I am a teacher in a woman’s middle school. This time is a class of female students to camp, and there is Amy, Lisa, Rachel, Kelly with her sister Wen Wen. Wen Wen is only 14 this year. From the sixth to 17. This time we should be very happy that, unfortunately, when the exam was taken in the morning, Qi Wei Zhao Z female cat, I will have a class after the winter vacation, so my family People have no heart!

After going to the destination, we easily go to the holiday house in the morning, there are two floors, four rooms, and the only man in our department, of course, I will live in my own, Amy is the same LISA. In one, Kelly is in Wenwen, and the net low is in Rachel.

After I put a lot of bags, I went to the village Dieni to eat, and Kelly proposed to go fishing. Rachel relied, so three sisters went to buy fishing tools, I will return to rest with Amy and Lisa. , I am sitting in the room, just in the room, Amy is coming with Lisa, they are sitting on my bed, Amy said they don’t want to give the exams to the housing companies, they say that if I will not pursue, I just want to think. All can, I have guessed their meaning, but I have a heart to stay, I don’t understand what they say.

Amy seems to be a little unhappy, Lisa is very embarrassed to look at his feet very embarrassed. At this time, Amy wearing a dress, wearing a sandide, Amy’s foot finger is very cute, round fat Very cute, while Lisa wears a vest and a very loose shorts, Lisa’s chest seems to be very full, she wears a pair of small flower socks, the foot does not look more difficult, no longer a little girl fat, It is a sexy feeling.

Amy suddenly stood up. When she reached behind, when she put her hands back, the next year was faded, and she was actually vacuum, Amy’s skin is very white. The breast is not very big, I believe it is 33 inches, the nipple is a small two pink, the next yin is not a blocked, the hairy is not much, you can see the micro-tape pink Xiao, She shook it to me, I can do a hundred can’t be sure. She is still a woman. I can smell her slightly, I want to be straightforward. I actually take a bath.

At that time, I sat on the chair. Amy came to me step by step, then the mouth said: “You have to play me can, I have a restraint, but you can rest assured, I have a food Ding security pills, she will take an accident. “She said that I caught my hand, then put it on her left milk, I gently rubbed her breast, I feel that her breathing is getting more and more urgent Heavy, I put the head before, and then I took her a nipple in the entrance, I first used my teeth to gently grind her little bodhimus. She shook her whole body. I went to her. I saw her. Positive half of the eyes, I don’t know if I enjoy it or a painful expression, just stimulate my sexual desire, I changed to the tip of the tongue, and I used to use the method of sucking, I decided to provoke her lust, and the bed is still There is a LISA. If you make Amy pain, you will have no taste when playing Lisa.

At this time, Amy has entered a state, except for the body’s non-stop jitter, I can’t help it in the mouth.: “Yea … Yeah … A SIR …” Good … vigor D, I am, Ye … is … …! “

I know that I am almost, so my hand is getting down, I finally stopped in her ass, I left her butt on her butt, my right hand returned to front, I first came back and forth in her thigh. I followed the end of the creek at her two legs, I used my fingers to put her yin, followed by it, I was almost grinding on her labipings. I found that she is already wet, she is full of her body. Show has been responding, I gave up her breast, the lower the mouth, the lower the lower, reach her creek, reach out of her crack, her prostitute is very light, with a stock Sweet scent, it may be a bath! I continued to use the tip of the tongue to tend her vulva, and use my fingers to separate her labipings. Let me suck her prostitute, and even put the tongue into her villain. At this time, she is comfortable to die. Fairy, both hands play their own breasts, and I don’t know what to do.

Amy is a person, how can I get such a stimulus? I know that she is alive, so I changed to the small yukuclear of her little, first checked the little peas with the tip of the tongue, and then took it with a method of sucking. She shouted. “” Ok … … Yeah … Yeah … Dinn! I am dying … “Then I made a big cold shock in the body, but I spurted a lot of prostitute in the vaginal mouth, spraying me a face, she was completely leaning I will not fall.

