Pan Jing, 26 years old, a beautiful woman, in an English training institution as a speaking teacher. On the appearance, you can call the goddess level. The exquisite face has a perfect figure, that is loved by the richness of elegant, love. She undoubtedly the object of the training class in many male students. Of course, in the girl’s heart, it is worship and 妒. At the age of the marriage, the superior family and academic qualifications made her heart and arrogant, and they were only cold to the many lovers.

In addition to the weekly fixed days in the training class, her biggest hobbies are reading, and they are chatting with girlfriends, and of course there is also access. At a strong social platform, Pan Jing has a tribe of nearly 7,000 fans. When you are fine, Pan Jing likes to find interesting friends who are interested in your mobile phone.

When a fainting in the afternoon, Pan Jing saw a new time to send a new mood, and found a link to the avatar who made a avatar with a naked foot. It is an advertisement. Although some people come to their own message, Pan Fang always sweeps. But that day, ghosts made a good fortune, got it in.

Maybe there is a mysterious force in the mysterious force, which is not in time to change people’s destiny. It is also such a cuddling click, and the life of Pan Jing has left the traces that cannot be erased.

As before, Pan Jing is only in the country to study, the loneliness life and the heavy academic make her eager for the warmth of love. After a boyfriend who intends for half a year, I can imagine how desperate she is.

After that, she rarely believes in the sweet words of the man, but, in turn, the little daughter of the landlord in the household. She and Pan Jing were in the age of, although the language communication is not very smooth, but in a long time, the two have had a feeling of friendship. Pan Jing likes her cheerful outward personality, and is considerate to himself. There is nothing to talk about between them, and life is also mutually caring, including emotional and sex, and two people are so comfortable, even playing the LES games. The beautiful relationship of the green is always maintained to her returned to China. This makes Pan Jing feel more reliable.

This girl is very open, Pan Jing is thinking. Socks yourself through your own online, um? Even the underwear is selling … Although it is also very much abroad, it is in the mainland after all. Pan Jing curiously switched a few times, suddenly suddenly spasculus. A pair of light blue stockings grabbed her eye, which made her remembering the game that was played with her secret when she was studying in the U.S. The Western blood, tall beauty, once wearing almost one pair of stockings, playing her sensitive part, giving her a huge pleasure.

The feeling of stimulation is still like new. Pan Jing’s good-looking lips were slightly tightly, and then shook his head and dragged him back to reality. What are you thinking, it’s really unrestrained. After returning God, Pan Jing could find that he was a little wet. Turn off the mobile phone screen, Pan Jing put it in the washing, re-paving the light makeup on the red face, and prepares the long courses in the afternoon.

But the phone plugged in tights, still exudes the waste after operation. Chen Miaoyi’s business is getting better and better.

She is busy every day in her small virtual store, in addition to sending private emails every day, even eating, sleeping with mobile phones and those who are lonely and unbearable buyers. I have created a lot of small portals to promote their own business in multiple social networks. After some efforts, she became a famous new seller in the forum.

There is no lesson this morning, she sneaked with the goods on her body in the bedroom. The real bedroom background has become a promising evidence that she is inspired by her identity.

“Black lace corset, who is your new owner?” With the photos just taken, Miao Yi sent this text into her store. The photo of the cute cotton socks on your feet will be taken again, and you can go to the otaku, hahaha, you can get in your hands. Miaoyi flexible toe is unfailed in white cotton socks, with confident smiles on his face.

Although I will encounter some wretched men to harass myself, I will mention some excessive requirements. However, in general, the buyer is very respectful, and even some people are in the lower body when they talk to themselves, and ask her to give them the original taste, even if they spend a lot of money to buy. This makes the usual pride of Miaoyi who are very concerned about others.

I don’t feel that she has become more confident, and the temperament is much better than before. Even the progress of falling down even in school, striving to strive for the scholarship that I can’t imagine before, and I also found a training course near the school and improve the weakest English. Even my mom feels that the prostitute may fall in love, but who knows what she really secret? After get off work to work, Pan Jing is still organizing the teaching plan. The attitude responsible for keeping her in the entire training institution. However, tired body and mind tells her that it is relaxing. Without thinking, she took out the mobile phone in their pockets, unlock the screen, and saw the picture at noon.

