“Kingling Bell”, the ring ring is on time.

I sighed, learn the movements in the last lesson, exaggerated, have a gesture: I am going to school, let’s go!

Suddenly, there was a noisy in the class, and the students underde were scattered.

I will throw the half-cut head in my hand into the pink box and slowly clean up the books and lessons.

The small film smiled and went to me asked: “Dad, where to eat in the evening?”

I didn’t raise my head: “Don’t eat.”

“Don’t be, bad father is scared, or the teacher!” Xiaowei is not dead to me, my nose is smelling a boy’s aroma: “Then, still go to the old place, drunk the blooming tea house.”

“Dad, people have your homework at night.” The small shadow is ashamed.

“Reassure, Dad will teach you, let’s go!”

My name is Liu Yuan, is the high school teacher of the city. My daughter Liu Ying, 17 years old this year, is the students in our class and the leader.

When I came out of my daughter, I was already half a pm.

The daughter walked in me, and the little girl was high in high school. She was only 1.62 height, the curve was exquisite, and my arms often accidentally towering my daughter. The latex, the elasticity is really amazing.

I can’t help carefully, I got a white shirt, a white shirt, a blue dress, and more than a thin waist. The hair is black, such as a waterfall, the little mouth is red, and the bright eyes are curious, and they will watch four weeks for a moment.

Perhaps I feel the irregularity of my arm, and there is a fan of the flush on the pretty face. I can’t help but laugh in the belly, through the swing of walking, but more deliberately touches the daughter’s peak.

“Dad, let’s go.” The daughter said in my ear.

I suddenly made a thought in my mind: “Dad is not changed, I am going to go.”

I took my daughter to the bus station. I could go straight to drunken blond. I took my daughter to went to 4 roads in several streets.

Because it is a school and getting off hours, there are many people in the bus, there is no position in the car. My daughter is in my arms in front of me, holding a bag in front of her chest, my nose is my daughter’s fragrance and girl’s fragrance.

With the start of the car, the daughter’s body is more and more. I grabbed the hanging ring slowly moved down and licking his daughter’s slim waist. The daughter’s waist is delicate, and I love it. The little brother of the lower body began to congestion and expanded. I adjusted the posture and put the body tightly on my daughter. The hard-boring little brother got a point in his daughter’s delicate ass.

I saw that my daughter was blocked, and I was red and red. Taking the bumps of the car, I took the daughter’s righteous butt, I was shifted slowly in my daughter’s waist. Under the cover of my daughter’s bag, I opened up my hands and then gently gently. White shirt in a white dress, I finish silently holding a daughter, holy breast.

The daughter went back and watched me. This is, but I am more heartless. The following younger brother squatted a little daughter’s ass, the big hand also used the index finger with the thumb and his thumb.

“Ah …” daughter can’t help but open his mouth in the absence of a bad situation. Fortunately, there is a chaos on the car, no one pays attention to the daughter’s short-lived call.

I bowed down in my daughter’s ear: “The daughter, my father can’t help it. Have a book bag.”

After saying this sentence, I have reached into my daughter’s clothes in my daughter’s neck, full of soft jade, delicate, white and delicate feeling, let me a little brother is also a daughter’s ass The groove jumped a few hops. I feel that my daughter is also slightly trembled in my arms.

I am full of love, gently rubbing my daughter’s breast, and I feel that the daughter’s tender white jade is transformed into various shapes in my hands, and there is a little bit of skin from my finger squeezing. I put it gently, let the daughter’s white latex will return to the original shape, and climb the top of the daughter’s breasts. The finger is gentle and rubbed with the daughter’s nipple, and it feels hard to stand hard.

I bowed my head quietly in my ear: “Xiang Xiaowei, the nipple hard, tell Dad, what is wet below?”

The daughter hits his mouth and shakes his head. I smiled and smiled: “Really? The father can check the check, if you lie, you will not be embarrassed.” I also helped the hands of my daughter’s waist, slipped to my daughter skirt. At the vectors, the thighs of the daughter swim in the sake of the daughter.

I feel that my daughter wants to close the thighs, just shake the lower body, play with the long little brother, play a little butt of her daughter: “Hey, don’t move, let Dad check it.”

At the end of the daughter’s legs, I feel a little moist, I used the middle finger to put it in that place. Because I didn’t help my daughter, and her own hands held a bag in the chest, so in one press, my daughter’s body trembled, and I walked down. I took my hand from my daughter’s skirt, and she raised her eyes. I really can’t expect my description, and there is wet mark on your fingers. I smiled vertically in front of my fingers.

