Zhang Li is a teacher in my high school.

She just graduated from the school year, 163 height.

It is very charm, maintained very well, like a young woman who is a first marriage.

(I heard that the college graduates will be divided with boyfriend)

Every lesson, I always like to look at her big butt twisted look, I really want to touch it. But she is my teacher, I have always controlled my own little.

Just May May that day, the weather was warm. Teacher Zhang Li wore a short skirt and exposed two white tender and seductive legs. The 24-year-old woman’s charming figure made me see a dry tongue. Whole class, my eyes are all put on her, stealing her sexy body. Her elegant temperament plus mature women’s charm, a plump chest gives me an attractive charm that cannot be resistant.

I have left the left eye in that day, I don’t know what happened.

One night, a classmate had a birthday, please ask the students to eat. Zhang Li is also there. We booked two tables in the hotel box. The warm air in the hotel is still open, I feel very hot, I see Mr. Zhang takes the jacket, when you come to bed, take the opportunity to look down on the teacher, see the upper edge of the milk Skin and tempting cleavage. Although there is not much peek, it is a slum of soul, so that I have been working hard.

Suddenly, my chopsticks fell to the ground, I bent down and went to pick up, I saw her double knee next to me, and two snow-white seductive legs were bare. I can see the skin of the thigh roots. This temptation is too exciting. My eyes are constantly sight down on the table. Teacher Zhang immediately clampped his legs immediately, and found that I have already got closed and I have not lost. Look at the table, see yours, two kinds of flies are bare, delicate and tender, and it is dazzling. I hope I hope, I suddenly connected … I am afraid that she said, and what is knowing that Teacher Zhang smiled for me.

The eyes did not blame the meaning, and there was no movement of low skirts, and the two white and beautiful legs of the laps are still half bare.

I am excited. Next, my heart is uncertain, when I ended, she seems to have a lot of drinking, say to the students. The classmate asked Mr. Zhang called her husband to pick up her home. She said he worked in the field, not here. I am a burst of ecstasy, the opportunity is coming. I mean that I would like to send my teacher to go home, and Teacher Xiao has not opposed.

I helped Zhang Li’s motorcycle and asked about her home. Hold the teacher on the building, the teacher can’t open the door with the key. I thought she was really drunk, and she felt her body on me, very attractive. I took the key to help her, I steal her sexy mature body, desire mad, hard meat, but I didn’t dare to invade. Teacher Xiao Mei took the door to the door, returning to the front of me, I died and softened and smelled. Her eyes have come to the fire, the powder is shy, and said: “Help me?” I looked at her sex and well called the body, and looked at it.

At this time, I felt her little hand hooked my waist, but the other hand was in my lower body … I know what will happen to night. I can’t help but I can’t help it. When I hug Zhang Li’s pure body, my face was placed on the sky.

Our neck is entangled, kisted warmly … I took the right hand to go down, rolled up her jacket hand slipped into the skirt, took the small pantry, Ji Li’s hips. Teacher Zhang is concentrating on sucking my tongue, there is no psychological meeting is already disappearing.

My finger picks the lace edge of the underwear, touching Zhang Li teacher Feng Yu’s buttock, touching tender and flexibility.

The finger is in the edge of the lace in the panties, and the palm is touched to the front, and the palm has lived on the fat and beautiful, the palm of the palm of the fierce, the middle finger into the rock … I feel that The mysterious seam is so weak.

My middle finger is slightly plugging in the charming hole. She said she didn’t expect that I was so bold so quickly, I didn’t accept the holy private part. I didn’t accept the nourishes of the nourishes of the nourishes. The long-awaited lusts strongly. She can’t help but start, the big mouth gasped, the eyebrows, the eyeball, the ecstasy, then the soul is soft in my arms, let go.

My left hand was fell by Zhang Li teacher’s waist butts, five fingers, rushed to the narrow skirt, and the palm of the palm of the trip, the fingers were spent on the shares, and the fingers were spent around the chrysanthemum buds, and the rush to grab her round. The ass, and even in her reflective clamping ass, try to go forward, to explore the sophisticated flesh, the right hand still holds her fat and beautiful, the smart five fingers, the lack of tender meat, lascivious source Out, wet wet muddy.