The pair of stockings, Pan Jing still can’t let go. Although there is usually a girlfriends and family members, but when they arrive at night, deep loneliness often erodes her inner heart like a dark tide.

She couldn’t help but remember that the phone received the exotic friend last year, the news of the signal, the beauty used the tone of the slightly told her that he was married, but it still reminded the past a good memory, I hope Pan Jing should not forget Own. Pan Jing heard, forcibly use reason to control himself, give a wish, and start the phone after the phone.

Pan Jing felt that he was excused in his heart, and he was too tired, and he had been passive. Pan Jing has a small unknone and anger, open the computer, board the mysterious website in the mobile phone, find a contact information, create a new X letter account, quickly contact the girl who is called sugar sugar princess.

“Can I help you?”

Just opened the transaction chat, the other party took the initiative to send voice information, the sound is very sweet, very comfortable. The original Pan Jing, who has hesitated, firmly, has a strong idea.

“I have a pair of light blue stockings, I don’t know if it is not there.” Of course, Pan Jing replied with text.

“My brother, your taste is very good, still, today I just wear, do you need to book?” The other party is still very fast.

“This still needs to be booked?” Pan Jing did not deny his own “brother” identity, just a question of the other party.

“Of course, my brother is a novice. If it is not good today, my socks have been taken away. I have a book, I can arrange the next delivery, do you need me to wear a few days?”

“Three … Three days.” Pan Jing didn’t know how to bounce out this number in his mind.

“Ok, add 20, plus the price and postage of the original stockings, the total 140, you can see it?”

“Okay.” 140 Buy a pair of stockings is really expensive, but it is very special, isn’t it.

“Well, then give me the address and contact information after payment, you can wait for the receipt.”

“Will it be discovered?”

“Will n’t, this is privatemail, haha, good night!”

After payment and confirm the address information, the other party has no subsequent information. Pan Jing also felt a sin to her heart, what did you do, or go to bed early.

But even she also knows that the petals of the lower body is a little dew. At this time, the night is quiet, Chen Miaoyi is happy in bed, watching a little more in his account. Although there are not many, there is a small money to add up.

Ha, actually or the same city, I really mean, wait for the other party after receiving the goods. For confidentiality, her own address is hidden. People who purchase the original tassel only know where it is sent when they receive the courier.

I think about it, she also fell asleep.

Cautious Pan Jingfir’s receipt address is the recent courier point from home, the name is also forged, even the mobile phone number is also an old number that is not used all year round, so that even if it is not at home, it will not be discovered by the family. So, when she is still in class, the phone will make her feelings. Already arrived, do you take it? On the way home, Pan Jing has been thinking about this problem. In the end, she still parked the car in a courier to transfer the entrance of the station. She knows what is inside.

Back to the car, she talented the square box of this gray plastic bag. Written on the package is a napkin, there is no detailed delivery address, but it is actually your own city.

After arriving home, she received a love letter like a little girl, carefully holding the express delivery to her room. Reversal, disassemble. See a transparent sealed bag in the box, with a blue silk.

The heartbeat is very fast.

Mom also smashed dinner in the kitchen, and the sound of the dish was passed through the door. Do you open? Still throw?

Thinking, a ringtone, let Pan Jing halt, didn’t look at it, just turned on.

“Hey?” A tempting female voice “Hello? Who are you?” Pan Jing is a bit impatient.

“Ah? Are you a woman?” The phone has become surprised.

Pan Jing looked at the mobile phone, it turned out to be the number of the hostess, she scared his cold sweat and hangs the phone quickly.

“What is! Curiosity drives her to dial the number again.

Pan Jing was happily handed over the ringtone of the phone. After a while, hang up the phone.

After a while, I sent a message on the opposite side: I wrote it: Nothing, I said it is absolutely confidential. I used to have girls in my sock before I have bought underwear. What are you afraid of? I am just afraid to get a wrong, confirm.

Pan Jingyi, it turns out that one of them will buy the same sex stockings?

She replies: um, yes.

This is happy, hahaha, I have a saying that I have a saying, it is a woman, I’m still young, is it too strange, my smell stockings are too big, even girls can’t hold it?

She found the initiative, opened the X letter used in contact, and said with a playful tone: disassembly to smell the taste, so good things you are to keep it in the bag?

