[Teachers and students of the style]

The first scene: moving.


This is a major cost.

The economic development is that people have improved the quality of life. It is important indicator to measure a family standard to see investment in children’s education. Therefore, our school leaders often emphasize a sentence to “what is the most important thing in the new century? Of course, education!” With this sentence as a starting point, then 100,000 “Education and Investment Fund” naturally become a student. The parents’ “must be repaired”.

In the autumn, warm sun is lazy, on me, stretched a lazy waist, I sat from the floor.

This is my future home. Located in this large number of high-end cells. The room is not big, but it is very warm.

Moving, for a woman who has been divorced for five years old, it is not difficult, although colleagues look at me with a different eye, but I enjoy this happiness single female life. Originally, it is difficult to buy a house here as a general teacher, but I have left me a property before going abroad, which may be a unhappy marriage of us for nearly ten years. I have been tied, I am pleased.

The reason why our divorce is very simple. He has a woman outside, although he always emphasizes that he is his only, but no woman will be willing to share his husband with others. I categorically refused his emotional lifestyle. Divorce, is the best choice, so we don’t have children’s drag.

I am separated from my family to my life, life is extra happiness. I am working at work. I have become the class teacher after one year. My next goal is the grade team leader, the supervisor, deputy manager, and the principal … Maybe I can also enter the school-selling meeting! However, my life is not full of happiness, there is something that I have to admit, in my age is the so-called “two mouths of the two mouths”, after solving the problem, I seem to be faced. Some small troubles brought to me, after all, I am not a god, I still have a lust … Although, I can see some adult things or chat with plastic magic bats, but after all, there is no Spirituality, I need there is a strong impact of the living cock!

And you have to be big cock! In the middle of the night, I often imagine myself by a male or a few male wheels, but the reality is reality and I don’t want to fall myself to the night shop.

“It can finally move in tomorrow!” I stood in front of the living room, I said to myself, a happy warmth rush. After more than a month, I looked at the home that was sorted clean and clean, my face was filled with happiness. I changed again: Tomorrow is a rest day, let the few little ghosts come together, and save me a busy life. The few little ghosts I have referred to, but my student, but their academic performance is still going, although it is usually naughty, but it is also in line with their age, so I will open it for them. One eye, but tomorrow, my class teacher moved, but they have to have a power.

Turning, autumn is high. In the morning, I got up early, and there is not much thing to move, and most of them have already been packed. The new house has bought a complete set of new furniture, I just transport my clothes and the quilt. But I still didn’t sleep well for a night. After all, this is still my first move. After getting up, I washed his face and then changed a purple sports. I tintered with the mirror, and the image of a 34-year-old mature woman was displayed.

Such as the waterfall, the black brightening long hair, has been shaped to the shoulder, duck egg face, sharp jaw, a pair of double eyelids, long eyelashes, straight nose, my mouth is where I am more satisfied, different from the northern woman The big mouth of the thick lips, my mouth can be described as a small and exquisite, the lips are thick, the more wearing the two sides, do not laugh, and smile will show a neat white teeth.

Although I have already arrived in middle age, because of the usual maintenance, the skin is white and delicate, my body is also very concerned, the standard head of one mete, the fine waist, the two full sand The big tits such as ripe papaya are usually hanging on the chest, but the butt and fertilizers If you use your strength, it is really a meat, a strong and round legs, a well-fished foot, no wonder the female colleagues around me always envy. I hateful to see me.

When I was intoxicating my mirror, I suddenly sounded. I saw the mobile phone and saw that the squad leader Li Bin.

I have connected the phone: “Hello?”

A young voice came from the phone: “Teacher, I am here.”

I laughed and said: “very early ah downstairs.?” Bin “ah” a cry, said: “?? Them not to, I was waiting downstairs or go up.”

I then said: “Well, you come on, I have a few packages you help me sort out.”

Bin promised soon hung up the phone. I put down the phone, went to the door and opened the door, then returned to the living room that has not had time to pack a few parcels he pulled aside. A moment later, the door opened, Li Bin came.

Bin before I was young it is a good age, five seven meters tall, with short hair, a round face, big eyes, small nose, mouth Chiang Kai-shek, it is neither fat nor thin, is indeed a handsome guy! Since it is a squad leader Li Bin, his learning is naturally to my satisfaction. Overall, each exam has never been out of the top ten grades, it makes me very satisfied.

However, Li Bin also has his shortcomings, a teacher from my point of view, his character seems somewhat introverted, I have tried to make him let go of some, but failed, perhaps to do with his family.

Li Bin’s parents are university teachers, his family was well off, and his parents, education has always been a bit harsh, so the children out of such families are more or less shy and introverted.

“Come, you help me put this package to fight it.” I called Li Bin.

“Go ahead, I’ll do.” Li Bin said, stepping up to help me get along. Soon the effort, I and Li Bin put the parcel lay.

I went to the kitchen and returned with a bottle of Coke bottling bought yesterday handed Li Bin said: “Come, children drink soft drinks.”

Li Bin took it with a smile sitting on the sofa drinking. I told Li Bin has a sentence of not chatting, while the effort phone rang again. I opened it, Zhang is vice squad. I just turned on a phone, there came Zhang voice: “Teacher, we all went to a few, downstairs, moving company car arrived, I took the workers upstairs, let a few of them in downstairs staring at something. “

I heard laughed and said: “OK, come on with you people.”

In this way, Li Bin and Zhang upstairs, Zhou Shuai, Liu Limin, Sun Xiaohu, Fang Jiedeng several downstairs, I was responsible for intermediate care.

That is half an hour of effort has been put all wrapped up loading all. The last time I went upstairs looked at the old house, after all, I’ve lived here a number of years, also experienced many things, but the past is always to be in the past, people still want to look to the future. No nostalgia, I lock the door backhand down the stairs.

My intention is to make the car move to lead the way, so that students in a taxi followed, the students all came to be sensible, before I speak to jump on one of the moving company van. No wonder the master moving company at me, said the sentence: “This is your move or move people, ah, how people more than the things ……”

I smiled and sat in the copilot’s position, said: “These are my students, you are affected it.”

Start the car, out of the cell.

The car out of the district, turn right on Green Street, Main Street, turn left out of the loop on the fast west, from west to east ring ring walked about twenty minutes down the freeway and later turned into the Ann Road in North East Finally, turn right until you come to a head Fushun Road, my new home in the “Xinhai apartment” Fushun West Road.

To the cell door, I was greeted with the guard and then let the car has been opened to the B seat downstairs. Then it was another busy, I was waiting in the new room, and Zhang Bin can move things back and forth up and down looking at the workers, the few remaining downstairs. Until everything came onto several big boys just went into my new home.

Into the house, I put them in command of the parcel are open, and then categorized arranged by me, and then down is to do health, although yesterday I have done once, but that is the first day stay, they are helper, I command with these little devil take the health to do it again. So pick up more or less, I look at the time, was near noon.

I said to them: “We all worked hard, go, teachers ask you to dinner.” A few boys out to dinner, have a happy laugh.

I did not take them places to go far, just to find a restaurant in the vicinity of a single room, I let them each point of their favorite dishes, such as on a dish together, we eat together.

We ate, chatted, getting more and more busy, I am also pleased, I knew this meal actually eat more than two hours.

After dinner, I just leave Li Bin to help me tidy up the house, Zhang, Zhou Shuai them on their dispersed.

I have left Li Bin alone. It is actually a purpose. One thing in my family is indeed sorted out. I have to take Li Bin through Li Bin by this opportunity. When I got home, I let Li Bin first helped me to organize the wardrobe in the bedroom, and I asked something: “What novels have been seen in the past few students?”

Li Bin thought about it: “I don’t know much” girl, the boys, all look at the fantasy novels. “

I have finished listening, laughing, saying: “Good look? Who is not all fake?”

Li Bin also nodded and said: “When you are bored, you will send time, I have seen a few, no meaning.”

I said: “When you are bored? I really happen to you! Seeing that you will be college entrance examination next year, your heart is really width!”

Li Bin heard the meaning in my words, aiming at me, twisting, said: “This … is not learning tired, take the adjustment of the adjustment, …”

I looked at him again and said, “I’m really like you said, as long as I don’t” see the tired, take the way to adjust the adjustment “.”

Li Bin smiled and no longer talk.

After a while, I asked: “Is Shen Jun his family finished?”

Li Bin thought about it, shook his head and said, “Nothing, I listened to him that maybe it may apply for a break.” He said, “Teacher You don’t say, Shen Jun his family is not good, now His father has a traffic accident, and the hateful is that the accident is still running, and now there is no clue, let him continue to learn? “

I finished, I nodded. I haven’t waited for me, Li Bin said again: “Last time I went to the hospital with Zhou Shuai. Listening to Shen Jun’s mother said, the money is fast, I am thinking about the money.”

I have heard it, blink is asked: “The money we have donated by the whole school?”

Li Bin nodded: “It is estimated that it is.”

I said, I said: “Now the hospital is too much to eat, tens of thousands, this is a few days?”

Li Bin nodded and said: “Teacher, you don’t know! Now I have a sick and expensive money! Zhang Ke, his family’s condition is good? Last time Zhang Ke’s grandmother is ill, live a month of hospital, listen He said that he spent ten thousand! “

I have listened, smiled and said, “Don’t listen to him to scare you, even if it is ten thousand thousands of people for Zhang Ke, he is also a small dish. His father is money, his family has a road, even our school The principal also respects his home. “

Li Bin heard, slightly helpless, sighed, said: “Now this year, it is better to have a good father!”

I laughed and said: “Go! Little ghost! What do you know, a big man tops, is you relying on Dad?

Besides, you have a father with a university, I don’t know how many people envy … “

In this way, I and Li Bin packed up with anything, there was a chat with no sentence. We packed up the bedroom, then go to the living room, some kitchen utensils have not yet finished, I will pack it with Li Bin.

In autumn, the original day is short, I have a dark at 5 o’clock in the afternoon. I played a hammer, then stretched a lazy waist, I looked a little exhausted, after all, didn’t sleep last night, there is a little sleepy.

Li Bin saw me tired, said to me: “Teacher, you go to bed in bedroom, these things, I will pack it.”