I haven’t returned to God, I still have a good legs, then kiss her down, I put the tongue into her mouth and her incense tongue, kissed for a while, I asked her : “Point? Do you have a delicious taste?” She immediately said: “Goodness, whole people to the land, the important laugh.” I asked her that she was so cool, she took a little one. I hung together with her naked body, and my hands came back and stroke, and the little brother underneath was already excited. At this time, I looked to Lisa. I saw her and wonderful, so I held it. Amy stood up to the bed, I first put Amy in bed, and I was sitting in the middle of the wall, my name is Amy to remove the pants, my little brother immediately gave a salute, they looked I have an eight-inch big mask, and I am afraid of being curious. I called Amy as a smoked, I went to my little brother, Amy was not awesome, but I said that I didn’t give her to her? Only, she used my gloves with my mask, and then lowered my front end in the front end. She also used the tongue to swim on my glans. I was so comfortable. I almost shot in her mouth. When I pulled Lisa, I first slammed her with her, and I took her breast and took her a react. When she had a reaction, she told her to take her clothes. I asked her. Have you tried masturbation, she said, I said that she called her Mike King, I enjoyed the pleasure of Amy, and appreciated the pentaps of Lisa masturbation. I saw Lisa with left hand thumb. It is pointed to the nipples in your own, and the right hand is handed over with two labips in the top of the genus. The prostitute has already flowed a bed, and the face is both painful and happy.

I looked at it, I didn’t feel enough, I called Amy turned to use my butt to me, and I called Lisa to put the thigh on my thigh. I used a hand to make Amy’s genitals, sometimes Her obscenity is placed on her chrysanthemum mouth, and then gently insert her ass, and then use his fingers into her vagina, and make her breathless.

On my other hand, I put it on the LISA’s full breast. The more you play, the more you play, the more you mentioned in my heart, I will kiss her toe, put her toe. Only put it in the mouth, she waited loudly. “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “

I know that I will help her, I’m showing Amy and her, my name is Amy flat lying on the bed, then calling Lisa to go to Amy’s lower body between Amy’s legs, and I will squat behind Lisa. Her neoon and ass, I played for a while, I got up behind the Lisa, I first wiped the glans in her vulva, wait until my whole glans is filled with her prostitute, and put the little brother Plug in her abalone, her vagina is very vague, I am afraid of hurting her, so just slowly inserting, not to pick it back, in front of a limited space, wait for her to learn slows Advance, I believe that I got up at least five minutes to completely plug in, I know that she is not very pain from her, so I started to save, I first use slow speed, to When she took my ass to me, I accelerated, she had unconpectedly cooperated with my movement, although she still worked hard, the little prostitution, or sent a snoring, but Amy, I took the milk house with hands, and the chaos that trembled, sometimes I still reached out to the mixture of some of my own prostitution and Lisa oral water into the mouth.

We played for about fifteen minutes, first, Amy’s body trembled into the climax. After she was calm, I told her to come over, I want her to put the head below Lisa, one side, play Lisa’s milk, one side with tongue Go to me and Lisa.

LISA can be used to have this multiple excitement, very soon, my mask took her yinjing to fall on Amy’s face, I also gave a soup of Lisa, put the semen into the vagina of Lisa Inside, I will pull it out again, and Amy is inserted in the vagina of Lisa. I will suck our mixture, I will put the semi-soft little brother in the mouth of the Lisa to try these prostitutes. masterpiece.