Pan Jing closed heart was opened. She pulled the sealed bag of plastic seal, put it under the nose and gently sucked a bite. A touch of faint foot kids and fragrant flavors are mixed with sealed bags, slowly enter her nasal cavity. The smell is not a thorn nose, but it is also blamed, but Pan Jing is still holding the bag, putting his tall nose in the bag, breathing the odor, as if you can also feel the temperature of the human body.

It tastes very good, it absorbs me three days of foot sweat. The female voice from the mobile phone temporarily let Pan Jing stopped breathing, replied: It’s hard to smell. Of course, it is still in the way of text, although the gain is somewhat blurred, but the consciousness of the minimum self-protection is still.

Hahaha, then you still smell, in fact, you like it, I tell you a secret, the taste of the hips is better, don’t be shy, in the mouth. quick. Wonderful as if I find a novelty toy and start manipulating.

Pan Jing looked at the beautiful blue, remembered the time from the past, did not resist, a little started stockings, put the slightly hard socks in his mouth, or a faint foot odor, just than Just gone, the taste bud felt a silk salty.

What is the taste, the foot sweat of this Princess can be bought, you can buy, purely fate. The like has a smile and said to the phone.

Pan Jing slammed the stockings with the tongue, the action is like helpers with the tongue. The taste is salty, you have sweat. Although this reply, the action in the mouth did not stop.

Hey, sorry, these two days have a bit more, the shoes are breathable, of course, a little taste, trouble you help others get the socks. Wonderful looks at a serious reply.

Yes, sugar sugar princess. Pan Jing is also completely released, just when this is another alternative game.

Oh, call me princess, then you are a maid, a maid, like to steal the socks of the princess, you said what should be. Wonderful continues to tease this fresh toy.

Pan Jing also entered the role and flew quickly with one hand: Filter me to do the female slave for a lifetime.

You are my maid, which is not punished. I think, don’t give it a penalty, I don’t want to eat tonight, don’t drink water, don’t brush your teeth, including my socks to sleep, let my feet sleep with you. Hahaha. How do you think.

Listening to the language of the other side, Pan Jing lying in bed, socks have been completely packaged, and the right hand has rhythmically, replies: Ok, listen to your instructions. Just press the send button, the whole body is very, climax.

Hey, then I will accept you, serve my sock. Let’s talk again, I have something. After that, the wonderful turns off the phone, my heart is very smooth, and I will go to the canteen to eat.

Pan Jing is still enjoying the long rhyme of the climax, even the mother told her to eat, she also used her vague sound. Her mouth is also wrapped in the socks of girls who don’t know themselves. She picked up the phone again, playing back in the past, and then sliding the lower abdomen again. She knows that it will never think of those things that those things are human, maybe they will not … (treat) Quiet Child, get up. Dumplings are cold. The familiar sound is passed to the ear. Pan Jing opened his eyes, a climax of several times a night made her energy. I haven’t slept so sinking for a long time, I am so comfortable. Huh? In the mouth … The tongue is on the gauze cloth, Pan Jingcai recalled the madness of yesterday evening, the words heard the stockings contained in the strange girl after a night, even her identity, occupation, age, did not figure out, in case Infectious disease? What is found by the family by the family? Some are afraid, and some excited. Pan Jing uses a stockings that has been wet in the exit, which is really washed. And yourself dry, the smell of the smell in the mouth and the taste of the stockings itself.

Pan Jing frowned, used a few times in the toilet to brush several times to reduce the odor.

Looking up, I saw myself in the mirror, but it was a peach flower. I really don’t know how to laugh.

The rain is gently patted on the clear window. Common light rain disrupted the pace of pedestrians.

A casual cafe is a quite cafe in the casual square, and it is simple and modern. This point, there are very few people.

A girl who is about 20 years old will enter from the door. Sit down and sit down on a window, point a cup of fragrant coffee.

The touch of light is coming in from the windows, and the young confident face is out. This is a girl who is honest, no one discovered her dark side.

She clicked with a smile on the phone screen.

Chen Miaoyi is chatting with a “customer”, completing a single child through the WiFi of the cafe.

When I chatted, she proudly filed the buyer yesterday’s maid. No matter how the other side doesn’t believe it. Wonderful vows, on a few days later, I must see the real evidence. How can your own prevail have been questioned.