From time to time, it passed the wonderful and tender touch of the roots of the thigh, and the right hand slipped through the meat to explore the chrysanthemum bud. At this time, the hands have not faith, but their hands are pressed in the glory and chrysanthemum buds, and the food refers to the wet skull, such as the whole end of the body by the meat.

The Zhang Li, who is lonely, is so stimulating. Burning red face is buried in my chest, Zhangqi Ping, and the tongue micro. The lower body is trembled, the hole is convulsive, the whole body is hot, and the fire is full of power. I can’t believe that it is so easy to succeed, and Teacher Zhang is slightly tender and tender, and it is really good to be excellent, and it is really moving. And the mysterious private parts were invaded by men, the reaction was sensitive, the defense line immediately collapsed, and the rapid spring heart was rippling.

I think that she is not like generally surchieving women; seeing her on the week, the fans of the ice, Yuxi, in the moment, is a kind of enthusiasm, spring love, I have a sense of invincible accomplishment in the world.

I leaned back, looked up her tender and sliding tongue, and the beauty of my hands hookped my neck, and the hot face stretched out the tip of the tongue. Our tip of the tongue is in the air, and she took the initiative to put the incense tongue, and then swallow my tongue into the mouth, and lick my tip of my tongue. The lower lip. I will leave the tongue to Xiao Mei teacher. I will concentrate on my hands in Xiao Mei to wake the extremely flesh and hip grooves. And her underwear is also supported to the lower edge of the hip. We tacit together, one tube, a guild, until she can’t breathe, let go.

I looked at the sole whitening chest and breathed. The tempting of the unconsciousness of the unconsciousness was a lot of male compatriots in the school for a long time. I only smoke in the afternoon. It is now proud to be in front of it. I pinched myself, and I had a stunned penis. The left hand reached into her tulle shirt behind, I wanted to solve the lace bra. Zhang Li teacher is gently whispering: “Front.” I took out my right hand, unlocked her shirt button, and put the finger in the middle of the bra. Unlock the lace bra, a pair of trembling white tender mulher. Wow, a charming pair of big tits!

I have held her breasts in my hands, vigorously rub it, and the touch is soft and full of soft. The food napper pinchs the small and micro-tuning nipple, and the twist rotates.

Zhang Li looked at a pair of hands in his own breasts, and it was a small number of self-heeded students. The stimuli in the first red apricot made her love to spit a long and eager to spit a long and eager. … I bowed to explore the tip of the tongue, lickled by her left milk, all the way to the breasts, the tip of the tongue It is sucking, and the nipples in their mouths are mixed, and the left hand still does not stop right milk.

She can’t stand it anymore, her arms hold my head, tightly squeezing her breast. My lips are crowded, deeply buried into her chest, and is getting a slight force for the teeth of the nipple. Xiao Mei teacher pets out: “… um … pain … Tap …. Hignolitan ….” But the arms are still holding my head tight, and must not let go. My lip is a little, the cheek is bullied by the clever ditch. Attacking the same rigorous right milk, and the free right hand once again detects her sedation.

Only one of her wet yin, a buzzard of the teacher’s milk tip and the excitement of the hole, a wave, is already a soft knee, standing, I can’t stand, I am busy holding her into her. bedroom.

She is soft in bed, her eyes, the shirt is separated, the bra shoulder strap is still hanging in the arm, the cup falls on both sides of the breast; the short skirt pulls the waist, lace underwear slippery to the knee, two thighs Seductive, the thighs of the thighs are flexible and wet, the labia is tight, and the holy flesh is wet.

I took off her coat, I looked at this, like a general spring palace: Mature Middle-aged beautiful clothes half naked, lying down to people 蹂 … … I don’t slow down, quickly take off the trousers in the trousers, I have a hot penis, squat The body, a lace underwear pulling down the Xiao Mei, and then hold the penis, and send it to the wet meat. The glans first touched the delicate labipings and soft and soft.