I looked at it, the left is nothing more than chopsticks, dishes, and bowls, all things that are not worth money, I am not afraid. I nodded and said, “Okay, let me go to rest, I will pick me up later, I will take you to eat, eat meals, go home.” Li Bin agreed.

I turned into the bedroom and lying on the bed.

Tired a day, I was lying in bed, I didn’t know unconsciously …



I don’t know how long it took, I suddenly felt that there was a hand that I extended into my top, and I pinched my full of round tits. In an instant, I was shocked! I really want to sit and sit up and see who it is, I don’t know what is going on. I suddenly rose a simple thing. I miss it … I seem to have returned to many years ago, I and my ex-husband is also the case. Trouded, he will often reach into my top, and at the same time, he will take out his big cock to the point to say. I have a good exercise … though This hand of the hand rubbed the tits, but I have been enough to have a woman who has been depressed in the deep heart in my years. So, I just mobook. Let’s relax again, let this hand play my tits.

I actively restrained my heart, I put it out, my eyes are slightly open, and everything is observed around.

Unconsciously, the sky outside has been completely black. I can clearly feel that the light of the street light is coming in through the window, but the room is still black, I am lying on the bed, a black shadow stands Next to me, one of his hands really reached into my top and the other hand, but what is the case of Somso seems to do! That’s right! Like me! This black shadow is Li Bin! I am the most proud of the students!

I personally appointed the squad leader! Li Bin, which I have mentioned in front of other teachers countless times!

In fact, I still have a big reason that I want to see Li Bin. This is honest in my eyes, and how will he take the next step? Is it even more shocked? Sometimes I don’t think that Li Bin is too honest, even some of the vesicles, I always want to try to inspire his vitality or say passion! But I didn’t think of it, today! now! His move is really shocked! So I am particularly curious or said to see how Li Bin will do next? do what? ……

Li Bin is still standing next to me. Suddenly, he took out the hand that was just killing my tits, I only felt that Li Bin didn’t seem to take his sports pants! When he was squatting, I clearly heard that Li Bin had a strong breath with men’s characteristics, with my experience, of course, knowing that he is currently in a state! That’s right! He seems to be ejaculation!

At this time, I really is really five flavors, and the people fight! I certainly know what Li Bin wants to do, although I don’t know how he wants to do it, but just his move and performance will make me jumping from the bed and letting him on the palm of his tribe, then let him go out from my home, expense I’m doing the other voice of my inner, but I don’t want to do this, because my body is really unable to resist this hot feeling, can’t resist the impact of Li Bin’s young body! The original wheezing like the wild beast made me only feel that the waves of the squares were wet, and the prostitute was already like a small stream.

Just when I hesitated, when I gave a war, Li Bin already had his action.

I only feel that the bed is sinking. It seems that there is a thigh across my face. I rushed to a blink of a blink, I really saw Li Bin, one leg supported, and the other legs across my face, he slightly smash Body, I saw a group of meat and calling me! If I am completely awake at this time, I will definitely scream, the meat, the meat is mixed with men’s unique 臊 and the body odor directly to me! That’s right! This thing is that I have not seen many years, and I have also spent something around: big cock!

Although the room is very dim, because the distance is too close, I can only see the roots in front of me in front of me!

This is still for so many years, I am fortunate to watch the cock in this near, just read an eye, so that I am very dizzy …

I observed the dick in front of it. I saw the powder doodle’s faux, because the congestion has bullied the drum, the central crack has also been opened, and the transparent mucus extruded from the crack has been Fully explained that the state of him at this time, the chicken stems are thick and long, the skin is white and tender, and several sparse chicken bars are surrounded around the cock. Two white soft cocks are murdered. Below, a shrinkage seems to be shipped to the shell! The most heart-moving is the kind of unconsciousness. Every time the big cock is moving, it is brought to the air, and the unique urinary smell and the body of the man are directly in my nose. I don’t consciously suck a little, my heart is more embarrassing!

Just when my brain blank, I didn’t know what it was. Suddenly, Li Bin’s hand appeared. This hand quickly clenched the chicken bar stem and then quickly before and after, I could clearly hear him a strong breath, it is an excitement, comfortable The mixed sound, this reminds me of a long time … How do he think of going? I suddenly flashed this idea in my mind. Isn’t he just shot sperm on my face? Does Li Bin did not take into account the consequences? I have to see how he thinks.

I think this, I will calm down with exciting mood, and still change.

Suddenly, I flash in front of my eyes, and the other hand of Li Bin appeared. I haven’t waited for me to react. This hand has been slightly threw two fingers and gently swear my lips into my little mouth. inside! I suddenly surprised, the next consciousness, but it is also a moment, I relax again, because I don’t know why, my heart has rid of a complex expectation.

In this way, Li Bin’s two fingers easily opened my teeth, finger a finger, and suddenly I opened my little mouth. Next, let’s take a chapter, Li Bin adjusts a posture, he tries to make his big chicken head close to my little mouth, at the same time, he is faster!

“滋, 滋, 滋, 滋 … … 清 动 动 动 动 动 动 动 动 动 动 动 动 动 动 动 动 动 动 动 动 动 动 动 动 动 动 动 动Time, intoxicated …

“Oh … um!” With Li Bin’s depressed, I saw him finally slammed a few times, and the body shake! Again! I only feel that the fierce in front of the fierce! “!” A whitening sperm with a thick taste is usually sprayed out! If it is calculated, it is generally accurate, just injecting my mouth! God! At the moment of sperm entrance, I almost fainted! This is a scene!

In a dark room, a pretty woman with a mature female unique glamor is lying on her own bed, applying a young man who has been teenager than her foot, shot her little mouth with her hand. The first big sperm of his life! And this woman is still this young man’s teacher!

Just a moment of sperm into my little mouth, I don’t consciously use my own fragrance to roll this first sperm, through the taste of the tip of the tongue, the taste of this long-awaited … still So, still so much, but there is more expectation, there is more vitality, just in the process of remembering the aftertaste, Li Bin sent to my second sperm and in place. “嗖!!嗖! 滋! …… “Next, with the shaking of Li Bin and the sprouts of his very powerful restraint, he quickly and powerful with his own chicken stems, while putting a siph of escort into me. The little mouth is … “

After a while, Li Bin slowly slowly, gently from the bed, he closed my little mouth, she didn’t forget that the finger will stay in my mouth and wrap it, he stood quickly on the ground. Wearing a pants and after a while. He got into my gently and gently called me: “Han teacher? Teacher Han? Teacher?”

No matter how he calls, I will have a self-reliant sleep. The brain still relies on the scene of the scene … Li Bin saw that I didn’t respond, he seems to be relieved, long out of breath, and the hand is going out.

Until Li Bin completely disappeared in the room, I couldn’t wait to “咕咕” and pulpted the thickness of the mouth …

After half an hour, I was completely calming, this seems to have just woken up a big hit, sitting from the bed, then I found out that my crotch is cool, I have been completely wetted by obscenity NS.

I just sat up, Li Bin came in from the living room, although I saw the look of his face was very nervous, but he was pressed against.

I haven’t happened what I have happened, I asked a sentence: “Oh, Li Bin, haven’t you gone home?”

Li Bin did not answer immediately. He stared at me in two eyes. This seems to be loose and said: “Oh, teacher, you wake up, I just cleaned up, you have a look.”

I feel so funny, but I didn’t show my doubts, nodded calm, and said to him: “You give me a cup of water, weird.”

Said, I came to the living room with Li Bin.

【take a bow】

Second scene: “Operation” in the class

Since the last move, I don’t know what, I am interested in causing an uniqueness of Li Bin. Although there are no results, but I can’t forget the thing that night, and sometimes regret why I chose silence that night. I am always thinking, if I turned around that night … Maybe I have already got enough to meet again and maybe I and Li Bin is now a lot of money. So I am not willing, I still have an opportunity to create and Li Bin. “Bell …” The crisp under course ringtone, I ended my class.

“The squad leader, you don’t have to do it in the course, come to my office, help me to organize the test paper.” I said to the squad leader Li Bin said.

Li Bin promised and then went to the office with me.

My office is not big, just at the corner of the second floor of the teaching building, this is originally the Office of Education Director Liu Jia’s office. Now she moved to the upstairs. After all, it is a leader, to pursue the high high feeling. Therefore, it is transformed into an ordinary teacher office.

I am the first application to move here, because the big office in the second floor is very bright, but I always give me messy feelings and I am a quiet person. Later, another new chemistry teacher Chen Xiao also moved here, but because the room is not large, only our two teachers. Recently, Chen Xiao went to the provincial city to survey, this office is alone, I enjoy this quiet office environment.

Entering the door, opposite the two big windows, through the window, see the situation on the playground, the room has been simple decoration, everything looks like teaching atmosphere. The only thing is that the front of the door of the door is a long sand of the three people. It is the sofa of the leather, which is also left by Director Liu.

Li Bin followed me into the office, I will go back to the door. I glanced at him, I referred to the stack of test paper on the desk: “Squad, you sort out, divide more than 85 points above, then divide it into a one below 60 points.” Li Bin promised to start Stamped up the test paper. I took the water cup on the desk to go to the water dispenser, I took a glass of water. By drinking the water, I sneaked Li Bin, a high head, white skin, handsome face, anomaly, especially him The buttocks, it looks high and forth, so that I don’t have my heart.

Recalling the scene of that night, I almost ignorant of Li Bin’s embrace is even awkward!

I admit that I have been teasing by Li Bin, I can’t pull it out, how can I continue? I have always thought about it, I have never thought about it …

Suddenly, a thought from my heart, my heartbeat jumped.

“The squad leader, you first sort out, I will go to the toilet.” I don’t know, this, I turned out.

Li Bin seems to feel anything, he looked back and looked at it and nodded. I only feel that my face has a fever, and I have a hurry to put down the water cup to open the door. I really want to go to the toilet, but as a teacher, especially a female teacher, I don’t have to tell him in front of a male student, maybe I want to have something to happen too much, I turned out.

The toilet is at the corner next to my office. I have entered the toilet, I hesitate, and finally, I will try to try it.