The rain walked for a long time, some depressed coffee was tasted. Feel a little tide on the feet, the toes are squeezed inside, and it is uncomfortable.

A bad idea is so bustling from her brain at night. Pan Jing was afraid to stay at home and think of something that should not be thought, and then got about the sister came out. There is a sense of security with everyone until she still thinks before a minute.

The mobile phone rang in the bag. It is her old phone. This time she is very careful. Carefully look at the electric display before turning on, not her. There is a slight in my heart. The so-called princess on the two days of the network, didn’t find myself, Pan Jing did not take the initiative to contact her.

Turn on mobile phone, calm heart will rise again. Subtle desires are lingering.

Express delivery calls! The transfer station near the home! There is a quick piece.

I still pay attention to the girlfriends of the jewelry, Pan Jing wocked an excuse, driving back to the express point in the past few days.

After picking up the package, the delivery is not too long, the phone will come to the new message.

The little maid, received it, received a back message. This prince is something to find you.

I heard the sweet female voice, Pan Jing’s legs were a bit soft, but fortunately sit in the car.

There is no detailed information in your hands, just like last time, just a lot of boxes. Heavy weight, much more than the last time. Pan Jing is somewhat curious, but still pays a message first.

Um. It is used to reply with text. This is just a game, Pan Jing time reminds yourself. It is important to be privacy.

Dead girls, the princess is not called? The other party is tangible.

Pan Jing was not irritated, but instead, the other party’s response met her expectations. Well, there is no need to be too serious in the game.

Princess, what can I help you?

Hey, this is right. Sugar candy loves you. Go back to wrap the package, I tell you this task.

Pan Jing is like the last time, in the dead, holding the express, bringing back home. No one in the family. The game opened.

After opening the wrapped housing, it floats a faint odor, and there is a nichewhile taste. The inside is a pair of muddy canvas shoes, and a black marker pen. The bottom of the box is also placed in a bottle of minimal mineral water this? Pan Jing doubt confused. I have to send a message to ask. Princess, opened.

Is there a double shoe? I rained a few days ago I dirty. If you help me brush, send it to me, I want to wear you brush. Is there a problem?

certainly. Pan Jing quickly repayed it. It turned out to be brushing shoes, but this princess really took himself as a maid.

Don’t worry. You don’t clean up, that’s the thing, now you still need it as a prop. There is a marker in the box, is it?

I saw it, the princess.

Help me shoot some photos, I want to hang on the website to advertise.

Is it necessary to expose the identity, Pan Jingzhen. I didn’t dare to reply for a while.

Gall, this princess disdains your ugly face, rest assured. Just borrow your body other.

Selfie. Although Pan Jing is not a conservative person, it is not so late. And it is also advertising for her original store. unacceptable. The pair of flat high-top canvas shoes have a good shot. However, the thrill of being manipulated still gives Pan Jing give a sure reply.

Hahaha, really. I am still worried that you will not listen to me. Now take the marker in your belly, the servant of sugar sugar, these words. Write a good look. The other party is calm, it seems to be a very common thing.

Pan Jingtian special attention is paid to the body management, and the image before the person is an indicator of her attention. She has been holding fitness habits. Today, this is called a young girl who is a slave, requested her mark on her body.

Screen breathing, Pan Jingshun slammed the seven texts customized by others on their own flat uniform belly.

After writing, the princess.

Take your clothes, lying, put two shoes. Play a beautiful point, start shooting.

It’s really going to this step. I actually use my body and another same sex old shoes, so shame. Pan Jing lying on the floor of the bedroom, take out the dirty canvas shoes, hesitate to put it, a new news is coming again.

By the way, I just thought of a good way to improve sales, you first took a nude photo of the upper body.

Although I don’t know what this sugar sugar is thinking, but there is no problem with the words of the face. The photo above the shoulders of the lower abdomen quickly passed out.

Wow, the maid, the chest is a good life.

Thank you princess. Since the sincere sigh, let Pan Jing get a relief.

Oh, you are welcome. Now put the shoes on the chest, the sole should suppress two small cherry. Don’t dew out.

