams I shoved her womb would pick the hot liquid a Note of full female body, we firmly embracing ..

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