“I hate it!” Daughter raised his school bag to play on my vertical finger, hurt me.

“Live, hehe!” Daughter smiled. I made it itch in my heart. When I want to do something, the car beats, stopped on the platform.

With the crowded crowd, I took the car with my daughter. Turn along a street, that is, I took her often came to the teahouse “drunk blossom”.

“The mist is rich in clouds, and the heart of the gold, the festival is heavy, the jade pillow, the jade gauze, the middle of the night, the Employe has dusk after dusk, there is a dark fragrance sleeve. Mo Dao is not educated, the curtain, the western wind, People are thinner than yellow flowers! “

The first time I saw the name of the tea building, I really like it. In addition, it’s quiet and elegant, let me go to any other place.

I took my daughter directly on the 4th floor of a private room: Pelica.

Only when I sat down, my daughter gave me an eye and sat in my opposite. I smiled and looked at her.

It’s a daughter can’t help but open: “Bad guilty, big wolf. Don’t be a father.”

“Okay, improper Xiaowang Dad, when Xiaoshao’s kiss husband.”

“People don’t want the big wolf as husband!”

“You are gone, the color wolf is your uncle, to say big, it is herself!”

Listening to me, my daughter looked at me: “Where did I come from my uncle?” Until I stayed with my sight, I’m going to take the small brother I have been with a tent, I can’t help my face is another kind.通红: “Don’t tell you, bad father.”

After I smiled, transfer the topic: “Calling things to eat.”

“I want to eat red shrimp, my father will drink porridge, hehe.”

“Why, money is me, why do you want me to drink porridge, you eat meat, this is too unfair.”

“Hey, are you sliding your tongue, do you eat oil?”

“Okay, you say that Dad. Then I want you to see it, who is the mouth of the mouth.” I stepped through the past, put the daughter tightly in his arms, big mouth toward the daughter slightly smashed little red The lips are covered.

The daughter is just a “”, and kissed I warmly, and the hands also lifted it, hook my neck, and the lilac tongue touched into my mouth, softly, I tasted me.

After a lot, I looked up and looked at me. “Okay, Dad, let’s eat. I still have a lot of homework at night.”

After the waiter sent the meal, I closed the door, I took two or three, I heard the people’s heavy breathing and women with low snoring next door. I looked up at the end of the opposite side, I saw my daughter shameless, bowed, and didn’t hear anything, I didn’t hear it.

I slammed her daughter’s slim and put her on my knees.

The daughter screamed: “Dad, don’t. I really don’t have a lot of homework at night. You can’t …”

“How do Dad can’t do?” I asked her daughter.

“I hate, I know, I can’t do it anyway, I don’t do my homework. You have to make trouble.”

The daughter began to spidel. “Well, Dad is not troubles now, but Dad is now very uncomfortable. What should you say?” I lifted my body, and the big little brother got a daughter’s ass.

“That, what do Dad say? Now it is 7 o’clock.”

“I want a daughter to say a word, give Dad a move.” “What are you saying, I am not talking about?” I said in my daughter’s ear. The daughter is shameless and looked at me. “” Bad father, still say it is not a colorful wolf! “

“The daughter, let’s talk, the dishes are cold.”

The daughter said softly: “” Kiss Daddy, put the daughter into the daughter’s skirt, my daughter thinks! “Then stand up, pick up your skirt, sit in my thigh Root, extended a white little hand, opened the zipper of my pants, holding my little brother, shy into my skirt.


When the daughter’s white little hand just held my thick little brother, a strong stimuli made me have rid of hard, my daughter has risen, and my daughter’s cool small hand makes my little brother. It became more embarrassing until the daughter put my little brother into her skirt. After the thighs were deep, I was so long, and I was also a little tight nerve.

I stretched my legs and felt my little brother trembled in the deep pointer of my daughter. When the wet part of the glans tips, sometimes the moist place on the daughter’s underwear, as if you can feel the daughter’s stamen in slight separate and closed.

Looking at the daughter sitting on the leg, it was already a small face red, and it was shims to peek at me.

I smiled slightly, reached out and pinch the daughter’s towering breast saying: “Okay, eat, no one to move.” The daughter “Well”, the end of a bowl of rice slowly eat. I don’t want to eat, just with the opposite daughter.