Pan Jing watched the sole, all of which were black yellow. It seems that I have to take a shower tonight. Biting the teeth, put it on your own full breast, round the lovely nipples are bullied by the weight of the shoes. Its proud double peaks are feeling the weight of the shoes. Pan Jing is a bit intoxication and slowly see an illusion. The blurred girl is wearing canvas shoes on his own breasts, wrapped with a tempting blue silk calf suddenly lifted, stepped down to his face …

Haven’t taken it yet? A complaint that missed the phantom. I don’t know when, the inside of the closed legs is wet by honey. Pan Jingchang has a lot. No longer hesitated, adjust the focus, press the shutter.

Hahahaha, it’s fun, it’s very good, I am very satisfied. Now I ask you a mentally question answer, if you play, this time, if you don’t, hey, then take a few photos. Princess, let’s talk. Pan Jing’s heart hopes that this topic will be really difficult.

Well … Do you know that the bottle of mineral water is used? Ask the people’s speech full of confidence.

do not know. Pan Jing is very happy to deceive himself, she really don’t know.

Stupid, that is to brush your shoes. Side soed is dirty, the shoe sh shrap is always going to take it. Oh, yes, I forgot to say that the shoe cloth is your tongue … Head … Remember to leave the water of the shoe sh shrap shoe, I want to see how the shoes are. This process you take more photos, be careful not to go in. Ha ha ha ha.

I went to sleep, good night, little maid.

Pan Jing heard already unable to bear, leaving behind the concept of morality and health, pick up the shoes attached to his handsome face, stretched out Huanen Xiangshe, licking the soles facing down. Dirt, dust, gravel as well as the sole coming off due to friction among the rubber crumb entering the all oral, unscrewed the cap, rinse the mouth with water, the dirty water in the spit cup. Pan Jing cycle of busy again. Until five o’clock, to complete the cleaning work, tired to sleep. The next day, Chen returned to express such wonderful hands. Her open look, and smiled. Shoes are very clean, even the tread groove in the sediment have been cleaned out, even we can see the extent of the soles wear. Bottle of clear mineral water has turned gray, floating a variety of small dirt, their shoes really is enough dirty. Shoes unpleasant temperatures are gone, replaced by a perfume fragrance. Roommate said she saw a shoe like new.

It is the noble princess. As wonderful heart firmly think.

I’m Sugar Sugar, I think I did not? A few days ago a buyer I believe I have to say no maid, really mad at me.

I had to let the slave-girl took a few photos to me, are interested can see my photo album, there are canvas shoes and show “black tongue” it …… I like it a lot of support. Today’s flavor is special merchandise, a water wash shoes, do not care if there are maid saliva, it is strongly recommended to buy. (Of course, if there is need, I will continue to call the maid made. You can specify the type of shoes ha) There’s also, to buy at least $ 200 from today the new and old customers, have presented a maid topless photos, album You can not see yo.

See figure this maid’s body, people should not ugly ah, congratulations sugar get their own female m.

Maid’s breasts, in a shoe beneath sugar princess, but worth mentioning two groups of pads.

This woman must be very show, do not know the princess would be willing to lend me diarrhea purging fire.

Long live the Princess Sugar Sugar. Both men and women are willing to shelter from the Princess, will become slaves under the skirt.

I want to wash shoes water, sugar princess easy to tell what price.


Pan Jing took the mobile Internet in the office, secretly point into sugar flavor の shop, we discovered updated this post, as well as the following buyers insulting reply. His face was red with shame, sinking into their own in the end how the case, the soles do not know how many dirty things. Even the photos are their own breasts as people take the promotional prizes. Even more distressing is that she did not know the princess in the end is how one person.

Mind drift off back to the classroom, thinking of a mess of things, completely outside of class status. Teacher’s strange order to make the class a little buzz, it makes good-natured Pan Jing heart also simmering gas, no place to vent.

At this time, the classroom door was pushed open.

A girl did not even acknowledge, and left the room.

Pan Jing broke out, the female voice shouted loudly: “next time do not come in late, do not affect others.”

Classroom silence.

Girls face full of innocent, tears must flow out seemed, whispered something I’m sorry, head down back position.

However, she did not notice, at that moment, the beautiful teacher askew look of dismay.

She can not be wrong, we have a familiar pair of shoes no longer familiar.

Pan Jing began to believe that the fate of this thing.

Tough luck, so I adore her loss. I still roar. Slut slut slut.

Chen Miao classes as side while silently cursing Pan static on the podium.