Hold the penis, use the glans in the outer and lower the lips plus the upper and lower, and the teacher wants to be high, the lower body is trembled, the first left is turned right, the eyebrows are frowned, the small hole is so hidden, it is uncomfortable, Double-hand ten fingers scratch the blanket. The clerbity of a good woman has long been forgotten, and only expecting his students’ penis to insert your head as soon as possible.

I see her so Chi itch intolerable, could not force a penis, the glans distraction labia, slowly close to the slippery depths Roufeng striking. Zhang speak, though not like a girl’s vagina urgent, but because of her husband and the two separated, a rare year together in a few days. Pussy still close tightly tied to my penis. Only half a penis into pussy, she called up, “ah …… .. silk tap … I have not had sex … tap …” I heard her whisper, the first light into the light out with a penis, done at more than 20, from inside her pussy gradually have sexual secretion, her legs clamped my ass, mouth and say the sound may come in some of the deep. I like to hear offensive signals like the penis inserted into the top to the depths of her Nenxue, then stuck his depth, unsparing began thrusting her vagina up …… whole house inside the rippling sound with sharp burst of pace back and forth. . . Snapped. . .

. . Snapped. . . . Snapped. . . . . Such as rhythmic clapping same.

Zhang first time to a man other than her husband the big dick inserted into his small Rouxue, can not help but beautiful eyes half-closed, two rich white Fentui tightly climbs my waist, trying to cater to my twitch concentrate from fresh taste penis shape and rhythm. I storm pumping for a while, see dignified and gentle, noble and beautiful teacher lying on his crotch, is their own doing entirely different with the usual obsequiousness of sensuality, he was extremely satisfied, I was stimulated by her flirtatious kinky state, more blood BEN Zhang, dick more inflation, a forward force, the entire root insert sexual secretion big dick down her moist Rou Dong, Zhang can not think of it as the thin pussy cherry mouth as wonderful.

“Oh!” She eyebrows furrowed, Jiaohu heard, two labia tightly sandwiched his big dick, my big cock fully inserted into her womb, this feeling is really fantastic, like there are two mouth and his mouth, my penis glans. With numerous tentacles in the gentle touch my penis, which makes me comfortable straight through and through, I excitedly said: “Xiao teacher …… I finally got you …… I love you …… you know …… I waited for this moment, etc. It was a long time …… “

“Ah …… dead things … also ask someone teacher, ah … you, your dick so big stiff …… ……

Good thick …… ah …… I am plugged into my womb. . . . . . what. . . . . what. . . . . . My husband is too small, never into the uterus inside, ah. . . . . He insisted only 3-4 minutes to soft, ah. . . . You’re too much, are so long, ah. . . . . . . My husband is longer than ……

Yep. . . . . lighter. . . . dying. . . fly. . . I fly up. . . . “She can not help but lustful called up, that big dick pussy stuffed full of feeling really good, good expansion, good bread, she winks Weibi, lips slightly open an intoxicated appearance!

I Lianxiangxiyu light smoke slow stuck, Zhang Xuekou two labia looks just like her face powder Na Liangpian as sexy lips, big penis tucked a folder in a folder suck suck, sucking pleasure spread throughout Lotus straight happy I am elated: think Xiao Mei actually a lovely creature! “Wow …… really cool teacher …… …… …… you really think you look more charming …… pussy is wonderful …… …… like greedy mouth sucking my big dick Chi was very itchy …

… “I love the tune.

“Little goat killed me …… …… you have to make fun of me ……” She Fenlian crimson. “Rapist …… you not say, hurry fast …… …… good pussy inside, good uncomfortable …… you fast, fast action ah ……” So I speed up pumping, helping them to engage in fierce, Zhang was inserted was black and Chi Ma, her hands grasping the sheets, the white Fentun kept up wiggler very fierce, very pussy was more prominent cater to my big dick thrusting, she was comfortable cherry mouth shortness groaning, his chest was full of soft white Rufeng jumping up and down like a meat ball quivered, she Jiaochuan whirring, fragrant perspiration DC, kinky state one hundred shouting: “ah goat …… …… …… enemy thrilled Come on …… beautiful ah …… again, again husband force ah …… ….. ah … “I finally heard her husband call out these two words from her mouth, I was very proud emerged.