I nervously took off the flesh pants stockings, then took off the black lace triangle underwear inside, and finally put on the lower body. When I am nothing more about these days, I check some things online, especially pay attention to the sexual differences, and I have seen most men who are particularly fascinating women’s stockings, especially the woman who does not wear underwear directly pantyhose, though I also feel a slightly metamorphosis, but I have to admit it or have some reason. Don’t say men, I am a woman, I also have a special feeling of my legs and feet, so I started paying attention to stockings. Wearing. Today I have to try it, see if Li Bin will be interested in this dress. Of course, I will try my best to let him see my lower body, being wrapped in the lower body of the meat.

It is very quiet in the corridor. Most teachers and classmates use this time to exercise on the playground. If you are on weekdays, I will also go to the playground.

From the toilet, I waters a week, no one, is safe. I am saving a slight excited mood. I quickly stepped into the office. I just entered the house, I turned the door to lock the door.

I am under the black lace tripper you just taken off. I am tense and excitement. I am jumping into a child. I have done a few breath as much as possible to calm down. The room was very quiet, Li Bin still stood in front of the desk, seriously sorting the test paper, watching him full of vigorous collaborative back. I will not be able to suppress my passion again … “Teacher.” Li Bin heard the crisp foots of my high heel shouted, and then continued to bow down the test paper.

“Oh … ah …” Because of excitement, I sent a little in the voice.

Li Bin seems to have heard anything, he has gone on his head. Grasping this opportunity, I rushed to Li Bin to throw a few glamor, then put it in an inadvertent look and told him and try to make a charming smile whisper: “Well, you are busy.”

Li Bin didn’t seem to be aware of my eyes, he continued.

At this time, I suddenly rose a disappointment in my heart, I only felt that Li Bin standed in front of me, but it seems to be far away from me. Disappointed emotions, let me calm down, I am inadvertently said: “All in autumn, the day is still so hot …” said, I am in the hands of the black lace side in the hands of the black lace Throw it on the desk!

The panties I wear are not only fine and adopted, which is high-grade fabric. This fabric does not condense, toughness.

The triangular pants are thrown into the desktop naturally fluffy, I saw the stars in the house, and the imprints left by the prostitutes did even have a few cents!

When I saw the few panties, I was so scared that I immediately turned my face. I didn’t dare to see it again.

I threw the underwear and throw it in front of Li Bin, I firmly believe he must see it! Sure enough, Li Bin stopped. I am very nervous, I don’t dare to see the whole body. I am busy with Li Bin. I hurried to the window, pull the window, with two arm holders on the window and then explore the head to observe the playground. Finally, I took my big butt … Although I faced the window, all the attention was concentrated in the body, I listened quietly, waiting, look forward to …

After the body, Li Bin turned to the test paper quietly, and he almost did not hear anything.

At this time, the playground is waiting for the students to do in class, everyone is in the event of freedom. I saw the students in our class.

“Is it Zhang Ke?” I don’t know what is going on, I suddenly emerged in my mouth.

Maybe my heart is eager to look forward to what, I said again: “You see, is it Zhang Ke?”

This time, Li Bin finally heard, he was almost a arrow, and he said: “Old … what do you say?”

“Hey!” I just felt that the body moved forward, and Li Bin behind him was used to use my ass, I certainly didn’t dare to look at him and hurriedly turned out the window. From Li Bin’s tone, I heard his tension and excitement. Heart suddenly.

“Teacher Han, what did you just say?” Li Bin saw me without reacting. He boldly looked hard, almost kneeling on me, there is no harder, his crotch is just on my hip. On the tip, it is actually a rigid seam!

I heard Li Bin’s voice in my ear. I was nervous to almost can’t come. He used the young man’s unique odor who was young and filled with the young man.

“I … oh … I just said, what do you see is not the deputy leader Zhang Ke?” I made a small voice of Baba.

“Where!?” Li Bin suddenly shouted, with his voice, I only felt that he fierce his trousers. At that time, I hit me!

“Well!” I snorted, I only felt that my ass “hard” was given by a drums cystic. I think: good guy! What is this thing? Why is it so hard! ? Where is it? ! “

Li Bin shouted again, then gave me again. This time, I really feel that the “hard” of the hard Bangbang is his big cock!

I know the situation behind, I am more nervous, and I have a strong excitement and excitement.

I responded: “That … isn’t that happened there?” To talk, I used the big butt to arch. At the same time, my brain flying quickly: How to carry out the next step?

“Where? Where? I didn’t see it ?!” Li Bin said, continuously gave me a few! It’s really awesome, I caught my body! Suddenly, I remembered the scene of moving at night. I couldn’t help but have two legs, I was hot, and a sticky lascifier was squeezed out of the, and the prostitute suddenly penetrated the crotch of the pantyhose. Thightening! “Um …” I snorted gently.

“Where ?!” Li Bin said that he hit it!

“Well!” This time I got a little, and I went out. I suddenly found the feeling that I have never had. In the waves, there seems to have many small ants that itching, drilling the heart, and the prostitutes are more “sudden”, and the kung fu will make the stockings’ crotch wet. I only feel that I like itchy, and I immediately remove a hand to get around my ass, I didn’t expect my little hand to reach it, I just touched Li Bin’s drum capsule hard and hard crotch! God! What did I get it! Although I can still feel the hard big guy in my sweatpants, I can still feel the hard big guy! I am shot like electric shock! The little hand did not want to just pinched the thing, this pinch Li Bin is very comfortable, I heard him very comfortable: “Well!”

At this point, we have entered the state.

I am eager to look forward to Li Bin to boldly! In order to encourage him, I put it tickle out of the dress and then put it in the skirt and then pull it up, and I suddenly exposed almost my whole stockings big butt to Li Bin. The flesh tight pants stockings are tightly wrapped with me and white and tender large butt, more considerable! Inside the stockings, there is no one to attach meat, and you will be able to get fat and flick. If it is a bowl view, the black jung flee, the meat, the donkey, the wet prostitutes all list No remain, good!

After picking up the skirt, I quickly reached back, I want to express the intentions of Li Bin, I have completely let go, I will see what you want to do next. Suddenly, I felt a light behind, Li Bin seems to leave me, I don’t know what I have to go back but stop, because I will see Li Bin from the reflection of the window glass, it seems to be bent down! Oh! I understand, he is thinking about it. In order to further stimulate him, I am calm down, slowly, slowly, I started to shake my big butt, sometimes tremble, sometimes sway, up and down, left and right, two thighs are separated, I even made a “Luo Circle”

The action is that Li Bin can see more clearly!

Just when I shaken my ass, there was a self-sounding sound of the Sso. I haven’t waited for me to react, and the movie is flashing. Li Bin rely on! This time, Li Bin stucks tightly, we almost become one! Suddenly, I understand everything.

Just now, Li Bin took his sports pants. Of course, if he is in panties, it is definitely a broken. Li Bin, who took off his pants, was so tall with his hot big cock! It’s a happiness, and my “Luo Zhi Leg” just let him come in, because his hot hard hard Bangang Big Tic is tightly clipped in the legs of your legs! No, the specific location should be the gap between the thigh roots I tighten! Because my lascifier has already launched the crotch to stick to vibrates, Li Bin’s big dick is very smooth, and even a slight “嗤” sound!

Oh … God … I have a blank in my mind, my body is soft. If it is not supported with your arm, I almost fainted. Although we have not “the real knife” dry together, but only the thin stockings have made me feel full of hot! Big cock hard! Even I can easily feel the pulsation passed from the big dick! This pulsation is so enemies with my heartbeat! So the sky is seamless!

Li Bin worked with excitement and exciting tone: “Where ?! Teacher! Where can I say?” He said, he picked up before and after, and lubricated with prostitute, his The big chicken head came back and forth back to my mouth, I almost wanted to make it out!

“Where! Where! Teacher! You said where Zhang can be!” Li Bin asked, he has successfully started “Insert”.

“Ah! That … ah … ah! … that … that isn’t … Zhang Ke! Ah!” I screaming thoroughly, but in order not to be too big, I strongly press the heart. Passion.

“Puchi Puchi Puchi Puchi” Bin does not speak, he blindly lying on my back hard, and fiercely gave me what they look! Thick and fiery head dick in my ass struggling to ditch grinding to rub to go, although across the stockings, cunt door but children are worn fiery hot, cunt door child completely open, as if the child sexual secretion raging waterfall out. “Ah ……” Li Bin grunted suddenly picked up speed, he was trembling in my ear: “Old ……

Old teacher …… …… …… in the end he …… they ah …… …… …… at …… in which the! What the! What the!

…… ah …… “final three” what the! “He seemed to run out of strength, I heard his voice trembling knew he was going to shoot, and quickly clamped his legs struggling, Li Bin in the final sound of” ah “cry, I just feel the crotch of a large dick head and shoved a rose! Then a rose! Subsequently, the whole stalk big dick feeling of a stem fierce!

A shrink! Shocked! A surge of fiery heat of the warm spray in my pantyhose crotch, and even, some sperm even through stockings crotch shot in the cunt on my door child!

“Oh, ah ……” I am also excited to the extreme, it would not be a cry sound ……

For a moment …… Li Bin was a little bit slowly withdrawn already softened small dick.

Burst of sound winded, Li Bin again put on his pants. He held out his hand and slowly lifted my skirt down, facing a not forgotten pinched on my stockings big ass straining. And I was still lying on the windowsill to calm a few moments before he drew himself up and turned around.

Eyes collide, I quickly tilted his head to blushing.

I whispered Chong Li Bin said: “!? Bad boy I do not mean to give you yet Zhang they head east on the playground, you can not see installed, also asked asked of ……” Li Bin face, I have some incoherent. Li Bin to see my reaction is not strange, then he relaxed, he was “hey” laugh or two, said: “Teacher, I really did not see it,” I see so Li Bin, did not say break this thing, after all that they were both reluctant. I am close to Bin unlimited shy then looked at him and whispered: “You bad boy and later allowed the case!!” Li Bin to see me say such words, grateful looked at me, then nodded his head. Li Bin mouth was about to say what …… May at this critical juncture! Sudden! While urgent knock at the door up!