What is the relationship, not to be late for five minutes it. Wonderful as face anger.

She does not know is that just roared for their English teacher, just the day before yesterday, helped her inch by inch licked feet wearing canvas shoes. In earlier times, also tasted sweat with her stockings.

Steamy bathroom. Interwoven fine shower of water, so shower gel foam gradually faded, revealing a charming ketone bodies. This scene is enough to make any man pulse raced. Wipe the body drops, Pan Jing standing in front vanity mirrors appreciate their convex figure, marker writing on the abdomen is still not subsided, because she did not try to clean this sense of belonging she felt very at ease .

Since it became known that the princess is their online student concerns before the Pan dissipate a lot of static.

Although she is still a result, no matter what is still inner, the body is still comparable to himself. But it is also an upward good student. I can’t talk more, but I am always filled with sweetness. Especially the legs that don’t have a silky, it is more moving than yourself. Everything happened in these weeks, let Pan Jing feel like a play. In case you are the mysterious maid, what will she do? A maid for a princess should not have a good end.

Looking at the old mobile phone placed on the bed, I can’t help but light the screen …

A slight vibration is transmitted by the pillow.

Although the bed is installed, Chen Mia is still placed in vibration mode every time this point, so that the roommate is not alarming roommates when trading with buyers.

“The princess is the last thing?” Is your own private maid. Every time I think of a slave who is willing to use the tongue to help you clean up the shoes, the pride of women will be in the heart.

“General, I was still married by the teacher. The mood has not been calm. Do you have anything about this princess?

“I saw the princess on your online store, your birthday is coming?”

“Hmm, what’s up?”

“Then I will give you a birthday gift, I wish the princess happy birthday.” Pan Jing wants to make some compensation for his own behavior.

“No matter what is diligent?”

“No, I really want to send you a gift, I am very grateful to everything you give me.”

The aquatic answer is a little touched. Other buyers buy their own original taste, and the top is lost after several times, and they will not contact here. And this little maid is so angry with himself.

“Ok, I feel that the skin is a bit dry, you will give it to me.”

“Well, the maid is, do you need anything else?”

“That is not there. But I have given it to you, you have a good saved, hey, I want you to take a photo decoration under the store.”

Pan Jing is, then, when Chen Miao, Chen Miao said that it is only a ridicule, but I have thrown the stockings. How to suddenly mention this now.

“Sorry, the princess, your blue silk is lost by me.”

“The servant, you dare to be reversed to the princess’s will, you are finished. Let me reflect, I go to sleep, wait for me to deal with you, this is not obedient, contact you.”

The last text message made Pan Jing in the heart, as if he was a big arrogant maid.

Well! It’s so comfortable.

Chen Miaoxi lying on the bed of bedroom, enjoy the moisture from the mask on the face. I can’t buy such expensive masks, this crate is very strong. But dare to lose the owner of this Princess, and it is a small gift to make up. This time I want her to know my power.

I don’t know when I started, and I have gradually liked the thrill of abuse. Not only can you vent your life not only, but you can also feel your noble from others. Another private courier.

Pan Jing launched after holding the express delivery.

“Maid, 嘻 … … received a courier?” Chen Miao saw that the logistics information showed the sign, a voice message sent to his mobile phone.

“Received, so light. Princess sent me?” Pan Jing sat on the sofa chair of the study, put the box in his hand.

“Well, yes, before you get up, first to wash your face first, don’t put my socks to tarnish.” All progress is smooth, the maid doesn’t know what punishment is waiting for her.

The wonderful sound of soft voice is allocated to his desire. After Pan Jing was cleaned with facial cleanser, he couldn’t wait to report “Wash, Princess.”

“Remove it, I am fell asleep.”

what is this. In addition to a pair of black-black cotton socks, there is a sealed bag, which is installed with a mask. It’s just a color yellow.

“Princess, the mask is not easy to use?”

“Not bad, the one is for you. Is the face is clean? Apply it to it.”

Open the bag, remove the mask, and a urinary smell stimulate Pan Jing’s nerves. “Princess, this is?”

“Hey. Last night, she wakes up peeing. By the way, the mask used to finish the face is unloaded, and the hand is throwing it in the night pot. It didn’t take it. I got up in the morning and found it again. Then send it to you.”

This is really urine, is the product of his own kidney metabolism. The princess hopes to use itself.