I pretended not to hear what she called, I asked her, “the teacher … What did you just call me?” Her face burst of red, life and death do not say anything, my crooked smile, the penis from her pussy which is taken out, she suddenly panicked, his mouth cried out “ah …. do not come out of” the hand from the side stretched over and grabbed my penis, hard to go to her pussy stuffed.

I restrained his sexuality, said to her, “What did you just call me, then told it to me twice,” she gave out a weak moan, blushing mouth cried out, “My husband husband …. …. Get out of your pussy I put in there …. ah …… fast itchy …. ah …… my little husband ….. too bad. “

My self-esteem has been an unprecedented meet, soared to the penis hard into her pussy inside.

Teacher Zhang sent a satisfying 呻 吟 “”

Teacher who is tireless on weekdays, is so hungry when launching in spring, so ill! Teacher Zhang’s lascivious crazy, and the fascinating look, stimulating me out of the original wilderness, wants fire, cock, hick her round and white calf, and they will not be gentle and soft. I am young, and the big turtle avatar is like hitting the heart.

When the big cock is in one, the bright and red soft hole in the small hole also turned out with the pump of the cock and the rhythm is turned out, and the bed is wet. The hips are rotated, so that the big glans frequently grind the tender meat in the small hole, Xiao Mei’s small hole is turned blocked by the big talents, the snoring of 趐 趐 酸 酸 有 有 有 滋, 滋 滋 滋 滋 滋 滋 滋 滋 滋 滋 滋Upstage, more fierce, dried her asthma, smashing, the gods, the gods, the feeling of comfortable and smooth, making her twitching, sputum, her holes are tender and tightly suck one Skate the glans, let me feel unlimited in my heart!

I hugged her, the chest was pressed with her bamboo breasts, but I felt hard, flexible, big cock in a warm and tight hole, she wants to be glare The face is red, fragrant, hands with eight claw octopus, tightly tightly tightening my waist, she is desperately pressing my hips, but she is tight, let the small hole make a big cock, a slight gap Also stay … she feels that my big chicken is rooted in the roots, inserting the heart is deeply affectionate, she has never enjoyed, and she is more than 100 times more than her husband. She forgot the shame, abandoned the horror of the sky … I used it to attack, the big turtle hit the heart, the root bottom, the next time, Xiao Mei teacher is more Tight, the fat buttocks are desperate to cooperate with my pumping, comfortable, want to die, souls, fragrant sweat, fragrant, comfortable, soothing: “唷唷…… 死 死 … … 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 … … 了 了 了 了 了 了 行 行 行 行 行 行 了 行 了 行 行 了 行 了 了 了 不 了 了 了 … … … … 张 张 张 张 … Erotting her joy and pleasure, there is a lot of swearing in the small hole, I feel that the glans will have a lot of hot rushing, followed by the back of the spine, I bite the teeth, I didn’t diarrhea, I turned over Lying around her, watching her, if the weak is weak, my hand is softly stroking her glamorous carcass, from the breast, small belly, fat hip, yin, small hole, legs, etc., then kiss her The cherry lips, hands touch her hair, cheeks …

After a while, Xiao Mei came back to God, I like a lover like a soft asking: “Teacher … You, are you comfortable …” “” Well … so comfortable … “

Teacher Zhang said that she didn’t think of me so much. I thought that I had a long and huge dove. At this time, I opened my eyes to find that I was bare my naked, I remembered that I didn’t want to make love, I was so comfortable, my coarse cock Directly, she was deeply deep, and she was unable to have a wonderland that she had never had. I couldn’t help but hold the cock.

I took Zhang Teacher into the arms, kissed her small mouth, Mr. Zhang took a few sliddings, then suddenly squatted and kissed again, and hit me with Feng Yan, I was taken by her. Kissing, also enthusiastically kissed her cheeks, Xiangxiang lips, frequent hands in her smooth naked carcass, got her itchy.