Was a sudden knock on the door, and my first reaction Bin’s first froze a moment, and then we also reach out and grab my desk on a piece of black lace panties edge. After all, Li Bin from the past, and he pulled my panties arrested first placed under the nose and inhaled deeply and then quickly ends up in the pocket of his sport cuffs whispered to me: “You put the teacher to me! I want to “hear Bin this request, I hesitated, then looked at his face shy nodded his head and whispered:!!!” line of your good income, “and this turned angry red door directions shouted a voice: “Who!”

I walked over and opened the door, turned out to be a life member of our class Liu months. In fact, I had to learn this good, timid girl is very good impression, but today because she stirred my good thing, how can I not angry too! Since I gratuitous burst of fire, shouted out at her: “!!! Yelling something to say in the end how”

Liu Yue has always been a timid girl, see I made such a big fire, she is more frightened, Well Well said: “…… old teacher, Zhao Kai, he, he just hurt too much when running, nose, nose lot of blood flow …… “

This one, I’ll calm down, quickly said: “? In which”

Liu Yue said: “In the clinic, but the clinic said Liu, his nose bone may be broken, it must be immediately taken to the hospital.”

I quickly pulled Liu Yue went to the clinic, went away, I looked back a Li Bin said: “The monitor, tidy up your papers ready to go back to class.”

Bin nodded at me.

【take a bow】

Act III: the narrow road every Zhang Bin since that happened and calisthenics. These days I think a lot, and want to see Li Bin afraid to see him. The dead of night, I often imagined that Bin speak my piece of the screen, I anxiously look forward to the opportunity to work with Li Bin also alone, eagerly looking forward to a special relationship between us. In contrast these two days can be Bin’s performance made me slightly disappointed, although I tried to create opportunities for us to be alone, and even gave him a cell phone with the name of counseling him to my house at night, but were he to each kind of reason tactfully refused. I was disappointed but had reconciled, so I’m not willing to forget, the more he put off, the more I catch him.

On this day, I just went back to the office. The butt is not sitting stable, and someone knocks on the door. I shouted with the door: “Into.” The door cracking of the office opened, a head explored it, but Li Bin! I saw him surrounding him, I saw that I was only alone in the office, and I walked in the outside.

“Teacher.” Li Bin shouted me.

“Hey!” I rushed to stand up, and I promised to be excited into a child while I was enthusiastic to Li Bin! Because there are only two people in the office, this is not a good opportunity to happen! ?

Li Bin entered the office and closed his door. He didn’t seem to have something in his hand. I want to ask you to watch a movie. “To talk, he put a movie ticket on the desk in front of me.

Listening to Li Bin, I quickly rotate in my mind: watching movies? As we two? Black lights in the cinema! Is this not just what to do? ! Let me pay a cow? Even … I took off my pants to fuck me? … Hey, I heard that the young people are now, I love to watch movies, not for other, it is Black Rumen to do that thing! ……what……!

I think about it, I suddenly hot in the waves under my, and I took a happiness!

“Ah … oh … is this.” I have recovered chaotic ideas to wake up with Li Bin’s expectation.

“Well … this … What day is it tomorrow?” I don’t know why I have an emergency.

“Tomorrow? Tomorrow is Saturday? Rest date.” Li Bin looked at me and said that naughty smile.

“Oh! Yes, tomorrow is Saturday.” I suddenly came over, I thought about it in my mind, I have forgotten that tomorrow is Saturday. I took a moment, I hurried again: “Well … Tomorrow is going to go? Or is there other classmates?”

Li Bin smiled: “I will be with you, I will be two tickets.”

I was completely affirmed by Li Bin’s reply! Li Bin definitely wants to fuck me! Since I can’t find a place, I am sorry to go home, so he has got out such a movie ticket! I thought this, I mood immediately. But I will think about it again: I can’t agree with this happiness! This little ghost, how did he ignore me two days before? I am so easy to get him, then he will not care about me later.

Thinking of this, I made a short feeling of a short way to say: “Oh, Saturday … Oh, I arranged things tomorrow …” I said, while watching Li Bin’s expression.

Sure enough, he listened to me, his face showed disappointment.

I feel so funny, hurry, I will pull back: “Um … but, it is the afternoon movie, I seem to have nothing to do in the afternoon. OK! I try to go.”

Li Bin was happy and happy, smiled and said: “The teacher, let’s be so fixed! You must come! I am waiting for you!”

After that, Li Bin came out of the office.

I have spent the whole afternoon I am spending in a cranky and anxious expectation. Closed on the eyes is Li Bin’s hard Bangang high-tie big cock, open your eyes, think I want to wear something tomorrow. In short, I have already had a bit of six gods. It’s hard to expect to go to get out of class, I am the first to leave school.

When I got home, I gave myself to myself, and then opened my wardrobe to find out the clothes you have to wear tomorrow, and of course there are more than ten pairs of various styles of trousers and socks. I didn’t sleep well this night, especially in the righteousness of the waves, I feel that I have estrous!

So I decided! I must let Li Bin have been in me tomorrow, and I have to be cool! Follow up! Let me do it, I have unconditionally cooperated with him! As long as he says, I will immediately give him a chicken in front of him! ……

The rush on the night, finally hoped to come. I got up early, first took a shower, then I had something to eat, I have to take a look at the time, I have to suppress my heart, I hope time can come. At 11 o’clock at noon, I can’t wait. I have a lot of lunch, then I have dressed up to myself before I sit in front of the dressing table, then I wore clothes from last night. The upper body is a pink short-sleeved tight shirt without a bra. Set of landscons of a light gray embroidery. The lower body is a black pleated skirt that will have a knee. The underwear must not wear, but in the end wearing the color and style trousers stockings, I have a truthfulness. Finally, I chose a pure white thickened high-proof tight panty trousers. Why choose this color, because I suddenly remembered that Li Bin once said that he particularly appreciates the ballet, and most women who dance ballet are wearing pure white pantyhose. I took a photo of the mirror and took photos of the mirror. Although the color of stockings and clothes did not work, I feel that I have added it in sexy, especially after opening the skirt, white The stockings are more likely to put out my butt and the black shagings of the ginger. Finally, I put a pair of black high heels.

I went out of my own handbag and movie ticket for my mirror.

When I was less than 1 o’clock, I parked the car in the door of the Emperor Studios, because the temperature outside was high, so I stayed in the car. I am bored, I took a movie ticket, I realized that today I want to see a life film. In fact, my film is not interested in what the movies are found, my interest is concentrated in Li Bin.

Time is a second, my heart is getting more and more tense, how much I hope Li Bin’s figure can appear in the door of the studio … 1:30 … 1 point 45 … 1 point 50 … 1 point 55 … It’s not 5 minutes from the movie, but I still didn’t see Li Bin! I can’t wait, I picked up the handbag and movie ticket from the car to go to the door of the studio. On the side, I took out the phone to dialed Li Bin’s phone: “… Sorry, the phone you have made is shut down …”

I didn’t expect to get this response! Li Bin’s mobile phone is turned off! I saw a watch, I have been 2 o’clock, I am anxiously standing at the door of the cinema, keeping the mobile phone to Li Bin, but the owner has turned off the tone …

Gradually … a disappointed emotion takes me in my heart … Just thinking about it is going to continue, wait …

“Teacher Han!” Suddenly a voice rang from me, scared me. I hurried back and look: “Hey? How is you?”

It is a boy in front of me. Medium head, not fat, thin, short hair is a cute baby face, nose straight, small eyes. The upper body wears a print-print white T-shirt, the lower body is a seven-point jeans, and a pair of 1800 Jordan sneakers. As far as I know, a jade pendant on his neck is 5,000, and the gold table on the wrist is 7000. He is the deputy squad leader of our class, Zhang Ke.

Zhang Ke’s home is very rich, and it is not a general money. His father is an old group of a group, and her mother is civil servant of the Municipal Education Bureau. It is said to be a leader. Because of his mother’s reasons, even the principals of our school have to look at them.

Zhang Ke wants to be a squad leader, but it is unwilling to be right, so our principal will be unworthyed.

The Zhang in my eyes, did not fly the kind of flying. Although his deputy leader’s identity is obtained through his mother, it is difficult for that Zhang Ke ‘s learning results are indeed a number of Ban, which is actually more than enough. Of course, Zhang Ke also has some unique personality. He has always been very concerned about his own dress, and clothes and jewelry are almost every day, but his characteristics have won many of our class or even other class girls.

“Li Bin gives me a movie ticket. 嗬嗬, so I will accompany you in the afternoon.” Zhang Yi said.

“That … why didn’t Li Bin come?” I asked in confused.

“He may have something, you can’t come.” Zhang Ke said.

After listening to Zhang, I was completely cold. Although Li Bin let Zhang can replace him, Li Bin’s cool is broken, but I feel that this movie is not so important to see and don’t look.

Zhang Ke bowed and looked at the watch to tell me: “Teacher, let’s go in, the movie has begun.”

I thought about it, I took a slightly hesitated and helplessly saw Zhang. I thought: Since it is already here, let’s take a look. I am not alone. When I think of this, I barely hurriedly got some nods and walked into theater.

Entered the studio, Zhang Ke allowed me to wait for him for a while, he went to bought two cups of Coca-Cola and Two bags of fries. I have a luxury in the city, and we will go in.

Because the movie has already played, a paint in the watchport is black, only through the reflective light on the screen, can also see the case inside. I am looking at it in a slight quarter, I’m looking at this movie today, and I am sitting in various corners, three or two two, watching is a couple. In fact, this boring life tablet is often seen on watching.

I didn’t find a seat and I didn’t find a seat. I just found a place to stay in the middle of the silver screen. It was so good to be space before and after.

“Teacher, you drink Coke.” Zhang Ke said with a cup of cola and a bag of french fries to me.

I am “Well”, I didn’t care, I took a cola and french fries, and I didn’t feel a soda. I didn’t have anything, and I immediately put cola and sweet cattle on the seat next to it.

Looking at the screen, I was asleep. Originally, I am not interested in life, now I feel boring. After a while, I have a sleepy, the eyelids are more heavy. I didn’t sleep well last night. I surely closed my eyes on the back of the chair.