There are three months with my daughter with intimate contact, but I like what I like to do is still watching her shy look and pure look like a student skirt. Like this, it is a hobby that I like under her symbolic pure student skirt.

When her daughter started, she was clearly the body I tasted, but why did I prefer to do some to do some in the car to harass her and let her take a shy plot, but then she finds whenever I have done These foreplay nights always express more exciting and long-lasting, just know how they don’t know how it is as possible.

Although the daughter eating is very S., but my little brother in her skirt has been very excited. Every nerve is keen to capture her silk move. When she swallowed a meal, the bits of the small pockets from the throat muscles have been passed from my little brother’s tip, and it has passed to my mind.

I closed my eyes, concentrate on the daughter pressed the long white thighs on me, and her smooth butt, of course, there is also the frost, the fame of my little brother, the heat is amazing but slowly Wosting, I seem to feel that the front end of the little brother is also slowly seepping the water droplets.

I think about it, I can’t help but owe it. My daughter thought I was a long time she was a long time, but I deliberately sink my butt, I won’t let me get up. I reached out to my daughter’s back, gently holding her daughter’s ass said: “Hey, get up, Dad seems to be wet by you.”

“What? Dad is really annoying. It is the real thing you have to wet the people!”

“Okay, you still rely on Dad. That we use the truth, who is the murderer?”

I pose a daughter and put it gently on the chair. As the daughter’s body is separated from me, my little brother finally revealed from the daughter skirt, and the coarse glans had a drop of water droplets.

I stretched the younger brother to the beautiful face of my daughter said: “Wonderful, is Dad’s taste or small shadow?”

The daughter frowned the cute little nose sniffed and shouted: “It is Dad, it is Dad.”

“You a little girl, still Lai Dad. Then you taste, carefully taste the taste, is it a father?”

Listening to me, my daughter looked at me unexpectedly: “Dad, people have not eaten yet!”

However, when I was firmly stretched on her ruddy little mouth, after I saw me, my daughter finally reached out and slowly helped me to help me, and I still use my lips. Kiss my penis.

The daughter has never given me blowjob. Because she always feels that my little brother is too long, it will be uncomfortable. So every time I just put it into the glans, in my request, she slowly habits to kiss the penis. I especially like she kisses my feelings. Looking at the daughter slowly covered the girl’s lips and the penis of the blueness. I feel this strong pleasure while gently stroking her daughter. The daughter is full of skin, every hair is my favorite. This will always make me feel very satisfying and excited when my daughter is fluttering in me.

From my soft move, my daughter felt what I felt, looked up and smiled at me, and I lowered my sideline in my mouth, and my right hand slowly came back to my little brother. I feel that my daughter’s cold doors are infected with my little brother, and slowly become hot. The girl’s breathing has begun to be slightly urgent, watching a tide red slowly covered a daughter’s cheek. I can’t help but hold my daughter’s shoulder and push her on the couch between the package.

The daughter holds my little brother’s hand but didn’t release, just looked at me laugh at the mouth. “Bad father, you can’t count each time.”

I passed the roughness: “This can’t blame my father. How do I know that I will change so uncomfortable? Come, the small shadow helps Dad to unlock the belt.”

Looking at the little hand of the daughter, I looked up from me to explain the belt. I didn’t leave my hands. I helped my daughter to take off the upper white shirt, and I urgently unwind the daughter’s bra, a pair of strong white breasts proud. Towers in front of my eyes. I took a slightly ruthlessly handed over, and the plump peak suddenly narrowed into a group.

The daughter is gently “ah”, saying: “Dad … is tight, don’t be too hard. I hurt.”

I let go of my hands, gently smash the daughter’s late peak: “Small shadow, don’t you do this, you still have a good breasts, or if your father is excited, you can’t control it.”

“Dad is really bad, so shy.”

“What are you afraid, anyway, no one came in. Ag, say, you see that Dad is more difficult.” I shaken the little brother, let it hit it gently on my daughter’s face.

The daughter looked at me shy, reached out, holding my little brother, gently put it in my proud double peak.

Looking at the girl in the white ditch, I put the little brother I am hot. My neuro is very excited, and the little brother has risen. So waiting for her daughter’s pair just holding his left and right double peaks, I can’t help with a waist, embarrassed the thick little brother, embarrassing the daughter’s cleansing.

“Ah”, I also called it at the same time.

One is the release of the lion induced a long time, one is a fragrant snoring of flowers that are inadvertess.

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