I know that the teacher may have accepted me from the heart, so I boldly asked: “Teacher Zhang, do you feel comfortable … My big dick you are satisfied …” She watched me whispered: “Well … you can be very powerful … The teacher is really going to be killed by you …” “Teacher Zhang … You do my wife … I will let you cool …” Xiao Mei teacher Shy powder face blush: “Hey … Face thick … Who is your wife … don’t face …” “Teacher Zhang … I will love you … Oh … you just don’t have fun. Shout your husband … “

She heard the words, the powder face was shamefully closed. She is a beautiful twist: “I hate! You, you really will be 糗人 … people can’t stand it, you are trying to … You, you are necrosis …” She tightly hugged me, once again Dedicated to her enthusiastic hot kiss.

Where is a teacher, distinguished a woman! My big chicken couldn’t help but I have to fuck, I stood on the ground, reached out, put the big pillow in the big fat hip, her black brightened clouds covered with shame It seems that it is very high, I stand on the bedside, after the big white legs, my hands put her calf put on the shoulders, and the hand holds the hard cock with the big talent to her. The trails of red rose and moist, teasing, the teacher who just diarrhea, returning to God is even more fascinating, the fat hip is not stopped, the two lips are like a squid mouth, it seems can’t be caught up. Find food: “Oh … beg you, don’t tease me … good people … good husband … I want you big, big dick … Please do it quickly, let it insert …” I think it’s time. , A full road of roots, the whole root is inserted, and the “old man cart” stunt, the desperation before and after, the big chicken Barce is full, and there is more than the bottom, plus Xiao Mei teacher趐 趐, Shu Chang, “Bu Tu! Bu Tour!” Male or female hit the sound. After n + 1, she was eagerly drunk, comfortable to bring a fat hip to the high and back to cater to my bravely throduct, she has fallen into a lustful passion is unlimited, unlimited.

“Hey ………. Pro, pro I don’t care … I am …

… My heart gives you … … 喔 死 死 … “She lost the soul, the powder face frequently pending, the eyes are like silk, the hair is flying, the fragrant sweat is ignited The flame, prompting her to show the charming charming of the wind, there is no old public in my mind, and now she is completely indulging in the pleasure of sex, no matter whether the body and mind are completely conquered.

Her heart is blooming, as 痴, 娇, 骚 十, 贵 端 范 范 范 范 范 范 范 范 范 范 范 范 范 范 范 范 范 范 范 范 范 范 范 范 范 范 范I have to add the dick to the dick.

“Oh, oh … cool dead … comfortable … so comfortable … I have to lose, lost …” She double herbal eyebrows, delicate, extreme pleasure makes her soul fly, one The shares are hot from the small hole. The small hole was leaked out of the prostitution, she still took the thick dick, so that I almost controlled the fine. In order to completely win her heart, I suppressed the impulse of the ejaculation, I took Zhang teacher and turned her body, she had to succeed in the bed, she was rushing up with a high-spirited shiny and rich The round big fat hip, the hip narrow meat is exposed, the caulk, the sophisticated skeptic, makes the red lips and bright light, look back, and the charming is very popular, “You, what do you want … “what. . . . . . . Very shame …

Like a puppy. . . . . . I really look back and smile! After I kneel behind her, I used her hands with her fat hip: “Beautiful round hips!”

“Oops!” 哼, Zhang Teacher Liu You wrinkled, hand grabbed the sheets, I originally put it on her fat hip, put the lower body, hard dick from the hip, insert Xiao Mei teacher Small hole, she indulged, after the occasion, the fat buttocks were in place, and the carcass kept swing before and after, so that the two fruitful breasts were swayed and had a spectacular, I put the left hand in front of Xiao Mei to shake the big breast. The right hand stroked her with a white and delicate, soft and soft, and he stabmed forward, she tried to twisted! Mature glamorous teachers are excited to have the limbs, the spring is booming, the kinky is straight, and the big cock is on the back of the fat buttocks. She has a lot of screams, and she is bright, and her bright cherry is frequently sent to the world. The man’s ecstasy is inert, and the acupoints of “Bu Tour! Bu Tone!” Are more crisp! Such a posture is more tightly inclined with the front hole, like being sucked, it feels too excited, I can’t help but send a sound in my mouth. “Oh ….. what..”