“Hey? Why didn’t you move, don’t want to apply, don’t contact me in the future. I won’t forgive you.”

“Princess, you are so bad.” After a thoughts struggled, Pan Jing still paved the mask full of urine in his face. It will not be tight.

“Who let you lose the sacred object of this princess. Hey, know why I let you wash your face? After washing your face, the pores on the face can not be closed, just able to fully absorb the nutrients of the mask, don’t know your What kind of material is absorbed by the face. I just saw the ingredients of the following membranes, and there was a kind of hyaluronic acid. It is estimated that your one is not, but my uric acid is absolutely not less. Hahaha. ” The more I said the phone, the more I strived, ridiculed women who took themselves every night.

Pan Jing smelled the more and more urinary smell. On the one hand, I was worried that my delicate face would not be devastated. On the one hand, I went to the face in the face. The extra urine on the mask slowly drove on the pillow from both sides of Pan Jing’s cheeks. Of course, some naughty urinary beads slipped into the mouth of Pan Jingmi. The taste buds have a salty diaper, and there is a smell similar to the musk to echo on the tip of the tongue, and I don’t know that the mask itself is the taste, or the princess is elegant.

“The princess is so delicious, it is difficult to drink.”

“Hahahahahaha. I didn’t let you drink it, you are voluntary. However, the effect of the internal equipment will be better. You will sleep with the mask this evening, my roommate is coming back, I am like this today. I have a good night. I still have, this time I gave your socks are not lost. Put it in the drawer of your underwear, keep it. “

The ear of the princess is still humiliated, Pan Jing has reached a happy peak with his fingers. I immediately slept.

On the other hand, it is also close to the phone, and it is paved on the face to exude a fragrant mask. Open MP3, accompanied by wonderful music, entered dreams.

Next day.

The morning sun is sprinkled in this small city. The two people who are gratifying youth, do not have to wake up from your sleep.

Pan Jing shredded the dry mask on the face, the original white and smooth face, now there is some dry Baba, and it is also a bad smell. From the skin of the forehead, it can be seen in a vagador, and the cells in the skin should absorb the toxins in the urine yesterday. This half will not be discharged. Pan Jing is helplessly took out the foundation and other cosmetics, laying a layer of unnatural thick makeup on his face.

The other end of the city. The wonderful thing is going onto the way to the classroom. The face on the face is simply pinching the water, and the boy who has passed from the side looks at himself with the eyes of the love. Wonderful, there is no payment, just leave a sweet smile and a back shadow of people.

Woman is good. But once you pay, you will become extremely loyal.

Pan Jing no longer reminds the exotic partner, her voice smile is replaced by another girl in my mind, gradually become more and more unhappy.

This girl is Chen Miao. I ushered in the birthday of my 21 year old.

Pan Jing sticked to her a famous feast worth a famous Seafood City in the local area. Let the wonderful enjoy a sumptuous dinner with a few friends.

And the roommate returned to the dormitory, it is already close to the early morning. After the simple wash, turn off the lights, and the roommates climbed back to bed. Some quickly entered dreams, and some were still in small and boyfriend. The toss of one night, Chen Miao is very sleepy, ready to go to bed. I will not be able to faintly in my stomach.

Miao clamped in the paper, hurriedly squatted on the pool, wrinkled the delicious nose, his mouth was awkward.

For a while, under the role of rincons and gravity, the two brown rice fields have been placed in vitro from the wonderful lack of daisy, quietly in the pool. Wonderful such as stacked toilet paper, wipe the net ass, get up and flush. But I found that the evil school stopped this. There are two stools in the pool. What to do, I have been seen by the roommate to be discarded, and I blame myself without the sewer. “Princess, how is the birthday today.” The maid’s SMS. Wonderful as the devil in the small head ran out. “Very good, today’s dinner is delicious, thank you, the maid” The warm voice of the princess makes Pan Jing feel very happy. “You are satisfied, the time is not early, the princess is going to rest early.”

“Don’t worry, I have packaged a meal from the hotel to try it. Do you move?” Pan Jing did not find a hidden real purpose behind a gentle words. The rush of the passer, “You will eat tomorrow, the maid is the best.” “Haha, stupid servant, I use the intestinal stomach to help you pack it back, I can no blessing.”