Five minutes … 10 minutes … gradually, I am a bit confused …

Just when I am half a sleep.


I don’t know what it is. “Hey!” Hit my face!

This is too sudden, I almost don’t jump from the seat! Hello to reach out … 咦! ? A small group is soft, touch it very much! I caught it in the hands of the light shining. God!

This is not that Li Bin, who takes away from me!

Here, I suddenly woke up and rushed to the face.

Don’t see it, I am so shocked when I see it!

I saw Zhang I sat next to me. I don’t know when I took him out! Through the shine reflected by the screen, I clearly saw his legs, and a hand stunned with his high cock with his hard! Zhang Ke fingers fleets with their own cocks. I will pinch chicken head for a while. I will shake the chicken, and I have to come to fun!

I am hurriedly biting my lips with my teeth, I feel very hurt! I know! This is not a dream! it is true! Sitting next to me, just in my face, playing your own big dick! and! He dared to throw my trousers on my face to cause my attention!

Suddenly, my essence gods came up, and I just swept away.

I hurriedly sat up straight, but I have focused on the side of Zhang Ke. I looked at Zhang Cocao with a slight side, although it was dark when the light reflected from the screen was bright, but it was clearly clear. This big cock is so thick and long, so tall in front of me, in Zhang Ke fingers, it seems that the pink drum-drums seem to have secreted a lot of prostitutes, The whole chicken baba is bright and bright. Although I can’t see the two cock of chicken eggs, the fluffy black chicken Bacheon on Chicken, but it is very clear. I stole your eyes and watched the cock, and then thought that he had thrown my underwear to my face, and I thought Li Bin had a loss of no reason and Zhang Cabochi …

Suddenly, I understand.

Li Bin definitely is something that can be said with Zhang, and Zhang Kehe Li Bin has a common idea. So … Zhang Ke will replace Li Bin, instead of Li Bin and I will date, instead of Li Bin to engage in me, even … Zhang Kee replaces Li Bin to fuck me …! ? But why Li Bin wants to give up this rare opportunity! ? You know, for Li Bin, Zhang Ke, this is their first time! Extracize your first time, men and quickly shoot into the teacher! How much a better thing worth remembering! Why? … I haven’t thought about why now, whether Li Bin is still Zhang. In short, the cock is in front of you! Just look at how I behave! I thought about it, I suddenly felt very excited! The waves under the bottom suddenly wet.

I quickly rotate in my mind: What should I do? What should I do next? The current form is very beneficial to me! Zhang can have revealed the big cock, and it is still a hard border, he also fell my panties to my face. What should I do? …… Suddenly, I have decided! I first twisted my body, and then put a hand to my skirt, I touched the dress of the skirt …

“…” I slowly, slowly pull the lock, pull it out. This is equal to I have taken off the skirt. Next, I didn’t see anything like an face. I didn’t see it. “Zhang … Zhang Ke … um … Just … I just seem to have something … I am playing on me … Have you seen it? “My tone is full of tension and excitement, almost trembling.

“Um … I … I didn’t see …” Zhang Ke’s tone is also a great excitement like me. Zhang Ke said, looking at me, looking for my gaze, he even screwed me to shake his big cock!

I don’t dare to look at him, I don’t dare to see him below.

I said: “I … you … you just like it … it seems … It seems that … dropped to the ground … you … you help me find …”

Due to the extreme tension, I almost fainted, I only felt that my body was soft, I was almost a sound from the throat, I couldn’t hear it from the last few words. To finish, exhausted my last strength, I stood up from the seat … “Hey! “I just stopped, the skirt rose down!” Sudden white light flashes! Pure white bags of trousers stockings are exposed to Zhang Ke! At the moment of falling in the skirt, I hurried to the right side! Zhang Ke has been sitting on my left. I am going to the right. I naturally put my huge fat stockings that I’ll be wrapped in the white trousers stockings. I can rush it! At the same time, I just bent down, the first thing is to immediately put the little hand into my stockings trousers, pinch the tab of the pantyhose, and change the pantyhose. It became a veritable open trousers. With the experience of the last class, Li Bin, I know if I don’t do this, then I am very likely that Zhang Ke can reach it, so I will prepare myself to myself.

I put it on the side of the show, I was looking back to Zhang. “Zhang … Zhang Ke, you … you come over … Help me find …”

To speaking, I actually rushed to Zhang, I could make a few ass. Meaning is obvious: Zhang You! Come! superior! Direct me directly with your big cock!

This series of movements are completed in a short period of time, which can be described as a good. Even if it is an idiot, it should be understood, let alone Zhang Ke! My voice just fell, Zhang You hurriedly stood up! He first made me closer me, I suddenly suddenly came to my back! I don’t know if I have a hacker or he has experience. Zhang Ke’s movement is both both the same, and the hot big chicken head of the talried hard Bangang is just in my mouth! Slightly, you will be “felt”

The smooth fucks come in!

“Yeah! …” The moment of the big cock is inserted! Although I strongly, I strongly believe in my heart, but I still should call it. Fortunately, no one we surrounded the sound of the silver screen. Otherwise, this name will definitely be heard.

Long-lost! Big cock! For many years, I have been satisfied, I am excited, excited mood is imagined! I was smashed into a child, and all the feelings were concentrated below.

I only feel that I will warm and heat, that great enrichment makes me intoxicated, and even I feel a little in the mouth!

“Old … teacher! … I … I help … you are looking!” Zhang Ke excited whisper spoke in my ear, I can clearly feel that Zhang Ke is shaking! Why don’t I try it again!

“Hey! Hey!” The truthful, Zhang Ke cleanly walked two buttons with his big dick to me!

I have not been able to make a long time, I can ban such a real pummy, just the two, I have to build a wood, my mouth is called “”! I only feel that it is itchy and itchy, I can’t wait for Zhang, I will give me a few!

“Hey!” Is also a solid!

“Old … teacher … find ……?” Zhang Kezhen said in my ear.

Where did I say it? “Ah!” A blank! “” I said: “True … really … really … strong …” Zhang Ke “!” And then asked: “Old … teacher … 啥 … What is it?”

The voice just fell “Hey!” And gave me again!

I haven’t waited for me, Zhang Ke “啪!! 啪! …” I saw his waist force, the big chicken bar is sharp, and it is a few times! Suddenly, I have turned over!

In fact, this can not blame me. After all, I haven’t been able to spend many years, and I have almost forgotten the taste of the kind. Today, suddenly, although I am mentally prepared, but I still have a high tension and excitement, even my body is already a bit stiff, I can’t get it, just so much, I have already played me. Diapers!

I was completely intoxicated here. In the stimulus of the misery, I saw that I was in the back of me, but I was gradually let go!

I only listened to him near my ear, I said: “Old … teacher … find … I found?

…… I … I will help … help you find … “

Every time I paused, I slammed me, and I only had the name of my ass., Don’t say let me talk, I can’t connect!

“Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! The head is smashed, scraping the tender meat in my, the lactatory wavy waves like peeing is usually dug in my sodi, I have been digging up to my leg neck …

“Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! A thigh stands on the ground, a thigh rides on my big butt and then fierce my ass.

“Hey …” My meat, the wairt, asked his movement. Zhang can really pay me, and I have a good time, my heart is comfortable, and the bloody heat is also controlled, and I can’t control it. “Hey” sprayed out! Suddenly sprayed on the seat, on the stockings, I and Zhang You have …

“Well … old … teacher … you … get … look … Ah … no … find … arrive …

what! Zhang Ke suddenly accelerated the speed, he was excited to speak in my ear, when said the last “ah!”, Zhang Ke suddenly desperately inserted my big chicken into my. I only feel that the fierce stems in the road! Again! Again! Another! “嗖 嗖” one fire spicy hot flow touched! I know that Zhang can finally shoot his hot big sperm into the depths of me! At this point, I also trembled with the miles: “Oh! Oh! Oh! … small … ancestors! … I …

…I! … find … arrived … ah! …… “



After a while, Zhang Ke slowly took out the soft cock, and the long out of his mouth and sat back in the seat.

At a moment, he shot into the sperm of me. I hurriedly use my hands in my hand on the door, good guy! This kid is shot. Another sperm is almost soaked in my hands! I wiped down my wipe, then slowly, slowly, and then sat in the seat on the seat to put the skirt. At this time, I found that the skirt was also wet, all the heat I just sprinkled. At this time, Zhang You also wore shorts, when he found that his shorts were wet by my hot, I saw me and we came to the same, and smiled. I whispered to Zhang: “Can, let’s change a place.”

Zhang said that he hurriedly nodded. We both sort out that the clothes stand up and went, the cola and the fries were thrown on the seat.

This time we were looking at the location of the door. I just feel that it is very pleasant to Shitai, which may be the easiest feeling after filling, as if I unloaded a jack.

“But Li Bin let you give me this?” I smiled and looked at Zhang Ke. White sperm shot.

Zhang Kee looked at it, smiled nodded, then whispered: “It’s not he gave me, I was grabbed.”

I smiled and asked: “My thing with Li Bin, he told you?” Zhang nodded and said: “say it.”

I pursed her lips said: “Bin brats really no door children’s mouth.”

Zhang said with a smile: “He want to say, I faceless your today.”

I thought, nodded and said: “You also said, however, after the two of you little rascal can put attention on their studies, the results must not fall behind.”

Zhang listened, smiled and nodded energetically, said: “The teacher, you worry Bin I can not say that kid, anyway, I was not the problem.”

I nodded, suddenly remembered something, asked: “can you not previously had the experience?”

Zhang listened, stunned for a moment and then immediately said: “No, no ah.”

I think he knew that he was lying, I deliberately made an angry face, said: “Little rascal!

Allowed to lie to a teacher! You said you did not experience it …… you have to find a place to find how so accurate? Also, how do you time so long? “

Zhang found I expose him, then “hey” laugh or two, he said: “.. The teacher read my previous girlfriend had told me, but that may be all things long ago.”

I thought to myself: you just how much ah? A long time ago? When you do the elementary school there? But since Zhang admitted, then I will not go into details. We chatted for a while, watching movies quickly put over, both of us got up and walked out. I first drove Zhang back home, and then returned to his own home. Today’s experience has taught me very satisfied, enough for a while my recollection of. Home, first take a bath, and then again washed all the clothes and stockings.