“Oh … so comfortable … I am cool … I will play the pocket, the pro-friends … the teacher … Teacher is inserted and comfortable … Hey … oh, 喔 …” She is joyful and urgent Pattling: “Ah, I can’t stand it … a very brave dick … beautiful dead … so fast … The teacher will lose …” She excitedly shouted, and did not care if her lascivious sound was passed. In addition, her smooth white carcass accelerates front and rear, and a dusty sweat.

I have been able to tell her, and the dick is more intensive. The stimulus brought a wave to push her love to the climax spike, smashed, want to die, the blinks of the blinks The pumping of the cock is turned back, she is comfortable, she is full of herce, her pocket is hot, and the two slender thighs will flow, I am hot, my glans is a burst …

Her teachers whispered tightly on the lips, I felt that her holes were shrinking and sucking with cock. I quickly puffed, I finally couldn’t hold it: “Teacher Zhang … 喔 … so cool … Your small hole … Symstrate me so comfortable … I, I have to vent …”

Her mouth issued an intermittent voice and said: “Shoot it to it! Shoot it … I want … Ah … Wes”

Teacher Zhang, who was leaked, was desirably at hip to cater to my last sprint, and the pleasure came to the moment. I was a whole body, and I opened the whole door. The hot semen built. This strong heat flow. The small hole instantly reached a climax, and the hand was in the eight-claw octopus, and the whole body was red, and it was red, a burst of hopping.

“Oh, 喔 …” Zhang Teacher is in the bed; I poured on her beautiful back, the small hole has a long-distance farm, the irrigation of the rain, I sticked in Zhang After the teacher, the male woman loves the warmth and whispered, and we all reached the limits of passion. This lasted for a while, I took the big cock from her small hole, and I brought a lot of prostitution and my semen. I am hungry with each other with my teachers, the legs are rooted, and the mouth honey, hug and shake, quietly enjoy the most beautiful peak of this matter.

Teacher Zhang took her big quilt in my body, and we didn’t care if we didn’t care.

So sleep until nine o’clock in the morning, then I woke up first, I saw Zhang Li, who was around, leaning on me, and the face seems to have a smile, the house The temperature seems to be a little high, I will move the quilt slightly, and the charming flesh of Teacher Zhang is in front of me, thinking that last night and her crazy, actually like a dream.

I remembered that I haven’t gone home yesterday. I am in a hurry. I am busy with the teacher to say that she said, she will not let me go home. She is my teacher, I am also happy, so I lay on the bed and went home, saying that I was a five-day holiday, I went to my foreign students. Play. The family didn’t have more questions, just told me to be careful outside. My mood suddenly got up, I went a little in the middle, watching the teacher around him, maybe I was too powerful last night, she was lying there, a snow-white powder, and two strong jade Milk, round, tapped butt, fine waist, is really beautiful, sexy is extremely

Just like a 18-year-old girl. I saw this beautiful body with the goddess, I couldn’t help but put her down her body. The right hand held her floral waist, my left hand stared in her, my lips were pressed in her wet and slightly unfolded two cherry. On, kissed, simultaneous rubbing her two strong powder milk with a chest, two legs constant telescopic, creeping. The chest is tightly pressed with her soft white and tender body, and uses two feet to rub her two exquisite little feet.

Teacher Zhang Li gradually rubbed the body on my body, and put his incense into my mouth, her body twisted, two people hugged each other, I bite her Ears: “Teacher Xiao, I want you, ok?” Xiao Mei’s hand touched my big dick “Good brother, last night, you have a good family, wait a break, then say it again! For many days, some are time. My dead ghost ran to the field to travel. This holiday will not come “good look!

“What happened, don’t you like people? Do you do it?” I deliberately asked her, “No, the teacher likes you, just there is some pain in yours, I have listened to her a pair of thighs. Pull to the side, I will open her legs under the body, and Teacher Xiao is called: “What are you doing!”