After that, I took a photo with the freshly baked stool, sent to my maid.

“How is this princess works after the food is getting more attractive?” Seeing the princess of the princess, Pan Jing’s first feel is nausea, this is a bodily excretion, this and The previous urination is still not the same, and there is not much bacteria, but this is a tens of thousands of microorganisms and harmful bacteria. “Good disgusting, the princess doesn’t play me.” Wonderful receiving SMS, leisurely from the bottom of the blue striped small clear T-shirt, revealing the white waist, one hand is put on the shallow navel Next, this induced action and a voice pass the signal to Pan Jing’s mobile phone.

“Maid, I have not used you as an ordinary buyer. I can feel your favorite and worship of me. In fact, you will slowly become part of my life, essential part. However, I hope Your body can have some part. I am in your mind is an unknown girl who is not known to trafficking underwear online. It is still a high princess, just look at your performance. “It turned out that he was in the heart of the princess. This is important, which makes Pan Jing in the empty window very moved. Looking at the little hand of pink nail polish, putting a little bit of meat. The digestive organs in this are certainly healthy, Pan Jingxin thought.

“Well, a little, eat a little bit.” What is the confusion that is confused? ” Get the reply of the maid, a sense of greatness in the heart, and a one in mind, letting another woman accept such unreasonable requirements. I didn’t expect the first to have a fortunate to taste my own gold.

Wonderful lightly returned to the bedroom, taking advantage of roommates, don’t pay attention to holding a plastic lunch box and spoon back to the toilet, pinching the nose, putting the two surfaces in the pool in the pool. “Gold”.

“Hello, this is XX Express, there is your package, please come to the express point to sign at 7:00 this evening.”

Pan Jinghuai waited for a day, and the express delivery was finally called.

When I took the package, Pan Jing felt that the staff of the courier didn’t seem to look at themselves with a different eye. It is not a bad taste to be exuded out by them. Pan Jing did not dare to think, put it calmly, took it back.

Pan Jingzi smelled the courier bag, there is no odor. I should be my mind. Three half, this is the time to drink afternoon tea, but only enjoy today’s “afternoon tea”, dinner is not eaten. Skilled in the packaging, a touch of faint smell floating from the box. There is only one printed plastic lunch box and a small note, with a beautiful script with a paragraph: “The things in the birthday of my birthday, my body gives it unique gene. You eat it, it will become you Part of the body becomes your flesh, permanently saved in your body.

If you can, I hope that you can use my body’s time, when I have a birthday every year, you have used my flesh to record my style. Time is long, you can get it like I can also say it. This is your first record. In order to make you swallow, I added a little seasoning, I hope to help you – sugar sugar princess dear maid “The lofty feelings bathe Pan Jing, it seems that this is no longer It is a dirty and low thing.

Calm, in the heart, Pan Jing opens the lid of the lunch box. Those seasonings are originally cream and fruit on the birthday cake. Wonderful covered them to the end, doing like a real cake. Pan Jingxin is very thanks, pick up the disposable fork placed in the lunch box, and the strong smell seems to be a turtly. Pan Jing shovel placed in a small piece of mouth, sweet and bitter, sweet and stench, impact the taste together.

Pan Jing feels that the heart is about to explode. If you don’t think too much, you will be sent to the mouth, and you will feel that there are some small digestive residues mixed in cream and soft stool, close your eyes and bite it. The escaping of the esophageal resistance has argued that Pan Jing’s will, and the feces mixed with cream into the stomach. After a while, when Pan Jing reacted, it was found that the qualities in the lunch box was almost eaten, and the bottom of the box was still left with a yellow trace. I can’t say anything, but Pan Jing must have been completely contaminated by the little girl’s smell, and the body is digesting the girl’s teenage girl than yourself.

Pan Jing took his belly, there is no discomfort. Mobile phone received a voice message “How? Can I adapt to my stinking?” Pan Jing status is in general, with the fork to search the last piece of feces, put in the mouth, chew it quickly, did not swallow, take it. A photo of a white yellow mixture in an oral cavity is sent to our princess. The photo actually forgot to code! However, sending has not been canceled. The other party did not respond.

Until the morning. When Pan Jing turned into sleep, the mobile phone screen was on. New news. “The servant. I will go to your class tomorrow, I will still be late for five minutes, I will not yell.”

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