I was early evening meal will be asleep these days is really tired.

【take a bow】

Note: The curtain call is not the closing of the curtain call, which means that the “Set End” Please do not misunderstand.

Act IV: study up ……

Compared to summer, early autumn weather not only a lot of refreshing, and black was also a little early.

The first study up get out of class time, the sky is hazy. Bin squad leader to help me get the papers to test the class, then the second night classes when I asked the class conducted a mid-term exam simulation. Because tomorrow is both the weekend, so the students seem to have a good mood, I specified who should carry out an assignment can go straight home, wait until the end of the night classes, the class in addition to Li Bin and Zhang two deputy squad leader, no other students NS. While I was sorting papers while pretending to casually asked: “? Two squad leader, what do you have at night,” Li Bin and Zhang listening to my words, first issued with each other for a moment the eyes of children after a knowing smile, then said in unison: “no matter.”

They get a positive reply, my heart can not help but happy and excited, then smiled and said: “it trouble you two squad pull a little late today, help me get these papers are complete sentence, teachers invite you to dinner ah …

… then …… then …… “I really do not know how to express that meaning, suddenly thought of a word, mouth said:” Then we together drilling on the “I deliberately put” practice “word’ve got a weight to give a clear hint.

I Carter, Li Bin smiled and asked: “Teacher, you said” practice “What does it mean that you can explain it to me??”

After listening to the words of Li Bin, My heart said: bad boy! I have to make a fool ah. Well, anyway, that is, we three, I am not afraid of a fool.

Think of this, I first slightly on a red face, then quietly told They said: “Anyway, is that mean, you little rascal.”

Li Bin, see I did not say what he had in mind, is still ton of bricks, he said: “Teachers say that you know a little thing!

I Zhang are relatively dull and students, do not understand what you mean ah? “

Zhang also ho ho said while laughing: “?? Yeah right, I do not understand what this” practice “is how a practice farnesyl”

Zhang Bin and I sentence you can run me until my run was no way out, I just smiled and said:!!. “Ok you two little wretch I ah, yes you can find no way to take a good, I say . “then, I paused, then said:?” practice, that is, the two of you little rascal fuck me practicing what I mean understand it. “

Bin smiled and nodded and said: “?? The teacher, you say how do we speak how your practice that you do.”

I smiled and said, “How do you want to exercise me, how to practice me, I want to practice me, I will practice me.” Li Bin finally got satisfactory reply, he and Zhang can look at it and say: “Well, then Let’s discuss how to discuss how teachers do teacher. “

Zhang has rushed to nod.

I also laughed and pushed Li Bin and then said: “You have two little ghosts, let’s take the test paper to my office, then I invite you to eat, let’s take a dinner and come back.”

Li Bin and Zhang can at the same time: “Good.”

Let’s go back to the office to put a test paper. I took two schools, I found a restaurant near the school and I had a thing and then we quickly returned to the school. In fact, I furnished in the nearby supermarket to turn it with a little snack, but how the two little ghosts can’t let the hearts, and I have a quick return, I have to come back by them.

At this time, I have already passed the time of the school, and the school is very quiet. Because it is the weekend, the latest educational student Liu, who is going to the day, has been home. When we came into school, he greeted the duty duty at the door and let him leave us.

To the office, we have three hugs into a couch. Li Bin and Zhang Ke 娇 娇 进 进 里 怀 里 里 怀 手 手 手 手 手 娇 娇 娇 娇 娇 娇 娇 娇 娇 娇 里 捏 里 里

I whispered to him: “We are all whisper, after all, quiet school.”

They listened to me. I stood up, first put it down in the blinds, and then whispered to him: “Weird hot, let’s take off your clothes.”

This is said that they have been in the heart, Li Bin and Zhang Ke promise a very venor, take the whole body’s clothes, a clean net, two big white sheep. I also take a piece of clothes and take off all clothes and then smile and ask them: “Do you have two little ghosts, do you need me to wear stockings?”

Zhang He He nodded: “Wear! Wear! We strongly ask the teacher to wear stockings!”

Li Bin also rushed to say one side: “There is also black high!”

I know that they will have this request for me, so I have long prepared a new pantyhose. This stockings are my supermarkets in the first two days. It is a new listing product, cotton silk high-tech tight pantyhose, gray shine. I took out the pantyhose, opened the packaging and then put on their faces at all, then cut the pantyhose, then cut a small mouth with a small piece of trousers, just put the trousers. It became an open sock. Finally, I also put on the black high heel, so I came to them, Li Bin and Zhang Ke said.

I am sitting in the middle of them, we have touched each other.

I was laughing with one hand, one of them holding their two hard bats: “How do you plan to fuck me for a while?”

Li Bin thought about it, “Teacher! I want to fuck your ass!”

“Operation … ass?” I have a slightly surprised to read Li Bin and said: “Are you saying that my stinky fart?”

Li Bin nodded seriously. Looking at him, I smiled and smiled, and I said: “Little ghost! I haven’t learned to run.”

Li Bin is suspicious: “What do you mean?”

I pinched him that he was hard to say: “You haven’t worked, just think about your fart.”

Li Bin said: “You have to mention this, it will make me angry.”

I glanced at it, I was so busy, I laughed.

I smiled and asked Li Bin: “Is it?”

Li Bin said: “I will tell Zhang, I will tell you in the class, and the kid said that I have been able to spend it, so the cinema will appoint him, and I will take your pants from me. I was forced to give him. Who wants to … “

“Haha” did not wait Li Bin to finish, Zhang Ke said, “Who is thinking of you just fucking the teacher’s stockings …”

I also laughed again.

I laughed and said, “Who will you not come? Is it cheaper with a deputy team?”

Li Bin rushed: “So I have to fuck your ass! Zhang You! You don’t want to fight with me!”

Zhang can nod him in a smile and say: “The way, I don’t fight with you.”

As soon as I heard this, I laughed with Li Bin on my face. “Okay! But the smell fart, but there is a skill.” Li Bin hurriedly asked: “Do you skill?”

I lam and said: “The farting fart is a lasting, because the farting is tight, there is no expansion, so it will not be good,” contributing to surrender “early, and more obscene Children are lubricated. “

Zhang Ke took my hook, and I kept in my asshole and smiled and said: “No problem! It is okay for a while.”

Li Bin said on the side: “Teacher, I still have a play your idea …”

I listened, hurriedly looked at Li Bin smiled: “Say.”

Li Bin said hello, it seems to say.

I doubt it in my heart, hurriedly urged him: “Say it? Everything is in this part, let’s do something else can’t say?”

Zhang Ke also said: “If you want to say, let’s say it!”

Li Bin hesitated and asked me: “Teacher, you … is afraid of dirty?”

I blinked and unknown, so ask: “What do you mean? What do you understand?”

Li Bin thought about it: “Teacher, I want to ask you, what is the most disgusting thing in your love?”

I have heard it, I want to think about it, “Well, it should be a smelly ass that and then I am big cock!”

“Wow」 “My voice just fell, Li Bin and Zhang may not be anger.

Zhang Kessing: “Teacher, who did you have to have you?”

I said, “Who else? Of course, I have an ex-husband. Teacher, then crazy at that time!”

After saying, I looked at Li Bin said: “Let’s talk, do you want to play? But the teacher states in advance, I will not play the one just said.”

Li Bin asked: “Well? Is it afraid?”

I said: “I am not afraid of dirty, but I don’t want to remember the unpleasant memories.”

Li Bin took a nod to continue to say: “I have been fantasy to let the teacher lie down, face up, then I am squatting on your face, let you lick my ass!”

I have finished, I really feel that this is an unusual excitement. I smiled and patted him. It seems? “

Zhang can laugh and say: “Where can you still say that he has stolen the pornographic website.

Li Bin argued: “Who said, watch the porn website is not fake, but there is nothing, it is textual, I have heard that everyone’s adults are so playing, this is also a famous name called” poison dragon drill “. “

I listened, smiled and said: “This is very embarrassing …”

Let’s talk about these two little ghosts. I have lost my words. Zhang Ke ‘s fingers finally slammed my obscenity. I just felt that I was hot, and I walked up in my heart. We started.

“Well …” I let Li Bin will stand side by side, then kneeling in front of him, there are two big cocks in front of him, and a stinky smell makes me want, I can’t wait. Something.

Li Bin saw that I was so waited for my face to lay flat, I just lie down, I just said, “Come! Bin!”

Li Bin is very happy to be on my face and then go down, I only feel that I am dark, a white and tender big butt rushed to me, I lifted the little hand and put two hips, one The brown smelly flashed in front of me, suddenly the fart, the fierce opened as if a small mouth, with Li Bin’s breathing, it was slightly straight, it seems to be rushing me! I can’t suppress my own lust, and I have a hurry to make my nose close to Li Bin’s ass. The smelling 味 is more exciting my nerve, I hurried to the back of the back: “You can exercise my! Make up! You will be more energetic, I will be more waves, I can Give the squad leader, odor fart! “

Zhang Ke is waiting for my sentence. He hurriedly slammed my socks, and I had a big dick, I fought it!

“Ah!” Just a way, I was comfortable with Zhang, I just felt that the big chickens in the were hot and hot, plugged in the embarrassment!

“啪” a series of burst, Zhang Ke quickly twisted your ass to pose the cock and then inserted, then inserted, this kind of solid setting made me too addiction, with the body The hot, I have fallen into a state of “Improving”, I only feel that I’m so embarrassing, I don’t consciously go, a small mouth, the fragrant tongue spit, and licking Li Bin’s ass coming! This kind of stimulation made me unable to extricate, although Li Bin’s ass is stinky, but my product is a taste of Jinjin! Soft and warm tongue covers around the asshole, sometimes in the peak of the fart, I will take a look, Li Bin makes the coarse dicks and then makes “hmm in the mouth, while the back But you can enjoy the fun of junction. The silent room came out of our three strong wheezing.

“Oh …” Li Bin slammed the butt, I asked: “Teacher! What is delicious ?!”