“I look at Mr. Zhang, your little hole.” Said that I will cover the thick yellow hair, the hypertrophy of the lips and the thin little lips are revealed, first with the right hand finger in the rice grain, knead, From time to time, I still got a dark and thick hairy, two fingers, and inserted into the small hole, and the upper and lower rotation kept stuffed. The deceased prostitute is bonded to the double finger. Full of teasing seduce her sexual desire “No, don’t … 喔 … you, you are fast, quickly take it out.” Xiao Mei groaned, my skilled portile method made her body could not help himself, comfortable to lying down It’s shaking, and the little mouth is called “Ah … don’t … … … can’t …”

I bowed my head with a slippery tongue, I went to the wet hole, and I pulled it out of time. She was very upright, and my fingers were still exploring in her point. Out, suddenly disappointment, Zhang Li teacher gradually difficult to endure such a sensual caress, spring love, long wants flood, especially in the small hole, it is very popular, from time to time to twist the naked pettessing body, 不 不: “哟 … … A Tao … beg you not to … I, I can’t stand it … A Tao, you spare me … “Her cherry is suggesting, dripping the body, the obscenity in the small hole I have flowed out … I am greedily swallowing her lascivious in the abdomen, still keeping her small hole with the tongue, and I will go to the top of the nose, go to grind her yukin, take the lips to suck, bite Reddy labello, my hand, I didn’t get free to touch the soft and round pearm, and when I was light, the other handed back and forth in her thigh. My tongue is desperately smashed in the small hole of Xiao Mei, not biting her clitoris, suddenly her lower body shake, a liquid rushed from her little hole, she sent a trembling voice: “You This little chrose …

… I really can’t help, the teacher is really can’t work. Now it is really painful, I will help you with your mouth! “

Looking at Zhang Li’s struggle from the bed, the jade hand all dials the hair of black and black, squatted to me, Jiao Yang, and the eyes turned into me, full of obscene, my big When the cock was next to her bright lips, she held my big cock with a small hand, reached out of the horses on the head, put the big dick next to her cheeks, a skeptic liquid The stick is sticky from the glans to her cheek.

“Hey!”, A lot of asthma, open Yinhong’s little mouth, “!”, Just contain my big talents into her mouth, I feel her small mouth in her mouth Got my big glans, a burst of comfort, making my dicks more roughly longer. Then she spit out the glans and holds the cock with hands, and puts my mouth into the small mouth and mix it with a small tongue. I have finished one, and I have turned it out again. I took a few times in the ground, and I finally opened the big mouth. I simply contained the two pellets into my mouth, let them slide each other in her mouth, I can’t think of the technical skills of Xiao Mei’s blowjob. I was this. The fragrant blowjobs stimulate the glans red and red, the chicken has skyrocketed, and the sugar big chicken bastle is shaking in her little hand.

She breathed the pile, and the transfer position actually took the asshole of my ass, and I opened two buttons. I extended my little incense tongue. I stimulated my body, and even the chicken skin was vertical. . I have never had a refreshment, she is the first woman who took my ass, I saw that Zhang Li really accepted me. She used me as her husband from the heart, I saw her throwing this Open all the shames to meet my charm, I really moved it, I couldn’t help but adjust the right hand, she took her tits, she was even selling my penis and ass.

I am half-lie and enjoying her beautiful service, and the big chickens are jumped. Her Ling lip one, succeeds my glans, and succumbed to it, I can’t help but look: “To … fast … Oh, use …

…… eat … eat me … Big cock … ah … so cool … 喔 … “For a while, her little mouth has entered my big cock, I really don’t know her mouth. There are more deep!

Teacher Zhang was fighting hard, not afraid that the top wearing the throat contained my cock straight silhouette, glamorous piety was twisted down in me, just succumbing to my fat butt, The body shakes, the horse on the glans, a semen mad, all in her eyes, every drop is swallowed in the belly, the little mouth continues to take me straight The big cock of Yangjing, let me lose more comfortable.

I gasped on the bed, Zhang Li teacher’s little hand touched my pill, I only felt comfortable, Zhang Li, who made a sexy little mouth, not easy to swallow my semen. The belly, but still have a few semen white silk hanging on the mouth. Good look! Teacher Zhang Li took the hand took the napkin and wiped my big cock. Then, the bed twisted big butt into the bath, then returned to bed, put the flesh against my arms, let me lick she.

When I was with Zhang Li, my dear Shuangli, Zhang Li, who died in her bed, sleeping for five days, I realized the taste of mature young women from the heart! It’s really beautiful … Haha …

It’s really enjoyable.

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