At this time, we have a little tired, so I am sitting in bed. I will ask them for their previous sexual experience. I can see that although they are still virgin, they have just reacted, they must have people. Playing, it is not necessary to hide in bed masturbation is so simple. They can’t afford to ask again. I told me that because they read the female school, there is no boys, so it is not easy to find boyfriend, many girls in the school Fitness, in fact, they are not true homosexual, just to solve each other, just like Amy and Lisa are often doing together, but they sometimes play with other girls, it is this time. Kelly and rachel have played, and they said that Rache is not a woman. She once had a boyfriend. Although she did two or three times, this grinding bean curd has not satisfied her, so she has a small size of the massage There is a branch to let the opponent wear in the lower part, just like a man’s mask, rachel likes the opponent to put on the opponent, and then ride the laugh, and the other end of the fake hood is a convex small round ball. When Rache is horing, there can be pleasure and climax below, and in the end, they also told me that Kelly and her sister Wenwen have a hand. I heard here, I was shocked to have such a clear and pure female student. I also gave these words and stimulated my want fire. I called them to perform grinding tofu, I watched, I wouldn’t help, and then I will again. Ask them to promise, Amy first kissed for a while, and stroked each other’s breasts, looked at the four soft little milk, and then licking hard in the opponent, followed by them to six nine In the way, the other side of the other party, two little tongues come back in the moon of the other party, and the creek that has been dried is wet again.

※ www.jkforum.net | JKF Czech Forum I have a very exciting, just kiss the Amy’s one lying below, Amy’s toe is the little girl, the round is very cute, I put them Continued to put in the mouth, sometimes she is somewhat, I can’t help but I can’t help it, I’m going to AMY legs, I’m thinking about the Lisa of Amy, I know what I mean, she puts Amy’s two The film is trying to pull the little brother, and Amy’s vagina has no Lisa. I don’t have to spend too much. I don’t have to get into the whole root, but I will see less blood, then I will see it. Amy legs are put on the waist, and LISA starts on the AMY head. I am playing Amy, playing her tits, playing in front of it, and I will get back to Lisa’s nipple, I will slowly The pumping to the fast crazy and put it, and the ears came from the snoring, and then the sound of pumping is, I really think it is like flying.

After they were all sold twice, I knew that I have supported it for a long time. I played a fly, put Amy push another climax, I asked the Lisa, who just went to the third climax, I thought I was shot there. She said: “Shooting Amy to the wave … Yeah … 唷 … I want to be a wave of 舐 舐 you D fine …”

I pulled out to give Amy’s second semen for the breast, and Lisa flew down to my concentrate on Amy’s breast.

Today, I have been bakery, and the two little Nizi have a climax of four or five times. Everyone feels a bit tired. The LISA proposes to take a shower together in order to strive for other people. I will take a shower together, I and Amy All said, but I took a shower with a little girl who didn’t have enough girls in the two eighteens, and I was also washed with others. I finally couldn’t help but insert them all in the bathroom. The two just opened, and each person leaked once and finally did it, and I went down. I called Lisa in front of me. I crowded my sideline with my sidelines in the middle. When I was asked, Amy stood behind me and she was still hard and hard. Under the grinding, finally when I was ejaculation, I called Amy kneeling next to Lisa. I turned to my face, and the semen was more eye, my mouth and nose, I would rather them in each other. After I returned to my Yang, after I took a shower, we went back to the room.

Just when Amy slipped from the peak, we had some footsteps on the right. We were shocked. And Lisa, I don’t know how it is good. Rachel explains that she and Wen Wen have done with me, I look at Wen Wen, I just told Rachel, I just didn’t have enough, and I tried it all over, I’m going to do it. They all, in the end, I want Wen Wen to stick to my hand from my waist to the front to help me. They have three heads in front of me, but also use hands to pull the laborary, I am ejaculation When Wen Wen, Wen Wen aligned their small prostitutes, and after the three holes, Qi Wei, Wen Wen turned to them, and naughty Wen Wen was more sucking. Using the tongue to go to their laborary and yukuclear, let them hear, I looked hard, just Wen Wen’s butt, I got down, I went back and wet the farthered water, then Standing forward, the mask plugged into her chrysanthemum door, this little Nizi was estimated to be broken by me within a day, whispered, but after a while, she was cool, still Continue to give them a hole, so played more than ten minutes, they all came first, I told them to lying down, shot it on them, and then put the semen from the other side, then we wore a swimsuit Recyclaway, and discuss how to drag the Kelly to the water. When drinking today, we deliberately called some beer to drink, and then bought a red wine on the way. After returning to the Holiday home, he played a poker at Amy and Lisa’s large room. They also had a lot of Kelly, Kelly is very cute, rachel then proposes to play some colorful heads, we all agree that Rachel will take a piece of clothes every time, with a four-piece, the first is the first to listen to others. Ordered until early morning, everyone said together, Kelly is of course not objected, and she also drunk half, everyone began to play, in fact, we have finished playing, so that Kelly two sisters are lifted together, so Wen Wen and Kelly Standing in front of us.