When I sway my body, I bite the lips and shouted with a thumb and delicacy: “Xiang!”

I am so excited that Li Bin, he took the dick to Zhang Ke, and said to him: “You go to try the taste! I am going!”

Although Zhang Ke can be unwilling, but looked at Li Bin’s comfortable to pull out the big cock to go to me, Li Bin is squatting on my face, and Li Bin can’t wait to get my legs again. Go in.

“Hey …” Li Bin’s cock can be harder, more hot, although this is his first truly positive insertion, but it is not ambiguous, Li Bin’s movement is awkward. Said: “True …

…so comfortable! … more than … more comfortable than stockings!呦 … “

Sudden! I think Li Bin’s fierce is very important. I have a hurry, I have to shoot it quickly, but Li Bin doesn’t think so, he suddenly stopped the movement and shook it is suppressed. Living! I also stopped for a few seconds, Li Bin started with force.

“Oh …” I am excited. I can’t help but use the two hip meats in front of them. It is a tan smelly, and I will open the stimulation of Li Bin behind. The little mouth licking the fart in the eyes …

I have been enough for my ass., Li Bin pulled me from the ground. Zhang Keyi is sitting in the sofa, then rushing me: “Teacher, Shang!”

I lamped and walked across Zhang Ke. Under the end, Zhang You have already taken the dick into the, I will go up and down the action, while I said to Li Bin: “Class … long …… Don’t … don’t fight …

Come … I … I … give you … ah … … 舔 鸡! “

Li Bin didn’t pay attention to me, and he took the big cock to my back, reached out, picking up some lascivious water, squatting on my ass, suddenly a short body, the big chicken head is on my anus Use force!

“滋」 “actually turned into the sound!

“Yeah!” I shouted loudly! I only feel that it is a soft, I’m, I’m on Zhang Ke …

I have never felt the taste of being inserted while being inserted! This suddenly made me caught off guard, I just felt that a blank in my mind was almost dull! When I gradually woken up, I only heard Li Bin and Zhang Ke, and the body was brought by two fiery big meat sticks. It was very fulfilled. He brought me a good thing, especially The squad leader Li Bin is even more sold to my fart every moment!

“Oh! Yeah! Years! Yeah! …” I simply, the sophisticated cock in the fart, gave me a sense of reason, I seem to have finally found it ……

“Oh …” A small climax is not in the expectations, and I only feel that my lower abdomen is hot in the warm pump!

阵 抽! A hot flow sprayed out, just poured in a cock, Zhang Keben has reached the limit and then suddenly been hot. I saw that he sent a mad mammoth and shouted: “Oh ……

Yeah … give you … oh … “Suddenly, the big cock in it! Spray my hot big son …

Zhang Ke just finished, Li Bin took out the dick to pull me up from Zhang Ke, and I haven’t waited for me to understand what is going on. I have been pulled by Li Bin to the desk. Li Bin let me hold the table. Then the legs are high and high, and he puts two hands on my two hip meats. I saw a sticky brown tightened big fart. When I was exposed to the light, Li Bin rushed : “Operation!” The big chicken is a very “nourishing”, and the sticky lascifier is coming in! “Yeah …” With the fierce movement of Li Bin, I swayed my body, and behind my fart seems to have no feeling, and the coarse dicks have been able to have some gods.

“Oh oh oh oh …” Suddenly Li Bin accelerated again! Big cock quickly withdraws insert.

“Oh! Ah! Fuck!” With Li Bin’s voice, I only feel that the cock in the asshole is fierce! Another! A hot hot flow sprayed in, I was soaring that Li Bin shot into my sperm, and I felt the sky. When Li Bin took the dick to let go of my moment, I sat in the ground, and the semen of the eyes and the fart.

For a long time, we have recovered from passion. If you are comfortable, I only feel that some backache, especially behind the fart, hot. I cherish the squad leader who is wearing clothes, smiling and said: “You have two little bad guys! It’s just going to death whole!”

Li Bin and Zhang Ke also laughed and said: “Teacher, can I have” practice “today?”

I nodded and said, “Well! The teacher is very satisfied! You will not only do it very well, but also created two first!”

Zhang You hurriedly asked: “Which two first?”

I smiled and said, “One is the teacher’s first time to lick your eyes! And I still licked two!”

Li Bin asked: “What about another?”

I smiled and said: “Another is of course the first time you are on your body, a fidile eye.”

Zhang Yi said with Li Bin: “OK, we will make the teacher to taste this taste for the teacher.”

To talk, I wiped it out of your bathroom and wore clothes.

After all of our respective finish, we are not early. I am busy allocating a job, dividing the test paper into three copies, soon, we have completed the work. Squake a test paper, I drive Li Bin and Zhang to go home, and finally.

【take a bow】

The fifth scene: home visit …

It has been a bit annoyed in recent hours. A male classmate in our class called Liu Liimin’s last week.

Although I seem to be vague, Li Bin said that his family is not good, but he has never mentioned, I certainly didn’t go to my heart. Liu Limin This classmate usually learns the results, but this time he didn’t feel a little discouraged, but I decided to do a home visit.

According to the address left on the student registration form, I came to the suburban combination of the city.

To be honest, although I have lived in this city for a long time, I still came to this place for the first time. In addition to knowing the “steel wire factory dormitory area”, now this place even a formal name No. The road is narrow and broken, the car is very bumpy, and there is a lot of people in the road. It seems that there is no one to clean up. Although there is a large residential area on both sides, it seems that these buildings are almost the last century. Products in the fifty or sixies.

Black exterior wall, a window frame with rust, broken mouth … came here as if it entered another world. My car is here for a long time to find “Wire Factory Dormitory Area, 10 District, No. 7 Building, 6 Door” to stop the car, and the building in front of me is as worn as the other floor, the corridor is black, Although it is a big day, I still can’t see the situation inside.

I hesitated, I still went in.

Hold the stairs, I have grown up to the 3rd floor, a total of three doors, there is no house number on the door, I have to open the door that is the most left-handed door.

Unexpectedly, the opening of the door is Liu Liimin.

I am in front of the Liu Liimin, a high son, thin body, long face, not big, nose, little ear, mouth, nose, a pair of myopia glasses. He still wears the lavender school uniform, just put a pair of slippers on your feet.

“Ah? Han teacher? What is you?” Liu Limin sent a excitement. “How? I can’t come?” Although I smiled, it flashed in my eyes. After all, Liu Limin is still a good student in my eyes, and the results can also be. This time, there is no reason, I am a little disappointed with him.

“No, not.” Liu Li people hurriedly, stopped, he opened the door to say: “Teacher Han, you please enter.”

I got some head and walked in. One way is a place that can be called “living room”, although there is too many debris, there is no place where it is placed. Lighting in the living room, although it is a big day, but if the light is turned off, it seems to fall into a darkness. The outer gray ground, the white wall surrounded is yellow, the center is on the wall, which is the kind of iron board table that has already eliminated many years, and the table is messy, and the chopsticks, bowls, some bowls. There are still leftovers leftovers.

The ground is more messy, broken the football, dry basketball, shoes, socks, bamboo baskets, use black vintage thermal bottles, and even a lot of waste newspaper is full of living room. It is facing a shadow wall in the living room. There is a door in the left and right sides of the shadow wall. It can be seen that the right hand of the living room has two small doors. The door is open, and it is a kitchen to the toilet. ……

Although I think that Liu Limin’s home environment may not be too good, I didn’t think of it like this, I couldn’t help but gave birth to a compassion.

Just as I don’t know what to say, I suddenly opened the door of the room of the left hand, a thin old lady came out, she saw me, stopped the footsteps, looking at me straight. Liu Liwin saw the old lady came out, hurriedly introduced me: “Teacher, this is my grandmother.”

Said, he walked to the old lady before, bending down and shouted in her ear: “Grandma, this is our teacher, surname Han. She is going to see. You go back to the house.”

The old lady seems to understand, her face reveals a simple smile, and rush me some head with hand and white hair, then I went back to the room under Liu Li people, and closed the door. Liu Liwin returned to me smile and said: “Teacher, don’t mind, my grandmother is big, my ear, I can’t hear it.”

I have rushed: “It doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter.”

Liu Liwin pushed the door to the right to say to me: “Teacher, you are sitting in my room, too chaotic outside.”

I nodded and walked into the room.

The room is not big, I entered the door to the left hand is a wooden bed, the plaid sheet seems to be seen because of the normal washing, the bed is scattered with quilt and pillows. The front of the door is a window, there is a vintage wooden writing desk in front of the window, and the messy code is put on the clock, and there is a chair in front of the writing desk. It is the kind of fuel chair, and now this chair has rarely seen it.

Next to the writing desk, there is a long table in front of the other side of the bed, which is scattered with various radios, and some of my name, I can’t see the name, but I look like Liu Li people. Like to study these things.

I entered the room, Liu Liimin closed the door. He pulled the chair and let me sit down, he sat on the bed in my opposite.

The room was quiet.

Finally, I still break the silence: “Limin, what about your parents?”

Liu Li Min listened to this, low head, whispered: “I am a child, I will divorce my parents, I have been with my father, a few years ago, my father said that I went outside, this is no longer available.”

I listened carefully, the more I pity it, I have a big boy, I have nodded, continue to ask: “Then you will live with your grandmother now?”

Liu Li was nodded.

I asked: “Grandma has pension?”

Liu Liwin shook his head and said: “My grandmother has not worked, there is no pension.”

I asked: “What life is you and your grandmother?”

Liu Liimin said: “The Neighborhood Committee applied for a low-guarantee, and my aunt and the uncle are often helping us. When the weather is good, I will go out with my grandmother to sell some waste newspapers, so you can make some money.”

After listening to Liu Li people, I am not a taste in my heart, I want to say: “Then why don’t you reflect your situation to the school? Or reflect to me to other teachers? We can help you.”

Liu Li Min listened, lowered his head and said: “I … I am afraid that I can’t see me …” I can understand Liu Liimin’s psychology. I have nodded: “Your psychologist can understand, but The reality is very cruel, poor is not sin, I think you should tell me about your situation, I will reflect to the school, which can reduce your tuition, you can also live better with your grandmother, you said ?”