Rachel gave them the first order tonight, that is, they want to perform masturbation with their sisters, Kelly is not willing, but rachel said that if they refuse will be more metamorphosis, Kelly has to lying on the bed and Wen Wen together. Amy first put Kelly on a foot of Wen Wen, her sister is sorry, Wen Wen is with us, so soon, Kelly is a bit surprising, but it may be alcohol. Soon, Kelly also enjoys it. I saw her more stronger, the small hole and flowed out a lot of prostitution. At this time, Rachel suddenly called Amy and Lisa to go to the bed. The sister of the sister, Rache, has also taken the cross. Kelly to eat her.

Looking at the five girls in the bed, how can I endure standing? I am in a hurry, and then cross the chest of Wen Wen, Wen Wen’s tits are not big, but it is very flexible, I put her chest double pill hard squeezed into the middle. The dick, the fingers, the fingers, I want her to bow down to meet my glans, play for a while, I saw that rachel gave me a look, I know that it is time, I will go to bed to dare to klelly Kelly. The location of the little hole, then Kelly still concentratedly eat Rachel, I can see Rachel’s small hole, I don’t care about others, first grind the dick on the label of Kelly, then Insert it to the acupuncture.

Kelly was awakened by this sudden pain. She pushed the rachel in one hand, she saw it is me, and I have touched my hand, and I have a confirmation of the seventeen people. If there is no, he said.

However, I know that she is not really angry, laughing, laughing: “It is good to blame me, let you live with Wen Wen, I know how to get to a few hiGh!”

“Oh! You are looking for a pair of people! Good firwork!”

“Gan, do you want to do it?”

“Li Li, I am afraid you!”

So I continued to pump, one side to see what other people, when LISA is in front of Wen Wen back to back, there is a double-head dragon massage stick between two buttons, don’t ask this is Rachel’s toys Whenever they drive in the opposite direction, they will drop down, and I don’t know who I put a big bowl, just put the prostitutes in full; Amy lying, 奇Rachel is like a man in Amy, I believe that Rachel must wear the false tights they mentioned.

I have finished picking up the mood to do Kelly. I have been playing for about ten minutes. Kelly has been coming twice. At this time, I heard two delicate, I hope that LISA and Wen Wen have arrived at climax, they I don’t forget to vent the small hole in the bowl; I feel that I have arrived, and I put the Kelly legs on the shoulder for the end sprint. At this time, Rachel is also a long-distance, four women. When the child came to us, Lisa and Amy were divided into Kelly’s nipples, and the rachel was going to smoke Kelly’s toes behind me, and Wen Wen went down to me and her sister. Kelly was originally twice, it was very confused, but such a number of stimuli also pushed her quickly, I also arrived at her climax, I urgently pulled it out, then insert Wen Wen In the mouth, Wen Wen did not swallow it, but spit it with a few girls who have a few girls. We took a break for a while, and if you discuss how to enjoy the remaining half-night, there is no good proposal, rachel is not as good as the cloth, then I have to be estimated from their body part, estimate I can call them a thing, and the eye is the opposite. We all agree, so I lay in bed flat, they used the pillow bag to cover my eyes, I waited for a while, some people caught me first. The left hand is lifted, put it on the top of a breast, I gently put it, and some people took my right hand, put my diet into a pussy, and then someone put a nipple in my mouth. On the side, I opened my mouth to suck it. At this time, some people took my toes, and I had a hard time, I feel that someone crossed in my belly, and then my little brother was included in a small hole. The man rides me up and down.

I was got a while, I said that I contained the Kelly nipple, the finger inserted the little hole of Lisa, touched Amy’s breasts, riding me is Wen Wen, licking my toes is rachel, So someone took the pillow bag, I found out that I dropped Lisa and Wen Wen, Lisa said: “I have to have … Continue to stop …”

I am of course happy! At this time, Wen Wen is going to me to eat her, I have stimulated her yukuclear with my fingers, and I put the tongue into her vagina. She is really a more juicy girl, her suspended Pulling out, I have a mouth. At this time, Wen Wen’s whole body is back, and the hands are on the back Lisa’s ass, and they will hit the head and Lisa wet, and Rache is more in the mixture of the bowl of semen and obscenity in Wen Wen twilled, then called Kelly. One person goes to 舐, from time to time, with your fingers into your own small hole to touch some prostitutes and LISA is kissing in double mouth, how to increase their stimulation.

I have been playing for fifteen minutes. From their aromas, I know that they have been three times, first of all, LISA is lost, and Wen Wen is also let go, I am weird, why don’t you see Amy? It turned out that she was standing next to it, and a feet stepped on the plane, but she took a massage stick in masturbation. I walked over the bed. I will first take Amy’s half-body to comb, buttocks Then, I will let the massage stick leave her body, first wipe some of her lascivious water in her back door, and then inserting the mask, Amy screams, but I press her at this time It is very prison, she does not fight against rebellion, I keep inserting, she gradually has a pleasure, plus the massage stick, she quickly came twice, I plugged more more than ten times, quickly pull Massage stick, then insert the mask into her small hole, she was also boiled by me, I came again. After I pulled it out, Rache was rugged to suck it, and Kelly was clean.

We took a break again. I looked back to Rache. Rachel gave me a smile: “What is the command? People are playing before and after! I have a good shock!”

“I have always miss you to find the night, but you can do three people or more than I have three people or more.”

Xiao Nizi two eyewitles: “Get! I have a good! But the foot is easy to be smooth, it is better to insert me first, I will hold good breath, I will help you, I’m easy to D shout. Luo! “

So I first put Kelly on the bed, kissing her, buried in her yin, just angry Wen Wen and Lisa gave her to her nipple, Amy lick her toes, rachel first massage The stick is inserted into his small hole, and then kissed his mouth and kissed Kelly’s prostitution until she fatched the speed of obscenity. I could suck the speed, followed the mask again into the path of her just opened her Just, I I feel that she is still very compact. Every time I take it out, I took a layer of thin clothes. I didn’t have a five minute. She came.

Rache was called at this time: “I am going to me!” I have to use the old man cart. She is called Wen Wen to blew her ass, Amy and Lisa play with a double-headed dragon. Rachel is less than three minutes. After it, then Amy, she wants to play a woman, and lisa, I stand up from behind, we face a whole body, I pulled her to the body and leaning against me, playing her breast with her hand and The yin nuclei, and the laborarily opened her labi, let her look at my hook in her small hole into and out. When I went to Wen Wen, I used a normal position, one side and her hot kissed, one side slowly dried her, I deliberately ignored her pleadings, inserted her fifteen minutes, so that she is hard to live In the edge of the climax, I suddenly accelerated, I accidentally inserted her, no need for half a minute, she suddenly exhausted the whole body, and I was tangled together, I arrived at a climax of up to two minutes, I took it out, Wen Wen’s yin is actually spurting, and it is not a man who is ejaculation.

Rachel then told me to lying in bed, she called Amy and Lisa to learn her, with a three-sided every person with a foot to clamp my mask, then massage my toe, Wen Wen and Kelly use the tip of their toes If you can’t get it, this fresh gameplay plus I have been playing for so long, less than five minutes I will shoot it out, Wen Wen and Kelly eat semen on aspects and amy toes, Rachel and Lisa Then go to the nuts to the opposite toe, and then clean it with the mouth.

I woke up, I have also picked up in the afternoon. Of course, I can’t have some fragrant lenses. Although I have been in the past few days, my physical strength is very interesting, but I still do it once, Xiaowen Wen really wants to try Try me in her point of ejaculation, I told her to eat the contraceptive pill next time, follow us to go home.

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