Liu Li Min listened, silenced for a while, and finally said: “Well. But I have a small request.”

I nodded and said, “Ok, you said.”

Liu Limin said: “Teacher, this situation of my family, I hope you keep confidential for me, and I don’t want to accept things like contributions.”

After listening to Liu Li people, I have a sour in my heart, thinking that even the poorest person is self-esteem. What’s more, Liu Li people, he is still a child after all …

Thinking here, I can’t help but feel very sympathetic Liu Li people. I stood up and went to Liu Li people to sit down, reach out and touched his head, said: “Lisin, you can understand, but I also hope that you know, this world is still a good person, everyone helps you I hope that you can face and accept it. “

I finished this, it seems to touch the depths of Liu Liimin, and his nose is sour, and it is going to cry in my arms. Seeing him, I can’t help but I can’t help but have tears. For a while, our emotions calm down.

Liu Liwin looked like a child and said: “Teacher, there is a question I always want to ask you.”

I looked down at him down and said, “Ask?”

Liu Liwin looked at me: “Teacher, is there a difference between my eyes and other students?”

I heard him, smiled and said, “Silly children, in my eyes, you are my child, how can there be a difference?”

Liu Liimin heard, nodded, continue to say: “Can you do what you do with Li Bin?”

Liu Liwin, let me “gure”!

I hurriedly pushed him: “You … what did you hear?”

Liu Li was nodded.

I saw him not talking, hurriedly asked: “Is Li Bin who did you tell you? What did they say?”

Under my repeated questions, Liu Limin finally said: “I … I listen to Li Bin who said, you last at the school late self-study … then, then, you will give Li Bin and Zhang Dou 交 鸡 … then …” I The head of the head “” is a big one, and the heart is secretly complained to Li Bin and Zhang Ke, but in the face of Liu Limin, I don’t know what to say.

Finally, I had to nod to say: “Well, there is this thing.”

Liu Liimin listened to me, hurriedly said: “Teacher! Then I will ask them like them! You … you also give me a cock! I also want!”

In the face of Liu Li people, I suddenly feel that I can’t cope, it seems that there is no choice if I agree.

Just when I hesitate. Suddenly, Liu Limin stood up at once. He turned to me, and faded his school uniform trousers along with his trousers. Suddenly I am shocked on the spot!

I really didn’t expect that the people’s confession is so “directly”, I really made me more. During the panic, I still didn’t forget to die, I went down to him, I didn’t know, I really saw it!

I saw Liu Limin two slightly thin thighs mutter, and the big group “big goods”! Just relying on my visual inspection, I know that he is not inferior to the roots of Li Bin, and there is also a fight against the one of Zhang Yi! Suddenly, I feel a lot of interstitations in my heart, and I will rise in my heart.

However, there must be a woman and elegance that I must maintain a woman and teacher now.

So I hurriedly said: “You … what is this? Draw it … Don’t this …”

Although I said in my mouth, it is so weak.

Liu Liimin, certainly didn’t listen to me, he didn’t look at me straight: “Teacher, don’t you say that it is the same? I, I have to treat Li Bin and Zhang Ke! You are because of my family reason … …? “

Listening to Liu Limin, I thought: he said yes, Liu Liimin is not like Li Bin as Handsome, appearance is handsome, he doesn’t have a prominent family background like Zhang Ke, but I don’t know why, but I don’t want to refuse this to make me sympathetic. Big boys, maybe because of sympathy, I don’t want to reject him. I thought this, I lost my head slightly and I didn’t talk.

Liu Liwin saw that I didn’t talk, it seems to understand my attitude. He is silent. It seems that all courage is asking me: “Teacher, I, do I want to touch your stockings?”

I didn’t think that Liu Li people came to this sentence, suddenly showed me, I looked at him in my head, then whispered: “I, I don’t know.”

Sure enough, I have given Liu Liwin courage. He first takes off the school uniforms and trousers that have already faded to heels and pants and then slowly squatting in front of me. I am sitting on the wooden bed, two round and beautiful thighs are vertical. Can be smart, I wore a pair of high-tech tight pants stockings today, the feet are a pair of black ship type high heels, don’t say that the outsiders look kind, that is, I look at it, I feel beautiful!

Seeing Liu Liimin in front of me, I didn’t avoid it quietly, and Liu Liimin reached out, first tried to touch my calf, then he looked at me, I bite the lips, my eyes He can continue, Liu Liimin reads my signal, happy to hold up my calf and then slowly take the high heel shoes.

“Oh …” In an instant, I also sent a light call with him. This is a sexy beauty while emitting a slight smell stockings, the delicate five toes are neatly arranged, and the foot nails are applied to a light red nail polish, and the flesh stockings are tightly packaged. Each inch of the skin, the foot type of the bow is more lining out of the feminine charm. Liu Liimin watched many times, suddenly stuck my stockings in his face …

“Well”, I screamed, I have always used my feet to touch the cheeks of the man. I feel very wonderfully.

“Hey …” Liu Li Min opened my own toes into my mouth, the unique flexible and rough tongue kept licking my stockings, I feel itchy and comfortable. Light squats.

“Well … 啧 … …” Liu Liimin smashed my stockings more crazy, after putting my own toes wet, he stretched out the tongue, this, this moment, I Can be “sin”, only feeling the heart, itch and comfortable, it is not self-sufficient, and the rule of the waves is more chaos!

When Liu Liwin licks my other stockings, I was surprised to find that the big cock in the roots of the big dicks appeared. As his movement is very quite, it seems to be a greece! I like it, I can’t help but stick out a stockings and gently dialed the dicks under his arms, left one, right, and the big dick passed to me through the stockings. I feel more than me. Sentences continue to rush out … I am so active attack, naturally let the people are more exciting, he hurriedly put my two stockings and put them together under his arms and use his big cock in the middle Returned and rubbed, while rubbing, watching me while looking at me, there is a strong breath: “Well! Teacher! I! Oh! ……”

At the same time, the sternity in my heart is completely hooked out! I only feel that there seems to have thousands of small ants in the whole body, and the kindness of the “sudden” in the lamons, the big chickens passing from the feet.

“You, do you want to do?” Liu Limin suddenly released me, and suddenly jumped to the bed high with the big cock of hard Bangbang, I couldn’t help but exclaimed.

“Old … Teacher, I want you to give me a big cock!” Liu Liimin stared at me and stared at me. Declined in tone!

“You … I … this is not good …” Although I said refused, my upper body didn’t consciously greeted Liu Liima.

“No! You have to go to the talents!” Liu Liimin almost spoiled to me, and the big cock in 12 o’clock almost had to stick on my face.

In fact, he is going to do now is a very simple thing, that is, one hand holds my head, and the other hand puts the chicken head to my little mouth. But after all, it is still an unpopular boy. His experience is still a blank.

I am in a hurry in my heart, but my mouth said: “Ligin … don’t like this … This is not good for you!

Don’t like this … “Although I rejected him on my mouth, I didn’t move, my eyes stared at the cock who lived directly in front of my eyes.

So close to the cock of the people, I just touched the majesty of his cock! The thick cock stalks are exposed. The huge faucet, the oil is bright, and the oil is still squeezed out from time to time. I completely surrendered in front of the cock of the people, I only felt that my body was soft, I couldn’t help but let the head on him. The thigh. At this way, the people were even more bold, he finally had a move, I saw him extending a hand, grabbing my hair, and the other hand pinched the chicken, and turned the chicken head straight to my right. The little mouth is inserted.

In an instant, I almost catering to his movements, struggling to open the small mouth to spit out the slings of the soft and soft, and put his big chicken head!

At the moment of the entrance of the big cock, I couldn’t help but spend the sound. I am amazed at the thick dickle of the people, and the kind of enrichment makes me intoxicated. I use the stranque tongue to taste the dicks in my mouth. In addition to urinary smell and savory, it is a unique taste of male cocks, but this taste is the best to evoke my women’s instinct.

I secretly rebuked the folk eyes, it seems to tell him that “Why are you doing so early, let me wait a heartless, then gently swaying a little bit of a little, Cock in the mouth.

“Well …” The hot fiery fiery brought me endless impulse, I took the legs and squeezed out of the lance and squeezed into a lascivious lascivious. I only feel that I’m so itchy, I can’t hate it. At this time, I will open the thigh to make this big chicken in my mouth. The benefit of the people don’t seem to think so, he seems to be more interested in my little mouth, I saw him pressing my head, and the swing came back and forth, and the big chicken head was sent into my little mouth. The deepest place, although his movements are still tender, but it is already right, I glanced at him, gave him a thumbs up, and then encouraged him with both hands to get around his thigh. Sound of your butt, swing the head to suck his big dick in front and then …

“Well … oh … old … teacher! … ah!” Faced with my slight step, for the young people who don’t have any experience, there is no way to fight, with his snoring, I only feel that the fierce in the mouth is fierce! Again!

“嗖 嗖”, a thick sperm of the smell of 腥 directly into my little mouth, I am shot, I am shouting, I just got a meal, and the people were connected. ” Direct to “Let me drink a few mouthfuls of his big sperm …

After a while, I was finely made a clean faucet, and then spit out slowly. Li Mimin has long been tone, and a butt is sitting in bed. I also seem to have completed a mission-like soft in bed, quiet in the room.

“Old … teacher … I …” Li Min said, I just knew what he would want to say, I smiled slightly, stop him saying: “Teacher knows what you mean.” , It doesn’t matter, although the teacher is a woman, I also know your psychology and physiology of this old boy, know what you need, I just hope that you will give you the teacher, then put your energy more to learn, In the eyes of the teacher, you are all the same, no difference. “

I said that I’m thinking about my heart, I suddenly gave the people a kind of filling, and he looked at me. I nodded: “Teacher, I understand your pain! I will definitely in the future! I must take my own I have learned this! “I am very pleased, I am happy to touch his head and say:” You can think of me so much! That starts from tomorrow, you have to win the spirit! “

Limin looked at my stunned nodded. I talked to him for a while, this is from his home. At this time, I found that the light is already in a gentle, I drill into the car, start the car to go home.

【take a bow】

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